Immigration Deception?

 Curious, but revealing incident in a park, somewhere in the USA. I was walking with my daughter, when I came across a group of very black children, accompanied by an older white woman. Usually American “blacks” are not that black, and to see a whole group of charcoal like children was exceptional. All the more since they spoke French, not English. Actually, they did not understand English.

 Having spent most of my childhood in French speaking West (really black) Africa, my interest was raised. My toddler, from her towering 23 months of ancient wisdom, was delighted to meet French speakers, and show them around the playground. Her antics made her instantaneously popular: she was using with proficiency a playground made for children at least 5 year old. Extremely charming: she conducted her business with great seriousness, beaming with pride. 

 I asked the teenagers what they were doing in the USA. I had expected them to be visiting for summer. I was surprised when they demurred. They said I should ask the American lady, who loomed in the distance. I found that weird. I asked the lady. She told me she was an immigration lawyer, and these children were “political refugees”. She had requested the U.S. Immigration to offer them political asylum. 

 PA: “Political asylum? Which dictatorship are they from? They cannot be from Zimbabwe, they speak French!” 

 Lady Lawyer: “They are from Haiti.”

 PA:“Haiti? But Haiti is a democracy! They just had a presidential election! With international observers, and the UN all over! There was no violence, whatsoever.” 

 LL:“You think so, but it’s not like here, it’s very poor there!”

 PA:“So you are saying that the poor ought to get political asylum, just because their country is poor?” 

 LL:“Yes, of course!” 

 PA:“Don’t you think that is abusing the concept? Besides, as a Socialist French Prime Minister, Michel Rocard, once said:”La France ne peut pas receuillir toute la misere du monde!” (“France cannot welcome all the world’s misery!”, meaning that just because people live in misery, they should not be welcome in France.) I don’t see why the USA ought to accept all the world’s misery, either.”

 LL:“The USA is not France. This is the New World! The more immigration, the better the American economy gets!” 

 PA: “Well, after World War Two and the Algerian civil war, the French economy was destroyed, but recently, in spite of little immigration, the French economy has clearly been doing better than the USA: free healthcare, free infant and toddler care, free schooling, much better life spans, less poverty, etc.”

 LL:“Americans are very generous people. They want to help Haiti.” 

 PA:“Well, so are the French: not only do they help Haiti too, but they are sending 15 billion euros to Greece, while paying for it with a 12 billion euros austerity plan. That help for Greece was just last week. Moreover, overall, France is a country where the poor get much more help, and the hyper rich pay, like in Great Britain, 50% tax or more. In the USA, the richest 400 incomes pay only 17% tax, and the democratic president, in a flourish of hypocrisy, claims that this will revive the economy.” 

 Lady Lawyer: “Well, a rising tide lifts all boats, the more people come into this country, the better it is for everybody.” 

 PA:“Sure the corporations love to have more janitors and valet park attendants come in, and maybe the economy of the USA can survive all this generosity. But certainly not the ecology, and the quality of life. 30 years ago, there were 17 million people in California, now there are 38 million. This makes California into the fastest growing state in the world. The entire world. It is pretty clear that California has not withstood the shock. Now they are closing schools in some villages in the mountains. There are a lot of mountains in California. Children will have to drive 30 miles, over snowy roads, which may be closed at the first Pacific storm, to go to school, next winter. Other cities are closing their police departments, some cities are bankrupt. Even the ultra conservative U.S. Supreme Court has ordered California to release more than 50,000 prisoners held in inhuman conditions. And the Post Office of the USA may close within 6 months. From lack of money. Why not help Americans too?” 

 At this point the immigration lawyer just walked away. I wondered not why she did. Perhaps to exhibit her generosity, and reconstitute her dominance, like the head chimpanzee exhibits his strength by dragging a branch, she went to help my daughter down a slide. She had not noticed that my sweet angel is a slide master, and could do without someone waiting for her at the bottom. 

 The lady lawyer do-gooder, anxious as she was, to receive the little goddess in her arms, forgot she had a heavy reflex camera hanging around her neck. The representative of justice and love ended smacking generously the heavy black contraption in my toddler’s face. The innocent angel cried profusely, to everybody’s consternation, while her lip swelled. 

 I thought that was a telling moral to the story: to be good, it’s not enough to want to appear good, or even to mean to be good. One has to act well, too. Or one may end mean.

 So what do I think about all this? Should I go all the way to the bitter end of that lady’s reasoning, and proclaim impoverished Americans to be political refugees in their own country?

 First, to import Haitian children as if they were political refugees is a travesty of the status of political refugee.

 Second, that taking children away from Haiti does not help Haiti. An empire of 310 million ought not to steal its substance from a country ten millions.

 Third that the resources given by the government of the USA to help Haitian children should be sent to Haiti to help them in their own country, where they belong, and where it would help Haiti more, by a multiplier effect. 

 Fourth, I immediately perceived an enormous cultural gap: the Haitian children were delighted to play with my baby, in a way I have never seen American children do it. American children tend to be standoffish , and are conditioned to engage in much less physical interaction, to touch much less, preferably not to approach, to even avoid eye contact, let alone unguarded speech outside of automatic banalities. 

 The Haitian children were all over my blonde child, and delighted by her enthusiastic French babbling. I could not resist thinking that the USA was not their country, they were not made for it, they would have to lose a lot, to stay in the USA, and survive what would be, for all practical purpose,  a hostile culture. 

 I actually mentioned this to the lady lawyer, and she retorted that the children will have to stay with the Haitian community. 

 Which brought me back to what was this lawyer was trying to do? OK, maybe she was motivated by greed, sorry, her profession, being paid by some organization(s) to import Haitian children. Or maybe she was truly delusional, and she really thought she was doing good. Indeed, how does it help the USA to put more of a burden on its exhausted social services? How does it help ten million Haitians to have American ladies come, swoop, and steal their children? 

 So now the numbers. In 1940, the USA had 140 million people. In 2011, the white Americans are 196 million, the blacks are about 20 million (I am using rough numbers, from memory). At this point the white population is not growing anymore (maybe because it is not getting enough help from the shrinking social services!) But the total population is 310 million, including 50 million Hispanics (who basically did not exist in 1940, they have been imported since). 

 Why so many Hispanics suddenly? Cheap labor, that’s why. Massive immigration has filled up the coffers of the corporate USA. This strategy of importing quasi slaves has stooped all the way down to infamy: the USA has refused to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The USA is the only country to refuse the children rights, with… Somalia, another country involved in ever less government, and ever more military spending. 

 Of course, Somalia is famous for its sea born pirates, while the USA is famous for its financial pirates. So both countries have, indeed, something else in common, besides child labor. The USA closes its collective eyes as Hispanic immigrant children go work the fields, with, or without their parents, who are paid little more, and just as trapped.

 All this immigration, far from lifting the population which was already there, as it used to, seems to have made its life harder. Why? 

 Well, in the past, the distant past, the government of the USA, thanks to presidents such as Jefferson or Jackson, had seized from Native American Indians, and others, gigantic portions of North America. Then they distributed them for a song to whomever wanted to take possession of them. This instantaneously made citizens of the USA, the richest, and healthiest people, in the world. By far. As more came in, they filled up the extremely needed manpower. 

 Nowadays the situation has completely changed. First, there are robots, and the like. Secondly the government is not in the habit of making free gifts to the middle class, as it did with FDR (when the government employed millions, in a few weeks), or the GI Bill (sending GIs to college for free), or LBJ’s “Great Society”, or even various social programs of Nixon. 

 Ever since Reagan, the government’s ideology has changed. It has become anti-governmental, and more and more resources were devoted to the rich (reaching a paroxysm under Obama, who cancelled the inheritance tax on billionaires, and lowered taxes on the hypoer rich more than Bush did, in his anxiety to show them he is such a good boy!)   

  Thus the main stream population of the USA, the white middle class, was less needed, and actually feared as a potential source of demands, requests, revendications, not to say unions, uncool behavior, or even outright rebellion. So the middle class is being robbed of power, and progressively starved.

 That starvation is an ongoing process, thanks to Obama, and his bipartisan partner, the Tea Party, who have never seen a tax on the rich they did not want to cut, paid for by cutting public services… to the point the economy of the USA is now grossly misfiring. For example cutting public transportation makes it hard for low income American workers to go to work, or to have any money left once they have transported themselves (and thus are incapable to contribute to economic activity, beyond their own work). But the rich lawyers in their fancy cars (as the lady above in her white Mercedes), or the multimillionaire president aspiring to become a hyper millionaire, don’t care to understand any of this.

 To import Haitian children is more of the same importation of humans to serve the for profit machine of the last three decades. It does not differ fundamentally from importing slaves in centuries past. Just replace the whip by dissemblance. Some will say: Oh, but the slaves had it hard! Not necessarily so much that they would rebel. Indeed, rebellions of black slaves in the USA were very rare. 

 Remember Jefferson’s children-slaves, who followed him back to the USA, willingly from France? Although they hesitated? Why? Because he made them false promises about freeing them, once they would be back to America. He was a full grown man, with an abyssal bend, they were just children. They believed him, and he lied. Maybe that should be mentioned in his beautiful memorial in Washington? Why not? 

 After talking to these Haitian unfortunates in the only language they knew, my impression was that they were made false promises too. And they seemed to guess it, but it was too painful, and pointless, for them to contemplate. Nobody relishes exploring the potential betrayal of those who profess love, and in whom one has believed. And, of course, they were only children. Three of them could not have been more than 13. 

 When I think back on it, a few days later, my impression is that I witnessed a pretty serious crime. The crime of a would be do-gooder, but still a crime.

 As the white Mercedes left, Athena pointed towards it a sanctimonious finger, and with a steady gaze, tears drying on her pink cheeks, declared: “Lady nose hurt bad!” Truth comes from the mouth of children.


Patrice Ayme

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14 Responses to “Immigration Deception?”

  1. m2smith Says:

    After nature dealt on blow to the Haitians with an earthquake another was dealt by a church group accused of taking advantage of the situation by “rescuing” children and bringing them to the US. - –
    Haiti has strict rules about foreign adoption so maybe that is why the lawyer has taken the political path. Well done to call her on this!


  2. Roger Henry Says:

    Yes Obama is proving to the billionaires he is a good boy, As in ” Boy, step and fetch me another tax exemption”. Boy, run and see how much money the govment can put in my bank so I can build another factory in Singapore”. Certainly a good boy indeed.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Roger, very sad. Plus: the economic situation is not far from total loss of control, as none of the problems of 2008 were solved, and the “solutions” made everything worse.

      Now, in 2008, Europe did not crack (although some banks were nationalized in UK, Belgium, Germany). But today three inspectors sent to Greece by the EU found that the Greeks implemented none of the reforms they agreed on, and voted (one of them is to make Greek billionaires pay significant taxes). They left, after slamming the door. Hence markets down 5% in the following few hours. The total aid to Greece would be hundreds of billions, but only if they reform. France decided last week to lend 22 billion dollars to Greece, effective in a few weeks, but now some are talking of kicking Greece out of the Eurozone instead…

      We live in interesting time, even if Obama, turns out to not be very interesting. Very interested, yes, interesting, no. Greed is boring. So is the greed in Greece.


  3. multumnonmulta Says:

    …all the mentioned parties play their own small role in the capitalist machinery fueled by the American Dream. Suffice it to say, the lawyer is after her own fees, while the little ones are raw material for indoctrination with the American Dream, i.e., get loaded with debt by your late 20s and spend yourself until your late 40s to pay it off.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It seems to me that, in expensive places in the USA, (most?) people do not stop paying their debts, ever… The price of housing is too high relative to incomes. where the family income is twice (say 80K), the price of housing can be 4 times higher (say 750K). So people are trying to deleverage. Private leverage in the USA is at 90% of GDP, it was at 100% at the peak, in 2007. It peaked at 45% in the 1982 recession. European citizens are much less leveraged.
      The sense of the “American dream” has changed a lot, indeed, and sometimes dreams turn into nightmares… Grabbing children in one country to import them as if they were sophisticated machinery (acquired for free), is up there, in the nightmarish arts…


  4. asdwer Says:

    In each Hollywood/American film (ok, maybe 90%) there is at least 1 murder or shooting. What is wrong with the society when its “culture” is the mix of aggression, fight and hostility? When 1% of population is/was in jail, so much sex/whatever criminals. Something is wrong, really…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      asdwer: I agree with you and would say more. I think that the percentage in the USA of who are/have been incarcerated is much higher than that. It’s, by far the highest in the world, even after looking at China, Zimbabwe, and other dictatorships, including Cuba and Khadafi’s Libya. I had started an essay, “USA In Justice”, and the numbers surprised even me.

      It’s more like 10 million people in serious trouble with the law. That’s 3% of the population…
      Out of those, more than 2 million are incarcerated, more prisoners than in 5 times more populous China. Maybe we should roll out an objective definition of a “police state”… Start with a “prison state”… By comparison, France has less than 65,000 prisoners (half of them Muslim…)


    • multumnonmulta Says:

      The lower(ing) minds would say, yup, crime sells.

      In actuality, beginnings are violent and we maintain this infatuation with beginnings, even several hundred years into our existence. The immigration angle Patrice suggests is hand in glove with the (criminal) state you are reporting on.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Explosion of immigration is dilution of rebellion. It also conveniently justifies fascism allegedly to control terrorism, but really to control minds. Serious studies .of cost benefits of fascism versus terrorism and progression versus immigration have not been done. And none of that not by accident. Instead of taking care of the young, the old and the sick, understanding and knowledge, we spend all our effort on the security death machines, and we are on the menu.


      • multumnonmulta Says:

        “Explosion of immigration is dilution of rebellion,” precisely, but it all comes with a price including the criminality mentioned throughout.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Multumnonmulta: Not just criminality rises, but too much immigration also dilutes the spirit (I am myself a patented immigrant, so i am relax enough to say this).
          That’s why Constantine displaced the capital to Constantinople (ex 1,000 year old Byzanthium). He knew he was no Roman. He was actually born from a Caesar in York (Britannia). And his father and/or mom was himself/herself issued from emigration. We see something similar in Obama: he has NO European culture, as he was formed in a Pacific mish mash notable mostly for its acculturation. I am an authority on the subject, from serendipity (I know hyper well the small earliest social circle of Obama, from 40 years ago). I have argued with them quasi viciously about their lack of knowledge and interest for the big picture, European style, forever. They listened for years, but now that Obama is president, they got hubristic, as if being elected created knowledge.
          However, the origin of the USA, its spirit, is European. This is why Obama does not understand even the interest of arguing (which even Sarko understands). Obama’s instinct is to make peace on the beach, and forget the big picture. THAT is not the European way, nor the way of the English colony in America when it thinks big. The European way is to argue so fiercely that your opponent’s mind dies, and has to be replaced by something better, and, or, reciprocally.


  5. pshakkottai Says:

    Hi Patrice:
    How come EU is also talking in terms of of the right wing US agenda using “fox news” talking points for its financial owes? What happened to the European way?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Excellent point, pshakkottai! Well, Goldman Sachs, with its intelligence of retarded voliceraptor, understood that we were driving towards a revolution.
      So it sent its boys, Draghi, Monti, and whatever his name in Greece, to do what was needed from their addled brains. Monti was still a partner (or “associate”, whatever) at Goldman days before becoming PM of Italy.

      They said they will do the same again in February. At this rate that would be annually more than the entire US federal budget.

      This is all rendered possible because most left wing people are persuaded that Krugman is left wing, although he is for QE, and laments that salaries of the irish are not collapsing yet…

      Happy New Year All!


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