Desert Warfare




Desert warfare is fast and fluid. When the British and French were fighting the Italians and Germans in 1940-1943, the war was all over the maps of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. From one month, to the next. Hostilities started with Mussolini’s million man army in Libya marching into Egypt against the 36,000 men British army, guarding the Suez canal and the oil fields of Arabia.

War in the desert does not hinge on much. The crucial action at Bir Hakeim by a small (but extremely competent) French army, saved from encirclement the entire Eight British army which was in full retreat after Tobruk. If that British army had been encircled by Rommel’s Afrika Korps and the Italian army, it would have been destroyed, Egypt would have fallen, all Jews in Israel would have met their maker, and Hitler would have made it to Arabia’s and Iraq’s oil fields.

The French army, made mostly of professional soldiers, fought so well, because it was extremely motivated. Those who have values are not alone, even in the desert, and having values is the way to not been alone, even in the desert.

Qaddafi, the world’s most experienced dictator, has huge stores of big, advanced weapons all over. In the last few days it was discovered he has sophisticated SA-24s ground to air missiles. He is not supposed to have them, but he does.

At some point, Qaddafi proclaimed his annexation of the country of Chad. More than once, Gaddafi ordered big Tu-22s supersonic Soviet bombers to drop bombs on the capital of Chad, by flying under French radar. Finally the French shot back. The dead crew of a Tu-22 was found to be East German. East German, where Merkel comes from, really? Really. Not a coincidence. (Kadhafi bombed Europe, and the American and French jumbo jets, to avenge himself from his defeat in Chad.)

Libyan pilots refused to confront French pilots, making mercenary pilots necessary.

Once Libya invaded Tanzania. Yes, a country in the southern hemisphere, south of the snows of Kilimanjaro. Tanzania underwent a general mobilization.

In the Tanzanian counter-attack, the Libyans and their (literally) man eating ally, the dictator Idi Amin Dada, were completely defeated. That is how Uganda was rid of cannibalism: the Tanzanians stuck to their guns, down to the bitter end. Here, the bitter end was to do away with cannibalism.

There are many such stories with Qaddafi. Some live for luxury, Qaddafi lives for terror and destruction. With a sense of dark humor.

By the way the friend of Kadhafi, the official cannibal Idi Amin Dada, escaped justice as he retired in wealth. Probably wealthy enough to still enjoy his preferred meal. A man of wealth and taste. Where did Amin flee to? Libya, of course. Then Saudi Arabia.

Germany and Turkey have acted to insure the continuation of the 42 year reign of Qaddafi and his sons. It is no coincidence that Germany and Turkey have been the only countries in the world, which engaged in genocides against (people they defined as) foreigners, in the last 100 years.

I will explain, in essays coming soon, what it is in the history of Turkey and Germany which makes them so sympathetic to fascism of the worst type.

Many Americans long did not understand why cool indifference to mayhem made Auschwitz possible. That cool indifference to mayhem did not instigate Auschwitz. That, the Germans did. But it made it possible. Indeed, facing Hitler, and his hordes of fanaticized youth, the defense of the values of the West was left to France and Britain (which were surprisingly defeated in a confluence of improbable catastrophes in 1940).

Some say: why don’t you fight in Yemen, Bahrain, Somalia, Sudan, etc.? If you feed one of the starving, why don’t you feed them all? Why so discriminatory?

First American and French soldiers died in Somalia and Sudan, respectively. These countries are messes, and they are getting partitioned. Sudan very officially so, since a new country is being created with its southern part, after a UN sponsored referendum.

Second, Kadhafi has used military force against peaceful demonstrators, and has committed war crimes, and crimes against humanity (and that even against the American and the French!) In other words, Kadhafi is Hitler light, whereas many other regimes are just Mubarak like. There is a huge difference between Hitler and Mubarak, as there is a difference between abominable, and bad.

Third, as I said, Libya, an old Greek and Phoenician colony, used to be in the center of the Greco-Roman empire, and a source of great agricultural wealth. In other words, as Obama pointed out not as crudely, its location makes it proximally strategic. Something the UK and France are fully aware of. These two powers expulsed Turkey from the area between the late eighteenth century and the early twentieth century. Turkey relinquished Albania and Crete only in 1913. Turkey  held the entire southern and eastern Mediterranean and Mid East for more than three centuries. If the area is a mess, it’s in part because of this imperialistic possession by the uncivilized (being possessed by the uncivilized is a particularly inferior sort; being possessed by the most civilized, as India was, is more profitable, as Gandhi unwittingly proved).

Who dominates what has economic impact for everybody, including the West: if Turkey had kept on holding Iraq, Arabia, Libya, and Algeria, the West would have had to get the oil, manu militari. But it happened before that, because, before Turkey had time to exploit the oil, it was too liberal in the way in which it exploited piracy, and kidnapping. So the nascent USA attacked that Turkish protectorate, Libya. under Washington’s presidency. So righteous adventures in Libya are of the essence of the USA.

Fortunately Obama knows this, or, at least he knows the part involving values. Obama, confronted to Qaddafi, explained that defending American values is in the strategic interest of the USA (something France and Britain have been persuaded of, since there is civilization, and they defend it). Verily, the day North Korea is starving, and threatens to blow up the USA because it wants food now, this point of view will look very practical.

Obama speaks of "American values", to please his bigoted electorate. But he knows these values are just those of successful sustainable civilization, those humanitarian values which honor the human spirit. HUMANITARIAN VALUES HAVE SURVIVAL VALUE.

If you have a king cobra in your bedroom, that king of kings of snakes, you don’t just poke it a few times. You take it out. And, as far as making a deal with Qaddafi, well, Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS, following Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s dolphin, thought he could make a deal with the Brits. But the Brits arrested him, and he swallowed poison.

Many tremble, as plutonium looms in Japan again. However mercury does not just looms in the oceans: it is already there, deposited as condensed mercury vapor from coal plants. Plutonium is not yet in the food chain, but mercury already is. Not talking about it, or eating fish just once a month, won’t make it go away. Those responsible are not prosecuted, let alone bothered.

As the world is threatened, or is undergoing by many Fukushimas, and worse, this is no time to tell those responsible of past, present and future catastrophes, that they will be spared from justice, just because they are wealthy and influential.

Justice is justice, and it should apply to plutocrats, just as it applies to the simplest citizens.

Patrice Ayme

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