LUKE 19:27

Don’t Ask What God Can Do For You, Ask Who You Can Kill In His Name?


Recently Abrahamism demonstrated its mighty hold on the minds of those who want to commit horror. A 23 year old French Muslim killed three French paratroopers, one of them from Martinique (someone whom  American (unconscious) racists would call “black“). The other two paratroopers were Muslims, as it turned out (one of them a Franco-Moroccan).

One of the unarmed Muslim paratroopers who was treacherously assassinated was called Mohammed, just like the killer. Then this criminal, Mohammed Mehra, killed three children, and a dad protecting his two sons, at a Jewish school. He benefitted from the help of other Muslim fanatics. Dozens got arrested. All indications are that Mohammed Mehra was just a little creep. He was arrested many times for various exactions unrelated to religion. There is a video of him, laughing to no end, beaming with an angel face, after making a rodeo with a BMW.

More children were wounded, but they survived the horrible wounds. It is useful to peer into the horror. Not by voyeurism, but to see how deep hatred can go.

One of the children, a seven year old girl, was hit in the shoulder by a .45 colt of the U.S. Army (!). The Muslim fanatic, filming the assassination with a camera strapped on his belly, chased her, grabbed her by her pony tail. Then he brought the gun to her head, and fired. But the gun jammed. Instead of listening to Allah’s hint, still holding onto her, he got another gun he had, released the safety, and killed her.

This sort of violence, I claim, is intrinsic to Abrahamism (“Judeo-Christo-Islamism”). It’s what it was made for, and by. It’s no coincidence that Islam created the greatest empire ever seen, in a few years: by the sword, for the sword.

The lunatics are getting agitated. In the extract below, published in the electronic version of a newspaper read by millions, a fanatic ponders about my case:

Mr. belal zakaria asks me in the Wall Street Journal, whether Satan is hiding behind me. Here is Mr. Zakaria’s quote, complete with savage grammar, Saturday, March 31, 2012:

  • @patrice ayme
  • Who is hiding behind you like satan (also a light in wavelength and angstrom) misleading using and Abraham with illicit comment of Mental illness of Abraham? The following abraham proof of prostration given 1400 yrs like moon splitting Surah Moon …
  • In all muslim prayers, Muslim seek refuge from misleader 5/times per day world wide for reason Obvious.”

Is organized superstition a mental illness “for reason obvious”?

Abraham is the mythical founder of Judaism. He is famous for agreeing with a voice in his head telling him to kill his son. Hence Abraham is the founder of Christianism five centuries later, and Islamism, another six centuries after that.

Muhammad got advice about founding Islam from several Christian family members, including his cousin, a professional Christian monk, who told him he had obviously encountered the Archangel Gabriel in the desert. That’s how the whole Islam (“Submission“) thing got to roll…

Submission to whom? That is the question. Well, to the boss. Abraham was the ultimate sucker: to please his boss, he was ready to kill his son. The Abrahamists adulate him for that. Bosses, naturally, founded a religion around the idea.

Once a French catholic girl told me:”Christianism is the religion of love.” For her it was a fact, not a theory. She overlooked three things:

1) love has long existed, since there are brainy animals, and they breed. Thus, those who need Christianism to love may be mentally diseased.

2) Millions were killed in the name of Christianism. And not just by Christians roasting Muslim children for sustenance in the Middle East, or wadding, knee deep in blood in Jerusalem (both facts related by the best Christian eyewitnesses). No, millions were killed by Christians, in Europe, killing Christians who, they believe, did not believe correctly. By the way, I am (formally) a Christian, so, if I get killed by an Abrahamist, it will be more of the same: I did not believe correctly, according to my own co-religionists.

The civil war  in Syria is, first of all, a religious war between fanatics. Between Abrahamists. So far, 10,000 killed and counting. Assad’s dictatorship rests mostly on the (legitimate) fear for their lives some sectarians such as Christians and Alawites have of the (majority) Sunnis. When the Arabs invaded the area, it was entirely Christian. Then there were massacres, and oppression. Some of these massacres were between some particular Muslims (“Sunni”), and the partisans (“Shia”) of Ali (hence Alawites). This is what happened in the last 13 centuries.

3) In the Bible’s Old Testament, there are many calls to murder. And so it is, more discreetly in the New Testament. Here is Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, indeed, a prophet of Islam, ordering to kill non believers. [Actually, a more careful read shows Jesus was supposedly telling a bedtime story, from a “distant land“. Al Frommi called my attention to that apparently nullifying factor; however the murderous tendencies of Jesus are in plain, unambiguous display in other parts of the Gospels, see: “Christianity’s Jesus Is Evil“.]

Luke 19:27: But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.

How loving is that?

When people say that Jesus is love, they, either, did not read the Bible, in which case they talk for sure about what they certainly don’t know, so they are liars. Or, then they think slaughtering those who do not believe the way they like is cool.

In the later case, Abrahamism, as most other mass superstitions, would be a mental disease induced to better exploit the naive in a systemic fashion by making them goose step behind the notion that their superiors even know how the universe works.

Organized superstition is organized stupidity. The way Abrahamism originally had it, it’s organized stupidity with evil intent.

Stupidity is a force against which the gods themselves contend in vain. It is also, in the case of Abrahamism, organized calls to murder. In the case of the Bible and the Qur’an, there are many clear appeals to murder (you can go the site below to read the quotes in the Qur’an:

I never got around listing the same for Christianity, from lack of time.

Some have followed these calls to murder, for centuries, killing millions. There are also appeals to peace, true. But that’s irrelevant, once you are dead. The truth is, Christianism was imposed by emperor Constantine, viewed by a saint by the catholic Orthodox, and who viewed himself as the “13th apostle”. Among others, he killed his nephew, ordered his son executed (without bothering to give a reason), and boiled his wife (no reason either).

If Nero had founded a religion, the same ones would be probably worshipping that. (Nero assassinated his mother, but she was a well known plotter, had basically reigned as an Augusta, and poisoned her husband Claudius. So she was not that innocent. Constantine, by killing the righteous for no good reason, was more Satanic, on the face of it, thus better qualified to found the world upside down, as the Cathars noticed.)

Now, predictably, some of the fanatics roll out people who made a scientific career who were themselves fanatics. Salam, a physics Nobel, was an example (some said he did not deserve his Nobel, BTW). He called the Qur’an “the most beautiful book that ever was“. I guess, complete with the call for the destruction of the unbelievers.

One who is often rolled out: — John Polkinghorne, Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge.

That Christian fanatic famously wrote that:

“only in the media, and in the popular and polemical scientific writing, does there persist the myth of the light of pure scientific truth confronting the darkness of obscurantist religious error.
No progress will be made in the debate about religious belief unless participants are prepared to recognize that the issue of truth is as important to religion as it is to science.
People who tell you that ‘Science tells you everything you need to know about the world’ or ‘Science tells you that religion is all wrong’ or ‘Science tells you there is no God’, those people aren’t telling you scientific things. They are saying metaphysical things and they have to defend their positions from metaphysical reasons.”

Against stupidity and criminality, the gods themselves contend in vain.

Science is about what is true. Science cannot yet prove when people are lying. Science says nothing, globally, about superstition. At least, so far. We have no proof, yet, that those who really believe that god tell them to kill somebody are mad. The secular law does not treat them as criminals, early enough.

The only adverse relationship between superstition and science is that the same form of critical intelligence that built science, if applied to superstition, shows that it is wrong.

For example: twins have different fates. Exit astrology.

For example: that hearsay from some analphabetic epileptic in the desert, 14 centuries ago, with a chip on his shoulder from his analphabetism, and living from his wife’s business, is enough for a proof of a theory of the universe stretches the imagination of all, but the most stupid.

For example: people go on their knees, and evoke Jesus. But there is no record of his life (at a time when there were plenty of records, and at a time when there were the record of the execution of several Jesus like characters, in the same region).

Enormous histories like that of the Jewish general Josephus, written 7 years after Saint Paul’s writings, evoke plenty of pseudo-prophets, but not Jesus. On the usual strict criterions of objective history, Jesus never existed.

And in the first Christian writings, Saint Paul writes, black on white, that he “never met Jesus in person, except inside his own head”…It’s a hint if there ever was one..

Whereas mass superstition is organized stupidity, science is organized intelligence.

But, to practice science, one does not need to be particularly intelligent. And to be famous in science, one can just be lucky, or, like Einstein, present a lot of other people’s work as one’s own.
So professor Polkinghorne can say whatever he wants. There were very bright people goose stepping murderously behind Hitler. Including several Nobel Prize Laureates (Lenard), and super smart young mathematicians (Teichmuller an example). Locally intelligent, globally stupid. Certainly abject and criminal.

And what was Nazism? Why was Nazism so keen to kill Jews, and how come it succeeded so well? Well, just look at the history of Christianism, and at the belts of the SS: “Goot Mit Uns!” God With US! was written there. The first century of imperial Christianism was little more than a massacre of everything, and everybody non Christian.

Nine years after the last SS was killed in combat for his fanatical cause, the U.S. Congress adopted the motto of the SS. Amen.


Patrice Ayme

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35 Responses to “LUKE 19:27”

  1. Alexi Helligar Says:

    I wonder what Christians professing love will make of this text?


  2. Amna Shiekh Says:

    My point of contention: Islam is not the greatest empire ever seen. Stupidity is.


  3. Old Geezer Says:

    Science is a belief system too. Today’s facts are tomorrows disproved errors.

    Not that long ago, leeches were in every physicians kit bag.

    Bleeding was good for what ailed you.

    Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist – it doesn’t matter. They can give meaning to your life, or give you an excuse to commit the inexcusable.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear OGP: Agreed. Giving meaning is fine. The inexcusable is inexcusable. But the inexcusable is also part of the basic Abrahamist message. So that has to be reconditionned, something the Franks did in the Fourth century, and thereafter. Now civilization compatibility has pretty much been achieved for Christianism, all over.
      It remains to do it, just the same, for Islamism. We are very far from that; it’s going the other way. Look Iran. Or now at Egypt, going full backwards, thanks to the evil machinations of the Saudis…

      BTW, leeches are used again, say after finger transplants, or injuries from frost bite. They favor blood, oxygen and nutrient circulation. nothing like it. Labs grow them, sell them to hospitals.

      I do agree that beliefs and faith are central to science, and man is the scientific beast. Thus superstition abuses a system that was evolved for the world, not above it…


  4. James J. Cunninghan: Says:

    James J. Cunninghan:
    Patrice, the term “Satan is hiding behind you” is meant to say that you are unwittingly doing the work of the devil, and you are.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You also published that statement, that many would view as a threat, in the Wall Street Journal. It constitutes, for many Abrahamist fundamentalists, a public invitation to incivility, violence, if not murder.


  5. PerfectStranger Says:

    The second law of thermodynamics proves that there is no way the universe could have began on its own and that it must have taken an intelligence of some form of another to make it all happen.

    I don’t mind if you pick on my Christianity, I’ve heard it all before, doesn’t bother me in the least and I can take it without being offended (I’m one of them rare Christians willing to listen to others who say I am wrong) , but whenever I hear people talk of science as if it were something marvelous and proof of all things I always remind them that I am a Christian and a Scientist who believes in God and Jesus and then tell them about the second law of thermodynamics and ask them to prove me wrong.

    Now you have your chance, should make for a good debate I think 🙂


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear PS: I am presently handling death threats in the WSJ… I agree with all you say. I have practicing, semi-fanatical Abrahamists (and Buddhists) in my (not so close) family, and live in excellent intelligence with them, although they know my general hostility to literal religion. Living according to the best of Abrahamism and Buddhism is fine with me. No need to flaunt it, though. Just do it.

      I agree with all you say. The second law of thermodynamics is not in the foundations of the theory of Gravitation, or Quantum Physics.I view that as a short coming of both. My proposed positive contribution to Quantum Physics consists precisely in introducing a form of Second Law. I get lots from this, including the Cosmic micro Wave background, some Dark Matter, the arrow of time, etc… That’s one of the reason why I doubt the standard wisdom on the Big Bang (and the common Quantum).


      • PerfectStranger Says:

        Death Threats? I’ve had a few good ones in my day but you never know when things might get worse than death, any minute when you least expect it a Jehovah Witness might knock on your door, give you a few magazines and stand there ,,,,, and just stand there … and stand some more … until you give them a donation!

        I’m a Christian Jew, I’ll die before I part with a penny 🙂


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          dear PS: Well, it’s funny, until people act on it. My experience of that has been total surprise each time. One does not expect people to attack with deadly force, until they do. I was actually attacked by fascists, not Abrahamists (so far).

          Decades ago in France a documentary had been made about collaborators and resistance fighters in WWII France. One of the worst collaborators was the most hippie, complete with long hair, and anarchist ideas. So people can change.

          I have always contested erroneous mentalities, but I know some people don’t have my patience, or inclination to debate, and they will strike. Even, the patience of Jevovah Witnesses’ under torture with offending logic, can be tested. Yet, it is irresistible to so engage, I must admit… And, although I do give money to a few (mostly carefully researched) public (PBS) or ecological organizations (such as Nature Conservancy), I am leery of most charities.

          To feed the world, my experience on the field shows that it is best to send a righteous, best trained army, followed by an ethical, strict imperial administration. i am not the first leftist imperialist of the righteous type, there is a long tradition, with the horribly charming Iulius Caesar as our patron saint…

          See South Sudan (say), long occupied by the Arabophones of the North… Or, presently the Touaregs, long horribly oppressed and famished (my dad discovered their oil, long ago, but others are profitting…) The Touareg army will probably occupy the famed city of Tombouctou, within hours…



    So, Patrice, offer us one “positive solution,” no, let’s make it easier, one positive thought, not even a solution, just one positive thought. All I hear from you is venom, including in this latest post. Are you better than those you criticize? I seriously doubt it. We have all had bad experiences. I assure you that you don’t have a monopoly on them. (In the terminology of Jonathan Haidt in “The Righteous Mind,” don’t let your 99 percent of elephant get the better of the one percent of the rider in you. I spent years seeing a shrink. Have you?)

    why does James say that “Satan is hiding behind you”? Patrice, not everybody uses the precise same language that you do. We are all different. That doesn’t make us better or worse, just different. Learn to see this. Learn to see behind the metaphor to what others are saying. James is wondering the same thing as I, why do you go around saying venomous things about those who you disagree with. You say James comes across a bit too strong? Well, in your way you do too Patrice.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Xavier: In some particular passages, the Bible and the Qur’an orders to kill those behind whom Satan hides. It is important to recognize this. Not to do so is lying, and covering up for a blood thirsty superstition. Not to do this is to be an accomplice of those who murder in the name of Abrahamism (also called “monotheism’ by euphemism).

      So saying that Satan hides behind me, without obviously joking, but being, in all appearance, dead serious, is actually a death threat, and we all know it. I do not profer, nor have proferred, any death threat, especially against people who are all too ready to evoke murderous activities, because of their lack of civilized culture, wisdom and mental balance.

      I am not producing venom, just exhibiting the venom that some use in the guise of metaphysics. If it were just a few crazies, it would be a case for a shrink, indeed. But here we are considering a mass murdering delusion. Those result in mass murders.

      Islamist fundamentalists make a literal reading of the murderous verses in the Qur’an. Just google or bing my “violence in holy Qur’an ayme” to find a gathering of verses were it is made plenty clear that those close to Satan, or, simply not following the Qur’an rigorously, ought to be killed.


  7. PerfectStranger Says:

    Give me a good Zeta BBQ anytime, better than a Muslim holy war or a Jewish passover festival in Gaza, Jews and Muslims only kill a few, Mexicans can fill truckloads and still not have enough room to carry the remains back for a hanging from the nearest bridge. Whenever these guys begins to slaughter Satan stand aside in awe!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “Zeta BBQ”?? It reminds me of something… A drug gang in Mexico? True they are doing pretty well down there. 35,000 officially dead and counting. The president, the well named Calderon, a lawyer, is astoundly unconstitutional (in his behavior; he will be out, by summer, as he cannot stand for office again). Funny thing is that Mexicans are very family minded, closer to Europeans than the yankees are, in important ways. Dirt poor Europeans, except for the super rotten ones at the top.
      The violence there is a case study in plutocracy unbound.


  8. Dominique Deux Says:

    So you concur that old Iulius was a left-leaning politician… maybe that should lead you to review your glowing opinion of his adversary, Cicero, the would-be Patrician who was the paid mouthpiece of the aristocratic party against the partisans of Agrarian reform. Rushus Limbogus…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Domique: Hhmmmm… I don’t know how to take that. ;-)! People have compared me with Rushus Limbogus for decades, but I think I listened to him, in totto, less than an hour all together. I think we have in common to be big mouths, but so is Rachel Madow (who I may have listened to for two hours, in totto, but more recently…)

      Caesar was the head of the Populares, that’s a fact. Moreover, what he did for Roma was mostly good. He committed a holocaust in Gallia (and that was why he got in trouble with the Senate, ostensibly), but, even there the situation was complex. Caesar had important Gallic allies. If Gallia had been united, Caesar would have gone nowhere.

      Cicero and Caesar were becoming close friends, at the end. Anthony was a completely different kettle of fish. An opportunist fascist. Same for Octavian, just way smarter.

      If Caesar had not been assassinated, and if he had won the giant war he planned, and if he had come back, victorious (which would have happened i believe) and if he had made an agrarian reform (no idea if he had done that)… Civilization may have turned out OK, without Dark Ages, and we would all be talking Latin…

      You are mean with Cicero, I am going to do some reading…


  9. Sam Jones Says:

    @Patrice, hadn’t thought about it that way before. If I heard voices in my head telling me to kill my child, I’d check into a hospital ASAP. I would hope that most people would physically try and stop someone tying up their son as a prelude to killing them. Yet, a guy who did that is held up as the ‘Father’ of the 3 main sources of conflict in the world today.

    Time to let go guys….

    Posted by Sam Jones


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Sam: yes, indeed! maybe they thought, 25 centuries ago, that it was progress, because they compared with Moloch (or “Mollech”), next door, who found normal to throw many sons in the fire. Alive. (It seems Carthage had such a machine, according to literary and now archeological work.)


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  12. D.André Borgdorff Says:

    D.André Borgdorff wrote:
    You do really understand that cited text Lukas 19:27 taken out of context is a JW-Watchtower method. This is a so called *parabel* only to exegese in hermeneutics, if you understand) otherwise you’ve a completely distorted equation leading to nothing but misunderstanding, so I’d hope you’re not too serious on matter involved and have a broader view I implicitely detected


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Andre’: Any proposition has a context space. The dangerosity of a religious proposition depends upon the dangerosity of its possible contexts. If the most dangerous concepts are implictly allowed, just by being ignored, they are EFFECTIVELY dangerous (or criminal).

      This ignorance of the importance of context thus goes both ways. This ambiguity is part of the criminal problem with Christo-Islamism. Saint Francis of Assisis was no doubt remarkable, but then we have the problem of Saint Louis, a pig of a man, who makes Hitler look like a gentleman. Still, Saint Louis is revered, while Hitler is not. Whereas, arguably, the later would not have risen without the reverence for the former.


  13. Nick_A Says:

    This is a classic example of reading the New Testament from a secular perspective:
    The New Testament is an expression of the psychology of “Being” dealing with what we ARE rather than secular psychology which is concerned with behavior or what we DO.

    From the point of view of what we ARE, if we don’t consciously expand what exists in our being it will be lost. This isn’t politically correct but is reality.

    “Man would like to be an egoist and cannot. This is the most striking characteristic of his wretchedness and the source of his greatness.” Simone Weil.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:


      Fact is, on face value, Christ asks to kill unbelievers, something even Hitler did not do. Secular is not the point, survival is.

      Systematically in the new testament, the game is played: the Christ followers are perfect, and are ordered to be 100% innocuous, so Christ has to burn people on their behalf. Here is another such passage in Luke:

      “3:14 And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages. 3:15 And as the people were in expectation, and all men mused in their hearts of John, whether he were the Christ, or not; 3:16 John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire: 3:17 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff HE will burn with fire unquenchable.”

      So Christ will burn people, with “fire unquenchable“.

      Secular authorities then may as well give him a hand, through the Middle Ages, burning millions. The Muslims duplicated the practice. Calvin was famous to order people to be burned alive, and watched that from as close as possible; he got the authority to do this, from his interpretation of passages such as above.

      Hypocrisy is mighty, thus, in the Bible, institutional.

      And as far as Simone Weil was concerned, that Jew turned fanatical Catholic was so idiotic and self contradictory that her mickey mouse philosophy during the Holocaust of the Jews led her to starve herself to death, in an orgasm of devouring self contradiction, the best thing she could do, probably, considering her Hitler-helping philosophy of do-nothing.

      Simone weil is like the ultimate Nazi collaborating Jew who Hannah Arendt criticized vigorously. Truly Simone was mentally deranged, a pathetic figure. She died from it, from her own depraved self.

      So spracht Tyranosopher.


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  17. SDM Says:

    Religion has much in common with fascism. Well tailored for oligarchic and plutocratic regimes. Although some good may be done along the way, the underlying premise tends towards evil, madness and bloodshed.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It depends upon the superstitious religion involved. However the ruling religions of Eurasia, including Buddhism, have lots of blood on these oligarchic arms, in the fullness of history, indeed! In other words, they performed, as intended…


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