Raid Treasure Islands, Finally?

Abstract: The plutocrats, plutophiles, and hired guns who dominate the planet have brought a Greater Depression. A punier crisis in the 1930s brought political fascism all over. To avoid a repeat, representative democracies need heavy corrective measures, now. Here is the latest outrage.

Cyprus has invested many times its GDP. In Russia alone. Year after year, for years. Cyprus is a money laundering scheme. One of the many pirate islands around the planet, whose main enterprise is organized crime. Initial violent reactions in Moscow from president Putin and his prime minister Medvedev show that they were party to this conspiracy.

That set-up allowed plutocratic mobsters to buy more and more of Russia. It has also enabled them to purchase a large part of the West. Criminal money, satanic minds, all over, what could go wrong?
Enough has been seen, it’s time to use force.


Pompeius: Magnus Accomplice to Pirates?

Pompeius: Magnus Accomplice to Pirates?


In the late Roman republic, the seas came to be paralyzed by piracy. Roman politicians, busy at each others’ throats, had overlooked the growth of pirate havens. Pirates owned ports, cities, countries. The situation became untenable; international trade was coming to a stop, and Rome depended upon grain from overseas. Pirates were hanging just outside of Rome, Corsica was full of corsairs, very naturally, even a young Julius Caesar was kidnapped against ransom.

Finally the Roman Senate gave full power to a young Gnaeus Pompeius. After a winter preparation, Pompeius sent 13 legates all over. Cicero was enthusiastic: “Pompey made his preparations for the war at the end of the winter, entered upon it at the commencement of spring, and finished it in the middle of the summer.”

Some say that it took just 40 days for Pompeius to re-establish  freedom of navigation. Yet, years later Cicero knew better. He bitterly criticized Pompeius’ work: “we give immunity to pirates and make our allies pay tribute.”

Sounds familiar? If Cicero’s charge is true, it explains a lot of the further deterioration of the Republic. Two reasons to believe it’s true: 1) No anti-plutocratic measure was taken in Rome at this stage.

2) This is exactly what we have been doing since 2008: exacting tribute from the citizens, and paying the pirates. “Quantitative Easing”, that is money given to the very banksters who caused the 2008 crisis was tribute paid by the citizenry, while immunity was given to financial pirates.

The grossest of the gross will claim that we have nothing to learn from Rome. But Rome had a republic, a pretty direct democracy functioning for more than 4 centuries, and that’s still the world’s record in duration. How did the Roman pull that trick?

The Roman republic lived for more than 4 centuries with an explicit limit on the wealth that could be acquired by any given family. It is precisely attempts to break down inchoating plutocracy by application of an existing law enforcing that limit, which brought the civil war that the Gracchi brothers lost. By then the plutocrats had private armies, and they used them to kill the Gracchi and thousands of their supporters.

Conclusion: Crack down on plutocracy, before it cracks you.

So what happened to Rome? Plutocracy kept on going, until by the Late Second Century it devoured the ability to destroy foreign enemies, and then devoured the state. In the Third Century, plutocracy devoured the socio-economy until the military rebuilt society in its image. In the Fourth Century, plutocracy merged with theocracy, and devoured philosophy and the brains. By 400, plutocracy devoured the army itself. The Franks were put in charge of the defense of the North-West corner of the empire.

Next Roman state was replaced by the Frankish state, which was very lean, and Frankish law came to rule. Frankish law enforced equal inheritance in (large) families, and leaders were elected. Plutocracy did not die, but became a shadow of its former self, all the more as brains were re-established under the guise of a church ruled by a secular state, that ordered it to teach secular.

Clearly the Gini Index of the Imperium Francorum and the Renovatio Imperium Romanorum that followed was much lower than that of the Roman empire. Only then could civilization be re-launched. Because there was money to finance progress. Again.

Conclusion: plutocracy is a malignancy, it has to be eliminated ASAP, should one want civilization to go up, instead of down. (And of course nowadays we need more civilization than ever, as the old civilization we enjoyed is running out of resources. Same as what happened to Rome, just way worse, and on a planetary scale.)



Injecting 85 billion dollars a month, as USA central bank chief Bernanke announced he was doing, is not enough (although that’s injecting 7% of GDP a year in printed money!). Rats have to be removed from power, prosecuted, fiscal havens have to be exploded, and tax cheat global corporations have to be forced to pay tax where they make sales. Earth’s problem is bigger than just banksters, and oil men.

Such was the hope Obama surfed, before he spent four years flashing his mesmerizing, mile wide, dazzling smile-to-seduce-the-world. And nothing happened.

Fortunately there are inkling that the mood is changing.

The  evidence is coming from Franco-Britannia, the EU, the Eurogroup. Suddenly, laws are passed: Financial Transaction Tax, limiting banksters’ bonuses. Taxing tax eschewing corporations is considered. The latest: telling Russian plutocratic mobsters that they have to pay tax, if they want to go on pumping dirty money through Cyprus.

This turn of civilization against plutocracy, to save itself is slow going. Indeed, the leaders of the West profit of a system rigged by plutocracy. Those elected politicians, supposedly servants of the People, live like kings, in the service of their plutocratic masters. Putting a few in jail, as justice is trying to do in France, may help.



First the good news: the plutophile who was French president a year ago, has been indicted (“mis en examen“). Justice believes there is enough evidence that Sarkozy was “abusing” an old lady, to put him under “examination”. One cannot make that good stuff up: elder abuse is next to Pluto, second only to pedophilia. Meanwhile many prominent politicians are on trial for  what they did in Iraq. French politicians, of course.

Amazingly, the abuser of the elderly, Sarkozy his name, married to a Franco-Italian billionairess, cost French taxpayers 2 million euros a year. The rich is never rich enough, in the mind of the established order of things. The suspected criminal prepares his defense from a 300 square meter office, next to the Élysée! ($250,000 a year in rent, paid by French taxpayers.)

Top Americans politicians cannot be suspected of any wrongdoing; they prey next to god, as they emphasize all the time, and never go on trial (except for the son of Jesse Jackson). Does not matter if they chew down the Fourth Geneva convention for breakfast. In fact Sarkozy is hounded for practices that are perfectly legal in the USA. 

Sarkozy had to hide in the dark, and persuade an old lady it was perfectly OK to give him money. While he was doing what Obama does one thousand times more, just in one day, and while Obama does it for a thousand days, as he buys himself a presidency.

Americans have stricly no problems when they see their president sleeping in a plutocrat’s bed. And if the president sleep in 100 plutocrats’ beds, it’s one hundred times better. Well, in France, it’s illegal, and it’s elder abuse to make the richest lady in Europe believe she is suddenly in Palo Alto, or something, and American law has superseded French law.   

Ex USA presidents cost USA taxpayers at least 4 million dollars a year (without counting their health care cost, and regalian security cost for them and their relatives). Obviously they deserve it: they all are extremely rich multimillionaires, and the richest get subsidies, so that low lives can dream even more.

Meanwhile in Spain more and more people are imitating the king, his family and the PM: they are living outside of the law. In the region of Andalusia, unemployment is at 35%. Low lives have started to seize government property, and cultivate food to survive. I guess austerity has met ingenuity.

French President Francois Hollande confided that “the unthinkable is now becoming possible, in France and many other countries, I know what I want to do, the problem is I do not have much time to succeed”.  By “unthinkable” he means the return of fascism.

Some may scoff: “who cares about France?” But France is the brainy spider in the middle of the European web. The decider on Cyprus was clearly the French finance minister Moscovici (in full accord with his wheelchair bound German colleague). Interestingly, France is also of one mind with Britain, and not just about Mali… But about taxes!



It is clear that France and Britain have had enough with mobsters (aka tax cheats). The governments there are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, that makes their alliance all the stronger. Alliance? Were not they trying to eviscerate each others’ budgets recently?

Conservative PM Cameron has realized that austerity alone does not work (as many have pointed to him with relish). British GDP numbers are worse than in the 1930s “Great Depression”. To relaunch the economy, Cameron reduced top tax margin from 505 down to 45%. Yet, Cameron is running a terrible deficit, he has to increase revenue.

Can taxes be augmented in France? The newly elected Socialist French government knows it has taxes as high as they can get without having the Sans Culottes take over. Indeed the Constitutional Court barred the proposed 75% proposed top tax margin rate (throwing the law out, although it had passed!). Then the Council of State followed on March 21 2013 by declaring that the top rate ought to be no more than 66%.

(The USA has neither a Constitutional Court, nor a Council of State, but it has a Supreme Court that plays with the constitution, when plutocracy is at bay, contrarily to, well, the constitution…)

So both the French and British government discovered the only solution: get those who pay no taxes to contribute, by force.

There are two main types of those: 1) multinational plutocrats, 2) multinational corporations.

So Mr. Osborne, the UK finance minister and his French colleague, Mr. Moscovici, sent a check to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, based, in Paris, France). They asked this economic organization of the 34 most developed countries to find out how to tax multinational corporations.

there for a decade or so, The head a OECD an ex Mexican finance minister, Mr. Gurria partly educated in the USA at Harvard. On Saint Patrick day, march 17, 2013, he flatly declared on Tele5Monde (French speaking world TV): “les multinationales ne paient pas d’impots” (“multinationals do not pay taxes”).  And he added in no uncertain manner that this had got to change. He is very happy with the Franco-British checks. And

So even Osborn is determined to tax an entire category of international plutocrats and corruptocrats. Gurria insisted that it was Osborne the Conservative, and not Moscovici the Socialist, who launched the initiative.



For me, plutocracy is, first of all, the rule of the Dark Side without any overwhelming justification from the Light Side.

This being said, Assad’s family is filthy rich in the traditional sense, having stolen We The People more than quite a bit. His shop-alcoholic wife used to support London’s luxury stores, and now she has fled to Moscow, one of Assad’s cornucopian source of weapons (the other being Iran, thanks to Iraq). She and Putin can commiserate of the fate of their funds in Cyprus, I guess.

To make their meaning clear, that the days of arrogant plutocracy are numbered, France and Britain announced they will ship soon to Syrian rebels absolutely lethal French and, or, American anti-aircraft missiles. The Americans do not even have to agree, because the French Mistral are even faster and more deadly than the American Stingers.

The essence of the matter is to make revolutionary secular forces win the war, because otherwise Russian inspired, or Salafist inspired, plutocrats will surely win, and establish their terror, strong as they will be after killing a million or so. Not intervening in the Spanish Civil War had been the fundamental mistake of France, Britain, and the USA in 1936… OK, intruth American plutocrats were fully on the fascist side (with fuel, ammunition, weapons, and Texas oil). At least, this time, those three are no as inert… 


Cyprus’ banks invested heavily in Greece, while paying, year after year, interest rates between 5% and 9%, for years. Cyprus’ banks need immediately 17 billion Euros to keep on operating.

The Eurogroup (mostly the finance ministers of France and Germany) agreed to give ten billions, if Cyprus found the rest. As the Greek church is part of the state there, it could easily sell part of itself, and find the money. Another solution is to tax plutocrats. There are 8,000 (mostly Russian) plutocrats in (nominal) residence in Cyprus.

The European Union gave a banking ultimatum to Cyprus. I saw that one coming. Cypriots had a good run. Money from their tax haven. Hush money. Who protects the tax haven from, say, Turkey? Franco-British military force. Do Cypriots pay for the Franco-British military establishment? Now they will.  

Moscovici agreed to lift the limit of reimbursement to 100,000 euros. (I don’t see why, as those accounts made huge money in the last few years!) That means the Plutos will be taxed at an even higher rate. 25% has been suggested.

There can be NO run on the banks, as all accounts have been blocked in Cyprus. Even the smallest ones. Plutocrats are given a choice: be taxed, or go bankrupt.They can’t even escape, because of capital controls. The days of Cyprus as a tax haven are over. Let all other tax havens join them at the bottom of the sea.

The problem with plutocracy is not just the plutocrats themselves, and the institutions that serves them. It’s also the general mentality that crimes pays, and the more criminal, the more paid one is.

That psycho mechanism, that crimes pays best, has to be broken at some point, and the point is now. Otherwise one would down in the sort of catastrophe that affected Germany. Nietzsche screamed in writing, by the 1880s, that Germany’s mood was turning from ugly, to criminal, and even mass criminal. Nietzsche even explicitly accused Kant. Indeed, Eichmann in Jerusalem, tried for the assassination of more than one million people, brandished Kant’s moral system as his justification.

Nietzsche was not listened to by Very Serious Germans. Why? Because Germany was a successful, run-away plutocracy, ever more fascist to fight the socialists. When Bismarck, no shrinking violet, nor fanatical socialist, finally understood a monster was born under his loins, he was thrown out, and Nietzsche’s prophecy, the destruction of Europe by Germany, proceeded.

We now have the same situation, on a world scale.

Plutocracy, fascism and depletion of resources (including climate) are all entangled. if we did like the Romans, and let our civilization go down, we would not have, like the Romans, a plan B. For the Romans, plan B, as it turned out, was the Imperium Francorum. 

What is therefore needed, immediately, is to traumatize plutocracy. In all sorts of ways. Exploding the island tax havens is a good start.

It’s a new paradigm. Common financial commentators in the USA whine to high heavens that trust has been breached, never to be seen again. Quite the opposite, a new trust has been established. It’s all about trust. Put your money in a tax haven, TRUST the European Union to tax it.

Spare nought. Cyprus today, Monaco tomorrow.

Even Monaco Has Got To Go

Even Monaco Has Got To Go

Of course, it’s traumatic. Voltaire gave a moral order:”Il faut ecraser l’infame!” (“One ought to crush infamy“) Traumatizing infamy comes before crushing it thoroughly. What else?

So it’s very simple: give an ultimatum to every single tax haven. The truth about these havens is that they are a modern form of piracy. Their relationship to the West is even more abusive than that of Rome’s pirates to Rome. Indeed, they are just another face, another interface, of Western plutocracy with the the weak it’s abusing.

The exact charge against Sarkozy is “abus de faiblesse” (“abuse of weakness”). It’s highly symbolic

In the case of Cyprus, it can submit, or be kicked outside of the Eurozone, to join the fishes at the bottom of the sea. Against the Russian mafia, a greater force has to be employed, and examples made. After years of tremendous interest rates, Cyprus’ parliament has stupidly decided to be greedy in the line of fire. Excellent.


Patrice Ayme

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28 Responses to “Raid Treasure Islands, Finally?”

  1. pshakkottai Says:

    Hi Patrice: Here is a blog by Mitchell who analyses the Cypress situation. I quote ” And then something amazing happened:”

    Cyprus lawmakers reject bank tax; bailout in disarray

    (Reuters) – Cyprus’s parliament overwhelmingly rejected a proposed levy on bank deposits as a condition for a European bailout on Tuesday, throwing euro zone efforts to rescue the latest casualty of the currency area’s debt crisis into disarray.

    Translation: The battered woman refused to be raped again by her attackers, throwing the criminals into disarray.

    The vote by the small state’s legislature was a stunning setback for the 17-nation euro zone, after lawmakers in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy had repeatedly accepted unpopular austerity measures over the last three years to secure European aid.

    Translation: “We screwed our citizens. Why can’t you do the same?”

    French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said the euro zone could not lend Cyprus any more, since the country’s debt would become unmanageable.

    Translation: “Your debt is too big. You can’t pay it back. So, we suggest making your

    debt even bigger. But first you must impoverish your people further.”

    The one smart person in the eurozone: “We’d be better off leaving the euro and returning to the pound. We don’t want to end up like Greece.”

    We could use his wisdom in the U.S. Here, the President and Congress pretend we are not Monetarily Sovereign. The purpose: To widen the income/wealth gap between the rich and the rest.

    The people are unemployed, but bribery works.

    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell” from

    Is it fair to the people of Cypress even if Cypress is a pirates den?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Partha: Nice set of craziness! “Translation: The battered woman refused to be raped again by her attackers, throwing the criminals into disarray.” If Cypriots want to play shark bait, their choice. That “battered woman” is actually a prostitute who is in business with mobsters….who beat her up…

      The “preliminary condition” is just a way to help those who help Cyprus.

      My answer: cut that “cypress” down! And I love trees. But there really, it’s full of the worst species. I think my essay covered pretty much all the angles, including the fact it’s Moscovici, a French socialist, not a German conservative, who has been the point man.
      The French are not going to pay to be taken over by Cyriot based criminals.
      Just like the Germans under Hitler did NOT do, the Cypriots have to take their collective responsibilities.


  2. Anti-NAZI Says:

    in reply to Tyranosopher:
    What about Luxembourg or Germany?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Anti-NAZI: What what? Luxembourg is not an island, just a bandits’ den, so tanks ought to be easily rolled in from the West und Deutschland… Germany is clean, tax haven-wise…. Not so Britain…


  3. Dominique Deux Says:

    Initially posted on The Economist forums:

    So much hullaballoo over a stranded pirate cove.

    In the early nineties the international community (read, IMF/World Bank) decided to implement by surprise a 50% devaluation of the common currency of French-Speaking Africa (FCFA). Everybody there, including grannies and the very poor, were robbed overnight of 50% of their liquid assets. Deposit protection? Hah!

    I was sure there would be mayhem the day banks stayed closed. Machetes would be out and whites targeted. Yet the population simply took it in stride. When I offered a goldsmith to pay twice the agreed price for a necklace I had ordered, and he had fashioned, before the haircut, he said “a price is a price”.

    I simply cannot find it in myself to feel for the Cypriots.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      All the more as they got paid unreal interest rates for years. So the initially proposed tax on normal accounts a few years old was only justice. Nice description of the West African mind, which has higher pursuits than greed.


  4. Anti-NAZI Says:

    in reply to Tyranosopher
    The Basel Institute on Govermance Index indicates a country’s risk level in money laundering/terrorist financing
    Germany features on 68th position well ahead from the ‘unethical’ Cyprus ranked 114th. Luxembourg is 49th.
    Well you and the fellow anti-NAZI Germans can see that comparatively the more unethical country is Germany and not Cyprus, yet Cyprus gets the blame by the Germans. How ethical is this? What Germans are trying to hide after all?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Never heard of that “Basel Institute on Governance”. What I know is that the Bank of International Settlements, the bank of central banks, basically, literally, a Nazi institution, is based in Basel (and was nearly cancelled during denazification).

      In any case, the Cyprus situation shows that this “Institute” do their job poorly. To put it mildly.

      Or maybe it’s the other way around: they make their work richly, being obviously paid (by Cyprus mobsters) to say Cyprus was beyond any suspicion…

      (Fellow?) Anti-Nazi:
      Even Morgan-Stanley, a plutocratic institution and bank, admitted that, in 4 years, Cyprus invested ten times its GDP in Russia alone (these numbers vary according sources; everybody agrees that they are gigantic). The numbers I used were even larger.

      There is nothing like that in Germany. Germany makes lots of money because people like me drive cars like BMWs. also lots of expensive German machine tools are bought around the world. Also Germany is part owner of EADS, the world’s largest defense or aerospace company in the world, etc…

      The secret of Germany is the Mittelstand, family owned, tech oriented middle sixed companies, not money laundering.

      Cyprus is just an organized crime collective at this point, they have to be de-criminalized (just like Germany was denazified…)


  5. Dominique Deux Says:

    “Is it fair to the people of Cypress even if Cypress is a pirates den?”

    Historically all habitants of pirate coves have been treated as pirates, and rightly so.

    Of course there’s no need to be cruel about it. When the populist Caesar kept his promise to the pirates who had kidnapped him, and had them all nailed to crosses, he first had them strangled. Unlike the plutocrat Crassus who horrified even his contemporaries with the mass crucifixions of thousands of living, writhing slaves after Spartacus’ uprising. Progress and civilized ways always go hand in hand.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dominique: Caesar was systematically (all too) misericordious, most forgiving. So he found himself fighting to death the same individuals several times, after forgiving them. In the end, he was overconfident in the intelligence and self interest of man, and overlooked the fact that, deep inside, men often prefer to kill and die, rather than live and thrive.

      Indeed, if told he was going to be assassinated that day, he would have smirked and said:”No way they are that stupid!” Indeed Caesar was leaving with the legions waiting outside to meet the army, and sail to Parthia, go emulate Alexander, but better.
      This is why we still love Caesar to this day. However his failings (say in Gaul with the Aedui), he kept believing in man, and how he could transform things for the better. Had Caesar lived, the world could have been very different (by conquering Germany and Iran, he could have given Rome the ecological and military space it needed before switching to… coal).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That Cypress (Lakia bank) needed to be cut, so Cyprus would not go below water.


  6. Dominique Deux Says:

    ” Cyprus today, Monaco tomorrow”

    It would be nice to envision the Cyprus standoff as the first step of a strategy modeled on the madrague fish trap of the Mediterranean: corral tax-evading depositors from one tax haven to another, until they all reach the only remaining haven, the central trap chamber, known to fishermen as the “killing chamber”.

    Then things get interesting.

    Who knows? maybe something like that is under way. Expect loud squeals from certain quarters.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dominique: Yes. I was amazed by Melanchon’s obcenities. I used to support Melanchon, and here, suddenly, he talks of Moscovici (who is “Jewish”, whatever that means) exactly as the 1930s fascist, racist politicians (“Moscovici ne pense pas francais“). The only explanation is that, like commies of old, or Depardieux of today, Melanchon is paid by Czar Putin… Moscovici acted remarkably. The taxing of small people had been an idea of the Cypriot (pro-mobster) government. Moscovici was the first to suggest he was against it.

      As I detailled in the essay, there is evidence of an inchoating anti-plutocratic drive from Britain, France, Germany. ethics or exit, i loved that ultimatum to Cyprus. I guess now we need to move to Luxembourg… But not before British Virgin islands, etc… of course, the world’s largest tax haven is… the USA… Ooopsss…

      Let’s go fishing… But it’s going to be tough. Even superior middle class, hard working, severely taxed Americans have strictly no idea, and no interest in the fact their overlords are paying no taxes.


  7. Martin Lack Says:

    Sorry for being so slow to react, Patrice. I had been looking forward to reading this and, as I have said on my own blog, “I have deliberately resisted writing my own – drawing an analogy with the implosion of the Thera volcano (next to Santorini), which generated a tsunami that ended the Minoan civilisation on Crete…”

    Is the analogy not warranted? No doubt, the Minoans were very proud of the Empire they had built and/or the influence they had gained over those around them; and believed that their Empire would last forever… And yet they were wiped out by events they could not control or prevent on a tiny little neighbouring island…

    Watching this all unravel, I am inclined to think Boris Beresovsky is probably better off dead (he had, after all, made a pact with the devil).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Martin: A most convenient death. For Putin. I was going to write a short piece on Putin. He and his advisers are obviously civilizationally, if not mentally, unbalanced.
      Crete, Minoan civilization had extreme bad luck. That was the worst volcanic event in like 20,000 years in the Middle Earth area (although there were two before that). Fighting plutocracy is just routine. What makes it not routine, is that the plutocratic potential is the worst, ever, due to advanced technology, and we have the worst ecological crisis, of our own making, at the same time. Worse ecological threat in 65 million years.


      • Martin Lack Says:

        As Russian oligarchs (come and) go, Beresovsky was probably a good guy (who had already paid a heavy personal price for his former association with Putin. His almost certainly genuine suicide is very sad; although I doubt he could have done much to help validate the truth we already ‘know’ about the death of Litvinenko.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Well, Martin, even if it’s a suicide, sometimes, and actually quite often, people are asked to commit suicide. Seneque being the most famous case (his student required him to die). Rommel another case. Often it’s all about saving one’s family. I saw 60 Minutes on Pussy Riot last time, and what the Putin adviser said was astonishing. That followed the amazing declarations of Medvedev about Cyprus, a week ago. Those leaders in Moscow are just barbarians. Glad they lost the argument about Cyprus.


          • Martin Lack Says:

            Anyone who has 100 thousand euros in the bank is either money laundering for the Russians or has more money than they need anyway. How else could a small country have a finance sector almost 10 times bigger than its actual economy? It was clearly a Russian scam.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Indeed Martin, indeed. Hence the initial obvious rage of the Kremlin, really a comic sight. Verily, all the Russian money in Cyprus got there illegally, so why why were Putin and Medvedev so upset? Because they are on the take? Because it allowed them to buy Western Europe? The billionaire hanged in Moscow was going all around, saying he gave, at some point, unlawfully, 25 million dollars to Putin personally, for his machinations… I wrote “hanged in Moscow”, and realized twenty minutes later, I had made a Freudian style typo… I meant, “hanged in London”. But is there a difference? A difference between plutocracy (quasi-)central, and its Russian subsidiary?


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Cyprus: metaprinciple “Ethics or Exit” finally implemented. Mobsters 0, Europe 1. Plutocrats to be taxed, controls applied, tax and deregulation haven kaput!


  9. Pe Romaneste Says:

    1) Luxembourg should be next.
    2) EU states should stop doing business with entities registered in all fiscal paradises.
    3) Paying taxes and local jobs should be the new yardsticks.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Pe: The principle for corporations ought to be that they pay tax not according to the profit they declare, but according to the REVENUES THEY MAKE. In no way should a global company allowed to pay less tax, as a percentage of its revenue, than local companies (think Amazon, headed by plutocrat Bezos, a laughing donkeyl). British Virgin Islands, and Jersey should be next. I am looking forward to the proposal of the Eire presidency…. hahahaha… The key is that, now, France alone, let alone, France, Britain, and the UK, have the military MIGHT to impose fair taxation, worldwide.

      One nuclear attack sub could shut down the Caribeean, shut down all the tax havens. How many plutocratic yachts does one have to sink? The truth, though, is that the USa is plutocratic central. What Sarkozy is indicted for, Obama did worse, one hundred times over, one hundred days in a row, for all to see. But the reaction of Americans, when they see tsunamis of money passing by, is to applaud frantically, celebrating the wealth of it all, and insisting that only the envious would be unhappy at such a sight.

      Spain and Eire are next.


  10. Pe Romaneste Says:

    What makes you think Spain and Eire are next? If so, the South would be foolish not to come together–including Romania, for that matter.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The “new” way to solve the financial crisis is the one I advocated all along.
      To SAVE The WORLD, Please DEFAULT!
      *** Abstract: The Greater Depression keeps unfolding, propelled by the deliberate stupidity of the best leadership pluto…

      That will now be applied to plutocrats all over, as it should have been from the start.
      Come together? Meaning? Running for the hills, refusing Franco-German money??


  11. Pe Romaneste Says:

    No, France is actually also part of the South and may show the way. Yes, going bankrupt is the best these countries can do for their peoples.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Pe: Those countries were not broke, their banks , banksters and various plutocrats were. Read my incoming “Cyprus: Ethics Beats Exit”. What has just happened is that the French Socialists beat the plutocrats into submission. The work is just starting.


  12. Dominique Deux Says:

    Other tax pirates are feeling very queasy already. EU/IMF luminaries are clearly and visibly setting their sights on the poor idiots who thought tax evasion and money laundering were open to any two-bit hoodlum island. See Maltese gonads shrivel

    Note that both Lagarde and Dijsselbloem (Dutch President of Eurogroup) take care to mention only an oversized banking sector as an issue of concern. But Malta has excellent reason to know why it is being targeted along with Slovenia or Luxembourg, hardly a nest of crazy finance – but a tax haven par excellence..

    And of course a Dutch official cannot really sound sanctimonious about tax havens…

    (I am in fact a bit queasy myself… I do not believe for a minute that Britain or the Netherlands have seen the light and forsaken industrial-size tax evasion at the expense of fellow Euro countries. And I strongly suspect they think they can take advantage of the current turn of events to wipe out pesky competitors, if all it takes is noble posturing and ruthlessness in sinking their colleagues. No honor among thieves.)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: Thanks for all the links. Yes, Dutch Jeroen Dijsselbloem (who, thankfully, “does not know economy” although he presides the Eurogroup) has scared the markets by saying Cyprus was a “cas d’ecole”, a paradigm. i had a good laugh.

      I say default the hyper wealthier, and the wealthier, the more defaulted they ought to be, nasty little plotters with Obama and Putin in their pockets…

      As I detailled in “Raid Treasure Islands”, France and BRITAIN have send a check to the OCDE, the (French speaking Mexican) head of which takes as an axiom that global corporations PAY NO TAX.
      And Cameron has cracked down (a bit) on Jersey. We will see what Eire proposes (it presides right now). Hypocrisy is not tenable in the frying pan. Cameron has just decided immigration zero, for example (from 250,000/year, official and legal; in France, under lamentable Sarko, it was only 34,000… Including students, and that’s way way way too low, be it only for the students alone!)

      Cracking down on money laundering and tax havens can easily be extended worldwide, once the European Economic Area is clean (far from the case, as hyper wealthy Luxembourg demonstrates). And that includes the British Virgin islands. It can be done, as the situation in Suisse demonstrates

      (Switzerland is quickly becoming real clean, while it reconverts to 100% very high tech, see S3, the company to launch satellites from an A300, with a piggy back shuttle…)


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