TomDispatch Dispatched

There is a great number of maniacs planted all over the Internet, spewing insanities so outrageous that the distraction they provide, serve, in the end, the plutocratic masters they live off like leeches. One cannot have democracy, when too much credulity and imbecillity thrive all over. It’s high time to call idiocy by its name. One should not be able to make a business from idiocy, and not be denounced. Thanks to my friend Paul Handover, I detected a “Tomgram”, called A New World Order full of idiotic gems such as:

“As for more traditional imperial-style wars, you can count them on one hand, possibly one finger: the 2013 French intervention in Mali (after a disastrous U.S./NATO air-powered intervention in Libya destabilized that neighboring country).  France has also sent its troops elsewhere in Africa, most recently into the Central African Republic, but these were at best micro-versions of nineteenth century colonial wars.”

Seeing The Devil When It’s Just Smoke Is A Problem

Seeing The Devil When It’s Just Smoke Is A Problem

[WTC On Fire, 9/11.]

The intervention in Libya was started with the French Air Force’s annihilation of Qaddafi’s armor on a Saturday during a peace conference about Libya in Paris. The French president informed the startled attendees, including the foreign minister of the USA, Hillary Clinton,  that the war had started. The French used to best effect their supersonic active stealth bombers, the Rafales to destroy the modern Libyan air defenses (some of them secretly, and unlawfully provided by Russia).

The French thus put to an end a bloody 40 year old dictatorship that, by some measures, was even more vicious than Hitler’s (Qaddafi was personally doing atrocious things to even very young girls; some survived and give interviews).

The French attack was motivated by saving the intelligentsia and other rebels in Bengahzi. Some of Qaddafi’s tanks made it to Benghazi, just before the start of the French action.

Months later, after the war had stalled, Tripoli fell from an air bridge organized completely by the French to bring heavy weapons, as they allied themselves with the remnants of the original pre-Punic civilization of ancient Libya, with their 3,000 years old alphabet. French marines (“Marsoins”) discreetly intervened on the ground, to seize Tripoli in a lightning strike of a few hours.

The war finished when French bombing flushed Qaddafi out of his last redoubt in his birthplace. More French bombing annihilated the 200 vehicle convoy Qaddafi was fleeing in (although one tiny USA drone chimed in).

So when Tomdispatch talks about “USA/NATO air-powered intervention in Libya“, he is counterfactual: it was mostly led and carried over by France (which flew the most combat missions, by far, with giant bombs, and SCALP missiles).

(BTW, it’s exactly what I suggested to do before it happened; France, and Britain, should re-establish discipline and re-introduce civilization, in Africa, as needed by emergencies… And the Russia-Qaddafi invasion of Africa was certainly such an emergency: they even used supersonic boimbers in Chad… Until the French shot some down, and nealy killed Qaddafi during his invasion of Chad.)

Talking about “destabilization of that neighboring country” is about as intelligent as talking about “destabilization of Germany” in 1945. Yes, so Tomdispatch, what’s your problem? Loving Qaddafi because he tortured people to death? What else do you love? The Gestapo? The NKVD, the KGB, the FSB? Loving big, bad Nazis? Mourning them?

Libya is a complex situation, because, it’s not just full of tribes, but full of civilizations, some of them oppressed for 20, 16, or 13 centuries…

That the Nafusa mountain 3,000 years old civilization, or the Cyrenaica 2,000 year old nationhood want a degree of autonomy is fine with me. Cyrenaica wants to tax 15% the oil coming from its territory, as if it were California inside the USA. Tripoli does not agree, so there is a stand-off, and oil production from Libya have come down 5/6. Thus Americans like TomDispatch cry and proclaim that a disaster. For materialists such as TomDispatch, apparently the measure of all things is oil. No oil coming out of Libya? How, that has got to be a disaster.

A Constituent Assembly was just constituted, through elections. The USA took 13 years from independence (1776) from the hated king to a Constitution (1789).

The Libyan French attack, the Mali, and the CAR French attacks were authorized by the United Nations’ Security Council. To call the humanitarian intervention of France in the Central African Republic is vicious and idiotic. Once again, it’s the point of view of people who may not be Nazis, but define as good the worst the Nazis did, namely massacring civilians, and mayhem for mayhem’s sake.

Weirdly, TomDispatch concludes with:

“Still, for the moment no rising empire and no states fighting each other.  So who knows?  Maybe we are off the beaten path of history and in terra incognita.  Perhaps this is a road we’ve never been down before, an actual new world order.”

This was written 5 days after Putin invaded Ukraine: how idiotic can one be, not to notice that, and realize there is a major problem? Not content with invasion, and sinking an enormous ship to block a major port, Putin claimed that the Constitutional government in Ukraine (elected in Parliamentary elections in 2010, having voted a new government with a 83% majority) was a “coup” by “Neo-Nazis” and “fascist”, and that, therefore, he would violate all treaties signed previously, including the one about the security of Ukraine, which was signed in exchange of Ukraine relinquishing its nuclear weapons.

That’s a grievous lies equivalent to a declaration of war. Thus Putin’s assault certainly qualifies as a fight between two states, and that fight started in November, when the preceding Ukraine president admitted he got an ultimatum from Putin to cease and desist signing an association accord with the European Union.

Moreover Putin is undergoing, as we watch, the same neurohormonal changes that visited the Kaiser, Molkte, Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and other crazed maniacs thrughout history (think about Pol Pot and his accomplices in Cambodia, Bonaparte turning into Napoleon, or Louis XIV metamorphing from a friend of modern thinking, to the guy who honded Protestants out of France).

All over the media, many speak with authority, but all they tell is lies. TomDispatch is not the worst offender. Others have written together a bunch of hallucinations by mental retards widely advertized as serious studies such “World War One Was About Oil, And So Is Ukraine”. Or that Obama killed 200,000 people in Syria, and other insanities, from friends of fascism posing as mutually described “progressives“, such as the one who wrotePutin Group Hate“. The worst? Many believe them. There is no doubt some of these people are paid, as their own sedition from reality has been turned into a business selling unreal dreams.

What do these maniacs have all in common? They never talk about what would really hinder the plutocrats, namely a Financial Transaction Tax, high margin tax rates, tax havens, corporations avoiding taxes through shell companies, Quantitative Easing and fractional reserve system. It’s not too difficult to imagine who planted thosediscourses that pose as extremely critical, but are just completely irrelevant to any sort of reality.

Plants talking? One more miracle of the Internet age, beyond the miracle of the currency that has no state, just a scheming pyramid, or the corporations that are the wealthiest in the world, while paying no tax, except as a data flow to the NSA.

Patrice Aymé

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15 Responses to “TomDispatch Dispatched”

  1. John Rogers Says:

    You know what would be interesting would be someone (reporter, TV host, whoever) who on every occasion said “But what about a Financial Transactions tax? Shouldn’t we be doing that?”. Especially in situations where John McCain wants to bloviate, or the thrilling topic of Mrs. Clinton’s political plans is hauled out yet again, or the KXL pipeline, or any other of the preferred plutocratic topics: America’s debt, gutting Medicare and Social Security, abolishing the estate tax – “But what about a Financial Transactions tax? Shouldn’t we be doing that?”. Of course, anyone who asked that would not be invited back. But if it became a common public topic like asking “Why are we in Vietnam?” back in the day? The one thing the elite doesn’t want is people actually talking about it.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That, indeed, John, would be a perfect strategy. It was actually used by Cato The Elder, with great success against Carthage. He was a senior Senator. Whenever he finihed talking about whatever, he would conclude by: “Carthago Delenda Est”

      Carthage is to be destroyed!

      Well, he should have said: Plutocracia Delenda Est! If he had, the world would have been different!


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    I’m not doing very well at this, am I!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      No, you are doing well Paul, sort of. There is a huge battle behind the scene about Libya. The anti-Hillaryus want to say the (alleged) Libyan disaster was all her work, when, it truth, it is not a disaster, and was directed by rather French philosophers (intruth, Franco-African, hahaha).

      That’s why Lara Logan was fired from “60 Minutes”…

      The following TomDispatch, on Obama, was pretty good, although it srupulously repeated the exact same lies about Libya… In particular claiming the USA carried the bombing campaign, a demonstratable lie, as NATO has the exact number of missions carried, in which category, by all particpant nations (France is by far number one, followed by Britain, and the USA is a distant hird).

      Proving once again, that the stories are planted.


  3. Foolkiller Says:

    Correct on all points… It is largely overlooked the extent to which state surveillance agencies on all fronts are planting stories, claims and “information” on news blogs and websites everywhere. Often it is not hard to tell that its a plant if you do some research into the source…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Foolkiller, and welcome! I appreciate your support, I hope it comes back often. Many of the sites on the “left”, “progressive”, “liberal” side, there is a flood of misinformation. Mr. Parry of “Common Dreams” came out on the Reader Supported Network with another message, direct from Putin, today.

      Planted stories are all over the place. Latest example was The Economist last week: “Why IS There A Pause In The Warming?” it said in a huge banner. The article was scholarly, right on what it touched. However, except the title. Problem: there is NO, NONE WHATSOEVER, pause in the GLOBAL warming (if one looks at the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).


      • Foolkiller Says:

        Correct again, but there is no need to parse terms or engage in semantics with silly headlines. I am of the pessimistic opinion that there is nothing that can be done about global warming- it is global and no political steps short of a war on china or india can stop the greenhouse gas explosion. Perhaps a scientific miracle of carbon sequestration holds out the only hope. Otherwise, IMHO, the best plan is to prepare for a hot future and a large scale human die-off within this century.
        Why do you assume the Economist story was planted? I will admit that their anonymity policy on articles is a cover for a lot of partisan monkey-business, but they are starting to break with that policy lately.

        You know, millions of years ago during the Permian- EarlyTriassic transition, the earth was a global hothouse with warm water at the poles, giant crocodiles swimming around the artic, vast arid desert regions in the ‘temperate regions,” and CO2 overload until most life was wiped out. People who talk through their hat about the climate should study the earth’s known geophysical history and its unpredictability before they give pronouncements on what will or won’t happen in our lifetime…..
        For example, it seems to be incredibly balmy and clear skies here in California. Fortunately the drought broke…. of course, as they say, everybody complains about the (climate) but nobody does anything about it.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks Foolkiller. I have written enormously on the atmospheric pollution problem (CH4, Hg, etc…), in the past. California is quartered between a transient effect of the increased warming on trade winds (to last 6 more years or so), and El Nino (to become permanent under strong warming).

          There will, of course, be a major war if the climate breaks seriously. And it is, and it will, ever more.

          The Economist group gets money below the table, but that’s beyond the tiny dingy apartment in Luxembourg through which they get all their profits (confession: I’ve been a subscriber, for many years).


          • Foolkiller Says:

            Yes, I too subscribe, but I’m also battening down the hatches for a big shootout in the event food supplies grow short. The El Nino cycle is always irregular, but latest prognostication is for the coming winter to be a wet one.California is still the Garden of Eden, my friend– blue skies, sunny and warm all winter long, unemployment plummeting and tech investment booming again… the diatribes in the Economist against California are really pathetic and laughable.

            My girlfriend in Barcelona thinks I should come to Spain because it is so chi-chi. But really, 50 unemployment among the under 30s?
            And Luxembourg…………… eh wot?


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            True the Silicon Valley is swimming in dough, and even ideas…
            In case of massive warming El Nino is supposed to be continuous (records show). That would save California. Forget skiing, Nautical skiing in Lake Tahoe in January will be more like it…

            Europe is a mixed bag that could come to a head, as Stalin Putin has decided to make the last stand. This could well turn in full all out war, and concentrate minds against plutocracy.


          • Paul Handover Says:

            Well this Brit newly living in Oregon (Oct. 2012) has just terminated his subscription to The Economist after being a subscriber for more years than I recall.

            Looking for an alternative – any suggestions? (We don’t receive US television or newspapers; out of choice.)

            And very sad to admit that Jean and I agree with your prognosis for the future! Very glad to be the age I am!

            Interesting times!


          • Foolkiller Says:

            Well, there is no direct substitute for the financial reporting and higher quality of writing in the Economist and Financial Times, which despite their overt bias and propagandizing are at least on the ball for news on smaller countries, science reporting, and the arts.
            Since its impossible to escape “bias,” I can only recommend The Week, a print newsmag that collects press reporting and opinion from all around the world, pro and con. It is quite readable and does not editorialize at all, which comes as a relief against a backdrop of the millions of “experts” and “pundits” on international affairs, high finance and the nature of “reality” itself.
            As for Oregon, check out the giant sand dunes on the southwest coast and if you enjoy golf, some of the amazing courses in the area. My theory and practice is that if the world is coming to an end, we might as well enjoy ourselves in the most pleasant manner right up to the last call. Or as the Brazilians say, “matar saudades!”

            PS I have already forgotten both snow and water skiing. too many bumps and bruises and breaks. But pray tell, what is the theory on why El Nino becomes permanent? The high ridge and Jetstream?


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            That El Nino is permanent during warming is an observed fact from the record. I had been thinking of writing a little essay on this, but no time yet. As long as Putin is not back in bed and keeps on screaming.

            The problem with TE and FT is that they have systemic bias from their sponsors about the most major issues, from poisoning the atmosphere (not happening) to Europe (bad), to FTT Financial Transaction Tax (never heard of it) to tax havens (what’s that?), to France (degenerate, ought to stick to cheese and unions), to European Union (the worst empire ever), to the Euro (the devil’s currency), to the free market (our liberator, tortured all over).


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Garbage in, garbage out, indeed. But, if all we have is garbage, we have to live like vultures.
            Cutting off is hardly a solution. I still have lots of subscriptions, including the censoring New York Times (at least The E and WSJ don’t censor). I do watch quite a bit of highly selected TV, mostly the French and German channels. The French one in particular is a selection of much of the best, and probably puts out more than 24 hours of nature/geographic documentaries covering the entire planet, a week.

            All we can do in this world is mitigate, and try to make the best, or better. As a philosopher, I advise. Even in math and physics, things go my way a bit recently, and that’s very rewarding (in other words ideas I have fought for for decades are getting some degree of acceptance).


  4. gmax Says:

    The government of Ukraine has requested the International Court to inquire on mass murder in Ukraine from the preceding government.


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