Force Is Strong, It Beats Weakness Anytime.


 Abstract: Homo Sapiens, fundamentally, is all about force. And thus, so is humanism. So is wisdom.

 The name of the species is “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”. In English: “Man Wise Wise”. And in which sense is Man Wise Wise  wise about? Wise in the usage of force.

 And how did all this wisdom arise? Through genetic mutations that force facilitated, and implemented. The force of the most domineering species, those even lions feared, the human species. Force protected our fragile, growing brains. And the usage of force has become much more extensive since man has become super brainy. Brains are all about mustering, and mastering, forces.

 So how come conventional humanism ignores this powerful evidence? Simply because conventional humanism tends to be the humanism masters prefer their slaves to have. Even Nietzsche’s ‘Amor Fati’ is so affected. So is Existentialism. Real man does not just exist out there. 

 A human being in full creates worlds, using force, inside out.



 It’s not even sad, and certainly true that man is about force. Molded by forces, creating new ones. It should be forcefully celebrated. Celebrations are often about force: contemplate fireworks. Those who disagree with this evidence live in denial. OK, living in denial can be best: so does the resigned sheep, when eaten by the wolf. Force is good, when well directed. Just ask bacteria. And good does not happen without force. Such is the theme of this essay: NO FORCE, NO LIFE, NO INTELLIGENCE, NO MORALITY.


 A word conventional humanism has been avoiding as if it had the plague. Thus the ostrich’s head is deep in the sand, and its juicy rump, up in the air, ready for clawing by lions. “Why can’t wolves eat grass, as we do?” bleat the sheep. Some questions, like the moon, have no moral answer.

 Here you have an animal (man) driving the entire biosphere to extinction. And some ecologists observing this deplore the usage of force? But it is force that destroys the biosphere, force applied by man, and only other forces applied by man can stop those destroying forces.

 An American acquaintance reading a tweet about force as an essential part of humanism, denounced me as “too far off”, adding he was “off”, “unfriending” me right away. That brutality was fully coherent with yesterday’s humanism’s hysteria on the subject of force. 

 That got me to think: why does conventional humanism hate force so much? Why does it want to be weak so much? How can one hate force so much, in a world, a civilization, that rests on force, so much?

 My irascible (ex)correspondent confused “force” and “abuse”. Those who have studied physics know that force (or, even better, potential) is fundamental to (all of) physics. What is fundamental to physics is fundamental to man.

 Anything can be abused. Anything.

 Those who forcefully deny force as an overwhelming concept, are, at best, hypocrites. And, at worst, severely retarded. How come so much common philosophy got so retarded, then, that so much of the folks also are, and does this explain the civilizational crisis we are experiencing?


 LOGIC IS STRONG, BUT CONTEXT, STRONGER; Context Overwhelms Deduction Forcefully:

 The irascible clown was prisoner of a deeper flaw than faulty logic: simplistic semantics, too meager a context to support reality. In his context, force is abuse, a manifestation of evil. However, in its physical sense and more frequent occurrence, force is just what brings change. In particular what turns oppressive infamy into delicious salami.

 This, neglecting the importance of context, was Socrates’ main strategic character flaw. Socrates set-up for himself little logical games he then won (easily, as he had rigged the context). But, as Alexander showed when he cut the Gordian Knot, logic is nothing if one uses force, and more of a context often gives greater force.

 Nietzsche too neglected context when he embraced fate. The Franks he alluded to, calling them “noble” were not just free of other men, they were free of fate as much as they could get the better of it, in a good fight they always welcomed. They welcomed hatred and resentment as calls to violent, forceful action. That, in turn was directed towards many hostile forces, including intolerable Christianism and invasive Islamism.



 At first sight, life is an orderly organization, but the Second Law of Thermodynamics says that entropy, that is, disorder, keeps on increasing. So life contradicts the Second Law, on the face of it. That law can be contradicted only by the application of force. That is the first obvious way in which force enters what defines us. Even an urchin’s symmetry is the expression of force.

 That leads to a number of philosophico-physical questions: what is force? Where does the organizing force that defines life come from? Those questions are very deep, and involve the deepest philosophy of mathematics too; we will eschew them here (however, see the note).

 What is force? A deviation from routine, an inflection of inertia, a change of geodesics. Short of changing the trajectory of the planet itself, certainly extinguishing the biosphere qualifies as a considerable change of trajectory. A considerable usage of force.



 What is intelligence? Using force to one’s advantage. Picture a bacteria going up stream towards a food source the smell of which it detected. It is using the force of its propelling system to its (future) advantage. If the bacteria had no possibility of using force, it could not deflect its existence closer to its (future) subsistence.

 Chimps were never far from trees. Not so with the ancestors of man, thanks to their usage of force. The very principle of man was to evolve into an all conquering ape who uses so much force, the lions themselves contend in vain. Thus the apeman could settle the savannah park, and also the rest of the planet. And force was not just about protection, but energy procurement. Eating energy and protein rich meat allowed more time and energy for thinking (and first of all, about projecting more force, such as about how best to hunt, make war, and grab lots of females)

 Of course, there is no civilization without force: civilization means cities, and one needs force to build houses, let alone operate a city, and keep it alive, by forcefully bringing goods and water to it, while evacuating waste. The Greco-Roman empire existed because of long distance trade, rendered possible by 10,000 ships, all using force. Force could be used passively: see aqueducts and other hydraulics.

 What is intelligence? Doing the right thing. “Doing”: how does one do anything without force? No doing, nor even ding, without force.



 Naturally civilization has to be civil, and so the usage of illegal force within society has to be discouraged. Oppressive mental systems hide behind that to implement their oppression of the full, but innocent nature of man.

 The cruel masters, the plutocrats, fear that force will be used against them. So they instill the People with the fear of force. Not only the fear that this terrible thing could be used against the innocent, but also the fear of wielding it against abuse. 

 That is why Christianity was a slave religion: so that there would be masters, who reigned with their minds, rather than tiring themselves beating up their subjects as much as they otherwise would have to. The occasional execution helped: the last person assassinated by the church for heresy was in the Nineteenth Century. This violence of Christianity by mental means unfolded until the Twentieth Century: the papacy, namely Pie XII, was an active collaborator of Nazism, the religion of the Master Race, and was so effective that nobody think of it to this day.

 Although Nietzsche posed as the re-evaluator of all values, and an adversary of “slave religion”, Nietzsche was all about having the force to accept the force of one’s fate. That alleviated subjects from extraneous baggage such as resentment, he opined. But what is wrong about resentment? If I resent Obama and Krugman for having set-up too small of a real stimulus to the economy of the USA, there is nothing wrong with me. It reminds me there is something wrong with them.

 Nietzsche, following a lot of top thinkers of the enlightenment, spent a lot of time heaping scorn on Christianity. However, he was the son of a pastor, and his belief in fate is immediately recognizable as the old Christian quandary of the problem of Grace and the Christo-Muslim attitude symbolized by the slogan “Inch Allah!”

 And what of many of the French intellectuals of the mid Twentieth Century, those who embraced decolonization, Mao, after embracing Vichy and Stalin? Well, they embraced all these mighty forces, because they were weak. Weakness was their religion. They produced an obscure philosophy, Existentialism, whose shadowy existence denied context. It had no more impact on infamy and plutocracy than Heidegger putting on his Nazi uniform had on civilization. Heidegger, too, was weak, and thus their hero.

 Nietzsche was clear, strong in his elocution, and said many good little truths. However Nietzsche embraced the oldest message of the leaders of empire: learn to love your fate. Many French philosophers (Sartre, Foucault, etc.) were neither clear nor strong enough to embrace anything, but themselves, and the sycophants who licked their bottoms clean.

 As Sartre puts it in his Existentialism is a Humanism: “man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards.” That is silly. Man does not just exist, and “surge”. Humans are molded by forces, including some mental ones from caregivers. There is a debate of forces at work, and that debate is called man.



 Nietzsche could not escape his own fate. Nobody can. For this travel that we cannot escape, Nietzsche enjoins to carry as little baggage as possible. No resentment. So be it. But so what?

 Nietzsche was just scratching the surface of the nature of man, when he proclaimed again the religion of accepting one’s fate, a religion very well known, indeed, as it is the one the masters prefer, ever since plutocracy appeared, and it has ruled. Nietzsche’s message was without any originality.

 Verily, Nietzsche and the slave religions missed the big picture completely. Man is strong. Although man has to embrace fate, man is also a creator of worlds, and a maker of fate itself. For those who doubt that, have a look at the tortured planet. Fate is elaborated there, poisoned river, after polluted sea, extinguished species, after mercury sprinkled Arctic, melting icecap, after dying plankton, and burned out forest.

 For those who doubt that, have a look at the grander work of man.



 During their reign, the Nazis assassinated one million and a half Jewish children. With the best of intentions, of course.

 The Nazis killed even more innocent children, and people, than that. However, by 1935, it was clear, considering the Nuremberg racial hatred laws, that the Nazis had they set the framework for such a holocaust.

 Yet, they were not opposed, and the United Kingdom and the USA (among other vermin, such as Sweden) kept on collaborating with the would be mass murderers, transferring ever more power to them. (Even thoroughly hostile the French republic, led by a Jew, sent her athletes to Berlin in 1936.)

 Why? Lack of force. Lack of desire to use force. Lack of relish for the usage of force. Force was not used. Neither intellectual force, nor physical force. Force was nowhere to be seen. Yet, what greater delight than to crush a terrible infamy such as Nazism? If that pleasure does not exist enough, it ought to be taught.

 When finally France and Britain decided to use force, September 1, 1939, it was all too late, and the alliance between Hitler, Stalin and American plutocrats had become nearly unstoppable. 70 million dead were what it took. OK, better late than never. Millions of assassinated children were part of the price paid for having not enough intellectual and moral force in a timely manner.

 Now one can see something similar with the spectrum of Merkler rising. Fortunately, she is in the process of being stopped in her tracks by the force of the (mostly French) electorate. The others have been there, and seen that, this time they have the force.



 Because only force allows to do what is necessary.

 Just look at the austerity programs implemented around the West, from Greece to the USA. Austerity is characterized by a renunciation of force. It’s something monks do (thanks to others, in the background, who are working and fighting for them).

 When Obama came to power, instead of being forceful like the wheelchair bound Roosevelt, who closed all the banks, and enforced a giant WPA, Obama put in place a tiny real stimulus program (not any larger than that of Sarkozy in France). OK, Obama played basketball a lot, so he felt very active. The activity of the spinal cord, not that of the higher mental functions FDR displayed.

 Merkel has been much more devious. Whereas she embarked on heavy stimulus inside Germany (10% GDP!) plus massive Kurtzarbeit and other socialist, central planning tricks, all of which bore excellent fruit, she has been pushing deliriously on murderous austerity on the rest of Europe, earning herself full Nazi garb in caricature, and theperfidic nickname of ‘Merkler‘ from yours truly. (That theme will be developped in the next essay.) 

 Europe is equipped with the most plutocracy friendly banking system in the world. Unbelievable, but true. All the screaming from wall Street about Europe being a ‘welfare state” masks that fact. And all banking systems in existence are plutocracy friendly, as the Chinese Prime Minister admitted recently about big Chinese banks (adding that was intolerable). To break that institutional state of affairs, force has to be used. Mental force, physical force (white nights of debates among politicians, economists, and philosophers, studying of the situation by the common citizenry, demonstrations…)

 Similarly, to build a world sustainable economy, massive force has to be used.

 The root of the financial-economic-social-civilizational crisis is that plutocracy has envenomed democracy with torpor and a paralysis of the mind. As the People got persuaded that force was anathema, the forces of evil were left unopposed. So, out of the lofty, thoroughly idiotic perspective that humanism had nothing to with force was born, naturally enough, a humanism without force. And now a civilization without force, something that does not grow anymore, but implodes onto itself.

 Time for some vigor. Voltaire’s recommendation to crush infamy requires some force. Let’s gather it. It starts with observation, analysis, resolve. It’s not as bad as when our ancestors had to face real lions.

 Context is made of bits and pieces of semantics, and all connect to the emotional. To be a human in full, it’s important to feel good about force. Otherwise one will end up without dignity, as the dinner of hyenas, or banksters. A weak, degenerated version of humanism is bringing us, and our biosphere, to an ominous doom. Time for some glory.


Patrice Ayme


 Note on life’s vital principle. How come life grow within an ever more chaotic world? How does life overwhelms the second law of Thermodynamics? This is related to a thought experiment called Maxwell’s Daemon. The Daemon separates gas molecules, fabricating a cold compartment in a tank. Maxwell did not present a mechanism to do this. Nor does life.

 My hunch though is that a so far unrevealed force, tied to low energy Quantum Mechanics, the collapse force, is what presides to the rise of this order. Big particle accelerators cannot study that force. (But research towards the Quantum Computer will.)


Note on:

The present essay offers an abstract framework for the older one, which urged to intervene in Libya to throw out the bloody dictatorship.

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17 Responses to “FORCE IS A HUMANISM”

  1. Old Geezer Says:

    Kurtzarbeit was a good idea. It enabled Germany to keep ALL WORKERS employed, albeit at 90% hours and pay. At least, the fear of being the next to be canned did not permeate the German consumer like it did here in the USA.

    The US government passed a stimulus package that was too small by half.

    Better than nothing.

    But our anemic recovery (if that is what you want to call it) could have been robust had we spent the extra money on jobs and not on bank bailouts.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear OGP: the banks bail-outs had to be done, enough to protect normal people, that means, the economy. However, the way they were done was an attempt to rebuild the financial empire, the way it was, as if nothing had happened. Right now all the most important socio-economic indicators, in the USA and the UK, such as education, are pointing straight down (education becoming ever more expensive, that is, less meritocratic, instructive, and ever more plutocratic, destructive)…
      I computed the stimulus package, and found it desperately small (more like the French one, about 50 billion). Krugman admits that Obama was advised he could always boost it later. That was not knowing the first thing about American politics. Obama should have done health care in one hour (expanding and opening Medicare by decree), and a massive stimulus (Very High Speed trains in the half dozen places where it’s a no brainer, solar energy, and electric grid filled up, were obvious starts).

      The banks, thanks to QE, have no interest to be involved in the economy, that was the worst thing about how the bank bail-outs were done. Krugie boy does not get that one yet…


      • Old Geezer Says:

        Obama should have FORGOTTeN about health care reform. He ended up with a 2300 page mess that the supremes will 86 anyway. And for what?
        When he was sworn in, we were hemorrhaging 500,000 jobs per month.Why he did not go IMMEDIATELY into a WPA plan is one of the great mysteries. I think he got lousy advice.

        FDR once remarked that you need two groups to be president – one group to get you elected, and one group to help you govern. And they are NOT THE SAME PEOPLE. This was lost on Obama. He kept the Clinton/Bush/Wall $treet establishment.

        He could have done with the banks what he did (correctly) with Detroit.

        But he didn’t.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear OGP: I agree 100%. I did not like him reading off my website, and then doing the exact opposite. The problem is that he did not know much, and that the ENTIRE democratic establishment came running, caporal larry Summers in front, all to give the same advice… That of the Rubin-Goldman-Sachs crowd. So the exact same story that happened before Clinton’s first election, happened again.

          Now the crux of possible change is whether the grip of banks on Europe will be able to resist the gathering discontent in Europe. The situation is much worse in Europe. But at least the masses are starting to hear about Quantitative Easing, and the horror it constitutes. At this point all hinges on the Irish referendum (a bit), the Greek elections (quite a bit), and, enormously, on the French legislative elections. Although the French socialists set-up the EMU the wrong way, now they are in excellent position to correct matters.

          Germany’s position is not as dominant as the commons crow about. The only way Germany could block an irrate France would be by doing what it did in the 1930s… Allying itself with Moscow and other plutocrats… But this time Italy and the USA are on the French side. (Cameron is completely irrelevant, as he stands outside, barking in…)


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Obama was told by the plutocrat who used to be Clinton’s chief of staff (Eskerine, or a name like that), and who was in charge of the transition, to leave his friends behind, that they caused only problems. So people who advised him way back, as friends, were transformed into cockroaches, and, instead he became best friend with fat cats such as the head of UBS.


    • Old Geezer Says:

      I think the Euro will survive. However, all the EU banks are insolvent (as are American banks, but the US controls the OIL and has a army to enforce it) and will end up getting nationalized. Spain has just done this to Bankia, the 4th largest in Spain. EU banks are sitting on trillions of bad mortgages. And the international speculators have more poker chips than several EUs put together.

      They will buy the pot – with dollars.

      I don’t think they want to kill the Euro – just put it in its place. After all, the common currency feature simplifies life for the mega multinationals. They just don’t want it getting reserve currency status.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Indeed the best lords attend to the health of their serfs, just like cowboys to cows. However, as I (nearly point out in “Merkler?”) violence is being presently done, on a massive scale, by the EMU. To stop it the nature of the EMU has to be modified. If not, the depression will evolve towards blatant serfdom. Political terrorism has restarted in Italy.
        My interpretation is that the plutocrats are making a lot of money from the present Quantitative Easing, added to the non separation of normal banking from speculating.


  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Facebook? A fashion – and fashions come and go. Besides, there are plenty of competitors. I also hate monopolies almost as much as dictators. As soon as something gets too big, I want something else. Microsoft is the worst, but you can only avoid it with difficulty.

    Stock market? It has become a casino, with the worst aspects of same.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chris: Facebook? Not just a fashion, also a conspiracy. The usual susppects are in it, led by Goldman Sachs… They drag in little investors, get their money, and run away…


  3. Beyond fear itself: a healthy relationship with fear « power of language blog: partnering with reality by JR Fibonacci Says:

    […] Force Is a Humanism ( […]


  4. J R Fibonacci Hunn Says:

    I find your post refreshing and congruent with much of my writing. I frequently refer to things like this: organized violence as the root of all currency systems, with currencies having their sole relevance due to the restriction to that particular payment method for all tax claims invented by a ruler (warlord, empire, etc), then enforced by the ruler’s courts and the court-ordered mercenaries that perform arrests and levies and evictions and garnishments in pursuit of the economic interests of the ruling interests. So, I am grateful to see your demonstrations of intelligent life on this planet.

    However, you occasionally fall in to “the language of the slaves,” referencing what “should be” and “who did us wrong.” If you actually experience any resentment or contempt or belligerence toward any bureaucrat, then it seems to me that you may have missed your own point….

    So, I and many others published conspicuous forecasts of the economic developments of recent years. Government officials have even been directly presented the information. Either they lack the intelligence to comprehend it (which is certainly possible) or else they consider such content irrelevant or even dangerous.

    However, the general public is not receptive to simple realities of economic trends either. In 2004, when I started to warn people about the predictable consequences of a pending spike in prices of energy (such as gasoline), there was a consistent complete lack of interest.

    Within a few years, there was hysteria and complaints. Consider that the vast majority of practitioners of a slave mentality would simply prefer to complain than to adapt and prosper.

    Did people fail to comprehend the risks of gambling borrowed mortgages on real estate or of stock market speculation? If so, only with the most negligent forms of “malignant optimism,” AKA insanity.

    Consider that most people prefer to take actions that naturally result in “being the victims” of market fluctuations rather than research the reality of investments. Most people are just following the instructions of the licensed agents of the state, (such as licensed realtors and licensed insurance salespeople), who of course are specifically trained to advance the interests of the state.

    These salespeople are not especially intelligent either. I know of the huge losses that most of them have endured in recent years.

    Consider that you give too much credit to Krugman or Obama if you personally blame them. You have been trained to do that though.

    Perhaps you do not give yourself enough credit (again, in accord with decades of indoctrination). Or, are you really so naive that you would rather handicap yourself through the practice of a frustrating, debilitating resentment toward what may be trivial, spokespeople reading the scripts written according to the interests of the plutocracy?

    Well, even naivete is an excellent way to learn. In time, your intelligence will mature beyond the naivete.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Mr. Fibonacci Hunn: Thanks for encouraging my attempts at understanding. Did my intelligence mature enough to mostly see in Krugman and Obama social phenomena rather than individuals enowed with free will? I am afraid so. They learned long ago to thrive from saying and doing what is expected from them. So they spent quite a bit of time into searching for others’ reasons than trying to forge their own. It is indeed a global disease, both encourage and fought by social networks…


    • Old Geezer Says:

      1. Aside from being “slaves” to the lords of finance, we are ourselves slaveholders vis-a-vis energy. We have energy slaves doing our physical work.

      If you were to PUSH your car to work instead of driving it, it would take you 2000 hours to equal the energy in one barrel of oil.

      So the increase in energy prices means that half of our slaves have been freed. We will just have to make to with less.

      Which we can. We just never really tried.

      2. As to people getting into housing on credit, this has been going on since 1945. “Buy a house so you can get on the property ladder. It will appreciate at least as fast as inflation. They’re not making any more land,,,”

      And other real estate sales pitches.

      Anyway, when a myth has been in the public consciousness for 60 years, it becomes an accepted truth.

      In reality, a house should be priced so that a family can afford the payments on a conventional 30 year mortgage WITHOUT depending on appreciation (or caring much about depreciation).

      We are not there yet. But we are not too far away either. The housing market will stabilize.



      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        OGP: In Switzerland, most people rent. And that is not a poor country. It’s not just rich in money, but also in democracy, and know how, and traditions which know how. The idea of owning makes little sense, especially in a place such as the USA, where people used to move every 6 years or so (although recently this has changed).

        This being said, in France people tend to own, and the successful middle class is defined by its secondary residence status… And really own… Meaning no mortgage. In the USA, what people mean by “owning” is that they rent it to a bank… Of course nor true for facebook’s zillionaires…

        Of course, French house ownership ubiquitous was before the prices there became stratospheric… Most of Paris intra muros seems much higher than Silicon Valley.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        OGP: I think currency should be based on AWE (Absolute Worth Energy). It’s related to using labor as ultimate currency (“hours”).


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, I must keep up better! Only saw this very thought-provoking article from you after sending you my email yesterday. Sorry to be obtuse to your other many readers but feel free to publish my email as a comment if you so wish. Paul


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