Hurricane Vetoes Sandbagged USA

Quantum Style Causation Resplendiscent.

The USA is being sandbagged by its billionaires, in particular its fossil fuel energy billionaires [Like those heirs known as the Koch brothers; See Note]. “Sandy” is the second hurricane to strike the North East USA in a year (after Irene last year). And it is the first hurricane to mix with a North-Easter:

Do Whatever To The Planet, The Planet Will Do Whatever To You

Sandy, a crossfire hurricane!

The USA’s sabotage of the Kyoto Protocol, the USA’s fossil fuel policy, and its encouragement of CO2 pollution by proxy in China are amounting to a deliberate disruption of the biosphere. A refined analysis (not done in this essay) shows that the USA has a Machiavellian interest to proceed that way (as does, say, Russia, or Canada). So it does make sense. Satanic sense. Plutocratic sense.

A hurricane is basically a Carnot engine with the warm ocean for its energy reservoir, and the stratosphere as its cold sink.

A strip of ocean 800 kilometers wide, & 3 degrees C (6F) above normal along the USA eastern seaboard was a direct enabler of hurricane Sandy. These days, 20 degree Celsius waters off the eastern seaboard passes for normal, and an already formed hurricane can survive with such temps. Sandy gained strength, though, because the temps were higher than that.

But not to worry: hundreds of millions of citizens of the USA will be told by their wealthy, much admired masters, that one cannot establish a direct causal relationship between the rise of CO2 and other industrial greenhouse gases and the big bad hurricane-northeaster.

Never mind that this rise of warm blanket gases is about 60% since 1750 CE. Indeed we went from 280 ppm of CO2 to 450 ppm of CO2 + CH4 + N20 + an entire zoo of other greenhouse gases, such as CFC-12, ( CFC-12, (CF2Cl2) diChlorodiFluoromethane is more greenhousey, overall, than N20, and is now banned; thanks to a weird low temperature chemistry, it devoured the ozone layer).

And never mind that the world is ruled by impossible-to-determine-with-pin-point-precision causality. Causality where it is the system that causes, and not the one cause, because, ultimately, there are no causes, but for waves. A wave is intrinsically vague (in French, “vague” means “Wave”). The Quantum says processes have no points.

George Lakoff points out in Global Warming Systemically Caused Hurricane Sandy: “Yes, global warming systemically caused Hurricane Sandy — and the Midwest droughts and the fires in Colorado and Texas, as well as other extreme weather disasters around the world. Let’s say it out loud, it was causation, systemic causation.

Systemic causation is familiar.Smoking is a systemic cause of lung cancer. HIV is a systemic cause of AIDS. Working in coal mines is a systemic cause of black lung disease. Driving while drunk is a systemic cause of auto accidents. Sex without contraception is a systemic cause of unwanted pregnancies.

There is a difference between systemic and direct causation.”

One can go further than that. Systemic causation is all over. Quantum Physics itself is systemic. That was its most baffling aspect. Whereas Classical Mechanics used direct causation, Quantum Mechanics did not. Quantum Physics is all about inferring the singular, from the whole.

Nor did the modern statistical mechanics advocated by the Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann. Boltzmann was  immensely successful by average standards (he met with the emperor, and his first lecture in philosophy (!) more than filled up the largest hall at the university of Vienna, standing room only). However, he took badly asinine criticism of Mach and others, and committed suicide in 1906, just after Planck had published that postulating that energy was only sent by packets (“quanta”) provided with a process explaining the observed blackbody radiation, and the non occurrence of the “ultra violet catastrophe“.

Notice that Planck introduced the “Quanta of Light” (Lichtquanta”) as an unknown mechanism. The greatest strides in science are not made by connecting causality what is known to what is known. Great strides come from postulating a meta-phenomenon, something outside of the realm of what is known.The fundamental axiom of the Quantum is that it is processed by the entire system it can access (and partly penetrate, as it’s made of waves).

The fundamental practical axiom of the Quantum is that it is processed by the entire system it can access (and partly penetrate, as it’s made of waves).

Interestingly the greatest minds (including Einstein) had a very hard time to understand this. Even the Copenhagen School (Bohr, Heisenberg, etc.) did not really understand it fully.

If the Quantum itself is systemic, it’s not surprising that nature is systemic.

How is the Quantum systemic? Through the interference of waves. That is the fundamental axiom of Quantum Physics, the De Broglie axiom: any matter is guided by a wave whose frequency is determined by the momentum-energy of said matter (it’s then not too clear what’s matter, and what’s a wave, or a bump in the night, a charming difficulty of particle physics).

Waves can interfere constructively, or destructively, or somewhere in between. So think of systematic causation as such a thing. It makes sense, even in detail.

For example smoking causes cancer after the smoke interferes with inhaling, or not and various waves of diet and genetics and epigenetics, and immunological competency, and what not. So many causal waves give haphazard looking interference patterns. The same thing happens in a hurricane.

Ultimately there are no causes, but for waves interfering: that image applies extremely well to hurricanes. In particular Atlantic hurricanes originate as the spawning of easterly waves.

One thing is sure, though: if Wall Street keeps on going the way it does, it will drown, and not just for 6 hours. As the Rolling Stones have it in “Jumping Jack Flash””

“Watch it!

I was born in a cross-fire hurricane

And I howled at my ma in the driving rain,

But it’s all right now, in fact, it’s a gas!”

The hurricane generated tide, the storm surge, went 4 meters high. Present USA policy will certainly lead to sea level settling permanently dozens of meters above that.

two degree Celsius average temperature rise will certainly insure this. Why? Because at the maximum of the last glaciation, 20,000 years ago, the temperature on the Northern Atlantic (center of the problem) was only 5 degrees Celsius less than now. Yes, five Celsius. So two degrees Celsius over the entire planet can make a giant difference: we would go back, quasi instantaneously, to the situation, 4 million years ago. Most species will not resist to the shock, oxygen production itself may be impacted.

Not realizing this has been a giant mistake of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). (Of course the IPCC acted that way, that is, erroneously, because only then could it get support from the governments! Corruption is a many varied thing…)

The seas will rise dramatically very soon, because the system being set in motion is highly non linear, like an avalanche… or a storm surge (which practically can take the exact appearance of a tsunami!) True, before an avalanche, a tsunami, or a storm surge, or an earthquake, nothing much is going on, and the cicadas are busy singing. It would be wiser to learn swimming.

Will awareness be born in a cross-fire hurricane and ma [Wall Street] being howled at in the driving rain? Or will the gas be all right now, in a spasm of collective hypnosis?

Its leaders make no mystery that they want to make the USA again the number one producer of fossil fuels. Cutting off mountains to produce coal to export to the American factories in China, fracking the wilds all over, buying off farmers with dollars, chasing them out with fumes and foul waters. No problem. That’s why Sandy paid a visit: to remind the two plutocrats running for residents of the White House, that they are nothing.


Patrice Ayme


Note: sand•bag n. A bag filled with sand and used as ballast, in the formation of protective walls against a flood, or as a weapon. 1. To put sandbags in or around.

2. To hit with a sandbag.

3. Slang

a. To treat severely or unjustly.

b. To force by crude means; coerce: sandbagged us into cleaning up their mess.

c. To downplay or misrepresent one’s ability in a game or activity in order to deceive (someone).

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20 Responses to “Hurricane Vetoes Sandbagged USA”

  1. Dominique Deux Says:

    Remember you’re talking to Rapture addicts. They’d be delighted by the prospects you outline.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Dominique: True. Time to remember the Nazis played Wagner’s Gottdammerung (dusk of the gods) with Russian artillery roaring into the distance, and the opera house roof with a big hole in it. Also the myth of Noah, and the USA as the Arch (with all the animlaals, indeed!) has got to be floating around the minds inebriated with god, and thr “city on the hill”.
      Well, OK, I am in between transcontinental flights, having already not voted for Romney, so my answers will be sparse in the next several days. After these contributions to the CO2 catastrophe, I will travel by very high speed atomic train…


  2. Martin Lack Says:

    Almost everyone other than the most hardened climate ostriches would have to accept that we are now all in breach of Article 2 of the UN’s 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC):
    “The ultimate objective of this Convention and any related legal instruments that the Conference of the Parties may adopt is to achieve, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Convention, stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. Such a level should be achieved within a time-frame sufficient to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally to climate change, to ensure that food production is not threatened and to enable economic development to proceed in a sustainable manner.” (emphasis mine)

    The final sentence has, of course, been the get-out clause for everybody – and practically no-one is willing to admit that global economic development over the last two decades has been unsustainable. However, if it had been, we would not be where we are – either climatically or economically.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Great violence made to the planet, is, and invites, great violence made to other people.


      • Martin Lack Says:

        May be so but, I still hope Obama beats Romney. The former may have been a disappointment but Romney will be a disaster.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Martin: I also hope Obama beats Romney, because Obama is my friend, and I like my hand on his shoulder. However, I need to present the most elevated philosophical considerations, not reason a only a lemming, Nazi, or more generally any tribal type, would approve of. Should Romney’s stewardship be as plutocratic as Obama’s has been, that would be an impossible disaster, because more pluto than that, hellfire…

          In all justice, people such as me, knowing the leader were surprised how much he debased himself with the banksters. Had I known, I would not have spent two years frantically helping his election. Similarly one should not prejudge of a Romney presidency. I am preparing an essay about why, in swing states, I invite people to vote for Oblabla. I already voted, by mail, being in Europe right now, somewhere between Saint pancrass and Saint Tropez. when stateside, I am not in a swing state, and I did not vote for Romney.


  3. Old Geezer Pilot Says:

    Maybe it’s all for the best. We are nearing the end of the inter-glacial period. The planet is probably headed for another 90,000 years under an ice sheet. Maybe us humans are putting off that ice.

    Just a thought. Makes as much sense as the denyers.


  4. Old Geezer Pilot Says:

    All I know is that the last 6 ice age cycles have been about 100,000 years, with interglacial warm periods of about 10,000. That’s what the core samples from Antarctica show. Nobody has yet explained the mechanism, AFAIK.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      OGP: The Orbital Glaciation Theory originated two centuries ago (a French scientist). Nobody suspected that the sun’s output could vary. But, starting with the Cepheid’s discovery, it became clear to me stars don’t have to be stable. At least not so if more than red dwarves. So the OGT has to be complemented by Sun Output Theory. That cannot be done yet, because nobody has any SOT, beyond fact the sun has a number of cycles.

      The sun is quieting down now, and it is clearly helping to mitigate the Anthropogenic Greenhouse.

      Please look at:


  5. Dominique Deux Says:

    A heckler who had the audacity to display an “end the silence on climate change” under Mitt’s eyes at a rally was unceremoniously booted out, to loud patriotic chanting of “USA USA”.

    Guess it is the Forces of God sandbagging evil-possessed Nature.


  6. Paul Handover Says:

    Just to say how much I enjoyed the post and, most especially, the comments. For America’s sake, and by implication the planet’s, I hope Nature will make it clear to the next President that ‘business as usual’ is over.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Paul: Nice to see you back (I guess, in your new, more drought resistant quarters!) Even if the president realizes that “business as usual is over”, he has got to have the passion and ferocity to do something about it. Teddy Roosevelt did so much, because he was ferocious.

      Veracity is intrinsically implacable. But, without ferocity to implement it, it’s malleable, deformable, thoroughly impotent. The USA could be created because the USA’s founding Fathers, most of whom risked hanging or death in combat, were ferocious. So were Jackson, Lincoln, and the Roosevelts. and John Kennedy: an authentic war hero.

      Thus, even a president who sees the truth, will have to act ferocious, to implement it.


  7. Old Geezer Pilot Says:

    Sadly, even if the entire planet STOPPED burning fossil fuels at midnight tonight, the planet would continue to warm well into the century just due to the time-lag needed to dissipate the CO2 concentrations existent today.

    We are going to have to figure a way to control what we can and live with what we cannot.


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    Hurricane Vetoes Sandbagged USA | Patrice Ayme


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