War Inevitable

War against Assad will happen, no matter what. It’s ineluctable. Hopefully. Why? Because Assad is a monster. He is nothing else. Monsters don’t stop: such is their nature, that of the scorpion carried by the frog. It will sting, no matter what. Sting, and then sink: what real monsters do.

According to official United Nations statistics, Assad caused the death of at least 110,000 of the citizens he rules over. Already. And millions of refugees, just to stay in power, with the complicity of the world’s richest man, Putin, president for life of the USSR Russia.

Milo: Human Rights Rule

Milo: Human Rights Rule

An entire fourth branch of Assad’s army exists: the chemical army. It has struck with gas at least 34 times. To believe Assad will surrender it is silly. Instead, he will wait for indignation to settle down, before using it again more discreetly, while milking the West’s public opinion with his great will to peace and moderation, the tactic Adolf Hitler used so well in the 1930s, when he found majorities of eager fools to believe him in Anglo-Saxon countries…

It does not matter how much Putin pays pundits in the USA to claim that the universe is the exact opposite to what it is. At some point, Assad, should he be left to his own inclinations, will kill millions. Striking Assad will then become the obvious solution, be it only to help children, and even cowards, and even those who know little, and have no inclination to learn more, will have to assent to the inevitable.

Assad threatened many countries in the past, including France and the USA. He also had Hariri, who was Lebanon most prominent politician (PM ten years, overall) assassinated. Why? Assad said himself! Because Hariri wanted Assad’s army out of Lebanon.

Assad is an angry man. Why? because he knows he is a piece of garbage, and he is desperate about proving the opposite. In a similar fashion, Hitler, another piece of garbage, spoke about setting minorities free, and saving peace. Hitler was desperate about proving he was not the garbage he truly was. Political cover-ups are bad, psychological ones worse, but the latter often impacts the former.

France, could well use Assad’s threats as a casus belli (something that the UN Charter allows).

Another thing: United Nations Chapter VII allows for intervention for humanitarian reasons. France used that override many times (Bosnia, Libya, Ivory Coast). Ultimately, even if the USA chickens out as it did in 1939-1940, the French Republic will go ahead, make her own coalition, and strike. So, in the long run, a strategy as in Libya, with the French air Force doing most of the work while getting some targeting information from the Pentagon, may well happen.

Even The Economist exposed the fiasco of values of “The Weakened West”. It opines that “The deal over Syria’s chemical weapons marks a low for those who cherish freedom“. But it’s not just about freedom.

If France had not attacked Hitler in September 1939, it would be a different world. We would have a world where human rights would be viewed as secondary.  

Certainly it’s doubtful  that Human Rights would have progressed in the USA, if Nazism reigned over much of the world. (Maybe the USA, following the Nazis, would have reintroduced full slavery? Please tell me why not).

(And for those who don’t realize that the French Republic basically fought alone the Nazi-Soviet-Mussolini-Japanese coalition: it took one month for the first British soldier to cross the Channel. A lot of the defeat of France in May-June 1940 had to do not just to the unbelievably small size of the British army, but also to the late arrival of British armor, and the lack of commitment of British reserves, say in the Royal Air Force; that, in turn prevented the arrival of French reserves, say in the Air Force, some of which was as far as… Syria!)

France attacked in 1939 because of Human Rights, and Human Rights triumphed by 1945. And you know what? Human Rights are primary. Well worth fighting for. Even democracy is secondary to Human Rights.

When the Athenian democracy forgot that with the Melians, Athens lost the Peloponnesian War. At least, philosophically speaking.

The genocide in Melos endangered Athens’ own survival. There were more than 1,000 Greek Poleis, and when they saw what Athens did to Melos, and the reasoning the Athenian National Assembly held, something about self-interest being more important than Human Rights, a mood was generated. A mood willing to destroy Athens. (After losing the war, Athens was, paradoxically, saved by her main enemy… Sparta!)

Thucydides wrote the Melian Dialogue to exemplify what he deemed the cause of the defeat: realism. Instead, it should be viewed as unreal to try to make Human Rights secondary. One cannot be of the essence, while denying one’s essence.


Patrice Ayme

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15 Responses to “War Inevitable”

  1. Roger Henry Says:

    Much of the brain power of Nazi Germany escaped to the US with their technical capabilities to lead the technological revolution spilling from the NASA space program. They brought their political views with them. Their financial success is now fueling the crazy race to plutocracy being led by the Right wing of the Republican party.
    Reestablish slavery? We are well on our way since 1980.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Roger: On your last point, the re-establishment of slavery, I was struck my Obama’s statement that he was the “leader of the oldest constitutional democracy.” He should read me more carefully (hahaha) I said the oldest written constitution… But saying it was a democracy is saying that slavery was democratic. Even in France (liberty, equality, fraternity), slavery had to be explicitly outlawed in the colonies (and then Napoleon the criminal would re-establish it!)

      The escape of the Nazis was organized from Berlin by Dulles, the brother of Dulles, who was heading the OSS (aka later, the CIA). The Dulles were hyper Nazis, de facto, but not officially. They represented up to 600 Nazi companies before WWII… It’s known that they protected extreme Nazi criminals (Barbie being the most famous example of explicit employment by the CIA; he was absolutely NOT in hiding in la Paz, Bolivia… My parents saw him more than once when they lived there… As my father was in combat in 44-45, and my Mom chased by the Gestapo as a “JUST” little girl… You can imagine how weird that all was..).

      Some even say Hitler himself may have escaped… (His “remnants” turned out to have been bogus.)

      NASA used 100+ Nazi engineers in the Saturn V program alone. Many of them had their hands drenched in blood in the underground rocket factories where thousands of detainees, would survive only weeks… Von Braun was a high level SS officer. Yes, SS. High level.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Coincidentally, we watched a programme last night about a British ‘pop’ singer from the 60s; Marianne Faithful. Her mother was from Austria, her grandmother Austrian Jewish. Anyway there were old news films of Hitler, Goebbels, the concentration camps, and worse.

    I mused about the depths of depravity that man is capable of and, sadly, could think of no reason why those times could not reoccur, albeit a 21st century version.

    Good men must never, never do nothing.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Marianne faithful of a Jewish-Austrian origin? Wow! She looked/looks so “Aryan”… (On the other hands many top Nazis, for example Heydrich, the hyper Nazi, with his large hooked nose, killed by Brit intelligence/Czechs looked… ironically enough, quite ab it like a Nazi parody of “Jewish”….)

      The number of people killed in the 5,000 (!!!) Nazi camps was brought up to mote than 20 million this year…. IBM had it all written carefully down, as it was in charge (!)

      These tendencies (to monstrosities) are alway around. Simply, sometimes the mood is not to strike them down as they arise, and that’s when they prosper. that’s why the Pope’s no-war attitude is so counter-productive, now, as it was then when Pi XII, far from stopping Hitler, at the very least encouraged him…
      At least that’s one thing Obama half understood… (He went along on Libya…)


  3. hidalgos head Says:

    The American leaders who authorized use of white phosphorus bombs on the civilian population of Fallujah are much bigger monsters than Assad, and the citizens who do not agitate for their trial and conviction are bigger cowards than Cheney and Wolfowitz


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Bigger cowards than Cheney and Wolfowitz, maybe, but not as culprit… Much bigger monster than Assad? Hmmm… Assad said he intended to kill most of Syria, so the bar is pretty high… ;-)!


  4. Ken B Says:

    What can I say? I’m not for empire building in the guise of humanitarian intervention, utilizing dozens or hundreds of rebel groups with individual goals, all the while claiming that we our THE moral authority on chemical warfare, backed up by slime politicians who are swayed by defense contractors, oil companies, and banks to keep our country in a constant state of war.

    I guess some folks feel differently. USA has had enough. If France wants to attack, have at it. It’s on them. And any failure in goals, and civilian casualties, is on them. France and Syria have a pretty longstanding relationship anyway, right? USA only relationship is oil, money, and further empire building. It’s so obvious. Any moral imperative is completely phoney on the part of any politicians.

    I can clearly see that the only thing you want is Assad regime toppled. That’s all you care about. Everything else that happens during or after, neither the reasoning behind it all, makes no difference to you.

    It seems like you are OK with the U.S.A. continuing top attack all mideast countries under false pretenses, with no concrete plans afterwards, utilizing the most disgusting chemical weapon attacks the world has ever seen. No one cares that we dropped depleted uranium on Iraq, and now about 15% of newborns have birth defects, 20 reduction in male births, and 50% of their DNA is permanently tainted (worse than Hiroshima). But you don’t care about that, right, Patrice? Who cares about the Iraqi children! We only care about the Syrian children, now, right?

    USA just keeps on bombing for oil, for corporate profits, FOR EMPIRE!

    -Ken B.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ken: I have personally been bombed by a right wing fascist commando, nearly killed, and my life was saved because a guy got disintegrated between me and the bomb. So telling me I don’t care about Iraqi children is a bit far fetched. I was against BOTH wars against Iraq. And against the war Clinton did to Iraq.

      You can read my sites, there is a long trail of my positions on the subject of Iraq. And the USA started the war against Afhganistan, in the 1970s…. To make sure they would get the resources there, rather than, say, the Soviets and the French.

      I am not even for toppling Assad’s regime. I just thing the regime ought to be decapitated, Assad killed, or, better, send to ICC. Generals of non plutocratic standing, below Assad, will be willing to negotiate.

      You are the one who seems to be OK, with children being gased, and those who gas them (Putin, Assad). My position is strictly humanitarian. Human Rights first and only. I had people killed in my family by fascists.

      Your position is aligned on Putin, just like the Commies were aligned on Stalin in the 1930s-1940-1950s. Sure, you don’t see it this way. all you know is your rage. Which is also mine, but mine goes way further…


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Hi Patrice,

    Not new, but just more evidence that France is just part of U.S.A. empire building. They are lying through their teeth, just like we are.


    -Ken B.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ken: That article you linked to is from April 14, 2013. It’s obviously a pure piece of French hating propaganda paid by the two plutocrats, Assad and Putin. Funny that you, who claim to be anti-war and anti-plutocratic (I would assume) align yourself with the most rotten people on Earth!

      Lies do not evidence constitute. That reporter was obviously paid to write that garbage (probably did not even write it himself! As Putin with Ketchum)

      Let’s repeat slowly: the rebellion against Assad had stricly nothing with Islamists, or Islam, to start with.

      Assad, with the complicity of Iran (and I have lived in, and love Iran, not its regime), transfered Al Qaeda to Syria, in a crafty move. And so on.

      To call France “part of USA” in not to know the French. It’s rather the converse. And if you think France will tolerate other Hitlers in her neighborhood, you are in for another 1939 surprise, namely France going to war, and the USA watching. Hopefully, it will work better next time.

      BTW, in case you don’t know, the French government is SOCIALIST. France is not a plutocracy, but a SOCIALIST country! Complete with tax on wealth, carbon tax, taxes on all the rich well above 50%, universal health care, education, etc, gun control, and so on. … And a financial transaction tax!

      More than 10% of worldwide development aid is given by France alone (there are special taxes for that too, including on airline tickets!)

      So I would suggest you get to not confuse the world’s top most socialist country with the USA.


  6. Iwo Freshtag Says:

    LOL, Patrice, seems that you believe all lies, that western media and governments wants to implement to you…why?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Iwo: LOL yourself. “Seem” is the important word, consecutive to you not reading what I write, say, and reflect about. BO (who reads me) is following. I am on the record as being anti-Assad hater number one, from years ago, my reasons are in writing. I am the IMPLEMENTER.

      You did not read my reasons, pls don’t waste my time. Read my last essay and you will see stuff about the “West”, or more exactly the USA, never written before and scathing. You are posing, not contributing by just insulting people.

      By loving Assad, you love Hitler. Have a good time, I will have the last laugh, when Assad is disposed of. That day will come, from the nature of Assad, as I have explained in an essay. Assad himself fabricated the Jihadists to fool the imbeciles out there. For now, it’s working, but it won’t indefinitely.


  7. Iwo Freshtag Says:

    So you obviously haven’t checked what this country looked like before and how it will look after Assad. It was one of the last free countries, before America(Israel) (d)estabilished everything. Last stop on (their) list is Iran. After Iran there won’t be free countries anymore, well, not counting Hungary and Iceland. Which will have to fight, once again, against others. Same story, over and over.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Iwo: We are not on the same planet. The Assad family killed more than 1% of the Syrian population already.

      Have you been to Iran? Have you walked, and run, alone, in Iran? Have you talked to the people there? In the desert, in Isfahan, along the Caspian, in the mountains? Have you confronted the redoutable Iranian Brown Bear, exchanged threat with it? Have you eaten the local butter you extracted from the old butter making device? Have you talk to 30 youth telling you calmly that, should you have been an American, they would have killed you the hard way? Have you climbed the highest peak in Iran? Have you walked inside Isfahan’s incredible beautiful blue mosques?

      Well, I have done all these things, and I love Iran. I hated the Shah’s regime, and that of Khomeiny. Even Khomeiny’s DAUGHTER has blasted the present theocracy, a few days ago.

      The USA, I call the United Stasi of America, but it has nothing to do with Iran right now. I am against an Iranian bomb, thus my position is roughly the same as the official Iranian position. To call Iceland free is laughable. And Hungary exhibits dictatorial tendencies.


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