Pluto’s Dictators & Their Enablers

Plutocracy is bad, but it can be bent. Even some plutocrats develop hearts and minds. An example is the Warner Brothers (who were of Polish-Jewish origin). Their anti-Nazi campaign, started as early as 1933, and, no doubt, helped, for the best.

Sadly, Warner Brothers’ under order from Washington, would produce “Mission to Moscow”, which depicted Stalin the monster as a benevolent uncle. Stalin had invaded Poland, with his friend and ally Hitler, and proceeded to help massacre 15% of the population.

Never, ever, will we forget, or forgive, what happened. Thankfully German TV mentions Nazi horrors several times a day. (In the next part of its enlightenment, Germany may want to explain 1933 with the messianic fascist dictatorship it lived under 1918). This is how to terminate Plutocrats, when they go too far:

French Air Force Terminating Qaddafi’s Henchmen, 11/7/2011, Sirte, Libya.

French Air Force Terminating Qaddafi’s Henchmen, 11/7/2011, Sirte, Libya.

The Nazis ordered the arrest of 22,000 Jews in Paris during the Raffle du Velodrome d’Hiver (July 16, 1942). Because of help from the population only 13,000 were killed.

However, 4050 children were deported, and after months of torture, executed. Some of these children, while in detention, wrote heart breaking letters. Factual letters, full of dignity, asking for help, and the most basic decency. They did not get it. All they got was French adults horrified by the tortures the children were submitted to. Those adults narrated what they had seen, and it no doubt helped in the Nazi rout, two years later.

Reading from a ten year old girl, Marie, asking her papa, gently, to send a picture of him, and her mom, because she did not see them for so long, and wanted to be with them. Unbeknownst to all, the Nazis had already assassinated her mom in Auschwitz. How, why, so much evil?

Some will say, it cannot happen today. Sorry, it does. Maybe not quantitatively, but qualitatively.

Just have a good, cold look at what Bush and Obama have been doing. (Hitler was very good at claiming he had nothing to do with it, whatever it was; Adolf was all for peace, and excellent for posing as a victim: naive idiots, all over, still repeat word for word what Hitler was saying about the Versailles Treaty, and nearly cry.)

When Obama proclaims himself judge and executioner of civilians by drone, worldwide, and add that “ordinary people” are safe from the secret services, that’s the same inhumanity that he is projecting. OK, it’s less industrial. Less industrial at this point, but more obvious.

No wonder Obama’s popularity is low, in spite of the booming economy (in his stupidity, he does not know why he is getting so unpopular, because he does not understand he crossed a moral Rubicon, for all to see. And all have seen, precisely. Something wrong with a giver of lessons that acts in the exact opposite manner.

If we want to avoid the return of horrors such as Nazism or Stalinism. We have to be vigilant, and have tolerance zero for leaders showing patterns of abuse, against anybody whosoever.

The USA, at governmental level has, not just cooperated with infamy, but even organized it: see the complicated four way war set-up by Reagan, ordering Saddam Hussein to attack Iran, while selling to Iran weapons paying for Contra weapons transferred to Nicaragua, thanks to the airport of the governor of Arkansas (skirt chaser Bill Clinton).

A more recent example was the three way deal between Tony Liar Blair, George W. Bush, and Libyan dictator and torturer, Muammar Qaddafi. (The deal left France mostly out, and that proved a mistake, at least for Qaddafi.)

Anyway, the Oblabla administration is trying to make as if it wanted to clean house a bit. Here is the Wall Street Journal, February 3, 2014:

Probe Widens Into Dealings Between Finance Firms, Libya

Justice Department Joins Probe on Possible Violation of Antibribery Laws by Banks, Funds

The Justice Department has joined a widening investigation of banks, private-equity firms and hedge funds that may have violated antibribery laws in their dealings with Libya’s government-run investment fund, people familiar with the matter said. 

The criminal investigation, which has intensified in recent months, is proceeding alongside a civil probe by the Securities and Exchange Commission that began in 2011 and initially homed in on Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS -2.62%  The Justice Department’s involvement hasn’t been reported previously. 

In addition to Goldman Sachs, federal investigators are examining Credit Suisse Group , J.P. Morgan Chase, Société Générale, private-equity firm Blackstone Group and hedge-fund operator Och-Ziff Capital Management Group these people said…

Authorities are examining investment deals made around the time of the financial crisis and afterward, these people said. In the years leading up to Libya’s 2011 revolution, Western firms—encouraged by the U.S. government—raced to attract investment money from the North African nation, which was benefiting from oil sales and recently had opened to foreign investment.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the firms violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act…The 1977 law prohibits U.S. companies and companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges from paying bribes to foreign officials. U.S. authorities consider employees of state-owned investment funds, such as the Libyan Investment Authority, to be foreign officials.”

Qaddafi ran one of the world’s worst regimes. I am happy to have, hopefully, contributed to his demise, by being the first philosopher to call for the dictatorship’s demise.

(Present troubles in Libya are pretty much part of the on-going liberations struggles, some from populations with their own 3,000 year old civilization, which have been oppressed for at least 13 centuries).

Next, of course, should be the butcher of Syria and the dictator of Ukraine. The former ought to be executed, as a matter of principle. Same overriding principle as with Hitler, and the like (too bad Stalin died in his bed; if he had not, maybe Putin would be more careful, and, thus, considerate!)

Notice that the definition of corruption according to today’s Washington, is very narrow: paying “bribes”, whatever that means. When Bill Clinton goes to Nigeria, one of the world’s most corrupt and poorest nations, and he is paid $100,000 for one hour of blah blah blah, is that a bribe? According to Washington, no. According to me, yes.

A bigger example? In 1933 FDR cracked down on Wall Street. Wall Street had provoked the 1929 crisis by speculating in finance instead of investing in the real economy, as its fiduciary duty should have been. In 2008-2009, though, Bush & Obama, instead of cracking down on Wall Street in a similar crisis, crawled down under Wall Street’s jackboot. Same crisis, opposed solution. The first moral, the second as plutocratic, thus immoral, as can be. No wonder We The People is starting to see through Mr. Obama mellifluous homilies.

In other news, New York City has authorized the construction of 15 square meters apartments. That’s a bit less than ten feet by 17 feet. We The People is not just treated like sardines, it will now live as sardines do, inside the cans.

Patrice Aymé

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16 Responses to “Pluto’s Dictators & Their Enablers”

  1. gmax Says:

    15 square meters sounds good for sardines and other minnows. Think and behave like sardines, live like sardines. After a good helping of Bush, the sardines are fried. Brains scrambled, all hope left at the door, hotel US is closed for the common folk


  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    PA: “In 1933 FDR cracked down on Wall Street. In 2008-2009, Bush & Obama crawled down under Wall Street’s jackboot. Same crisis, opposed solution”
    Chris Snuggs: US debt ceiling needs to rise again! By the way, what is your take on banks being engaged in food and commodities speculation?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Patrice Ayme Well, in general banks are in charge of creating money. By extending credit. As they do this, they encourage the activities they finance.

      Thus, by allowing banks to speculate, one actually starves the economy from money. If the starvation of the economy comes because one is starving the people directly and for real, the anti-civilizational effect is doubly damnable.

      In general, banks ought to be allowed to extent credit to the real economy ONLY, just like FDR had decided. I am no FDR lover (I hate the fact he dropped Britain and France when they courageously opposed Hitler, and hate the fact he cynically leveraged WWII to advance his plutocratic caste). However, in finance and banks, he got it right:I welcome their hatred!


  3. Dominique Deux Says:

    You state that Nazi horrors are far from over, and proceed to talk of Obama and his drones.

    Another example comes to mind. A few years ago there was a book and a movie (“Sophie’s Choice”) about a woman in a Nazi camp, being made to designate which of her children would be gassed. The woman’s soul-searching was explored at length, but the criminal officer’s was not – it was enough to assume he was acting out of the nastiness of his Nazi heart. Thank God this no longer happens, right?

    Whenever there are famines in 3rd world countries, it is well known to aid workers that mothers in or out of refugee camps face exactly the same choice, and make it (mainly favoring the boys over the girls, who are deliberately left to starve). Now you must remember that – contrary to well-meaning assumptions – most famines are not natural events; traditional societies in “poor” countries had ways to prevent them.. They are the direct result of war, civil unrest, dispossession, mismanagement (all the consequence of unabashed greed) and world scale exploitation (free competition has a way of crushing the weakest to death; that is how it finds its vaunted equilibrium level). In other words, these women are subjected to that very same choice, by the thousands, on the direct orders of Pluto.

    Obama is a very minor war criminal in comparison.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: There is quality, and then quantity. Hitler and company never PUBLICLY advocated extermination (except behind closed doors, especially during the famous “Final Solution” conference, to make recalcitrant top Nazis understand that what was really implemented was not the official Nazi policy, but one of extermination).

      Obama and company have PUBLICLY advocated extermination by drone. It’s a moral breakthrough. The same happened in Germany, first in Namibia against Africans, and then in August 1914, against Belgians and French. Goering learned from his dad, and Adolf from Ludendorff.

      Obama learned from Bush: one can get away with war criminality. USA god knows who Obama is teaching.

      I advocate the notion of crossing moral Rubicons. More coming on just that in today’s essay.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        Patrice, are we hearing you claim that, morally, Obama is no different to Hitler?


        • Dominique Deux Says:

          I think such a comparison is pointless – Obama is decent if confused, Hitler was neither.

          However my point was not to compare these two. It was to point out that obscenities on a Nazi scale (both quantitative and qualitative) are still very much with us, courtesy of Pluto – a convenient name for our greedy overlords as a class and as a power. Fingering their minions – golden boys, POTUS, Reichskanzler, hired economists – is OK as long as the masters are not forgotten.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            80 million Germans found Hitler to be the most decent person ever. With Hitler one has to realize that one thing led to another. The moral question was around the T4 euthanasia program… And the Volk said Nein. Then the Nazis started to lie, big time.

            For example they under-evaluated their losses in combat on the Western Front by no less than 180,000… (Latest research, Overmans).

            BTW, saying Caporal Hitler was not confused is a compliment I will certainly not extent to him.

            Hitler was one of the most confused person ever, raging against “plutocrats” while kissing them (literally!), making friends with Stalin or Polish colonels, while hating their guts, resting completely on American plutocratic power, while despising America, being part Jewish, or at least incapable of proving he was not so, while despising such people, extolling military prowess, while saying the French had to be exterminated, because they were the best warriors in the world, second only to the Germans, and so on, until saying the Germans deserved to disappear because the Slavs had proven stronger…

            Also engaging in a war he felt sure to lose…


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Of course Obama is morally very different from Hitler. The Nazis actually sterilized “half breeds” (their term) such as Obama when they got to power (coming from union of German women and French troops in 1918-1923). I doubt Obama would find that morally suitable.

          My claims are different. They have to do with how one evolves an abominable morality such as Nazism (or Stalinism, or kill-all-the-Indians, or enslaves-all-the-“blacks”, etc.). I think it involves a moral threshold theory (“crossing the Rubicon”). A new moral dimension is created, making even more than jurisprudence.

          For example the establishment of the USA, including its justice system, has implicitly, or even explicitly, admitted that the president of the USA has the moral right, FOR ALL TO SEE, to go around the planet, and kill civilians, by TARGETING them explicitly, and WHILE NOT IN WAR.

          After all, last I checked the USA and Yemen are not at war. This is different in nature from all and any colonial war… When MORAL (or immoral!, but responsible) agents were sent on the terrain.

          Obviously, Obama or his henchmen, cannot know, looking at grainy pixels, whether this is a bride and groom, or two terrorists (they recently killed an entire wedding, destroying at least 6 large vehicles of said wedding). But, you see, the point, is that they don’t care: it’s their way, or the highway to heavens.

          Soon enough Putin and Xi will be delighted to copy the method in the Caucasus, or the half of China that resent Beijing. If things degenerate, using the NEW OBAMA MORAL PARADIGM, civilian killing robots will patrol any conflict situation between India and China, or the entire planet.

          So a new morality has been invented: public micro-Auschwitzs. And that’s certainly not like Hitler, because, with the complicity of the German Volk, Hitler succeeded to keep the extermination camps secret. What Obama and the establishment of the USA has been implicitly asking for, and, so far, getting, is the public acceptance of its role as public judge and executioner, worldwide, based on grainy pixels (that means based on frivolity).

          There again, if the kings of France (let alone Britain) had acted that way, there would have been public outrage. So why no outrage now? Because new moral ground, through habituation, skillfully conducted, is occurring under our eyes.

          I hope that answers lots of the questions. If not, probe more. I had an essay coming, but did not finish it.


          • Paul Handover Says:

            You answer me most comprehensively. I’m aware that the previous sentence is ‘safe’ and ‘neutral’ but sometimes, and now being such a time, I can’t stand the pain of staring the monsters that mankind has created full in the face.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Well, I climbed for decades… BTW, you did solo sailing, so you are not a shrinking violet, either. And also it’s not so much about people than systems of thought. Germans became Nazis because they deeply believed as true half a dozen specific lies. Plus they did not have the right mood, and that led them to mis-identify their tormentors, or even what tormented them.


  4. gmax Says:

    Patrice never called his friend Obama Hitler. They know each other from way back


  5. Lovell Says:

    Here is one billionaire with a conscience:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Excellent talk, indeed! It’s not just that he has a conscience, Hanauer is smart. Whereas Thomas Pickens, repeating, word for word, Nazi propaganda (Pickens, strictly following Hitler: “Jews are the 1%!”) is dumb, ignorant, vicious.


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