Nazism, A Consequence Of Vibrant Plutocracy



Abstract: A more or less latent conflict has existed between the French republic and the republic of the USA since 1934, relative to the help fascist circles got from (part of) the (partly American) plutocratic class. This conflict has not been resolved yet. In other words, the causes of Nazism have not been made explicit. My claim, of course, is that the same forces are at work now. However they are more visible than ever before.

To believe that Nazism was part of a giant plutocratic conspiracy would have been too much in the past for the bleating sheep, as they rested, fat and content. But now that they have been made to serve the wolves of finance in bed with the government for all to see, they may be more amenable to this part of history.



I informed a friend back in the USA that: “I heard wolves howling in the forest, a formidable sound that brings shivers, and seems addressed to the heavens. Nothing like it. In the distance, the French army was firing 155 mm gun 25 miles from Savoy (I had a chat with some of them). With live ammunition, and combat helicopters picking up recalcitrant skiers (an area as big as half of Yosemite was locked off). Heavy explosions thundering in the distance, wolves howling. What a world.”

To which my American friend soberly replied: “Soooo…French Army preparing to fight the Germans? Third time is the charm.”

How come US citizens have such a wrong and demeaning view of France?



What is that sort of derision, common in the USA, supposed to mean? What is that supposed to mean EMOTIONALLY? Is it not known that France and Germany had three wars already between 1870 and 1945? That third time was indeed the charm? Is it not known that there was nothing charming about it? Is it not known that more than 100 million people died in these wars?

The French dead, by themselves, were more than 3 million (around 7% of the population), the German dead, by themselves, in excess of ten millions (so violent were the conflicts that the French number can vary by one million, the German one by two million; a related mystery is how many Jews were assassinated by the Nazis: from 4.5 millions to 6 millions, no one knows for sure: perpetrators destroyed files, not just bodies; official total death vary between 62 and 78 millions for WWII alone). The USA had about 525,000 dead between WWI and WWII on all theaters of operations.

Let’s recapitulate.



The war of 1870-1945 between France and Germany is no laughing matter in Europe. There was a lot that was wrong there, as Nietzsche had mightily denounced as it started to happen. Nietzsche pointed out some elements of the thought system setting itself up in Germany at the time. One of them being anti-Semitism. Nietzsche suggested that the anti-Semites ought to be kicked out of Germany, since they were obviously an inferior sort. Nietzsche also suggested terrible wars would happen because of the thought system gathering strength in Germany. Or more exactly, as he had it, lack of thought and cattle spirit.

This strident denunciation of the new Germany by Nietzsche was all the more remarkable since the philosopher had fought in the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian war, as a German patriot and volunteer. That war was won by Prussia, which proclaimed the Second German Reich in Versailles, France. Germany seized giant portions of French territory (Alsace and Lorraine), where most of French heavy industry was located. France was required to pay huge “reparations” (a funny concept since the war was entirely fought on French territory; but Bismarck, with a fake courier, had enticed France to formally declare war). The “reparations” were actually set up to destroy what was left of the French economy, allowing the Prussian empire to swallow the rest of it during the next round. or so Bismarck hoped. We know this, because Bismarck said so.

France’s losses in the war of 1870-71 were considerable. Paris was sieged, and saw heavy combat. In Paris alone the dead amounted to more than 20,000.

Something happened next: the Prussian military and various industrialists and plutocrats who were on the plan to establish THEIR personal hegemony onto ALL of Europe, cranked up the fascism to the maximum, in the preparation of the final battle with the French republic. It was to be the final battle against democracy, the way they saw it.

Another patriot all gung ho against France and pro-German empire, had been King Louis II of Bavaria. But as fascism got cranked up to the max, such patriots came to the conclusion that, under the guise of fighting the French, fascism, racism, plutocracy and other evils were rising, plain and simple, crushing all humanity in the way. Nietzsche and Louis II saw the light, and they turned violently against the fascist militarization of Germany. They became loudly pro-French. Within a few years, Bismarck himself had enough of fascism unchained. He understood that he had played apprentice sorcerer. It was too late. He was fired from his job of Chancellor by the young crazy Kaiser.



The Kaiser himself lost control to the Prussian military which, in full accord with the plutocracy, and to stop socialism in its tracks inside Germany, declared war on the world, August 1, 1914. It had been planned for decades, and the Prussian Army High Command had decided that it was now, or never (unbelievably, the aide of US president Wilson paid a visit in May, and gave an emotional green light of sort: attacking France was OK).

But for 8 divisions holding the front against Russia, to which it had just declared war, the entire Prussian-German army was thrown against the French republic, through Belgium. The French army retreated for 5 weeks, losing its heavy weapons, But then it counterattacked at the Marne (with the help of the just arrived eight divisions of the British Expeditionary Force), nearly destroying the imperial army, in a quick succession of enveloping maneuvers which exploited gaps between the German armies.

In the end, the USA remembered that it was a republic, a democracy, and the progeny of France and Britain, and finally decided to come to the help of its family. It was important to rescue victory, if one wanted to prevent France and Britain, assisted with Belgium and Italy, to establish a world according to them.

The desperate Prussian fascists cobbled together a last formidable offensive at the Marne, straight towards a bombarded Paris. But French special operation teams (led by a future traitor) had broken through German lines just before the offensive, and knew German plans. The imperial army punched through empty space, and then was rolled back by French artillery, in a pincer counterattack. Engaged for the first time, American divisions got to know what war was: they melted away in a few hours. Fighting next to a Senegalese division, the Americans saw that no prisoner were made. They made just one or two themselves, as they lost several thousand men in a few hours of the most brutal fighting imaginable.



Unfortunately, at the end of the war, the heavy presence of American plutocrats at the table prevented to establish the clear principle of aggression of August 1, 1914. Moreover American plutocrats got heavily involved with the reconstruction of Germany, their way, for their own profit. The result was Hitler (probably heavily financed by Ford as early as 1922; the case of Ford, or that of Hitler, are extremely complicated; Ford, at the least, not content with being a plutocrat, was also a sincere socialist, and Jew hater, because, so he said… he hated Wall Street…)

In any case, heavy support of a gigantic number of powerful plutocrats and industrialists in Britain and especially the USA, contributed crucially to the instauration of Nazism, and its quick rise to formidable power.

The French republic was in quandary. In a first stage, Hitler lined up nearly everybody behind him, from the Polish colonels (1934) to Stalin (a fellow dictator in love and fear), to Britain (which signed with Hitler a treaty violating Versailles in 1935). The relationship between the French and the American government got frankly hostile, starting in 1934, in no small measure because American plutocrats wanted it so.

Finally, after the invasion of Spain by a fascist rebel army propped and armed by Hitler, fueled by Texas oil, Britain started to see the light, and threw her pro-Nazi king out (1936). By 1939, Britain was solidly allied to France, and declared war to Hitler. Hitler knew he had been misled, and had probably lost the war, just then. So he desperately fled, ahead, always making a bad situation worse. He got lucky many times, from escaping the wrath of his generals (who were betrayed by their friends in Britain) to defeating France (which had a very low probability of happening, as war games have shown since).



Soon after occupying France, Germany, or more exactly, Germany’s top soldiers started the long and painful process of finding out what was wrong, and then, what went wrong. In the end, many of the top Nazis betrayed Hitler, and, unbelievably, sided with the French. As Albert Speer explained to his friend and mentor Hitler, he could not win without France. Hitler’s cabinet was forced to agree, and to be human enough with the hated French. Later, top Nazi marshals and generals got to the logical end of the process, and outright rebelled against their crazy boss.

Why was Hitler so crazy? Because his initial plan was friendly to his friends the plutocrats. Hitler, again and again pointed out that fascism was more powerful than democracy. Although this is generally interpreted at face value, what Hitler believed in his heart of hearts was that PLUTOCRACY was more powerful than democracy. He could not say this publicly, since, officially Hitler’s Reich was actually… socialist and anti-plutocratic.

Similarly, Hitler was not going to inform the Volk how much help American plutocrats were providing him with. Hitler did tell the American Nazi party to shut up, though, because he informed his subordinates that no country in the world was more favorable to Nazism than the USA, and that it was just a matter of time before the USA would side very officially with the Reich.

Of course the Franco-British declaration of war to Hitler threw the whole approach out of the window. Moreover Churchill went all out, proposing Franco-British unification (long time coming again), and absolute, total war, irrespective of all and any convention, but for victory (to make his point clear to all, he ordered under penalty of death, his admirals to fire on their French colleagues and dear friends, at Mers El Kebir, and they very reluctantly did so). Soon the outrageously pro-fascist and pro-Hitler US ambassador in the UK, Kennedy, was fired by Roosevelt, and Hitler was a walking dead man.



World War Two was a bizarre universe. It was two universes battling each others. As American GIs were fighting on the beaches, American direct investment from American plutocrats was firing back at them from Nazi weapons (Ford and General Motors, among others, provided most of some categories of Nazi vehicles; American technology created the very oil and rubber Nazi machinery used).

Indeed, many American plutocrats supported Hitler throughout the war, in many more ways than are even known to this day (for obvious reasons, this was all shrouded in secrecy). This means that American plutocrats supported massively Hitler’s production of weapons and secret technology transfers. They had ideological, material and imperial interest to do so. Hence Hitler’s crazy hope that once Roosevelt, who he called a “Jew lover” was dead, all would be fine.

Many plutocrats, even German plutocrats, practiced during World War Two what is known in hedging as a “butterfly” strategy; they simultaneously leveraged themselves heavily both for, and against Nazism. Whatever happened at the end of the war, they would be winners. For example, Thyssen, who wrote the famous book “I paid Hitler”, ordered one of his sons to become strongly anti-Nazi, and the other, strongly pro-Nazi. Whatever happened, his family was sure to win big time, and it did. He himself switched from the later to the former. As he sat in jail after the war, he gloated that “the Americans are rebuilding my company for me”.

Countless American corporations who were helping the Nazi war effort presented themselves as intrinsic liberators, as soon as allied flags displaced the Swastika. But their collaboration with their Nazi colleagues kept on going. Some notorious Nazi mass murderers slave killers, such as Werner von Braun, and his many Nazi collaborating engineers, made NASA all it could be. (That was swept under the rug, as was the blossoming collaboration with the worst of the worst, such as the SS Klaus Barbie.)

It is clear that the victory of 1945 did not mean all that it ought to have meant. It was an incomplete victory. Defeating Nazism was a victory on a consequence, not the victory on all the causes that led to Nazism. Those were not an abstract form of banal evil, as Hannah Arendt tried to impress us with. Those forces behind Hitler were in no way abstract, and in no way banal. To some extent, as long as the forces behind Hitler are not brought out in the open, and defeated, the victory of 1945 will not be complete.

In France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and many other countries, “holocaust denial” was made into a crime. This means, basically, denying that Nazism was a very bad thing. But what about denying what the deepest causes of Nazism were? Should not that be holocaust denial too?



The Americans, often, and even the European themselves, do not realize the extent to which Europe is now united. The first successful unification of the European core was, of course under Charlemagne, who succeeded where Rome had failed (because he changed tactics, and Christianity, the weapon of ideological destruction he used, was superior to any the Romans had used before). The second, transient unification between France and Germany was Napoleon, and his various contradictions. The third was under the Nazis, and, just as Napoleon ended up using a giant German army (more than 200,000 soldiers of his Grande Armee were German), Hitler ended up trying to use as much of French industrial might as he could. In the end, many a top Nazi deduced that the French were not inferior, and that it was a mistake to fight them (Hitler even held a weird cabinet lecture on the subject, after French general Koenig broke the advance of the Afrika Korps at Bir Hakiem). Many Nazis embraced the French well before 1945.

The democracy of the French republic won against fascism the last two times. And now Germany is identical to France: a republic, and a democracy. One can see combat helicopters land in France, hundreds of kilometers from the German border, proudly displaying the Iron Cross. And no French citizen in good standing pay any attention. One of the three bases of the German School of Army Aviation is actually in Le Luc-Le Cannet des Maures, close to Saint Tropez and Toulon, in Provence.

Merkel and Sarkozy talk actually the same sentences, like two parrots in love. Most German and French armed systems are integrated and build together, from the Tiger combat helicopter to the Euro fighter, to, whatever.

The French army is in Afghanistan, where it has been holding Kabul and the region east of Kabul, crucial to NATO effort there (supplies come through it).

So France, and the rest of Europe, including Norway dear to Obama, are helping the USA in its self inflicted quest for a diabolical mirror in Afghanistan. Sometimes it is best to mitigate, even with evil. Better to keep the USA in.

Third time was indeed the charm. The philosopher Rene Girard, professor at Stanford and member of the French Academy says that the relationship between Europe and the USA is starting to remind him of what the relationship between Germany and France used to be. He sees in it a terrible danger. I see in it a common cause. Plutocracy unchained.


Patrice Ayme



I was summarily banished from both the European Tribune and the Daily Kos, in one case very explicitly by Jerome The Bonus Banker “from Paris”, for exposing some of the ideas above. Bonus bankers hate the facts above. They insist international financiers could not possibly have financed the Nazis, they scream it is defamatory to so assert. Jerome loves to claim he is a Bonus Banker, publicly, on the Daily Kos. The point Jerome and his loud and rich friends want to make is that Bonus Bankers are still the future of the world. They break wind for you (so they gloat).

For me, bankers, the way the fractional reserve banking system work, are just civil servants, agents of the state. Civil servants who claim to be in private practice, and claim they deserve most of the world’s capital. Call it corruption, institutionalized.

The essential argument about Nazism is whether it was financed by a variety of plutocrats, including a number of industrialists and bankers. That is strongly denied by plutocrats, whereas I identify such a denial as a form of holocaust denial. Call it the master denial.

As it turned out, as luck had it, I was aware of the whole problem as a small child. An uncle of mine was married in a (if not the) top fascist family in Germany (that of the general who pulled the trigger in WWI). My Uncle knew a lot about the inside scoop. He told me early on about the financial supports Hitler got, even from Britain and the USA. My uncle never made it to the USA, although he was a top astronomer. His entire life, he was barred to enter the USA because of his ideas.

I was aghast, in the debate with the not so gentle men at the European Tribune, on how carefully ignorant they were of the dark side of European history. They also belong to this new sort which apparently believe that if they can link to something, they proved their point, and are very scholarly. But being scholarly is about being right, not having a lot of dogs howling all the same way in a kennel.

In any case, those bankers’ dishonesty became blatant when I got summarily banished. No reason was given, nor was any reason given at the Daily Kos, except that as I tried to respond, in the Daily Kos, to one piece of Mr. Jerome The Bonus Banker’s self serving propaganda, I was prevented to do so (later they told me I had been banned, “Cheers!”). As I then learned to my dismay, the founder of the Daily Kos created it when he was in contact with the CIA, and apparently he makes no mystery that: 1) money should drive politics, especially in the USA. 2) conspiracies have never existed. Especially, I guess, not from the CIA, which would never create a fake leftist web site.

In particular, of course, the bonus bankers, and other obsequious servants of plutocracy, want us to believe that Nazism was never a conspiracy, and that JP Morgan, and dozens of other big American bankers and major industrialists never financed it, helped to manage it, gave it technological secrets and oil, etc… That is what they want us to believe, because their commanding position in society today depends upon it.

What I say instead is that there is a cover-up of what brought Nazism to us. Big finance is not the whole story of the causation of Nazism, of course. But to deny that it was part of it is a higher form of holocaust denial. A very dangerous form, because it will allow for a repeat.

As far as making claims without evidence, the fact is Mr. Jerome the Bonus Banker told me to shut up, or else, and then banned me in the same instant. His elocution could actually be interpreted as physical menace.

There is increasing documentation gathered on how plutocracy gave rise to Nazism. But of course it is actively fought by Bonus Bankers.

My Uncle’s name was Daniel Chalonge (he founded the Observatoire de Provence and the Institut d’ Astrophysique in Paris, among other things). The fact that intellectuals of that caliber were prevented from entering the mighty USA speaks volumes about the intensity and baseness of the plutocratic machine, and its burning desire to misinform about the history of fascism in Europe.

There are no hyperlink to the true, full history of Nazism, and there is not the big, and serious book it deserves because the CIA was founded by people as closely associated to Nazism as imaginable (the Dulles brothers were lawyers to more than 100 Nazi companies). Ever since to talk about that foundation of the power of the plutocracy has not been cool, in the great circles of power… (There are partial works, including on my sites, and the books of Black “IBM and the Holocaust”, or Professor Sutton.)

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3 Responses to “Nazism, A Consequence Of Vibrant Plutocracy”

  1. Russ Says:

    Although for the time being we’re stuck with Obama’s cowardice and status quo preference, and therefore there’ll be no leadership coming from him, Volcker is indicative of how the tide is turning.

    It looks like we won’t be able to stop this system from crashing itself again, and far worse, sometime over the next several years.

    But next crash, these criminals won’t be able to bail themselves out again. Nobody outside the thinnest scuzzy film of the government-MSM establishment will ever believe those lies again or allow themselves to be so fleeced again.


  2. aiguille Says:

    aiguille vibrante…

    […]Nazism, A Consequence Of Vibrant Plutocracy « Some of Patrice Ayme’s Thoughts[…]…


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    hacks hacks tale hacks exploits ogplanet hacks hacks hacks privateserver private nest hacks carat hacks…

    […]Nazism, A Consequence Of Vibrant Plutocracy « Some of Patrice Ayme’s Thoughts[…]…


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