Speciation Math; Why It’s Crucial

Believing in Christianity and its Dog God barking in the sky is a fundamental element of the subjugation of the masses in the USA. In Europe, it’s natural to be an atheist (except if one is a Muslim or a Pole, and even then…). In the USA, atheism is impolite. That’s why the president ends all his homilies with an appeal to Dog God. God the Dog is watching over you, its son, the NSA, also, and bless be the United States of America.

It’s unlikely a honest to goodness American will be prone to revolution, as this would implicitly recognize the primacy of man over the creation of Pluto Dog God. So no wonder creations of man such as science (a form of anti-Plutocratic revolution from excessive usage of the nervous system) are attacked at every turn.

Mammoths were very clever. Science was well started when Neanderthals made mammoth hunting plans on the plains:

Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis: Same Species, Us.

Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis: Same Species, Us.

[The colored eyes of Neanderthals are a proven thing, so are the facial features; the hairline is probably too low… The will to make Neanderthals beastly is obdurate…]

Such were the idle thoughts brought to me by a rant against evolution on so called “Big Think”. The conclusion struck me, with the issues it brought:

…” [Evolution Theory is] also terrible at explaining the speed at which speciation occurs. (Of course, The Origin of Species is entirely silent on the subject of how life arose from abiotic conditions in the first place.) It doesn’t explain the Cambrian Explosion, for example, sudden appearance of intelligence in hominids, or the rapid recovery (and net expansion) of the biosphere in the wake of at least five super-massive extinction events in the most recent 15% of Earth’s existence.”

This is all false or misleading, but still it’s interesting to answer.

OK, I will let pass the fact that Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species was published in 1859, about a century before laboratory experiments enabled to create organic chemistry in the lab from the sort of atmosphere, water and lightning Earth enjoyed for billions of years. 1859: that was two years before Lincoln became president. Slavery was lawful in the USA.

Reducing Evolution to Darwinism is silly: Darwin himself was an enthusiastic Lamarckist. Lamarck established biological (Lamarck’s neologism) evolution by studying the changes in fossilized mollusks over millions of years (the order of mollusks had been scientifically determined by Cuvier, Lamarck’s predecessor) . Lamarck was banned with rage and consummate fury by the very Christian universities that dominated England (Oxbridge, etc.). This explains why neither Wallace, nor Darwin, nor Spencer were university professors. The former two were not just great expositors of the (French) Theory of Evolution, but pushed it further with discoveries, from the Wallace Line, to Patagonia or the Galapagos.

Let’s go back to the stupid quote on top (excellent lemonade can be made from old lemons, though).

One statement is clearly false: Contrarily to that misleading quote, supreme intelligence took millions of years to appear in hominids. Supreme intelligence, as evidenced, more exactly, by brain size, followed the evolution of bipedalism (and, thus, attendant change of in behavior, diet and environment). We know it took at least 5 million years, from bipedalism to the apparition of brainy Homo Erectus.

What this means is that bipedalism opened a new ecological niche. Bipedalism allowed a number of related species of primates, the hominids, to roam around, and literally, dominate the landscape. As they roamed around, the opportunity for even more sophisticated behaviors arose, and caused a sort of evolutionary sucking: nature abhors a vacuum, and biological evolution, like the Quantum (and it’s probably related) tends to occupy all the space it can occupy (this is why the math of the Quantum are represented by Hilbert Spaces spanned by Quantum States; the exact equivalent in evolution are ecological niches… the complication with life is that life itself creates the niches. The same happens with renormalization in QFT!).

Thus the hominids evolved an increasing number of environmentally disruptive and manipulative behaviors, which, in turn, favored mutations favoring them. That evolutionary phenomenon is thus non-linear, a sort of exponential, it can go fast.

A new function, bipedalism, allows to bear arms, using one’s… arms. That in turn, makes bellicose and predatory behavior, let alone good eyesight, more profitable, and so on.

Actually, a similar type of mathematics is at play after mass extinction, explaining that life’s diversity tends to augment with them.

After life got wiped out of billions of ecological niches in a major extinction event, those get reoccupied quickly by maladapted species. Maladapted to said niches, that is. Thus billions of speciations will tend to occur. These speciations cannot happen in steady state, because the environment of the steady state includes a fine balance of the physical environment with the existing, entangled species. If an event wipes those out, the old steady state cannot be recreated, and each niche acts like a throw of the dice.

Thus massive extinction tends to lead to massive speciation. It’s purely mathematical.

A lot of complicated mathematics and physics underlays Evolution Theory. I presented my own to help explain the apparent disappearance of Neanderthals. My theory rests on subtle mathematics, physiological, and environmental considerations. It’s actually not a theory of Neanderthal disappearance, rather than a theory of the disappearance of a Neanderthal appearance. So it would in particular predict that Europeans are much more Neanderthal than one thought.

Why? Neanderthal had evolved into a superior species (hilarious: Nazism is coming back, but instead of being Aryan, it’s Neanderthal… The Thal of Neander is on the Dussel, basically in the Ruhr…). Neanderthal has had to have evolved in a superior species, or she would not have rules the freezing North (a related species, the Denivosan, ruled the North-East, and evolved into Chinese, or, at least Australian bushmen).

If Neanderthal was that superior, he could not be wiped out. So, instead, one needed a more subtle explanation, which I provided: “Mathematics “Extinguished” Neanderthals”. Two very recent (end January 2014) DNA computational studies support my point of view. (See note.)

Oh, by the way, mathematics is not just about equations. It’s first of all, about ideas. Anybody who had Euclidean geometry or Mathematical Logic will confirm this. The phenomenon of occupying the entire space is the essence of Quantum Physics (Me, myself and I say). It’s the math of Hilbert Space. It’s also the math of evolution.

All these mathematics of evolution are no idle pursuit. Right now, the planet is at a fulminant stage of evolution, thanks to us. Understanding what the laws that will command our destiny, are, is the quintessence of humanity.

Patrice Aymé

Note: With up to 30% Neanderthal genome, it is found that some Neanderthal traits survived very well (say about skin), while other disappeared. Take the lack of waist of Neanderthal: an advantage in very cold climate, but not anymore after clothing became good enough; and probably a disadvantage for running and combat.


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24 Responses to “Speciation Math; Why It’s Crucial”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Andy Outis Presented without comment:

    Pastor And ‘Snake Salvation’ Star Dies From Snake Bite

    Pastor Jamie Coots, one of the stars of National Geographic’s “Snake Salvation,” died on Saturday after he was bitten by a snake, police told WBIR. Coots was allegedly bit while handling a snake at his Pentecostal church in Kentucky, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name, and later died in his home,…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Excellent observation: Homo Sapiens Sapiens’ intelligence is often over-rated. He was bitten, and went home. Someone at the Church of Snakes called 9-1-1. They went to the Church, and then found him at home at 8pm. He refused help, because God would not kill him. He died at 10pm.
      I am right to be scared of rattlesnakes when mountain running. I had several close calls, including having to jump over the beast… As braking was not an option (rattlesnakes have no arms in which to fall, but fangs that springs 110 degrees out, while the lower jaw opens 160 degrees and the strike is faster than a normal camera can shoot.


  2. Alexi Helligar Says:

    1) Bipedalism does not automatically lead to advanced technological intelligence. Nod to dinosaurs and birds. In the tetrapod form, once becoming bipedal saurian predators relied on their jaws (e.g., T-Rex) and their arms shrivelled. No tool making there. Birds used their arms to fly and when flying was not needed their arms shrivelled (e.g., ostriches and emus). Humans are the only tetrapod that once becoming bipedal used their arms to make tools and do non-utilitarian things like leave hand prints and drawings on cave walls. Our arms were so useful that our tails disappeared.

    2) The Cambrian explosion followed a epoch known as “Snowball Earth.” I think the habitats created by an earth crusted over by ice were havens for the diversification of life. All the more reason to hasten to Europa and see what’s under those ice sheets.

    3) Darwin’s work never claimed to attempt to explain how life started. It attempts to describe how life evolves via environmental selection.

    4) The high intelligence of humans is attributed to the switch from eating seeds and berries to eating cooked meats and vegetation. Brains are energy hungry and consume a lot of energy. The switch to high protein, high-calorie pre-digested food is why brains got so big. Women are still adapting to bearing children with giant brains. Until modern methods, childbirth was very dangerous for women — and for children emerging from a birth canal! One of God’s curses on Eve in Genesis is that childbirth is going to be a bitch slap.

    5) As stated above the intelligence of homo sapiens sapiens is overrated. Only a few very astute contributors have elevated the human condition. The rest are left to are mired in the mud of twerking and celebrity worship; seeking after gold, sparkly carbonaceous rocks, mouldy fiat money, and such; arguing over sexual rights; trying to gain access to inordinate amounts of property, slaves, wives, etc. We are all ignorant, but the ignorance of most humans is unbelievably off the charts.

    6) My theory is that Neanderthals probably went extinct due to low birth rates. They were overrun by the homophobic, patriarchal, highly racist, aggressive humans from the fertile crescent. Sad to say, these dark traits win in an arms race. Conditions have changed. Now at 7 billion people, with some tribes in possession of nuclear weapons and other tools of mass destruction we are trying to divest ourselves of our wicked ways.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Oopss, Alexi’s remark on Neanderthal reminded me he did not read my theory. It’s sort of very vaguely related to low birth rate. I also forgot to put a link on the last Neanderthals’ facts… Which makes my own theory more likely than ever…
      More details later.


  3. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    A big part of human capacity is down to the thumb. Other animals (pandas included) have opposable thumbs. But the human thumb leaves other thumbs behind.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Good point, Nathan. Non bipedal primates walk on their thumbs, and, in general their hands. Thus their hands are made for power walking, and power hanging and climbing. They could not develop hands made for precision tool making. Chimp prepare tools with their lips, as if they were parrots.


  4. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    Yes, agreed. He who stood up straight became man. It is no coincidence that the greatest and most revered weapon in Hindu mythology is a bow fashioned from a spine.


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Alexi: Not to go too technical, but the last Snow Ball Earth was at least 650 million years ago. The Cambrian explosion started 541 million years ago. Both are NOT unrelated, as the SBE prevented advanced life to progress. Yet I will not say the former caused the latter…

    Also the ice encrusted ice niches elude me. Glaciers are not hospitable.

    I agree for the rest. My Neanderthal diminution theory seems to be born by the most recent studies.


  6. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Great discussion. I am happy

    Patrice, SBE did end before the Cambrian explosion, they are related in that SBE provided the safe haven for marine life that once the global glaciers receded and sunlight streamed in a Renaissance of diversity ensued. It took life billions of years to reach this point and that is came after SBE in a relatively short time geologically speaking seems significant.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Alexi: I’m happy too to have found a subject people react to! Nothing like evolution. Right now we have to evolve, quickly, or die, and bring down lots with us.
      The Snow Ball Earth (SBE) episodeS were caused by oxygen making life itself. That’s when the planet switxhed to serious animal life. I have written several times about it, in various essays. 110 million years is like twice the time since the dinosaurs and other pterosaurs and pliosaurs conked. It’s a long time.

      I now agree that, by preserving a few un-glaciated niches as a strong greenhouse was building up from volcanoes, fighting the albedo reduction of the planetary glaciation, niches would have blossomed. But that, well, it was 110 million years before. OK, maybe…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Patrice Ayme I have unfortunately to drive away for a meeting with some people in the rest of the day, away from any Internet, so I will have to suspend this very interesting conversation… But I will come back to it.


  7. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Alexi Helligar Patrice, your own theory on the demise of Neanderthal inspired my own research into this. Here’s a supporting citation: http://goo.gl/Fym8gK

    Neanderthal Women Joined Men in the Hunt – New York Times
    Two anthropologists are proposing a new explanation for the demise of the Neanderthals that hinges on the fact that they didn’t divide the labor.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In my theory there was NO REAL “DEMISE” of the Neanderthals, just DEVOLUTION, as many of Neanderthals mutations were heavy duty (hence reproduction, or “fitness” disadvantaged), and had become technologically redundant.

      What got demised were the heavy duty mutations (although heavy eyebrows are still around! ;-)!)

      Any theory with a sniff of racism in it, like they were no smart enough, is absurd. On the face of it, as they had superior adaptation for a tougher, Arctic like, and certainly boreal, environment.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      BTW, thanks for the link on the latest Neanderthal-were-idiots theory. No, seriously, I will read it ASAP. I actually know a topmost anthropologist, will see him this week, He has known, but never commented, on my own theory. I suspect the comparison of exponentials is a non sequitur???>>>

      OK, got to run, unfortunately, for rest of the day…


  8. de Foucaud Paul Says:

    what about the tools of these men ?
    From my point of view they are looking efficient but loud and primitive.
    I got the chance to find some of them here and there.
    Neolithics tools are looking as a must !
    Is it a fact of homo sapiens prédominance along such a long time within evolution ?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul: Neanderthals invented a lot of technologies. However those are only discovered recently. Pre-Neolithic stone tools survived well in the Sahara, below the sand. Those tools are indeed primitive, and get nicely exposed by the wind. I found some myself. So did my parents.

      Neanderthals thread in wet France, surviving 80,000 years, that’s something else entirely, so the discovery was made only last year. I had an essay on that, ready to go, 6 months ago, but the computer it’s on became inoperative after an attack.

      There is absolutely evidence of Neanderthal intellectual dominance: although it’s not proven, it seems clear it’s Neanderthals who domesticated dogs, for example. And as I said, Neanderthals mutated back to carp (on top of the other argument I found in my “Math Extinguished Neanderthals”).


  9. gmax Says:

    And as you said Neanderthals invented clothing and dogs. They overcame themselves, as all great things do (Nietzsche)…


  10. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    Aravind Moorthy is a pal of mine who lectured with the 3rd Chimp fellow: Jared Diamond. You might find this conversation of interest Aravind


  11. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Which article are your referring to?


  12. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to LfD]

    The 32,000 years of domestication for dogs is an allusion to the Belgian dog that was found.

    Notice that said dog was really a dog, not a half-wolf. That makes it likely that domestication of dogs is much older than 32,000 years. This is my reasoning for the domestication of wolves by Neanderthals (Homo SS “arrived” in Europe no earlier than 40,000 years ago).


  13. Chuck Says:

    Maybe all the limiting factors restricting Earth’s age to less than 10,000 years are real and the Earth is only 6000 years old. And God made it all.


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