Abstract: Anti thinkers  are paid by the plutocracy to seed havoc and confusion. We skewer a few. Unwittingly, they demonstrate the association between plutocracy and fascism, by claiming outright that the later was no problem, just as, short of death, torture is nought (as judge Bybee has it, but similarly Ferguson and Buchanan point out that if fascism had not been fought, peace would have been eternal).


Propagandists and apologists of fascism are often esteemed, well paid and have beautiful careers. Why so? Because they serve the ultra rich, by keeping reality in line.

From the power of compound interest, wealth tends to gather in a few hands. To make society stable, wealth has to be redistributed. This has been true ever since material wealth became important, at least 10,000 years ago, in the most advanced parts.

But sometimes the particular nature of the socioeconomy makes it function best as a dictatorship. The arch-typical example being the hydraulic dictatorships of the Middle East (Hence the later developed huge fascist empires, and authoritarian religions such as Judaism and its well known heresies, Christianism and Islamism). Sometimes society falls into fascism from lack of timely brain power to prevent an excess of greed by an oligarchy (Republican Rome).

In any case, wealth is power, wealth has power to fight back, and wealth often escapes democratic control (this sorts of views are often lent to Marx, but are much older: the Greek historian Polybius had them 22 centuries ago, and his somewhat cyclical theory (which was not new, even in his time!) is superior to Marx’s in many ways). From this blossoms a close association between fascism and plutocracy.

Paul Krugman deplores (in his blog, May 2, 2009) “the most depressing aspect of the whole thing: further confirmation that we’re living in a Dark Age of macroeconomics, in which hard-won knowledge has simply been forgotten. What’s the evidence? Niall Ferguson “explaining” that fiscal expansion will actually be contractionary, because it will drive up interest rates. At least that’s what I think he said; there were so many flourishes that it’s hard to tell.”

In clear language, what Ferguson wants is not to spend government money to provide common people with jobs, but money to be sent to plutocrats, so that the elite, the plutocracy, that keeps him happy, and wealthy, thrives some more.

We are also living in a Dark Age of history. Out there, on the Internet there is something called “Godwin rule”. It works this way: mention Nazism and you have lost whatever debate you were in. At least, so it is, among stupidocrats. In other words, mention the holocaust, and you are a loser. It’s difficult to distinguish this from pure and simple holocaust denial and sheer Nazism.

Nobody was more eager to have everybody forget the holocaust than the Nazis. As their armies retreated, the Nazis spent years forcing thousands of their prisoners to disinter millions of their previously all too swiftly buried victims. Then they crushed their bones, burned the remnants in carefully designed pyres, to leave no trace that could be used in a court of law. 

But now that we have the Internet, it’s much better. Mental eradication of Nazism is one intellectual terrorist edict away. Malevolent idiots can be Hitler’s best friends, and everybody feels cute, because it’s so “cool” to have a brain cool as ice: mention Auschwitz, and those idiots will inform you that you used a false argument, and they will laugh as the devious souls they are: ha, ha, ha. Ironically, it all boils down to the old Hebraic religion: “You shall not take the name of the Lord (YHWH) your God (Elohiym) in vain, for the Lord (YHWH) will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” (Ex. 20;7.) In other words, the adulators of Godwin mumble: “We don’t know much about history, but never shall we pronounce the name of Adolf Hitler in vain…” Does that mean Hitler is their Lord?

Mr. Ferguson, a Harvard professor, is just as cute. He wrote some sort of enormous book “The War of the World”, to say strictly nothing new, except, basically, that, well, good was bad, and bad was good. Let’s quote him:”World War Two, we have been told all our lives, was our greatest triumph, the moment when the forces of light, the Western democracies, prevailed over the forces of darkness, the Nazis… far from culminating in the triumph of the West, the struggle was part of the inexorable shift in the global balance of power toward the East.” Thank you, Fergie boy: this is, nearly word for word, the exact thesis of Adolf Hitler himself. It is the democracies that represented the darkness, the weakness, and they served the power of the East. Heil!

Niall Ferguson is a British born historian who makes no distinction between fascism and democracy. He is a partisan of the old thesis that Britain should not have entered the First World War. He did not invent that counter democratic thesis, either. Bertrand Russell was a partisan of it, and spent 18 months in jail during the war for promoting it, while British kids were dying in the trenches, fighting fascism.

Ferguson’s thesis is that basically the West went down, because it did not give in to German fascism. Although it had that opportunity twice. Because, Ferguson says, implicitly, fascism, and anything obsolete, like old time religion, is good.

Ferguson teaches the American elite at Harvard. Don’t be surprised if they sent storm troopers to a beach near you soon. Ferguson is just an arriviste. He has a political agenda of the most extreme nature that turns the average neoconservative into a leftist, relatively speaking. He is well rewarded for it.

A similar approach is defended by Pat Buchanan: Britain should not have entered the Second World War, and should instead have let Nazi Germany do its thing (killing all the Slavs, all the Jews, annihilate France, etc.). Such people, of the Buchana-Ferguson ilk practice, not just revisionism, but outright thought crime. Their eternal regret seems to be that German racially grounded fascism did not triumph, and that instead pesky Franco-British-American democrats won.

The pro-fascist theses of Ferguson and Buchanan are so incredibly wrong in all ways, it’s hard to know where to start. But I have to say a word, because many people know no history whatsoever, besides that there were wars and it was very bad, a psychological violin  that revisionists and holocaust deniers know how to play very well. (Connoisseurs of history will remember that Adolf Hitler used to play the violin of peace with vigor before the war; in his political testament written a few hours before he put an end to his despicable presence, he testified that he never wanted the war the Jews and their alter egos, the French, had imposed, according to him. Naturlich.)

In both cases, the fact that Germany was ruled by fascists is ignored by Ferguson or Buchanan. The fate of republican France, the “eternal lethal enemy” (Hitler said) of the fascist order in Germany is ignored. Also ignored is the fate of the rest of Europe: after all, the nation of Poland was under Germano-Prussian subjugation and oppression, not to say occupation and suppression. As the fascists that ruled Germany in 1914 and 1940 overwhelmed Europe, according to Ferguson and Buchanan, lives would have been saved if eternal peace, apparently another name for German fascism, came to rule.

On the contrary, German historians studying the period, firmly disagree and view the Second Reich as a dress rehearsal for the Third Reich, and the later as ultimate evil, as it was. Indeed, as the fascist led troops invaded neutral Belgium in August 1914, they proceeded to commit war crimes against Belgian civilians and civilization (none of the troops of any of the democratic allies committed such war crimes). The strategic fact that once (fascist) Germany was the world most powerful regime, it would have attacked the remaining democracies (mostly the British empire and the USA) is also ignored.

Ferguson ignores cultural touches representative of German fascism, and its attached racial hatred. Such as when Goering, the father of the Goering who was hanged at Nuremberg, was governor of Namibia. Goering engaged in a deliberate holocaust of the natives. That’s another proof that the fascist and racial extremism of German fascists had broken the bounds imposed by Western civilization. It was not Western civilization at all (but Ferguson insists it was, a courtesy he does not extent to Stalin).

People such as Mr. Ferguson are paid to present fascist extremism as middle of the road (by using “counterfactual” history, if need be). People such as Ferguson and Buchanan, with their fascism denying axiom (“there is no fascism, and they are its prophets, and democracy has no merit”), are further confirmation that we’re living in a Dark Age of macro history, in which hard-won knowledge, knowledge won with the death of more than 100 million people, has simply been forgotten.

What are Ferguson and Buchanan after? Who, or what do they serve? They serve greed, which is how, and why fascism is often brought up to this world to start with. Indeed greed without democracy to control it, requires fascism to keep on blossoming further.

That’s how the (Prussia and then) German empire engaged on its slippery slope, of ever growing fascism, that led it to its 1853 until 1945 dismal adventure visiting Armageddon. The failure occurred from a democracy gap itself closely related to a massive failure of the mind of the nation. There were too many German intellectuals thinkers and artists who, like Wagner, embraced the process of fascization and racial hatred, and too few who, like Nietzsche, deconstructed and denounced it. We do not want to repeat this, so the quacks should be denounced now for what they are: people who are paid, and advance themselves, by promoting fascism.

Such individuals, these creatures of Evil, do not differ in their motivation from Yoo and Bybee, lawyers to Evil itself who defined torture as “[physical pain that] MUST be equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death”.

Short of killing you, Judge Bybee is not torturing you, or so he says, please note. That’s top American legal thinking, new wave. Of this mental trash some of the top judges in the USA are made.

It appears that Judge Bybee was promised an appointment to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the highest type of judgeship there is, short of the Supreme Court of the USA. But first (White House Counsel) Gonzales wanted him to do a little bit of dirty work in the Office of Legal Counsel. Of course there was never an explicit deal, but the torture was approved, and the judgeship was granted.

Stalin, or for that matter Hitler, were always very hard to read, because they were careful to never say things explicitly. The contrast between their bourgeois mien, and the holocausts they were conducting is eerie. The art of not doing things blatantly has been central to the horrors of the Twentieth century. Banality is not just a pathology, it’s a method.

Now the USA is welcoming those who officialized torture into the world of banality. Bybee became a top judge because he decided that only torture to death was torture enough. Normal torture is, well, banal.   

Such people as Ferguson, Buchanan, Bybee and Yoo are careerists. They are what the French and British call “arrivistes”. Arriving to the top of society is their prime motivation, and obliterates all other considerations, and they organize their perception of possible knowledge just so as to pursue their brutish obsession with themselves, and their power.

The average Nazi in the Nazi hierarchy (or that of any fascist state) was an arriviste. When she discovered this, Hannah Arendt uttered her observation about the “banality of Evil”. But someone such as Elie Wiesel (who was in residence at Auschwitz) disagrees deeply with her. He thinks there is nothing banal about Evil. I agree with him. I think that what is banal, is to stay civilized when confronted to the destroyers of civilization, and that is precisely the angle they use to promote themselves, and that dirty work they are the only ones willing to do.

Civilization cannot be banal. Civilization is a most exceptional thing. It is time to strike back. Those of us who are rich enough to have more than a career a la Eichmann, can use their ethical arsenal to pulverize Evil masquerading as banality. It’s high time: if you are not going to fight for civilization, civilization will not fight for you.

Patrice Ayme


  1. Steve Says:

    “far from culminating in the triumph of the West, the struggle was part of the inexorable shift in the global balance of power toward the East.”
    1. It is hard to deny that USSR emerged from WWII stronger that in 1941.
    2. WWII accelerated collapse of British Empire.
    Since both USSR and most British colonies were located to the East from Western Europe / US East Coast it seems natural to state that power shifted to the East.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I do not think that this is the “East” Ferguson is thinking of.

      It is true that Stalin’s Reich got out of the war with lots of territory, and then, thanks to spying and captured German technologists was able to quickly rebound in his arsenal of state of the art weapons. But in truth, the USSR was given Eastern Europe, by the Roosevelt administration. Stalin “had” 600 divisions, true, but they could have been turned against him. Instead Machiavellian types in Washington decided to support him personally.

      In truth, indeed, the USSR had lost 7 million (minimum) in the Gulag, followed by 27 million (minimum) in WWII. The blame for both numbers could be laid to Stalin (the logic is a bit elaborated). After all Stalin was actively militarily allied with Hitler against France and Britain in 1939/1940/1941. Only did he switch when he was attacked by his ally Hitler (ditto USA). In any case, the USSR looked strong, but was very, very weak. USA general Patton had guessed this correctly in 1945, but his plutocratic masters in Washington had other plans. The plans were to make Stalin strong, and the Muslim fundamentalists strong, because it would make Europe weak, and if Europe was weak, American plutocrats could call the world theirs.

      It worked, as long as that master plan was little known, but now that it has been exposed, let’s see how much longer it works… The very fact that American plutocrats had to turn against their own population, smothering it below a TARP, shows that the heydays of shameless exploitation are in the throes of agony…



  2. Joyce Simon Says:

    Civilization is a most exceptional thing ..and requires constant maintenance.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Joyce: It sure does require constant maintenance. The latest (2009) archeology on the Mayas showed that indeed they exhausted their ressources: they had to switch from superior trees for construction to some very inferior species of trees, because, obviously, they ran out of the former. The problems vary continuously, and we are obviously in the greatest crisis ever, although things still feel OK, there never was so many possibilities for everything going so badly wrong, and all at once.

      Because the English colony in North America had a charmed life so far, in the last 401 years, it is difficult to make lawmakers in the USA, let alone the population, perceive how precarious the situation is, how drastic the solutions should be, and how little time there may be. All the miseries visited on France in the last few centuries have alot to do with France being a part of Eurasia, while trying to maintain the highest civilizational standards. The point being France was less isolated than England (let alone North america) was. But now, it’s all over: the planet has become small…


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