Abstract: President Obama has been getting the worst economic advice, from the architects of the disaster. Instead what he should be told is that the corsair capitalism that enriched the USA so much in the last century has no future. Global civilization will not tolerate it anymore. G20 leaders should inform Mr. Obama of this.

What is the origin of the crisis? Oversimplifying minds accuse “capitalism”. One may as well accuse gravity. Capital is already known to corvids (avian dinosaurs, among them crows). Corvids make tools as required and use them later, harvest nuts, and store them carefully, according to their expiry dates. Those who decry capital may as well decry the brain, and go back 300 million years.

So here we decry, but we decry the support of the American presidency for thievery disguised as high finance.

France and Britain, several centuries ago, supported corsairs, who were state sanctioned pirates (preying on Spanish shipping, typically). Some became very famous and honored (Sir Francis Drake in Britain, Surcouf and Suffren in France). The USA has been using its plutocrats and hedge funds as old time corsairs, but on a world sucking scale. The Nazis were clients. Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Hussein and bin Laden were collaborators, clients or allies. Enough.

Plain old thievery and organized crime is at the root of the present crisis. Unfortunately, the inexperienced, wealth mesmerized Obama, chose as economic advisers devoted fanatics of the plutocracy, Summers and Geithner, and their perverse and ridiculous advice is often regurgitated by the august presidential lips, just as it was put in. G20 leaders should be aware of that.

Obama says he is “less interested by identifying blame than by fixing the problem”. [London, April 1, but not a joke!]

Funny. How does one fix a “problem” without “identifying blame”? Obama cannot fix anything if he does not identify blame. Please somebody tell him.

One learns by making mistakes, and then identifying them. Absent identification, absent learning. Obama fully demonstrated this by making the worst of the worse pontificators and manipulators the closest to him in economic advice, the very people who had put in place the financial machination that devoured the world. And then Obama, still not having identified any blame apparently, made one of the worst of the worse conspiracies, the very cause of the crisis he claims to be solving, the core of his economic strategy (namely with the will of Geithner to keep on giving to the richest of the rich under the amusingly impudent pretense of finding the best price for the richest of the rich, which, it unsurprisingly turns out, is the worst of the worse prices for taxpayers).

For nearly a century, the American oligarchy has taken ethical short cuts to enrich itself at the expense of everyone else. Under the cover of “DEREGULATION”, that very small minority, mostly based in the USA physically and philosophically, has set up special “industries” to steal as much as it could from commoners. This small minority of “the best and the brightest” has stolen so much of the world capital, that not enough has been left for the rest of the world economy to function. As simple as that.

The “remedy” enforced in the USA, so far, has been to send to the plutocrats ever more money, knowing that they will be grateful later. They have been in the past (see the richly rewarded Bill Clinton).

True,  Nazism and Stalinism were more deadly. But a reason they got there was that nobody stopped them in time. [The so called isolationism that affected the Congress of the USA at the time did not affect the American plutocracy, which collaborated extensively with Hitler and Stalin, especially Hitler; one should turn the reflection around: was not “isolationism” a disinformation campaign from the plutocracy to hide what it was really doing?]

The reality dysfunction that the USA suffered when it approved Bush’s destruction of Iraq was a warning. The tolerance for Geithner’s plan to send trillions to the richest of the rich (the very mechanism that caused the financial crisis) is another. There would be huge demonstrations in the streets if the  population of the USA was gained by the French mentality of calling thievery by its name.

This time, though, American intellectuals are finally resisting: Nobel Prizes Stiglitz and Krugman, in particular, have dared tell the obvious (usually American intellectuals prefer to not make the smallest wave, lest the plutocracy looks down on them, and stop cuddling them; instead a real intellectual ought to look down on the plutocracy, because the fundamental driver of the intellectual is mastering thoughts, whereas the fundamental driver of the plutocrat is to master people.)  

To fix the world economy, those immense, but criminal enterprises should be dismantled by law. And the apparition of new ones should be discouraged. There are two of the later: 1) making the world pay for the military industrial complex of the USA, and its adventures, by forcing the world to buy US treasury bonds (otherwise the dollar would collapse, so the world economy would collapse, such is the blackmail), 2) the brand new Summers-Geithner’s welfare for American based hedge funds (also paid by the rest of the world according to the same previous mechanism).

The color of the USA may have changed, but poster boys do not the mind of a plutocracy that put them on the runway, change. Force will have to be employed to reply to force. So Prez Sarkozy and Kanzler Merkel are encouraged to lead in the resistance to American based plutocracy, and its plots. Considering how much American based plutocracy helped fascism before (and during!) WWII, the French and the Germans have deep historical reasons, not only to  bring their antennas out, but to block plutocracy once and for all. What was started in 1939 has to be finished now.

Unity is important for the G20. Everybody should unite against the capital thieves. As shown below, in the USA, plutocracy kills directly. Protectionism and trade barriers should be absolutely resisted. A lot of the negative aspects of globalization can be directly traced to the fact it was administrated by the plutocratic vampires. Once those are in their cage, on a a dry bread and water diet, the problem with globalization will be much more manageable.

When Nixon came to power, it was to stop the Vietnam war. But Nixon did not end the Vietnam war. The war went on as the military industrial complex raked ever more profits (replacing 2251 war destroyed aircraft, for example). Instead Nixon made health care into a giant profit center for the plutocracy.

When Clinton came to power, it was to fix health care. But Clinton did not fix health care, nor did he dismantle the giant for profit military industrial complex. Instead Clinton made war in the Middle East permanent. Clinton also made giant banks into giant profits center for the plutocracy.

When Bush II came to power, it was to stop “nation building”. Instead Bush II made wars into giant profit centers for the plutocracy. Nations and wars were created, with trillions of dollars of public money, and made private profits for the richest Americans.

Every single American presidency seems to engineer a new industry to give ever more power and money to the American plutocracy. Why? Because American plutocracy controls not just American politics, but the higher riches of American sociology. The respect for the rabid intellectual, so far, has not gained the USA. Far from it. The plutocracy knows the intellectual class is its natural enemy, and, just as under Rome, suppresses it. So there are no higher reaches in the USA than the higher riches. Hence the venal spectacle given by the lamentable Clinton.

In theory, the West is made of democracies. Demo-cracy = People-power. For the People to have power, they need money. But the American plutocracy has sucked up all the money, hence all the power, to itself.

Then Obama came to power, promising a bit of this, a bit of that, and lots of “post-partisan” content empty smiles and kisses. Instead of dismantling the giant profit centers that the plutocracy set up for itself in the last 40 years, Obama is augmenting the American wars in the Middle East (more soldiers and personnel are sent to Afghanistan, the war is extended to Pakistan, and the withdrawal of troops and spending from Iraq is on paper only). Worse: the Summers-Geithner cabal has invented a brand new profit machine for the plutocracy: the largest hedge funds ever imagined, using taxpayer money for personal profit.

American leaders tend to strike moral poses as they foster their schemes. But inner American morality is in free fall, and it’s not just because of the highest incarceration rate in the world, and because there are trillions to help hedge fund managers and their friends, while billions cannot be found for homeowners.

Officially more than 20,000 Americans die every year directly from lack of health care insurance. Medical treatment was refused to them, on the ground that they did not have medical insurance, while known medical action would have surely saved them, and then, well, they died. It’s OK: profits were saved.

In the USA medical insurance is supposed to be a profit center for wealthy individuals who own insurance companies, people such as Mr. Warren Buffet. Individuals who cost too much are not covered.

Since 9-11, more than 150,000 Americans died from being refused medical treatment, more than 50 time the number killed by bin Laden, a rogue CIA employee. But the national priority in the USA is to fabricate robots to bomb people suspected of being friends with bin Laden, and Mr. Obama never miss an occasion to claim that this titan of health care profits, Mr. Warren Buffet, is his “friend”.  Of these impulsions, American liberalism is made; if it makes a lot of money, it has got to be good. So the eternal war against bin Laden is good, and Mr. Buffet is good.

Frontline was giving the example of an excellent young American woman, Ms. White, who had to interrupt her medical studies, because she had lupus. Then she lost her student insurance, entirely stop her studies to take a menial job just to get health insurance, to receive treatment. [Many Americans just have jobs so they can have health care insurance; of course an unstable situation.]

When for profit private insurance companies refused to pay for her, anymore, Ms. White had to go back to her parents, in her native state of Tennessee. Tennessee refused to pay for her treatment in the end. Treatment refused, she was left to die. By the way, Ms. White was completely white, and quite pretty, before the disease ravaged her face (as Frontline, a TV show of US Public TV, showed).

Finally Ms White’s organs failed and she ended in the emergency room. Twenty-one (21) of her organs had to be removed, cost: $900,000  (all going in the appropriate greedy pockets). She died at 32. This the USA today.

Of course hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer of bad health insurance, and die from it too, but not as blatantly as for those who are outright refused treatment.

Clinton ran his first presidential campaign on the theme of providing universal health care to Americans. He did nothing of the sort. He enjoyed being president, and remembered to send something to Congress about it way too late. In the end he tinkered a bit with child care, and Bush tinkered a bit with senior care. Why all the apathy? Because as far as the socioeconomic organization of the USA is concerned, health care is supposed to be served by the likes of the friend of Mr. Obama, Warren Buffet. Health care is not about taking care of health, it’s about taking care of profits. How did one get there?

Nixon invented what Geithner calls now a Public-Private partnership: the Public brings the money, and the Privates run away with it. Thus Nixon created the Health Maintenance Organizations, and Geithner want to leave his plutocratic mark by giving trillions of dollars to the hedge funds. Nixon took care of the health of Americans, Geithner wants to take care of the “toxic assets” (that he relabeled as “legacy” perhaps because they consist into a real fortune bequeathed to hedge funds).

The idea is this: the plutocracy sets socioeconomic machines to make ever more money, gather ever more power for itself, and makes sure that these machines could not be undone.

The great work of Clinton was the deregulation of the financial industry. Just as Nixon invented the HMOs, Clinton, his Rubin, and Summers and Geithner invented the giant banks violating the capital requirements of the International Bank of settlements, massively so. OK, maybe it was the other way around: Rubin and Summers, with their Clinton… After all what did Clinton know? Clinton, a lawyer, and professional mass seducer, has just the power of gab, he did not study finance seriously as Rubin and Summers did.

Thus they created one more giant for profit machine feeding the plutocracy. Now we are being told it cannot be undone, simply more trillions of dollars to be shoveled in its direction will bring back happiness. The tiny cost of Obama care (a tinkering with the existing for profit health care) is no more than 160 billions… Less than what AIG, a hedge fund calling itself an insurance company, devoured in 6 months.

Confronted to these geniuses of American finance, and the for profit machines, how could the Obama administration do better? Bush extended the never ending Middle east war, and now that he is gone, the war has grown further.

That new machine is Geithner’s Public-Private hedge funds welfare system. It will be started with half a trillion, but officials have already talked about two trillions. That used to be Bush’s budget. How quaint. In truth the hole is much bigger.

In the USA, even prisons are for profits (judges were condemned recently for sending people to prison as they increased profits by sending innocent people to prison!). Actually, if it can draw a profit, it’s private in the USA. Man hunting by private outfits is legal in the USA.

Obama pointed out that the American army needs to stay in Iraq to protect American civilians. By this he probably means the 100,000 mercenaries who do the dirty work there.

Am I too tough? The “September 11 Marque and Reprisal Actes off 2001” authorizes the State Department to grant letters of mark without awaiting for Congress. In 2007, a private American company, Pistris, was granted a letter of mark to arm a ship flying American flag and conduct offensive operations in the high seas.

France and Britain outlawed that in 1856.

There is serious business to be conducted out there. The IPCC most recent meeting shows the greenhouse warming is “worse than the worst” that it expected. Giant American banks have squandered their deposits away, squandered their capital, but here we are talking about squandering the capital of Mother Earth. Or, more poignantly, our life sustaining capital.

The seas are rising faster than the worst that was anticipated. The oceans are becoming acidic. The oceans are becoming too hot in places to hold enough oxygen to support known life. At any moment 2,000 billion tons of methane are ready to start belching out in tremendous tsunamis and flaming tundra. Yes, it’s that bad. Temperatures are expected to rise ten (10) degrees, Celsius (20 F) within a generation in the Arctic. That will surely get the methane to belch. That sort of catastrophe has happened before, about 35 million years ago, or so.

The European Union, and the rest of the world, have made an insufficient, but courageous and sincere effort to reduce the CO2 emissions. The USA not only produces 25% of the CO2 directly, but a lot more, when one takes into account how much of the American industrial production has been delocalized to China.

The USA has obstinately refused to help the climate disaster it has proudly led. OK, Obama wants to change this. But the first thing to do is to raise taxes on energy, and in particular gasoline, and Obama was president two months, and has not risen the gas tax by one cent. This is the only gesture of any significance: speech is easy, tax is hard.

[Some parrots will fluff their feathers and pontificate that taxes should not be risen during a recession, that it is well known. But that’s a laughable line in the context of an administration that has refused to free credit by nationalizing a few giant banks, and which has sent trillions of taxpayer money to said banks which then used them for anything in sight except extending credit for the People. And this goes on and on. Energy taxes are compensated for the poor in Europe. The carbon scheme Obama has evoked, a French idea, is very hard to implement, it’s obviously a way to delay, while claiming to be big time green all over.]

As I explained extensively on my Tyranosopher.com site, American plutocrats aided, abetted, and may even have outright fabricated Hitler from scratch. To explain the crime, find to whom the crime profited most. This immensely serious charge has been dangling over civilization ominously. If true (and it is) it’s one more reason to dismantle some of the devices, such as the Bretton-Woods accord, that were imposed after W.W.II by the USA.

After all, the gift that the Roosevelt administration made to Stalin, half of Europe, all of Eastern Europe, has been finally given back. At the end of the war, Stalin’s reign of terror could have easily be terminated by its generals. Instead, massive personal diplomatic support from the USA gave Stalin a clout he did not deserve, and desperately needed. The Soviets dismantled Stalin’s inheritance themselves (Gorbachev did).

Now it’s time to do away with more legacy of the toxic assets of American, or shall I say, plutocratic, supremacy. There are more important and rewarding things to do than sending ever more money to the richest of the rich, while immense numbers of innocents die from it.

Patrice Ayme


  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).



    “Considering how much American based plutocracy helped fascism before (and during!) WWII”

    I love your blog and writing, but I see that you are still rather clueless about the history of WWII.

    Will you ever realize that German and Italian Fascism were movements against the Jewish/British/American/French plutocracy? WWII was a war between the international plutocratic war-mongering control freaks (represented by the UK, America, the USSR, and France – plus global Jewry of course) VS. the nations which opposed this international plutocracy (Germany, Italy, etc). Fascism combined ethnic nationalism with national socialism, and sought independence from and a complete break with the transnational plutocratic systems of control which other nations were trying to force upon them.

    During the 1930s-40s the fascist (nationalist + socialist) nations lead by Germany sought independence from and were strongly opposed to the transnational plutocratic control-freaks which emanated from the above-mentioned nations (the UK, America, the USSR, France…along with the top-dog Jews residing in those nations) – the reason fascism came in to being was to oppose the international plutocratic slave-system headquartered especially in the UK and America, with its other hydra head in the USSR.

    Opposing the globalist plutocracy was the raison d’etre of the Axis Powers during WWII – learn a bit of real history; avoid those (biased) secondary sources and instead pick up the primary sources…here’s a few:

    * http://www.yamaguchy.netfirms.com/7897401/pound_ezra/present.html

    * http://www.yamaguchy.netfirms.com/7897401/pound_ezra/economic.html

    * http://www.yamaguchy.netfirms.com/7897401/pound_ezra/radioPound.html

    * MORE ON GENERAL MONEY MATTERS: http://www.yamaguchy.netfirms.com/

    “We have solved the problem of production, now we have to solve the problem of distribution.” – Benito Mussolini on October 6, 1934: http://www.yamaguchy.netfirms.com/7897401/benito/paths.html

    “If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!” – Adolf Hitler on January 30, 1939

    “But I left no doubt about the fact that if the peoples of Europe were again only regarded as so many packages of stock shares by these international money and finance conspirators, then that race, too, which is the truly guilty party in this murderous struggle would also have to be held to account: the Jews!” – Hitler, April 29, 1945

    * “Since 1939 the Jews have maneuvered the British Empire into the most perilous crisis it has ever known. The Jews were the carriers of that Bolshevist infection which once threatened to destroy Europe. It was also they who incited the ranks of the plutocracies to war, and it is the Jews who have driven America to war against all her own interests, simply and solely from the Jewish capitalistic point of view.” – Hitler, April 26, 1942

    “And if we ask who was responsible for our misfortune, then we must inquire who profited by our collapse. And the answer to that question is that ‘Banks and Stock Exchanges are more flourishing than ever before.’ We were told that capitalism would be destroyed, and when we ventured to remind one or other of these “famous statesmen” and said ‘Don’t forget that Jews too have capital,’ then the answer was: ‘What are you worrying about? Capitalism as a whole will now be destroyed, the whole people will now be free. We are not fighting Jewish or Christian capitalism, we are fighting every capitalism: we are making the people completely free.

    ‘Christian capitalism’ is already as good as destroyed, the international Jewish Stock Exchange capital gains in proportion as the other loses ground. It is only the international Stock Exchange and loan-capital, the so-called ‘supra-state capital,’ which has profited from the collapse of our economic life, the capital which receives its character from the single supra-state nation which is itself national to the core, which fancies itself to be above all other nations, which places itself above other nations and which already rules over them.” – Hitler, April 12, 1922

    “”It is primarily due to the complete ignorance of middle class politicians that in many countries people act as though they believe that the Jewish plutocratic West will overcome the Jewish Bolshevist East. No, the opposite will occur. One day the Jewish Bolshevist East will make it unnecessary for the Jews in the West to indulge in further hypocrisy. They can then reveal their ultimate goal with absolute candor. For the Jewish western democracy will sooner or later itself end in Bolshevism. The same naive souls, however, who today believe that they have discovered in Stalin the spirit who will save them, will perhaps discover sooner than they imagine that the spirits which they have summoned from the underworld will strangle them, and do so in their own countries… ” – Hitler, November 8, 1943


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I do not consider myself “clueless about WWII”, nor are my opinions a rehash of conventional wisdom, far from it. I am in excellent personal position to know a lot of things about WWI and WWII. The average French citizen’s extreme aversion to fascism, especially German fascism, was intensely personal, and had nothing to do with the Jews. Jews did not invent plutocracy, the Italians did (as several French kings could testify, since they were bankrolled by the Medicis and the like).

      Now Hitler was often saying things while doing the exact opposite (his “big lie technique: as exposed in Mein Kampf; yes, I read that, and have several copies actually (don’t ask)). I do agree that Hitler was supported by plutocrats (and Warburg was no Christian…). Let me just point out to the giant portrait of Henry Ford that Hitler had behind his desk in 1923, at a time when he disposed of colossal sums of money, allowing him even a state of the art private army, among other expensive follies…

      If you go ask the average German nowadays who caused WWII, they will mostly recognize it was mostly their great grand parents’ mentality. Not the Jews’ mentality. By the way, Hitler accused the Germans in his will, dictated hours before his death… Yes the Germans… So? Should not we quote that too? A man, in his hour of truth…



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