Who Wanted Kennedy Dead?

For 50 years, many theories have come up about Kennedy’s termination. It may be good to recapitulate what’s certain.

First it’s certain that we are strangely uncertain. The president of the USA is assassinated, and we don’t know for sure why, or even how. History helps. In 98 years, three presidents of the USA were assassinated. For the first two, Lincoln and McKinley, we know exactly whom, how and why. Not so with JFK.

To get a perspective, look at a much older country. In 15 centuries of continuous governance, France had two leaders executed. One was a long reigning Frankish queen, Brunhilda, at the end of a long civil war; the second one was ex-Prime Minister Laval, for collaborating with Hitler too enthusiastically.

France also had two kings assassinated. Yes, in 15 centuries. Two. For basically the same reason. One after the other. The great Henri III, and his hand-picked successor, the just as great Henri IV.

The cause? Overall, the cause was the religious wars of the Sixteenth Century, seven of them in quick succession, involving the fanatical Catholic League, financed by Catholic fascists in Spain (themselves of Bourgogne origin)… and sometimes nearly as fanatical Hugenots.

We know exactly who killed the kings. Extreme attention was given to find out whether there had been conspiracies behind the hands of the killers. Enough was found to reveal that both killers fed on the atmosphere created by a number of Catholic grandees. No direct links sufficient enough to convict was found, but enough to steer the mood in France, for centuries to come. Making both leaders, and the people, very suspicious, and then pro-active, against religious fanaticism. There is a direct logical chain between Henri IV’s death, in 1610, and the expropriation of the Catholic church, in 1905.

Both assassinations were no surprise. There had been at least 17 attempts against Henri IV. Clearly his bodyguard was incredibly at fault for allowing Ravaillac to come close.

In the case of Kennedy, there was just one attempt (compare with the many attempts by the CIA to kill Castro). And it was just perfect. Supposedly three shots by one man, in six seconds, with an old bolt action rifle, two of them lethal. Captured after killing a police officer, Ostwald was asked if he killed the president. His first words were:“It’s for you to figure out.”


Jack Ruby knew everybody at the police station, and everybody knew him, a French journalist found out (he talked to Ruby before the assassination, and was interviewed by the Warren Commission!)

The verdict, in the case of Henri III and Henri IV, was that the fanatical mood of the worst Catholics drove the will to kill. Both the fanatical Dominican friar, Jacques Clément, and Ravaillac evolved in an atmosphere of extreme zealotry fed by their entourages.

The (very educated, but Catholic fundamentalist) family of Ravaillac was actually condemned very severely, as it was viewed responsible for having fostered a mood of religious hatred. Catherine Henriette de Balzac d’Entragues, Marquise de Verneuil, who had two children with Henri IV, was revealed as having been involved in at least one conspiracy against the king. She was exiled forever. Her motive? Henri had married Marie de Medici, a banker.

In any case French authorities, in 1610 CE, recognized that a mood could be culprit.

Was there such a similar killing mood involved in JFK’s death?

Of course. An obvious set of suspects offers itself.

Who would have wanted Kennedy dead? The same mood and galaxy of conspirators that has been involved in the Plot Against France.

John Kennedy had refused to support the Bay of Pigs Invasion (revealing called Operation Pluto) with regular troops. Instead, he compromised the CIA, the Mafia, and more than 100 Cuban plutocrats (many of whom Castro gleefully executed).

Who headed the CIA? Allen Dulles, the brother of Eisenhower’s Secretary of State Dulles, the man who told Ike what had been done on his behalf.

The Dulles Brothers represented up to 800 Nazi firms before the Second World War, and kept on managing Nazis after the war (the one who created the CIA was head of the OSS bureau in Berlin in charge of de-Nazification, immediately after the war). When Kennedy started his crack-down on the CIA and the Mafia, the Dulles were not amused.

Don’t forget that, at the time, the 100 top engineers of NASA were Nazis. And not small Nazis. Big, large, genuinely ultimately vicious Nazis. Look at the esteemed Werner Von Braun: a full SS commander, who was not just decorated by his friend Hitler, but managed some of the most deadly death camps (slaves built the “Vengeance Weapons” underground, in the worst conditions).

(By the way, irony of history, that Von Braun’s space program was excellent for the Allies: Albert Speer (top Nazi in charge of industry) estimated that the V2 program cost as much as the construction of 24,000 fighter planes… and had little to show for it, except for exasperated democracies determined on, well, vengeance.)

The Dulles brothers themselves came into that line of business as lawyers employed by their masters, top American financiers. The very financiers, instigators, and incubators of Nazism itself.

John Kennedy knew the music. His father, having pulled out of the market before the 1929 crash, lent money to the Mafia during the Prohibition. The Senior Kennedy, nominated by FDR, ambassador to Great Britain, had to be recalled after he declared, on the record, that “democracy was finished” in Britain and the USA (and had to be replaced by a Nazi-like system).

Why did the Senior Kennedy declare this? He misjudged the new mood. Until 1936, the Nazis were engaged in a quiet coup in Britain, involving the king. A proof? The 1935 Nazi-Britain treaty deliberately violating the Versailles Treaty (and especially its secret informal protocols, or why the Nazis attacked Poland).

After that disaster, the French had to work hard to get the British leadership to regain its senses (something that went on between 1936 and 1939; the first move of the British anti-Nazis was to kick the king out; that was facilitated because his future American wife was known to be spying for… Hitler)

Similarly, Kennedy’s son misjudged the mood of the upper crust of American society, and, especially, that of its racist, violent, greedy, ruthless, darker underbelly. JFK had deeply annoyed a lot of mighty, ruthless organizations by 1963. JFK also knew there were bodies buried, why, and where (at least figuratively speaking).

Kennedy expected to be assassinated. He spoke of this to his wife everyday. So it is likely that he knew he had crossed the thin red line to messianism.  JFK, and his Jesus Christ attitude was a Damocles Sword over the plutocratic establishment. After calling businessmen “son of bitches”, what was JFK going to do next? Rant against Foundations?

For the nastiest plutocrats, it’s much better to have clueless presidents, such as Reagan, Clinton, or Obama.

50 years later, the same nastiness is firmly in control. It promises to keep the USA in Afghanistan another ten years. It has dismantled FDR’s Banking Act of 1933. It has instituted a new health system same as the old one, that promises to increase further the profits of health plutocrats in the USA. it has launched the USA on an energy policy of fracking its way into bankruptcy, same as the “subprime” mess, just bigger.

Don’t ask who killed the Kennedys. Ask instead: who could have profited from it?

Patrice Ayme

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  1. bowtiejack Says:

    Patrice, great stuff. I agree with everything you say.

    I suppose now I’m going to violate some comment etiquette or something, but I want to post the contents of an email I sent family and friends earlier today.

    Again, apologies for the length.

    On November 22, 1963, my father was a Member of Congress riding several cars behind JFK in Dallas when he was murdered.
    He later said he didn’t think he’d live long enough to learn what really happened, but maybe my brothers and sisters and I would.
    He knew gunfire (for instance, he was on the floor of the House when the Puerto Ricans shot it up in 1950).
    He said there were shots coming from the grassy knoll area.
    He was never interviewed by the FBI or anybody else (but then, they had Oswald and they didn’t need a lot of witness statements that might not match up with that, did they?).

    I think JFK was brazenly murdered in broad daylight in a US city to send a message to any of his successors as well as to accomplish a coup d’etat. 

    So here’s what I’ve lived long enough to learn.

     JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE – James Douglass

    There’s a couple thousand books on the JFK assassination. 
    Some of them pretty hysterical and nutbag and bullshit.
    But Douglass’ book pulls together what all the little guys saw. 

    And this other guy pulls everything together:

    What messes you up in trying to get away with a bank robbery, a murder, a kidnapping, are the unexpected things, like random witnesses – the guy who came back for his keys, the woman who decided just then to go mail a letter, the delivery guy who got lost, the guy who happened to look out his window as the thing was going down, etc. 

    It’s now clear that Kennedy was assassinated by a right-wing cabal of CIA-types, Bay of Pigs Cubans and Cold War hardliners. The stuff about Oswald, the Mafia and all the rest of it was bullshit.  Although the Mafia took care of CIA hits in the US (which is where Ruby comes in).

    How do we know that? Because this book is chock full of detail by lots and lots of those sorts of unexpected little people (all of whom were dissed by the Warren Commission if they even knew about them – remember the Warren Commission had NO investigators and relied on what the CIA and FBI told them). Many of these people kept quiet for 30 years when all the other witnesses started mysteriously dying and they were literally scared shitless. E.g.,  Dr. Charles Crenshaw  who worked on Kennedy at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and was pressured to change his testimony (JFK was shot from the front, but for the Oswald thing to work, the shot had to be from the rear), literally said, “I figured if they could kill the President and get away with it, they wouldn’t hesitate to come after me.” pp. 314-15. 

    The FBI investigation was a joke (in fact, the word went down from Hoover that it would be career suicide to pursue any other leads after Oswald was arrested), the Warren Commission followed up nothing that didn’t fit with their “facts”, several of the people on the Commission were undoubtedly co-conspirators (so, let’s see,  JFK fires Allen Dulles as CIA Director and a year later LBJ appoints him to the Warren Commission to investigate JFK’s death at the hands of the CIA?), Oswald (a working CIA asset and FBI informant) was definitely set up as a fall guy and realized it too late (it was a twofer – get rid of Kennedy and the loose cannon Oswald). 

    This thing was organized at the highest levels of government with lots of money and muscle behind it. LBJ was not going to be on the ticket in ’64 and was probably going to prison (in the Bobby Baker investigation, which immediately shut down with JFK’s murder). How uninvolved do you think he was? The actual assassination was known in the intel community as “The Big Event” and included a lot of Bay of Pigs guys, both Cubans and CIA. 

    To me the tell-tale on the whole thing has always been Ruby shooting Oswald. Oh, and a doctor at the hospital they took Oswald to later said he couldn’t understand why he would die from a wound like that, because they got a lot of them and the survival rate was very good. And as unbelievable as it sounds, they had a double in Dallas for Oswald, who was the guy who killed Officer Tibbit. What they were obviously hoping for was that Oswald would then be shot as a “cop killer” when the police found him in the Texas Theater. But the cops arrested him and took him out the front of the theater. And somebody coming down the alley to see what the commotion was about, saw the cops taking another “Oswald” out the back. Oh yeah, the popcorn guy in the theater saw the second “Oswald” too. 
     An “Oswald” also seen by several other unrelated  people at other incriminating times and places [e,g, p. 294-95]. An “Oswald” quickly hustled out of town on a CIA C-47 (DC-3) [Read the pages on Sgt. Vinson cited below].

    Incidentally, did you know the then Mayor of Dallas was Earl Cabell, brother of Charles Cabell, the #2 guy in the CIA fired by JFK the year before, along with Allen Dulles after The Bay of Pigs? Cute, huh?

    Oswald was completely a patsy, who did know a lot though (which is why he was shot).

    About Ruby shooting Oswald.
    At that time, the CIA had the Mafia handle domestic assassinations [pp. 318-19, one of the reasons Daniel Marvin, see below, wouldn’t take a job].
    For a mob guy like Ruby, doing a couple of years in the slammer now and then was just business overhead.
    And at that time the average sentence in Texas was only 2-10 years for murder [yeah, I know, it’s Texas], especially with a defense of “extreme emotional distress without premeditation” or “murder without malice”, which Ruby had set up with the telegram story, the worry about Jackie and the kids, and the rest of it, but which Melvin Belli and Joe Tonahill, his lawyers, screwed up at trial. [Resulting in Ruby getting a death sentence.]

    And see how Ruby earlier delivered one of the gunmen to the grassy knoll pp xxx, 360-61. In for a penny, in for a pound.
    He’s wasn’t protecting Giancana or Carlos Marcello or anybody in the mob.
    It was straight CIA Black Ops stuff like he had done previously for them in Miami and Cuba [pp. 358-60]. 
    Gosh, how did the Warren Commission miss that? Did their CIA and FBI “investigators” not tell them about Ruby’s real background?

    Ruby was also at Parkland Hospital, although he denied it and the Warren Commission took his word over the witness who knew him, saw him there, and spoke to him! [p 361].
    And although Ruby asked repeatedly to talk to the Warren Commission, they ignored him until his sister went public with a request and even then would not get him out of Dallas into Federal custody, as he asked so he could speak freely.

    The stink that really comes through is the CIA Black Ops involvement (2 CIA DC-3’s in and out of Dallas, ID’ed by people who weren’t supposed to see them; very real counterfeit Secret Service ID – which fooled the cops – for the guys on the grassy knoll, who did the shooting).

    Robert Kennedy was supposed to have said that it would take the power of the presidency to get the people responsible and we know how that turned out. Another “lone gunman”.

    As I said before, what messes you up in trying to get away with a bank robbery, a murder, a kidnapping, are the unexpected things, like random witnesses – the guy who came back for his keys, the woman who decided just then to go mail a letter, the delivery guy who got lost, the guy who happened to look out his window as the thing was going down, etc. 

    In JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE, browse the following pages:

    153-158  Richard Nagell, the double agent who wouldn’t take part – (and went to jail to get out of it!) incredible story. 
    260      The spectators and police who encountered phony Secret Service agents (with SS ID! which the cops recognized as real!) on the grassy knoll (the CIA has a division to produce forged ID’s, etc such as this; Secret Service had no one on the grassy knoll).
     298-304     USAF Sgt. Robert Vinson who got on the wrong plane (which turned out to be CIA and saw the other “Oswald” hustled out of Dallas).
    Subsequently, against his wishes, he was detailed to a secret CIA installation for the rest of his Air Force career.
     315-321,    Daniel Marvin, US military assassin, who refused to kill the guy who had the real JFK autopsy photos (because “it was on US soil and he only did foreign assassinations”), so they got somebody else to shoot him in Bethesda Naval Hospital as a “suicide” on the day he retired! In the f—ing hospital! [oh, and the timing? On the day he retired he was getting the real pictures of the autopsy he had hidden in the ceiling tiles in his office! Which showed the real front wounds.]
     see especially  pages   318-319  

    Many of these people kept quiet for 30 years or more when all the other witnesses started mysteriously dying and they were literally scared shitless. 

    Who killed JFK?
    It was Allen Dulles’ CIA Black Ops guys, (including Richard Helms and James Jesus Angleton).
    You know, the brother of Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles?
    You know, the Wall Street lawyer from Sullivan & Cromwell, who was the first head of the CIA?
    You know, the guy JFK fired as CIA head after the Bay of Pigs debacle? 
    You know, the guy LBJ put on the Warren Commission? [How convenient is that?]

    But it was not Allen Dulles pique at being fired.
    I have no doubt that like a Cosa Nostra Commission hit, a lot of very powerful people decided Kennedy was a problem and something had to be done. Dulles was just in charge of the hit. (Dulles was once heard to scornfully remark that JFK “thought he was a little god.”)

    So somebody had authority to assign CIA DC-3’s to the operation, get phony Secret Service badges made and the rest of it (Dulles was out of the government then).
    And Dulles his entire life always insisted he was “just a lawyer” acting for his clients.
    Hoover shut down the FBI investigation.
    The Secret Service pulled back security.
    LBJ assigned Dulles to the Warren Commission to investigate himself.

    LBJ didn’t like the Kennedys, but he didn’t have the operational experience to organize and direct the thing, although he was essential for the coverup.
    Like mob family bosses,  a lot of people participated in the decision, planning, execution and coverup, each for their own reasons.
    Personally, and it’s just my opinion, I think a lot of them are what are called “compensated psychopaths”.
    Someone who once met Dulles, described him as “exuding evil”.

    [A LITTLE NOTE: When you are talking treason, which is what we are talking here, do not imagine your assumptions are correct about anybody.
    These things are done in the dark.
    You may not know the real reasons someone did something or what they did.
    Prior to WWI, the top Austro-Hungarian intelligence and espionage guy (you know, CIA?) was an officer named Alfred Redl.
    Like J. Edgar Hoover, he was a closeted homosexual.
    He was paid large sums by the Russians (incident to blackmail) for the Austro-Hungarian war plans.
    Which resulted in the deaths of at least a half million of his countrymen in WWI.
    This was in addition to his betrayal of his own agents to the Russians resulting in their executions.
    He killed himself when he was exposed.

    The actual assassination was known in the intel community as “The Big Event” and included a lot of Bay of Pigs guys, both Cubans and CIA. I repeat, this thing was organized at the highest levels of government with lots of money and muscle behind it. LBJ was not only not going to be on the ticket in ’64, he was probably going to prison for the stuff that was coming out in the Bobby Baker Hearings. [Which were going on the day Kennedy was shot and closed down immediately.]  How uninvolved do you think he was? The guy who put Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission? 

    Oswald (a working CIA asset and FBI informant) was definitely set up as a fall guy and realized it too late (it was a twofer for the CIA – get rid of Kennedy and Oswald who had become a loose cannon and may have tried to tell the FBI about the plot. That would be Hoover and his FBI who were in on the Warren Commission coverup. The message came down from Washington to field agents that investigating any other leads than Oswald was career suicide). 

    Oswald’s adventure in Russia was part of a false-defector intelligence operation for the CIA run by the Office of Naval Intelligence (they got about 3 dozen other “deserters” into Russia with the same program –  this was before satellites, when they were “blind” as to what was going on in the USSR). When he was in the Dallas jail, he tried to call his CIA cut-out guy in North Carolina and couldn’t get through (and we know that because one of the little people, a switchboard operator, thought it was all very odd and got the paper with the telephone number he threw in the trash and kept it) . pp.365-66.

    Remember that old line, “No matter how cynical you are, it’s hard to keep up?”
    Well, this thing is much, much more corrupt than you (or I) can imagine.
    So don’t wonder why the government via the Fed would slip the bankers 17 TRILLION DOLLARS to bail them out and yet nobody would go to jail.
    Or why there’s a shuttle between Wall Street and the CIA/Intel community. Wild Bill Donovan? Allen Dulles? William Casey?
    Or why the NSA taps ALL phone calls in the US, when they said they didn’t.
    Or why you go thru the TSA bullshit, when you have a better chance of getting killed by lightning than terrorism.
    Control, it’s all about control. And money. And power.
    Gee, aren’t those the things psychopaths care about?

    In a remarkable passage in “One Hell of a Gamble,” a widely praised 1997 history of the Cuban missile crisis based on declassified Soviet and U.S. government documents, historians Aleksandr Fursenko and Timothy Naftali wrote that on Nov. 29, one week after the assassination, Bobby Kennedy dispatched a close family friend named William Walton to Moscow with a remarkable message for Georgi Bolshakov, the KGB agent he had come to trust during the nerve-wracking back-channel discussions sparked by the missile crisis. 
    According to the historians, Walton told Bolshakov that Bobby and Jacqueline Kennedy believed “there was a large political conspiracy behind Oswald’s rifle” and “that Dallas* was the ideal location for such a crime.” The Kennedys also sought to reassure the Soviets that despite Oswald’s apparent connections to the communist world, they believed President Kennedy had been killed by American enemies. This is a stunning account – with the fallen president’s brother and widow communicating their chilling suspicions to the preeminent world rival of the U.S. – and it has not received nearly the public attention it deserves.
    * The Mayor of Dallas was Earl Cabell, brother of Charles Cabell, the #2 guy in the CIA fired by JFK the year before along with Allen Dulles after The Bay of Pigs.


    And one other thing about The Cuban Missile Crisis:

    Air Force General Curtis LeMay and the Joint Chiefs REALLY pressured JFK to send in a B-52 bomber strike on Cuba to take out all the missile sites and JFK wouldn’t do it.  Remember that was in 1962. 

    THIRTY YEARS later in 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union, we learned that there were 132 nuclear-armed missiles on those sites ready to go. Got that? 132 nukes.  At least some of them would have launched (one would have been enough), setting off a thermonuclear retaliation by the US against the USSR and the end of civilization. Thanks, General!

    How likely would that have happened?  Well, two years later in 1994, declassified US documents showed that in the summer of 1963, the year before the Cuban Missile Crisis (i.e., before we knew about the Cuban missiles) the Joint Chiefs were trying to get JFK to OK a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the Soviet Union for 1963.  JFK and the Unspeakable, pp xxii and 236.

    So we were very, very lucky.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Bowtiejack! The automatic acceptance did not work, bcs of the many links, hence the delay.
      Well, very instructive, I am going to read this thoroughly later. No time now.

      Just as around a giant black hole, terrible things happen, around this conspiracy, others appeared to protect it.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Must stop reading your articles last thing before turning the bedside light out! Can give a chap nightmares!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Boooooooo… I:()… The one on the climate will be worse… what can I say? At this point, for bedside reading, I re-read a very recent very detailled account of the Battle of the Bulge. It’s not like I don’t know the story, but I find the madness… instructive. On both sides. Some American commanders (who had fought courageously) actually became insane. Truly insane. They had to be put down with sedative shots.

      It’s astounding what Hitler got his German generals to do. Even though they knew the whole thing was 100% demented.

      On a much much smaller scale, Obamacare is an example of collective madness too. The assassination of JFK was no madness, though, it worked. I am certain that this Enlightening example explains a lot the apparent idiocy that seems to afflict Obama. He is actually not idiotic, but keen to survive.


  3. Nathan Curry Says:

    I always have had the sense Lincoln and Kennedy were killed for similar reasons. There is a quote somewhere by Lincoln where he basically says (paraphrasing) – “If we do not take this country back from the greedy hands of the corporate bankers…it will remain a pawn in the plutocrats game. And the stakes will only get higher the more we put this off.”

    I believe both of them had the very clear intention of dismantling the Federal Reserve and both of them died at the hand of a hired gun because of that.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks, Nathan, for the quote of Lincoln. I had no idea. Early USA president, especially Jackson, were extremely wary of banks. On his death bed, the ferocious Jackson, a man with bullets in his body, long the top general, who basically made a coup, conquered the Indians, new orleans, etc., said his proudest achievement was having destroyed the “bank of the USA”, a kind of early Fed. jackson also vomited the Rothscild, and prevented their invasion of the USA in no uncertain terms.

      In the case of Kennedy, if my theory is correct, the entire plutocratic establishment that had exploited both WWI and WWII, and the Kaiser and his fascists generals, and the Nazis, in other words the ones who profited of the Plot Against France , may have felt uniquely threatened. killing Kennedy did not just do away with a unique threat, it gave a unique warning.

      Now they have Obama, whose principal skill is to tip toe around all the problems, so that he has none to solve… Progress they can understand.


  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    I certainly am in no way a “specialist” of the JFK assassination, but I did and still does have a marked interest in it, and the long comment by Bowtiejack pretty much nails it – for example, the Dan Marvin or Richard Nagell peripheral tidbits, the planes flying out some co-conspirators (one of which would seemingly have been flown by the then boy-wonder Barry Seal, of later Contragate/cocaine fame, who was gunned down in the street, private phone number of then vice-President Bush in his pocket), the whole gallery of freaks that keeps on popping up from one decade to the next, up to this day…

    Still, if you allow me this bit of pedantry : “it’s much better to have clueless presidents, such as Reagan, Clinton, or Obama.”

    Again, I am not very savyy about the topics, apart from whatever I could read or listen to, but my messy understanding (feel free to correct me if necessary, and bear with me, I’m not very well organized) is that :

    – Starting right in the last days of WWII, and as PA has written about a lot about it, the real US movers & shakers massively “imported” fascists; this was done under the aegis notably of Richard Nixon, who incorporated “ethnic” fascists, Europeans and Middle-Easterns, into the right-wing political power structure. Other involved people worth mentionning were the good doctor Kissinger, GHB (to whom Nixon was a mentor), Bill Casey, and Ronald Reagan, who became the public face for this “Crusade for Freedom”.

    – GHB followed Nixon as the main “middle-management” person of that “privatized”, illegal foreign policy that proved more influential that the overt one, this through the Reinardt Gehlen network, the oil business, and a secret army drawn notably from Cuban and Nazis exiles that acted essentially as an US freikorps in South America.
    GHB seemingly has been a top-level, if “non-governemental”, intelligence asset from way before he ever officially integrated the CIA.

    – The same players from those early Nixon/GHB days can be found again and again and again and again, from the 50’s to at least the GWB era, all the South and Central American coups and dirty tricks and all, the capture of the heroin and later cocaine trades, the U2 provocation (?), the 60’s assassinations, the Watergate, the fall of the Shah, the Irangate, the Contragate, the Iraqgate, the Savings & Loans looting, nuclear proliferation to China and to Pakistan,… up to 9/11 and the Iraq invasion.
    At a lower, operational level, one can find thuggish agents, like the “thrown-under-the-bus” Terpil & Wilson team, with a well-oiled PR/think tank wing (Leeden & co), while at the “middle-management” level it’s rather the usual suspects, North, Cheney, Armitage,… with no distinction between the public good and the private, no sovereignty, no rule of law.

    – This is not a serialized chain of events, but rather a muddy continuum, one big “era” of dirty tricks, with the main focus moving from here to there as the politics or geopolitics of the time, but the rot does not at one place if the action shifts, say to Viet Nam or Iran.
    Still, the 60’s assassinations do mark a tipping point, in that it’s IMHO a brazen “takeover” by this criminalized/rogue/deviant governing class.

    – From then on, one finds only co-conspirators, enablers, accomplices, as US presidents. LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton (involved in the Contragate both through his governorship, and through his wife’s law firm, IIUC); you apparently know BHO, so I won’t comment, he still has some peripherical links to that world (through Tony Rezko, not to mention, amusingly enough, that he would be a distant cousin to Lord Cheney).
    It’s probably not that it’s a monolithic “conspiracy”, it’s maybe more like a confiscation of sovereingty by a particular class, with different groups with differents goals vyying for power (seemingly why Nixon was ousted).

    – The only president that appeared to not have been part of this clique would have been Carter, and his presidency was cleanly torpedoed.

    – Starting with the late 70’s, the US electoral process seems to have been confiscated through a privatization of the vote-counting, and maybe through other means as well (including assassinations, well into the 80’s).
    Hell, even John Kerry, while outwardly a “White Knight” for his role in the investigation of the Reagan era’s rot, might have been a willing enabler of its cover-up when he was a Massasuchets attorney.
    IMHO, the funniest illustration of this rigged process was Rove’s televised meltdown, when he realized that whatever he had rigged for Ohio, well, wasn’t just working, as he had been outcheated.

    Anyway, this is a long, rambling comment that doesn’t bring much to the table that you haven’t mentioned yourself already, but what I hoped to say was simply that IMHO, Reagan, Clinton, or Obama are not “clueless” (I’ll defer to you for the later, though), they’re players.
    Probably not THAT big – Reagan was mostly a mouthpiece (and even if he fancied himself more than that, his attempted assassination surely reminded him of his real stature), even the much larger Nixon and GHB were probably not at the top of the chainfood -, but certainly no clueless fools.
    Hell, just for the heck of it, check that older video of GWB, before he was reinvented as a “bumbling”, “sweet-natured”, “pious recovering ex-alcoholic”, “Texan good old boy”… instead of the aristocrat/spook he really was!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting comment, Kevin. I do agree with all you say. Clueless players is indeed more like it. Whenever one talks, or writes, one can only be incomplete: speech is digital, nature continuous (that’s the essence of the famous completeness theorem of Godel, by the way; neither more, nor less). So any expression is an incompletion.

      You are correct to describe the whole thing like an ill defined morass. But that’s all what the concept of conspiracy is. It means people who came to breathe together at some point.

      I think the best example of this happened during Domitian, the second son of Vespasian, and brother of Titus (who unfortunately was emperor only 2 years before dying apparently of natural causes). Once the worthies of the empire were around a table having dinner. Domitian’s reign had been brutal already, as he was highly suspicious of those who took themselves for “philosophers” (and thus would be presumably keen to bring back the republic). Plots had been uncovered, participants executed.

      But the mood that evening was philosophical. Around that table were the empire’s top plutocrats, including the emperor. Everybody was reminiscing. A question came up about a few of them, who had been executed for being too actively critical.

      “Well, you know, had they not slipped a bit that time, compromising themselves with pro-republican types, and got themselves stupidly killed, they would still be around, and we would all be friends, just like old times.” I am paraphrasing from memory, but that was the essence of it. The noble assembly of creeps, including the emperor, agreed to that solemnly, and had a toast to the departed.

      The way Rome degenerated from Republic to the “Principate”, and the way it muddled in the “Principate” for more than three centuries afterwards reminds me of what you described above. Ahuge muddle of opportunistic plutocrats in an ill defined, non existing constitution (see the USA Senate just realizing on Thursday that they don’t have to violate the USA Constitution… “Democracy returns to the Senate” banner tilte in the New York Times).

      The way the pre-world war Two power structure was reconstituted is fascinating. Major Nazi players were re-installed in power, fortune, even position.

      “I-have-paid-Hitler” Thyssen, sitting in prison, where American investigators had put him, confidently asserted that the “the Americans are rebuilding my conglomerate for me”. Schacht (launched by JP Morgan, later Reichsbank president using inflation not to pay France, and then Hitler promoter) became a force in international finance again. Und so weiter.

      Who decided to pay Prescott Bush (grandfather of GWB) 130 million for his collaboration with Hitler in… 1953?


    • bowtiejack Says:


      Good stuff. All sounds right to me. In spite of talk about a Bush “dynasty”, the family has always seemed to me to be the gofers for larger interests.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Historically, Prescott Bush rose a very well connected employee of mighty plutocrats, top banksters (Brown broher Harriman, etc.). He was a very tall charmer. Within 20 years, he was Hitler’s most important military(-industrial) collaborator.
        After I mentioned this sort of things, a European site, the “European Tribune” manned by bankers, banned me for life. In their banking world bankers never had anything to do with Hitler. So, when they meet my world, it’s like matter and anti-matter. That was before the 2008 crash.


        • Kevin Berger Says:

          I know I was supposed to go back to lurking, but before that, I just wanted to mention that your first paragraphs point out a glaringly obvious truth that seems to escape the usual wisdom, IE the Holmesian “dog that didn’t bark”… it’s a simple, powerful little insight.
          This simple fact, that this assassination in broad daylight, in front of many witnesses, in the very center of the so-called Free World with its free press, its 1st amendment, etc, etc,…, was allowed to remain “uncertain” to this very day speaks volume, no matter who really did what.
          And it certainly set the ball rolling, for all the following assassinations and dirty tricks, because it was so “in yer face, and there’s nothing that you can do about it”.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Yes Kevin, the uncertainty is revealing. And it was not just revealing, but also a warning. Many people were told their career, or their lives, depended upon not being too smart in any inquiry related to the assassination.

            Someone in my family worked on the B2 bomber, as an engineer. He was told that it was very dangerous to do so. When he signed the documents saying he would reveal nothing, he was told that was just legalese. The truth was that, if he spoke, he would be killed, as simple as that. I don’t know if that was a real threat. But he sure believed it, even years later, after he became a top lawyer.

            Hence the hysteria about Manning and Snowden. They are the ones who got away, at least for a while. Those who really lead the country, the layer above Obama, cannot afford the implicit terror to abate. Hey, even Obama could become uncontrollable!


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        “the family has always seemed to me to be the gofers for larger interests.”
        That’s a bit of a tangent, and will be the last of my comments, having spent all of my “ammunition” already anyway, but one item that really stuck with me about 9/11 was the attempted assassination of GWB… as reported by some very early news sources. For all purpose, a Massoud-like attempt (?), by a small crew of unidentified Middle-Eastern journalists, who tried to get close to GWB early in the morning, were rebuffed by some SS guy, and then slipped away.

        AFAICT, this has mostly dropped into in the memory hole, and over the years, I found that mentioned only in some “truther” websites that had some detailed chronology of related news bits.
        Still, back on that day and the ones that followed, I was stuck to the news (a folly, I now acknowledge), and I know for sure that I read that, in an online news paper, somewhere. It was only recently that I re-read something about this attempted assassination, under the pen of Daniel Hopsicker, who has done a nice bit of enquiry into what kind of environment the hijackers moved in, back in Florida. And, btw, it turned out it was basically the same general spooks show, the same as the Contragate/Irangate, Bay of pigs, cocaine smuggling, heroin smuggling,… that he already had taken a look into while researching the life and time of Barry Seal.

        Anyway, no, I didn’t dream it, I can know for sure if that was a real attempt, or some fluff from the news back then, or something in between.
        But if that is true, then, GWB would have been to be killed that day, which certainly explains why he disappeared like he did. What went behind the scene during that time, I sure do not know, but in any case, it must has been interesting. It’s kinda the mirror image of the attempt on Reagan’s life, with lots of incidental ties to GHB; I wonder what went through Reagan’s mind afterward, what kind of realizations he had to come to, what kind of “attitude adjustments” he had to conform to, if indeed the thing came from some close circles. And, of course, the same for GWB.


  5. Dominique Deux Says:

    Educating myself on JFK’s assassination – I was a kid then, all I recall really are my dad’s tears. He’s not the crying type.

    As an aside, is there a specific reason why you struck Louis XVI and Sadi Carnot from the (short) list of “terminated” French heads of state? I find the latter’s demise, in the current context of the hate frenzy being whipped up by the usual, unholy and well funded alliance of the French extreme left and right, to be rather relevant. For Louis XVI we merely followed the Brits’ leade, and were rewarded by (still ongoing) Tory class vendetta.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hmmm… Good point! Louis XVI was a traitor, executed by one vote in Parliament. He was not the head of state when he was, or shortly after he was, arrested. So, technically he does not qualify. The republic was long in existence when he was tried. To execute him was probably a mistake, but the fact is, well, he was a traitor. That may have served as warning to the future Louis XVIII (who was much worse before, and much milder, later).

      I just forgot Carnot. OK, I will rectify that. But at the time PM was the most important job. The USA has no well defined PM. So Obama ran on one program, and PM Pelosi, a plutocrat, implemented another, the one of her and her friends. Now she is going all around, saying :”We should have done single payer.”
      Liars can’t quit.


  6. Paul Handover Says:

    I’ve read all the comments in the last half-hour. Still in bed. It’s a frosty (24 deg F) morning. Three dogs sleeping on the bed. Jeannie making me a second cup of tea.
    Why this mirror on the minutiae of my life?
    Because when one thinks about the abuses of freedom and civil liberties that have gone on, and still do, the only thing that seems important nowadays is the silly, meaningless stuff of a silly, meaningless life. Never thought, having been born in London in 1944, that I would live to say this.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, in the wilds of Oregon, can one afford to forget the world. But most of the rest of the world does not have that luxury. 24 F? How high is your place?
      Someone who survived a Nazi extermination camp said, the other day, paraphrasing, that those who lived were those who could still laugh.

      I can look at horror straight in the eye, not just because I can laugh about it, but because I can emphatize with it.
      Reciprocally, if one cannot laugh, one cannot look, and one ends down, goose stepping behind idiotic, abusive liars.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        Wise words from you again, my friend. You are, of course, right and laughter is never very far from our lives. It had just been a bit of a week for reasons that are better not shared in detail on here. Potential legal action over the sale of our house in Arizona just over a year ago. But a very wise old judge mediating between both parties reached a settlement that was entirely satisfactory to us.
        OK, that’s enough of a meander for me – back to the book!
        Oh, we are about 800 ft AMSL here at home.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Paul: Welcome to the US of Persecution. I have an architect friend, a big time architect, born and raised in the Bay Area. He told me that, on and any condominium project (he has 21 projects going just now), in his long career, he was ALWAYS sued. Generally for grotesque stuff. He basically never lost.
          Suing is of the essence.
          In Europe, there is less enthusiastic suing, because of the “British” rule, aka the “French” rule… Which is that loser pays… the other side.


  7. Kevin Berger Says:

    Amusing; I knew his brother had died in WWII, and JFK was to fill his shoes, so to speak, but wasn’t aware of that :


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, there was actually more than ten tons of explosives on board. The cause of the explosion was not known, or revealed. Still, it’s an interesting subject, Kennedy volunteered twice (for keeping on flying, after 24 missions, and for that very dangerous mission.
      The aim of the mission was to attack a V1 fortress that could not be reduced with conventional bombs. It was a question of size of the bomb. I will say more later.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Nazis had real drones. German scientists had invented transistors in 1935. And Nazi drones worked. In their greatest success the best, biggest Italian battleship was sunk.


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    I was listening to a Swiss show that said nobody would ever know the truth about JFK’s assassination. Not so: computer science progress ought to help in the future. And, in particular settle the question of one shootist or not.

    Another thing future CS will settle is how likely the strange situations that evolved after the assassinations were.


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