If I had a Hammer To Smash Infamy

Pete Seeger, 94 years old, just died. He wrote:

“If I had a hammer I’d hammer in the morning

I’d hammer in the evening all over this land

I’d hammer out danger, I’d hammer out warning

I’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters

All over this land”

Nietzsche said he was making philosophy with a hammer. Is Obama a hammer? Yes.  But he does not hammer for the pecus vulgaris. Under Obama fundamental research got cut, although he bemoans it, but then Obama gives rich people $7,500 each time they buy a $100,000 car from Obama’s friend Elon Musk. Musk is another of these hyper wealthy white immigrants from South Africa Obama apparently likes to surround himself with. Obama is all about diversity, as long as it stays plutocratic.

Obama just gave his SOTU (State Of The Union) speech. That yearly obligation is part of the 200 year old, sketchy, obsolete, USA Constitution.  Obama, chin up, reading left, reading right, celebrated his Trojan Horse presidency, charlatan outside, black Reagan inside, Wall Street heart beating at the core.

Periodically the elite of millionaires listening to the guy-in-chief stands up and applauds. “Corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher”, Obama hammers. Rarely? What a weird dissemblance!

Actually, under plutophile Obama, corporate profits, after tax, have never been higher in terms of GDP. And that’s very wrong, because median income has been going down. The latter  never happened before for decades: maybe the Constitution never goes down, but the economy does. Both phenomena are related.

Pete Seeger and Hays wrote “If I had a hammer” in defense of the leaders of the American Communist Party who were on trial in 1949. Where is the American Communist Party now? It has been hammered into inexistence. No doubt disappearing the Communists is part of what Obama calls “democracy”.

No more American Communists, but we have is this ersatz of a parody of a brown Kenyan boy delivering the speech his (white) masters wrote for him. Talk about a guy without a hammer.

Not all Obama said was absurd, far from it. What was absurd is that everybody listens to him, as if he had any power. Verily, he has none. He had plenty five years ago, and did not use it. His masters had chosen well, a creature with no spine, nor ideas of its own, with just the will to navigate towards the top the Financial Times had defined for him.

One can safely say that Barack Obama’s presidency, barring the unforeseen, like a North Korean nuclear strike, will have presided over the most unremarkable American presidency since Charles Pierce. Of course, racist supporters will claim that this is, by itself, a success. Since I am not racist, i can’t approve that gutter style reasoning.

The State Of The Union (“SOTU”) speech has become the State Of Totally Uncomprehending.

Obama is talking off a carefully prepared text, with choreographed TV panning around on diverse, appropriate critters as he speaks. One learns that:

”This son of a factory worker is going to college this fall… The USA is the greatest nation on earth”. Wow, indeed, speak about equal opportunity. Obama calls his mom a “single mom”. Truth is what he decides it is. Actually she was married all the time, first to an uppity albeit flighty, Kenyan, then to an Indonesian millionaire, a front man for USA corporations (and probably the CIA: did Obama inherit his job?).

150 businesses and corporations and “non-profits” (Gates, the well known non-profiteers) are going to help with education, Barack Obama pontificates. He quoted by name some giant corporations (Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) to explain they paid for 16.000 “public” schools “so it won’t cost a dime to the Federal government”. Alleluia. Is this corporate advertising guy for real? Ah, yes, the president also tells us that “Cosco is smart”.

No doubt preparing his future career as a humongously paid American corporate cheerleader. He may as well train in public.

“America is all about some people achieving incredible success, we don’t resent that.” What about achieving credible success instead? “No country in the world does what we do, on every issue. Every country looks up to us.” Why are politicians of the USA so dementedly nationalistic? Because only hyper nationalism holds the country together?

Several times, his wife looks distraught, on the verge of tears. Something she knows we don’t? As the camera pans on her, she sees the red light, and she beams a huge smile, and makes big round eyes, as she has been trained to do. One should make a sequence of such pictures.

Not everything Obama said was absurd, but then he quickly slip into infamy:

We fight terrorism by sticking to constitution and being an example… That’s why I have put prudent limits on the use of drones. That’s why I will work with this Congress… The privacy of ORDINARY people is not been violated.”

Excuse me? Obama implies that: Extraordinary people, though, are fair game.”Here and abroad.” Meditate this, you, extraordinary people: your privacy is violated, the president guarantees it.

Extraordinary people are extra-constitutional, like these Communists Pete Seeger sang about in 1949.

The audience starts chanting USA USA USA USA. At least nationalism is strong. Encouraged, Obama says: “the world looks towards us…. our veterans need mental health care”

Real thunderous applause about that point. Indeed, the veterans need it: they have got to have been crazy to start with, to  serve, body and soul, that  corporate-plutocratic monster that devours the planet, and invade forsaken countries on the other side of the Earth, just because that’s where the profits are.

Even more thunderous ovation for a mangled soldier with shrapnel in his brain. For more than two minutes the audience of all-powerful millionaires stands up and applauds. What are they applauding? Their capacity at ordering shrapnel into people’s brains, worldwide? Michelle puts her hands on him… He was victim of a road side bomb in Afghanistan. It was his tenth deployment, helping to kill people overseas. Very moving, indeed.

Has a thought been given about why the USA went to war in Afghanistan in 1979, and in Iraq in the 1990s? The “extraordinary troops that kept us free” is all the analysis we get from Obama. More applause. Afghanistan is ambiguously credited as “America’s longest war”. All Americans know the war lasted 13 years, the lie that covers the fact it lasted 35 years. At least.

“Terrorist do not launch attacks against our country”. Just against other countries. Nobody in that chamber knows, or would want to know, that be it in Iran in 1953, or Afghanistan in the 1970s, and many other places that cannot even mention, lest my readership scream, it was the USA’s secret agencies that launched those terrorist wars.

So Obama is using his pluto-corporate bully pulpit.. That’s all the power he has left, to gain plutocratic good points. It’s not just pathetic. It’s the exact example for the rest of the world not to follow.

Indeed, the USA has strictly no effective elected leadership at this point: Obama will ride in the big plane, lead the big life, being escorted by an army everywhere he goes, and be celebrated as the “leader of the free world”. But he is no leader, and he is not free. He has no program, and no power. The generals were (sourly) watching the State Of The Union (strange democracy, under military watch!).

The generals are the power, as in the times of Jackson (feared chief of the army, great conqueror on his own volition, later president).

Does that mean there is no leadership in the USA at this point? Not at all. The “chief business of the American people is business”, said President Coolidge in 1925. However the sort of business the USA knew in 1925 has now grown in something incomparably more sinister, the Republic Of Offshore and its unelected, plutocracy of corporations and their masters.

And don’t worry about Obama’s succession. As Obama gave his SOTU, the camera panned over several young and cute Republican Senators, some of whom (say Rubio) do not hesitate to hold an extreme right wing discourse. Ever since Nixon, all presidents of the USA have been right wing, and it’s getting worse. Plutocratization marches on.

Patrice Ayme’

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16 Responses to “If I had a Hammer To Smash Infamy”

  1. Aaron Greenbird Says:

    excellent, my thoughts exactly. after listening to all that phony applause, i turned off the tv, went outside, sat down on a coldchair, and wept as i remembered my brothers who died in my arms in a faraway country, in a faraway time….am still so angry. the system isn’t broken, it was built this way. cannot fix, new system needed…..


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Aaron, things have to be rebuilt from scratch. I do not know of any democracy that went for 225 (!) years without a changed constitution. Let alone the fact that, for the first 76 (!) years, slavery (!) was constitutional…

      often, when I expose the collusion between the most of the plutocratic power of the USA and the nazis and Italian fascists, let alone Stalin (!), some people accuse me angrily to spite the GIs who got butchered on the beaches of Normandy, and being an ingrate, etc… Leaving aside the fact that my dad fought under USA uniform in the Franco-American army (there was such a thing!), for more than two years, and was under fire more than once, and that on my Mom side they were personally chased down by the Gestapo until they stumbled on an American patrol in a forest (!), my critics miss the point.

      The point is that American GIs faced power enabled by American plutocrats when they fought the Nazis.

      Hitler and Mussolini would have been nothing without power and know-how transferred from USA plutocrats to them. That was actually the highest treason in the history of the USA, ever. If the stupid Rosenbergs deserved to fry (they should have been forgiven for implied mental retardation, as they fried by principle), then, sure enough, hundreds of American plutocrats ought to have preceded them.

      An amusing aside is that the Will-To-Stay in Afghanistan is now animated by the fear of Pakistan. Pakistan has the world’s most active nuclear weapon program, and the USA created that monster. That’s the irony. Of course nuclear war would not be funny, and has a potential to avalanche. That’s why India is getting the (nuclear capable) French Rafale active stealth fighter bomber.

      So, yes, indeed, slave masters built the present USA Constitution. A clear reason for engaging in demolition is the non-election of the president by We The People.

      Where did your brothers died? (You don’t have to feel like you have to answer, if it’s uncomfortable…)


  2. de Foucaud Paul Says:

    Us are suporting today the most important desarmement program with the F-35 !
    Thank´s to Hitler, France nowadays have strong military Forces unequaled in Europe.
    France’s Anglo-saxon bashing is poor and a pity.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Meanwhile China is testing a mach ten re-entry glider with guidance, that could be used as anti-ship… Among other things.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In his SOTU, Obama mentioned, or shall I say, captured, Mali as a place where the USA was fighting against terrorism for freedom. But, that’s the best part of the Obama presidency, the rapprochement and close collaboration with the French Republic. In that sense, for the best, Obama is the anti-Roosevelt. I hope I helped that way, with my strident pro-French, but well deserved propaganda…

      BTW, Congress was told France was getting right away 16 Reapers (the USA’s best drone). And some are already engaged in combat in Africa. That’s the biggest fleet of Reapers outside the USA, and it happened quickly. For some reason, EADS and Dassault can’t make their drones work… Or at least at the General Atomics level…


  3. gmax Says:

    Yes the speech was disgusting, and Michelle Obama, the wifey, looked disgusted


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Comment sent to torture the New York Times: The president slipped into infamy when he said: “The privacy of ORDINARY people is not been violated.”
    What about extraordinary people? Are they violated?

    Anything else he said was of no content. Pete Seeger, who just died, wrote “If I had a hammer” in 1949, to support American Communist Party leaders who were criminally prosecuted. Obama had a hammer five years ago, but he decided to throw it away. Instead he was, in practice, one more right wing president, rescuing the hyper rich banksters, and proud of extending Romneycare to the whole country.

    Now he may be president, but he has no power, no leadership, no vision.The most underachieved president in a century. A living disaster for those who believe in progress. And here he goes, reducing the deficit, so that the next Republican president can spend all he wants on his friends.

    People such as “verified” Rima Regas, of course, will, as usual, deliriously support Obama, not realizing that Obama was the best president the Republicans could have. Naivety makes happy. Alleluia.


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    We didn’t watch the live speech as we choose not to receive broadcast television. On reading this post, I’m glad we did not. So difficult to write more for this Brit who understands so little about this country (and has no right to live in it).

    Will only add that I sense a growing wind of change in the air.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Paul: No right to live in it? Hmm… I want the USA to integrate Schengen, so everybody would have the right to live/work/go where they want…
      And the growing wind of change was strong, way back, and brought… Reagan. Ever since it has been blowing the same. The destruction of Communism/Socialism in the 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s, has lots to do with it… The population is very immature politically, very naive. Anyway, if you had seen the new Republican Senators in their thirties or so, all self assured, full of authority, and direct from central casting (*namely good looking enough to be movie stars), you would have got, as I did, a chill… On their smug faces was painted the obvious knowledge that Obama was a clown, and that it was them who should be speaking as president, and soon will be. Now that Obama has made a mess of progress.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The advantage of live television, is that you can kill it. Again and again.


  6. richard reinhofer Says:

    One of your best Patrice!


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Sent to NYT, commenting on Krugman’s Troubled Turkey:

    Plutocrats are in power (what the Americans call “deregulation”, what the Europeans call… “liberalism”). What do plutocrats want? Power for themselves, misery for the rest. That’s what we are getting. That is, we are getting exactly what the plutocrats wanted.

    Take the example of Turkey: because of the semi-dictatorial, thoroughly corrupt pseudo-Islamizing regime there, an idyllic ambiance was created for corporate profits. So Western corruptocrats and plutocrats invested heavily in Turkey, and now they are understanding revolution is brewing there, so they are rushing out.

    The problem? That Turkey was a member in good standing of the plutocratic archipelago. And why this archipelago? Because plutocrats, now as 2.000 years ago in Rome, deliberately pursue a policy of evisceration of the core, because they are afraid of revolution.

    Thus the unemployment crisis in the West is related to the plutocratic Republic Of Offshore. It’s all the same crisis and the same problem. Plutocracy needs to be decapitated. Only then could people be free and employed, the economy set right, and the ecological crisis mitigated.


  8. Old Geezer Pilot Says:

    American worker productivity has increased 400% since the mid sixties.

    So why are American’s working two jobs just to break even when they should be working 10 hours a week?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Plutocracy is all about the inequity. It does not just produce, or uses, inequality. Plutocracy looks for injustice, its main function, its raison d’etre, is to produce inequity. Let me explain.

      The whole idea of plutocracy is to replace the universe as it is, by the man-made drama of injustice. Plutocracy basically replaces the brutality and immensity of the cosmos, by a toy universe where people themselves are gods, and demons. It’s the sort of demonology of Tibetan Buddhism… for real. Adulating Buffet is much more real than adulating icons. It feels up hearts and minds with wonder. Plutocracy is not just an oppression, it’s a potent drug to forget the cosmos.

      That beats thinking, and thus worrying, about the rising seas, any day.


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