R2P (Right to Protect) was established as a fundamental right during the 2005 World Summit. It’s hard to implement. But international intervention in Kenya in 2008 used still another right.

Kofi Annan seems to have allowed the parties in presence in Kenya to exert their R2T, RIGHT TO TALK. This is a right which is related, but distinct from PEOPLE POWER (Demos Kratos, democracy). R2T does not compete, nor replace, but adds to democracy. The Athenians had the notion, and went to great lengths to allow that right to blossom.With modern technology this crucial buttress to democracy can be implemented planet-wise (and this is one of the reasons for the success of blogs).   

Verily, the essence of man is SPEECH. All other things humans do, some animal can be found, doing it too. All. Except one, speech.

R2T could avert or solve many a conflict. For example the parties in presence about Kosovo should be encouraged to exert their right to talk, before going back to bloodshed. Then, of course, the Serbian position would come empty, because, if Serbia and Kosovo access to the European Union, they will be happy, dependent, and independent and borderless anyway. The Russians would have to admit they are angry because it’s the European Union which is the super power, and they are just have-beens. All those preferring tanks to talk should be have-beens.

Obama wants to do something like that with health care: conduct negotiations in public. Let the US drug companies explain why they sell the same drug in the same box four times dearer in the USA than in the EU. Let them explain to the public why they have extravagant marketing-advertising-lobbying budgets in the USA, and near non existent ones in the EU. let the health care insurance companies explain why it makes sense to have 10,000 lamentable health plans in the USA, all private, all profitable, each with its own overhead, when there is only one basic health care plan in France, best, lean, fast, national, patriotic, and not for profit.

R2T is more basic and much easier to implement than R2P. It should be a preliminary to R2P, wherever possible. The Basque terroristic independentists should be allowed to make their case, for example, and where it comes short the law could be enforced afterwards with even more severity than before, and where they have a point, it could be conceded. And so on, all over the planet.

At some point, experience shows people prefer surrendering to talking any further. If nothing else, mind meld insures this…

Patrice Ayme

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