Abstract: Thereafter some inconvenient background for the G8 at Camp David. Hating the Greeks under the pretext of austerity? Who does that Merkler take herself for?

Hitler started his career in 1920 as a pawn of the antijewish plutocrat Henry Ford, and Dr H. Schacht, himself a pawn of JP Morgan. By turning the Peoples of Europe into the serfs of banksters, and of some the world’s richest, and most evil men, Merkel is pursuing a similar project. Thus she is morphing into Hitler, Time magazine Man of the Year of 1938.

Some will scream: “Merkel into Merkler? Not so, are you crazy? Merkel does not hate Jews!” Well, maybe she does not hate Jews, but she sure does act as if she hated the Greeks. To death, literally. And soon, all other Europeans, with the same machine she is killing Greeks with.

Hitler was viewed by most, until 1938, as a saint and a genius. Did not he bring the Volkswagen? VW is doing very well, indeed, and maybe all too well (it now owns Porsche, which founded it, at Hitler’s urging, and some localities in Greece buy more of the most expensive Porsche… Than anywhere else in the world… An indication, among many, that Greece corruption is partly tied in to some Teutonic manipulations).

The evidence is that Germany profitted most from the present European Monetary Union. So why does it now want those who profitted less to commit socio-economic suicide, after living on their knees?

Things changed with Hitler in 1939, when France’s call to arms against Hitler bore fruit. In any case, the mechanism is exactly the same as in the 1930s: a plutocratic machine of some of the world’s richest men is devouring all in the way, and the German Chancellor finds righteous reason to enforce that disgusting repast.

(Speaking of righteous, Germany did not pay reparations to Greece after WWII commensurate with the devastation and occupation it visited on that country: a few dozen millions, when the reality is more like a trillion.)



Hitler advertized himself as a man of peace. Was not he following the analysis and implied prescriptions of Keynes in “The Economic Consequences Of Peace“? Keynes decried the Versailles Treaty. Keynes had observed in 1919 that France insisted to make Eastern Europe independent of Germany. Thus French obstinacy (re)created the nations of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc… This, observed Keynes, was a threat to the great German Reich, and thus to peace. Hitler, comforted by creatures such as H. Schacht, head of the German Central Bank, but, more fundamentally, a pawn of JP Morgan, knew that American industrialists and bankers would support him.

Hitler, the man of peace, the man who was screaming about peace, was also strongly supported by the Pope Pie XII, and by Gandhi (who tried his best to block the vote to allow India to join Britain and France against Hitler). Most Germans supported Hitler, because they felt it was righteous to recover huge territories to the east that Germany used to possess, or control. When they understood that France would have none of it, and had stiffened the spines of Britain, and then Poland, instead of killing Hitler, as was their moral duty, the Germans persevered in their diabolical error, a hopeless war, fought all the way inside German cities in 1945.



So now what? We have an insane system for the European Monetary Union. The problem is not the fact that there is a single currency as all too many American partisans (Krugman, etc.) persisted to claim all too long (in all justice, Krugman has become more subtle recently… some of the time).

The pain of the People is the pleasure of plutocrats. The flaw of the EMU is that sovereign states are supposed to borrow from private bankers. The states are like pigeons, begging for crumbs from Dimon and other daemons… The existing EMU is an institution of plutocracy (rule of wealth) to finance… democracy (which is what Europe is supposed to be!)

The private banks get money at 1% from the ECB, and lend it back at enormous rates to the sovereign states… Which have no choice, but to borrow more as the old debt rolls out.

So the banksters right now charge according to their good pleasure; 1.42% for Germany (ten year), 1.72% for France, and above 5% or 6% for Spain and Italy.
… And up to above 100% for Greece. That is why the Greek debt skyrocketed! Because of the conspiracy of the world’s richest men… Literally. As I said in the preceding essay, the (apparently criminal) Buffet rigged the game, holding and owning all positions of all the main actors. Buffet, of course, is best friend with his admirer Obama and his collaborator and accomplice Bill Gates (whose Foundation feeds Monsanto, etc.) The vultures are not so many, they all know each other.



So who does the leader of Germany accuse for the exploding interest rates? The Greek People today, and tomorrow, obviously, everybody else. Did she learn anything from the Nazis’ gory death?

Did Hitler realize how universally despised and hated a character he had turned into? When did the Germans realize they had elected a monster? When did they realize they had launched abominable policies? 1945?

When Angela Merkel became Chancellor, she extended the policies of her socialist predecessor, Schroeder. Zehr gut. Then she instituted Kurzarbeit, a distinctly socialist policy, infused with central planning and state intervention. She boosted state spending by 10% (an enormous stimulus). With the inner devaluation of lowering charges on companies, and an increased Added Value Tax, she was able to confer an advantage to Germany from the 2008 financial crisis. Zehr gut again.

Having thus injected the German economy with steroids, selling a lot of goods and projects to the European periphery, which could not afford them, was part of the German superiority trick, and the largest private banks in Europe were some of the agents which made it so. Those should be punished. Instead, they are rewarded by the ECB.

Massive bank bankruptcies threatened. The sovereign states stepped in, and are now themselves threatened with bankruptcies. At that point the not so good Kanzler comes finally forward to say “Nein!”. It would be funny, if it were theater.

Now here comes Merkler’s finance minister, from the depth of his wheelchair. “If Greece does not respect her engagements, she will have to get out of the Eurozone!” What a tyrannical clown! Let me remind the minister that he should not talk as if he were in Hitler’s government. He cannot order Greece around.  That was the sort of thing Hitler used to do. Aber Kanzler Hitler is kaput. Precisely because he barked out illigitimate orders.

Just as the Greek state is deprived of the ability to borrow money from a central bank, Germany is deprived of any legal or constitutional means to order Greece around.

Merkel’s finance minister has the reputation of being very pro-European. He should learn the notion that it’s not because a country is big, that a country is right. If that’s as much of a European as the Merkel government can have, a pity it’s not out yet, to join Sarkozy in the Walhalla of the pro-plutocracy party.



In a secluded neighborhood I know very well on the French Riviera, villas used to be worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Now a villa is being built, for 40 million euros. By a Belgian banker. He had the construction company and landscaping come from Belgium. Recently the largest Franco-Belgian bank, Dexia went bankrupt, and France and Belgium paid billions to keep its remnants afloat. As presidential candidate Romney just pointed out about JP Morgan losing billions in derivatives recently: it’s all very good, because it’s someone else’s gain.

In other words, French and Belgian taxpayers lost billions, and the money apparently allow Belgian financiers to drive up real estate prices in the plushest areas.

Thus, all over the world.



Does Merkel know she may turn into Merkler? After losing in Germany, even in Germany, nine elections in a row, she does not seem to get the message from the People. She obviously does not want to. Errare Humanum Est, Perseverare Diabolicum.

The Kanzlerin is busy, instead, pushing her own message. Balance budgets, submit to the iron rule of the plutocratically corrupted EMU. Never mind that, when Germany was in economic difficulty a few years back, it was the first to violate the European Monetary Union deficit rules!

Never mind that budgets cannot be balanced, as the largest item are now interest payments, and those are fixed by the thugs who build 40 million dollars villas from taxpayer money.

What is that iron rule of the EMU? That banks ought to rule. Austerity insures that the rule of the PRIVATE banks is sustainable. It’s all about banks.

What does that mean “the rule of the PRIVATE banks”? It means the rule of wealth, plutocracy. To make plutocracy sustainable is what Hitler failed to do. Time for an encore?

The Peoples of Europe are increasingly guessing that there is something wrong in this picture. They incline towards a fundamental rethink. But that does not mean that it will happen. Indeed, few of the leaders are exposing the fundaments. The American left is operating hand in hand with American plutocracy, pushing the vision of destroying Europe, supposedly to fix it.

A democracy is a state, and a state, especially a state of law, is, first of all, a state of force. No force, no law. By not replying in kind with those who want to destroy her, Europe has become accomplice in her own destruction.

Merkel could say, at this point:”I told you so. I apply force on Greece, and that is the law.” Right, Merkel, you are doing that, and an Iron Chancellor, wings dripping with molten iron, just passed by. You just forgot you have no democratic mandate to do so. Actually the mandate you are trying to enforce is distinctly plutocratic.



What’s a state? It’s, first of all, a military fact. An army controls an area. The army defines the state. Or then states with large military power collide, and small fragmentary states are in between (small states without armies are either in the middle of nowhere, or collaborate with larger states, such as the numerous states which helped Hitler: Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland-Belgium (prior to May 10, 1940), etc.).

Money is a device to transmit power from its ruler to rest of the house the state inhabits. Money is not necessary to transmit power, bullets can do fine. Just ask Stalin. However, money is the easiest, and most efficient way to use stick and carrot throughout society, because it appeals to the full panoply of fear and greed.

Stalin was mostly interested to decimate his own country, so that the haggard, terrorized survivors would obey with more enthusiasm to him than the Nazis did to Hitler… Decimation was a method well known of the Roman generals.

In particular, money can empower the free market. Whereas an army is necessary to define a state, the free market is a luxury, a dispensable tool of the state.

The European Union was led by French socialists who, during the 1980s, were anxious to show that they were appreciative of bankers and Germans. They established a European Monetary Union in which  money was controlled by private bankers. That pleased to no end the City of London and Wall $treet (let alone the sponsors of the late French president Pompidou).

This is of course all wrong. The democratic chain of implication: People > State > Money was broken, because, in the EU, Money > State. This was also the implication under Hitler. This is the implication Merkler finds natural.

Simple people do not have to be punished because giant banks invested with their friends, and all the money was lost… to their friends. (OK, not really lost, as Rommney unwittingly pointed out, just transferred from the People, to his friends.)



One has to change the way the EMU works, right away. Sovereign states ought to have access to money to make their economies functional, as needed.

Sovereign states cannot beg plutocrats for crumbs, as if they were pigeons, as they do with the present EMU. Indeed, that very act of begging contradicts the notion of sovereignty. Germany should be warned that it is, once again, standing in the way of peace and prosperity in Europe. And that this time one will not wait 20 years to strike back.

Germany could of course say:”Oh, well, if you take it like that, we Germans will deal with Putin, who has been very friendly to us.” Once again, that’s nothing new. Friendship and business with Russia’s old demons was the route taken by Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. Germany had a discrete, but deep alliance, including a military alliance with Stalin,  until 1939, when it became loud, clear, and abominably efficient.

Let me remind the crazy Kanzlerin that the old ways did not work too well: ten percent of Germany got killed, and much German territory is forever gone. Time for a bit more imagination, and artistic creativity.

History threatens to repeat itself. Time to interrupt it. Rudely. I hope that essay was rude enough. But, if not, I can do better.


Patrice Ayme


The Axis occupation of Greece killed between 5% and 12% of the population (as Americans and British instituted a civil war against Greece after 1945, the records have been hard to keep).

The Greek National Council for Reparations from Germany reports the following casualties during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II. Military dead: 35,077 including, 13,327 killed in the Greco-Italian War of 1940–41; 1,100 with the Greek Forces in the Mid East and 20,650 partisan deaths. Civilian Deaths: 771,845 including: 56,225 executed by Axis forces; 105,000 dead in German concentration camps (including Jews); 7,120 deaths due to bombing, 3,500 merchant marine dead, and 600,000 war related famine deaths. Greek Jews assassinated, with their property stolen, totaled 69,500.

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18 Responses to “Merkler?”

  1. Casey Weston Says:

    Casey Weston This clarified a few things for me….it is the banks again…!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Casey, indeed. It’s the banks all the way, and it started in France in 1973. It’s only now that they have sprung the trap, because they feel, after the 2008 bail-out, that they can get away with anything… The banks and their fellow travellers allies, collaborators, and skirmishers, such as hedge funds and the likes of Buffet. Busy creating a new feudal order…


  2. Old Geezer Says:

    First, a word about Hitler.

    When he came to power in 1933, the Mark was toilet paper and unemployment was rampant. The country was on its back. Hitler created the Labor Treasury Certificate, thus avoiding the formal banking system entirely. Everybody was required to WORK, and everybody was required to accept this new “currency” as payment in full.

    Gotta give him credit for that.

    Unfortunately, he put people to work in industries which could be rapidly converted over to making tanks, planes, guns, and ammo.

    Merkel has NOT done that. Sure, she is trying to keep the German banksters from losing their shirts, but after all they are HER constituents – the Greeks are NOT. This is what Chancellors do.

    Of course, many of those banksters loaned money to build second homes for Germans and French in the sun belts of Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Should Merkel hold Germans who walked away from underwater properties? In New York State, you can walk but you cannot hide. In California, you can hide. I don’t know about German rules.

    And let us not forget about the American banksters who sold trillions dollars worth of KAKA to the Euro folks. The US banksters invented all this crap. Rocket scientists who fled to Wall $treet after the collapse of the USSR.

    I blame it all on the Russians. If they had kept their empire together, these quants would still be designing weapons.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear OGP: Refined knowledge of the Third Reich you have! I have not studied its economic aspects in recent years. Many say that it looked good to Hitler’s admirers, mostly from theft (of the Jews and the like). True Merkel is not engaging in a military conquest project: no need, and it’s completely impossible, as alarm bells would ring right away on the other side of the Rhine (plus French and German defense industries are imbricated). Fact is though, some French intellectuals are starting to add Merkel’s and Putin’s attitudes, and find an increasing fit.

      The USSR had too much erroneous command and control to proceed. Right now, we don’t have enough righteous command and control. The quants can be taxed away with a transaction tax. There is a transaction tax all over, but not in finance. Why? Because financiers are our lords.How? The lack of a tax made them so…

      To come back to Germany, I think the overwhelming majority of Germans mean well, including Merkel. That’s the worst part. They have not become conscious of the traits in their national character, stridently condemned by Nietzsche, which make them relapse into abuse. But that can be corrected. Part of my family is German, so I know the seduction of order and seduction of work all too well done…


      • Old Geezer Says:

        “War is a continuation of policy by other means.” – Clauzewitz

        “Financial strangulation is a continuation of policy without bloodshed.” – OGP

        What the Nazis failed to accomplish, namely European domination, they may yet accomplish with financial strangulation.

        Or, they may bring down the entire house of cards on their heads.

        Like Gotterdamerung.

        Like they did in 1945.

        We will have to wait and see.

        Meanwhile, Russia is a 3rd world country, living on revenues from oil and gas. Their tech sector is 50 years behind; their society is even more financially unfair than ours. A really small number of oligarchs own everything. What’s a peasant to do? Pour another vodka, or come to America and work on Wall $treet.

        Remember that Russian programmer.Sergey Aleynikov. who left Goldman with some “strategic” code? He wrote programs which allowed Goldman to horn in on big trades, making maybe a penny a share. It’s called “frontrunning” and it’s illegal. But you only go to jail if the Feds bother to prosecute you, which they don’t. And what about the fact that Goldman’s computers are in the next office suite from the NYSE computers. Goldman’s high-speed trading sets new heights in speed. They don;t even have to wait for propagation delays.

        And the Tobin Tax will only work if it is global. Otherwise, the transactions will simply move to a tax-free venue. It is a good idea.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Financialization of all and any is strangulation of civilization by greed. – Tyranosopher.

          All solutions have to be global: it’s a small spaceship here, in a giant black universe. this being said, the West can just impose its ways economically. Namely, if the West agrees to make a transaction tax, worldwide, it does not need the agreement of Singapore, Brunei, and all the dingos of Australia.
          After all, the USA unilaterally impose its grotesque worldwide tax on income, as if it were sole owner of the planet, and…it works.


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    From the BBC news website some 6 hours ago, “US President Barack Obama has said there is an “emerging consensus” that European countries must now focus on jobs and growth.”

    Will I live sufficiently long to hear a US President say something more like this, “The US President has said there is an “emerging consensus” that European countries must now focus on saving the biosphere and the long-term health for our planet and all species that depend on it.”?

    In answer to my question, I’m 67 and doubt it!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Obama is elected by lobbying groups, among them the fossil fuels, financial, military ones… Growth is better than exclusive enslavement to banksters. As Quantitative Easing has it. You may see changes soon as the energy-ecology collapse is gathering momentum…


  4. Whatonearth Says:

    This is without doubt the dumbest essay i have read in some time.
    What i learned from it:
    You have no understanding of European or rather Eurozone political dynamics
    You have no understanding of European macroeconomic patters
    You have no understanding of the socioeconomic conditions in European countries like Greece, Spain, Italy.
    You have no real understanding of modern European history at all.

    In order to make up for this profound ignorance, you are spinning a conspiracy theory involving “Nazis”, the “Plutocracy”, “the world richest man”, “the corrupted EMU” etc.Im sad to see that you have left out Aliens, the Romans and Gerard Depardieu. But I strongly believe that you can improve on that in one of your next essays.

    This essay is like reading talk radio… and if you have any idea about American talk radio you will know that this is not a compliment.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      whatonearth: Insults are easy, critique less so. Learn that too.

      Your insults are unsupported, you do not give one precise statement I would have uttered that you consider erroneous. So you bark, without any bite. Barking dogs do, thinking humans elaborate.

      The EMU rests on having sovereign states borrowing from private banks. That’s outrageous.

      See? I said it in 13 words. Such an assemblage of words is called an idea. Actually an idea depicting a fact. It’s harder to express ideas than insults. Insults, in you case, consists in proclaiming the opposite of reality, apparently hoping that it will hurt. But it does not. The situation in Europe has become grave, thanks to various errors commited by various leaders. At this point, clearly Merkel has beeen the most culprit (Cameron is not worth mentioning, he is a dog barking in the wind on a forsaken island in the middle of a sea of red ink). Clearly too, many of old Germanic cultural demons, have comically resurface, such as the incapacity of observing one’s own mistakes (Germany profitted most from the machinery that has been oppressing the Greeks in the last 5 years).

      BTW, “Conspiracy theory” is a stupid expression. By definition a conspiracy is not a theory, but a state of having a number of people so close by, they share the same air.
      You despise “American talk radio”. I would suggest you learn not to use its semantics!


  5. Richard Schatz Says:

    I just love it when the French call other people cowards

    Richard Schatz


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Schatz: Sure. Some people are courageous, such as the Canadians landing in France in June 1940, to try to stop the crazed out, despicable, monstrous, blood thirsty, idiotic Nazis. Others are cowards like the USA Congress in 1939, taking sanctions against France and Britain because those two democracies declared war to Hitler.

      Another example of cowardice? Roosevelt, recognizing the Vichy putschists as the legal government of France in June 1940, which it was not.

      Anyway, so pleased to have make you love something! :-)!


  6. Chris Snuggs Says:

    I was interested to note that Hollande et al are demanding various things of Germany, ALL OF WHICH ARE COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. These people are incredible. Have they NO shame? (silly question). If I do something illegal, I get prosecuted. But they can incite to crime with impunity. Chirac? FILCHED millions from the public for his party for more than a decade and gets NO EFFECTIVE PUNISHMENT AT ALL.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Chris: Hollande has the right to ask to change the law, the constitution, whatever. Fact is Merkler has been leveraging the EU to her advantage. And that is her right. But so it is of other countries to ask her to allow them to leverage themselves too. She goes Hilterian when she says nein, only Germany, only, and Germany alone, can leverage the EU to her advantage.

      Hollande made 75% of the vote in the French presidential election in Berlin… That means the French living in Germany, who are in the know, with Merkler below their noses, knew what it means, to see such a bad selfish mood rising again. BTW, why your great rage against Chirac? I never liked him, true, but he is, was not the cream of England… Supposing Chirac profitted, he did not profit much personally. I mean the queen and her progeny and relatives, in Britain… You know, the ones who don’t work, and get subsidies from the EU, just because they have titles… why don’t you rage about those??


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    […] PM Angela Merkler wanted to prove she was ecologically correct by wasting nuclear power: nevermind that coal has killed thousands of Germans, a year, for generations, although nuclear power has not killed even one German. That’s PC for you. Just as she wanted to prove she was no racist by accepting a million Muslim refugees, all of a sudden (voters have sobered her up)…. (Just ask the French, who accepted 30,000 Chechen Muslim refugees, supposedly pursued for their religion by Putin, and now some of the youth so accepted kill French citizens in the name of Allah, because Allah, a friend of theirs, said so, or so say the famous epileptic analphabet caravan raider, and serial rapist… ) […]


  10. Patrice Ayme Says:

    6 years later, Merkler still here:

    Auf Wiedersehen Merkler, very soon… Merkler is a play on Hitler and Merkel, because Merkler has been torturing Europe for many years with her “austerity” (money for the hyper rich only), pro-plutocrat politics (I personally befriend a couple of German plutocrats). She starved Greece, punished the people, in what looks like a revenge of World War Two, und so weiter… This sort of inflammatory cover will have the exact opposite effect, as it is going to encourage racism in Germany. Germans will think: if the USA does it, why not us? Merkler is destroying europe. This from 2012:


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