Faith Crazed Raptors


Abstract: I will argue in an essay to come that faith and beliefs are fundamental to the genus Homo. They are something lesser animals neither posses, nor need.

However when murderous superstition is made the fundament of society (as in the Late Roman empire, Islam, or the Aztecs), this is savagery. Theocratic savagery is a cover for plutocracy unchained. That lethal disease is the surest way to kill a civilization.

For example, when the Mayas got struck by a prolonged, but mild drought, they did not get their religious priorities straight, and they killed each other, instead of sorting out the difference between their way of life, and ecological change. (Yes, it was not just “climate change”.)

When the Vice Leader of the USA covers himself with ashes, making a show of his superstitiously wrecked mind, supposedly to edify us, suspect the worst outcome.

Here below are a few historical examples of hijacking of the mental equipment of faith and belief by theocracy, plutocracy, and people who want to attack other .

People who want to invade other countries, such as Vice Biden, who, after all, attacked Afghans… for no good apparent reason, except the fact that, as he himself admits, is a self proclaimed abhorrent person.

I review the gathering primitivism of American politicians. Worse is Biden, who is trying to establish Catholicism as a religion, or the fanaticism of Christianity as an inspiration, using his official function to do so.

Then I explain why fanaticism came from the Temple, and the measures republican Rome took against that.

These measures were grossly violated by the Late Roman Catholic empire. (Is that what Biden wants to return to?) Islam imitated the whole Catholic disaster, just made it bigger (no separation of politics and religion, and law in Islam, differently from even Justinian’s Roman empire).

This brings us to Syria: no armed intervention there, as long as the West does not get secular guarantees, I say.

As I have argued in “Islam Against Civilization”, unreconstructed Islam is fundamentally an enemy of civilization (so my position on attacking the Syrian army is different from the one I had in Libya, where the situation was mostly secularist professionals and oppressed tribes versus a crazed gang of plutocrats; meanwhile in Egypt the Islamists, propped by the fortune of Saudis,  have been promoting their equation of their fanaticism with Egyptian citizenship).

But, should a united opposition around a secular program come to the fore, a bombing campaign as in Libya would be a good thing, if Assad keeps on massacring civilians, in his monstrous way.

This being said, as long as the USA, the leading nation, educates by promoting the return to superstitious savagery, it is difficult to teach Syrians or Iranians the secular state… The one endowed with the religious tolerance Rome at her imperial apogee was blessed with, 2,000 years ago.



Markers and enforcers of civilization are going down in the USA, big time. A U. S. Supreme Court decree overruled plenty of laws, with “Citizen United“. The Supreme Court decided that money was free speech.

In other words: the USA is officially a plutocracy (Nancy Pelosi agreed, and she used the word “plutocracy“; I am not alone in using this concept anymore; I will argue here that plutocracy, fanaticism and fascism are words which go very well together).

When he was campaigning for president in 1960, John Kennedy called for the absolute separation of church and state. Rick Santorum, a young prominent presidential candidate in the USA, an ex Senator, lobbyist, and enormously financed by plutocrats, said in February 2012, that separation of church and state, and Kennedy’s discourse about it, made him want to vomit:

“To say that people of faith have no role in the public square? You bet that makes you throw up… What kind of country do we live in that says only people of non-faith can come into the public square and make their case?”

We don’t bet, Mr. Santorum, we think. You bet, because you are a money man.

The Economist intones that: …”the notion that any American politician could banish all but the faithless from the public square has become laughable. If anything, piety has become a prerequisite in politics. Thomas Jefferson may have been relaxed about such matters, but no modern candidate for the presidency would dare to profess no faith, or to question the existence of the Almighty. Barack Obama is a churchgoer. George Bush named Christ his favourite philosopher and started cabinet meetings with a prayer. Jimmy Carter prayed up to 25 times a day… Kennedy did call for the separation of church and state. So did Ronald Reagan—and, for that matter, John Locke a few centuries earlier.”

What Kennedy said was this: “I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish; where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials; and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all.

Article Six of the Constitution states that “no religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

The First Amendment of the constitution of the USA states that:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion … or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

By “Congress” is meant the House of Representatives, plus the Senate. The Vice President presides over the Senate.

So what did Vice President Biden do? He promoted an establishment of religion. On his forehead, for all to see. He is, not just a fanatic, but a loud one.



Biden showed up with that large, dirty ugly smudge on his forehead. Is it because he does not wash? Yes, but that’s not the point.

Biden has a dirty forehead because he “abhors” himself. And he wants everybody to know. As simple as that. 

Biden was promoting an old tradition tied to his sect, Roman Catholicism. Said sect was inspired by the mythical Jesus (a prophet whose execution was not recorded by the Roman authorities, whereas several  others at the time were, throwing a cloud of suspicion over the whole thing as a montage by Roman authorities, much later).

Jesus insisted that he came to enforce “the law“, the superstitious ensemble of orders found in the Bible, a book written by some Jews in Babylon. Part of “the law” is that man is abhorrent. Presumably only god, and, in particular. His representative on earth (the emperor or caliph), is not abhorrent.

So what did these Jews write, 25 centuries ago, that impresses the unconstitutional Biden so much to this day? Multiple quotes are made in the Bible (just as in the Qur’an, 11 centuries later) to inflict contempt on those who do not follow orders. The following quote is typical:

Job 42:3–6. Job says to God: “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee. The other eye wandereth of its own accord. Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.

The superstitious Biden, and his ilk, celebrate, and symbolically  re-enact this on “Ash Wednesday”, by covering themselves with ash.

Founding fathers, and first two presidents, Washington and Adams, had clearly signed a document, as presidents, specifying that “the USA is not a Christian nation“. But people such as Biden cling to superstition: it beats historical accuracy any day.



The story of Job is fascinating: it starts when Allah (so called “God”) asks Satan for his advice about Job. God/Allah wonders if Job is as much of a believer as he appears to be. God is lost, Godd reaches to his friend for advice. So we see that the Bible tells us, not just that God is not omniscient. The Bible tells us that the god of Jews, Christians and Muslims is a clueless gossip who consults with…Satan.

This is an interrogation all sadists have, when facing their debased victims: how to make sure that their submission comes from the heart, and is thorough? How can the sadistic god make sure that he totally dominates his victim, Job?

To make sure, Satan suggests a course of action, making Job suffer in all possible ways, and see if he curses God. God (Allah) follows Satan’s advice. Satan advises to victimize and trash Job in all possible ways, and see if the tortured unfortunate still lauds God. In other words, God (Allah) does not just conspire with Satan, but appears to behave, on occasion, as Satan’s creature.

The same problem is repeated in the Qur’an: Allah conspire with Satan (and not just as he did in the Bible, but in new and different ways). In the Qur’an Allah Himself points out the difficulty, of witnessing the collaboration of Satan and Allah, before ominously declaring that whatever Allah does with the Prince of Darkness is none of the business of Believers. (As you can see, I have read the Qur’an well… and much better than the Bible, because it is much shorter! True, it’s just a 400 pages addendum…)  

This official congress between God and Satan explains why the Cathars came to think what they did, namely that Satan controlled the part of the universe in which Christians dwelled, and no wonder that the Catholic chiefs burned them all alive, including women and children.

As the Cathars no doubt remarked at the time, the pope and his agents were thus demonstrating, if need be,  that they were agents of Satan, just like the sadistic, murderous, torturing god they celebrate. The god Biden celebrates as Vice President, and head of the Senate, when he covers his ashamed self with ash. The god of relentless, torturous debasement.

Let’s observe in passing that there are 2.1 million Alawites in Syria (see below), but that there were perhaps 5 million Cathars, and that they were living in symbiosis with the even larger population of the south, all the way to the Balkans. Yet, nobody knows the Cathars now. Cathars were killed to the last, by the pope and his henchmen, the plutocrats in and around Paris.



The “Catholic” president, Kennedy, was looking forward to secularism.

Secularism, that’s living in one’s own age. But Biden’s message is different. He looks forward living as people did seven centuries ago, in the age of Catholic terror in the West. With ashes on one’s forehead come the will to burn even more abhorrent people alive.

Burning miscreants is all over the Bible, it is another tradition: if you believe in ashes on your head, the next step is to turn people you are bound to like less than yourself, into ashes.

However, it is good to know that great leaders admit to be such scums, that they abhor themselves.

The immediate question is whether someone who “abhors himself” ought to be considered fit for the presidency of the world’s mightiest country. What’s next? Presidents who go around, advertizing that they are so abhorent to themselves that they ought to kill themselves?

If Biden abhors himself, that he covers himself with mud, should we abhor him too? Does Biden vote for somebody he abhors? If he cannot, should not vote for his abohrrent self, why should we vote for him?



Against fanaticism, common decency itself, struggles in vain. Why so? Fanaticism, comes from the Latin, fanum, the temple. The Romans had already noticed that those coming out of there were not full human beings, but enraged, well, fanatics.

This is literally true: around 400 CE, ignorant monks, “men in black“, ravaged literature and thinkers, especially in the Oriental Part of the empire; this wanton destruction played no small role in the ultimate success of Islam, as most populations, from North Africa to Syria were deeply resentful of the tyranny of Constantinople’s theocracy. Thus they did not try to resist the Arabs too much in the initial invasion; for example Egypt revolted when it discovered that caliph Omar was even worse than the emperor in Constantinople. By then, it was too late!  

Why is the temple so conducive to, well, fanaticism?

Think about it: the temple is built, encouraged or tolerated by the state. It is part of the state, more or less, one way or another. The temple, as the Romans saw it, taught unbelievable things about the gods. However those who came out of there believed those things as if they were real. Things that those who manned the state, the powerful, wanted them to believe.

So the Roman republic made its religion not too serious a thing, and under the control of the People (the exact opposite of the Christian and Muslim theocracies, 7 to 10 centuries later, which were intimately tied to the state, especially Islam. Whereas in the Roman empire, law kept an independent existence).

Before soon all rites and religions were authorized in republican Rome, as long as they did not compromise public peace, or did not involve uncivilized behavior, such as human sacrifices (as the Celtic and Carthaginian religions did).

Moreover, the chief priest of the Roman republic’s religion (the Pontifex Maximus) was elected. Please inform the Ayatollahs in Iran of this.



Thus the state had interests that those unbelievable things would be believed. OK, sometimes the state is not really a state, it’s a pseudo state, a simulated state.

The arch example here comes from Judaism. The Jews (or people, or entire nations, such as around the sea of Azov, who had decided they were Jews) conspired very well among themselves, and with others, for millennia, using their religion as a pseudo state or conspiracy. Hence the importance for them of strange rituals such as sexual mutilation, to identify each other as a group, and a common sacrifice.

Jews often conspired with reigning plutocrats, in the generalized sense. Thus “anti-Semitic” eruptions often coincide with otherwise legitimate revolts. An example of this is when surprised Nazis found a thousands of Jews already massacred when they swept east in 1941: the Jews had collaborated with the occupying Russians, and were left behind to explain themselves with the natives.

In any case, the temple is the nexus of the state, and of the unbelievable stories the temple teaches. This incredible stories put minds to sleep, just as bed time stories do, with little children. And it’s not all innocent: the outrageous concept of “promised land” by “god” no less, caused untold misery. It also allowed Bible clutching Europeans to exterminate North Americans and enslave Africans.

The Jews are proud of their promised land notion. However, a huge proportion of the Roman empire was Jewish, and that means a huge proportion of the world was. then there was the absurd Judaica war. Josephus (its only reasonable Jewish rebel general), and others evaluate the number of death above one million. And there were more revolts. Ultimately the war of Jews against Jews and Romans resulted in Christians becoming just the same, and killing Jews, as Christ had more or less recommended.  

Nowadays there are not so many (“pure”) Jews. In absolute numbers less than under imperial Rome. But the European population (in the general sense, counting the Americas), plus the population descending of the ex-Roman empire (so called “Arabs”) is now well above 30 times Rome. In other words, Jews have become insignificant (all the more since many of these so called Jews happen to be blonde and the like, because their ancestors converted to Judaism under the Franks.



All this because Jews went ballistic with their “promised land” fable. One can compare to the Gauls, who, had the same time got occupied by Caesar, at the end of a serious Gallo-Roman  war which lasted more than four centuries (both sides were imperialistic and viewed themselves as domineering, and they were). The Gauls occupied the city of Rome herself in 399 BCE. Yet, after Caesar had definitively defeated the Belgae, and crossed the Rhine into Germania, the Gauls never rebelled against their conquerors. Instead they gave up on their extremely plutocratic, primitive religion (only the elite could be admitted to reading, etc.), and worked at conquering the conquerors from inside (which was achieved thoroughly with the help of the Franks, five centuries later).

The astute will notice that about half of the Jewish population is now clustered to fulfill the promise on a small piece of land, clutching hundreds of nuclear weapons, while threatening Iran, the main surviving piece of an empire which often extended from Syria to India.

The Auschwitz death camp and its 100 (or so) satellite camps covered a region nearly as large as the habitated extent of present day Israel. This is not a reasoning: just an uncanny rapprochement. If wisdom did not come yesterday, will it come tomorrow?

OK, that’s my way of celebrating Netanyahu coming to Washington, to plot the war with Iran.



In a few weeks, Afghan soldiers treacherously assassinated or wounded dozens of their NATO allies (in just one such attack, more than 20 unarmed, unarmored French soldiers training Afghan soldiers in a gym were chopped down by machine gun fire; Afghan president Karzai was summoned in Paris, but the attacks went on; in just one week the coalition suffered no deadly attack from the Taliban, but three separate attacks of Afghan soldiers killed six American troops, supposedly their brothers in arms).

By the way, let me say in passing that this illustrates the huge mistake arrogant Americans (think Bush and his advisers) by establishing an “ISLAMIST” republic in Afghanistan, and then proclaiming it an ally.

The essence of Western civilization, as imposed by imperator and consul Clovis and “his” Franks, has been the SECULAR republic (Frankish kings were elected, supposedly). Secular does not mean just that one does not believe in stories only toddlers ought to seriously believe.

Secular mainly means that one lives in one’s age. As determined by the science and technology at hand. (By the way, everything indicates that Muhammad would have agreed: one can see his highly secular personality through the lying representation caliph Uthman’s Qur’an made; yes, it’s possible to be both secular and superstitious.)

Afghan soldiers kill Europeans and Americans because those are “unbelievers”. This is directly traceable to the fact that Afghanistan is an ISLAMIST republic. The Qur’an is the Constitution of Afghanistan. So one would expect Afghan soldiers to enforce the Constitution, namely their interpretation of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the word of Abraham’s god, as allegedly related in the desert to an epileptic analphabet who had married into wealth.

The Qur’an is not too clear about what to do with “unbelievers”. At some point it claims there should be no coercion in religion, but then il also orders that “unbelievers” should be ambushed, killed, at every turn, etc. And certainly “Pagans” are to be killed. And also Muslims who denounce, or renounce, Islam. Killed. (Or maybe the Qur’an did not say the latter for sure, but certainly commenters of the Qur’an, and those who related the life of Muhammad, certainly said this, and all this is viewed as sacred by the majority Sunni Muslims.)



I was the earliest serious advocate of a military intervention in Libya. Bernard Henri-Levy (BHL) followed, more than three months later, and very efficiently. He was able to persuade French president Sarkozy and his advisers to do something, and they did: French war planes unilaterally intervened first, crushing the attack on Benghazi of Qaddafi’s tank army (thanks to the active stealth fighter-bomber Rafales, the word’s best fighter plane). The French also finished the war, when a few Rafales pulverized Qaddafi 200 vehicles strong escape convoy.  

Now BHL wants to attack in Syria. No doubt, twenty French state of the art jets based in Cyprus with Turkey’s benediction (ha ha ha) could stop dead in their tracks all Assad’s tanks in a city such as Homs.

However, if it’s to help the party of “god is great!“, it is out of the question. Horrible applications of (what are for some) Islam sacred texts orders to kill unbelievers, pagan, and whoever is hated. Thus some rebels in Syria have apparently killed civilians for religious reasons. God is not great is not the correct faith. God is bad id the correct faith. This situation did not happen in Libya (because there everybody is Sunni, although

Many Sunni scholars view the Alawites in Syria as Pagans. This means that, should they lose power there, the Alawites are fair game, as far as the Sunnis who carefully read the Qur’an are concerned. This murderous circus has been going on since 656 CE (at least). “Alawi”, is a French word, but the sect comes directly from Ali, cousin, son in law, companion of arms of the Prophet, even once masquerading in a bed as Muhammad himself (don’t ask, it was life and death!)

The real revolution the Middle East needs would consist into getting rid of the god of the Bible who pursues his reign of terror there. If one comes to think of it, it is a paradox that Muslims are claiming to know the god of the Jews better than the Jews themselves. Out-Jewing the Jews, really? Fanatical Islam has been an excellent cover-up, hiding that the West was never religiously Christian in the sense that (traditional) Islam give to religion.

The perception that traditional Islam is something one ought to improve on is why there was more than 100 variants of Islam, many of them not recognized as Muslim by the Sunnis! There are actually branches of Islam where women (used to) go bare-chested!

The present rise of religious fanaticism has been seen before. After all that it was what happened to the Roman empire around 300 CE. The emperor instituted a sun cult (“Sol Invictis“) with him as representative of god. Within two decades, the immensely brutal youth Constantine, son of an Augustus, and Caesar himself at a very young age, had realized that it was better to use the military like apparatus of the Christian church.

The Christian church came, complete with a fascist, imperial god who consults with Satan, as we saw above. Christianism also persuades the commons that they are “abhorrent”. And then the commons cover themselves with ashes, allowing the emperor all the more superbly.

As far as Constantine was concerned, the fanatical fascism of Christianism was perfect. As the self declared “13th apostle“, and a saint in the (Catholic-)Orthodox religion, he was free to impose his god on all. Starting with his nephew that he killed, his wife whom he steamed to death, and his son the Caesar Crispus, he was obviously jealous of (Constantine owed his status of Augustus from victories of Crispus!), and executed, thanks to judges as helpful to plutocracy as the Supreme Court of the USA reveals itself to be.

Superstitious savagery is the proximal reason why the Roman civilization went down. Confronted with the difficulty of the struggle between Senate based tax evading plutocracy and the military based plutocracy, the outcome was not a return to the republic, but a fall into savage superstitious theocracy. That, in turn, led to a blossoming of further stupidity, ignorance and anti-intellectualism. besides the destruction of philosophers, books, schools, and libraries.

Remember this, next time you look at images from Syria. And next time the ash covered Biden proposes to attack some Muslim country in his own special way.


Patrice Ayme

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16 Responses to “Faith Crazed Raptors”

  1. Dominique II Says:

    (posted elsewhere by mistake)

    “no armed intervention there, as long as the West does not get secular guarantees, I say.”

    Fair enough.

    However the West is led by a thinly veiled theocracy which keeps falling in love with any third-world leader who has found God, preferably in some archaic and freedom-hating guise.

    The West’s secular part is pitifully outnumbered and its military means are woefully overstretched. And Europe simply keeps being denied military or diplomatic existence. Not by accident…

    Thus such guarantees will never be demanded, let alone granted.

    And this leaves alone the issue of the very worth of “secular guarantees” from countries where the population would hate the very idea, thus making such guarantees undemocratic and open to sudden lurches. (btw declaring oneself secular in the US is political suicide…)

    There was a time when Assad’s father could exterminate whole towns and the West shrugged it off, saying in effect, we didn’t see a thing, and they’re Muslim Brothers anyway. Maybe that was not such a bad idea, as horrid as it now sounds. It was, at any rate, making sense, whereas our current compulsive, contradictory, self-defeating meddling does not.


  2. Dominique II Says:

    “an epileptic analphabet who had married into wealth”

    OMG, would France’s President be a reincarnation of the Profit (pbuh)?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: Good point. The French seems to feel that way, way deep, and thus want Sarkozy out, no matter what. First free france, then free Carla! Nice word, “Profit”!. If I may allow myself a lousy joke: “There is no wealth but wealth, and moo-ha-mad is its Profit!”
      This is not racism, not even cultural racism. This is what our civilization is about, and it starts with jokes!

      More than 2,000 the top commanding Roman general landing in Africa stumbled and crashed on the beach, in full view of the army, certainly a bad omen in Roman religion. Instead of panicking, the general laughed, and said:”Africa, here you are, I hold you well!”

      To regain civilization those stunned by god ought first to regain a sense of humor. Maybe Allah is a joke, actually… The way he talks in the Qur’an, growing people’s skins again, so he can burn them, again…


  3. Dominique Deux Says:

    Actually “Profit” for “Prophet” is a frequent enough misspelling in the less literates’ posts, usually along pretty ignorant and hateful lines on Islam, France, libs and the like. It may be a purposeful pun but from context, I mostly doubt it; they simply spell it as they hear it. The irony being lost on them. The wonderful ways of language.

    May I suggest you profit (!) by your own advice? I feel you’re dead serious about those religion-philosophy matters. A bit like Sade who liked to describe in great detail blasphemous erotic practices: making one doubt if he really was an atheist, rather than a theophobe – believing in God and wanting Him dead. Rather see the whole circus for what it is, a circus, and enjoy it, even appreciating the scenery and the elaborate rituals, as well as the innumerable gems lost in the rubble. If religion was actually foisted down on us by a deity, all-out defensive war would be in order; but it being a man-made contraption, it has its good sides and bad sides and warrants study and containment, rather than hatred.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique Deux: All your points are excellent. However Egyptian women by the thousands took to the beaches in bathing suits in the 1930s, and nobody objected. Nowadays, women are covered up in Egypt, and raping them in the street pretty standard practice 9certianly not imaginable when the British army was around the corner). Just an example out of many. Those who know history know that bad jokes can end up with burning millions for a millennium.
      The history of Christianity is examplary that way.
      I did not know the apparently well known rapprochement between “profit” and “prophet”, but the prophet sure profitted…
      Now being a theophobe is a badge of honor. I hate all Aztec gods, but they also amuse and instruct me. Those who seriously stick to Aztec gods, I despise. That amuses me too. Self amusement is very important.

      I would not call Sade a “theophobe”. Sade thought that conventional idiots understood nothing to the laws of probabilities, and to the true nature of nature. I approve that message 100%. More conventionally, he pointed out that those who are devoured by political ambitions and successful at it, were often extrme sadists. I also approve this message. It is for this message Sade was jailed for decades by the three tyrants.

      Sade, of course was a real saint, not a delusional hysteric like Christ (“bring forth those who don’t believe in me, and kill them!”), or a total psycho such as Saint Louis (who should be stripped from his sainthood, as he was a piece of torturous, murderous trash; BTW, I deeply respect some othe saints, the real ones). Sade saved 5,000 people.

      Speaking of joking, I think mooo-ha-mad is a pretty good one. I made it myself, and it amuses me.

      Everything of course has bad sides and good ones. Even Nazism. Given enough perversity one can get lost in the good sides of anything… And that is exactly what the Christians do, when they celebrate the cross… And thank god once a child has done of the plague.

      Luis Bunuel ( made fun of that in many of his movies, such as when a priest is forced to swallow some ballsy part of his anatomy by revolutionaries, and the priesth says: “Tanks god, my cujones are delicious”… That’s the funny side. The serious side is that the Spanish Church, not content with executing people with its inquisition until the 19C, played a crucial role with franco fascist coup (more than a million killed, and the republic overthrown).


  4. pshakkottai Says:

    I learned the origin of fanaticism from your essay, from Roman for temple. Romans were certainly observant and coined appropriate words!


  5. Dominique Deux Says:

    Re your comment on Egyptian women on the beaches. It is true of course. But it really spoke of a tiny minority. More to the point would be the fact that even under the Turkish occupiers, for example at the well documented time of the French invasion, ordinary women would walk around in very scant clothing, much more aimed at producing shadow and aeration than covering body parts: nudity was everywhere to see, hence the need for those funny veils. Now they sweat and no doubt stink under layers of synthetic material, with as much disregard for health and safety as those unfortunate Pacific Islands women who drown every year in the surf because cretinous missionaries made them wear muumuu dresses… but it is a manifestation of modern-day Islamism, a complete degeneration of original Islam, which was at inception a thrust for personal freedom, including for women. It floundered however on the oppressive nature of the very societies it conquered… The Purdah status of women in the Indian sub-continent predates conversion to Islam, so does so-called Pharaonic female mutilation in Egypt; we know that Cleopatra, as an Hellenistic noblewoman, was spared it, but the Copts, today’s descendants of ancient Egyptians, hold on to it as dearly as the most backward imams. Old customs have a way of grafting themselves on new faiths and claiming their legitimacy, helped by the clerics’ innate idiocy. Look at the desperate clutching on sacrificial knives of every hue and creed in France’s secular slaughterhouses…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: Agreed to all you said. I spent my infanthood and childhood in Muslim Africa (with a bit of Pagan Africa thrown in), and there were none of these problems. naked muslim doobs were a common sight, and girls were very very free to propose all sorts of things under Muslim society benevolent eye. What is changing now is the plutocratic effect of Wahhabism feodalo-plutocracy supported by petro dollars.
      Also the Qur’an is too generous to local tradition. It establishes a tradition of tradition, when in doubt, rather than reason. However Western thinkers could argue that reason is the tradition of the West…

      The slaughterhouse situation in France is deeply scandalous. They all went Halal-Kosher secretly. I thought I made that clear. Clearly the religious torturers of animals who want to it meat mixed with vomit and E Coli ought to have to pay for the privilege of poisoning themselves and their children… And the secualr majority in France ought not to be condemned to that dangerous and humiliating fate.


    • pshakkottai Says:

      “The Purdah status of women in the Indian sub-continent predates conversion to Islam,” is hard to believe. There is no mention of it in epics such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana and in temple art and is stories like Panchatantra…
      Partha Shakkottai


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Partha: wherever one looks, in the deep “civilized” past, with few exceptions (Etruscans, Germans, Crete), women were treated as sub-human… It seems to me that there was a tradition to burn some young widows with their older husbands, no? Same among the Vikkings, I mean the Norge… Traditions such as that have got to be pretty old…
        BTW, I view them all as artefacts of civilizations, not the genuine nature of wild genus Homo (I am like Roussault on this particular point, pollution by civilization, although I doubt he focused on women)…
        Anyway, I don’t remember what I was alluding to precisely… It is true that a lot of native (so to speak, ha ha ha) Indian art seems fully liberated about the feminine condition, or, at least, form… that’s obviously a very good sign. Although I was raised in a Muslim country where women did not cover their chests…
        But here is a (vague) synopsis.

        Purdah: The Status of Indian Women from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century
        by Frieda Hauswirth

        Purdah, which can be formal law or informal custom, involves keeping women segregated from society, restricting their independence, and obliging them to dress in clothing that fully covers them. First published by Kegan Paul in 1932, this was a seminal book for the women’s rights movement in general, and the Indian Woman’s Movement in particular, and remains highly relevant today, as Indian, Islamic and Asian women continue to feel the conflict between modernity and tradition. Swiss by birth and married to an Indian, the author had a unique opportunity to see life in India from the perspective of women in purdah. Beginning in the Vedic period, she shows how the institution of purdah developed over time, describes purdah as long practiced in India, and then details the various reform and suffragette measures undertaken to eradicate it and the effect of the Nationalist movement on Indian women’s freedom. There are clear parallels with women in other countries. In recent decades, purdah is once again reasserting itself in parts of India and elsewhere as conservative forces gain ground. This important work gives insight into the roots and strength of this tradition.


  6. Paul Handover Says:

    You wrote, “when the Mayas got struck by a prolonged, but mild drought, they did not get their religious priorities straight, and they killed each other, instead of sorting out the difference between their way of life, and ecological change.”

    One muses about mankind in general with Planet Earth clearly being struck by a prolonged and severe ecological change! Indeed, probably better not to muse!


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