Infernal Logic

Hitler was not just a man, he was a process. A degeneracy. That process started with cruelty, it ended with masochism (which justifies sadism). Masochism, indeed: why else did the Nazi dictator engage in a war he was sure to lose? All this I also see in Putin’s soul. Watch Putin spending 50 billions on the Sochi games, and then wasting all the good will in a week, repeating, in Russian, what Hitler said, in German?

Putin is also a degenerative process, but a slower one: the Russian dictator has been in power longer than Hitler, he has rigged more elections than Hitler. However, things are accelerating: in his other wars of aggression, Putin had been more careful in making the world believe he was defending something. His psychology has crossed some internal Rubicon: now that everyone knows that he is an invasive tyrant, he may as well be an efficient one.

Rightly Hanged For War Of Aggression

Rightly Hanged For War Of Aggression

Friends of Putin should remind him of the preceding.

During Putin’s attack on Georgia in 2008, the presence of American military personnel on the ground in Tbilisi, may have been the only thing that prevented the Kremlin to conquer all of Georgia; one of the handful of cases where G W Bush acted well.

In the latest news, a referendum in occupied Crimea has been announced, to be held within ten days. As Obama said, this is in another violation of international law.

Pacifists said: Herr Hitler is Chancellor, and President of Germany, he was elected and plebiscited, more than once. He has got a point about Czechoslovakia, there are Germans there. Tell the Czechs to calm down, in the interest of peace. Let the German government protect the Germans of the Sudeten, a part of Czechoslovakia, if it so wishes.

Pacifists say: President Putin was elected more than once. He has got a point about Crimea; he is protecting the Russians there. Tell the Ukrainians to calm down, in the interest of peace.

The German economy was sinking under Hitler’s intense re-militarization, violence to minorities, and exaction by plutocrats and cronies. That prompted Hitler to accuse various foreigners and minorities (first of all Jews) to be the cause of Germany’s troubles. After he persuaded his sullen electorate that he was the apostle of peace and minorities (really!), against the “plutocrats” (sic!), who he identified as the Jews, Hitler became wildly popular. That was very logical.

Hitler’s real logic was something else. But Hitler knew this: a logic can hide another, just as a train can hide another.

Putin’s official logic is similar. The Russian economy is sinking under Putin’s intense re-militarization, violence to minorities, and exaction by plutocrats and cronies. That prompts Putin to accuse various foreigners and minorities (first of all homosexuals) to be the cause of Russia’s troubles.

“Neo-Nazis” and “fascists” have replaced the Jews as the destroyers of peace.

To enter Putin’s infernal logic, one has just to accept this: “Neo-Nazis”, or “fascists” have taken power in Kiev (and thus, implicitly, that Putin’s state is not fascist, since Putin denounces fascism).  Now that he claims that he is fighting fascism and Neo-Nazism in Ukraine, while extending Mother Russia, Putin has seen his popularity shoot up to 64% in Russia. Russian commoners, smothered by propaganda, really believe that fascists and Neo-Nazis have taken power in Kiev.

In Nazi Germany, the worse things were going, including during the war, the more popular Hitler become (at least with the Volk; not so much with the marshals and generals of the army).

In truth democrats operating democracy have effected a 100% constitutional change of government in Kiev. The change was operated by constitutionally elected politicians, many of whom had high level responsibilities before (the Prime Minister, for example, was minister in previous governments).

It’s all very simple: Putin is in total violation of International Law on the gravest matter: War Of Aggression.

Von Ribbentrop, Hitler’s foreign minister, was a very rich wine merchant, turned seducer of British high society, thanks to his vast apartment in the center of London. That helped produce a Nazi-British Naval Treaty in 1935 that violated the Versailles Treaty, while making a French strike impossible.

France was not going to declare war to Britain for military collaboration with the Nazis; instead French diplomacy went to work, and transformed Britain into a determined ally by September 1939. The first action was to get rid of pro-Nazi politician in Britain, starting with the king (whose American mistress was a Nazi spy).

Ribbentrop did not realize that Britain was preparing herself to go to war as an ally of France. Instead, he reassured Hitler that this would never happen. When Hitler found out differently on September 3, 1939, he stayed silent forever, watching Berlin, his cronies respectfully waiting. Britain had followed France, and declared war. Then Hitler turned around savagely, and barked: “Now what?”

Von Ribbentrop, the foreign minister of Germany, was hanged for engineering a war of aggression, and only for that. Maybe Sergei Lavrov, the tall, tough Neo-Stalinian master mind of Russian foreign policy should be reminded of that in a timely manner. The hour is grave, just because Russia’s dictator had to jail his entire opposition, but that was not enough. Revolts kept on creeping up. So now Putin has cranked up the process of fascization of Russia.

Just as Hitler was criticizing “plutocrats” (he said), although being manipulated by them, Putin denounces “fascists”, although he is the most prominent of them.

Fascization is, of course, what Putin wants: he is the fascist in chief. Big lies are the way to insure conflicts, starting with a conflict with reality. That’s why Hitler advocated it.

Patrice Aymé

Note 1: Obama informed us that “as Christians, Michelle and me are celebrating Ash Wednesday”. Does he think he was elected Pope-in-chief? Some will say: “Oh, it’s just an innocuous lie, Obama believes Christians are idiots, he just does not want to be shot by them.” I understand the logic, however what we need now is a political process based on truth, not manipulative lies. That people have to cover their faces once a year to show the world they are ashamed of themselves is a mild psychopathy.

Note 2: Fascism is a fundamental instinct. It made us possible, by giving us offensive capability. However it’s the enemy of innovative thinking. So it has to be used for war, and only for war. It’s bad for the mind. And, without minds, we lose wars.

Note 3: Societies based on lies fail, but can kill many in the process. Japan lost 2.5 millions in World War Two (the main cause of death being malnutrition and disease in the army). However it killed around15 times that number of civilians of other countries. Interestingly, that seems little known in Japan. Similar truths escapes Russia, such as the alliance of German fascism and Russian fascism (from 1917 to June 1941), including the occupation of Eastern Europe by Russia in cooperation with Hitler in 1939-1941.

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8 Responses to “Infernal Logic”

  1. Jon Q Says:

    I been reading your old posts. And while I believe your heart is in the right place, I think you’re fooling yourself believing that there has been a gov’t/ruling class in the history of mankind, at least since the advent of agriculture, that REALLY cares about its constituents. In the post Renaissance world I would say the Helvetican Confederation would come the closest, but still the BIS calls Basel it’s home.

    I did find a drama free discourse on Putin vs. Ukraine that you may be interested in listening to here:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wow, Jon, you are even more cynical than me! Well, I do not disagree with that general idea. But it all depends how “government” and “constituents” are defined. There is little doubt that the USA government in the beginning, was a true case of caring about the “constituents”. Just the latter had to be carefully defined.

      To some extent what you are saying is that real (DIRECT) democracy is impossible, or more exactly, never happened. However, as you say, the Confederatio Helvetica is a counter-example. That the BIS got based in Basel, has to do with high levels plots that did not concern CH. Athens, too, was a (much more) direct democracy. The exclusion of women and slaves was just a detail. The Escartons Republic in the Alps, and Dauphine’ were other counter-examples.

      One has to avoid Manichaeism. Although I have been highly critical of various USA or EU governments, this is not at all of the same order of magnitude as what Putin may lead us into. As he avalanches down the Dark Side, he has to be stopped, that’s all. His logic leads us to a very hot war.


      • Jon Q Says:

        Dios mío, Manicheism & Edward Mandel House – yes I actually read “Philip Dru Administrator.” Who am I conversing with here? From what little I can find on you (perhaps bad internet skills on my part), you’re not that old, mentioned a toddler, converse in English, yet very Eurocentric to the point of being a Francophile?

        An American but spent your formative years in France & CH; a diplomat’s child, perhaps? If you’re an American, why call bin Laden, ben Laden? I’ve only seen that spelling on .fr websites. And if you’re French why are you writing all these words on the US internet?

        In short, is there an “about me” internet reference?

        PS: On your first “Sophias” essay: I feel exactly the same way about Athens.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Jon: A new essay is out. Neither my age, not gender, nor national origin is out there. And people who know, like Obama, are not talking.

          And it’s all very good: it’s all about ideas. Justifying ideas by where we come from, and who we are, is exactly what I am against. Ideas have to stand on their own, they are not toddlers.
          I have a new essay out, I thank you for helping it out with the link you gave. BTW, please avoid nestling answers too much, they are hard to read, especially on the smart phones so many use.

          I will be out and away for the rest of the day. Toddler business…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Jon: I listened to the whole thing. Very interesting, thanks. Much I agreed with, but also full of atrocious, abysmal self-contradictions.

      Although they endeavor to reject Manichaeism, they do not realize that one has to stop talking JUST about individuals, but, more broadly, about SYSTEMS OF THOUGHT.
      To hear them gloat about the USA failure in Syria, or that Putin having killed 29 journalist, bombed buildings and an accomplice of organized crime was a sort of necessary evil was beyond weird.

      So was: [Exact quote]
      “Not an invasion. Technically not illegal, not an invasion, they have not fired bullets. That’s a dirty label for what happened.”

      Finally those great outside-of-the-box thinkers rehash the conventional and completely ERRONEOUS theory about World War One (we sleep-walked into it). Not at what happened, as I have explained.

      All right, time for me to go back to physics (although there are even greater fools there, arguably).


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    There is a new, compelling and very frightening series on BBC television called 37 Days, about the days leading up to the First World War.

    Episode One shows, presumably accurately, the wheelings and dealings of leaders, politicians, ambassadors, and more without any thought for, or care of, democratic principles.

    One hundred years on, has anything changed!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul: I have not seen the series. However, this is a very important subject. The title, by itself, is misleading. 37 days since what? The assassination in Sarajevo? They miss two MUCH MAJOR points:

      1) On December 11, 1912 (it was a Sunday), it had become Klar to the Kaiser that Great Britain would not stop being friendly to France. Thus WORLD war was decided within two years. The Kaiser and his top generals agreed more work had to be done with the media, so it would not appear as if the leaders of Germany had attacked the world deliberately.

      2) On June 1, the envoy of the USA president, Colonel House, proposed an alliance to the Kaiser, with Britain, against France. At that point the Kaiser knew the USA would stand by him.

      3) Using the fake neutral Netherlands, the USA made a fortune supporting the Kaisereich by selling it all it needed, for years, including material to make explosives. When it became clear that the French southern strategy was going to cut-off most of Germany and Austria food stuff, and thus victory was coming to the democracies, the USA joined victory (in the all out Second Battle of the Marne, USA divisions were engaged, but few, just a couple (and completely destroyed). The German army was destroyed mostly by French artillery.

      Thus, just the title, 37 days is full of propaganda and deviation from the truth.

      The truth is that the Kaisereich was a fascist dictatorial plutocracy, and hated the democratic French Republic next door, doing all it could to destroy it, before, from its own secret assessment, France, with the help of its democratizing ally, Russia, would leave fascist Germany so far behind economically, that there would have been no hope to win a war.

      I have written about this many times before. Maybe I should expand this in an essay…


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    […] a war of aggression, is a war crime (the legal precedent being Von Ribbentrop at Nuremberg). Von Ribbentrop was hanged, as deserved. But then why are Blair and Bush still free to run […]


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