Plutocracy Hollows The Core


Abstract: the Obama’s administration attempts at resurrecting the economy of the USA are in the “too little, too late” category, due to a lack of understanding of the real problem. Neither understanding, nor resolution, are helped by the likes of the honorable Paul Krugman singing the praises of dollar devaluation.  

The problem is actually much more general than the one found in the USA. Devaluation of a currency hides the real problem, which is general civilizational devaluation. (The former tends to imply the later too.)

General civilizational devaluation is not incidental to plutocracy, but it is its very principle. So it is when plutocracy takes over: civilizational devaluation is not just a symptom, but the socio-economic method looking forward. Yes, in other words, as any mathematician worth its salt would point out, an exponential phenomenon feeding on itself.

The plutocracy empties the core, because it is its safest course.



Krugman looked at the trade balance of the USA in manufacturing. He found it much improved. His conclusion? “The weaker dollar really has made a big difference.”

Indeed, recently the euro had risen 50% above its very long term average on the French Franc (the reference for the long term value of the euro versus the dollar). The weak dollar has been manufactured by keeping very low interest rates for cash. So international investors have no interest to keep earning American interest. 

This has two consequences:

a) American savers, the little grandmothers, lose money by keeping money inside saving accounts (as inflation is higher than the interest earned).

b) Big banks make like bandits, risk free; they borrow from the government at zero interest, and then turn around and reinvest with long term bonds of the government at 4-5%. (This is risk free, as long as the whole pyramid scheme does not come crashing down, but the government has no interest for this to happen, once again, so it will keep interest at zero as long as possible.)

The preceding holds in one sentence: the government of the USA has found a new method to transfer trillions from the poor to the rich, without the poor noticing. You can’t fool all the People all the time, in the same way, so the masters had to find new tricks.

The manufacturing deficit is not as bad as it used to be. Says Krugman: Crucially, the manufacturing trade deficit seems to be coming down. At this point, it’s only about half as large as a share of G.D.P. as it was at the peak of the housing bubble… major U.S. firms like Caterpillar that once shifted production abroad but are now moving it back. At the same time, companies from other countries, especially European firms, are moving production to America.

And one potential disaster has been avoided: the U.S. auto industry… has weathered the storm. In particular, General Motors has now had five consecutive profitable quarters…”

Well, Obama’s task is not easy, especially since he did not do much when he could have done something because he controlled the Congress and the Senate. The GM rescue, one of the rare things done, cost 49.5 billion dollars.

Imagine: saving GM cost nearly as much as the Goldman Sachs (total) rescue. GM makes car, Goldman Sachs makes trouble… And makes American politicians. Especially with its perverse influence on American politics. History will not view it as a coincidence that the Wall Street District Attorney indicted the short, fat, sick, on oxygen, grandfather at the head of the IMF, a respected university professor, for assaulting a six foot tall, 200 pounds Diallo, thirty year his junior, and in great shape from her physically demanding job.  The DA Cyrus Vance Jr, not to name him, son of his influential dad, has just prosecuted a construction company for abusing… Goldman Sachs. Naturlich. 

Krugman concludes:”while we still have a deeply troubled economy, one piece of good news is that Americans are, once again, starting to actually make things. And we’re doing that thanks, in large part, to the fact that the Fed and the Obama administration ignored very bad advice from right-wingers — ideologues who still, in the face of all the evidence, claim to know something about creating prosperity.” In the end, the government of the USA did not spend much on the reindustrialization of the USA. Its main policy remains the cheap dollar.

Krugman, and most American economists are great believers in devaluation: they would fix all the problems of Greece, Spain, etc. by devaluation relative to France and Germany. Extending the reasoning, one would expect the American Rust Belt,  Detroit, or Nevada to devalue relative to Manhattan. But that would break the great American nation… Not fun. Whereas breaking Europe, that’s a moral duty. Same as the time before that. 



Krugman admits that: “The manufacturing revival isn’t going to make health reform unnecessary or obviate the need for a strong social safety net.” The USA has of course other problems. Education is one of them: there is not enough public funds to insure the quality of yesteryear.

Inequities have also made the USA into the world’s most repressive country, at least if one looks at the numbers of people incarcerated, or under active judicial punishment (for an astounding total of 10 million).

Inequities also are demotivating, and make people fearful of expressing the sort of ideas which could help fight the descent into submission, and its attending despondency. The author of this set of essays has lost most of his American friends and family as those worthies expressed that president Obama can only be displeased (although most of them do not know Obama personally). I know it sounds unreal, and pure insanity (especially in a supposed democracy). Sometime in the future, I will give details (right now I am too shocked to do so).

One can easily imagine that, if this sort of fear permeates society, not much significant progress will happen. That also explains a lot of Obama’s caution. Obama, by telling Israel to reintegrate its 1967 borders took an enormous risk, political, and even personal (remember what happened to Isaac Rabin!) Now that he has done in bin Laden, the Islamist-in-Chief, the Commander-in-Chief plays the agent provocateur…



Devaluation relieves symptoms of de-industrialization, but it does not treat the decease. It’s like a shot of adrenaline. It will not fix the underlying decay at the heart of the USA.

Moreover, the problem with devaluation is that, as Germany, or Argentina, and many other countries found long ago, devaluation can get out of control. Or it can become an addiction. 

The dollar has devalued at least 40% versus the euro. Still the Eurozone has stayed, by far, the world’s greatest exporter. How? By making manufactured products of the highest quality. The higher the euro goes, the greater quality the Europeans are forced to endow their products with. European know-how is forced to become ever more awesome. It’s a virtuous spiral, up.

Reciprocally, the lower the dollar, the more shoddy American products can be, and still be competitive. It’s a vicious spiral, down.

The real question is how come the manufacturing of the USA, which used to be second to none, became so bad? An ant sees the details, but the baboon can scan the horizon. The very nature of American economists prevents them to see the big story.

The sort of decomposition which seems to affect the USA is found in any large plutocracy in history. The plutocracy always hollows the core (and this has been the problem of Muslim countries, as Islam can be instrumentalized to favor tyranny).

One out of six worker in the USA is foreign born, with much higher proportions in the most plutocratically weighted states (California has 35% of foreign-born workers, New York and New Jersey are at 27%; nobody cares about the boondocks, where little U.S. GDP is generated, and direct descendants of those who used to make much of the industrial strength of the USA, the Rust Belt, the new native Americans, live).

Plutocracies do this, even militarily. Eschatologically, Rome depended upon entire German nations for its military (the Franks being the most famous). At some low point, Rome even recruited the Huns (until the Roman-Hun army got defeated in south-west Gaul). Muslim regimes  were particularly good at this: Egypt, the Ottoman, and even the Iranians depended, at their core, upon foreign-born militaries.

Why so? Why do plutocracies fear the natives? To ask the question is to answer it; it makes the truth self obvious. Plutocracies fear the natives because the plutocrats fear revolution. So they do what they can to make the People at the core weak, dumb, impotent, in other words, not too competent, employed, or irreplaceable. That way revolutions are easy to contain. Hence the “Panem et circenses” Juvenal noticed, 19 centuries ago. Give them bread and circuses. But don’t give them employment.

As plutocracy has interest to weaken the core, it can only reinforce itself by using the periphery (thus making it stronger). That is why great plutocracies always engage in heavy immigration and foreign mercenaries (look at the Ottomans, the Achaemenids, Rome, China, etc.),

If this is all correct, the USA, by employing the Chinese, while bringing in hordes of unsophisticated immigrants, reacts as a typical plutocracy, and the old middle class and its descendants are in the crosshairs of the masters of America. The last thing masters of finance and oil, and health care, and the dark arts, want is a People of engineers who know where all the levers are.  

Thus the worsening of unemployment and the general melting down of all the civilization supporting factors, such as investing in progress, industrial or educative, are no accident. It’s the system the plutocracy needs to survive and thrive. It’s not a disaster, it’s a conspiracy. (Reminder: I use the word conspiracy not as “plot”, but in its etymological, original sense: the fact of breathing together, and they do more than that: they drink, eat, sleep, think, feel and work together.)

The USA is victim of a plutocratic metastasis, devouring all in its way. Lowering the dollar for ever has no future as a valid strategy. If anything, it makes the problem worse, as pain relief disguises the real disease. The only way out, is for average citizens to realize that they are manipulated into impotence and submission before they become too decerebrated  to notice anything significant beyond sports. The basic problem is nothing new. It was already in full view  at Marathon. When a small army of free men defeated the world’s largest plutocracy.

In the case of the “Oriental Part” of the Roman empire, the realization never came. By the Sixth Century, sports were reigning supreme, and the serious rebellion against emperor Justinian (“Nikka Riot”) started in the sport arena. People were afraid to think, let alone to see what was wrong. Justinian stayed in power, barely so. And proceeded to massacre much of Anatolia, millions dead, to make triumph, he said, his interpretation of what Christ said (he was just warming up, he devastated Italy later). In truth he was just the typical follower of Pluto.

In the “Occidental Part”, by then the renaissance had started because it was again the land of the Free, or, as they said, the land of the Franks. (And those were the only ones Justinian did not dare to attack.)


Patrice Ayme

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25 Responses to “Plutocracy Hollows The Core”

  1. multumnonmulta Says:

    Hence Obama will turn the Osama credit into immigration reform, which legalizes the millions of underclass people at the further expense of whatever is left out of our middle class. The new ones can join the military, put downward pressure on the wages and restart the housing cycle. Not to mention, by the time they understand their rights, as citizens and customers, today’s plutocrats’ life is over on this earth.

    This model worked just fine as long as the economy had been in its early stages. Not anymore, I’m afraid… Yup, the above mentioned downward spiral.

    I am afraid that we couldn’t even tell the right from wrong in many of the things we do. Confusion is the new ‘normal.’


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Multumnonmulta: You have a very good way to put it: confusion is the new normal…. That the public does not realize that there has been gross parodies of justice for OBL and DSK, is a tragedy… For the USA… There are indeed two problems with going on with plutocracy asusual: first the USA is not alone. Europe, for example, if undivided, is bigger and stronger. Thus the will to destroy the euro, and that is where DSK played such a good role, making him into New York’s homme a abattre…. But, even if there was not Europe, there are many other powers, and the USA will find it cannot do as if it were Rome. Does not need too many nukes to ruin a perfectly good day…. As 9/11 showed, surprise is surprise…

      However the Roman model may hold in the USA in the sense that too many non integrated immigrants will ruin the country just as well. During the Germanic invasion, the peoples involved were very small (although very tall physically, like the Manhattan super Muslim, super victim….). Califonia is quickly turning (back) into Mexico, and this accelerates the failure of the California republic, and its non existent Grizzly… Indeed the old whites refuse to finance the schools (being racist), etc. so the old integration model is failing…

      Obama amazed me, with his proclaimed will to put Israel in its 1967 cage. You will say it costs nothing, because it won’t happen (or the USA will not have the will to so push Isreal: nice typo: is it real, indeed?)… And this is exactly how the Arab street reacted. However, that was courageous.
      We live in interesting times…


  2. multumnonmulta Says:

    Our plutocrats, and for that matter all the western ones, ought to understand that at times like this it’s better you have the upper hand (or give the illusion you do) and, if not entirely anticipate change, at least not resist it.

    I don’t have any good expectations of Bibi, and the Israeli will be better off when they realize they are played for this or that imperial end.

    But, as my 1st paragraph above connotes, this is a time when change becomes a necessity at planet level. Whomever thinks in electoral terms has a good chance for insignificance.

    You write about Krugman: a failure of the system he represents, who’s discovered lately a sense for morality. We should call him by his real name, Struthio camelus whose head is in the sand of the status qvo.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We are at a time when change is no option: it’s upon us, whether we like it, or not. To like it more, we have to inflect it more. But, of course, the plutocrats have made the same reasoning, so they frontload the agenda.

      Bibi is stuck. Bibi does whatever Bibi does. I can understand him. He is gaining time, hoping for a miracle, to fully recover Judea and Samaria, such as a nuclear strike on all Palestinians… Once in the same box, or more exactly shipping container as he is, on can only agree with him. However, this is going nowhere good: Israel depends financially upon the USA, which is a bit like depending upon the Titanic for support. So far, so good, but the deck is tilting… Genuinely nationalist Israelis would talk to the neighbors.

      Plutocrats have interest to distract from the rats as they eat all the cheese. The People has zero interest in that, quite the opposite.

      There is no doubt that the Arab revolutions are revolution against what ails us too. Actually it is all the same system, an organic whole. The way Krugman is trying to get out of his New Trade Theory/Reagan Adviser hole is fascinating. He genuinely knew nothing about the European construction. European construction is not a choice, it’s a matter of survival. That latter point, he has not understood yet. Nor does he understand what currencies are for. Europe cannot function as well with multiple currencies, and lots of trade occurs only because of the euro.

      Lagarde has already indicated the obvious, namely that debt can be restructured. She would already be new IMF head, except that French juges are after her for having being too nice to a particularly noisy plutocratic brat (Bernar Tapie)… Interesting contrast with New York politics, where it is those who are not nice to plutocrats who get prosecuted…

      The failure of the left of the left (Krugman and company), ostriches in the sand, indeed, is why the USA is rudderless. At least in France, the positions of the left being well known, Sarkozy is forced to mimic some of them. Same in Britain, where Cameron left untouched some of the measures of Brown to regulate ravenous plutocracy… Nobody is fooled, but the fact remains that Merkel had to take hard ecological, or left decisions, to stay competitive. In the USA,though, there is just one discourse… The “bipartisan” (or should that be called “monopartisan”?) discourse. Nothing the pupett in chief will want to understand.


  3. multumnonmulta Says:

    Let’s make sure this sentence is not lost, “the Arab revolutions are revolution against what ails us too.

    Mme Merkel is a leader of our time, not adequate by half. She’s playing conservatively to the German middle class who wants to learn little about how much they owe their prosperity to the less fortunate in the Union. They think it’s all German labor and discipline–BULL! Why am I mentioning this? Because Krugman’s voice is not that singular…


    • Jo Says:

      “the German middle class who wants to learn little about how much they owe their prosperity to the less fortunate in the Union.”

      Portugal, Greece and Ireland are not even in the top 25 german export markets in the 1st quarter of 2011. All of them buy less than 1% of total german exports (2010). Germany did even run a trade deficit with these countries in 2010 (see link below). You are wrong on this one.
      The only danger for the “German middle class” as you put it is the danger of having to bail out their own banks adding about 420 billion Euro to the total national debt in case of defaults.
      This btw was Merkels intention in the first place (March 2010) but (according to the Spanish PM) Sarkozy threatened to leave the Euro if the Germans would not break the Masstricht Treaty and participate in this bail out nonsense.
      Merkels instinct on this was absolutely correct in my opinion and she should just have called Sarkozys bluff. It is also neither mean nor populistic nor nationalistic to demand that nations that recieve a bail out should not have higher social standards than nations that supply the hand out money. This is just common sense. As Lagarde put it in a recent BBC interview deficits have their causes (
      People tend to underestimate Merkel. However she has managed to get on top of the gentlemans club that has been her party for the last 50 years (outmanoeuvring Kohl and his chronies)and during her time as chancellor(ess?)Germany turned from “Europes sick man” into a highly competitive economy. One should never underestimate physicists !



      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Jo: System crashed, second time I write this. So this will be short, and clipped. It’s all about the banks, not about exporting machines. I used to be very pro-Merkel, but I find her not pro-European enough. She is starting to remind me of Thatcher (as big an insult as I can muster!) Sarko did not threaten to leave the euro, or he was joking. He can’t anyway, it’s not his whim to decide. If Zapatero invented this, no wonder he lost the elections! Sarko would have to leave his wife, the presidency, and emigrate to Zimbabwe, or Manhattan, sorry about the pleonasm, if he wanted to leave the euro.

        In any case, it’s all about the banks, and the euro has nothing to do with it. For example the UK is not in the euro, and has same problem as France and Germany, and is helping just as much. Restructuration of the debt is coming, the bail out non sense was just to prepare everybody to what cannot be avoided. Greek debt is 70 cents on the euro, which is not bad at all (Latin America debt used to be 10 cents on the dollar).

        Thanks for all the references!


      • multumnonmulta Says:

        Jo, by comparison to Kohl, Merkel is just… nothing! That guy re-united the country, what does she have to show, outmaneuvering Kohl?! Coming out of 1989 was a true test, not what Merkel has faced. Read what Kohl has recently recommended that Merkel do–in a word, be more pro-European, for that’s Germany’s best chance by far. Where did this Lady fall out of favor with me? (Not that it matters, or anyone should care!) When she mistakenly stated that the southerners are slackers by comparison.

        You want some tough love? Here you have it: Germany has vacuumed most all industry out of Europe. If those little rascals (by German export figures) would have played anti-EU/Germany, things could have gotten much uglier. In other words, a big and string EU benefits the big guys much more than the small ones.

        I should probably say that I don’t favor German paid welfare for the deceitful Greeks or low-tax Ireland, either. However, I expect the German chancellor to speak responsibly, and to move towards real integration across the EU as opposed to German banks’ picking everything up on the cheap after the IMF breaks it all into pieces. Do you get this point?

        Last but not least, I am skeptical the Germans will change a bit–they must think too highly of themselves at a time like this. Which will make the rescuing operation of the EU that much more expensive in the future in case there is indeed will to do so. Eightysome million Germans are not enough to get away with their version of a common future!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The French have been pushing for fiscal integration (and have made some of their code closer to the German one, unilaterally). The Germans (let alone the Brits!) used to be hostile to this, but things are changing. everybody is taking a jaundiced view of Suisse, which is cornering the oil market, after doing same for copper, etc. All this not exactly tax free, but close… So Suisse has been taking heat from France and Germany, and Geneva is becoming the new London…


      • multumnonmulta Says:

        Jo, I have just watched the youtube segment. What exactly did you intend me to learn from there? Well rehearsed generalities on cutting public expenses so that XYZ happens? It’s not clear to anyone how those cuts are going to reignite anything, for Greece has never had an industry and the UK gave up on that long time ago. Mme Lagarde was obviously playing nicely on the British TV for the IMF position–not much more than that was obvious.

        I’ll ask you this: Has Mr. Osborne had a real job in his entire life? At least Mme Lagarde could tell us something about how the real industry runs. Her ‘friend’ in the Cameron cabinet is just young and may be getting there someday.

        The funny thing is how the UK is more indebted than the little countries, yet it enjoys a lower rate. We are to understand that’s because of their draconian cuts. Hmm, is that so? Or is it that the big guys break the legs of the small ones so that big finance can have another go at all the state sectors in the small places?

        I’d have to learn more about how these guys plan to unfold the whole scheme, but on the face of it it looks like the small entities will be fed to the banks of the large entities. Judging from the recent past, big banks in large entities are not in any better position to run anything except for ponzi schemes.

        I know I swim against the strong current of the common orthodoxies, but the memory of the recent past leading up to 2008 is too fresh to forget that the same faces still run the show.

        The only thing I could think of in defense of such moves would be if this was a roundabout way to tighter European integration that would otherwise be opposed by the local politicians. But this doesn’t sit well with Occam’s razor, does it?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Multumnonmulta: Correct. They break the little ones’ legs, and they will think twice before aggravating their friends and benefactors in London. They don’t want Britain to run to the euro… And this time Britain will not be so easy to submit (as when it was forced out of the European Monetary System).

          Whatever this is, this messy cacophony in Europe, hopefully, it’s very much all ’round about… Don’t forget “particles” go all over before going somewhere in Quantum Mechanics… Amusing analogy, or metaphor, but more than that too.


      • Jo Says:


        you ask “what does she (Merkel) have to show?” Did you miss the biggest financial crisis since the Great depression in 2008 ? Merkel navigated Germany through this crisis with a success that is unparalleled by any other major economy, this in spite of the fact that German financial institutions had massive exposures to the US asset bubbles. Germany has at this point allready reached precrisis levels of economic activity and employment levels never seen since decades. This is a major achievement of the current german government (and its predecessor – lead by Merkel as well) that no other major developed nation could claim for itself. So yes, i believe Merkel did indeed pass the major test of her time, as Kohl did pass the major test of his.

        You also write “Germany has vacuumed most all industry out of Europe”. This of course is complete nonsense that you made up on the go to support your argument. Fact is Germany is not only by far the biggest source of direct investements for EU-Europe but also the biggest exporter of jobs into other EU countries, especially Eastern Europe, which is a big topic in the German media for obvious reasons.

        Another fact that you should note is that other small and mid-sized European nation seem to be doing pretty fine in spite of big bad Germany at their border. Why is Poland booming, while Spain is failing ? Why is Slowenia growing while Greece is collapsing ? Why is Finland one of the most competitive developed economies in the world while Portugal is one of the least ? They are all in the EU (and Euro, except Poland) and of comparable size yet the differences are painfully obvious.

        The problems of the countries in question are not caused by the EU, by Germany, by the Euro or by the Gods they are caused by the breakdown of responsible macroeconomic governance, when asset bubbles were created, tolerated and even encouraged and when too much socialism created massive structural deficits and retarded private sector growth for decades. Further economic integration with and support for countries that run their economy and state irresponsibly and on a non sustainable basis is not an option and when Merkel expressed this in the face of growing reluctance to reform she was right to do so. If you followed the news recently you might also have read about Italian and Spanish representatves bashing Greece for its current vague course, as the crisis threatens them to an ever greater extent.

        Merkel is one of the few active politicans in Europe who believe that economic considerations should be the fundament of the European project instead of political ideology. In that she differs very much from Kohl and looks somewhat anti-european to some. However the truth is that if we always had the primate of economic consideration in the process of European integration we would not be in this current mess.

        As usual, Mutti weiß es am besten.


      • multumnonmulta Says:

        OK Jo, what your Mother might not have told you is that if Merkel/today’s Germans think the EU is just economy, Krugman and all the not so friendly towards the European project are right.

        In my position I make it clear, I don’t side with the irresponsible members of the Union. However, having the IMF break it all down shows that Germany resigned an historical opportunity to make Europe into something great. You’ll have your way, I’m sure. But watch that space coming apart in the next decade.

        You almost accuse me for not thinking in macro-economic terms. I return the favor and state that you miss a higher level of analysis that transcends the one you suggest, that would be the whole Union.

        As for the crisis, Merkel was right not to throw as much and early money as the US would have liked at the banksters. Help me out, please, what else has she done? The bulk of the reforms you implicitly pat Merkel on the back for were undertaken by Schroeder (a social democrat). Merkel had only to stay the course.

        In closing, here’s where I see the shortsightedness: The Asians are rising, the US is adrift. Europe has a better chance as a bloc than a strong Germany surrounded by a bunch of semi-failed states, which your ‘friends’ can find their way to the European underbelly. Keep in mind, I’m not here to merely state the obvious–you have mass media for that. I’m inviting all to see around the corner, as it were.

        P.S. We may tell our mothers that the paradigm is shifting.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, multumnonmulta, you are right, Merkel is certainly not up to the task. Disappointing, especially considering she is a physicist. But most scientists are just best at routine, in truth.

      Actually I was positively enraged by the German attitude with Libya, epecially after her hesitation waltz about Europe. It has been as if they learned nothing. I wrote a long essai, about what when wrong with Germany, long ago, when Germany became ever more fascist. But I have been unable to post it because it’s full of documents and pictures, and, somehow, my image posting system is disabled. Probably the work of the perfidious fascist octopus…

      For Greece and company, the EU economy is all integrated. Or integrated enough that it cannot be split. Restructuration of the debt is on the way, and the banks should take a cut… in their bonuses I talk lots about krugman, because that’s also the name of a disease, it seems, indeed… But he is learning, slowly…
      Next year the results of the German census will be interesting. Ironically, the demographic profiles of France and Germany are the opposite of 150 years ago…


  4. keith Says:

    Parice, mey gud mann, ave ye gotten yerself a beet tew riled an’ excessivley so an espressin o hate, weren’t ye?

    Is ok Charlie Man.

    Is OK.

    Me always like.




    Now aside frome all thee commenz on ze abuv vich I cud mayke,

    the hell with it.

    You can and I hope will recover!!


    get a hosting site to put up the pics, docs, pdfs, etc.

    Many are free in the cloud world, keemosabee.



    So THEN



    to the file URLS


    B….L…..O……G !!!!!!!

    Hayyy- Yupp.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Keith: A bit at loss about this comment of yours. I was just using Livewriter in combination with WordPress before, and it will not work now. Actually I cannot download anything from Microsoft, for reason unknown, and it has been that way for many weeks. If you have any idea, you are welcome (I tried to get help, but it did not work)

      I don’t have a “hate” problem as you seem to allude, perhaps. Hate is better than coffee, nothing wrong with it, as long as it stays civil. That’s the key. Some people claim they are not angry, but then they act in an atrocious fashion: see the NYPD with DSK. Or see Obama with OBL, if it gets confirmed that he was assassinated. To have meeeee flying to the rescue of OBL, things have got to be real bad. Both atrocities are unconstitutional. No ifs and buts.

      On this point I agree with Socrates, and the Romans: the law has to rule… As long as the law is constitutional. Nazi law does not need to apply. The USA system of justice, as it is, is closer to the one imperial Rome used, and it is very far from the one used in France or Britain (as the Economist just pointed out). France and Britain learned that yesterday losers are tomorrow’s winners, or will be vindicated by tommorrow’s winners…. Thus being accusatory is self defeating, besides being unjust. It’s pretty clear that the Sofitel story is a BJ gone bad, at worst. Nothing which justifies someone being threatened by 74 years in jail. THAT is a violation of human rights.


  5. keith Says:


    (these are USMC military chants. More precisely when drilling and marching, and in between verses of

    “You had a girl but left her at home…

    ya lef

    ya lef,

    yah lef right lef

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    ya lef,

    yah lef right lef

    ya lef

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    yah lef right lef

    (that was the setting)

    At the end of the 1949 movie Battleground, the cadence sung is as follows, with the call initiated by the drill sergeant and the response from the rest of the platoon:

    You had a good home but you left / You’re right
    You had a good home but you left / You’re right
    Jody was there when you left / You’re right
    Your baby was there when you left / You’re right
    Sound off! / 1,2
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    Cadence count! / 1,2,3,4,1,2…3,4!

    They signed you up for the length of the war /

    I’ve never had it so good before

    The best you’ll get in a biv-ou-ac /

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    It’s been so long I almost forgot

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    He’ll keep her happy until I get out

    An’ you won’t get home til the end of the war /

    In nineteen hundred and seventy four

    Sound off! / 1,2
    Sound off! / 3,4


  6. ego Says:

    call it corporatocracy or plutocracy, its basically oligarchy on the next level after recognzing who few are behind the ”many”.

    I come from a small Eu country and reading you an American, its like reading Greeks. You all say the same thing.

    So I end up wondering, the ”global village” is here and communism, something I never took seriously (because I abhore utopias and religions…) is partly a REALISTIC thing. One of communisms (initially atleast) ideas is that all workers of the world should not fight each other but embrace each other against the rich in their home countries, cause the rich in their home countries share same characteristics between them.

    Nowdays the rich not only share same chracteristics in how they treat labor and economy and society,but they seem to have been WORKING TOGETHER despite of reliigous and national differences. The so call ”international elites” that is.

    But see now what funny thing happens. You would expect that me and you, coming from so much afar, would unite against the few in our countries who have become one solid family that xplolits chineze workers and devalues our local societies. Instead, you and me end up xenophobes and racists because the immigrant labor the rich of our countries have brought on our soil (except those they abuse in China that is), has not seen itself as victimized but as liberated.

    I mean, I am about to scream when I see a woman from a poor European country, coming to EU, to my side of EUrope that is, where we are wealthy in comparison to her country, and she works 10 hours in some food processing unit, and gains what looks to me a minimum or somethimes below minimum (when the immigrant is illegal) wage, and still he or she is looking like ”a million dollars”. I see them particularly happy to the point of real exhilaration. They look and feel like ”a million bucks”. I dont really know how to describe it cause its insane. This happens because in their home countries the wage is like 1/10 of what is here but for MY standards this wage is ridiculously low! So she or he gets particulalry happy and feels very succesful whereas the locals ,some of them having spent some years in university only to face unemployment, feel like they are left with no choice than to remain unemployment and wait for better luck or…become capitalists (get a loan and open a business and employ illegal migrants with low wages which nevertheless with make these people feel like kings, and this while they live in the smallest and more run down areas of the city).

    So, in the end the capital thrives in a way that is almost calculated to make the locals unable to react unless they become Nazis. I see in my country now as well as most of western europe, locals are very intolerant of foreigners. They suspicion everyone. Statistics say that 70’s generations of young Germans were far more tolerant than today’s German youth that ”goes back to tradiotnal values of country and religion”.

    In order to control national-socialist (nazi) feelings throughout the european locals, the plutocarts use the HOllywood news machine (or so I read, not sure yet myself) and in general, entertainment delivered in huge amounts from everywhere possible. The ‘bread and entertaiment’ of Rome as you pointed out.

    So further on and concluding, my personal opinion is that we are alone. Those like me and you who are willing to believe what the propagandist entertainment outlets call ”conspiracy theories” or ”paranoia coming from utopian leftists or ecologists” (and im no communist or ecologist!!!), are left completely alone in awareness. I do find some ppl occasionaly ,like you today, but I still think that you are but a drop in the ocean of robotic consumers who are willing to do anything to read what happend to the brandelians. I myself did this in fact when I was 16.

    Why have I changed? I think its called ”critical thinking” and ”scepticism” which I learnt by individuals (not universities in general…) in school and in university. I have been that is lucky enough to meet some individuals (i repeat, not the establishment of university…or schoool) that added this needed skill on the curriculum ,if it was no included. And i remember a student like me, who wrote good essays and was thinking hard in school. I found him after many years working in one of the biggest international corporations in the world (L’oreal), in the branch in my home country. I tried to add him to my friends list in facebook but before doing that I told him how surprised I am by his job, after a degree here and a masters in a good USA univesity. I expected him, based on my memories of him being the most brilliant student in the entire school that he would become either a politician fighting for the good, or journalist fighting for the truth (his ba actually is in journalism indeed, but his ma in, or at least a government official. He also comes from ‘elite’ background. He has never responded to me since. I thought he would cause at the time I too was top of the class and we used to have antagonism that we both enjoyed sort of. But I liked him cause his contributions showed someone who is smart but also someone who cares for injustices in the world around us. NOw he is somebody who apparently (has his profile in facebook open to public for a while) plays a lot of games in there, silly childish games, chats with others from his companies (exclusively even) about ,guess what, HOLLYWOOD stories both both local stars of my country and of Los Angeles, and he is just not the same perosn I knew. I only refer to him now cause writing my message above somehow I ended up remembering his ‘case study’. This has led me to a lot of despair. People I knew , who were kind-hearted as children (not all children are like that, as the myth goes, as a child i met mostly bad kids than good kigs, and these ppl were among the few good), seem to have become uttely childish and uncaring to the world. They even have become ‘bad’ people, unethical. One of the ladies I knew as child, is now a banker, after talking to her about these ‘conspiray theoroes’ she went on to tell everyone who knows me in the social network that I am paranoid and they must cut off ties with me (and some believed her, cause shes a banker and I am unemployed).

    So the system (although I dont even believe in ‘systems’!) makes it so that you and me end up sounding like completel out of place, ”utopian” or ”paranoid”. They are too quick to condemn us. And it has nothitng to do with nationality anymore. We end up despising the immigrants, partly rightfully, cause the majority of them are more than happy even to sell their body for some bucks (they come with very low ethics..) and some of them, are willing to use anything to ride the ladder if they come in with university degrees. It is like the bosses search out for the most exquisite combination of specialized labour or univesity education combined with very low ethical and social conscience. Usually the people from improverished countries end up exactly with these characteristics, and hence the bosses stay bosses, the locals unenmployed but well enterntained (unlike the Germans who voted for Hitler, who didnt have a tv…) and everyone with awareness of all this is quickly deemed paranoid to get over with. Thats my complaint after become ”aware”. There is no way to fight back… We either ‘join’ or lose the battle. Its a case of ”if you can’t beat them, join them”. (and another cmplaint of mine is the lack of solutions proposed. You get philosophers coming from left, in both USA and Europe, analysing how shitty the world is now, but they rarely come up with solutions, in the meantime, they gain a lot of books sales and ”thought-provoking” conferences…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ego: A lot to think about in what you wrote, Ego! However, I have to provide my baby with tender loving care at this point, so I will analyze later… Let me just point out this: the semantics. Corporatocracy, just like academia, can form oligarchies (the rule of the few, as I am sure you know, being from Greece!) There is definitively a CEO class in the USA, serving on each other’s boards…

      However “plutocracy” is a much more sinister, much more overaching concept. Not all oligarchies are plutocracies. I have explained this in more detail, here and there. And they do, indeed, as you point out, together-breathe (con-spirare: it’s great to have both Greek and Latin to create words with!)
      Logically the revolution in the Arab world ought to propagate to the entire Western world (I will say nothing much about the Chinese dictatorship, which is a crucial part of world plutocracy!). Actually, Greece started before anybody else, as it should! There is hope!


    • multumnonmulta Says:

      “So the system (although I dont even believe in ‘systems’!) makes it so that you and me end up sounding like completel out of place, ‘utopian’ or ‘paranoid.’”

      Ridicule and irony are going to hold the lid on this masquerade for so long. People start seeing things differently, I’m not saying it’s necessarily the truth. Seeing things unlike, say, appeared before 2008 is the premise for thought and action.

      For example, in a place like this you may learn that several very different countries experience(d) the same crisis despite doing things very differently. Why is that? Because the crisis is administering some sort of divine justice, or because the master puppeteers pulled the right strings?

      The idea is to think global and start acting local. There’s just too much confusion pitting the Germans against the Greeks or the Americans against the Europeans. I claim that unless we see through this confusion and avoid general return to instincts, war is in the air. And I’m not talking the Mickey Mouse type whereby million dollar bombs are dropped from the distance on barefoot camel drivers…

      Be well ego, learn some more, contribute through exchange, and there we have the micro-premises for betterment.

      P.S. It’s funny how Frau Merkel is playing electoral politics or simply giving the right size of the new Germany when saying that the southerners are slackers only to be proven mistaken within days. If you speak German, try to convince those Teutons that soon there might not be enough clients for their stuff. How clever they are when teaching the Chinese how to fish, instead of looking within the EU itself!


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Multumnonmulta is right. Masks, smoke and mirrors have been brandished to keep the real problems in hiding… Because said problems are strategic solutions for the powers that be. A good example is brandishing the euro (EU), or the subprime borrowers (USA) as the causes of economic stall and fall. But the crisis is much older than that. Its best indicator is the median income for main bread winners (the standard middle class guy in the USA). That has been in trouble ever since Reagan trickled down.
        Comparing different countries allows indeed to compare various aspects of the world socio-economy. The case of tiny Iceland is particularly telling, as it involves the biggest issues of responsibilty and ethics, not just finance and economics.
        In my opinion, at the very least, the individuals and systems which failed should be deprived of any non personal financial privileges. As the system presently is, some private individuals (say principals at Goldman Sachs) are endowed with the fabulous powers of gigantic money creation. If they grossly failed, and they did, and required common person rescue, at the very least, they should be deprived of any money creating privileges looking forward (and that interdiction should extend to providing economic advice, so Summers, Mr. Derivatives, should have been prevented to give advice to democrats for a fee).

        This sounds like nothing much, but what I am saying is that most of the world’s financial industry ought to have been nationalized in some sense (there are plenty of competent bankers, to manage nationalized banks, they have been suppressed by the crooks…. the latter working hand in hand with the rest of the plutocracy…)

        As I told Jo, the German banks are in big trouble. Germany, exported capital to the periphery, just as American banks gave money to subprime borrowers. Basically the German banks sold cash…

        The only way out is severe regulations. That done in a way to redirect economic activity from financial speculation to genuine innovation. This is the part Obama does not get, because he thinks he can have his financiers overlording, while his engineers work like serfs. Well, in the Middle Ages, serfs fled to cities, so they could be free of their obligations… And innovation blossomed in said free cities (even in kingdoms such as France, most cities, nominally under the monarch, were de facto free… As the monarch was way too far, and royal administration qusi inexistent.).

        Cornered plutocracy knows war is the best distraction, indeed. Paying for Pakistani nukes, as GW Bush did, can only be explained by the will to create a (distracting) world war.


      • ego Says:

        about the war issue to blind ppl, it has ended up a cliche that I just cannot understand anymore why ppl keep buying it

        there was nuclear and chemical in Iraq. Ok, they believed it the first time. I can understand it especially after the attack on towers.

        But, NO such things were found. Hostile Afganistan did not hide Laden ,it was pakistan, an ”ally” of USA?

        NOw are Americans going to trust again the reasoning of war?

        I heard Chomsky sayhing that during Vietnam there was much more civilian opposition than now. Thats really depressing,and nothing else.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Ego: There is much more thought control now in the USA. With the waning of PBS and NPR, the rest of the media is plutocratically controlled, even media outfits which pose as fake opposition. Chomsky is 100% right. Normal upper class people are literally afraid to pass for anti-American, or, as they put it, “believers-in-conspiracy-theories”. Another factor is that USA plutocracy holds a lot of the exterior media and governments. It’s literally a conspiracy, in the sense they are all in connivence…. Thus “exterior” opinion is not exterior at all. That way the disappearance of the old “communist”, USSR pole is causing a massive mental imbalance.

          Be it for bin Laden, or WikiLeaks, even the far left embraces with great enthusiasm the government’s line… Where it really matters… Obama goes around, claiming he wants the “Two Party System” over, to be replaced apparently by the “bipartisan” party…. Probably the one Benito, Jo, and Adolf already offered us…


  7. ego Says:

    I have to read your blog thorougly ,give me some time:) I don’t see how the Germans are more ethical than Greeks although I admit Greek gov officers are straight pain and no response at all (Greek gov is high on the global corruption list, just slipped 3 positions actually the last years).

    But those who dont sit on eggs on some gov positions, do work and most of them very hard,like two or three jobs. They all in debt (big mistake for a workman in my view). They are slaves that is. They end up depressed and they think the originl of their problem are the immigrants now.

    They are also blind that is. THis is very sad for me to watch. I see hope only because of internet and independent productions like debtocracy (a recent documentary or propaganda about the debt of Greece).

    Still, statistics tell that Greece is one of the last countries in Europe in internet use and that internet use consits mostly of gov officials and middle class businessmen, and mostly males. So only these watched debtocracy’s ”propaganda”. The rest are still watching Fear Factor greek subbed.

    I will try to read your blog in this summer, I adore ”conspiracy theories” lately.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ego: I never claimed that the Greeks are more ethical than the Germans. As DSK said 2 weeks ago or so (times flies…) about the Greeks (paraphrasing closely):”The Greeks are in deep shit. None of them pay tax, etc.”
      The Germans have to be held to the very highest ethical standards, such is their burden. German governance cannot afford to be suspected of being less pro-European than anybody else. Some will call it collective punishment, but it’s more like cultural re-orientation.

      For example the change of the German nationality code was an excellent thing, a necessary thing (modelling it now on the one in France, instead of the old “blood”, “racial” criterion, as self fulfilling prophecy)… As I have it on my blog, the rise of Hitler was (partly) an early conspiracy and plot of part of American plutocracy…. But clearly some elements of German main line thinking were also at fault, as reading Nietzsche (who saw it coming!) clearly shows… Nietzsche’s criticism of old German main line thinking makes me into a mild sheep… Hence his inisistence that he was French, Polish, or in any case, European, as long as he was not German… (Although his sister was the exact opposite!)

      Thanks for offering to read my blog. I have also the earlier (which is stronger on the fascist/Nazi perspective).


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