On Dec 26 2007, Paul Krugman observed in his blog that: “Back in 2003 all the Kewl Kids, as a lot of my friends call them, thought that to suggest that Bush was misleading us into war was, you know, shrill — it marked you as not being a Serious Person. And here’s the thing: they still do. Even now, it’s better for your reputation not to have noticed … that we had some dangerous people running the country. If you noticed … it’s not a sign that maybe you had good judgment.”

Indeed there is a problem with US kids being so “cool” about war and aggression. But why should one expect otherwise? They have been programmed that way by their elders, and now they boldly go ever beyond.

There are some unsettling parallels between the “kewl kids” in the USA during the 2003-2007 period, as their country went overseas to take part in the death of hundreds of thousands of foreigners, and the cool kids of the Hitlerjugend, as their own country became increasingly nasty.

Both sorts of kids were carefully programmed to care only about a reduced set of materialistic instructions, and to view information and analysis, and a passion for them, as the enemy, and to have absolute faith in the way the leaders of their countries did things.

How this was achieved was similar. Young minds are curious, and have to be occupied, so the will to study and critique at school was replaced by something else, the will to compete, but not with minds, and not for idealistic purposes. Just like the young in the Hitlerjugend, young US citizens, instead of spending a lot of time at school critiquing history and past and present modes of thinking, thus learning to think deeper, and better, than the preceding generation, have been pushed into superstitious religions, and into collective sports, and taught a world where pecuniary profit dominates. They were made to engage in mindless activities all day long, rather into deep thinking and studying. They mentally regressed, and worrying about evil in government has, indeed, become “shrill”.

Instead of being enticed to become good studies, young US citizens, like young Germans two generations ago, were enticed to become good sports. That’s a preliminary to military training, and the general acceptance of the military emotional frame of mind. It’s a pre military socialization of sort. By a natural emotional generalization pre militarized youth have been led to feel that it’s the Nazi, or the US team out there, fighting to win. It’s morally incorrect to doubt victory, or to ponder why one should win; that would be an act of bad faith against the “home team”.

In the end, one ends up with a “cool” US population which “supports the troops”. So did the Hitlerjugend: it was not about whether it was right or wrong to send the troops to foreign lands, it was all about “supporting” them, right or wrong.

The cool US kids feel subconsciously their government and army are overseas, submitting and dominating oil rich countries, so that US kids can fill up their tanks, and drive to the mall. That’s all what their shrunken little minds need to know. They are careful to let no passion disrupt that complicit passivity.

Patrice Ayme.


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