Introduction: The damage, and death toll, that financial pirates cause is incommensurably greater than the one caused by pirates at sea. So why has it been tolerated for so long? All right, handy stupidocrats, paid by their hyper rich masters, have made the American public much unaware of anything that really matters to their condition. OK, the exactions of the financial pirates and their armed forces, were long directed to other nations, but still, the tide turned long ago…

Verily, the American public got habituated to abuse, and may find a perverse pleasure forgetting the emptiness of its condition through said abuse by the lords of finance.

Considering the state of the planet this codependency of evil has no future. Time for a philosophical straight jacket.

How does one measure civilization? By a flourishing economy? But then how is that measured? By GDP, the thing that augments in traffic jams, and an increasingly inefficient USA economy, with its gold plated health exploiters such as Warren Buffet? (By the way, I have a whole theory on how to found economy as a more exact science, using energy; somewhere else published, and beyond the scope of the present essay.)

Is a civilization more advanced than another because of its more advanced science, its more advanced technology? In other words: its more advanced knowledge of the truth? Or is civilization measured by its ethics? But then who is to say that a slave society, where women are half what men are, is ethically less advanced than another, especially when the orders were given by an analphabetic epileptic in the desert?

Well, there is a ready answer to this. A cursory look at history shows that less advanced ethics give a less advanced economical system, science and technology.

The monstrous experience with increasingly unjustifiably dictatorial civilizations in the Middle East demonstrated this: what had been the most advanced area in the world for a long time became progressively one of the most backwards. And now with the reigning superstition that undercut women and want to kill everybody else who do not believe in the lunacy (pun intended!), it is full speed backwards, as the Taliban marches on Islam-a-bad and its thermonuclear nukes.

But back to the main subject.


Indeed is ethics always relative, or just indirectly measured by techno-economical progress?

Of course not. Ethics is absolute. One can point at the Charter of the United Nations, the one that countries founded on an uneducated superstition violate everyday. That Charter is absolute. Human Rights are absolute.

That absolutism of Human Rights, in turn, is founded on ten million years of specifically human evolution. Human beings come with their own owner’s manual, and part of it is called ethics. Evolution wanted it, and evolution is all knowing, misericordious, and most merciful. Differently from the big man raging in the sky, it really exists. EVOLUTION GROUNDS ETHICS ABSOLUTELY.

In specifically human evolution, for example, all humans are equal, and women are not the idiots the Qur’an say they are. Far from being unable to devise a plan, as the Qur’an and Lawrence Summers say, women were devised by evolution to be as capable mentally, in the average as men. Actually, it’s both the Qur’an and Summers who proved unable to devise a plan, except if that plan was to destroy civilization. 

This was already attempted during colonization. The dirty little secret of decolonization is that the rich countries wanted out. A French minister of finance during the decolonization of Africa expressed his opinion. It was a strange thing: after all, basically, and contrarily to legend, Africa had not really asked to be decolonized, with the exception of communist penetrated Guinean unions; even Algeria had voted massively for the new French constitution, and was given as feed to the FLN nevertheless. So what really happened? Well, something very much related to the present globalization crisis.

That French minister finally admitted the obvious: France was unwilling to keep spending for a fully functioning hospital every 100 kilometers in gigantic Africa. Same with infrastructure throughout Africa. Of course there were other problems, such as Soviet and American imperialisms that were determined to push the European powers, weakened by Nazism, out of the planet, if at all possible.

Nevertheless, the selfish factor played a very important role. Spain and Portugal, which kept their colonies longer, suffered economically from it (although they were spending as little as possible).

The quid pro quo of globalization was that the developing countries would pay their way (instead of having the colonial powers creating their infrastructure) by working and selling products to the advanced countries, which, in turn would exchange their more advanced products (developed from their advanced scientific research). Great.

Some important participants kept their side of the bargain, mostly Japan, China, and now India and Latin America. But the advanced industrial countries faltered. Of course the USSR turned into a disaster: it was insufficiently democratic to keep up with ideas.

But the West faltered badly, because, there too, democracy faltered. But more insidiously. Basically the disposable part of the economy, the investable capability, was stolen by peasants and pirates.

The farming lobbies used the electoral maps, in Europe and the USA, to have more clouts than they deserve.

The total subsidies in agriculture of the EU and the USA amount to around 300 billion dollars. instead, they should be zero, because that’s 300 billion dollars stolen from the poorest parts of the world, those that can trade only agricultural products.

Moreover this money is desperately needed to deploy in research and development. For example material research (new batteries, and all sorts of more efficient materials) depends enormously on the number of researchers and steady budgets (China, which is number one in some material subsectors, such as some optical crystals, has proven this). Sending the money instead to American cows and European corn so that the water table can either disappear (Western USA) or get illegally polluted to death (Western France), is an outrage to Africa, and the future of mankind.

Roosevelt dubbed bankers, “banksters”. His implicit idea was that they made gangs, gangs of bankers, and robbed the public. He came in as president, fully cognizant of the class of hyper rich thieves he belonged to (Roosevelt knew quite well that many American plutocrats were in bed and thick business with European fascists, such as Mussolini and Stalin; he would see the massive business of American plutocrats with Hitler grow below his unbelieving eyes).

So Roosevelt closed all the banks and did what Obama has got to do: shut down the bad ones, help and regiment the good ones.

A lot of measures, during the great depression, consisted in reining in the financiers, and legislate their abusive amusements out of existence.

That arsenal of preventive measures was taken down under Rubin, Summers and Clinton (the genius of economic malevolence, Summers his name, repelled the Banking Act of 1933, in 1999, no less!). This dismantlement went all the way to the repeal of the up-tick rule on short sales. The later executive order (not yet overturned by Obama!) coincided not coincidentally with the exact moment when the market peaked under Bush II, in July 2007.

After that the hedge funds could make like bandits, until all the 401k had turned into 201k, and that meant that the hyper rich fed on the retirement of the American public, like vultures on a freshly killed carcass. This was a deliberate plot to enrich the money manipulators, by bringing the clock back to the world of finance that had caused the Great Depression of the 1930s. The same cause had the same effect in 2008.

Then the impudent plutocrats required the public to pay their 2008 bonuses, while in Nevada people die of cancer because the state, having run out of money, does not treat them anymore. The impudent plutocrats will not need the public for their 2009 bonuses, thank you. Too bad if the cancer patients died. Maybe they should have eaten caviar.

A better model of what’s happening with finance is not gangsterism, but piracy. The financial class of the USA got used to see the money passing by, like Somalian pirates see the ships passing by, and it came to them that, by threatening loss of the economy, hence lives (because ultimately even the health care system is starting to fail even more than usual as the economy of the USA heads towards a depression), they could make tremendous wealth for themselves.



Some will say that I exaggerate. But the Roman republic died from plutocracy, and even the Roman empire later on, as plutocracy led to an intellectual fascism so thick, the entire social fabric fell apart. The social fabric of the USA shows some serious signs of extreme stress. In a way, the USSR died that way, because the Soviet regime was intrinsically plutocratic: all the power of money (or economy) was in very few hands.

The wealth stolen by financial operators does not create something that other people can use. Building huge datchas in the deep woods, contrarily to what Keynes (with his holes) argued, is not helpful to the infrastructure of the countries, because only a few can use those datchas. The properties of the rich and their valets and lackeys do not have enough public utility.

The wealth of the plutocrat is not the wealth of the entrepreneur that provides a new service or product to others. The wealth of the plutocrat is grabbed from more productive areas of the economy.  It’s the sort of wealth usury brings. All the wealth of the world came to serve the hyper, mentally unbalanced nuts who find pleasure in humiliating others and depriving them. It is as much economic activity that goes into valets, and as much that does not go into research for new science and technology.

Of course financial pirates’ propaganda always vaunts its new “products”. In truth all they are just new traps to exploit people with more usury (“subprime, Alt A”). They invented strictly nothing of value, besides reinstituting serfdom by replacing common sense by credit. Credit cards and bank cards with their electronic chips inside were invented by French engineers working in Marseilles, not by Wall Street titans of Ponziness.

Over times, pirates established themselves in some seas, because they habituated people to expect piracy, and live with it. It was the case for decades towards the end of the Roman republic, as Rome was sagging under its own plutocrats (Plutocracies love to create messes they can exploit, be it simply by posing as saviors). Pirates had created entire cities, all of them fortified. Even Julius Caesar was captured, and his family had to pay a ransom to recover that young man.

Finally commerce, on which Rome crucially depended, became very difficult, and the Roman senate had enough. In a demonstration of what plutocracy could do, the Roman Senate, happy to breach the People’s republic a bit more, gave extraordinary powers to Pompey the Great. Pompey attacked, and cleaned the entire Mediterranean in … three months.

The present mess can be cleaned in three months too. Only the will is lacking. It is not been cleared in three months because people that created the mess helped elect Obama, and now they expect to be paid. Summers and Geithner are there to watch Obama, and lead him astray. A convenient trial in Chicago will bring many Obama associates to the witness stand (Rezko, Emanuel). That should keep a plutocratic Damocles sword over Obama. At the slightest deviation from the desired trajectory, plutocratic money could do wonders with embarrassing revelations. After all, to handicap Clinton, for years, it took only the definition of the word “sex” (something about cigars, in the USA, it seems).

But Putin was the toy of the Russian plutocrats. Once firmly in power, he backstabbed them. (The Economist, apparently handsomely paid by Russian plutocrats plotting in Britain, ran a rabid anti-Putin campaign for years, in a vain attempt to keep the hyper rich Russians, hyper rich; never mind that they invented nothing, and went from rags to riches in a split second, thanks to dirty, unjust deals galore.)

The essential cause of the financial and economic disaster is the greed and corruption of the financial pirates, and the fact that the public got habituated to their exactions, impudence and hubris. The solution is to stop being habituated first.

The financial pirates are worse than useless, they are the worst problem dragging the economy down. It’s not just that they steal immense fortunes. They take a lot of deliberately bad decisions they personally profit from (an example is the selling short of the retirement of common Americans). The same occur with piracy at sea. Pirates do not just steal stuff, and kill the occasional victim. They also make commerce a fearful thing, and more expensive, and thus hinder it. Similarly with financial pirates: they do not just affect commerce at sea, but all commerce, and, by disorganizing the entire world economy, including health care, they kill more than any pirate could.


Why all the madness? Can’t the plutocrats see they are killing civilization, hence their planet, hence themselves? Sure they would, if they really tried, but they use a flaw in the human disposition. The whole point they have, is to be so idiotic that they become forgetful of the human condition. The same could be said of Hitler: how come he dared to risk a world war, that he was sure to lose? Because he wanted to experience hatred, a mighty passion that drowned completely the fearful emptiness that his condition would have been otherwise (considering his intrinsically boring nature).

Zhuangzi (4C BCE) suggested to view life as a butterfly dream. Twenty-four centuries later, having badly digested Nietzsche, a few French philosophers proclaimed that life was absurd. This pathology came from too much boredom, and not enough passion, not enough stress (maybe a reaction to life having got suddenly boring, from the defeat of the Nazis). Human beings are made to run away from giant cave lions, and then plot carefully how to kill them, or, at least, make the lions respectful enough to stay away.

The piratical financier is that lion they want to flee and fight, but not too much, lest the universe feel too devoid of passion.

Time to grow up, or go climbing, or hunt real lions with sticks and stones. Indeed, it’s time to reestablish discipline: humankind is confronting the biggest lion ever, the planet devouring run away greenhouse. And there are other lions out there, maybe smaller, but still nasty, such as biological, or nuclear war.

Time to put financial piracy in a straight jacket.

Patrice Ayme

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  1. euandus Says:

    How about relying not only on regulations, but also considering Paul Volcker’s advice from experience: being too big is itself a problem that can and should be remedied? I’ve just posted on it at


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