Russia: Va De Retro, Satanas

The revolution in Ukraine is anti-imperialist, anti-Yalta, and anti-plutocratic. It’s also anti-Czarist.

Some people will notice that the revolution is also anti-Leninist. Watch people pulling down the giant statues of Lenin. I bet Lenin, Stalin, and Putin spin in the graves they belong to.

But I am repeating myself. In my semantics, followers of the Dark Side follow Satan, that is, Pluto, or, as He was called before in Homer’s times, Hades. Even earlier Ahura Mazda, Babylonian god of wisdom, fought against Angra Mainyu (Ahrimen), chief creator of evil.

(Yes, the Old Norse angra “to grieve, vex, distress”, the root of “anger”, and the Latin “angere” are probably related, I would dare to say! Common Indo-European root.)

Ukraine 2014. Lenin Assassinated Justice, Let Him Bite The Dust.

Ukraine 2014. Lenin Assassinated Justice, Let Him Bite The Dust.

Lenin was a pseudo-philosopher, and real life tyrant who advocated dictatorship (of the proletariat, whatever that is). That notion definitively belonged to the Dark Side. Human beings are not made to be dictated to.

Oh, Lenin and his high command were transported in a special train from Switzerland to Russia through fascist Germany in 1917. The plutocrats in Berlin were Lenin’s intrinsic allies. Lenin was very generous to his Berlin co-conspirators, once he controlled Russia. That military alliance was pursued by Stalin later, throughout the 1920s and 1930s, culminating in the division of Poland with Hitler, and the alliance against the French Republic (and Britain). France was invaded, thanks to Caucasus oil, and other resources provided by Stalin.

Here are a few quotes from Vladimir Lenin (although they sound as quotes from Vladimir Putin, they are Lenin’s!):

“There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel… It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed… When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward – or go back. He who now talks about the ‘freedom of the press’ goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.”

Lenin launched a fascist state, complete with concentration camps. The Tsar entire family was assassinated in a non-judicial proceeding (something that did not happen during the French Revolution, 125 years earlier). There is no justice that allows the assassination of non-adult children.

However, as he laid dying from terminal syphilis, Lenin discovered, to his horror, that Stalin an ex-seminarist who turned to professional bandit, was taking over the state. The wretch Lenin could stop the “Man-Of-Steel” (= Stalin). Stalin, helped by American plutocrats, succeeded to out-maneuver the more brainy Trotsky (who was the chief of the Red Army). Trotsky took refuge in Mexico; Stalin had an agent shove a pick through his skull.

At Yalta, a moribund plutocrat, Roosevelt, gave half of Europe to the mass murderer fellow follower of Satan, the ursine Stalin. To insure the rule of Washington and Moscow supremacists for centuries to come. Well times are changing fast.

Putin arrested a dozen more people for “dissent” inside Russia today alone. He rigged the last presidential elections, he (probably) bombed buildings in Russia to launch his war in Chechnya.

I proudly did not watch a minute of the Sochi games, although I love the Caucasus… Or is it precisely because I love the Caucasus? Some will say that it does not matter. Their co-spiritualists used to say the same in 1936, when Adolf Hitler organized the Olympic Games in Berlin.

Russia is already by far the largest country on Earth. Is not that big enough, already? Apparently not.

In recent years, Moscow more or less annexed three provinces of Georgia, one just a few kilometers from Sochi. Georgia is a tiny country, south of the Caucasus. Yet, Georgia is also a nation and a civilization older than Russia. Georgia rebounded better from momentary conquest by the Mongols than Russia did.

This leads to an interesting question: what needs to be dismantled in the Russian frame of mind that allows the likes of Putin to rule? Looking at Russian history, one can understand what happened: in the greater scheme of Russian history brutality worked and seemed to have been the only thing that could work (similarly to the case of the USA… Hence the Yalta accord was a natural!).

Russians got whole way down to California, because they were, in part, ruthless. But ruthlessness, by itself is not enough to make a well balanced civilization.

A world battle against the plutocratic principle is engaged. Ejecting egregious plutocrat Putin from the G8 would be a good start.

Patrice Aymé


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  1. gmax Says:

    It is astounding there are still Lenin statues in Ukraine. Putin is not going to let go Crimea: that’s where Yalta is. Funny how close war is, and how people forget that, all the time. Interesting how united the EU was this time. Guess European Union is worth having!

  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Re Ukraine, I say it is very dangerous for the EU to interfere. The EU apparently has an ajit-prop department supposed to “spread democracy”, though I do not remember voting for my money to be used in this way…

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Real men drive to Moscow (in their tanks).

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, the number one lesson of Nazism is that if you don’t attack fascism in a timely manner, one will have to attack it in an untimely manner. I remind you that France, elegantly dragging Britain behind, declared war to the fascist Hitler. Then, promptly the entire Commonwealth, or empire, whatever it used to be called, followed. That’s how the entire world did not turn Nazi (Hitler wanted to attack in, hmmm, well, curious isn’t, 1945).

    • Dominique Deux Says:

      “The EU apparently has an ajit-prop department supposed to “spread democracy”,

      If only, Chris, if only. The “orange revolution” in Ukraine had all the markings of CIA – and I approve.

      Not everybody can spread democracy at the muzzle of the Abrams cannon. But against blatant, corrupt, bloodthirsty tyranny next door, covert action next door is entirely justified. France gratefully remembers the SOE. That the EU is not able to do anything remotely close to that is a shame.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Agreed, Dominique. The SOE and the OSS played a very important positive role in WWII.

        Europe and the USA cannot let “blatant, corrupt, bloodthirsty tyranny next door” thrive. The EU acted with brains and guts in this crisis. Differently from Chris, it did not mind taking risks (remember the “Fuck Europe!” incident!).

        Well worth it. Life is so dangerous, that, in the long run, we are all dead. Simply some of us chose to live to make the better values win.

  3. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Chris Snuggs France did NOT declare war on facism. The French political elite COLLABORATED with the Nazis at Vichy. Yes, we must fight fascism, but not stupidly. Yanukovich was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED. Yes, he is a corrupt thug, but THAT IS DEMOCRACY. The people elect idiotic scum (see Francois Hollande) and then have to put up with them until they have the chance to elect another idiot. Democracy is appalling, since the idiotic mob elects idiots (see Bush, Obama et al) but the alternative is Stalin or Hitler, which is even worse.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chris: Your lack of basic knowledge of history can be appalling, and actually falls nearly under the hate crimes laws of France.

      The French republic ordered Adolf Hitler to get out of Poland, within 48 hours, on September 1, 1939. Otherwise a state of war would exist. That’s call “declaring war”. Learn.

      At 11:15 am, Sunday September 3, 1939, the French Republic informed the Reich Kanzler that a state of war existed.

      My Mom, a young girl, had been evacuated from Bavaria a few days before. She and her parents were later hunted by the Gestapo during the occupation of France.

      “French political elite”. What’s that? Only one member of the “French political elite” really collaborated, former PM Pierre Laval. He was condemned to death and executed. Other former French PMs such as Leon Blum and Daladier, or former presidents, were hunted down and imprisoned. My grandparents hid the son of the later (hunted by the Gestapo). De Gaulle’s niece was sent to the Ravensbrück extermination camp.

      The Franco-British defeated the best Nazi troops in Norway and the French Foreign Legion was coiling to cut Nazi collaborating Sweden in two on May 10, 1940. The Battle of France of May-June 1940 was the deadliest one of the Western Front. Officially nearly 200,000 soldiers killed. In truth much more, as the Nazis lied on their losses.

      So respect. British and French prisoners were massacred by the Nazis after they surrendered in 1940. Nazi vermins were enraged by their losses. More than 100,000 French soldiers died in combat in 5 weeks then. To spit, as you do, on the heroes of 1940, is despicable.

      • Paul Handover Says:

        Patrice, would you be happy elaborating on why your mother and your grandparents were hunted by the Gestapo?

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Because my grandparents hid in their apartment and country home, over the years of the occupation, up to maybe 100 Jews and other people wanted by the Gestapo. At any given time, they would hid up to eight or so. At least that’s the part I know.

          My grandfather was head of the water works of the city of Grenoble. In Spring 1944 the Grenoble area, especially the Vercors limestone pre-Alps, rebelled massively in coordination with the coming D Days. The Nazis reacted with fury, sending several divisions to the area, including elite SS paratroopers with gliders who used the airfield that had been set in Vercors. The idea was that these troops could not be used to counter-attack the D Day in Normandy, June 6.

          It worked splendidly: more than 5,000 French civilians were killed, in Versors alone. The repression was savage. In the process my grandparents and their two children were found out by the Gestapo (probably after interrogating some people they had saved). However, someone working at the Gestapo (!) warned them, and they fled through the woods. Finally cornered in some dank woods, they were saved by an American forward combat patrol. So my Mom was extremely pro-American most of her life… Until I taught her about plutocracy, with thorough details, and she came to live among USA oil tycoons.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Apparently, you are unawares that the dictators of Ukraine and Russia rigged the latest dictatorial elections in their god forsaken Reichs.
      That’s TOTAL democracy, as Goebbels used to joke.

  4. John Rogers Says:

    “Russia is already by far the largest country on Earth. Is not that big enough, already? Apparently not.”

    This seems to be the same dynamic or psychology which drives the .01% who never have enough billions. Maybe there’s just never enough bananas for some human monkeys.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Exactly, John. That’s what revering Pluto’s mentality is all about: the exploitative mentality replaces god, it’s the ultimate value. Putin is a much much bigger, and more lethal plutocrat than even Bill & Melinda Gates…

  5. Says:

    [ comment was moved to reduce unreadable comment nestling.]

    Let us not insult the past. My own grandfather was a high-ranking Resistance agent before he was enrolled by Leclerc in the 2nd Armoured Division, and ended up paying the ultimate price to the cause of freedom – that included getting the world rid of fascism, before the good guys were betrayed by people like Allen Dulles and “the plutocrats” as you say.

    I don’t need a lecture on the value of sacrifice. For him the war lasted four years, not 12 months like vichyst “father of Europe” Mitterrand. I cannot take war lightly in abstractions. An incontrovertible fact is that some of the Ukrainian “freedom fighters” claim heritage from the Nazis and this cannot be honestly ignored.

    And whether we in the West like to admit it or not, 20 million Russians gave their lives to stop Germany. i know many Russians who are excellent people. I also know Crimea (where there are only Russians). They know the score perfectly when it comes to their leaders and can take care of themselves. They do not need Merkel to civilize them.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes,, I find Chris Snuggs’ attitude hard to understand. For people such as me, where many family members got assassinated by fascists, it’s hard to bear.

      I had an uncle, drafted as an officer, who served in uniform for 6 years, and saw incredibly hard combat in May-June 1940, fighting village by village in the “herisson” method. My father, from Algeria, saw combat in Italy and France

      Some of the Nazi semiotic in Ukraine was meant as an insult/critique of the government.

      By the way the French Second Armored division was used as POINT (“Spitze” as the German generals said) in Normandy (to create the falaise encirclement), to free Paris and in Alsace. In the latter case the Nazis thought they would hold Alsace indefinitely (they held the Colmar pocket for 6 months). However Leclerc threw his tanks forward, so fast, as he did in Paris, that the 2nd armored division crossed all of Alsace in hours!

      As De Gaulle said, we need the Americans, but they need us too.

      • Dominique Deux Says:

        Patrice you write “My father, from Algeria, saw combat in Italy and France”

        You might like, when in Rome, to visit the church which was traditionally ascribed to French pilgrims, Saint-Louis des Français. (forget about the king). Parallel to the nave are many small chapels. Their walls are covered with marble plates bearing the names of French soldiers who were KIA during the Italian campaign. About ten percent of the names are those of “French sounding” officers; the rest are Muslim soldiers, thus remembered in a Christian church. I found that a rather moving and dignified homage.

        The Germans were deadly afraid of Muslim troops, who broke their stranglehold on Monte Cassino. Many officers of the ALN (during the Algerian insurrection) were veterans of that war and learned their trade there.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks for that important information, Dominique. The truth about the Franco-Algerian war is extremely complex. There is plenty of blame to go around among those who made history. The rest, the multitude, were victims.

          At Monte Cassino, the Franco-African army had broken through, thanks to the excellent North African mountain troops.

          General Juin asked for more divisions to exploit the breakthrough of the “Hitler Line“, and rush to Austria. The war would have been over a year early. Then the American command showed its true nature: it took divisions away from Juin, and organized the debacle at Anzio instead…

          The one million man Nazi army in Italy surrendered May 8, 1945. If Juin had been listened to, it would have been finished right away.

      • Says:

        Leclerc was a military genius (as was De Gaulle), I’m happy that you mention him. His untimely death in 47 prevented him from becoming the major national figure he should have been; many people today don’t know who he was. It’s the same as not knowing who Joan of Arc was. I’m proud my grandfather served in his staff.

        I still can’t agree with your assessment of Ukraine, and of Russia. Do McCain and Nuland know who the people on the linked photos are, and where they come from, or are the US and EU diplomacies incredibly incompetent, or incredibly cynical and stupid? Because those people intend to get to power.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Russians had to fight the Nazis after Stalin helped them. Without Soviet massive resources, it’s unlikely that the Nazis could have invaded Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, let alone France in May-June 1940.

      The Russians are culprit to have let themselves be led by the nose by the mass murderer Stalin (who admitted to Churchill that he killed more Russians than Hitler did). The 20 million Russians who died did not have much of a choice. NKVD blocking sections were worse than the SS

      That’s why they won… Aside from the decrypting of Nazi Enigma by British Ultra

    • Dominique Deux Says:

      Dear m. ax, you are free to dislike Mitterrand who was a formidable, if diminutive, figure, and too abrasive to be especially likable. But he did not live in a time warp. Saying “For him the war lasted four years, not 12 months like vichyst “father of Europe” Mitterrand” is laughable. Mitterrand was captured (wounded) in 1940 and – unlike the vast majority of POWs – escaped, several times, succeeding end 1941. He did take up a job in the French POW Secretariat. Yet by Spring, 1942, he was already helping the Resistance (forged papers, etc) and he went underground in the Spring of 1943, a Resistance leader until the end of the war. That must have been twelve very long months. That he accepted a Vichyst medal during his stay in the Vichy administration can be seen as a rather astute cover. Or he really underwent a change from his extreme right roots (change said to have been initiated by the working-class friendships he struck in the POW camp) and he went out when the Vichy administration turned collaborationist as a matter of doctrine and feat – which was not the case at the start. More here:çois_Mitterrand_pendant_la_Seconde_Guerre_mondiale

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Dominique: I had missed your comment. Apparently you suggest I am completely wrong about Mitterrand (how small was he? He looked tiny relative to Kohl). I thought he was a liar because of the Affaire de l’Observatoire… Also, as you say, his extreme right wing roots. I can understand the attractiveness of Nazism. Yet, as I was personally bombed by “Ordre Nouveau”, my understanding is short range…

      • Says:

        What is laughable is the lenience towards the disastrous, evil figure of Mitterrand. Just because Wikipedia says something, doesn’t mean it is true. De Gaulle, for one, didn’t buy the prisoner-of-war story, and said Mitterrand was a crook (“arsouille”) who came “from the depth of the Collaboration”. Mitterrand only switched sides for convenience, when it became obvious his side would lose. And does he get a pass, too, for his life-long friendships with nazi collaborators? As I have said elsewhere, many archives were destroyed; moreover, we don’t have a free press. We don’t know half the truth about that sinister man’s past.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Agreed (Even though that may displease Dominique!) The Wikipedia cult is wrong on two counts:
          First we don’t know who wrote the stuff (some will say the same about me… However, I have nearly 1,000 essays out there, plus thousands of tweets, comments and letters. So there is a solid track record of my self and I, even, if the president of Harvard does not approve of me).

          Second there are habitual people on Wikipedia, who are fascist, paid, by banksters, racist, nationalist, or simply rabidly sexist.

          An example? Voltaire’s girlfriend, Emilie du Chatelet, discovered the concept of energy. Arguably, that made her the most important physicist, ever. Dozens of times, I rewrote that in the same article in Wikipedia. However as that physicist is a WOMAN (and French!), that was removed.

          I don’t buy the thing that Mitterand changed from young fascist to sincere socialist (and he was surrounded by plenty of sharks, some friends, some his son, some young (BHL), some old billionaires).

          It was obvious by December 11, 1941, that Nazi Germany was going to be defeated. It had been defeated in the suburbs of Moscow, followed by a devastating Siberian army counter-attack. Plus the USA, the world’s superpower, was now at war against it. So, at some point Mitterrand no doubt discovered these truths.

  6. Chris Snuggs Says:

    “The anti-plutocratic revolution in Ukraine is an excellent thing. Even Cameron’s government supports the rest of the European Union in this!”

    Chris Snuggs “Even Cameron’s government …”

    The UK is NOT “anti-Europe”, but anti-fascist; hence the distaste for the corrupt EU. It is trying WITHOUT A MANDATE to FORCE a European Empire on the peoples of Europe. The Romans, Napoleon and Hitler all failed, and I hope to GOD that the EU will ALSO fail.

    Do you not consider it an element of fascism when an elite tries to force the people down a path which IT HAS NEVER VOTED FOR. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THE OVER FOUR HUNDRED MILLION EUROPEAN CITIZENS HAS VOTED FOR WHAT THE BRUSSELOMAFIA ARE TRYING TO FOIST ON US – NOT ONE.

    We DO NO WANT IT. It is INSANE. The BIGGER an organisation, the more dangerous it is. WHEN DID YOU LAST HEAR OF LIECHTENSTEIN LAUNCHING A WAR?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Liechtenstein is a tiny Pluto plot.
      Rome failed, because, having lost its republic first, it failed to conquer central and eastern Europe.
      Napoleon is a complicated and unfortunate story, started by the British invasion of Provence in 1793. Napoleon became famous at the siege of Toulon: after a polite insurrection against his commanding general, his plan was adopted, and after being severely wounded in the assault, he put to flight the British and the Royal Navy within 24 hours.

      Napoleon was the pits, indeed, but it’s the Pitts who made him so.

      To assimilate the Romans to the Nazis is beyond absurd.

      As usual, Chris, you do not understand empires. You can decide that Europeans ought to not have an empire, and take their orders (that’s what IMPERARE means) in Washington and Moscow. A European holding such an opinion is, at best, a collaborator, at worst, a traitor.

      BTW, the EU has more than 500 million citizens. I share your antipathy to representative dictatorship. However, it’s the elected governments, not Brussels, which set up the present system. For example British PM Thatcher signed the SINGEL EUROPEAN ACT.

      If Britain has now a Supreme Court, it’s thanks to the fact the Brits, prior, were going directly to the European Supreme Court. But it’s hard to reason with you: you hate even CERN! ;-)! (Centre EUROPEEN de la Recherché Nucleaire)

  7. Lovell Says:

    If only EU policy makers such as Rehn, Barroso, Merkel, Draghi and others would stop imposing the insanity of austerity economics across the continent in a recessionary time such as this, then the misgivings about the union project, harbored by those who currently suffer the ill-effects of austerity, would have been mitigated.

    There’s no greater enemy to the union than those who, by design, make the lives of its people unbearable.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Lovell: It’s a complicated story. First Merkel is not austere inside. Rehn is fascist. Barroso not far removed from the same condition. Draghi does not have an anti-unemployment mandate.
      In any case, central banks, as it is can only lend money to… plutocrats. Aside from buying faltering sovereign bonds (as Draghi did).

      To make people’s lives better, they first have to understand the financing of the economy is flawed, and how. A FTT ought to be number one item. Yet, because of lack of coordination and will with the USA, a FTT can’t be imposed: Franco-Germania is plain not powerful enough to do that.
      The den of bandits, London, is next door.

      • Lovell Says:

        Those EU bureaucrats had better get their acts together, create a more viable trans-continental economy and free up the resentments of its citizens. It wouldn’t be a positive case for the union if it can be easily indicted on Greece or Spain and Ireland or even France and Italy. There are tools the policy makers could use, chiefly a combination of both fiscal and monetary expansion. Instead, Brussels had been dictating to sovereign governments elsewhere to get into the deficit hysteria and impose the madness of austerity.

        Even Britain, which had the wisdom to keep their own currency, is suffering from the Cameron imposed austerity myopia.

        I would like to see a successful democratic EU. But the way the un-elected Brussels bureaucrats with plutocratic sympathies are running the show, it seems destined towards ruling by appointed committee.

        Also, will the British and the Germans be prepared to disregard their national identities and vote for, and then submit to, a President Napoleon?

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Lovell: Election of the EC is coming this Spring. Plutocrats have been rolling out Lagarde (!) as candidate. However, that would deny the EU Constitution. It all depends upon the European election in May. If the Socialist keep control of Parliament, things ought to be good, especially as populist parties will breakthrough.

          Having a president Christine Lagarde at the EC would be zero controversial, same for a president Martin Schultz.

          Keeping own currency is not wise, but anti-European. However, Franco-Germania is unfazed. Might makes right.

  8. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Chris Snuggs CERN is a fantastic waste of money People are DYING in Africa for lack of WATER and drugs which WE take for GRANTED. There are millions of homeless people in Europe, yet we spend vast sums on idiotic “research” into sub-atomic particles of no relevance to anything we need. Indeed, it is dangerous; they only have to create a tiny black hole and it will swallow up the entire earth in seconds. “remote chance”? I do not want ANY chance, however remote.

    CERN is an obscenity. Cadarache and fusion – OK. but CERN is ridiculous.

    We do not NEED a “supreme court”. The European Court of Justice is a FANTASTICALLY EXPENSIVE monstrosity of NO USE to anyone. NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS are TOTALLY and UITTERLY capable of administering their OWn justice. The EU is POWER MAD, SIZE OBSESSED, CONTROL FREAKERY UNHINGED.

    I regasrd the Romans as just as disgusting as the Nazis. They should have minded their own business and stayed south of the Alps. They destroyed the Celtic culture for a start. Bloody soldiers marching all over the place subjugating people MILES from their homeland.

    It really takes some doing to blame the British for Napoleon. As for the USA, you are too obsessed with it. We do NOT take orders from the USA, but we have mutual interests, which in 1944 coincided with the liberation of fascist Europe.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      People have problems of water, food, and education in Africa for lack of EMPIRE. When I lived there, these problems were not, because the French army had a pretty good clamp on the situation.

      Many say things about CERN, but are not informed. CERN implemented the Internet (to start with). CERN has giant practical impacts you are not aware of. The Black Hole story is something anti-scientific spread around by those who know neither theory nor experiment. Tiny Black Hole danger at CERN is zero. Both denied by theory (Hawking) or experiment (energies trillion times greater are out there).

      The USA is a growing empire. If one does take orders from Brussels, one will take them for the White House, or the Kremlin. I was sure you would be happy to discover the ignoble Pitts put the abominable Napoleon in power. Ils ont du le rendre encore plus mechant en le blessant.

    • Dominique Deux Says:

      “It really takes some doing to blame the British for Napoleon”

      Well, “They should have minded their own business and stayed clear of the Republic’s territory”. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Actually the Brits and their allies attacked before the Republic. The Prussian army was defeated at Valmy, in its final approach to Paris (after having threatened to exterminate the entire Parisian population; I had more than one essay on that in the past). The Republic was proclaimed later in September 1792.

        The British attack was fully motivated by hatred of the British plutocracy against the less plutocratic regime Louis XVI had tried to establish for 20 years. Ironically, Britain was already MORE plutocratic than Louis XVI’s France.

        I will try to provide a link for my old essay. Alternatively it can be searched on this site itself under the label “Duke of Brunswick, Paris, Holocaust” (Hopefully.)

  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    What if the version of history you know was planted as your mind to favor the plutocracy, & its corporations that exploit you?

    • Chris Snuggs Says:

      Nothing has been planted in my mind. Corporations do not in general exploit people; they provide them with jobs and services.

      Corporations exist within an environment created by governments, If you want to blame anyone, blame the governments and the idiots who elect them.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        It’s not that simple, Chris. When one is around power, one is confronted to facts and statements contradicting the simplest, and official interpretation. One is outright told that it’s all about power.

        • John Rogers Says:

          Let me throw my 2 cents in here. It seems to me that the corporation (as it is actually used, particularly in its transnational allegiance-to-no-state form ) is simply the modern mechanism for exercising plutocracy. In former times, it was feudal holdings with land and castles and serfs and aristocracy, or cardinal-princes of the Roman Church, or whatever. But there is always a mechanism by which power (and all the goodies) are held and exercised.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Hi John, your two cents are always welcome.
            Agreed 100%. European aristocrats, and the Church, paid no taxes, so they ended owning everything, even minds. Until revolutions rolled all over the land (all of Europe underwent revolutions, including England; one talks only about the one of 1789, for a whole number of reasons, and one forgets about the others!)

            Right now the plutocracy uses global corporations and other tricks to exert power. One subset is the CEO class (to whom both of Bill Gates parents belonged, independently, and of course he was sent to Harvard. Now both Obama and Clinton licks the toes of Melinda Gates, so they can be “educate” themselves… As they more or less say).

  10. Lenny Says:

    Freed from one plutocratic market economy into the hands of another plutocratic capitalist economy. The IMF is waiting, ready to devour that which is left to be plundered… Into the arms of the EU and their back doors to private central banks. I’m struggling to understand how Putin’s plutocracy is any better to US/EU plutocracy. The latter is morphing into the former anyway. True revolution is what we need, which requires a level of education by the proletariat to truly understand the complexity of issues. The commoner will not reach that level of ‘understanding’. My own personal choice is devolution, as I’ve stated before on your blog. It’s my way of getting back at “them” as I’m relatively powerless to affect change any way else.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Lenny! (and welcome? I don’t remember you having commented before, nor did WordPress!)
      How is Putin worse? Maybe not worse, but his system is certainly weaker. Thus something to strike.

      First Putin is a subset. A subset of the global plutocracy. Like other Russian plutocrats, he has back-up in the West. Go to Courchevel to have an idea. I was told by some in the know that the largest property in the commune de Ramatuelle, next to which I ran several times, is his.

      The Bank of Cyprus and the like were/are tendrils of the Russian drug/plutocratic state. OK, something similar in Canada… Yet…

      Second, as I said, Putin runs a brutal state. He condemns hundreds of people, a week, for “trying to disturb public peace“. Trying. The turn against homosexuals has been very nasty. In his discourses, Putin identifies child abuse/rape and homosexuality.

      I am all for true revolution. But it’s exactly like in battle: one has to find the weak point, and charge through that. Fighting corruption in India is fighting it in Washington.

      An example is the Financial Transaction Tax. That is the weak point of the banksters. That’ s one point where the breakthrough should be made. Franco-Germania wants to do it, but they can’t as long as the other potentates in the West resist. There thus, a first breakthrough has to be made, a breakthrough that has to be on the left: progressives, in the USA, have to clamor for an FTT.

      Devolution? Can you please refresh my memory? It’s true most of finance ought to be devolved into something much less complicated (do away with most derivatives).

      The EU is democratizing (further changes to the EU constitution are being implemented in 2014).

  11. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Auschwitz and Nazism were no accident, but continuation: see Brunswick, ally of Great Britain threatening to exterminate Paris in 1792:

  12. Patrice Ayme Says:

    I’m not in the same bag as McCain and Nuland (see my “Fuck Europe!” essay). Not at all. I worked more than two years, 100% to get Obama elected (and have been eating crow ever since).

    Leclerc was indeed a genius. His breakthrough at the Falaise encirclement, dash to Paris, and rush through Alsace make him more remarkable, than, say Erwin Rommel (he beat to the punch five SS armored divisions to Paris! … which that mental retard of Eisenhower, or Dulles servant, should I say, intended to give all time needed for them to burrow inside Paris!)

    The story of Ukraine is complex. Same for Crimea. French Neo-Nazis tried to kill me in the past, so I’m not very sympathetic to the fascist cause. However, I can understand why Svoboda would have some of the positions it does.

    In 1941, during World War II, various Crimean, Ukrainian and Chechen revolts broke out. Joseph Stalin accused them all of aiding Nazi forces (some did, naturlich). Stalin deported all the Chechens and Ingush to Kazakh and Kirghiz SSRs. The Tatars had also been deported. Millions of people died during the “resettlement” and other crack-downs by the mega mass murderer Stalin (and his henchmen: Beria, Krutchev, etc.)

    This past is coming back around. No panic.

    • Says:

      Dear Patrice – we can argue all we like, but we won’t be the ones at risk if things turn sour. I will disclose here that my parents-in-law happen to live in Crimea ; tonight, phones were not answering.

      Only time will tell if aiding the Ukrainian fascists was a good idea. If murder campaigns ensue, the West will bear responsibility. You want to make a deal with the Devil? Just remember the Devil always collects. The following article
      gives further historical background. I share the author’s view that whatever the Soviets did, it’s still no excuse to be a nazi, especially a modern Ukrainian nazi, given the horrors perpetrated by their “national heroes”.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Thank you for coming out!

        I know plenty about the problem of Crimea. Why don’t we allow all the Tatars to come back? I do know that the Kremlin talks about “Ukrainian fascists”. It’s unfortunate that you seem to espouse the same language.
        The son of Yanukovitch and his 15 friends are so incredibly corrupt, they are under examination for corruption in Switzerland and the Netherlands. For me, plutocracy is even more evil than “fascism”.

        I have to travel for the next 12 hours, so my silence is not as ominous as Putin’s.

        • Says:

          Oh, the Swiss can be so damn courageous. Did they just now start this action against Yanukovitch, now that the heat is on against the new international pariah? Otherwise I suspect this could have gone on for a looong time.

          A taxi driver in Balaclava once entertained us about the corruption of one of Yanukovitch’s sons, who had acquired, by a visual estimate, at least half the land around the (potentially) pretty harbour where small villas were being built. People know about such things. It’s nauseating, but they still voted for Y., go figure.

          Yushenko (the “moderate” Orange revolution president, who proclaimed Stepan Bandera a “national hero” – that is a fact my friend, all Yushenko’s doing, the Kremlin had nothing to do with it) and Timoshenko, however, were not less corrupt. Ousting a legally elected president was not the wisest way to launch this nth reboot of the Ukrainian democracy, especially with such a crowd with no regard for the law lurking in the background ; not too wise or subtle, either, was it to allow anti-Russian and racist slogans to go on for weeks in the Maidan, and then as an urgent measure to ban Russian as an official language, all while expecting the Russians in the East and South not to be worried; pretending to maintain national unity, and warning Putin not to move an ear, or else. I have a feeling, not a certainty but an intuition, that unity might have in fact been preserved without such obvious antagonism.

          If the involvement of Ukrainian fascists and the active support they received from Western interests is just an invention of the Kremlin, then we should be worried, it means the Kremlin’s propaganda arm is very long indeed and reaches deep into Western media. In this regard see further for instance

          Yes my dear wife is Russian. That’s just the way it is with most Crimeans – with ALL Crimeans I’ve met actually – they consider themselves Russians. Years ago, when the current events would have been unthinkable and there was no antagonism, her reply was invariably the same: I’m Russian, despite her Ukrainian passport; at first I couldn’t understand it. I’ve also been there a few times, and have observed that reality first-hand, so Russia’s reaction is not in the least suprising to me. But I’m no Russian agent – my Russian is not up to it; I get my information from Western sources.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

   Sorry not to have replied earlier: I am travelling and doing other things, like entertaining hyper geeks. Switzerland has an inquiry launched against Timoshenko, at the request of Y’s government (it was legal then, so the procedure will proceed).

            Y signed something with the Europeans, and then fled. OK, something up now. Let me write later.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Dear Crimea, as it is, is Stalin’s work. He deported the original inhabitants in 1944, and filled up the place with Russians. In 1944, half of my family was in Algeria, except for my dad and my uncle, fighting in the French army in Italy, and then France. Meanwhile we lost all our modest properties in North Africa, and the family had to flee, after suffering several deaths from the conflict.
            So I understand this sort of situation, and have empathy for it.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Plutocrat Yanukovitch’s assets have been frozen in Switzerland and Austria today.

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