Plutocracy & Nazism Are Entangled

We, writer of this modest site, are, of course, nothing. Krugman wrote the editorial “Paranoia of the Plutocrats”. A  dishonest critter at the New York Times (Krugman himself the New York Times told me) dutifully censored my own comment, lest its readership realizes that Krugman’s latest observations constitute a light version of those I have long made. Besides, I pointed out that both the search for power, and the craving for wealth, select for evil behavior, and the more evil, the more obscurity is called to cover them all. That’s why it’s called the “Dark Side“. 

That makes the hyper-wealth-fed Dark Side into something growing proportional to itself, in other words, into an exponential phenomenon.

This is why Obama’s and Bush’s own obscurantism in deed and will went hand in hand with the rise of plutocracy, the rule of the Dark Lord, Pluto, down below, mythically, heuristically, practically, and theoretically.

Collapsing into darkness characterizes, and enables, plutocracy, and this is exactly why plutocrats defend stridently whatever obscures, obfuscates or confuses (see BHL’s “philosophy” of obscurantism in the final note below).

If We Own All, We Rule You

If We Own All, We Rule You

Indeed Bernard-Henri Lévy (= « BHL »), the hyper wealthy French celebrity-philosopher published in the Daily Beast “The French Were Right to Ban Dieudonné’s Offensive ‘Performance Art’”. BHL used the traditional argument tyrants always used to justify “banishment”. I commented. As usual, BHL censored me. (He just read my comments, use some ideas therein in his books, and carefully never publish anything I say: after all, he is a professional thief, of the highest order, those who steal the planet, see below.) Surely the fact that Dieudonné is half Black African is playing no role? (BHL was born in Algeria… A very white place.)

Dieudonné Enrages French Plutocrats By Shoving The “Quenelle Up Their Ass”

Dieudonné Enrages French Plutocrats By Shoving The “Quenelle Up Their Ass”

Israel’s Parliament is contemplating a law making the usage of the word  « Nazi » unlawful. That’s rather strange : the old name of god in Hebrew was the abbreviation for « the one whose name shall not be uttered ». If Israelis are required by law to not pronounce the word « Nazi », that means « Nazism » is divine. Will masochism now become the law?

Seriously: among the primitives, not pronouncing the name of the divinity in anything but awe was always viewed as a major sin, sometimes deserving of the death penalty. Is Israel getting THAT primitive? A case of gathering plutocracy? The more one steals Palestinian land, the worse one gets inside one’s own mind?

Or is it simply that the land grabbers inside Israel do not want to be reminded that they behave like the Nazis used to? (Compare with the Nazi’s theory of “Lebensraum”, the Life-Space, and replace “Deutschland” by “Israel”.)

Then Thomas Perkins, an eight billion dollar plutocrat, famous for his 150 million dollars yacht, the “Maltese Falcon”, wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal (January 2014):

“Writing from the epicenter of progressive thought, San Francisco, I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its “one percent,” namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the “rich”.

From the Occupy movement to the demonization of the rich embedded in virtually every word of our local newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, I perceive a rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent.

There is outraged public reaction to the Google buses carrying technology workers from the city to the peninsula high-tech companies which employ them. We have outrage over the rising real-estate prices which these ‘techno geeks’ can pay,” Perkins concludes by warning of a “very dangerous drift in our American thinking… Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930; is its descendent ‘progressive’ radicalism unthinkable now?”

OK, so “progressives” are Nazis? Interestingly, that is just what the Nazis tried to make the folks believe. Another lie, which the Nazis also tried to impart upon the folks, with some initial success, was that the Jews were Germany’s “one percent”. It is troubling to see a major actor of Silicon Valley embrace both major Nazi lies, as if they were obvious.

Germany had a complete plutocratic class, little of it was Jewish. Perkins’ world is upside down. (Long ago someone writing a comment on my site had the same exact objection as Perkins, and called me a “Nazi”; he wrote  that to be against plutocrats was similar to be against Jews. I left the comment: I never censor. BHL, see below, says something exploiting the same mood as Perkins.)

In November 1938, on Martin Luther’s birthday, the Nazi leadership ordered an attack on all businesses in Germany held by Jews. 91 Jews, officially, were killed, more than 30,000 sent to concentration camps.

There was glass all over the streets, and it came to be known as “Kristallnacht”. As I explained, it had everything to do with Luther (a notion the politically correct New York Times ferociously censors: it views comparing Hitler and Luther a form of racism).

Kristallnacht also had everything to do with the plutocrats who supported Hitler, and had supported him, from the start. Not one plutocrat was hurt by Kristallnacht. The people who were hurt owned, overall, property, true, and the Nazis, facing the failure of their economic policy, stole said property, to redistribute it to their followers.

OK, now for plutocrat BHL, high priest of the inversion of all values.

Dieudonné, a ‘performance artist’ was banned by the French Conseil d’Etat, a sort of high court. The pretext is that as BHL puts it: “He was an incendiary, anti-Semitic ideologue whose silencing poses no threat to real freedom of speech.” Notice the past tense: does that mean that some henchman paid by BHL has already “silenced” Dieudonné?

Dieudonné is half from Cameroon, and French president Hollande called him “M’Bala M’Bala”. BHL claims that: “The man banned by the French high court was not a political comedian, satirist, or any kind of humorist but rather—and this cannot be overemphasized—an ideologue whose credo, endlessly repeated over the course of long performances, is that the Jews control the world, that they have a monopoly on the media and political establishment, and that the duty of the enemies of that establishment is to shove the quenelle (as Dieudonné’s distinctive variant of the Nazi salute is known) “up the ass of Zionism.”

Now, wait a minute here. BHL and all his friends, including those dear friends at the French presidency, from Mitterrand  to Chirac, to Hollande, were, or are, always “up the ass” of any woman in sight, and boast about it all the time, by word, or deed.

Why is it bad when Dieudonné talks about doing too? Because he is black?

The “quenelle”: an arm pointed to the ground, the other hand helping it down is an extremely mild version at worst, of the aborted Nazi salute in Kubrick’s Doctor Strangelove, a classic of the movies. The guy parodied in Doctor Strangelove is no less than Dr. Kissinger, a German Jew who became a sort of Evil Doctor in the USA establishment, complete with Nobel Prize for Peace.

Confusedly, the Fascists-Nazis-Stalinists made a lot of propaganda against the “plutocrats” (a word used by Hitler and other top Nazis). The confusion was deliberate. The fascists, to cover their tracks, came to equate “plutocrats” (who supported them) and “Jews”.

That was rather ironical, because, although some of their partisans were stridently anti-Jewish (say Henry Ford), other were actually… Jews (say the Warburgs in the case of Hitler; countless “Jews” helped to instigate the Soviet Revolution; for example Trotsky, head of the red Army, was from a Jewish-Atheist family… later those Jews found themselves victims of a vengeful anti-Soviet population). The same phenomenon was inaugurated by the Kaiser Wilhem II. Although he had many Jewish friends before the war that he started, he turned virulently anti-Jewish afterwards.

If one changes “Jews” into “plutocrats” in BHL’s statement above, one gets:  “the plutocrats control the world, that they have a monopoly on the media and political establishment, and that the duty of the enemies of that establishment is to shove the quenelle…”

Is not it exactly what is going on?

BHL is for “silencing” critics.  Yet, the problem is that “silencing” this is against the law, and the spirit of civilization. In other words, like all good plutocrats, like Perkins, BHL is just a savage. He can sue me about this if he wants: suing the truth is hard.

In a state of law, one ought to roll out the specific expressions at fault. If Dieudonné broke the law, give exact quotes that are demonstrably false and condemnable, and let justice do its job. Otherwise what one engages in is just trial by innuendos, and dictatorial fiat, both of them forms of hate crime.

So why is BHL so willing to silence critics? Because he is himself a plutocrat in the classical mold, namely his fortune is inherited, and he slept with the state. As a dashing young man, he went to see his close friend, France’s president Mitterrand, an ex-Vichysiste, who collected women as others do butterflies.

The Vichy state of Mr. Mitterrand (Mite-Rat?) loaned BHL millions when the family business was going down, in the early 1980s. Later Pinault, a major French plutocrat, one of the world’s richest men, who tried to flee to Belgium last year, bought some of BHL’s business for dozens of millions of dollars.  BHL was also friend with plutocrat Jean-Luc Lagardère, who besides his main business making weapons, owned Hachette Livre, the largest publisher in France, and Hachette Filipacchi Médias, the largest magazine publisher in the world.

BHL is plutocracy central, French version (that is arrogant and lesson giving, while pocket filling) .

BHL’s main business, as a dashing young man? Kill the equatorial rain forest. He can sue me about this if he wants: suing the truth is hard.

I do appreciate BHL as a philosopher: he can be very right, deep down inside, although, fundamentally, his main theory is as wrong as wrong can be. And that makes BHL as interesting as a venomous cobra. For the venom, that is. The neurotoxicity.

Basically BHL, naturally enough for a plutocrat, hates the Light… And he writes about that, in some of his most famous quotes. At least, it’s coherent. (See note.)

BHL followed me on Libya, and I persist and sign. So why is BHL panicking about Dieudonné? Why is Perkins panicking? Why is Israel panicking?

They are all faking it, and using indignation as a manipulation, just as firemen will start a counter-fire.

Because they all suspect that We The People, worldwide, may realize that they have been manipulated. Not so much by “Jews” (although they would like us to say that, so that they can accuse us to be racist!). But by the plutocratic phenomenon.

What’s that? An international of plutocracy, the Republic Of Offshore. A similar phenomenon was at the root of World War One, as I have explained. And certainly at the root of World War Two (JP Morgan and his creatures covered both). And at the root of the so called “American Century”.

The danger now is exactly the same as a century ago: left to its own instruments, the people of Germany would have reigned in its own plutocracy, in 1914. Instead, to shut down the Socialist Party Deutschland (SPD), the German plutocracy launched a world war.

In a way, it worked: a plutocrat such as Krupp survived World War One, and became one of Hitler’s main support (he conveniently died before being tried as a war criminal after 1945). Thyssen (“I paid Hitler”) survived with his family fortune intact, and his industrial group, until a recent merger, was the most powerful in Germany. It worked especially well for the plutocrats made in USA who supported Hitler: many of these corporations are still household names.

So the danger now is that frantic plutocrats will impose a police state. Obama is well on his way, complete with death by robots of civilians, and NSA unleashed. Meanwhile , plutocrats try to impose state of hysteria. Just to change the conversation from the Republic Of Offshore, you know where the money to feed Obama and other propagandists come from.

Patrice Aymé.


Plutocrat BHL’s total inversion of all values, so grotesque, I cannot find the strength to translate that garbage: “Fascism does not come from Obscuratism, but from light… Rationality is totalitarianism”, etc.: « Chacun sait aujourd’hui que le rationalisme a été un des moyens, un des trous d’aiguille par quoi s’est faufilée la tentative totalitaire. Le fascisme n’est pas issu de l’obscurantisme, mais de la lumière. Les hommes de l’ombre, ce sont les résistants… C’est la Gestapo qui brandit la torche. La raison, c’est le totalitarisme. Le totalitarisme, lui, s’est toujours drapé des prestiges de la torche du policier. Voilà la « barbarie à visage humain » qui menace le monde aujourd’hui. »

Translation: If you want to bring to Light the untold destruction of the primary equatorial forest in Africa brought by Bernard-Henri Lévy and his henchmen, so that they could make billions, you are a totalitarian. Besides, BHL won’t have dinner with you in the Manhattan’s most expensive restaurant.the law.

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13 Responses to “Plutocracy & Nazism Are Entangled”

  1. hugh Says:

    BHL a Philosopher – That guy is just a joke… Well, you are well documented Patrice – I am very surprised by someone from the Bay area. Regarding Dieudonné, things are a little bit more complicate – Being insult in public during a TV show by some folks, he uses the same low level argument to defend himself against stupidity: You’re a bad nigger,well you’re a bad Zionist Jew! It was just first degree, very bad joke mainly insane from both part. For the bottom of that story, you are correct…BHL and his fellow plutocrats are insane.

    From Dublin – HUgh


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Hugh and welcome! Well, Thom Perkins called San Francisco the center of progressivism, or whatever, and I’m trying to stay ahead of the progress.
      Dieudonne, I have no opinion on (I did not see his shows). I just have an opinion on what was said about him. And the methods used.

      As I was saying, there is much worse than the “Quenelle” in Dr. Strangelove, and I’m sure even Kissinger laughed when he saw the parody of himself, complete with aborted “Nazi” (truly Roman) salute. The fact that BHL decided to not laugh about it is telling that the sort of conspiracy that BHL says is not going on is, actually, going on, as everybody who has observed the Rockefeller antics, the Trilateral Commission, Davos, etc. can suspect. Let alone the fact that most of the world’s recently created wealth by and for the hyper wealthy is not taxed…

      Something that particularly infuriates the “Gauche Caviar”, the French Caviar “Left” is that Dieudonne’ was initially the darling of the left and extreme left. That he went all around them, to denounce the Caviar Left as a possessing class does not amuse anybody in said possessing Caviar Class, including the movie star-sleeping president (BHL himself has never met an attractive socialite plutocratic woman he did not succeed to sleep with…or, at least, he wants us to believe…)

      They are really afraid that Marine Lepen’s critiques end up scoring big. Including her courageous critique of the banking system (she was the only politician in France who criticized the fractional reserve system’s abuse, and was trashed for it… Until real left Melanchon (!!!!!!) correctly flew to her rescue… Ever since the subject has been ignored.)


  2. hugh Says:

    You are correct, unfortunately,as of today, only Melenchon and Lepen made strong critics of the banking system. I have read both electoral programs last month. Problem is that both of them have no credible proposals to solve immediate malfunction of the banking system. I add that they are deeply anti European and nationalistic. Kind of Nick Farrage from UKIP. I am not part of that.

    Dieudonne, another topic, has never been a creation from the “gauche caviar”. This is the reason why the leftist hates him so much. He criticizes very harshly the leftist medias who create artificially lots of young “Arabic” or “Muslim” entertainers – most of them very bad – to use them as tools for their ideological policies. They were used as “a faire valoir” among minority. Dieudonné always refused it and criticized it in mainstream media. He also criticized anti racist organization which are highly controlled by the leftist. He made a show criticizing Israeli American axis for one of his fellow french Algerian comedian – the one made famous by gauche caviar. He has been automatically banned from radio and TV. Well, that was 10 years ago. Then Dieudonné became a paria and used very insane arguments to defend his point of view. All degenerates after being insulted constantly by french North African Jews. Then he defends himself in criticizing Israel policy using arguments like too much holocaust vs not enough African slavery trade in school or media. You do not speak enough of our suffer et coetera….. Difficult to resume 10 years in few sentences. Dieudonne early shows are interesting to see on youtube for example. That will give you an idea of the person. It is more about a self defense system of mind again mainstream media rather than pure antisemitism. To be able to understood it, it is necessary to see the evolution of his speech through years when confront to media. It is also a keen business man – but he is a self made man very good at business. Good for him!!!! Of course you need to take is raw speech as first degree joke because you can tell that most of the time he went too far!!!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hugh: Your observations are very interesting about Dieudonne’. I had figured out that rough picture, although I know none of the details (I have not seen him talk once, even on U Tube…) What I did not like was to see people who claim to be reasonable getting infuriated because he talked about say, “Shoananas”… Although I am from a “Just” family, and I have had family members killed by fascists, I find that funny.

      Marine Lepen is anti-European, it is said, but she is also a European MP. Her anti-Europeanism boils down in wanting to make a weaker Euro (and I approve of this, although I understand the “German” strong Euro argument). It’s a sideshow, anyway. The Landersbanks in Germany, arguably make a weak local Euro (and are all broke, probably, although that’s a secret, hahaha).

      If Lepen were president, I’m pretty sure she would spend all her time with Angela Merkel… The only one who probably deserves even less of a chance than Hollande is Sarkozy… Having Melanchon or Lepen as president would kick the antmill pretty bad. It’s a bit the same in the USA: Clinton: have been there, done that. Only Elizabeth Warren is worthy.


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Jeremy Paxman is the presenter of a major BBC television series on the history of The Great War that screened Episode One yesterday.


  4. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, The Jews are very sensitive about jokers making bad jokes about Jews, after all Hitler also started as some kind of joker. The problem is with people without sense of humor. Even more disturbing are people without any capacity to laugh about themselves, like the Germans used to be, or the Muslims are, who started mass demonstration against stupid cartoons, that were not even funny. (As contrary Jews themselves are creators of most of the jokes about the Jews)
    I heard about Dieudonne from a French Jew, and as i understood he is kind of magnet for many French Muslims, who are frustrated because of their failure to assimilate or to realize themselves according to their expectation in France. It is easier to make jokes about Jews who are successful in many fields of French society than about those Muslims, who are ready to kill for some stupid cartoons, but are not worried about despotism in all levels of their society.
    Interestingly he called Jews the slave traders, while if to stick to the facts, the black slave traders were mostly Arab traders who brought the black kidnapped from their villages to European outposts in the West African shore. Even more spectacular were the rides of Arab traders in East Africa. Some communities in East Africans at the end converted to Islam to prevent these rides on them.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: Jews may be sensitive, but I have followed BHL since ever. He is now playing loudly the Zionist card, just like he was playing the PS card in the 1970s-1980s. Dieudonne”s break with gauche caviar was prior to any anti-Judaism drift. It’s not clear who started what, and off subject, anyway. Fact is BHL is for “silencing” anti-establishment discourse.

      The so called “Muslim youth” is another fake discourse. They may go to Syria, but it’s because it beats soccer, they can really become stars, and they walk the talk. “French Muslims” is a category that is being created by likes of BHL. It’s no more genuine than BHL going around calling himself a Jew. He is a plutocrat, and plutophile, end of the story.


      • EugenR Says:

        Dear Patrice, i don’t know to much about BHL since i don’t speak French and never read anything from him, yet i got the impression your argumentation is upon the man and not upon his ideas. I understand he is not a politician or man of acts but man of words or an intellectual and so he should be judged. Please if you have time, write something about his ideas, so your followers who don’t know about the man to much could understand what exactly are you speaking about.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Eugen: At the end of the essay, I put a note exposing the crux of BHL’s philosophy. BTW, he is widely translated in English.
          But you are right, I should write something more extensive. I did not, because his ideas are pretty much unserious, and my time short.
          The fact that he says “silencing” is more important, and the Dark more moral, both of which I pretty much exposed in that essay, is pretty much enough for firing on him with red hot canon balls.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          BHL original French:« Chacun sait aujourd’hui que le rationalisme a été un des moyens, un des trous d’aiguille par quoi s’est faufilée la tentative totalitaire. Le fascisme n’est pas issu de l’obscurantisme, mais de la lumière. Les hommes de l’ombre, ce sont les résistants… C’est la Gestapo qui brandit la torche. La raison, c’est le totalitarisme. Le totalitarisme, lui, s’est toujours drapé des prestiges de la torche du policier. Voilà la « barbarie à visage humain » qui menace le monde aujourd’hui. »

          Translation of BHL: “Everybody knows today that rationalism has been one of the means, one of the eyes of the needle through which the totalitarian attempt snaked across. Fascism did not flow from obscurantism, but from the light. The men of the shadows, they are the resistants… It’s the Gestapo which brandishes the torch. Reason is totalitarianism. Totalitarianism has always draped itself in the prestigious torch of the policeman. Here is the “Barbary with a human face” that threatens today’s world.”

          This was BHL. Now, between us, worse than that, I don’t know.


  5. Cap Wealth To Decapitate Plutocracy | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] […]


  6. EIC Says:

    Visit ElC’s profile

    Let’s not forget Union Backing Corp directed by Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush’s grandfather, which was eventually shut down by the US government for aiding the Nazis.
    Interesting fact! The bank was co-founded by Prescott Bush’s father in law, George Herbert Walker. Now you know where the names came from!


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