Secular Egypt, Civilized Egypt


The public, live, worldwide, could see Muslim Brotherhood fanatics shooting at security forces from the gigantic, beautiful minaret of the Al Fatah Mosque in Cairo. Policemen returned fire. So it was, all over.

Colossal hypocrisy blossomed among the West’s political leaders: suddenly here they were, siding with Al Qaeda, whining about the security coup in Egypt. The leader of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Doctor Al Zawahiri became their spokesman. Was then Al Qaeda just a way to get big budgets for otherwise indefensible activities?

Do our vertiginously hypocritical chiefs ignore that Secularism is the secret of the West? Secularism means: living in one’s own age. This enables the rule of the following values, symbolized in one neat coat of arms:

Ruling the West: Ferocity, Justice, Republic, Unity, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Ruling the West: Ferocity, Justice, Republic, Unity, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Notice the oak for strength, and the olive, for peace. The Republican Roman Fasces, represent the power of justice, to cut infamy in two; the law as the ultimate ruler, made strong by the unity of the People, bound around the idea of justice; fundamentally the entangled letters “RF”, superficially “Respublica Francia” (in Latin) fundamentally mean “Free Republic”, republic and freedom entangled, something for the People Republic of China to meditate. This coat of arms ought to be that of the world, including Egypt!

Do our double-faced, plutophile Western propagandists, suddenly in love with Al Qaeda, want us to forget that all the countries of the West were founded by the military? Generally the military was fighting plutocrats covered by a sacred religion. Why can’t  the same courtesy be extended to Egypt?

It’s sick to see the emissary (emirssary?) of Qatar, an extreme, hereditary plutocracy, a financial support of the Muslim Brotherhood, go around Europe seduce plutophile servants of the established order (for which Qatar is a core value), who then stand by his side (as just happened with the West German foreign minister: should not Germany be cured from siding with racist plutocrats, already?).

No part of the West ever lived free under an Islamist regime: the fundamental reason is the extreme violence within much of the Qur’an.

Moreover, Salafist Islam implements a racist distinction between believers and non believers (the later being punished all the time). The multicentennial reign of Islamists, from Portugal to Rumania, was a quasi-continuous subjugation, oppression, demolition, ruination and depredation. The pleasures public slavery and impalement provided with were not to Western taste, which had evolved.

Salafist Islam is the Islam of the Ancients (that’s what Salafist means). Contrarily to bien pensant repute, it’s an extremely violent ideology, read direct from the Qur’an. Therein a crucial difference with Christianism.

After Greco-Roman philosophers complained that the Old Testament (basic to Islam) was full of atrocious lessons in barbarity, the “Founding Fathers of the Church” (Saint Jerome and company), around 400CE, admitted that the Bible was metaphorical, and not to be taken literally.

Twice something related happened in Islam: around 850 CE the Caliph in Baghdad, declared unlawful future (re)interpretations of Islam’s sacred texts. More interestingly, Saladin and his successors, in Egypt around 1200 CE, outright outlawed the literal interpretation of Islam, and they cracked down with a ferocity that I would welcome in Egypt today. (If Nazism is unlawful, why not Salafism? They are not similar by accident: Hitler had more than a passing familiarity with Islam, and sang its praises on many occasions; Hitler loved all that Biblical stuff, especially the holocausts.)

Literal interpretations of Islam reappeared in the Eighteenth Century in the wilds of Arabia, when a fanatic called Wahhab presented the ancestors of the present Saudis with a coy plot to come to power: pretend to serve the true god. So here we are: we see the enlightened leaders of the European Union calling for the return of Wahhab, side by side with Qatar and Al Qaeda.

Plutocrats of the world, Unite! How touching!

The reason why Muslims spend much time killing other Muslims, is that disagreements naturally arise about who is, or who is not, a genuine believer (the distinction is left unclear in the very short Qur’an). While the call to kill, or, at least, to abuse non-believers is unambiguous. Hence the circus in Syria. There, too, secularism is the only way out not involving a holocaust.

Why do the leaders of the West want Islam to rule Egypt? Because it was so great when Christianism ruled?

Christianism’s rule in the West, 16 centuries ago, brought a sudden apocalypse (not by accident: Christianist imbeciles had read in their sacred texts that the apocalypse was supposed to bring back Jesus!… So they did their best to bring an apocalypse, by taking countless bad decisions).

Christianism brought the end of any semblance of republic, the reign of superstition, decerebration, crusades, the Inquisition, Sharia, religious wars, the institutionalization of racism (against intellectuals, secularists, Jews, Pagans and countless exterminated minorities). All non believers were exterminated (except the Jews, because Jesus had been one; with uncharacteristic Christian generosity, the extermination of the Jews was contemplated, and half carried out).

Christianist rule has a name: the Dark Ages.

How did the West get out of the apocalypse? Through military force. The military is intrinsically fascist, because that’s best for fighting. However, the best performing military, to achieve higher performance, also needs to be up to date in its weapons and thinking. In one word: secular.

The Franks became the shock troops of the Roman empire, because they were highly multicultural (living in present day Netherlands, between sea and land, Germania, Gallia and Roma), and ended up with the best weapons (the Celts had the best metallurgy, and equipped the Roman army since its inception!)

As the Franks helped Constantine conquer the empire, they knew how Constantine’s Christian sausage had been made. They refused to join, as the threat to secularism (on which, as I just said, the Franks’ supremacy rested) was clear to them.

Similarly, the Egyptian military is an excellent position to know how the Muslim sausage has been made (and the double faced role the Euro-Americans are playing with the Islam game).

After trying several times over 150 years, the Franks finally took control of the (North Western) Roman empire and subjugated apocalyptic Christianism.

Christianism devastation went on elsewhere, for another 150 years. That led to a systematic destruction of reason, wisdom and knowledge. Roman intellectuals, and their books fled to Persia, followed by a terrible war between the Oriental Roman empire and Persia. Constantinople had to agree to be nicer to its own intellectuals, at some point. But won the war.

Muhammad pointed out to his Arab followers that the time had come to attack the Romans and the Persians. The Arabs were hungry, ferocious, and, at the time, their women followed them in battle, preventing them to flee (!) and finishing wounded enemies. (Then the Arab army got lucky, twice, but that’s another story.)

So it’s fanatical Christianism and the resulting mental degeneracy it entailed, that enabled the sudden take-over by Arab raiders known as “Muslims”, of most of the Roman empire, and all of Persia.

Tellingly, the one place where the Arab armies would be annihilated three times in a row was the place where fanatic Christianism had long been turned into a force for (secular) education. The Franks had completely defeated the viciousness of the Pope Gregory the Great (usually celebrated as “great” in conventional historiography). The Gregory the Villainous threatened to burn alive bishops who allowed “grammar” to be taught (that meant secular knowledge). But the bishop of Dignes (south east France), so threatened, was protected by the Frankish army. Gregory had no army (the Roman emperor Charlemagne created the Vatican state, more than two centuries later).

So Christianism made the bed of Islamism. Better: the Copts, that is, the Egyptians, did not believe in the Trinity (because of a 4C bishop of Alexandria, Arianus, had a problem with a triple god who was nevertheless one; he had refused the subtle balance between Jesus, Zeus, and the Logos). That’s why the Muslims do not, because the relative of Muhammad who told him what he saw in the desert (some Archangel), was a professional Christian Copt monk.

The idea of superstition is to find an idea that stands above the world. That may be appropriate sometimes, to save a civilization. However, civilization exists to create ideas, and so any civilization resting on a superstition comes quickly into contradiction with itself. No doubt the Romans came to that conclusion, and, well before the end of the Republic, had embraced all religions. As long as they did not call for human sacrifices (those where completely eradicated), or as long as they behaved (after a major scandal, the Egyptian cult of Isis was outlawed for a while). Thus:

Sustainable civilization means secularization. If a civilization is not secular, it is, or becomes obsolete.

Putin ought to meditate this, as he gave Christian Orthodoxy with a Russian sauce a quasi state religion status; Peter the Great viewed Orthodoxy as the major problem of Russia, and took shattering measures to break its grip (an inside joke, as Peter broke himself the limbs of some religious fanatics on the wheel, just to have the pleasure to hear them plead for their lives).

To deny secularization to some countries, because of their Oriental origins, as many political leaders in the West just did, is sheer racism.

Secular Salic Law. Civilization Without Secularization A Degeneration.

Secular Salic Law. Civilization Without Secularization A Degeneration.

[This is a tiny part of the Salic Law; it had 65 chapters to start with, and underwent constant changes and augmentation; by 600 CE the law made all inhabitants of the enormous empire a Frank, without consideration of origins or religions; a Jewish Syrian selling camels in Paris (!) could have Frankish children.]

The West was not founded by Islamists, or Christianists, or other deluded Superstitionists. The West was founded by Secularists, firmly grounded in reason. The West was founded by the Salian Franks. Those “Salted” Dutch ruled through the secular Pactus Legis Salicae (Pact of the Salic Law).

The main difference between Salian Law and republican Roman Law was the replacement of many death penalties cases by more humanitarian fines.

Greater humanism was the main difference between old Greco-Roman civilization and the “RENOVATED” version the Franks imposed, and celebrated.

Aristotle had contemptuously pontificated that civilization needed slaves, so that people like him could sit on their haunches and think of higher things.

The Franks contradicted Aristotle: let there be machines, beasts and bioengineering to serve us.

The Far East (China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia) also practiced bioengineering: new varieties of rice were developed, that produced twice a year; around 1000 CE. This is one of the reason why the population of the Far East exploded. Another, of course is that the Far East was secular: Confucianism, Taoism, and (original) Buddhism have a very low superstition index. Thus the Far East developed a lot of science and technology on its own, and that advanced civilization. The Middle Kingdom and its neighbors thrived for the same exact reasons as the West.

In the end, the West dominated more because, starting with the Franks, and the abolition of slavery, it was less oriented towards using people as machines or animals. But it was a close call, as the Christianists and Islamists nearly annihilated civilization (Western books were saved mostly through Zoroastrians, and the regard most Caliphs of the 8C and 9C had for… Greek culture… there again following another twist in the Qur’an…).

Written in Latin, the Salian Law was purely secular.

Just by imposing secular law, the Franks, more than 15 centuries ago, got rid of aggressive Christianism. The Franks literally founded the West with precautionary Christianophobia. It was high time. True, the Franks claimed to be “Catholics”, but the Catholicism they imposed had nothing to do with the religious terror that brought Rome to its knees.

Even before the Qur’an had been written down, the Imperium Francorum sent spies to find out who these Islamists were. A case of precautionary Islamophobia, right from the start. The Franks long viewed Islam as a form of particularly aggressive militarized Christianism. They were familiar with the problem: hordes of black dressed monks, especially in Egypt, had laid civilization to waste, three centuries before.

France has been at war with invasive, aggressive Islamists ever since. 60 generations of hostility.

Why can’t Egyptian security forces be given the same liberty?

Or do Western leaders whine because time is up on their ravenous instrumentalization of Islamization, their counterfactual, perfidiously manipulative, identification of Islamization with civilization? Are they afraid that their oil supply is threatened, or that they will have to start treating Arab speaking people not just as Muslims, but as full human beings?

An organization such as the Muslim Brotherhood, operating inside the French or American republics as it did in Egypt  would be outlawed overnight, and lethal force would be used. So why not the same in Egypt?

When Western leaders talk as if the Muslim Brotherhood was holy, a case of human rights, they are just hypocritical, lethally vicious and racist. The Muslim Brotherhood ought to be outlawed in Egypt as it would be in the American or French Republic.

It is easy to understand why corrupt leaders in the West would want Egypt to stay under the oppression of an ideology invented in the desert by analphabets, 14 centuries ago: this way, 85 millions Egyptians, and 35 millions of inhabitants of the Arabian peninsula, where the oil comes from, and much money, would stay subjugated, ruled by their pseudo-god fearing masters.

But for those who really care about the well-being of Egyptians, there is no doubt that getting rid of 1650 years of delirious, somewhat satanic variants of the religion of Abraham, will help. Abraham? The despicable character who wanted to please a satanic boss (known as “god”) to the point of killing his innocent child.

Where, in the entire history of humankind, can we find something as condemnable as a foundation of elevation? Notice it’s the boss himself who stopped the servile crazed psychopath would-be child killer’s hand. So bosses are the fount of humanism! Especially after they order to kill children?

It certainly makes sense that the despicable Barroso, head of the European Commission, another living incarnation of Star Wars’ Jabba the Hut, who does not mind 50% unemployment rates in part of the European Union, according to his plutocratic god, would threaten Egypt (with cutting aid to starving people). The barbarian Baroso embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, as a new trick to make the youth suffer more afield.

The ancient Republican Romans knew what to do with a thought system that had turned wanting to kill children into a religion: annihilate it.  They face it with Carthage. No doubt that, if Carthage had not sacrificed children, it would not have been annihilated by Rome.

The inhuman pulsion to kill children inherent to Abrahamism was probably copied from Carthage and Moloch. Abrahamism was adopted by Rome, later, but, by then the Republic was in pieces (in a telling detail, Constantine, the self described “13th apostle”, inventor of Christianism, killed his adult son and nephew; he also steamed his wife).

To rejoin the forefront of civilization, it long occupied, Egypt needs to become secular. Those who, from their heavenly secular fortresses, think otherwise are just Twentieth First Century racists. Let them join Al Qaeda. Sorry, they already have.

Polls show more than 80% of Egyptians support the security crack-down against the Islamists. “Moderate” Islamists have no more than 15% support. Faced with the determination of the 500,000 strong Egyptian military, the plutophile cowards who lead the West will no doubt back-off.

The fact remains, in that fatidic week, when Egypt plunged in a remedial civil war, our money loving Western leaders showed their face, and that was the face of Al Qaeda. I do not doubt that they are going to put some new mask on, and change the subject real quick. Yet, it was a very revealing moment.


Patrice Ayme

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21 Responses to “Secular Egypt, Civilized Egypt”

  1. Dominique Deux Says:

    Completely agree about the shameful and irresponsible posturing of the Western rulers, including those beacons of knee-jerk morality, Obama and Hollande. That’s the equivalent of singing the Horst Wessel Lied – a Nazi anthem in praise of a Nazi “martyr”, a lowlife (whose day job was pimping) who died in a street brawl.

    Friends of Islam and Muslims (which I am) should, and do, support the Egyptian Army.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Cher Dominique: we entirely agree. I was nearly born, and certainly mostly raised, in Sufi lands. My first memories are from Gardhaia, one of the oldest cities in the world, a sacred city of Islam (at least “Sufi” Islam!), long forbidden to the pseudo-civilized savages of Euramerica, and I did schooling, primary and secondary, mostly in Senegal, another Sufi land.

      One can safely say that the Islam found in Senegal is “not the same religion as the one in Saudi Arabia” as Abou Diouf (past president of Senegal and Francophonie) put it. But still, it’s Islam, honorable (mostly) Islam. The prophet from way back plays a secondary role…

      Thanks for making the connection with Horst Wessel.The Muslim Brotherhood is indeed Horst wessel, writ large. The west is playing again the same sort of double faced games that gave Hitler what he needed to become a world class pest.

      It is reassuring to see the IDF cooperating with the Egyptian army (in drone strikes in the Sinai). Israel is familiar with perfidious plutocratic double dealings.

      One of my themes is that al Qaeda was created by the West intelligence services, in the service of their plutocratic masters (the CIA and Saudi Intelligence recruited Bin Laden). Al Zawahiri (who got away with assassinating the Egyptian president already!) brought to Bin Laden the know-how of the Muslim Brotherhood.
      anyway, we had a real, live demonstration of the connection between Al qaeda and indeed Hollande and Obama. The connection is direct: they just have Qatar in beteeen! (Interestingly, the UAE, in striking contrast, is said to have encouraged the Egyptian army to crack down! Now the UAE, although no democracy, far friom it, is a PLURALITY: 7 emirates… Including Dubai, which has no oil, and they all face Shiite Iran, which cannot love the Brotherhood very much…)


  2. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice; the crucial information about Islam and where their civilization is heading is in the following link about illiteracy rates.
    In Egypt out of the population above age of 15, 35% of women and about 19% of man are illiterate. It is well above the Afghan numbers where 87% the women and 57% man are illiterate, but even in Saudi Kingdom almost 20% of the women are illiterate.

    Did anyone ever made a survey, what kind of education and world image are teaching these illiterate mothers their children? It is not surprising that it is so hard to create in these countries, a political system, where the government would become rather a service supplier than a ruler.

    Europe and especially France, is far from being immune to the developments on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Eugen: Well, France is certainly aware, hence the wars in Libya and Mali. The war against Qaddafi, on and off, lasted decades. Actually, France has intervened all over Africa, even fighting (successfully) Cubans who had attacked from Angola (Kolwezi; some of the guys who dropped there now head the French army).

      It’s De Gaulle who was naive. He pulled out of Algeria because he reckoned that France and Algeria had nothing in common. Sheer racism. Nothing further from the truth. The African coast is 500 miles (800 kilometers) south of the French Cote d’Azur…

      In the first French bombing in Libya at Benghazi, everybody was gathering for a peace conference in Paris (including Hillary Clinton), while the French stealth bombers were talking off, east of Paris. They knocked off Qaddafi’s army, just in time, at the outskirts of Benghazi.

      Lack of literacy in Islam is a funny thing, because it’s explictly contrary to the Qur’an. “Search knowledge all the way to China if you have to!” is a verse therein…

      I guess the fascist/plutocratic mood took over the rest of the message in the Qur’an. Like the sexist element took over, whereas Muhammad was clearly anti-sexist…


  3. Dominique Deux Says:

    “Europe and especially France, is far from being immune”

    You are obviously right, Eugene, nobody is immune.

    However the solution to that threat is already well known and successfully implemented: education.

    The recurrent conservative canard about Europe’s (and especially France’s) coming smothering under the sheer demographic weight of Muslim 2nd and subsequent generation immigrants, with a rodent-like proliferation rate, has been debunked by serious demographics. There is no such thing as a rabid reproductive gene in Muslim genomes, except in racist, penis-envy-driven fantasies. As soon as they are given access to education, women of whichever origin align their birth rate on the general population. Such a virtuous and simple outcome is beyond the grasp of your average tea partier or Fox News news anchor, but that is what has been happening.

    Of course it might be different if their theocrazy elders enjoyed the right to home-school their progeny… not happening.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Most French citizens have (some) North African, and, or, Jewish genetic markers. Neanderthals too. Now, apparently, there are more Neanderthal markers in North Africa… whose population is so full of European markers, that it can be viewed as European… Origins are a confusing thing.

      The aim ought to re-apply the Roman Republic’s solution… No choice, really.
      Meaning Rome before fascist plutocracy…


    • EugenR Says:

      Very right, education is the only way the civilization can survive the today trends consumerism of waste on one hand and demographic development on the other hand. Only educated people are aware of environmental problems and birth control. Yet some people feel their moral duty is to murder teenage girl, to prevent from young girls to attend school. The 60% illiteracy among Pakistani women is not caused by lack of resources.


  4. Dominique Deux Says:

    Dear Eugene, nine years ago I was sitting with Pashtun village elders in the so-called South FATA area – Bin Laden country, on the Pakistani side of the Tora Bora mountain range. And one of the demands they made of Govt authorities was schools for girls.

    There also were grenades thrown against girl schools. But they did not reflect a general attitude. Talibans and (even worse) Arab fundies were not welcome in Pashtun areas. Several groups were burned alive in their hiding places by the mob under local village authorities. Hospitality was extended to them only if they behaved.

    Of course that was before collateral damage from drones, only beginning at the time, turned the population against anything remotely linked to the West. Kill a Pashtun, make fifty enemies for life. But the striving for education never abates. There are women professionals in Pakistan – doctors, engineers, lawyers. They are a far cry from the peasant women who still labor under the sweltering sun in heavy burqas, turning their faces away if a car passes by. But remember that in Europe, we are only one or two generations away from the time when peasant women wore head scarves as a matter of modesty and worshiped their priests’ footprints. “Give time to time” as Mitterrand used to say.

    The invading, all-winning hordes of fundamentalism are only a fantasy. They really are dying fossils and their leaders know it. Hence their brutality, which is that of despair. Even Bin Laden, who claimed to fight for a world caliphate, really only wanted to unseat his Wahabi sponsors in Ryad and then take up their alliance with their US protectors.


    • EugenR Says:

      Dear Dominique, probably you, who spent time with the Pashtuni know the best what attitude they have to girls education. Yet the data i have show that in Pakistan 60% of the women are literate. In Bangladesh the women illiteracy is about 50% but in Afghanistan astonishing 85%. This is why i have to ask several questions;
      – What kind of information are these women exposed too?
      – Who is the authority who teaches them how to differentiate between the good and the evil?
      – What kind of knowledge these women transfer to the next generation. (The latest findings in behavioral psychology clearly show the profound role the mothers in human development have).
      – Will these mothers take in account the need of birth control? Will the patriarchs allow such a birth control?
      -Can a society of illiterate people create a political leadership, that will try to solve the most fundamental social and political problems in their overpopulated, under-capitalized country, or it will create a corrupt selfish government well connected to the existing political elites. The worse scenario is the revolution, its most probable outcome will be what we can see now happening in the Arab world.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wow Dominique, you have had a fascinating life! Would I dare ask you what you to chew the fat with those who were feared even by winston Churchill?

      That the locals wanted their girls dumb and illitarate was always a fantasy. But a carefully organized one. When girl schools were attacked in Afghnistan, the campaign of bombings was organized through Pakistan and Al Qaeda, both manipulated by American and Saudi intelligence. One can always find armies of psychopaths to kill children with, as the Nazis amply demonstrated.

      The real failure has been the failure of the American People to examine what its government and institutionalized killers and interlopers doing.

      I always thought that the American “intelligence” services could not be so stupid, that they would not realize that it was counter-productive to use drones. Once again, they wanted strife and mayhem, so they could have a war, and augment their power.

      Thus they gave good reasons for dozens of millions to fight them to death… Exactly heavens and a raison d’etre for professional killers…


  5. aaron greenbird Says:

    good morning…another great blog, thank you. this morning, Michael Ledeen of PJ media wrote an excellent post on the global war we are engaged in…he writes…” the muslim world…is a fossilized remnant of a failed civilization…” (couldn’t agree more)– i just wanted to give you a head’s up on the post , and ask you what your thoughts might be….. aaron


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Aaron: Thanks. So many essays, so little time. My take on Islam, straight from the Qur’an, is that it has been the greatest party in the world. Party of war raiders, that is. I have written extensive essays on the subjects, including the 10,000 words one I linked to, made nearly exclusively of authentic quotes from the Qur’an (which has about 80,000 words).

      “Islam” was not a civilization, but a subjugation. it was deliberately, and explicitly, made into a Roman defeating war machine. Very similar to the Hitler attempt. Hitler failed, because the French Republic attacked before he was ready. Muhammad started the war on his own terms. Muhammad chose the place, and time (just as Charles Martel did at Poitiers!).

      The 40,000 men Arab army, in overdrive because of this ideology which made war raiding into a religion (“Jihad”), found itself controlling several of the world’s greatest cities in a few years (Damascus, Baghdad-Cesiphon, Alexandria, Alep, Jerusalem, etc…). After NOT respecting the laws of war (killing all male susceptible on entering the Roman army in Syria), they had destroyed Persia, and had Constantinople on the ropes.

      And so on. I would welcome more thoughts I could comment on, but I have no time to go fish for the post. I consider myself enough of a scholar of Islam, especially as I was brought up there… (Inner experience! ;-)!)


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Eugen: There used to be a socialist republic in Afghanistan, and its main axis was education of girls. USA President Carter, a fanatical Christian, advised by a Pole, secretly ordered to attack it on July 3, 1979.

    The positive side of it all is that, if Carter’s god exists, he will burn in hell, no matter how many houses he helped built in the USA.


  7. Mom Says:

    You say that the Franks launched secularism. But was not that the work of the ancient Athenians?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Quite the opposite: the worst charge against Socrates was “impiety” (that is having insulted Athena and company). All his friends urged him to get out of that charge real quick, because it meant the death penalty. He did, making great show of his piety.

      Secularism de facto happened at the end of the Roman Republic and during the Roman Principate. However, by emperor Diocletian (300 CE), the emperor was made into a living god, representing the Sun-God (a new cult), and Christians were persecuted… But just for a few years, as Galerius wrote off the persecution on his death bed, and Constantine decided to use the para military church to further his reign (311 CE).

      When the Franks took power, the non mentioning of Christianity de facto imposed total religious tolerance. That lasted until the First Crusade, which saw the mass murderer of Jews (1100 CE).

      Things got real ugly by the Second Crusade, engineered by the crazed fanatical murderer Saint Bernard de Clairvaux, 650 years later. Bernard the Mad was opposed, to huge risk, by the great, at the time hyper famous, philosopher Abelard, who fought him tooth and nail. After Bernard the Criminal, Christian fanatics on crusades killed maybe 2 millions, in Francia alone.

      Another criminal, Louis XIV, the “Sun-King”, 500 years after Bernard the Mass Murdering Nazi, torpedoed France by expulsing the Protestants. In an important sense, Protestantism had started in France in 1150 CE. (Forget the fanatic, anti-Jewish, the other proto Nazi Luther… Luther came late, and very wrong, 400 years later!)



  8. Old Geezer Pilot Says:

    “…Kill a Pashtun, make fifty enemies for life…”

    Words of truth. I wonder when the US will figure that out.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear OGP: There are basically three levels in the USA. We the People, who does not even know Bin Laden was CIA for like 20 years. French intelligence officers claim the last meeting between CIA representatives and Bin Laden was in 2001, in an emirates’ hospital (yes, the year of 9/11).

      Then there is the level of the Obamas and Bin Biden (I couldn’t resist…). It’s not clear how naive ignorant, and, or, cynical, they are.

      Then there is the level of black ops, getting their advice direct from the plutocracy (who employs them later privately). At that level, clearly, some know very well they are out there to make a bad situation worse, by killing innocent people with drones, because the Dark Side profits from mayhem.

      Thus the situation is reminiscent of classic of the plot in Star Wars, or classic Machiavellism.

      Actually Carter’s Polish adviser said exactly this about the USA attack against Afghanistan on July 3, 1979.


  9. Dominique Deux Says:

    Test post – cannot post on the Rupee thread.


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    […] greater mess to Britain, while the continent got reorganized under the Franks’ Lex Salica (see chapter inside the essay on Outlawing Muslim Brotherhood). The reconquest of England by the Franks under the command of a Roman duke of Normandy added a […]


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