…In light of the USA playing with fire, dividere et imperare, with Muslim fundamentalism…

As Obama, or Sarkozy, may be suggesting, what’s fundamentally needed is more intrusion of truth in politics, especially international politics. Truth allows to see further, and find solutions in time to the bleakest situations which would otherwise unfold.

For oil and country, some smart operators in the USA, thought, generations ago, that it would be smart to support the Muslim Fundamentalists, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, of the USA. For peace and prosperity, it was a long term disastrous computation. it would seem that those smart creatures, those spawns of the devil, saw this from afar, and they thought: “Who cares? If disaster there will be, the disaster will be theirs, not ours! Who are these people anyway?”

This crude racism extended from base cruelty, to complete stupidity: “How could such monkeys ever threaten us? They are not smart, they believe whatever is in an old book, and why don’t we teach that silly bin Laden to bomb public buildings, for a bigger bang, to get rid of our competitors, the Soviet state capitalists?”

The smarts started with the worst of the worse, ibn Saud’s Wahabbism. In exchange, they got oil, and money for their pockets.

The notion that supporting religious fundamentalism was a blatant contradiction with the SECULAR PROGRESSIVE tradition of Western Europe was nonchalantly disregarded by the spawns of the devil (everything would be OK, as long as the monkeys get their bananas). Thus the USA worked against the core philosophical doctrine of the West, with the hoped for result of causing total confusion. This is one of the reason the USA became so hated. Everybody could feel that something was amiss. What did the USA truly want? -people asked themselves. They did know what was going on, but they saw they were increasingly exploited. Religious mobs in Iran working (secretly) for the CIA (without knowing it), that was a bit too deep to be grasped…

The Western European doctrine of secular progress has now been adopted worldwide, with increasing success (e.g., by China, or India). But often not by countries the USA was allowed to mess up with, precisely because the US message, that secular progress was not the way, was made to divide (hence rule). Never mind that, inside the USA, secular progress unifies and rules.

On the face of it, the USA intervened in Afghanistan to fight the people who wanted to put girls in schools. Now it’s in Afghanistan to put girls in school (one would hope). Which is which? And if US religion is so great, why is not Afghan religion great too?

The USA, since ever and ever, told the Pakistani that it was OK to have a Muslim military regime, and to intervene in Afghanistan, and, for a long time, helped them with nuclear weapons (until 1990). Why was that better than democracy? If Saddam Hussein was an atrocious dictator because he had made a war America asked him to (against Iran: the USA is always looking for people to attack Iran, maybe it has to do with Iran having the world’s second gas reserves), and if Saddam was a terrible person for dreaming of atom bombs every night God made, then why Musharraf, from a long tradition of Pakistani dictators doing in Afghanistan the war the USA asked them to do, stuffed with nukes as he is, so good?


If the USA wants power, it has to supply truth, not bombs. In truth, it was a very dangerous game to excite and support Muslim Fundamentalists to get to control Middle East oil, and one had to be ready for war without end, should one opt for that strategy.

Patrice Ayme

Patrice Ayme, Hautes Alpes — 07 November 2007

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