Pandora’s World

Abstract: More reasons for attacking Assad beyond what I wrote two years ago, “Force Works, Syria Next?“, and more recently (“Syrian Red Line” and “Peace From War“).

Three original points in the dialogue below: 1) there is -nearly- a right of ingerence in the United Nations, that allows to override the Security Council. The French Republic used it many times. This is such a case again. An occasion to teach most of the world’s countries about human rights.

2) Dictator Assad has threatened Israel and the French Republic. So now the self defense clause of the UN Charter can be used against him. In the latter case, that activates NATO.

3) An exclusive argument shows that the West has jurisdiction over Syria (as it had over Yougoslavia). The transfer of power from Rome to Islamist invaders in 636 CE was illegal, unconstitutional, uncivilized, and has proven irresponsible. Time does not make wrong right.

Fascism Is Always Personal, Decapitation Best

Fascism Is Always Personal, Decapitation Best


The French President wants to overthrow Assad’s regime. Is not that going too far?

No, it’s perfect. Assad, a criminal against humanity, equipped with weapons of mass destruction, has threatened France, so, to insure French security, that regime needs to go. The United Nations’ charter allows self defense, so now that Assad has threatened the French Republic, the latter has to right to strike. French strikes ought to specifically target the mass murderous dictator.

Assad is roughly in the same position as Hitler got in. Hitler did not surrender. Neither will Assad. Hitler ought to have been destroyed. By the same token, Assad ought to be destroyed. It’s not just a question of striking the VX factories, killing the neurotoxin scientists, their installation, and the specialized military units.

You see no ethical problem in attacking the Syrian government?

There are risks in engaging in action, any action, even going to the movies.

To check how fool proof my logic was, I dressed in pink (mimicking thus the “Code Pink” anti-war activists), and searched potential contradictors. I found them resting their wisdom on ill-information (I am much more “left”, whatever that means, than they are). Slogans (USA atom bombed Japan!) do not a logic make. (Self) glorifying peaceful thinking does not bend psychopathy. Quite the opposite; psychopaths smell weakness, an easy kill.

Fanatical pacifists bleat about non violence, to keep wolves away. They don’t understand biology. Let them munch grass. Fiercer ones save the world. Always have, always will.

Of course, when attacking Assad, countless things could go wrong, and will. A French SCALP missile could stray off course and flatten a school (but they will come at night and their precision is one meter). Assad put people that he would rather see dead, such as some of his own Suni troops, in harm’s way.

In 1944-45, American strategic bombing over France, even Paris, killed many thousands of French people, and flattened entire cities (Brest, Saint Malo, Toulon, etc.). Some, including myself, consider that some of these bombings were motivated by weakening France. Yet, if you ask the French, they shrug, and use a well know expression:“C’est la guerre.” (“It’s war.”)

Assad turned peaceful protests against his plutocracy into a butchery: more than 100,000 dead, more than two million refugees (UNHCR numbers: one million more refugees in 6 months).

The Syrian dictator has violated International Law  by using lethal chemicals in a mass attack on a civilian population (inside his own capital city).

Doing so, the dictator also committed a crime against humanity by killing hundreds of children, knowing full well that the gas would sink in underground shelters where women and children had taken refuge. That does not make him legally different than the worst Nazis.

(Klaus Barbie, who had personally tortured to death around 5,000 people, was condemned to life detention by a French court for the murder of 34 children. Why? Because killing children as a hate crime is a crime against humanity. No prescription. That’s just one thing one can demonstrate Assad just planned to do, assassinating 462 children, at least.)

Chomsky has called an intervention in Syria a war crime.

Chomsky’s indignation against imperialism is so parody, it has no bite. The real problem is plutocracy, not imperialism. There are empires all over. I condemn Bush’s attack against Iraq in 2003 or Carter’s attack against Afghanistan in 1979. Posing as anti-establishment, while being part of it, as Chomsky is confusing.

Chomsky claims that the usage of neurotoxins by the Syrian government is not credible. He thus contradicts the evidence put forward by the French and American governments, and common sense. (The French government web sites have more than 100 shocking videos of gas poisoning in progress.)

I expect no less from someone whose scientific reputation rests on a silly theory of language (“innate grammar“; a theory that someone familiar with varied languages, can only smirk about).

This being said, Chomsky does a nice job as crazy, well meaning uncle in the attic.

Why can’t you embrace non violence?

Non violence contradicts the essence of man. Those who practice it religiously deny reality and invite moral disaster.

Gandhi embraced violent non violence that made him the self declared friend of Hitler, and caused the partition of India along superstitious lines, killing millions. So he was a disaster, although an icon to the fanatical non violent, and that makes sense.

By contrast, Mandela, also a lawyer, embraced violence when he saw no other effective way. By using bombs, Mandela earned the respect of his racist enemies, to the point he was able to change their minds.

Homo Sapiens Sapiens is an extremely violent species. Quasi by definition. Be it only violence in the noble sense of using force. Homo SS has never been as violent as he is now, when he is threatening the entire planet, by his mere existence. Yet, non violence is not an option.

Because technology itself is violent. Yet, without it, most of humanity would die. Moreover, solutions to the dilemmas at hand, like the CO2 poisoning of the atmosphere, will involve great force, great imperium (say putting international flying, or even much trade, out of reach of the commoners).

The key to survival, of the humanity we have, is not to lie supine, but to call for ever more violence, or, if you prefer that semantics, force, while channeling it where it will do necessary good.

Politics is about making the lesser of two cruel choices always. Those who do not want to impose, or suggest, the application of cruelty, should stay out of politics.

Is not that too radical a position?

No. Take the CO2 poisoning of the planet. Obama proposed, in the same style as Obamacare, a host of regulations, all over. At best that would make for a police state, with a huge bureaucracy, a sort of Stalinism without executions. At worst, it will be costly and won’t work.

Instead the free market solution is just to change the playground ground rule, by imposing a carbon tax. Just as the free market solution for health care is Medicare For All.

You have lost me completely there. What’s the connection with Syria?

To do the right and moral thing in politics, one has to take often tough and cruel decisions. Just as Obama has long been reluctant to do. Until Libya, and now Syria. The boy is growing up.

A good politician has to take decisions that, at first will feel tough and cruel to some. Sure, it will be tough to kill Assad and his butlers. However, if one had killed Hitler and his butlers in a timely manner, more than 70 million people would not have died, and huge suffering would have been prevented.

Certainly, as a politician, it’s sometimes bad to be too good. Chamberlain thought he was good by refusing war as a solution in Munich and leaving Czechoslovakia to the wolf. That proved a disastrous decision, as the French republic and Czechoslovakia, per se, could have held off Hitler.

The planet is hurtling towards destruction at this point. The correct ideas to save the planet will feel tough and cruel to many, if not most. Because they will be so much out of what they are used to, their comfort zone. That should be explained to the naïve masses.

The Iranian president, says he is “a lawyer, not a colonel”. Is not that reassuring?

Rouhani is president. He gives orders to colonels. Or would, if the Grand Ayatollah did not pull the strings. He “strongly & completely condemns chemicals in Syria”.  Yet, if he does not want to do like USA president Roosevelt in the 1930s, who argued with Hitler, but then helped him as much as he could, Rouhani should help do away with a man who gases his own capital city.

The best way to avoid serious wars is to show to fanatics, and persuade them, that violation of International Law and crimes against humanity will be met with the Wrath Of God, right away. A language they understand.

Don’t you think that spurning the UN Security Council is ill-advised? Chomsky said that was a war crime.

Chomsky barks, history will forget him. The French Republic intervened many times, and got retrospective approval of the United Nations. The 1930s have taught the French that they should trust their instincts about human rights, and not pay too much attention to two tendencies:

1) International plutocracy’s influence (its moods, its plots, both adverse to democracy).

2) The global anti-Republic mood (one of the aspects of the anti-republican mood is the claim to cultural equivalence, aka “multiculturalism”, a mood that makes, for example Islamism equivalent to the secular democratic republic that is constitutional, and the most advanced stage of civilization, and has been, for 3,000 years).

Why Are You Pushing For Regime Change In Syria?

If one just “degraded” Assad’s capabilities, the danger is to undershoot.

1) One does not just wound a bear. Assad has engaged in terrorist acts in other countries (Lebanon). If he survives, he will feel empowered.

2) The likes of Kim have to be shown that, beyond the Red Line, there is no hope. A clear example has to be made. If we do not, Pandora’s world will open, and all evil contained therein will escape and spread over the Earth.

[Part Two Tomorrow.]


Patrice Ayme

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23 Responses to “Pandora’s World”

  1. de Foucaud Paul Says:

    Patrice, réagissant rapidement sur cet
    excellent essai de par le nombre de questions et réflexions qu’il propose, je vous propose de tourner ma langue avant d’en extraire une synthèse sans avoir la prétention de répondre à toutes les données qui y sont décrites avec audace souvent.
    Je verrai dans la langue de Sheakspare plus tard.
    Pour faire très court en terme de conclusion aux réflexions qu’il m’évoque :
    Charles de Gaulle avait eu en son temps, la vision de la capacité de la France à être un pays majeur en Europe du Nord.
    N’est ce pas le cas aujourd’hui ?


  2. richard reinhofer Says:


    Can you expand on this: “a theory that someone familiar with varied languages, can only smirk about).”

    Or point me to relevant information?

    Thank You,



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Richard: My own opinion, not read anywhere. I have been thinking of writing something, for years, demolishing Chomsky’s theory. He speaks of grammar, a universal one, but some languages have enormously complicated grammar (Latin, or even French, which is half German-half Latin, grammar-wise). Others don’t have any, or so: Mandarin. I explain better tomorrow because not yesterday I do. French and English invert adjectives relative to nouns.
      Some recent scientific studies I came across recently support my views.
      Chomsky misunderstands how minds work.


      • richard reinhofer Says:

        I “learned” German in (American) High School, 2 years. Then I lived in Heilbronn FRG for 3 years (1986-1989) and by the end I conversed with the locals very well. Enough to discuss current events and family matters, but not politics I noticed.

        Today it is mostly gone. I remember the “learned” stuff more than the conversational. To me that is telling in how the mind works.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      BHW, I just discovered, to my amazement, that the essay published was an early version not meant for publication. A much more sophisticated version, written over several hours, was neither saved nor durably published, either in my computers, nor in the cloud. I have absolutely no idea how that could that have happened.


      • richard reinhofer Says:

        my regrets…


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I have no idea how that happened. The non authorized published version came out of a computer that was, supposedly, turned off! It’s like sorcery. Anyway there was plenty I did not want out, besides typos and half finished sentences. Moreover all the begining went missing…

          When people learn a second language, it does not go in the same place in the brain. Another thing: I know several languages. However, but for English and French, they tend to turn off when not in the country. I understand, but talking is elusive…

          What happens with children who learn 2 languages simultaneously? Not clear.

          Chomsky’s theory gives too much a space to instinct.


          • richard reinhofer Says:

            I have a friend who advocates for Philosophy to be taught to children first. I argue that (other) languages be taught first. Maybe teaching philosophy in other language is the best for children?


          • pshakkottai Says:

            Hi Patrice:I can reply to this. I was fluent in Tamil and Kannada (close Sanskrit) and much later in English. Their grammer is very similar to Sanskrit even though they are Dravidian languages. I learned them simultaneously. In India most children do this routinely.


      • Dominique Deux Says:

        Beware of the cloud. Cash better than plastic. Keep out of social networks. Be aware passwords are stored on major intel databases. In any resistance movement, living underground is key. And everybody, by force, is in the movement or in “security”.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Dominique: My excellent adventure, to have an essay under my name published by a computer that cut and pasted a number of my writings was out of this world. I noticed that 7 hours later. Even more surprising all the twenty revisions or so of the “real” essay, stored in the cloud, disappeared (I spoke of the elimination, or I should say liquidation, to speak like Assad, of Hariri, etc.) I am going to have to be a bit more circumspect (although I use 4 computers, like Snowden, hahaha)

          Your position, that we are either in the security, or the resistance, is pertinent. In a way, yes. I have brushed with the higher ups and their world: it’s not ours. They function Clinton style, using their celeb status, and their Dark Side, to get ever more power. That’s exactly how the Feudal aristocracy got created, around the year 1000 CE… And the example of the Fall of the Roman Republic shows that the Fall, from Republic to plutocracy can take just a decade or so. (Under the Gracchi.)

          After the Fall from the full Republic, even the considerable efforts of stupendous generals (Marius, Caesar), and smart philosopher-statemen (Cicero) over generations, was not enough to put the Populares back on top… And then, for centuries, the army, although the world’s mightiest, was never strong enough to put the Senate based plutocracy back in its place… Astoundingly, the Senate went on until the Seventh Century and the Islamist invasion.

          In Egypt, though, the army directly controls much of the economy…


  3. Ken Says:

    I enjoy your site except when you become a right wing extremist.I do NOT believe we need to attack yet another country.we need to INSTEAD modify our lifestyle so that we do not need the products of the Middle East without western money so we can drive SUV’s these countries would be broke and much poorer and much more willing to change for the positive. Let them come to terms on their own.That region of the world has had wars that have lasted longer then America has been a country. We have no right to preach to them.We need to get our dependence on them under control.More importantly we need to control our population which is the real driver of the worlds problems.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Ken! Funny! I found that comment of yours in my spam box (I check it sometimes, just in case, because comments with multiple links tend to end there).

      Apparently my spam system has more brains than I thought, because it was apparently thinking you were not for real, as you see me capable of transmogrifying into a “right wing extremist“. I was bombed once by right wings extremists. Like bombed to kill. Me. I A gentleman was in between the device and me when it exploded, after an aerial trajectory, and got torn to pieces instead. Think. I am the real thing, the real think.

      As I have explained, it has nothing to do with oil (Syria produces only 30,000 barrels a day). And France would probably strike, in the end, if the USA did not. In France gasoline is more than twice as expensive as in the USA. And it’s nearly all tax.


  4. Patrice Ayme (@Tyranosopher) Says:

    Dear Richard & Partha:
    I think that if a child learn two languages, the child learns two different cultures. That provides a stereoscopic vision on the human soul, it’s intrinsically philosophical.

    Multi-lingualism should be making Indians much smarter! ;-)!
    My own three years old daughter is full native bilingual (and now goes to Mandarin school most of the day!) Although she told me (in French) that she was “francaise et anglaise, mais pas chinoise!”


  5. Ken Says: I think he raises many valid points that should be taken into consideration. WE are only interested in that part of the world because it lets us continue our unsustainable lifestyle for a little bit longer.The problem is, what is unsustainable will fail.We don’t have to be concerned about 1400 deaths even as we die at over 25k(USA alone) a year due to car causalities. IF it was Assad that used CW .Prioritize the real threat 100k that have been taken out by guns and bombs and the people or military there will take him out IF they want him out, but the only people wanting to take him out are western supported rebels and governments that are pro AIPAC. Let Syria sort it out. We drone (KILL)people in Pakistan and Yemen and Iraq and Afghanistan for being SUSPECTED terrorists and I bet we kill more than 1400 a year.We just don’t publish that.which makes us hypocrites.We need to change how we live.if you live in a country that imports 50% of it’s Oil then you are the real problem,If you drive an SUV you are …..don’t think I can type that .


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ken: Interesting link. I am aware of the price of oil. But make no mistake; gas is coming, and not just inside Damas! (Bad pun of the day!) Just off shore Israel, there are three major fields (see the exchanges with via fCh) The name of one of them, “Leviathan” says it all…

      What’s all important is the ROI. I am not too worried about the price of oil. To really stop the world, it would have to double from here: then the citizens of the USA would have to live like the French (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). France has, like most countries, basically NO oil.

      You say:”WE are only interested in that part of the world because it lets us continue our unsustainable lifestyle for a little bit longer.” That’s a very cynical interpretation. It’s like saying people don’t care about Auschwitz. No doubt many don’t. Yet, I have no doubt that Obama is sincerely moved by the sight of the dead children.

      And as far as the French are concerned, because they spend more than ten years at school studying history, the Assad dictatorship is a no-no. Officials there call Assad by his real title: dictator. Should the USA do nothing, there is little doubt that France and Israel would ultimately intervene. They already have (Israel conducted a bombing in Damascus’ suburbs).

      It’s all a question of crossing ethical red lines. Obama did, with his “signature” drone strikes, and I excoriated him (he has turned much more circumspect). If Assad gets away with using CW massively and blatantly, Kim is next (Seoul is under artillery range of the North). He just killed his famous mistress and her famous husband, so don’t count him out.

      If Japan uses seven times its resources, it’s not just that the Japanese are greedy hypocrites, but that they did not organize for themselves a giant Lebensraum as the citizens of north America did by massacreing the Naives. I mean, the Natives (funny typo!).

      Don’t blame the Japs: they tried! However the Chinese, backed up by 4,000 years of civilization, revealed themselves rather resistant. And then the USA intervened stealthily…

      And what happpened to the much more ethical ways of the French in America? Well, they were wiped out, them and their humanitarian approach…


  6. Ken Says:

    over 25k a year to Auto deaths


  7. richard reinhofer Says:


    ” I am the real thing, the real think.”

    Does this work in French? Or other language?



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      No zero works in French. Thing and think are both of old northern Germanic origin (Frisian, etc…) French is basically abreviated (!) Latin. I thought it was funny…
      Funny thing about French is that Frankish was a variety of German, old Dutch. Now the Flemish, who speak a derivative, strongly discriminate against the “French” their descendants adopted… Which is basically simplified, germanified Latin…


  8. MaC Says:

    Nicely done Patrice. I like your responses to the reflexively
    anti-force philosophers. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I
    think you’re correct, Obama is understanding his responsibility and is
    projecting power where it needs to be projected, (Syria). And
    withdrawing where fools tread (Iraq).



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