Islamist Contamination


Golden Age Of Islam, Or Of Secularism?

Until the Twelfth Century, what are now called Islamist countries, considered to be part of “Islam” had actually a majority of… Christians. There were also plenty of Jews. (Source: A well known fact, reasserted recently by the head conservator, Islam Art department, Louvre.)

Ancient Islamic art represented people and animals. Persian Middle Ages princesses with see-through tops transparently exhibit that hysterical superstition was still weak, hesitant. And… unneeded, then.

Islam Was Very Modern In The Middle Ages

Persian Prince and Princess Feasting On A Terrace. Notice close, heterosexual couples.


Later on the Islamist superstition weakened the countries it had captured so much that it became ever more necessary, and ever more single minded, in a demonstration of self feeding intellectual fascism. A vicious spiral down the crash of a civilization. (Helped by the Mongols, who decapitated the thinking elites.)

I have said this many times before: the Golden Age of Islam was actually the Golden Age of Secularism. Christians and Jews, previously terrorized by the Christian dictatorship in Constantinople, were much more free, as the Muslim (military) authorities were happy to have them pay a tax, and leave it at that.

Things degenerated when Islam exerted its dictatorship onto all. It was back to the problem under Constantinople, with a nasty twist: under Islamic dictators, there was no separation between state and arbitrary superstition.  

Although Constantinople’s fanatical “Catholic Orthodox” Christian superstition had been unbearable, for Egypt and much of the Orient, it was, in theory at least, mitigated by secular law. The Roman law corpus, refurbished under emperor Justinian’s very long reign, made a distinction between secular laws and religious laws.

That was the only order Justinian gave, and its implementation was facilitated by choosing a Pagan (!) law professor as the head of the legal refurbishment commission (I do not know how one could still have Pagans in Constantinople in the 6C!)

Augustine said that: It Is A Wretched Slavery Which Takes The Figurative Expressions of Scripture in A Literal Sense.” And, nine centuries later, under the Kurd Saladin, head of state in Egypt, and much of the Middle Ages, so it was with Islam. What would become Wahhabism, the literal slavery to scripture, was subjected to the worst penalties.

Islam, a convenient superstition to have for exalted desert soldiers, created an army, which created a (military) state, which made its generals rich beyond understanding, and those created laws expanding their rule. In the end this madness of an oligarchic crowd has fed on itself, in a parallel universe.

On the largest philosophical scale, it is easy to see what happened: as the craddle of civilization dessicated, it went increasingly in a fascist mode. (That’s a way to look at Fernand Braudel’s “hydraulic dictatorship” thesis).

Yet, present technological advances present with an opportunity of getting out of this vicious circle, as long as superstition can be relegated to a secondary role below secularism supreme.


Saudi Arabia Is A Homosexual Country, IKEA Is Its Prophet:

The most published and read work in the world is not the Bible, or this site, but the IKEA catalog. It is available worldwide, even in Saudi Arabia, where IKEA has three of its furniture stores. The catalog represents the typical family enjoying IKEA goods. The Saudi edition has only men in it. All the women were electronically erased.

IKEA is a Swedish company, and Sweden is known for sexual equality. But greed is the need that wins. On the face of it, the disappearance of women from Arabia makes the place a homosexual country.

The Greek homos means “one and the same,” from the Proto Indo European somos (Sanskrit samah, English “even, the same”).

Some will say, what’s wrong with homosexuality? Simple: the female and male brains work differently (OK, brains can be more or less male or female, or whatever, an irrelevant detail). Thus the perspectives obtained are different, and the set of all mental and emotional perspectives is, thus, made richer, in a country where both genders are treated equally.

In other words, the more homosexual a country is, the more moronic. In Ancient Greece, there were intellectual women (a female philosopher appears to inform Socrates of her higher wisdom on love, at some point in Plato). However women were clearly segregated against, and no doubt this lack of feminine perspective, logically and emotionally, contributed to the demonically mad brutality running amok, that made many Greek states feel that the Persians were preferable to the Athenians (this happened in Lesbos, which was occupied by Persia, before being occupied by Athens). This changed only with Frankish queens, a millennium later.

Islam had to my knowledge, only one female leader, in Egypt, Shajar Al Durr, of Turkic origin. Shajar confronted Saint Louis, crushed him, captured him, and founded the Mamluk state (1250 CE). Thus Muslim women can reach the sky, if only one let them be.

The Saudi elite ought to meditate this as it tries hesitantly to pull the country out of its obscurantism, the largest piece of which is probably female subjugation. Subjugated females bring children up until the age of seven, traditionally, thus insuring another generation of mentally underperforming males, incapable of understanding that stupid mothers make stupid children.


Circumcise This Problem:

Sexual mutilation is an interesting contradiction of Abrahamism. In Indonesia Muslim females are circumcised. That was made unlawful, and then lawful again, as Superstitionism (“Muslim Fundamentalism”) took over again.

Why is it a contradiction? Because the Abrahamists go around, claiming their all mighty and merciful god has made a perfect world (complete with Satan). Then Jews and their Muslim parrots insist on cutting part of the anatomy (but not beards!). So they think they know better than their god, and can improve on god’s creation?

As a letter in The Economist (Sept 29, 2012, print edition) has it: Cutting the pleasure out. SIR – I am astounded by those who decry female circumcision (the removal of the clitoris), yet blithely support male circumcision (“Odd bedfellows”, September 15th). Studies that claim no loss of sexual function or satisfaction are just wrong. The nerve endings in the male foreskin, including the frenulum, are analogous to those in the vagina and labia. Removing them is the sensory equivalent of removing everything except a woman’s clitoris. Sure, it’s still possible to have an orgasm, but the experience pales in comparison.

Garry King
Bern, Switzerland.”

Well spoken. One may wonder what are the consequences of deliberately handicapped people. It’s very clear that, by confining women, removing them from full accession to full culture, one removes children from full accession to the world too, and thus circumcision, physical or cultural, is part of procreating a continuation of the mutilation.

However, superstition is just about who is on top. Astounding cruelty and non sense is of the essence. It’s not about logic of the world, it’s against logic of the world. It’s just a way to justify the rule of an oligarchy.

Oppression, and, in particular, mutilation, is of organized superstition’s essence. Sometimes it backfires, sure. But the reverses themselves are a binding-again factor, as they incite the rise of the fascist instinct.


Syria As A Typical Muslim (un)Civil War:

The Spanish caliphate started to fall when the Muslims there got at each other throats. Why does this sort of things happen so much to Muslims?

Because the essence of Muslim law is that the non believers ought to be killed. But how is “non believing” determined? It’s a matter of philosophical introspection. Muslim law punishes the “mens rea” (the thing of the mind). Thus Muslim law enforcement is all about punishing who one believes is a bad person, because of what one considers to be his bad relationship with god. Murderous gossip, erected as a moral, and just.

Instead Roman secular laws starts with specific secular acts which are unlawful (actus reus). The role of Mens Rea is confined to making the distinction between the accidental and the wilful.

The West has the military means to intervene in Syria. However, in spite of the on-going massacre, at this very moment, it would not be wise to do so. First there is no UN authorization, and the West needs a secular power, or something approaching this, to give power to (as was the case in Libya).

However, the greatest secular power in Syria right now is the corrupt plutocracy fighting for its survival against all too many determined jihadists often financed, organized, or even sent by the Wahhabists themselves. That Iran does the same with Assad and his Shiite allies is no excuse.

Lack of cynicism can be a problem.


War Teaches Bad Culture:

A Georgian knights army contributed  to the large Mongol army that besieged, and finally destroyed Baghdad, and all Islamic culture there (Christians were spared). Christian Frankish and Armenian armies also contributed (1258 CE). Arab sources claim two million citizens were assassinated, and the river ran black from the ink of destroyed texts (the Mongols claim nearly 900,000 executed). Such elements of brutality, when they reach such an abominable scale, become meta cultural. Extreme, institutionalized brutality, used against an enemy, can turn against those who used it, and pervade culturally throughout the centuries. By acting as if holocausts were a solution, Georgia and Armenia may not have helped their future cultural (hence national) standings. (And the Franks were to disappear from the Orient within a generation, when their racist bosses in the West refused to condone the alliance with the Mongols, after the fall of Damascus.)

Blood calls blood, but brutality is also a disease of the mind, individual, or national.

In Georgia, the corrupt, somewhat Bush crazy plutocrat (still president), who initiated an ill considered war with Russia, just lost legislative control to Georgia’s richest man (the latter wants both to get into NATO, and make peace with Russia, where he made his fortune). It’s a bit as with Romney and Obama: sometimes it’s better, more honest, to go with the plutocrat, the one who pulls the strings, rather than puppets, butlers, or underlings, below.

Meanwhile Erdogan, Prime Minister and leader of Turkey, three times elected as PM, as head of the Islamist party, is becoming allergic to Syrian shells (or maybe Assad’s support for the Kurds: it’s getting complicated!). The PM just said, in a state of great excitement:…”If you are not ready to go to war, you are not a state, if you cannot go to war, you are not a nation. Remember what our predecessors said:’If you want peace, prepare war’…” Erdogan is right. The Romans and their famous proverbs, including “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” were indeed the ancestors of the present population of Turkey, and its culture. 

War is the gift that keeps on giving, as long as it is waged for the best reasons. But only then. Waging war for the wrong reasons has been the bane of Islam. Once again, Syria is an excellent demonstration. Turkey better make sure that the war is just, the Republican way, and not just… Islamist. That is, Turkey should not try to reconquer some of the empire it used to have, before it was kicked out by the Arabs (helped by Lawrence of Arabia), the British and the French (from between the late 18 C until 1920…) Quite the opposite, it’s high time that the land of the Kurds, three times older than Islam, accede to independence… 


Patrice Ayme

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15 Responses to “Islamist Contamination”

  1. Richard Says:

    I recently discovered PA. Thank you for your insights. You analysis (historical, scientific and cultural) always provides a new way of thinking about whats happening in the world.

    WRT your comments on female subjugation, i rarely hear a concise analysis of the damage done to the male psyche as a result of the Islamic (or any other) repression of women. It clearly imprisons them in a permanent state of adolescence. Inflexibility, and the inability to compromise or empathize are rampant as is easy suicide.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Welcome to the comment side of this site, Richard! Yes, it is indeed ironical that the male chauvinist pigs, by subjecting women so much condemn the next generation of males, educated by said women to be less intellectually mighty than they would have been otherwise. One may also guess that, by being educated by mouse like women, one gets mouse like men, unable to shake of Seventh Century desert analphabetic superstition (that was the initial objction of the Quraish in Mecca to Muhammad’s new religion!)

      Come to think of it, we have seen that movie before. Rome was undone, no doubt, by its subjugation of women, and slaves. When the Romans met the Celts, they were shocked to see Celtico-German women fighting like men, sword in hand. And they found them hard to vanquish. Many of these ended up like slaves. Yet, by the 4C and definitively by the 5C, the Celto-German confederation of the Franks, with strong sexual equality, had replaced the Romans in Francia and Germania. They were mightier militarily, due in part to their strong birthrate, but also better tech, both, I would argue related to sexual equality. It is striking to see the Imperium Francorum with seven reigning queens in just one century (whereas Rome managed just one reigning Augusta in 11 centuries…) That was also the century when the West was created, philosophically speaking, in contradistinction from Greco-Roman civilization.

      And the difference was… NO institutionalized subjugation of man by man. That meant no subjugation of women, and no slavery. There again the outlawing of slavery happened under Bathilde, a Merovingian queen born in Kent, and brought to Francia as a slave (talk about the “American dream“!)


  2. aaron greenbird Says:

    i really enjoy your ‘take’ on all of the above, thank you. would love to hear your take on the merovingians, and their contributions….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Aaron: I wrote a lot about the Merovingians. But it’s dispersed through many essays. The Merovingians are, arguably, and certainly from my perspective, more important than the Romans themselves Now, of course they cannot be separated from Rome. Because Rome, to a great extent, created them (after frank and sincere debates on numerous battlefields!) Rome gave them writing, and a civilized language to start with, Latin.

      What the Merovingians did was to get out of the exploitative philosophical mood system in place since the Trojan War (“Iliad”). That is why the war against Ilion was so important, and the Greeks kept on ruminating it, and the Romans and Franks insisted they were on the side of Troy (and descending from it!!!)

      At the time of the French Revolution, many of the revolutionaries (and I would include the American Founding Fathers in them, and the likes of Voltaire, Rousseau, Sade, Encyclopedists, etc.) insisted that the Merovingians were “do-nothing kings” (like Obama), and they heaped abuse on the Merovingian queens too. The idea beings that monarchies, and the old regime, and women were all certified human errors and anti-progressive.

      That was in part caused by the fact that many revolutionaries (such as Louis XVI and Mirabeau, both the original leaders, chronologically speaking, of the revolution!) were nobles… So the republican oriented revolutionaries were anxious to not recognize anything good to any monarchy. Now Merovingian monarchs were ELECTED… And so on (king Obama was also elected). The Merovingian leadership was plutocratic, to some extent, but that was counter-acted by strict equal inheritance laws… And of course the reign of the Salic and Roman secular laws (Salic recognized stronger rights to women, and equal inheritance mandatory). That is why the Imperium Francorum kept on breaking up, and reuniting, in mini kingdoms, all over.

      More later, family now.


  3. pshakkottai Says:

    Hi Patrice:
    I would also like to know more about the merovingians, and their contributions.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Pshakkottai: Yes, well, I wish there would be a computer program picking up all the passages where I mentioned the Merovingians, and then I could review the whole thing, and melt, anneal, forge and polish it in a coherent whole.
      The Merovingian basically re-introduced the pre-Agamemnon philosophy found in Greece, and apparently Troy and its suzerain(s) who adored the Great Mother, Cybelle, and, were (certainly so for the Cretans/Minoans), presumably much less sexist than what happened later. So doing the Merovingian re-established, put back in power, a more Natural Paleolithic philosophy, and, thus, a stronger civilization.

      Verily, much of Homer’s Iliad is all about grabbing women as property, as if they were fancy cars (very similar to the mentality in the Qur’an). In many stories about Helen (of Troy), related in Antiquity, she is just a free woman whom her humiliated husband, the king of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon, just wants to kill.

      An end was put that way to 17 centuries of Agamemnon-Achean Greek deviation from philosophical paleolithic superiority. Interestingly, although quite similar, that’s much longer than the 13 centuries of Fondamentalist Islamic error.

      OK, right now I was more into explaining what the physics Nobel Prize is about, and what it means…


  4. Roger Henry Says:

    Patrice,on the later part of your essay, what is your take on Romney’s speech at the Virginia Military Institute recently proclaiming the US should be arming the anti-Assad rebels?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Roger Henry: Nice to hear from you again! I was starting to feel immensely old, as if the ancient commenters who used to grace this site, all passed away…

      You catch me flat footed. After the so called “debate” I wrote an essay about the Obama debacle, and how it is just the flower on top of the Bush III, I mean the did-nothing-the-republicans-made-me-do-it-nothing administration…
      But this is all so ridiculous, I could not muster the nerve to publish it. I felt like I was shooting on an ambulance, with Obama dying inside from teleprompter amputation…

      It was really pathetic to listen to Obama mouthing the same old lies, that the entire pluto-democratic intellectual class, the Pelosi-Krugman coalition of the plutocratic ideology with a human face, of big banks supreme, and Bush plutocratic tax cuts indefinitively extended.
      Obama acted as if he had been told that he had to go, considering his completely weirdo, unpresidential, off the wall introduction to… Michelle!

      I did not know about this Romney speech, but no doubt that is exactly what the Military Industrial Complex and the Arabic plutocratic, Jewish and fossil fuel lobbies want to hear… And by extension, all the plutocrats, and their banks. Supporting Jihadists has been the USA policy since 1945.

      Now the Syrian rebellion did not start as a Jihadist war, but it’s going that way, from lack of Western support to the secular opposition. Also, fact is, there has been a 13 centuries old religious war between various Muslim factions (Alewites, Druses, Kurds, Shiites, Sunis) to whom one should add Jews and Christians (older there than all the preceding), let alone the secret Secularists…

      I expect Romney to say whatever to win. I don’t think it means anything for his presidency, except that he is determined and resourceful, qualities Obama’s residency has been singularly deprived of… as his reign was little more than extending GW Bush’s, complete with giant primary deficit, worse than in any European Union country. The Krugclown can say it does not matter, but I am not sure he knows what a primary deficit is.


  5. Roger Henry Says:

    Ummm, embarrassing to display my ignorance, but I don’t know your definition of PRIMARY deficit.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Roger: Thanks for asking the question.Displaying ignorance is good, it means that there is room for improvement. Krugman does not understand, or do as if he did not understand, the difference between primary and secondary deficit, either. And that’s worse because Krugclown is the brains of Obaman, I mean Obaclown.

      Italy does not have a primary deficit. By contrast, the USA primary deficit is a trillion a year, at this point (thanks to the Kruggieclown!) Four years’ running. To put an end to this clownery, it was decided to enforce cuts. 7% of primary deficit is unsustainable, by all and any economic theory. Whatever Krugclown is saying.

      The primary deficit is the difference between how much the government spends, INDEPENDENTLY OF DEBT SERVICING, and how much it receives.

      The problem in Italy, or Greece, has been the debt servicing, which has exploded because the plutocratic system decided to charge those countries enormous interest rates.
      (Another point Krugclown refused to understand, and instead made europhobic ramblings for years, where he exhibited crass ignorance in the most offensive way…)

      The Italian debt is old, but it’s rolled on, short term (all countries do this). It’s 125% of GDP. But whereas France, or Germany, pays less than 2% on ten year gov bonds, Italy (and Spain!) were required to pay 6% or even above 7%… And Greece, giant numbers.

      France and Germany are taking some measures to stop this circus. In exchange they are giving orders to the likes of Greece, in a Svastika spirit. (As needed!)

      As Romney said, Obama (under the terrible influence of Krugclown) did nothing. Congress finally understood something had to be done, and even Obaclown came to that conclusion, hence sequestration.

      So now the USA is facing a chop of 5% to its GDP, within 6 months…

      I should write a short essay on this. (To explain, for example, the nature of the error of krugclown!) So much to do, so little time!


  6. Old Geezer Says:

    Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

    I watched the debate last week. Had it been a prize fight, and had I been the referee, I would have stopped it after the 3rd round. Mitt was knocking the crap out of his “opponent” who was either unwilling or unable to throw a punch.


    So sad.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Old Geezer: Glad to have you back! Now all I need is wake up Dominique Deux from the dead!
      Yes. I think I literally blushed as soon as Obama had talked to his “sweetie” with exhorbited eyes. Right at the start. It’s as if he had just met with the plutocratic central commitee, and they had told him he was dismissed from his functions, so he had to act accordingly… It felt like one these rigged boxing match. Just more blatant.

      I have raging about my friend Barry’s lamentable performance, ever since he rushed to a hedge fund headquarters on Nov 5, 2008, to celebrate his victory for the presidency. At that very moment, then, I realized he understood nought. Or he did not mind to flaunt behavior only explainable as if he understood nought. But now, everybody can see it: a puppet without teleprompter, repeating the sort of mechanical lies the pseudo left affectionates.

      And then of course, there were the first few months of the presidency, where he could have done everything, and did exactly the opposite of what was needed. He could have started to fix Medicare, and thus health care, on day one. By reinforcing Medicare. With the super majority, and the famed Kennedy Ted, of Chapaquidick fame, it should have been easy. Ted knew how to swim, no?

      He could have started a way out of Afghanistan, by talking tough to those who want to go on with indefinite war there.

      He could have arrested the bankers and change the leadership of all the biggest banks, and fund them only under the condition that they fund the real economy. He could have made the derivative market subject to near fatal taxation (except for commercial operators). He could have passed energy taxes (small initially because of the recession).

      Instead, he went on as Bush III, the pupett. we are still enjoying the world as defined by GW Bush, complete with tax cuts. except Bush could not have afforded a surge in Afghanistan.

      At least the Bushes were, are real plutocrats, and known as such, to some extent. That’s why GW Bush could pay, had to pay, for seniors’ drugs, effective right away.

      So now we have to choose between the puppet, and the real thing. And we know what the puppet will do more of: nothing to upset those who pull the strings (how could he, with a republican Congress? when he could not, with a super majority?). and now apparently, the puppet is broken…


  7. pshakkottai Says:

    Hi Patrice: Regarding “who adored the Great Mother, Cybelle, …”
    I find it interesting that the wedding talisman used in India now a days also shows the double M symbol and either the vulva or breasts commonly shown on paleolithic statues of the earth mother (in the book “The language of the goddess” by Maria Gimbutas, Harper and Row publishers with foreword by Joseph Campbell.)
    Also the Indian temples are designed like the paleolithic burial chambers and are referred to as “garbha grha” meaning uterus house in Sanskrit.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Pshakkottai: The Great Mother cult is eminently natural, and thrived for longer, apparently, for several time longer, than any other religion. Finally the Roman Christians, always crafty in an imperial sort of way, co-opted it by making Mary— The Mother of God…

      As I said, Troy was a subsidiary, a vassal of the much greater powers central to Anatolia (Lyddia, Phrygia). It would seem, or one could argue that the war between Archaic Greece (Mycennae) and Troy was about women’s lib. It seems no doubt to be the main German line (hence Frankish). The connection between Franks and Troy (ridiculed, even recently by the philosopher Foucault) may well not be ridiculous at all.

      But we do not know much about Anatolia… Nor about the ancient history of India. Archeology, though, is progressing. One thing is sure, though: the Indo-European ensemble is one meta-civilization, throughout which extensive cultural exchanges happened, and not just about the Swastika… (Which went from India, to Greece, to Norge, before its most recent embarrassing use…)


  8. Islam: Lies & War Above Peace | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] A unique occasion is offering itself to get rid forever of Literal Islamism, as we got rid of Literal Christianism during the Enlightenment. Let’s outlaw the former, as we did the latter. Ferocity for the better is in order. Let’s go. This is how to recover an Islam we can live with, a seriously improved version of the one the Persian Caliphate knew, in the age of the House of Wisdom. […]


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