Putin’s Lies, War, Crimes

Ukrainians revolted against their enslavement to Putin. Yet Putin’s partisans howl that the West is full of perverse homosexual sinners memorizing Nazi writings. There are only so many insults the alpha male can take (see Daily Telegraph for astounding Putin).

The furious alpha chimp gave a conference about Ukraine (3/3/14). Just escaped from the zoo, he found words. Putin sat in an armchair, his legs spread wide, firmly planted, confidently exposing his balls, arms flapping, hands grabbing his chair, as if that, too, was going to be yanked away, alternately flaring his elbows out like a crab, slouching, sometimes squirming uncomfortably, as if something had crawled up his crotch. He flaunted flashes of brutality, sardonic wit, crazed anger and palpable disdain for Americans and Europeans. Those who have seen 1930s movies, starring Adolf, could only have a feeling of déjà vu.

Drunk Sailor: I tank, Therefore I Sink

Drunk Sailor: I tank, Therefore I Sink

Putin in 2014, is deeply enraged for the same exact reason as Hitler in 1938: dictatorial kleptocracy is not working, the smart ones are laughing. When a dictator is cornered like that, his solution is to augment the brutality A bad thing leads to a worse one. Until the criminal is stopped by force (that could be natural death, as for Stalin).

Putin asserts that his invasion of Crimea was not an invasion, it was legal. And then that it did not happen (spot the contradiction). Yet. But it will, if. Those armed men aren’t Russian soldiers (contrary to facts). Putin added that the 1994 military agreement with Ukraine was no longer in effect due to the change of power in Kiev (another unworldly assertion).

1)      Putin: Are those Russian soldiers occupying Crimea? No. There are lots of Russian uniforms in the former USSR, one can buy them in stores. These are local militia.

True answer: Putin lies 100%. There were at least 40,000 Russian soldiers in Crimea on March 3, 2014. Soldiers blocking Ukraine’s military bases did not wear any insignia. However, their trucks, and armor are matriculated in Russia (“Rus” can be clearly seen, incredibly). They are equipped with the very latest Kalashnikov (model AK 74), and latest generation Russian rocket launchers (“manpads”). Soldiers were interviewed and some revealed that they were Special Forces of the Russian Army and Russian Marines (801th brigade of Russian Marines).

2)      Putin: The legitimate president of Ukraine is in Russia. There was an “unconstitutional coup, an armed seizure of power in Kiev”.

Truth: Another Putin 100% lie. Yanukovitch the ex-Ukrainian president, has been CONSTITUTIONALLY deposed. A coup occurs when the Constitution of a country has been violated. This is NOT the case in the Ukrainian Republic. The Ukrainian Constitution provides the Ukrainian Parliament with the power to depose the President, just as in the USA (such a procedure is called impeachment; both Nixon and Clinton were threatened with it; Nixon had to resign to avoid its final stage, the first deposition of a president of the USA).

The Parliament (elected in 2010) also has the Constitutional power to nominate an interim president and government, until new elections (fixed to May 25). The Ukrainian Parliament observed that the ex-president, having fled the country, was not capable of exerting his functions, and thus deposed him. It also nominated another president and government. The votes were at an overwhelming majority. Many members of the ex-president’s party voted to depose him: 82% of the Ukrainian Parliament voted for the new Ukrainian government.

Thus those who are calling the government in Ukraine “Neo-Nazi” and “fascist” are insulting a 100% democratic government. It’s funny how many people swallow Putin’s outrageous lies, hook, line and sink.

The Russian soldiers who invaded Ukrainian territory have no right whatsoever to be there (the 1994 accord forbids Russian troops in Sevastopol to deploy outside of their base there). Putin claims that Russians were attacked, that’s another lie: there are international journalists all over Ukraine, no such incidents were observed.

“We are open for any observers to come to any part of Ukraine and to be absolutely sure that Ukraine now outside of the Crimea is absolutely safe,” Petro Poroshenko, a Ukrainian MP and former Foreign Minister told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

“We have lots of the different nationalities including Jews in our government. And I think that [Putin] is simply not [an] understandable position.”

What’s so bad about goose stepping behind Putin? Putin defends the interests of what is, by far, the world’s largest country, built thanks to generous amounts of the Dark Side (which have become essential to Russian culture).

Russia built the largest empire ever: up to 22 million square kilometers (the British empire at any given moment, was actually smaller; Britain for example controlled most of India for less than 2 centuries; whereas Russia beat China/Manchuria in the Far East about three centuries ago).

Building that largest empire was possible thanks to an extremely exploitative, conquering, relentless, superbly nationalistic mentality. Reciprocally, the more the empire succeeded, the more it helped build up some more the mentality that launched it (organized around a secret, all mighty police, one of the incarnation of Putin led).

Result? A mentality obsessed by gaining territory, ready to collaborate with a fascist, imperialistic government, justifying its Dark Side with an emotional nationalistic-religious fervor that pervades Russia.

This exploitative mentality is not very different from the one that established the USA. However, the scale is different: the territory controlled by the Russians was more than twice that of the Americans, and the Russian population much smaller. Moreover, the Russians confronted very tough adversaries… such as the Tatars (South Ukraine, Crimea).

The Michel Stroggoff mentality that built the Czar’s realm, and pushed European civilization all the way to the Pacific, chewing up all Natives on the way, however admirable, is not compatible as a first approach to the sustainable civilization we need today.

In particular, the Russian Will to impose itself as the successor of Rome in the Oriental Mediterranean is on a collision course with reality. However, when Putin saw Obama call off the sanction strike against Assad he deduced that the Kremlin’s boot could kick civilization around. All the more as the French pilots who were already in their cockpits in their fully armed planes, were called back as if they were just attack dog toys for the child in the White House.

At any point the Russian dictator’s lies could degenerate in a hot war. It would not be like Hungary in 1956. Then only 40,000 people were killed by the Russian invasion. At the time, Eisenhower and the Dulles agreed with Khrushchev to beat back France, Britain and Israel (times change).

Nowadays, Russia is much weaker, and much more on the wrong side of history. Putin, like Roman emperor Justinian, has been trying to reconstitute the empire. Putin has not understood a thing about why Justinian failed (does he even know about him?) He does not care. But the situation is similar.

The Roman empire failed, basically because it had become an ever more dysfunctional plutocracy that took refuge in decerebration (by forcefully instituting a rabid plutocracy after Jovian became emperor in 363 CE). Only a few individuals at the head of the imperial machine took all the decisions, and that guaranteed the stupidity of the state.

Justinian could have tried to re-establish the Republic. That would have been smart. Instead he distracted his rebelling Populus with decades of war and oppression. More on Justinian another time.

Putin is trying to build an union of oppression to oppose the European Union. Putin’s empire is an attempt to reconstitute the USSR. Putin believes that the disappearance of the USSR was “the greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century”.

The USSR was built around the exploitative, dictatorial mentality (read Lenin to verify this). The European Union, instead, is built around the concept of democracy (OK, a work in progress: the EC head is going to be elected by the European Parliament; ideally s/he ought to be elected by We The People directly).

Putin’s project will lead to war and degeneracy. Instead he should surrender to the spirit of the European Union, while he is still ahead, sort of.

And for the rest of us. Some may be tired of war, but war is not tired of them. To put one’s head in the sand does not even work for ostriches.

Independence means France has been CONTINUOUSLY at war. Since 400 CE. Not ONE year when French armed forces were not in action, somewhere.

Some of the Anglo-American persuasion may object. However they forget that the European settlers in America had easy war against Paleolithic, or, at best, Neolithic, natives. They also forget that Britain (conquered in 1066 by France and in 1688 by the Netherlands) and North America were islands. Islands are hard to conquer. (Hitler could have walked over, had there been a land bridge between Cotentin and England: the British army had .)

Until now.

Now those islands are only a few minutes away, by ballistic missile. Hence Britain and the USA are in exactly the geostrategic situation that France has lived in since Caesar’s conquest. Time to become French in mentality, ladies and gentlemen of Anglo-Saxonia! Welcome to the forever war.

Putin has to be stopped, by force. For our good, Russia’s good, and Putin’s, and his cronies’, own good.

Patrice Aymé

Note 1: Washington threatens to kick Russia out of the G8, but Berlin opposes that. Germany obtains almost 40% of its gas and oil from Russia.

Britain’s plot to ensure that any European Union action against Russia over Ukraine would exempt the City of London were embarrassingly exposed when a secret government document was photographed in Downing Street. The document said Britain should “not support, for now, trade sanctions … or close London’s financial centre to Russians”.

Long live plutocracy!

Note2: A young celebrity Russian TV personality on the air protested against Putin’s aggression in Russia, She said she wanted to make the point she was not going to be accomplice to this crime. This is exactly what Czar Putin is afraid of: that the revolt in Ukraine against him would extent to Russia itself, as I wish it will.

Note 3: First face to face meeting in Paris with all the important foreign ministers (USA, Russia, France, UK, Germany, etc.), March 5.

Note 4: Jules Verne’s Michel Strogoff accurately depicts Siberia… But for the fact that, in the 19th century, no “Tartar” Khan could resist the Russian (Chechen, yes; in medieval Russia, yes). Yet, that sort of paranoiac anachronism pretty much still afflicts Putin’s partisans, to this day.

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38 Responses to “Putin’s Lies, War, Crimes”

  1. Rollmeover Intheclover Says:

    Good synopsis, but the world not only left Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld get away with war crimes, some joined him. Yes, Putin is on the wrong side, but our side isn’t much better. History shows that, but that’s OK. We’re making the world safer for corpocratic exploitation, one country at a time. Go USA! Thanks for your input.


    • gmax Says:

      @ Rollover: this is not about sides or corporations. Patrice has ranted against Western plutocrats forever and Putin is one of them, as Patrice explained. Watch the city of London and that memo that was photographed. Putin and the ex prez of Ukraine have may be a trillion over the West. They own all hotels in Austria, the latgest properties on the riviera, etc Bush and Putin are on the same side. That’s why they saw each others’ souls like


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Rollover: It’s the USA that let Bush escape. Bush is avoiding some (or all) European countries (for example Switzerland) because he was officially told he risked arrest for war crimes.

      As GMax said, basically, plutocracy is global. Bush had made Pluto peace with Qaddafi, and, of course, Putin. Attacking Putin is attacking Bush.
      The democratic protesters and the new Ukraine interim government are not Obama’s pawns. In the beginning (see the Fuck Europe essay), part of Obama’s administration, Bush-like, was busy cutting a deal with Putin. Those people are notorious neo-cons.

      Since then OBama enforced a 180 degrees and has been acting very well, that is exactly like I said.
      Heil Myself!


  2. gmax Says:

    Like the US Army Chief of Staff said in Congress, the world will keep on surprising us. Putin engaged in an egregious violation of international law. He is in another world, like Merkel said. He think we are all stupid?


  3. red Says:

    putin probably jealous US can get away with any kind of propaganda it wants, but he does one thing and entire west (“smart people”) riles against him LOL. May be he needs a new tag line ‘war on riots’ or axis of evils 🙂 or find some illegal WMDs in crimea or ukrn.

    why not join the “western” party. Lots of exploiting can be possible. I guess they wouldn’t share the pie.

    global exploitation pie involves primarily financial industry handling the top of the pyramid (export inflation via reserve currency, wall.st and “The City” shenanigans, done on global level). Bottom pyramid uses this scheme to plunder (“spread free market” aka democracy) resources from africa, and other poor (or developing) countries.

    Now that i think of this, the global exploitation pie has 4 contenders : us+uk+can+au, eu, china, russia (in that order); Now, the first group has its own internal sharing agreements. It competes with EU but they agree on lot of things. That leaves us with russia and china. Putin probably fed up being the 4th guy. alas, the pie is only so big. watch out for china to make its moves in next few years.

    note, the security council of UN and other “world organizations” mainly have “veto” accorded to those groups (f the other 98% countries).

    all this said, i do agree he is doing it (exploiting that is) the wrong way. If he is any smart, he would do it the right way 🙂 like the western plutocrats (first step, buy the MSM narrative. second, have a well oiled financial industry that serves your goals (catering to 1%), third, capture the political system indirectly (not directly like putin does :), fourth, double down on defense spending and “spread influence” by “making a world a better place” (only countries with resources, that have bad actors. F the poor countries without resources like in africa), fifth. capture the education sector, and indoctrinate a narrative of “american dream” or some such propagand. Do all this, you will be 70% there.).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Putin was part of the global exploitation party. Still is. They have literally hundreds of billions in the West. Now his friends are asking Lavrov (foreign minister, a Brejnev era survivor, and tough Siberian happy camper-hunter for vacation, a force not always behind’s Putin’s throne) why they have gone crazy, and shown their Pluto hand.

      The reason is that Putin comes from the exploitative mentality, whereas the EU comes from the democratic one (far from perfect, but improving under pressure).

      What’s happening is that incoming democratization in the EU threatens Putin’s mentality.
      The bear is being shelled by demo riots.


      • red Says:

        for all its history and ills, i do agree the west matured enough that it can no longer do the exploitation blatantly (like russia, china etc).

        It certainly helps to have a semblance (atleast) of free socio-political system. And the sheeple in the west relatively more enlightened (due mainly to society being rich, affords free information access to anybody who seeks, has a comfortable life style, education access, and opportunities). If society is sick, its herd will be dumber.

        wealth, and materialism, does help enlightenment in all forms (including spiritual). But if wealth (all forms) reaches bottom 98%, thats whole another story. Interesting the bottom 98% still benefit as they reside on the same ship as 2% & plutocrats (so to speak).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      If we are not tough with Putin, Xi will move: the PRC is in full, exponential militarization mode. And since Abe is completely nuts, Earth, we have a problem… Another reason to put the chimp back in the dog house.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Yes, Putin’s moves are surprising… Except when one realizes he is desperate (his economy is going nowhere, and he needs the smart people to develop even his oil and gas… Or to arm himself: the French are testing the second aircraft carrier/command ship to be sold to Russia…)


    • red Says:

      Speaking of MSM narrative, and the “young celebrity Russian TV personality on the air protested against Putin’s aggression”, Watch second video in this link (first few min) She makes my point in a clear way. 🙂


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Great. The one I alluded to is the head of the French speaking Russian TV. She basically did the same on the air. Not that other one you linked to. But that was very interesting, I agree. Thanks.


  4. Lovell Says:

    “I also expressed my hope (to Putin) that Russia will develop constructive relations with its neighbors, like Georgia, that are trying to find their own way in a challenging but hopeful world. I looked the man in the eye and I found him to be straightforward and trustworthy… I was able to get a sense of his soul… I wouldn’t have invited him to my ranch if I didn’t trust him.” – George W singing hosanna to his friend Vlad Putin, 2001.

    Seven years later Putin invaded Georgia.


  5. Dominique Deux Says:

    Your description of Putin is hilarious and accurate. Reminds me of the actual lyrics of the song in “Bridge on the Kwai River”:

    Has only got one ball
    Has two but very small
    And Himmler
    Has no ball
    At all!”

    (sounds better than the silly “Hello, le soleil brille, brille, brille”)

    Back to reading, this is worth serious comments as well.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Dominique, glad you appreciate! Si Putin etait un enfant francais de bonne famille, sa maman lui demanderiat de mieux se tenir. I’m waiting fro the serious comments too.
      The Kwai River bridge is still standing. Long lives colonialism, apparently!


  6. Paul Handover Says:

    Today’s post over at Learning from Dogs highlights the (dangerous) madness of these present times.

    I was born in London six months before the end of WWII. I fear that I will die during the early days of WWIII!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Let’s not panic. Fearing fear is the ultimate fright. Hitler was not just a man, he was a process. If the USA had joined France and Britain in opposing Hitler in Spring 1939 about Danzig, the Crimea of the times, GERMAN generals (led by their chief, Beck), would have declared a national emergency and made a coup. End of Nazism.

      As you probably do not expect to die in the next 6 months, you implicitly admit that, like Hitler, Putin will be allowed to proceed, and get ever more aggressive, over the years. Meanwhile, China will emulate him, grab territory, and a situation similar to the late 1930s would develop.

      This all assumes we learned nothing from the 1930s. But such is not the case. If the hand of a virulent USA-EU falls onto the Russian plutocrats, in the next 6 days, let alone 6 months, the PROCESS of aggression, satanization can be stopped. If, and only if.


      • John Rogers Says:



      • Paul Handover Says:

        Are there signs of such a USA-EU virulence awakening? And, if not, what would be the signs that would offer hope in this regard?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          It’s complicated. Russia is a dictatorship. It’s simple and fast as dictatorship are, and Hitler used to gloat. So, when Putin wanted Depardieu to become Russian, he had his servants make a passport for him overnight, and offered it to him in his Sochi mansion (Sochi again!), next day.

          Obama’s administration has drawn a no-visa list, and is preparing assets’ freeze. However, the USA is a State Of Law, so the decisions have to be careful, so that they can hold up in court. That’s why the visa list is not publicized (yet). However, it’s in place. So plutocrats and servants of Putin with apparently valid visas may found they can’t enter the USA.

          The situation with the EU is the same, but even more complex, as its democratic index is higher than even the USA. There are 28 governments, and 28 administrations and legal systems. It’s even worse than that: the Organization for Security in Europe, is in the forefront of resisting Putin’s attack, and it has countries not in the EU. It’s presently presided by the SWISS president.

          At last Swiss hypocritical, vicious and thug like “neutrality” is history…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks, Paul, for having the courage to be the bearer of bad news, and, even worse, news that necessitate one to reconsider one’s thought system. Most people would rather pet a purring cat in their lap, than confront a furious chimp.

      Does the ostrich with its head deep in the sand suffer as much, and as long, as the one fleeing, and fighting for its life? No. So, for those who make the minimization of suffering the highest value, head in the sand is the way to go.

      But that’s not the most human way. Humanity came to be, because wisdom is a war. A war that can be won. But first, it has to be fought.


  7. Evelyne Le Formal Says:

    “La loi du plus fort est souvent la meilleure” (Jean de la Fontaine – Le loup et l’agneau)…


  8. Alexi Helligar Says:

    That Putin is of the weakest mind rings true.


  9. Roger Henry Says:

    There is another player encroaching Putin’s ,thought to be private playground , the Ukraine. China

    Source, QZ
    Sept. 23,2013 China just bought 1/20 of Ukraine.
    China has inked a deal to farm three million hectares ( about 11,583 square miles) of Ukrainian land over the span of the next half century. Which means Ukraine will give up about 5% of it’s land, or 9% of it’s arable farm land to feed China’s burgeoning population.

    Under the deal between China’s Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, or XPCC, and KSG Agro, an Ukrainian agricultural company, crops and pigs raised in the eastern region of Dnipropetrovsk will be sold at preferential rates to two Chinese state owned grain firms.

    The deal comes after Ukraine lifted a law barring foreigners from buying Ukrainian land last year. As part of the deal China’s Export- Import bank has given Ukraine $3 billion loan for ag development. In exchange for its produce, Ukraine will receive seeds, equipment, a fertilizer plant, and a plant to produce a crop protection agent. XPCC also says it will help build a highway in Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea as well as a bridge across the Strait of Kerch , a transport and industrial center of the country..

    Putin has not only the West to worry about.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Excellent Roger! Great find! Thanks for the information. I know China has been doing this around the world, and I should have guessed they did it in Ukraine, which is a juicy target for agricultural development.

      In this crisis, it’s important to get China on the side of democracy. This is what failed with Italy’s Mussolini in the 1930s. Of course, Mussolini was way way way worse than Xi, and Italian fascismo was infantile and idiotic relative to the Chinese Communist Party. Moreover, Mussolini was attacking overseas, early on.

      Yet, initially, Mussolini was anti-Hitler. However, the only country he could have allied himself with was progressive, socialist, led by a Jew, and in latent conflict with Washington and London: France.

      China, also, has taken the right economic and futuristic turn that the Kremlin did not take. So the PRC is a natural ally of the West at this point, just like the Putinocracy is its natural enemy.

      Putin will back off only when his generals tell him he will lose.
      Otherwise, he wins.


  10. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Putin risks everything, because he wants more. the hubris of greed has no bound, but disaster.


  11. Evelyne Le Formal Says:

    OK with you Patrice (for Putin)


  12. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Thanks Evelyne.

    Alexi: Greed loves disaster because it may get lucky, indeed. Also greed is deeply sadistic. And what is the justification of sadism? And what does sadism rise and educate? Masochism.

    That’s why Hitler engaged in a war that he could only lose. Upon these trains of psychopathy and sociopathy have Putin and his cronies come aboard.


  13. Evelyne Le Formal Says:

    Hitler l’a perdue…. mais à quel prix ?? Des millions de morts !


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Il fallait qu’il la perde. Non seulement ils voulaient tuer tous les Juifs, mais aussi tous les Francais. Tout au moins c’est ce qu’il a dit a son cabinet en Juin 1942, apres Bir Hakiem, quand l’armee francaise lui a fait perdre la guerre. C’etait le prix fort, parceque les USA n’ont jamais declare’ la guerre a Hitler (c’est Hitler qui s’en est charge’).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      France and Britain fought the war too, from 1939, and for nearly 6 years. One cannot say that the war went too well for them in 1940. But France and Britain did not run extermination camps, and organized no war crimes whatsoever (the French executed a few of their soldiers for rape, in early April 1945 at Sluggard, just to keep the army focused on the dashing conquest of Bavaria).

      By contrast, Hitler and his cronies killed at least 20 millions in camps alone. And committed cannibalism at Stalingrad.


  14. Chris Snuggs Says:

    It is not Putin’s lies in themselves that are depressing, but that there are so many morons so easily taken in by them.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Chris, indeed. Some of the approval of Putin reminds me exactly of the Vichissistes’ approval of Hitler. Serious, it’s the same exact logic.
      The same hatred of the “West”.
      The same hatred of democracy.
      The same admiration of brutality.
      The same “might is right”.


  15. gmax Says:

    Putin is the monster we need to get real


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