From Gods To Dogs


The best way to rule is over a population that believes (the) god(s) put you in charge. You and the tradition you incarnate.

A supplementary safety mechanism is to make the population stupid from (the) god(s) and terrified by (the) god(s). Hence all the terrifying silliness in the Bible and the Qur’an. Such a terrifying silliness is not an innocent sideshow, it is central to enabling the submission of the rabble.

Suppose an Imam, Priest, Monk, Pastor, Witch, Mullah, Lama, Medicine Man, Prophet, Sorcerer, Shepherd, Witch Doctor, Druid, in other words, an illuminated Holly Man, comes and says:”You cannot eat such and such a food!” I will reply with a question:”Will that food give me cancer, Alzheimer, a stroke, heart attack, inflammation, allergy, a neurological syndrome?”

Let’s suppose the Holly Man answer:”No, not at all, it’s just the command of (the) god(s).”

Then, I will have to eat that food. Why? Because my religion, freedom defended from infamy, orders me to.

My religion, that of the Franks, the free, is not only not to take orders which do not make sense. That is what the free does. My (secular) religion goes much further: this religion asks to systematically violate, what is ordered, if it makes no sense, but for humiliating the mind. In my religion, the mind rules, not an ancient book.

Is there a higher principle at work? Yes. Is there an idea behind it?  Yes. It’s an idea made to negate the very reason why an Imam, Priest, Monk, Pastor, Witch, Mullah, Lama, Medicine Man, Prophet, Sorcerer, Shepherd, Witch Doctor, Druid is paid to give senseless orders.

Terror religions give senseless orders, precisely because they are senseless. They teach to respect what makes no sense, precisely because, otherwise, they would make no sense. (Notice the proximity to the central paradox in logic, incompleteness; this is not a coincidence.)

An attack dog is trained to perfection when it obeys absolutely any order given to it, even if apparently senseless, even if the cost is the dog’s own life. Obey, don’t question, oh dog!

Nietzsche famously said that Christianity was a slave religion. But slaves often questioned, at least in Rome, that exemplary slave society, the sense of their masters. Some taught their masters Greek. Even president Jefferson argued with his slaves.

The Bible instead goes on a mission from God that often makes no sense. We know, from paleontological studies, that men have eaten shrimps, crabs, mussels, urchins or algae, for at least 100,000 years. Some flourishing caves were by the sea. and are full of remnants of fruits of the sea repasts.

The Bible, rarely missing a stupidity that allows to make its desert people even more stupid, on the cheap, orders people not to eat shrimps, crabs, mussels, urchins or algae. Leviticus11:10-12 says:

10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:
11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.
12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.”

(By cheap stupidity for desert people, I mean that some of these interdictions are just there to enforce stupidity: forbidding to eat pigs or algae in the desert is just like forbidding skiing on the moon, it’s cheap, it means nothing; this cheapness also explains why Arabic style Islam has found hard to extend far out of the desert. And why countries such as Senegal uses instead Sufi Islam.)

In Leviticus 20, the death penalty is prescribed for all sorts of reasons: insulting one’s parents, adultery, “men lying with a men as they would with women“.

The logic is itself moronic: lying with women is precisely what male homosexuals are precisely not doing! So they cannot be doing with men what they don’t do with women! Stupidity is taught, as an end in itself.

Having relations with a woman and her daughter deserves death by fire. Burned alive is also the explicit condemnation for the daughter of a priest who has prostituted herself (Leviticus 21:9).

So what we see is that the Abrahamist religion treats people worse than dogs. Dogs are not burned alive when they have illicit sex with the daughter of so and so.

The whole idea seems to want to make people cower, worse than dog, in the fear of dog, I  mean god (it’s getting confusing, with a god behaving like a rabid dog!) Of course the man of the cloth is protected, and protects, the man of the sword, implementing the Holly Man’s orders, however stupid and secularly criminal. What the Bible teaches is blind adoration of senseless orders from above.

This blind adoration of senseless orders from above backfired against the Jews, many times, more recently with Hitler. When Hitler came, barking out orders, the “Jewish Councils” applied the Bible, and obeyed scrupulously the senseless orders, just like they saw it done in the Bible. This is the source of what Hannah Arendt observed, and condemned, the criminal peacefulness of the “Jewish Councils”. (I am targetting here the councils that collaborated with Hitler years before France and Britain declared war, whereas Arendt focused on the war time Judenraten.)

There is no doubt that, if the “Jewish Councils” had fought the Nazi dictator with ferocity, just as the Syrian opposition is fighting the dictator Assad with ferocity, France would not have had to wait until 1939 for a military treaty with Poland and Great Britain.

It’s true that violence begets violence, thus, when war is the only solution for the religion of man, starting mayhem as needed is the first religious act that allows humanity to rise to the occasion of re-establishing a better world. The Dark Side is not always an enemy of the better (as anyone seriously parenting a two year old will testify).

A treaty was not enough. Poland had an obsolete army, and Britain a tiny army of less than 200,000 men, barely bigger than the U.S. army (by contrast France had 117 divisions and Germany 152, in May 1940). Moreover there was no such treaty with the USA, and, even more crucially with Belgium, and the Netherlands; it’s the treacherous neutrality of the Netherlands, combined with Hitler’s cruelty and the stupid goodwill of the French High Command that directly and proximally caused the fall of France in June 1940… And thus, not just France’s glorious shame, but 50 million dead.

If the Jews and others had launched a terror war against the Nazis, it may have been impossible for the treacherously neutrals to claim all was fine with Hitler.

The general drift above extends to secular religions. Apparently silly notions occupy minds, and bring them back to the central theme.

That is why disciplines in armies can become thoroughly ridiculous. Apparently silly orders are given, such as cleaning a courtyard with a toothbrush. They are ridiculous by design. At that point the soldier is made in a spinal cord in charge of executing orders. It is often said that discipline is the strength of armies, and that is true, but it goes beyond that. Fascism is the strength of armies, as it makes one huge monster out of many men.

“Thou shall not kill” is only the Sixth Commandment in the Bible. (The Seventh forbids stealing, the next adultery, the Ninth forbids bearing false witness, the Tenth forbids ‘coveting’ house, other men’s wife, servant, ox, ass, and other stuff, in this order.)

One would assume the first five commandments are more important. They deal with silliness, mostly. So silliness is most important. Contemplate the Second Commandment (full version)

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:

Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

This why so many Abrahamists, as hard core Sunnis or Hutterites, refuse to take pictures, or represent the world, in contradiction not just to what people had been doing for 50,000 years, but also to what people had to do, for millions of years, as making the likeness of anything is the essence of technology. That is why some of the fanatics reject technology (and get periodically nearly annihilated, as the Hutterites were.)

These orders are stupid, and self contradictory: the fanatics overlooking the fact that a piece of technology, a book, made “in the likeness of [something] that is in heaven”, namely the word of god, is ordering them around!

Another stupidity in the Second Commandment was designed to hit the emotional center, as deeply as possible: God boasts that He is jealous”.  How would any priest of God thereafter find it easy to claim to have the high moral ground by following the orders of somebody jealous”? And why would God admit that he is a very bad creature, who boasts of punishing great grand children, and great great grand children? It is one thing to be a God of Terror, it’s another to boast of being an outright monster.

Two interests therein:

a) first, abject terror, and so the justification of abject terror inflicted upon others, that is why the fanatical Muslim Mohammed Mehra in France had no problem wounding, and then killing a seven year old girl: it is in the Bible.

b) inflicting a moral rape. See, we will claim that’s morality. Never mind that our God, up in the sky, is worse than Hitler. Never mind is the point entirely, as I will insist upon shortly.

Worse than Hitler? Hitler never boasted that that he would kill innocent people (the Nazis had only 7,000 Gestapo officers, inside Deutschland, they ruled with the consent of the Volk). Quite the opposite: Hitler claimed to be a man of peace (that is why Gandhi could claim he loved him so much, besides the use of the Indian Swastika and of a caste system). Hitler would certainly not have ever claimed that he was “jealous“, and that he wanted to punish innocent children. But the Christian God did.

A terror religion does not just teach  people to behave like sheep. It teaches people to be sheep. And to enforce that, the best way is the defeat of the mind. Give to stupidity the aura of intelligence, and be done.

Against gods armed with stupidity, humanity contends in vain… Hence, to reassert itself, to progress out of submission from obsolete lords, humanity has to destroy those gods. Revolution revolves deep, when it strikes the god(s). And so it has been done, per omnia saecula saeculorum


Patrice Ayme

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6 Responses to “From Gods To Dogs”

  1. Amna Says:

    You should really leave sorcerers out of that list. They are way too cool to be demoted as mere illuminated holy men. On second thought, leave them in there, since sorceresses is all I really care for.

    Why are people so stupid? I have lost all faith in humans.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Amna: I have not lost faith in great sorcerers and sorceresses (after all, I have an implicit, but not so discrete claim, at being one…) It’s all about fascist religions… If a sorceress points to delightful progress, I am all for her. From my viewpoint, not all religions are fascist, nor are all religions superstitions. Soldiers saluting the flag are (secularly) religious (except maybe in Saudi Arabia).

      So some religions are superstitions, some are fascists, some are stupid. But some are clever, secular, and democracy. Actually so is a well thought about democratic.

      Democracy itself makes for a clever, secular religion. A problem is that, to worship democracy with enough enthusiasm, we have to re-think it, fast. If nothing else, it has become impossible in large modern populations. Fast, before the likes of Sanctum Santorum, or the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power.

      I have not lost faith in humans. Even when I get denounced as a Satanic idiot in some of the media. I have not even lost faith in my own witchcraft to inflect humanity towards more rosy sunrises. For humans, who live by choice, hope is nearly as necessary as breathing.


  2. Dominique Deux Says:

    It stands to reason that goat herders would produce goat herder deities, and that being nomadic and therefore aggressive by essence, they would tirelessly persecute more peaceful neighbours who had mastered agriculture and irrigation. This pattern far from stopped with Biblical times, and much of today’s African woes can be traced directly to it, including the Tuareg invasion of Mali on the track of their slaver forebears. (*)

    This kind of religious thinking probably was a positive Darwinian survival trait, like racism or cannibalism. Explaining the universally nasty disposition of today’s surviving human groups.

    Still, I was always astonished that so-called evolved people could rythmically bleat in praise of a “shepherd”. God as a loving father, as a powerful creator, as an indifferent originator, I could conceive of, live with, even like; but as somebody whose ultimate aim would be to fleece and slaughter his flock, even as a kid (calling young children the same way you call the very edible young of small cattle is not an innocent thing either), I could not accept.

    (*) don’t get me wrong, I am fully sensitive to the many positive and beautiful traits unique to cattle rearing groups. But their translation into metaphysical commands for the rest of us is unacceptable.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Dominique: Good points all you made. The opposition, in the desert, or its fringes, between raiders and sedentary peasants has been a determinant philosophical impactor. Part of the reason has probably to do from so much of the ancient, first part of the Neolithic having unfolded in presently desertic regions of the Sahara, the Middle East, and now dessicated North East India.

      However, the ancient civilizations Sumer, Phrygia, Egypt were very different religions from Abrahamism. The Great Mother (“Cybelle”) cult was, in many ways, on the antipodes of Islam. (Now they call the great mother “Mary”!)

      So I think Abrahism came to prominence, precisely because of its fascism. It was a disaster for the Jews (fascism is Ok, when you are the strongest, but not, when, like Hitler, you are the weakest).

      rabid fascism was perfect for the Late Roman emperors (they had cranked it up to save the empire, just prior: the switch to the Dominate happened even before Constantine’s father became Augustus!).

      Rabid exploitative fascism was a total success for the Arabs, at least initially, in the first 100 years (then they broke their teeth on the Franks, and were domesticated by the vengeful Iranians).

      Muhammad made explicitly the argument that Islam was good for raiding, and the time was now (as Rome had just crushed Iran in an exhausting war). The Roman emperors were much more careful to present Christianism as the best sword they had (since the more sophisticated, Neo-Platonist Greco-Roman population would not have accepted that sort of honnesty!)

      Funny the Islamist plus Touareg invasion of Mali. I am against Sunni Islamists, but FOR the Touaregs (my fiorst memories in life are attached to that desert). Call me a house divided. Apparently the Touaregs are overwhelmed by the Islamists. The West should make the Touaregs an offer they cannot refuse: a nation (same for the Kurds, same basic reason).

      But the Islamists should be stopped… If they dash on Bamako, leaving the real Touaregs behind… Maybe they could be trapped and destroyed. Funny, within 5 weeks of Sarko’s day of reckoning. He cannot really unleash the Armee de l’Air…


    • Old Geezer Says:

      Dear Dominique Deux:

      I also believe that religion is a Darwinian survival mechanism – identify friend or foe.

      Hug or kill.

      And it got us here, which is a good thing. But with 7 Billion of us on this planet, we need to change.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear OGP: Agreed! Indeed, if we have to hug and kill 7 billion, that’s lots of work! Even Obama with his measly Death Panel at the White House is going to be overwhelmed!

        More seriously, I think it’s time for higher ambitions, lest we turn to each others’ throats. And that means, as the newt known as Gingrich would point out with its uncoordinated little leg, the conquest of the Solar System. That in turn, requires big science, and big science is key to the solution of the energy-ecology crisis.
        So we have a crisis of the biosphere, of a proportion never seen since the Permian-Trias extinction, with only one solution: more thought, more science, more space. In other words, more of the essence of the genius genus Homo has to be harnessed. Fully, no thought barred. The Internet arrives just in time, but that remains to be fully harnessed by governance, as the forum of ideas that it is.


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