1914, 2014: Pluto Versus Homo

What was the cause of World War One? The correct description, thus lesson, has not been drawn, because the most significant cause has not been exhibited, let alone analyzed. The cause was plutocracy, and its associated fascism. As fascism and plutocracy impose their ways again, it’s timely to revisit what really happened in 1914.

Here is the official history: WWI was an accident caused by too much militarism, imperialism, and a tangle of alliances. Right. But not the most significant cause, which is swept under the rug of consciousness: the official version elides the fact that Germany was ruled by a gang of mass murdering fascist plutocrats refusing elementary rights to their population has nothing to do with a World War.

There is a lesson there, according to the official propaganda: if a powerful country is ruled by a gang of fascist, criminally inclined plutocrats, resting on the military while refusing elementary rights to the population, it has nothing to do with a potential world war, it’s safe for the rest of the world.

That fascism and plutocracy have nothing to do with war is the mightiest, and most lethal, myth of the Twentieth Century.

And then there is my version of history, reflecting ALL known facts, of how World War One was generated. According to which the war was the ineluctable result of the political system in Germany in 1914, and the generations before.

The crucial observation is that Russia is in a similar situation today to that Germany was in, a century ago. Russia is ruled by a Caesar (= Kaiser, Czar), Vlad the Mad Bomber, supported by a horde of plutocrats. Western plutocracy has been an accomplice, as it profits from Russian plutocrats squirreling away, and buying influence, by storing their criminally generated gains in the… European Union (mostly).

My friend Paul Handover, author of the web site “Learning From Dogs” chimes in: “There is a new, compelling and very frightening series on BBC television called 37 Days, about the days leading up to the First World War.

Episode One shows, presumably accurately, the wheelings and dealings of leaders, politicians, ambassadors, and more without any thought for, or care of, democratic principles.

One hundred years on, has anything changed?”

My (expanded) answer: I have not seen the series. However, this is of crucial importance as we confront a crisis reminiscent to that in Munich in 1938. Except, this time, Hitler attacked first, and talked later.

The title of the series, by itself, is misleading. 37 days since what? The assassination in Sarajevo? That’s what the title implies. Thus it feeds the myth that World War One was accidental. Just like Putin’s serial invasions, and massive re-armament, there is nothing accidental about it.

Those who claim that World War One was accidental are poor scholars, idiots, or the agents of vested interests (that could be as simple as their university, say Harvard, want them to teach and preach lies about the goodness of fascism and plutocracy, throughout the ages).

Claiming World War One was accidental misses three ULTRA MAJOR FACTS:

1) On December 11, 1912 (it was a Sunday), after talks at the highest level, it had become Klar to the Kaiser, that Great Britain would not stop being friendly to France. Thus WORLD war was decided within two years. It sounds incredible, but that’s what happened.

The Kaiser and his top generals agreed more “work” had to be done with the German media, so it would not appear as if they, the leaders of Germany, had attacked the world deliberately.

2) On June 1, 1914, exactly two months before the Kaisereich’s invasion, the envoy of the USA president, Colonel House, proposed an alliance to the Kaiser, with Britain, against France. At that point the Kaiser knew the USA would stand by him, and feed him during the war. They did.

Selling directly to Germany and using the fake neutral Netherlands, the USA made a fortune supporting the Kaisereich by selling it all it needed, for years, including material to make explosives.

When it became clear that the French southern strategy of attacking through the Balkans was going to cut-off most of Germany and Austria food imports, and thus victory was coming to the democracies, the USA joined victory (in the all-out Second Battle of the Marne, in July 1918, a couple of USA divisions were engaged (and forced to attack in a corps comprising a French Senegalese division. The American divisions were completely destroyed, but picked up the Senegalese habit, well reciprocated by the Germans, of making no prisoners whatsoever).

At that battle, the German army was led in by a tactical retreat of the French, before being destroyed by French artillery, and counter-attacked in a double pincer with 50 divisions (the Americans known the battle as “Soissons”, per the locale of the US divisions).

Thus, just the title the BBC chose, 37 days, is full of propaganda and massive deviation from the truth. But it is of the interest of the commanding elite to claim that past commanding elites (even if Prussian) did not deliberately plan a WORLD war (although they did, explicitly).

The truth is that the Kaisereich was a fascist dictatorial plutocracy, and hated the democratic French Republic next door, doing all it could to destroy it, before, from its own secret assessment, France, with the help of its democratizing ally, Russia, would leave fascist Germany so far behind economically, that there would have been no hope to win a war.

I have written about this many times before, for many years.

Here is a recent essay:


Unsurprisingly, this all encompassing point of view is not taught in Harvard.

What is taught, instead, on most “left”, “progressive”, “liberal” propaganda centers is that, in World War One, just as in World War Two, there were “no bad guys versus good guys”… As some self glorifying smart fascist heading the ANC, Anti-Neo-Con network put it. The same fascist, and many like him, claim the USA has killed 200,000 in Syria, and Putin did not invade Crimea.

Unbelievably, the same creep, Ray Dawdson, or whatever he is called, and his accomplice, added that “29 journalists were assassinated under Putin’s reign, and apartment buildings bombed is disturbing. So is the open alliance between Putin with organized crime. He sold his soul to the devil. Putin is not clean. It compares to Bush Senior, who also got people killed.” Then the same “ANC” smart ass, presenting himself as a specialist of Eastern Europe adds: “I dropped stories about Putin because I did not want to be killed.”

And he adds: “People sleep-walked into WWI… The USA gains nothing. The USA failed in Syria. It’s almost as if they wanted to restart the cold war.
I don’t know what’s making the foreign policy in the US. This is not going to come out well. Give away sections of Ukraine like it was done in Georgia: that is the less bloody answer.”

Well, there are more important things than blood. I believe that such pro-fascist guys are actually well financed pro-plutocratic plants (deep down, their reasonings are in no significant way different from the Vichy propaganda). They are all over the left, and, to a great extent, the New York Times is culprit in the same way.

Who is making the foreign policy of the USA? What about smart philosophy, for the grandest schemes? Even Hillary Clinton compared Putin’s train of thought to Hitler’s, exactly as I put it on this site. That’s smart, accurate and deeply human. (That is much more human than seditiously supporting the Kremlin’s dictator.)

With the sort of attitude stridently proclaimed by much of the pseudo-left, had it ruled our ancestors’ behavior, we would all have remained chimpanzees. It is as inhuman as one can get. Instead, the correct, and wisest morality, when Pluto, the Darkest Side of horror, tries to rule, the best side of the genus Homo has to rise in arms.

Seditiously pleasing Putin is not just a betrayal of democracy, it’s a betrayal of humanity.

Just as it was a betrayal of humanity to serve the Kaiser in 1914, or Hitler in 1939.

Patrice Aymé

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29 Responses to “1914, 2014: Pluto Versus Homo”

  1. gmax Says:

    Well, it was nice to hear Clinton compare Putin to Hitler, just as you did. IT IS THE EXACT same reasoning Hitler used in 1938


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Just seen this latest essay and am flattered it was prompted by my remark to your previous. Don’t have time just now to read it but here are the details of that BBC television series.

    37 Days – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01pf7dx

    The blog post entry from writer and producer Mark Hayhurst – http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tv/posts/37-Days

    From the WikiPedia entry – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/37_Days_(TV_series)

    “37 Days is a British documentary drama miniseries that was first broadcast on BBC Two from 6 to 8 March 2014. The three-part miniseries covers the weeks before World War I, from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on 28 June 1914 to the United Kingdom declaring war on Germany on 4 August 1914.”

    Catch up later.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The declaration of war of the UK was dues to Earl Grey (my preferred tea), the very senior foreign secretary, straight-forward declaration at the Commons on Monday morning, first thing, when he said, rightly, that civilization was at stake. He did not need to consult with the PM, due hos already enormous prestige.

      Bertrand Russel, to his eternal shame, showed the limitation of his mind, and ownership in the plutocracy, by understanding none of it.

      Germany had invaded, the day before, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The Gande Duchesse put her enormous car across the bridge to block the Prussian army. Barbaric acts in Belgium statrted within days.

      The myth of “37 days” can be easily checked to be a total invention: a week earlier, nobody in Britain expoected trouble, one can see that by reading the press then: it only talks about Ireland.

      1914 was a fascist Pluto inspired plot. Same as Putin invading Crimea. Just worst.

      Looking fwd more comments from you.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        I find it so difficult to make an intelligent comment. Other than agreeing with you that Earl Grey tea, without added milk, is a wonderful tea.

        For whatever reason, I struggle, and have done so all my life, to comprehend the lessons of history. Unclear as to why that is.

        But looking across this modern world, I am unable to stop this old saying coming to me: There are lies, damn lies, and politicians!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Paul: What about that: The West (that includes, believe or not, Harvard) deliberately encouraged the growth of plutocrats in the former USSR. So now here we are: Plutos all over the East. And Western Plutos have been making lots of money from that (watch the City of London). However, there is only so much satanism one can have before being in deep hell. So here we are.

          A way out would be to make politicianism unawful.


          • Paul Handover Says:

            Agree. Do you read TomDispatch? A recent essay includes some of the themes you refer to.

            This one: http://www.tomdispatch.com/blog/175813/tomgram%3A_engelhardt%2C_a_new_world_order/


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I find TomDispatch vaguely interesting, sometimes, but much less robust on the wisdom than me on the same subjects. As they do not allow comments, there is not much for me there.
            I’m going to look into this one, as I have read complete fabrications about dictator Putin recently. It’s good Obama sent air patrols above the Baltic states. Most people do not seem to realize how dangerous Putin’s new paradigm is. I’m also amused by stand down orders in the MSM about calming the situation as a “contact group” starring France, Britain the USA has been constituted. View that as Munich, but with muscle this time (I have complained for years that the USA was NOT at Munich in 1938; apparently that’s now taken into account).


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Partial answer in independent comment on the stupidity of (the latest from) Tomdispatch.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            A theme is not a theorem. Worrying about something does not mean one has extracted a demonstratable truth from it.

            I dispatched and carpet bombed TomDispatch with my USA/NATO air power, in a special essay, exploding the myth…


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    “Also, this time, the USA is on the side of France, Britain, and democracy. Let alone Germany, if it could only forget about gas (!).”

    Chris Snuggs Germany is pathetic. Merkel is a petty official from East Germany, not a stateswoman.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, the German attitude, so far, is extremely disappointing.

      That’s the first time I regret not to have Thatcher in charge. She did well in the Falklands. Very courageous, and she brought the dictatorship down.

      Schroeder is outright despicble and seditious. If you read my essay carefully, one comes across people on the self declared American “alternative”, “liberal”, “left”, “progressive” side admitting, basically, that Putin is an assassinating monster… but the USA started if first, or is just as bad. Anything to avoid not capitulating again like in 1938.

      What’s outstanding, and astounding, is that Russian plutocracy does not understand it went one invasion too far. Or that we are inches from 1939, overnight. But, once again, this time the USA, instead of helping Hitler, is even more determined than the most determined Europeans. That, I must admit, and admit it gaily, and gratefully, is thanks to Obama.


  4. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Pluto is Homo so it is one aspect of Homo vs. another aspect of Homo.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Pluto is Homo? Interesting remark. Obvious, but still interesting, and requiring a sophisticated answer, having to do with META. So, yes, sure, BUT Pluto is neither the most recent, nor the most significant part of Homo. And we can, we have to rely on Pluto MUCH less. That’s what Putin has not understood. His entire 15 years reign is about understanding this necessity to rely LESS on Pluto, ever LESS. We needed Pluto to keep the biosphere in balance. Now, however, Pluto is putting Earth-Gaia ever more off balance.


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [My Internet answer to the claim that Russia was attacked by the West. Posted on RSN.]

    Austerlitz, a battle where the French army defeated the Russian army, happened on “German” ground. So the Russians ventured West, first. Napoleon counter-attacked Russia years later. But his mainly German army got mostly decimated by typhus, from the outset.

    It’s true that, under Czar Peter The Great, the Swedes invaded Ukraine (and were defeated at Poltava). However, way back, the Swedes had founded Ukraine, and thus Russia (Rus means Swede).


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [A complete idiot and conspiracy theorist called Robert Freeman claimed on the Internet that “Ukraine Is About Oil. So Was World War I”
    By Robert Freeman, Common Dreams

    Following below is my answer on RSN.]
    World War One was NOT about oil. It was about a fascist plutocracy, the Kaisereich,whic h had planned war since 11/12/1912. The idea was to placate the Socialist SPD, & its ally the French republic.

    On June 1, 1914, Col House, special envoy of the president of the USA visited the Kaiser and proposed an alliance against the “racially inferior French”. The Kaiser attacked two months later.

    (BTW the assassination in Sarajevo was an elaborate plan with many participants, the “Black Hand” in the highest reaches of Serbia, but was just a pretext, as far as Berlin was concerned. Austro-Hungary had not declared war, when the German attacked Russia, France, Belgium and Luxembourg)

    The USA broke the Franco-British naval blockade of Germany, with massive trade through the selfish Netherlands, providing Germany with war materials, including for explosives.

    Thus American plutocrats made a fortune. However, when it became obvious that the Franco-British- Italians were going to win, the USA came to the rescue of victory, and reorganized Germany, starting in 1919, for Nazism (financed by Ford, Wall Street, GM, Browning, Harriman Brothers, IBM, etc…)

    Mr. Freeman ludicrous excuses for dictator Putin’s attack with “oil” is beyond contempt. So it is to view Syria as a battleground for oil. Iran had decided to turn back many pages, Cathy Ashton, the EU foreign minister is Teheran. Russians fired on international observers of the Organization for Security in Europe. Today


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Posted by me on RSN.]

    Mr. Parry from Consortium News, claims that: “Across the ideological spectrum, there is rave support for the coup that overthrew Ukraine’s elected president”.

    In truth, there was no coup in Ukraine: the Parliament impeached the president as the Constitution allows it to do, at 83%.

    Mr. Parry is another Putin plant, talking! It’s a miracle!

    I am as left as possible, and was honored that way, by an actual BOMBING by European Neo-Nazis (don’t ask, I nearly died).

    The cause of the left is compromised by siding egregiously with blatant fascist dictators such as Mr. Putin.

    People such as Mr. Robert Parry are obviously in a very strange business.


  8. Dominique Deux Says:

    “Pluto vs Homo”: for a moment I thought you would finger (along with bull dyke Vladimir) that extraordinary fascist-homophobe-plutocrat, Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, with a body count far above Putin’s and an outstanding rap sheet in mass murder, mass plundering and religious lunacy. Of course, being the “new breed of African leaders” touted, funded, armed and employed by the Clintons, Susan Rice, Allbright et al, he’s taboo.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: I am vaguely aware of Yoweri Museveni. But not enough. I don’t view savagery in Africa because it was natural that it would reappear, big time, after leaving it in the claws of plutocrats about 60 years ago in the guise of “independance”. It was bound to become independance from civilization. Rare have been the progressions in the right direction (South Africa, but from apartheidultra gravc).

      What is ultra grave in the case of Putin is that we have been backed, overnight, to 1938. the sort of things only a dictator can do (democracies, with their distributed powers, have too much inertia). It’s also quite a bit like the Falklands/Malouines/Malvinas invasion. The fact shooting has not happened is a miracle (that could lead to ultra hot war nearly overnight). The Kremlin is apparently threatening to pull away from all nuclear weapon processes (!) USA air patrol have been launched over the Baltic states (a good thing).

      The plutophiles such as the Clintons played with fire. Putin, and the “oligarchs” supporting him thought: “Why can’t we do the same? Is not the old USSR, the Africa we used to own? Why can’t we bring it back? 5 million dead in Congo for Coltan, here we come!”

      They forgot that, finally, insensibly, Obama has been dropping that Clinton approach (in cooperation with France against Rwanda)…. Although he is not master of his own ship, as Susan Rice’s presence demonstrates. But she is not at State, Kerry is (I wrote about that before the decisions were made). Kerry is way cleaner (maybe because he is even richer, hahahaha).

      There was a similar interaction between Barbarity in Africa (Namibia) and war crimes and atrocities committed by the Kaiser’s army in August 1914. The former habituated to the latter. With Putin, it’s all of Europe which threatens to fall back into the past.


  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Here is an example of the idiocy of Tomdispatch: OK, I’m just going to write a short essay about it, in a new “vicious idiot” series.


  10. Jo Says:

    Dear Patrice,

    I do not agree with your interpretation of the current situation in Ukraine as a reenactment of 1914 and 1939 with other actors and a different stage setting. In my opinion, we are witnessing just the latest step of the inevitable demise of the Soviet/Russian sphere of hegemony in all of Eastern Europe and not a new beginning of Russian expansion.

    The invasion of the Crimea (and the coming annexation of it) means that Russia has come to the realization that it cannot longer hope to control Ukraine proper (and thereby the Crimea).

    We have seen a similar situation in Georgia/Abkhazia. Its a sign of weakness not of new strength/aggression and just the latest in a series of political defeats after 1989. The Russian regime tries to conceal this humiliating political defeat with various demonstrations of strength, corresponding rhetoric and of course an annexation, which doesn’t change the actual power relations on the Crimea at all.

    In other words, Putin just lost the Ukraine and his face saving “consolation prize” is to change his de facto control over the Crimea into a de jure control. This is not 1914 or 1939 but a continuation of 1991.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Jo: Thanks for the comment, and welcome! “Re-enactment” is not my preferred suggested method of what we are witnessing.
      I prefer to suggest that a similar process has been engaged. My position is practical: how to we stop it?

      The assault by the fascist plutocrats of Germany in World War One was lived by them as their last chance (see my preceding “1914” essay). They saw that their system would come to an end, except if they tried something desperate, now.

      Hitler’s mood in 1939 was similar, (except that Ribbentrop had persuaded him that France, and especially Britian would not die for Danzig).

      So saying that Putin’s assault is because it’s his last chance to resurect the USSR (and to make forget his abominable, degenerative reign) is not saying anything different from 1914 and 1939.

      “The invasion of the Crimea (and the coming annexation of it) means that Russia has come to the realization that it cannot longer hope to control Ukraine proper (and thereby the Crimea).” I agree. But the process starting there is that, an amplification of what Putin did in Chechnya and Georgia, and iside Russia: increasing brutality that wins (for him and his friends).

      Sure, Hitler’s aggressions were a sign of weakness. It killed more than 70 millions.

      My point: Putin is undergoing, as we watch, the same neurohormonal changes that visited the Kaiser and Von Molkte, Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and even Mao, let alone the crazed maniacs in Cambodia. The chimp is going nuts, death is its name.


  11. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, in your article you compare Putin’s acts to those of Hitler and William II and see danger of war. Let me add here the links to articles i wrote about these dictators;


    Even if Putin do has tendency to become a fascistic dictator I still would see him more like Napoleon than those two. Napoleon as Putin took over his country in time of huge crisis, when people became tired of revolutionary changes and looked for stability, And both leaders due to their success became immediately heroes. But then the inevitable happened, they became victims of their own success, and did not know when to stop. The result of Napoleon losing the unnecessary war against Russia was loss of France dominant position in Europe, the France revolutionary ideas lost their legitimacy and momentum, that enabled continuous reactionary autocratic regimes in Germany, Austria, Russia and France itself at least until 1848.
    On the other hand judging Putin’s act in Crimea it seems to me rather an act of despair, while everyone understands, that when Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine, it was an administrative act, while no one thought about possibility that it will become a non Russian territory, Yes with the collapse of USSR and rediscovery of the crimes of this regime against Ukrainians, Georgians, Chechens, Jews and you name the rest, new nationalistic feelings dominate the region and they became the dominant political idea also in Russia. But Russia today is not France in 1800, or Germany at 1914 or 1939. Its population is about 140 million but about 30 million are not Russians but mostly Muslims, Tatars etc.Other big demographic problem of Russia is far east, where half of the population and almost all the business activity is in Chinese hands. Russian sovereignty of these lands is only political, and with very gloom perspective from the Russian point of view.

    Its GDP is about 2.5 trillion US$ compared to 3.5 trillion of Germany and 15 trillion of EU. Above all its economy is not produced by its population but out of exploiting its natural resources, and it leaves its economy very vulnerable and dependent on its main market, the EU.

    Yes you can rightly say economic interests were never an obstacle to start a war, and the Russian vulnerability can make them nervous and aggressive, as it happened in Germany before WWI. But i don’t see Putin has mood to defend Russian position as superpower, but rather trying to continue its recovery and modernization to become one of the main European nations taking part in the political game in European level. To my opinion Putin has to understand that Russia as Europe, with their declining and aging population is in process of marginalization, while Russia on its backyard has to try to cope with the new emerging China, and better if it have the support of Europe than its enmity.

    But what about Ukraine? To my opinion Europe has a lot to do about it. The most obvious act would be to invite Ukraine to EU membership. This act would help not only to Ukraine but also to Europe, its economy is stagnating due to luck of investment opportunities. By the way i suggested few years ago, viz my article;
    I know this idea will have many enemies among those who look only on their short term interests, but the only alternative for Europe to stop its slow but steady degradation is expanding to the east, and not only to Dnieper but even farther to the east. One day the nationalistic sentiments and Putin will be gone and most of the post USSR countries will understand that the best solution for them is to join the EU, and so it is also for EU. Russia was always part of the European civilization, and wanted to see itself as such. I believe the advantages for Russia and EU from joining forces are to obvious not to let it happen.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Napoleon assassinated people, even when it was an error to do so, so great his hatred was. He also tried hard to reinstitute slavery to Haiti, with results we can stii contemplate today. So saying Putin is like Napoleon, Bismarck, the Kaiser WII, and Hitler’s model, is not really reassuring.

      I was not comparing men, but processes, political, philosophical and neurobiological. De Sade would have understood what I was talking about perfectly well, because I got part of my ideas from him: Sade expressed himself very loudly, explicitly and correctly during the French Revolution.

      However, Napoleon felt compelled to invade Russia, and the case has been made by historians. However he ran out of luck and inspiration during the campaign. Nevertheless, the idea of his ephemeral rule persisted: it’s possible to unify Europe, and it feels good in many ways.

      Your idea that Ukraine should get into Europe has been on, for years. Putin blocked the integration of Ukraine into the EU in November. By force. Yanukovitch himself said so.

      Some say the GDP of Russia is much less than what you say. Also it’s a petro state, mostly.

      Putin has refused to convere towards the EU. Instead he wants to build an Eurasian union of dictatorships resting on plutoratic principles. And he is now persuaded it can work since Obama called back the French pilots who were going to strike Putin’s sister soul, Assad.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Nominal GDP Russia in 2012 was 10% below Brazil, 20% below France. The latest numbers ought to be more like 30% below France… And less than 60% that of Germany. Then there is the population problem, as you said, and, as Chris Snuggs put it on this site:”When did you buy a Russian product?”


  12. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to WSJ]

    Some valuable insights that are not so well known.

    However distributing blame on the bad actors is carefully avoided. Thus the deeper moral, political and philosophical lessons are not drawn.

    This causes have been handled on my site with a much higher level of sophistication. The role of the president of the USA, as early as 1914, was much more sinister than people can conceive.

    And, as far as the Kaiserreich was concerned, it had decided by December 11, 1912, to launch a world war within 18 months. This is a fact.

    I will not put a link to my site, as this would block the comment from publication.


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