Vlad The Liar

Abstract: Vlad, Russia’s dictator, eggs on Assad, Syria’s butcher, with much more than huge lies. For comic relief, see instead the Daily Show on Vlad the Insulter.


Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Prize Laureate and writer, once resident in Auschwitz, went around for years, wondering aloud how the Holocaust could have happened, how incomprehensible it all was. (In my book, “Holocaust” does not mean just 4.5 to 6 million Jews assassinated, but 80 millions killed, including more than 20 millions in 5,000 Nazi “camps”, summer 2013, latest recount).

The Holocaust was the product of public opinion. Goebbels used to joke:“We have a total democracy”. And Hitler laughed:“The old protest against us, but the youth belongs to us”. Hitler was right. In April 1945, American GIs sometimes recruited German school mistresses to call back to order their 14 year old pupils, armed with heavy weapons, shooting at GIs in the middle of Germany.

Now we have a real life contemporary example of the idiocy, madness and cowardice of crowds: watch all the bleating selfish ones lining up behind the closest dictator they can find. As Stalin and Hitler are passed expiration dates, they cling to Vladimir Putin, the dictator for life of Russia.

Putin, the ex-head of the KGB, preaches about peace, while doing war. That’s exactly what Hitler did continually in the 1930s to seduce all Americans, and most Europeans, while grabbing the pie. Most of  Hitler’s discourses were about “peaceand defending minorities. Most Americans believed him.

A dictator talking about peace all the time makes those who talks about human rights sound like war-thirsty bullies.

The New York Public Relation firm Ketchum was asked to write something and present it to the New York Times. Putin gave at least 50 million dollars to Ketchum recently. Yes, Hitler used to do this too, paying Randolph Hearst, and many other newspaper owners, to improve the image of the Reich. It worked.

Putin pontificates that a U.S. strike on ASSad chemical facilities “would constitute an act of aggression,” he wrote in the September 11 New York Times. It would “result in more innocent victims,” “further destabilize the Middle East,” and endanger “the entire system of international law and order.”

Putin, confusing the USA with the French Republic, deplores that “military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States.” Citing Russia as a model of wisdom, he posits: “We must stop using the language of force and return to the path of civilized diplomatic and political settlement.”

How perverse. A lecture on nonviolence from ASSad’s chief arms supplier. This is an example of Hitler’s Big Lie technique. Let’s check Putin against the facts.

1. Chemical weapons attacks.

There have been at least 34 chemical weapons attack by Assad’s forces. Assad’s army has an entire fourth branch devoted to chemical warfare (“Unit 450“). Spezialized heavy machinery is required to make the neurotoxin through mixing, shortly before use.

In one of the attacks, last April, journalists from the French newspaper Le Monde were among those gazed. They were able to bring back to France samples of Sarin.

Here is Putin, lying through his teeth: “there is every reason to believe it was used not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition forces, to provoke intervention by their powerful foreign patrons, who would be siding with the fundamentalists. Reports that militants are preparing another attack — this time against Israel — cannot be ignored.”

That’s, simply insane, there is every reason to believe Putin takes Americans for fools. First, Israel can defend itself (Israel conducted seven air raids over Syria, so far this year, 2013, to prevent weapons going to Hezbollah; one raid was conducted just outside the main chemical weapon facility). The neurotoxin rockets were short range, fired from Assad’s positions, the people gazed were secular, and why would rebels gas themselves and their own children massively?

In any event, Putin supplies no evidence for his claim. An investigative report published Tuesday by Human Rights Watch thoroughly refutes him:

“Our investigation finds that the August 21 attacks were likely chemical weapons attacks using a surface-to-surface rocket system of approximately 330mm in diameter—likely  Syrian-produced—and a Soviet-era 140mm surface-to-surface rocket system to deliver a nerve agent. … The evidence concerning the type of rockets and launchers used in these attacks strongly suggests that these are weapon systems known and documented to be only in the possession of, and used by, Syrian government armed forces. Human Rights Watch and arms experts monitoring the use of weaponry in Syria have not documented Syrian opposition forces to be in the possession of the 140mm and 330mm rockets used in the attack, or their associated launchers. …

The scale and coordinated nature of the two attacks; against opposition-held areas; the presence of government-controlled potential launching sites within range of the targets; the pattern of other recent alleged chemical weapon attacks against opposition-held areas using the same 330mm rocket delivery system; and the documented possession of the 140mm and 330mm rocket systems able to deliver chemical weapons in the government arsenal—all point towards Syrian government responsibility for the attacks. Human Rights Watch has investigated alternative claims that opposition forces themselves were responsible for the August 21 attacks, and has found such claims lacking in credibility and inconsistent with the evidence found at the scene.”

Such statements were initially made by French Intelligence. French Intelligence was right in 2003 about Saddam having no WMDs.

President Bashar Assad’s regime ‘has committed MANY CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY’ which have resulted in ‘a lost generation of children and young people’ in Syria, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said on UN TV, September 13, 1013.

2. Russian Intervention.

From the outset, Russia has advocated peaceful dialogue enabling Syrians to develop a compromise plan for their own future,” Putin claims. “We are not protecting the Syrian government, but international law.”

A lie. Russia has benn violating International Law by supporting militarily criminals against humanity. Here’s a brief review of Putin’s massive support for dictator Bashar al-Assad. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, During 2008–12 Russia supplied 71 per cent of Syria’s imports of major weapons.”

Human Rights First reports, “In January, 2012, Russia signed a $550 million contract to provide the Assad regime with attack jets capable of hitting civilian targets on the ground.” Then Russia tried “to send four repaired Mi-25 attack helicopters to Syria in June 2012.”

Human Rights Watch sent Syria’s Russian arms supplier a list of human rights abuses perpetrated by Assad using Russian weapons. Human Rights Watch urged Russia to stop sending missiles, fighter jets, and ammunition to Syria, but nothing changed. The Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, a Russian think tank, reports that last year, Russia and its contractors supplied Assad’s surface-to-air missile systems, repaired “at least four Syrian Mi-25 helicopters,” and apparently upgraded Syrian tanks.

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs reported that Russia provided Assad with “20 modernized Mi-25 combat helicopters,” belying Russia’s claims that its arms deliveries were unrelated to the civil war. In June, HRW noted that:

“Russia has continued to send arms to al-Assad—and not only defensive weapons, as Moscow repeatedly claimed. A recently leaked document reported on by the Washington Post shows the Syrian government requesting 20,000 Kalashnikovs and 20,000,000 bullets as recently as March. And a Russian arms manufacturer just claimed that a contract has been signed to deliver at least 10 fighter jets.”

In July, the United Nations’ Independent International Commission of Inquiry for Syria reported a “shipment by the Russian Federation of S-300 missile batteries” to Assad. This week, the commission added that “pre-conflict arms deals between Moscow and Damascus continue to be honored.” Human Rights First notes that “Russian officials said they will not halt arms sales to the Assad regime so long as such sales are not prohibited by the U.N. Security Council.” Russia itself has vetoed that prohibition at the UNSC.

3. “We need to use the United Nations Security Council,” Putin brazenly asserted.

“Preserving law and order in today’s complex and turbulent world is one of the few ways to keep international relations from sliding into chaos.” However, here’s the U.S.A. account of Russia’s behavior, depicted by U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power:

“Since 2011, Russia and China have vetoed three separate Security Council resolutions condemning the Syrian regime’s violence or promoting a political solution to the conflict. This year alone, Russia has blocked at least three statements expressing humanitarian concern and calling for humanitarian access to besieged cities in Syria. And in the past two months, Russia has blocked two resolutions condemning the generic use of chemical weapons and two press statements expressing concern about their use.”

As the pro-inaction Times admits: “From the start of the war two and a half years ago, Russia has been Syria’s strongest backer, using its veto repeatedly to block any meaningful action at the Security Council.” The Finnish report says:

“When the al-Assad regime resorted to the use of military force to suppress growing political unrest in the country, Moscow fiercely resisted initiatives by the Arab and Western countries to adopt the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions condemning the government forces and suggesting the possibility of introducing non-military sanctions against Syria (including an arms embargo). Moscow vetoed the draft UNSC resolutions three times …”

This is confirmed by the report from the Human Rights Watch monitor in Syria:

“We have tried again and again to convince Moscow to play a constructive role to resolve the Syrian crisis—to use its influence with al-Assad to stop the attacks on civilians; to work with the moderate parts of the opposition; to assist with aid delivery to thousands of displaced people in opposition-controlled areas; and to support international efforts to bring war criminals on both sides to justice. … Moscow consistently refused, for example, to support a U.N. Commission of Inquiry into the situation in Syria.”

That’s how Putin behaves. Why? That’s pretty transparent: to insure the safety of Earth’s largest dictatorship, attack is of the essence. Forcing the West to play defense in its core, on the shores of the Mediterranean, is pretty good offense.


Patrice Ayme

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8 Responses to “Vlad The Liar”

  1. Ken B Says:

    This is exactly what I believe.


    What do you think? Just more regime talking points, right?


    I think this is all I have to say. I will be out there on the overpasses with my signs.

    -Ken B.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ken: The United Nations inspectors have found military grade Srain in the rockets. Perfectly mixed. Also sarin laden rockets had Cyrillic inscriptions on them, and were of a type not used by rebels. Two of the ballistic trajectories were fully determined, and they originated from Assad held positions.

      Case closed. The real question is who is behind the massive pro-holocaust campaign in the West. Vlad the Liar paid just one PR firm in New York more than 50 million. In violation of all basic ethics, the NYT published the document given by the firm. While censoring my comments. That’s the part of the iceberg we know of.

      Hopefully, good Americans learn something from the years of infamy when their country supported Hitler, and do something about ASSad.

      But not too fast: the USA and UK refused the referral proposed by France of ASSad to the International Court of Justice.
      To honor the pseudo-left, let me salute the way of their heart:

      I will be out there, telling the truth. Although I have extreme antipathy for a lot of literal Islam, that does not extent to the point of seeing ASSad killing millions of Muslims, as he fully said he intended to do.


  2. Ken B. Says:

    I could be wrong, but…it seems like you have no idea what U.S. foreign policy in the middle east is all about. The U.S. has been wanting to attack Syria, Libya, Iran, etc for decades, with more concrete plans in the past 10 years. You seem to have this myopic view of just getting Assad out. But you (nor anyone else) has any idea who will replace him. With who? Another Saddam Hussein puppet? That went real well.

    Patrice, U.S.A. bigwigs just want Syria under it’s thumb, just like they want every other country that is not aligned with U.S. “interests” under their thumb. The USA is now the bully of the world, with only China or Russia to keep them in a little balance. Obama, Kerry, and the rest don’t give two shits about the Syrian people or dying babies over there. Do you really believe that stuff? There is so much scumbaggery going on in the background of this push for strikes on Syria, it’s sickening. AIPAC, defense contractors, the big banks, oil companies, etc., are all roaring for more war. These are not the kinds of people/organizations we should be personally aligning ourselves with.

    This country has a sad history of starting wars against anyone that does not align with our interests. Not only have we nearly destroyed some of these countries’ populations and their ecology (Vietnam, Iraq are examples) for at least the next several decades, but we did not achieve the desired outcome. Even worse, some of these wars are started under false pretenses. Gulf of Tonkin was FAKE. WMD’s were FAKE! And I hate to say it, because wouldn’t it be nice if one report could just clean up the whole question, but…we have no certainty that the U.N. report about Aug. 21 should be the “be all/end all” report on the matter. Russia has valid questions (regardless of their motivations to question). This whole “Assad did it!” may well be FAKE, too. Remember the “fog of war”, Patrice? The fog of war!!!

    The people behind all this pro-war rage in U.S. are slime. Pelosi, McCain, Feinstein, Kerry. You could not find a filthier bag of politicians in the universe. No one should be listening to what they have to say.

    -Ken B.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, with all due respect, Ken, you are wrong on some crucial points. To be wrong on just ONE crucial point would be enough. Yet, I do agree with many, and perhaps most of the points you talk about.

      One does go fight infamy with an ideal society, ever. The French Republic was very far from an ideal society when it attacked Hilter in the first week of September 1939. 80 million got killed, subsequently, because the racist, plutocratic USA initially helped Hitler, not the Republic. So Obama is a vast improvement over president Roosevelt, a friend of Hitler, Mussolini, stalin, and Ibn Saud. De facto.

      I lived most of my childhood in Muslim countries (but not Wahhabist), by the way, and I have no patience for plutocrats hiding behind superstition to stay in power.

      War against Assad will happen, no matter what. Why? Because Assad is a monster. He is nothing else. He caused the death of at least 110,000 already, and millions of refugee, just to stay in power, with the complicity of the world’s richest man, Putin. An entire fourth branch of Assad’s army exists: the chemical army. It has struck with gas at least 34 times.
      It does not matter how much Putin pays pundits in the USA to say the opposite. At some point, striking Assad will become the obvious solution, to help children, even to cowards, and those who know little.

      The pundit who wrote that piece omitted history: Assad threatened many countries in the past, including France and the USA. He also had Hariri, who was Lebanon most prominent politician (PM ten years, overall) assassinated. Why? he said himself! Because Hariri wanted Assad’s army out of Lebanon. France, for example, could well use Assad’s threats as a casus belli (something that the UN Charter allows).

      Another thing: UN Chapter VII allows for intervention for humanitarian reasons. France used that override many times (Bosnia, Libya, Ivory Coast). Ultimately, even if the USA chickens out as it did in 1939-1940, the French Republic will go ahead, make her own coalition, and strike. If France had not attacked Hitler in September 1939, it would be a different world. One where human rights would be viewed as secondary.


  3. de Foucaud Paul Says:

    J’aimerais vous apporter une contradiction sur votre essai :
    – la Diplomatie française envers la Russie a t’elle manqué d’envergure envers les défis que posent l’Europe du Nord dans les contextes nouveaux et actuels ?
    Pour les USA qui refusent toujours ne pas anhiler le paradigme de la “guerre froide” tant il était pratique pour eux de pouvoir désigner le mal et favoriser le lobby des industries d!armement a cet effet.
    La menace s’est centrée ensuite sur le “terrorisme” dont les mesures prises par eux se solde par un lamentable échec mettant en cause la légitimité de leurs actions.
    Obama a t’il compris en dialoguant le premier avec Poutine ?
    Nous laissant de ce fait loin derrière ; pas en termes de capacités mulitaires bien sûr !


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Cher Paul:
      We do not know what will come out of it all. At this point the USA is playing good cop, nice and engaging, whereas France, is playing bad cop. France is led by Fabius, an ex-PM who has seen a lot, and is the west’s most experienced politician, besides being Jewish (and thius well connected to the tragic past, and contemporary Israel).

      Certainly, with the USA bending over backwards, as usual modus operandi of Obama, who has never seen an enemy he did not want to become carpet of, there was no need for France to do the same.

      With a new German gov incoming soon, all predictions about French policies are a bit in stand-by.

      One thing clear: Assad and Putin may well be engaging themselves into a trap. Already, it’s impossible for Assad to use gaz massively. As I have explained in “war unavoidable”, the latest essay, well… The Russians will be in a bad situation will the situation keeps being blocked. France could well set-up her own coalition, sans UK, and sans USA… All what the Rafales need is Turkey and targetting information.

      We will see. What struck me most is Putin successfully paying the extreme left in the USA to publish a flurry of hysterical articles, pro-Assad, pro-putin. Remind me of the 1930s, when Stalin paid intellectuals to be pro-him…. and pro-Hitler…


  4. Nick Wright Says:

    Halifax, Nova Scotia [NYT Pick]

    Once again, Russia emerges as the voice of maturity, sanity and responsibility on the Syria file–including going so far as to suggest deploying its own personnel in a seriously risky role guarding Syria’s chemical weapons on behalf of the international community.

    The Putin government hasn’t put a foot wrong yet in terms of adherence to international law, respect for the UN, and adherence to fact over rhetoric. Some say it’s all based on an agenda of supporting the Assad government; well if it is, it is a masterful performance by a defense lawyer in the court of world public opinion.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The UN found that the rockets were Russian, filled with military grade Sarin and fired from Assad’s positions. But, when Stalin was allied to Hitler in 1939, those who were cowards, ignorant, or paid to say so claimed that Russia emerged as the voice of maturity, sanity and responsibility…
      The money from Stalin or Putin goes a long way, deep in the minds of the weak…


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