(By "those" I mean, in particular, institutions.)


Abstract: The role played by the plutocracy of the USA and the state that serves it, in the creation, rise, and momentary triumph of the Nazis has been considerable. But it is ignored to this day. Worse: victims, such as the French state railways, which had nearly as many executed by the Nazis, as died in New York, on 9/11, get accused, to create a diversion from the sad reality of the role the power of the USA played in Nazism. The USA will not progress, as long as it does not face its truth, be it only because of its direct effect on the architecture of power in the USA, and the world, to this day.

Example: In 1921, it’s not Germans who put Hitler on a personal $50,000 stipend. It is the grotesquely racist Henry Ford, an American plutocrat. Nor is it Germans who created IG Farben, but Wall Street. IG Farben the chemical Uber-monopoly, was the mastermind of Auschwitz. IBM had the monopoly of computing in the Third Reich, managed from New York, throughout the entire war. Many top American plutocrats gave Hitler the means to wage war, and he rewarded them with money and fame. Prescott Bush was Hitler’s right hand man. And the airport in Washington is named after another top Nazi.

Yes, some weasels will claim that Bush and Dulles, and hundreds of other American plutocrats and servants were not official members of the Nazi party. As Hitler was the first to point out, it was better that way.

Without cognition, there cannot be contrition. No cognition, and no contrition invites retribution. The USA ought to keep that in mind, as the rest of the world will increasingly ask questions on how exactly the USA leveraged World War Two to create a world empire, in three years.


Found in American media:

PARIS (AFP) – France’s state-owned rail company SNCF has expressed remorse for hauling thousands of Jews to their deaths in Nazi camps, after US lawmakers threatened its chances of winning lucrative contracts.

Until recently, the company insisted it had been forced by France’s World War II German occupiers to help deport 75,000 French Jews to the gas chambers, and noted that 2,000 of its own rail workers were executed.

But, with SNCF and its main train-builder Alstom seeking work in the United States, the company’s chairman Guillaume Pepy earlier this month met in Florida with elected representatives and Jewish community groups to express his regret.

Pepy told them he wished to express "his profound pain and regret for the consequences of acts … carried out under order".

Lie. This a serious distortion of the truth: the AFP did not say this. Not all deportees were French. Of the 75,000 deported Jews, 55,000 were non French refugees. Also hundreds of thousands of non Jewish French were deported, and DIED. Why are non Jews never mentioned? Are they, somehow, less human?

Imprecision: SNCF is not a state company (it was in 1940 property of the French state, but the French state arguably stopped existing on June 17, 1940, because of a coup against the Third French republic; the reality is that, after that German Nazis were giving the orders in France).


Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld, an historian, from the most famous Nazi hunting family, and a Jew, is indignant: SNCF got a requisition order from government authorities, and had no choice. In occupied France, the Nazis ruled. And not only were they not respecting the law, but they made a point, after the first Nazi soldiers got killed during the occupation by the resistance, to instill an ambiance of terror. Directly resisting Nazi orders was not an option.

Let’s be direct: the SS generally used Zonderkommando (special commandos), often made of Jews, to execute their victims (themselves often made of Jews). The Jews executing Jews executed the SS orders not because they were Nazis, but because they were victims, and they had no choice. Either they obeyed, or they were tortured. The same applied to SNCF workers, with further twists in the horror: if they obeyed orders, they had a quasi normal life. If not, they were arrested, brutalized, and they were threatened with execution, and their own families with "deportation", and more of the same. Fools who don’t know history but have opinions about it often think that only Jews ended in extermination or concentration camps. But this is not true: more than two-thirds of the civilians exterminated by the Nazis in camps were not Jews in any sense.

The "Holocaust" of the Second World War killed more than 50 million people in Europe alone. Between 4.5 million and 6 million were Jews. Poland lost 6 million (a lot of them were Jews, but the Nazis started the Pole extermination program in October 1939, following with a Jew extermination program only in July 1941). In any case, those who think that the "Holocaust" of WWII had to do only with killing Jews are themselves racist and accomplices of the real, full holocaust, because they are asserting that only Jewish deaths count, and they ignore another 45 million or more victims. It is philosophically and ethically unacceptable.

The position of the USA in WWII was also long philosophically and ethically unacceptable. Arguably no country played as much a role in the rise and power of Hitler as the USA. This is the dirtiest secret of the Second World War. It keeps informing today’s American politics, economy and society, and thus, the world. If Americans act weird, worldwide, it is because they did not come to grip with the role of Janus that American power played with Nazism.




Hitler was declared "Person of the Year" by TIME Magazine in 1938


Why was the USA not at Munich in 1938? Too busy celebrating Hitler.


"A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our AMERICAN RULING FAMILIES are to the Nazi regime. . . .


The American industrialists gave not only various weapons and means (trucks, magnesium bombs, automatic pilots, armor, etc.) but also secret industrial processes (synthetic oil, rubber, and lead tetraethyl, crucial for military engines). The accords with the Nazis often stipulated that the secret processes would not be revealed to British or American military.

With all due respect to Ambassador Dodd, another type of American plutocrat, the bankers and Wall Street, played as important a role as the industrialists.



The USA, its president and Congress declared in Fall 1939 that the French republic was a "belligerent country" because it had declared war to Nazi Germany. Sanctions were taken by the USA against France because France fought Hitler: it was unlawful for an American citizen to set foot on a French ship. It goes without saying that this was stabbing in the back of democracy by American plutocracy.

Canada, Australia, India, among others declared war to Nazi Germany, following France and Great Britain in September 1939. The Canadians landed troops in France in June 1940. But the USA was not in the war: too busy doing business with Hitler (example: Prescott Bush, Hitler’s right hand man, father and grandfather to American presidents, was busy managing Hitler’s greatest defense concern, while using Auschwitz’s slave labor).

Meanwhile, various American corporations rendered operations of the Nazis possible by shipping diverse goods, including oil and anti-knock compound for military aircraft and various other necessities and weapons. American tankers were fueling Nazi ships and submarines in the Atlantic while France and Britain were struggling for survival. More stabbing in the back of democracy by American plutocracy. And very significant: as the Poles fought desperately and 45 French divisions attacked on the narrow, difficult, very fortified front they had in the west, between Luxembourg and the Rhine, the fact that Hitler’s Luftwaffe stayed in the air only thanks to American power, was, what Obama would call a "game changer".



In 1940, France counted 330,000 official and declared Jews including 140,000 Jewish refugees from Nazism who had been refused entry to the anti-Semitic USA.

Right now the number of persons in France who, according to the law of Israel have the right to return to Israel is at least 1.5 million. The French presidential couple, Sarkozy-Bruni had at least one Jewish grandparent on each side. Arguably around half the French population (including de Gaulle) has some Jewish ancestry (a lot of them have also Arab and Berber ancestry, due to commerce and invasion in the first millennium).

So why the witch hunt of Americans against French entities on the ground of anti-Judaism? Because of basic American racism and plutocratic cover. Because Americans do not want to question their own history. They cover up their own history by accusing others loudly, and playing holier than thou. And putting the debate in other people’s courts.

What happened around 17 June 1940 is that after an enormous battle since May 10, more than 5,000 aircraft had been destroyed, and more than 185,000 soldiers killed. The French republic formally requested the USA to warn Hitler, and the USA refused to say anything against Hitler, let alone come to the rescue of democracy, or France and Britain. Around mid June, the French Air Force could plausibly have recovered air supremacy over France, but the Wehrmacht was in Bordeaux. Churchill, his government, the British Parliament and the plenipotentiary representative of the French government (De Gaulle) decided to unify France and Great Britain. This would have protected French citizens from Nazi vengeance as French forces would have kept on fighting the Nazis.

However a few adventurers and old generals met, on June 17, and highjacked the French state, creating the Vichy regime, ordering a CEASE-FIRE with the Nazis. The USA, Hitler’s best friend, after Stalin, immediately recognized the Vichy junta. De Gaulle declared the Free French would keep on fighting on 18 June, and Churchill made a discourse, in French, on 22 June, declaring Britain was not ceasing fire, and "Hitler sera pendu" (Hitler will be hanged).

American corporations and American plutocrats and their employees kept on helping the Nazis. Dulles, after whom the airport in Washington is named, American Peace Be Upon Him, represented about 100 Nazi companies. Ford and General Motors trucks had conquered France. IBM had the monopoly of computation in Nazi occupied Europe.

So why don’t American corporations do not present excuses and disgorge their fortunes as they profited from Hitler? The Bush family got 13 million dollars in 1953 for having managed enormous defense concerns using Auschwitz detainees. Why don’t they present excuses and get to reimburse their victims… Including SNCF?

The USA will not progress as long as it does not face the particularly sordid history of its plutocracy before, during and after World War Two.


Patrice Ayme


Note 1: Coincidentally, 15 hours after the preceding was written and published on this blog, the New York Times revealed that:

WASHINGTON — A secret history of the United States government’s Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II, and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad.

Dave Dieter/The Huntsville Times, via Associated Press

Arthur Rudolph, in 1990, was a rocket scientist for Nazi Germany and NASA. He was one of one hundred top Nazi engineers and war criminals (Nazi rockets were built in tunnels by slave labor worked to death).

The 600-page report, which the Justice Department has tried to keep secret for four years, provides new evidence about more than two dozen of the most notorious Nazi cases of the last three decades….”


Note 2: It is tiring to have to talk only about Jews killed in France by the Nazis. It is not just tiring, it is taking part, being de facto accomplices, in a racist enterprise. Are only the Jews human? Those who obsess only about Jewish deaths surely talk like it. The French empire lost two million dead in World War Two. 25,000 of these were deported Jews. Do not the other two million count as human? What about 28 million dead Soviets?

Most Jews arrested in France for being Jews, were surprised in France by the French defeat. Of those who died, 55,000 were foreign refugees in France, unable to flee to the USA, because the USA refused to accept them (not enough space, I guess…). In the 25,000 French Jews sent to Germany, 8,000 were French because they were born in France from foreign parents (right of the soil), 8,000 had acquired French citizenship.

More details in French below.



The (at the time hardware) company IBM was the company which provided Hitler with the technical means to do a lot of things, including where Jews were hiding to enable the “Final Solution”, the killing of millions of people [http://news.cnet.com/2009-1082-269157.html]. Read more on that in the book "IBM and the Holocaust" by writer Edwin Black (2001).

The GM and Ford companies had subsidiaries and conducted business with the Third Reich well before the Second World War started. US motor companies had factories in German soil and utilized forced labor to produce vehicles that they were sold to Nazi army. GM’s participation in Germany’s preparation for war began in 1935.


25.000 Juifs étaient de nationalité française et 55.000 de nationalités étrangères. Parmi les ressortissants français, 8.000 enfants étaient nés de parents étrangers mais étaient français par déclaration à la naissance en application du droit du sol, 8.000 étrangers avaient obtenu leur naturalisation. Le nombre de Juifs français de souche déportés s’élève par conséquent à une dizaine de milliers.
75.000 juifs ont été déportés, soit 25% de l’ensemble des juifs en France, nationaux ou apatrides ;
50.000 juifs on été arrêtés dans le Zone Nord occupée ;
38.000 juifs ont été arrêtés à Paris ;
25.000 sont des Juifs nationaux
50.000 sont des Juifs non nationaux: Polonais, Allemands, Russes, Roumains, Grecs, Turcs, Hongrois…
42.800 sont des hommes ;
32.200 sont des femmes.
Lieux de déportation :
69.000 à Auschwitz
2.000 à Maïdaneck
2.000 à Sobibor
1.000 à Kaunas
1.000 à Buchenwald et Bergen Belsen
3.000 ont survécu.

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8 Responses to “UNREAL”

  1. Bernard M Says:

    Re: UNREAL
    Ah je vois que tu découvres ma “conspiration theory”. C’est un complot des affairistes pour sucer (et contrôler) toutes les ressources pour eux et laisser crever les autres. c’est toujours la meme chose.
    “Tous a la bastille”. Je connais un docteur pour soigner les maux de tete des plutocrates…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ah, the French revolutionaries have discovered this train of thought… There is hope…

      Conspiracy or conspiration: same idea. I have been trying to expose that conspiracy since 2003, in public. I was struk by the fact that the Bush family fortune, emanating from Auschwitz as it does, seemed to have a subscription to the presidency of the USA (and we are not done: Jeb Bush looms over the horizon, circling, afar but persistent)… What happened to justice?

      In any case: Les grands esprits se rencontrent….C’est qui ton docteur? Je trouve que c’est plutot le bas peuple, comme toi et moi, qui avons mal a la tete!


  2. Bernard M Says:

    je pensais au Dr Guillotin pour les plutocrates


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We better leave that in French, albeit in a thin disguise, as it is English’s mother tongue (contrarily to the definition of English as a variant of German). French style humor is not thick on the ground with Echelon, or the NSA and the like. They can’t understand Al Qaeda, but they can understand us… Ah, il fallait expliquer… Mais oui, bien sur….Cela raccourcirait effectivement le probleme… et cela me rappelle comment il a ete suggere qu’ Obama puisse laisser sa marque dans l’histoire, en donnant du sien… On va se faire reperer….


  3. Joseph Says:

    “I had been born to a patriotic British family. My father had raised the first battalions of volunteers against Germany in World War I, and had built the Star and Garter Hospital at Richmond, Surrey, for ex-servicemen. He had been knighted by King George V for his services to the Crown and had been a member of Parliament and a Cabinet member. I feel a strong sense of loyalty to Britain, as well as to my adopted country, the United States of America. Moreover, I am part Jewish. Auschwitz is a word stamped on my heart forever.

    It thus came as a severe shock to learn that several of the greatest American corporate leaders were in league with Nazi corporations before and after Pearl Harbor, including I.G. Farben, the colossal Nazi industrial trust that created Auschwitz. Those leaders interlocked through an association I have dubbed The Fraternity. Each of these business leaders was entangled with the others through interlocking directorates or financial sources. All were represented internationally by the National City Bank or by the Chase National Bank and by the Nazi attorneys Gerhardt Westrick and Dr. Heinrich Albert. All had connections to that crucial Nazi economist, Emil Puhl, of Hitler’s Reichsbank and the Bank for International Settlements.

    The tycoons were linked by an ideology: the ideology of Business as Usual. Bound by identical reactionary ideas, the members sought a common future in fascist domination, regardless of which world leader might further that ambition.”

    “Trading With the Enemy: An Exposé of The Nazi-American Money-Plot 1933-1949” by Charles Higham


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Joseph: Excellent (so to speak!) I had a somewhat similar experience. All the members of my family found themselves fighting the Nazis. Some saw combat, very heavy combat, in 1940 and 1943-1944. Some, after engaging in drastic acts of resistance, had to flee for their lives, the Gestapo in hot pursuit. A relation was caught, tortured to death. Some of my closest family members, fleeing through the woods, stumbled on American army units, and thereafter fall on their knees each time they see Americans, and I understand that very much. However, I could not understand why the Americans did not land in 1940, as the Canadians did.

      The German generals asked discreetly the British government to say that, if France declared war to Hitler, Great Britain would also declare war (1939). They explained that, once such a declaration was official and public, they would arrest Hitler, on the ground that he was endangering Germany. Instead pro-fascist rats (unknown to this day) in the UK told Hitler what his general planned (ALL the top German generals were in the plot). Hitler then told the generals he knew everything (but left them in place, because he needed an army!)

      It is absolutely certain that, if a public declaration had been made by the USA and Britain that they would join France, if France declared war to Hitler, that the German army would have rebelled, and kill Hitler. And it is not a few thousands SS which would have stopped the Wehrmacht. As it was, Von Ribentropp, a wine merchant, a plutocrat with a luxury apartment in London, told Hitler that Britain would not support France. Hitler was therefore shattered and very angry when Britain and France declared war to him in the morning of September 3, 1939, in spite of his official alliance with Stalin, and his implicit alliance with the USA. Hitler, after ten minutes of ominous silence, watching Berlin, fumed:”Now what?”

      The USA’s plutocracy is exhibit number one in the causes of the Third Reich. One thousands PhD theses have to be written about it. But it is not over. In a way, it may be just starting. Plutocracy has interest to divide peoples, and throw them at each other’s throats. This theme was well known in the last few days of July 1914, and the socialist leader, Jean Jaures, who proclaimed it, was assassinated.

      The Kaiser, the plutocratic grandson of Queen Victoria, headed a fascist plutocracy which feared the German parliament. They felt cornered by the quickly rising powers of democratizing Russia and the republican French empire. The American government of Wilson threw racial gasoline on the ambers, telling the Kaiser, basically, that the USA and Great Britain would never support the racially inferior French, and that German kontrol of continental Europe was okay. Thus it was exactly the same scheme and maneuver in 1914 and 1939. In 1914, the Prussian generals were leading the charge (contrarily to 1939). They were very surprised when the next day, Britain, with basically no army, declared war (there again the situation was similar to 1939).

      Plutocrats are happy with war. It’s one step removed from their ideal regime, total fascism. Hence the forever war in the Middle East.


  4. john Says:

    I read your recent comments in the NYT. Having been around I well remember the near panic in the Village when J.F.K.’s trip to Dallas was announced. The murderous Right Wing’s Intentions were overt.

    Child of the Great Depression (Class of 1933)

    !943: Rafle du Vel d’hiv at les enfants de Drancy. Pour que l’oubli ne les ensevelissent pas!

    (Un Agent de Police parmi 2300 a demissione. Il y a toujours un Juste.)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear John:
      Half of my family was from the Grenoble area where there was a lot of resistance (from June 1940 to liberation in August 1944; thousands died; and this was not Mickey Mouse resistance: the Vercors insurrection mobilized 4 elite Nazi divisions, including SS paratroopers, at the time of D Day).

      My own family, if anything, was insanely crazy with resistance, and the morality of that, in a weird reverted way, is also dubious, I will claim: they were hunted by the Gestapo, in the end, and, fleeing from even the countryside, into the deep woods, were lucky to fall on the last day, on American units; the point is that there were very small children involved, completely innocent, that the Gestapo would have fed to dogs, everybody knew.

      This is another subject entirely, but what does a family of “just” who never were recognized, because it was not fashionable for half a century or more, have to show for? Doing the righ thing is right, but to have one’s own babies threatened with torture and death, is that right, is that moral? Thus I meant to say that the moral calculus was not clear cut. My own grandfather may have known this well.

      Indeed a young French Nazi who had volunteered for the Charlemagne SS panzer division, at the age of 16, was duly condemned to death (dozens of thousands of collaborators were executed… up to 40,000…). My grandfather, a resistance figure, and as “just” as imaginable, intervened and saved his life.

      Anyway the point of my essay was not to accuse the French once again (for what? For having declared the war to Hitler, as the despicable pat Buchanan has it?)

      My point was that it should have been too difficult for the USA to join Canada and India, and declare war to Hitler in 1939 (then Hitler’s generals would have killed him). Then, at the very least, the USA could have acceded to the French Third republic request, and come to the verbal rescue of democracy in June 1940. Then it is probable that the Vichy coup would not have happened. As it is,m the French were tired to die in a war against Nazis, Soviets and American plutocrats and industrialists.

      Instead, FDR recognized Vichy, and would keep it recognizing it, even after Darlan had been assassinated, and Hitler had violated the cease-fire, and invaded the so called zone libre. So it is not about agent de police, caught between duty, arresting foreigners (many illegal). fear for themselves and their families.
      In the end, it all mostly about American plutocracy.

      As the Vel d’Hiv happened, 16 July 1942, many major American corporations were major pillars of the Nazi system. IBM being one of them. Bush’s grandfather was still Hitler friend and collaborator, and 11 years later, as Hitler promised, the Bush family would be enormously rewarded financially for its voluntary, vital collaboration. So let’s have pity for the agents de police, even the despicable ones, and let’s start talking about the real culprits. They are still in charge, doing what they do best, namely shifting the moral calculus where it has no solution.

      And I would go further than that. I would say that to accuse the culprit, but not that culprit, namely the agents de police, while even avoiding to imagine the real culprits, namely the members of the plutocracy who made Hitler, is more of the cowardly behavior, everybody supposedly deplore nowadays.

      In particular, today’s Jewish organizations are cowardly and greedy, because they prefer to ingratiate themselves with the plutocracy (itself feeling vaguely culprit), rather than telling the real truth about Hitler and the Nazis. And then there are otherwise excellent characters such as Elie Wiesel, weaseling around logically, claiming they cannot understand the horror… But the essence of that horror was that the culprits hid their acts. That is why they often had the victims killing other victims. And that is why those who hid them to this day, are also of the worst type.


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