Abstract: If Americans want change, they have to change their way of life. Listening religiously to the fanatic, Rick Warren, will not help. What will help is not an hair shirt, or the hypocrisy of the Christian superstition, and its implicit immorality, but taxing carbon.


Overview: It is hoped everywhere that the mistakes of the Great Depression of the Thirties will not be repeated. The first mistake of the Great Depression was an international economic war, started by the USA, to get out of its own bubble (that had been deliberately created). So far, the present crisis originated in a repeat, by the USA, of bubble economics (actually a whole slew of successive bubbles were engineered by Rubin-Clinton-Greenspan-Bush, each bigger than the preceding one). So far, though, the international economic war has not been repeated (because it was such an obvious mistake).

The second mistake of the Great Depression was not enough stimulus spending by the USA. And not any at all by France and Germany, who argued that they had not created any bubble, and were innocent, so, irritated to no end by the USA’s profligate and abusive ways, they refused to cooperate early on, and that was a huge mistake. Germany reversed itself in 1933, with the Nazi revolution (Nazi’s Germany had terrible finances, hidden from the general population by spoiling the Jews and other opponents; by the way, this is a historical warning towards those who do not want to bother with sharing sacrifices and mitigating deficits).

So far this time, the USA has done zero stimulus although the economy is in free fall (due to the cut-off in state spending, as governors adjust their spending to their shrinking revenues). So far, all the money has been sent to the plutocrats and banks, so they will consent to do their fiduciary duty of keeping the economy going. That’s not stimulus spending, but LIFE SUPPORT spending. Moreover, a lot of this economic life that is supported is the life of the plutocracy, not the economic life of the country. (A lot of it is wasted in the usual plutocratic way, on the extravagant plutocratic lifestyle, with bankrupt institutions operating private jet fleets, supporting millionaires athletes, all on tax payers’ dime etc…) Far from being envious of their rich, the American people tend to celebrate them, as they feel rich through them by proxy; or, at least they were scrupulously programmed that way; to this day, some of the failed institutions that stole everybody teach “money management” in schools, and this is similar, some will no doubt say,  to having Dr. Mengele teach a class in ethics.

Thus, as we explained a few months ago (“Huge Crisis, Huge Answer”) an enormous economic stimulus is needed now. And, as chance will have it, the infrastructure really needs it: the USA is full of crumbling, obsolete infrastructure. Only military bands are doing OK, as the Defense secretary (Gates) would point out.

President Roosevelt stimulated when he came to office, but not enough, and then he backtracked in 1937, plunging the USA in a recession. Only the enormously massive military command economy of the Second World War, after Pearl Harbor, definitively pulled the USA out of its economic depression.

Roosevelt backtracked, because he was afraid of the deficit. Indeed stimulating or investing by the government creates a short term deficit. Nevertheless, long term, deficit spending in good investments ought to be called investing, not spending, and that is a practice one should indulge in, and if it’s really very long term, only the government can be that investor. Thus, if possible, it is important to use every opportunity to stimulate while mitigating deficits.

Another problem is that stimulating a heart attack patient is not enough. Ultimately, one has to make the heart good. This means that the US economy has to be repositioned differently. The USA has terrible habits, and one can tweak the stimulus package to reduce them, true. Stimulating is about encouraging. But a frontal assault has to be tried too, by discouraging activities one wants to reduce, should one want real change. This is what Europe did onto herself, long ago (and she is picking the ripe fruits now, and extending its strategy, although Poland, and especially German Chancellor Merkel, have caused problems, because they are greedy, and full of coal).

Fortunately, as the Europeans have shown in the past, all this can be solved in one stroke, by putting progressively a huge carbon tax. As long as Americans do not want this, they do not want real change. All the change they will get is more of the same: preachers coming to the fore, telling them fear and terror are what supports morality, and why don’t you send another 30,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, to kill and get killed. After all a pipe line runs through it.

American People want change they can believe in, and they assuredly will get still another dose of Christian propaganda they want to believe in, and ought not to. Rick Warren, the man who claims to be good by fear only, will soon preach to them in the context of the “inauguration” of the new presidency. A great honor. No doubt a great lesson to learn.

So what does Warren preach? That fear is good, the main argument of the Catholic Inquisition in the Middle Ages. A natural consequence, of course, is that bombing the heck out of the Middle East is good: it generates fear, and, if everybody were like Warren, fearing fear itself, it would generate goodness.   

Warren believes that only superstition brings morality, he does not have a clue about genuine ALTRUISM.

Warren says: “If there is no God, if I am simply complicated ooze, then the truth is, YOUR LIFE DOES NOT MATTER, my life doesn’t matter… If life is just random chance, then nothing really does matter and there is no morality—it’s survival of the fittest. IF SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST MEANS ME KILLING YOU TO SURVIVE, SO BE IT.” (Debate with Newsweek and Sam Harris, April 2007.)

Yes that is what that great moralist, Rick Warren says: “If survival of the fittest means me killing you to survive, so be it.” Yes, that is what he said, and he said variants of this all over his printed works. So, if there is no God, Warren is ready to kill you. Warren really, really wants to kill you, but God stops him, because Warren fears punishment. WARREN IS ALL ABOUT WAR, that makes him precious in Afghanistan. 

Which brings the question: if you do not believe in Warren’s God exactly, say you are a Muslim, is Warren ready to kill you too? After all, in quite a few places in the Bible, Jesus himself asks to bring the unbeliever in front of him, and kill him (although he also suggests more indirect methods, like throwing the miscreant in the sea with a stone attached to his neck). Change we can believe in. The more it changes, the more it’s like the Inquisition.

Now, were Americans inclined to opt for a really new regime, they would tax their own bad habits: instead of finding more than 350 million dollars per F 22 fighter plane, they would find money for schools.

True, Warren has the change one can believe in: since 1956, Americans are under God, take an oath, and all they need to know is that Christian version of the Qur’an called the Bible. True the Bible is vastly superior to the Qur’an: it came before the Qur’an and inspired it (especially about killing the unbelievers). The Bible is longer, and was written by Jews (although edited by Roman imperial officers). No need for elaborated knowledge, no need for schools. Just enough engineers for the F 22 (a plane so sophisticated it could not fly one mission in Iraq or Afghanistan). The Bible will do the rest. Rick Warren: the change you can believe in.

What does this all have to do with the stimulus plan? Simple: America’s meta-strategy, since 1945, has been to manage a world empire, by stealing everybody else. In the beginning the quotient of profit over expense was handsome, because fascism had destroyed Europe and the USA had given half of Europe to Stalin at Yalta (thus writing off Europe as a power). Also Japanese fascism had destroyed much of South East Asia, China, Korea and Japan. US semisecret maneuvers then revitalized Muslim fundamentalism, the drug trade (South America, South Asia, to finance US plutocratic black operations), and massive corruption and guerilla movements which were used as weapons both against Europeans and democratic progressives worldwide, to transfer power from those “anti-American” elements to American plutocrats. So far, so good: the American people profited handsomely. For two generations. But now the bill is coming due, and its moral, social, and economic price is high. And the later one gets out of that rut, the higher the price.

Then the Americans plutocrats (who bought enough of the US Congress, long ago) applied the same solutions internally: in 1956 Americans were ordered to trust God, and take an oath (“under God”). This happened more than twenty years after Adolf Hitler introduced similar theocratic reforms in Germany. This is what brought the rise of the likes of Rick Warren, and general decerebration. (In the nineteenth century, the great preachers of the USA were … atheists! So the USA is devolving, as befits a country that does not believe in evolution!) The plutocratic idea was the oft practiced one that, the stupider the people are, the more easily led they are. Unfortunately, why the USA was getting ever more stupid, the other countries were getting ever more intelligent. At some point, the stupid, however rich, cannot rule the intelligent, however poor.

Thus it is becoming ever more expensive to maintain the USA’s world empire, while less and less revenue goes from the empire to the USA itself. The USA had increasingly to choose between guns and schools, and chose the guns. That is where we are at.

It reminds one of the space shuttle Columbia trying to correct for increasing drag from its left wing, progressively eaten by the hot hypersonic gases that had penetrated it. For twenty minutes, it worked, although with more and more difficulty (flaps deflection got maximum, and attitude jets were firing to the maximum). Then, suddenly, the three hydraulic lines in the left wing, eaten by the fiery gases, failed. The shuttle’s flaps then flapped in the hypersonic wind, and the ship soon tumbled out of control, soon losing its left wing, and exposing its titanium back to hypersonic plasma. After a while, the titanium combusted, the cargo bay failed, and the shuttle disintegrated. Then the forward cabin, where the live and impotent crew was, rotated out of control, exposing its own vulnerable back, and burned before it could reach lower speeds and altitudes that would have allowed the crew to eject and parachute.

All this because of a hole in the wing that could have been addressed. The hole could have been stuffed with wet sleeping bags, and other debris, and the shuttle could have been programmed for very hard decelerating turns to cut down speed while it still had wings. But, instead, NASA opted for faith and ignorance (although, after the shuttle became silent, the debris impact was reminded right away). Right now, the USA is still opting for faith and ignorance. Faith in Obama, faith in Warren, ignorance about the basics of the human condition.

Obama is just one man, but it is amazing how many of his supporters are now asleep, hoping he will do all the work. Instead the supporters should tax themselves, that would give them an excuse to tax the rich, and the plutocracy even more. Oh yeah, some people will say that taxing would be a mistake. They forget that, at this point, only Obama’s FEDERAL government is willing to spend.

The USA is now engaged in two large wars. One it has already lost, in Iraq. Oh, some people will say: we won. Well, just wait. If you think you can go to a country, kill around 5% of the population, and they will love you back, you have got to be Rick Warren, and believe that fear generates morality. Instead, in normal people, people not brainwashed by Rick Warren, fear and suffering generate rage. It’s actually a ridiculously illogical position to have: the USA went nuts because 3,000 Americans were killed on 9-11 by enraged Saudis, so they went on to kill the equivalent to 5% of a country that had nothing to do with it (Iraq was at war with Al Qaeda). 5% of the USA, that’s 16 million people. Some, all enraged by 9-11, have been to the school of life so little that they think they would love back Iraq if Iraqis had come and killed 16 millions to get rid of G. W.  Bush?

The other war, in Afghanistan, is in the process of being lost. It is a much graver conflict, because it involves enormous fundamentalist forces, ex employees and friends of the CIA and the like, who, like bin Laden, worked for the American imperial machine, know it very well, and absolutely hate it. The USA thought judicious to finance their thermonuclear nuclear weapons (for all sorts of Machiavellian reasons: just like the USA loves Europe subdued and divided, it loves India terrorized, and South Asia divided. Too bad, one cannot do the same with China… Wait…)

Thus it’s time for change. The first line of change is ENERGY. After all, Hitler started World War Two because he wanted POLISH OIL, and France was not going to let him have Polish Oil. So France signed a treaty with the Polish colonels, and added Great Britain in an appendix. The USA devours way too much of the world’s energy. It’s a STRATEGIC threat to the USA itself. This has to change. BUT ENERGY WASTE BY THE USA WILL NOT CHANGE AS LONG AS CARBON BASED ENERGY IS CHEAP IN THE USA. Why? Because carbon base energy is ever more efficient, so ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES CANNOT COMPETE IN A TIMELY MANNER.

An example: BMW, by improving their engines with micro precision injection and more electronics, just boosted efficiency of their gasoline engines by 8%. Europeans react to this sort of improvement of the carbon engineering by augmenting carbon taxes ever more (making operating a BMW ever more expensive, although some BMW sold in Europe get above 55 miles per gallon highway). In the midst of the oil crisis of last summer France boosted its titanic energy taxes even higher (compensation for the poor were also boosted).

So here we are. If you want change you can only believe in, then go listen religiously to Rick Warren’s religious, implicitly murderous, ooze as the perfect inaugural for Obama. If you want change that will work, TAX CARBON. The rest is so much Oblabla.

Patrice Ayme.
Patrice Ayme.com


P/S 1: What Obama said to defend his choice of selecting the immoralist, Rick Warren, for making an “invocation” at his inauguration:

“Let me start by talking about my own views. I think that it is no secret that I am a fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans. It is something that I have been consistent on, and something that I contend — intend to continue to be consistent on during my presidency. What I’ve also said is that it is important for America to come together, even though we may have disagreements on certain SOCIAL issues. And I would note that a couple of years ago, I was invited to Rick Warren’s church to speak, despite his awareness that I held views that were entirely contrary to his when it came to gay and lesbian rights, when it came to issues like abortion. Nevertheless, I had an opportunity to speak. And that dialogue, I think, is part of what my campaign’s been all about; that we’re not going to agree on every single issue, but what we have to do is to be able to create an atmosphere when we — where we can disagree without being disagreeable and then focus on those things that we hold in common as Americans.”

Obama seems confused about what is social and what is philosophical. Besides, all the Christian add-ons to the secular presidency are violations of the separation of church and state. In particular, there is no “so help me God” in the United States of America Constitution. Neither is there any “SO HELP ME DOG”. If the would be US president came, rose his hand to take the oath of office, and said: “SO HELP ME DOG!”, he would be viewed as mentally imbalanced. What is the difference between DOG and GOD? According to Warren, both bark and bite. As we saw, and as history shows, for its luminaries such as Warren, CHRISTIANITY IS JUST A DEVICE TO HAVE NO MORALITY, BUT FEAR ITSELF. We have explicit Inquisition texts detailing why “TERROR” (sic!) is good (to be produced some other time). Fear, though, may work in Washington, but it will not work in Afghanistan-Pakistan. Time to think outside of the coffin of Christianity.

Oh, why does Obama talks so much about sex in connection with Warren? Because Warren believes that people who do not believe like him will go to hell. That means the Jews will go to hell (it goes without saying), and people who are not having sex the way Warren claims they should have sex, will go to hell. Why does Warren worry so much about other people’s sexual activities? It is, fundamentally, just a way to hide his more murderous proclivities, obviously. It’s a big, red, sex herring. The bottom line is that Warren’s immoralist propaganda is all about having a (lack of a) moral system that is compatible with bombing the Middle East.

P/S 2: There is plenty of evidence though, that, far from being cowed by fear, as Rick Warren is, the Afghans are getting ever more determined to resist to violence by violence. So far, they have not been winning the violence race, true, because the USA has used aerial bombardment massively, out-exploding the resistance. But give them time… The USA is caught in its usual vicious loop of feeding its own military-industrial complex rather than common sense and sophisticated morality. But now, differently from the past, the US economy is losing control, and, a bit like that crippled space shuttle, a catastrophic event is not unimaginable… Incantation and evocation are only social distractions, as doom closes in… Philosophical rectitude is one, and is not necessarily “cool”. It’s just right.

P/S 3: The Federal highway funds have a deficit of 107 billion dollars at this point (two thirds of Obama’s proposed health plan). That means general tax revenue is used to subsidize roads. This is because the tiny 18.4 cents Federal tax on gasoline is insufficient, even to pay for roads. In Europe, gasoline tax is typically above six dollars a gallon (it was $ 6.50 per gallon on diesel in Great Britain in June 2008).

P/S 4: “Fanatic”, a Latin word, comes from “Fanum”, the temple, and the concept was invented to depict people such as Mr. Warren. Warren is a fanatic. Socialize with fanatics if you wish, but that tells us something about your moral system, or, rather, lack of one.

P/S 5: Raising energy taxes will force US industry to become as efficient, thus as competitive, as the Europeans and the Japanese. China has understood this: it tries to enforce European efficiency rules (making it unlawful to import US cars, because they are not efficient enough). Thus, far from being an attack against the US economy, raising energy taxes is an help.

P/S 6: F 22 “Raptors” (130 of them) have never flown a combat mission in the Middle East, because they have no flying enemy to shoot down there (and perhaps for other reasons).  

P/S 7: I have read hundreds of pages of Adolf Hitler, and never found a place were he implicitly threatened to kill anybody (but we know what happened: to see the threats, one had to read very carefully between the lines). Whereas Warren is explicitly threatening people with murder (should his God not be there to hold him back). OK, one, Hitler was a politician, subjected to higher standards, and the other, Warren has nothing to do with politics, so he can say whatever he wants… Oh, wait!

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