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Overview: The USA is the only rich country where a lot of the population does not have health care coverage during much of each year. Many US citizens spend a lot of the year miserably scavenging for health care insurance. Most fear to lose everything, and their lives too, because they could not pay enough the “Health Maintenance Organizations”, corporations held by shareholders, that exert the right of life and death over them. The profits are huge, because US health care costs twice more per GDP than, for example, the French system (the world’s best, according to many evaluations).

Philosophically speaking, for-profit health care is closely related to slavery. It is the same basic idea. US style, for-profit health “care” exists and persists because many US mental structures originated during (and for) slavery, and are still thriving. US citizens submit to US-style health care the way they have learned to submit to the power of money (pluto-cracy), like the sheep herded by the shepherd. And his name was Buffet. Buffet is served, indeed! The USA historically and mentally originated in the self-ruled English colony of America (1608 CE). Much of that colony achieved economic supremacy thanks to slavery, and that arguably became its most distinctive characteristic. The USA has not completely faced that fact yet.

We explain why for-profit health care could be seen as even worse than slavery. In a case where the slave owner would cry for his dead slave, an HMO would be much relieved. We convert that disregard for basic humanity into numbers of people killed, an ongoing massacre that can be measured in millions of lives lost.


One will never ponder enough the influence of slavery on the US psyche. If one had just a few genes from Black Africa, one could be chained, sold, whipped, and burned alive if one grumbled. The exclusion, viciousness, arbitrariness, and the refusal to apply basic rationality and humanity to others were colossal. They have left hidden mental structures all over the USA, starting with colossal disrespect for basic humanity.

The English Colony of America was the only place in the world with vast European populations in direct contact with slaves. Slavery went on for 250 years, and then was extended for another century by denying civil rights. In the present day USA, it could be argued that the world record incarceration rate and the exclusion of minorities from the main society are persistent denials of human rights. In the last three decades, the cult of emotionality over rationality, and of the rich over the poor, has allowed these vicious sub-currents to become ever more domineering. Nixon invented for-profit health care and launched it with federal funding. That was after he used criminals to spy on the Democrats.

Slavery made white English America the world’s richest place. Health care for profit helped to make the world’s richest man, Warren Buffet. We argue here that US health care is, undeniably, a persistent denial of human rights.


The US health care system is sick, and getting sicker (see note (1)). This is happening because it is intrinsically contradictory. The for-profit US health care system exists because it makes profits, not because it wants to take care. To claim it exists to take care is as true, no more, no less than a mink farm exists to take care of minks. Where is the Animal Liberation Front when we need it?

No profits, no US health care, as simple as that. It’s like the mink cages. Private health care profits from others having no full choice about what to do with their bodies. US health care denies people have bodies. Non habeas corpus: your body is not a body, it is, first and foremost, someone else’s profit center. It sucks profits from people’s life-and-death struggle.

In the USA, a “cost control officer”, not a doctor, decides what to do with patients. The cost control officer has no relationship with the patient, he is there TO TURN AROUND THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH. The cost control officer is somewhere, out there, in a distant place, in some bunker administered by Pluto. A real cynic would point out that the Nazis could have saved some money by doing with fewer doctors in concentration camps.

A slave owner has interest to take care of such a valuable source of profits as a healthy slave. For a slave owner, a dead slave is a bad financial outcome. It is the WORST financial outcome. What is the worst financial outcome for a US Health Maintenance Organization? Lack of profits, piling up losses.

Instead of being motivated by compassion, the American health care provider is a profiteer. And sometimes, the patient can be in such dire straights that only tremendous efforts can insure his survival. That can get expensive, and decreases profit margins of the hyper capitalist owners of America alarmingly. Then the US health profiteer, or “Health Maintenance Organization” finds itself in the uncomfortable, self-contradictory situation of being a vulture, supposed to maintain its prey alive at great cost. What do you think a mentally sane vulture will do? Facilitate death, that’s what the vulture will do.

Slave owners did not have any interest to see their slaves die. But for a Health Maintenance Organization, a completely dead patient is a much better outcome than a High Maintenance Patient. A dead patient means a stop loss, and a jump in profits. It’s a successful outcome.

Slavery and US-style health care are PHILOSOPHICALLY related. They are basically the same thing. Slavery denies the fact that slaves have a body they own. They are not free to do what they want to do with it. Instead their body is owned by their owner; it’s a source of energy and profits. Profits from denying the human nature of others is the fundament of slavery. No such profits, no slavery. The same words and sentences can be used to describe US-style, for-profit health care.


The European health care systems are neither about owning slaves nor feasting on the flesh of innocents. Overall, those systems are not profitable. They are made to not be profitable. Some are fully socialist. Their primary mission is to save lives and provide maximum available comfort to all the bodies. The efficiency motive in European health care is not maximizing profits, but maximizing health and happiness. Maximizing profits is the ultimate organizing principle of the US health care system.
In mathematical physics, energy flows are described by an expressions called “Lagrangians” (they vary in different fields and systems). Now, money is about power (on people), hence energy. It is not abusive to talk about a “LAGRANGIAN” IN AN ECONOMIC SYSTEM. It’s just future economics.

The Lagrangian of private US health care is written around profits. Profits do not enter the European health care Lagrangian. EUROPEAN PUBLIC HEALTH CARE MAXIMIZES HEALTH. US HEALTH CARE MAXIMIZES PROFITS. The US health system is a contradiction onto itself because of this. Indeed, HEALTH CARE SHOULD BE ABOUT HEALTH CARE, NOT PLUTOCRACY. Or then, “US Health Care” is the abbreviation of “US Financial Health Care”.

And plutocracy it is. Mr. Warren Buffet, a trusted Obama adviser, made billions in ironically called “health care”. All together, it’s certain that Buffet converted more of “reduced life expectancy” into profits than the notorious Dr. Mengele. People can rephrase this anyway they want, but they cannot escape the blunt ferocity of this observation.


[Just asking…]

So US health care causes voluntary manslaughter. Or is that murder? After all, it’s letting people die, to increase profits, that is, for money.

What is the difference with:”Your money or your life”, from highway men? None. Except that the power of the state is behind the request for money this time. If people do not pay as they save their lives, the US government and judicial system put a “lien” on the patient’s possessions. Highway men could not do that: instead, in places of good government, they would be the ones to hang. In the USA, instead, one hangs the patients upside down until all the money falls out of their pockets.

Can we measure how many people US health care kills? Easy. The richer a country is, the better the health of its inhabitants should be. The USA spends twice (per capita GDP) of what France does, so, logically, US citizens should live longer. Being richer makes people healthier, and that is why White English Americans had, for centuries, the best life expectancy on earth. Nevertheless life expectancy in the US is now 78 years, and 81 in France. Hence every US citizen loses, in the average, three years of life, relative to the average French citizen. Multiply this by 300 millions (there are more than 305 million US Americans), one gets 900 million years of American lives lost, transformed into profits. Now divide these 900 million years lost into the maw of delirious profiteering, and divide by 80 (the lifespan of US citizens, generously rounded up). One gets 11 million people dying early deaths because of (deliberately) bad health care. So the deficit of health care between the USA and France can be visualized as eleven million US citizens killed, per generation, by intentional termination of life. Twice the Jewish holocaust by the Nazis in W.W.II. That’s why we used the word “holocaust”. If anyone can explain to me how they differ, I am all ears. Oh, by the way, US citizens should be in the know about their own health care being out there to kill them. Be it only because there was a pretty explicit Michael Moore movie on that subject. In contrast, the average Nazified German had put himself in the excellent position of not suspecting that a holocaust was going on.

OK, modern US-style health care does not use all the tricks the hard core Nazis used to make money out of human bodies (selling hair, gold teeth, making shades from human skin, etc.). But it does not need to.

All this puts into perspective the morality of Mr. Warren Buffet, the one who made billions investing in for-profit health care. And the morality of those who find him such a great man, not to say great adviser. Don’t look for excuses when there are none.

Conclusion: The slave owner wants a desperately ill slave to live, the for-profit HMO wants the desperately sick patient to die ASAP. The HMO claims to want to take care, but such is not its nature. Its nature can only be according to its fundamental mission, save the profits, and kill. That, by itself, makes US health care a lie and an atrocity. Another thing: by brutalizing the population at the feet of the monstrous God of profits unchained, US-style health care makes people inured to brutality, and helps perpetuate in US minds brutality as a panacea. Lots more countries to drill and invade out there.

Patrice Ayme.

Technical addenda:

1) SICK AND SICKER: Between 1997 and 2003, preventable deaths declined worldwide, BUT that decline was slower in the United States than in at least 18 other industrialized nations (and perhaps more). A recent study by the CIA found that the United States ranked 41st in the world for infant mortality, and 45th for total life expectancy (see the CIA world fact book). Given that the total number of industrialized countries is less than 40 (34, by CIA count), there can be no argument that the US qualifies as “third world” in infant mortality and life expectancy. Recent studies have furthermore found growing gaps in life expectancy in the USA based on income and geography. Life expectancy declined from 1983 to 1999 for women in 180 counties in the United States, contrarily to what is found in more civilized, less plutocratic countries.

2) How to fix the US health care system? By putting in competition the more efficient public healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid) and the private profiteers. The public one will win, because it has a more efficient Lagrangian.

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  1. Tammi Diaz Says:



  2. patriceayme Says:

    “Single payer” is not a panacea (although much better than the present US health care system).

    The French system (the world’s best according to international institutions) is not single payer, it’s a mix of everything. People with riches, good income, or good employment can complement state payments with “private” insurance (for supplementary services, like cosmetics or elective surgery, or quicker semi elective treatments, or services in private clinics, or various feel good new age treatments).

    The French government also negotiate the prices of drugs with the drug and biotech companies (generally, in spite of these negotiations, drugs and treatemts, including American ones, are introduced faster, sometimes by many years, in France than in the USA). France is home to giant pharmaceutical and biotech companies, so she knows both sides of the fence.

    The French system is also a mix of control and freedom, and a mix of old and new. Emergency at home doctor visits (“SOS medecins) are operative over the entire French territory, 365/24/7, the old fashion way. But all French citizens going to a pharmacy, or the doctor, carry with them a green “Carte Vitale” a programmable electronic card keeping track of their treatments (a French company invented the initial credit card technology, so it makes sense France stay at the forefront of this sort of computer usage).

    The French system can inspire the USA, because, just like the US system, it’s mixed. But differently from the US system, the French system is not conceived to make a few individuals very rich (look at Mr. Warren Buffet, ot the HMO CEO who one year got a 1.5 BILLION dollar compensation for the year… although he was driving his HMO in the ground). Indeed “private” insurance in France is mostly made of non for profit “mutuelles”, connected, but independent of, the companies that set them up initially.

    The metaprinciple of the French health care system is that health care is health care, for all, equally accessed, not welfare for the rich to get richer. Money and health are not mixed.

    Its main default maybe that it is too cheap for foreigners (on “ethical” grounds, French doctors resist not treating non French people at anything approaching full real cost; so France to some extent subsidies other nationals). As being treated in France augments in popularity, this will have to change.

    Patrice Ayme.


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