No, it’s not 1938, because in 1938, Britain and France confronted the fascist dictators, without their, then, ingrate progeny, the USA.

Yes, it’s 1938 in all other ways: Russian dictator Putin has instigated a combination of vicious alarm, demented propaganda, false justifications, brutal invasions, referenda with transparent boxes, and annexations, seasoned with total contempt for international law, that is very similar to what German dictator Hitler pursued in 1938.

In 1938, the (so called) democracies did not act perfectly: the Nazis could have been terminated without the carnage of 3% of the world population killed by the war that followed. Indeed the top German generals had asked Britain and the USA to help by declaring that they would adopt the same tough line as France.

Not only the Anglo-Americans leaders declined to do so, but, instead, they betrayed the trust the German generals had put in them, by denouncing them, his subordinates, to Hitler. (Don’t be surprised if standard historians, well fed by their plutocratic universities, are careful to never mention this fact; I should make a list of the 100 most inconvenient and never mentioned facts of WWII.)

Just as in 1938, the democracies do not know what to do, in 2014, because they are still in a placid state in which they fear war more than anything else, and the invading dictator knows this. That makes the corrective action that the democracies need to take, obvious.

The aim of this essay is to show how to avoid more of a parallel between 2014 and 1938 than we have already achieved.  This is not easy, because the exact same psychological dynamics are in place in 2014, as in 1938. Placidity encouraging ferocity, ever more.

The fascist instinct has taken over a great power, once again.

I did not acquire this opinion in the last 5 weeks: my From Russia With Hate, nearly 6 years old, saw the present Russian war hysteria coming.

March 1938: The Nazis want to annex Austria. Austrians don’t really want this. Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg calls a vote March 13. Nazis are angry: what if Austrians voted against the Anschluss?  March 10, Schuschnigg is forced to resign, and is replaced by a Nazi, while Hitler’s divisions enter the country “at its invitation”. The Austrian army surrenders.

April 10: the Nazis organize referenda in Austria and Germany to approve the annexation. They win by 99.7% and 99.08%, respectively. (Notice the resemblance with Crimea’s 97%.)

That’s what Goebbels, laughing, called “Total Democracy”.

Correctly, the Western powers have declared that Putin’s referendum in Crimea, organized in similar circumstances, after a military occupation, to be null.

At this point, in April 1938, having got away with something enormous (the invasion of a country), without having fired a shot, Hitler underwent a neurohormonal change, and started to feel that he could get away with anything. He had to show that he could bend the world to his will (lest his generals assassinate him, which they tried to do repeatedly, for years, with remarkable bad luck.)

Similarly, Putin has to show his generals and plutocrats, that he, and he alone, can get away with anything.

Unsurprisingly, then, Hitler declared that the Sudeten Germans inside Czechoslovakia were also an oppressed minority and needed to be protected inside Greater Germany. Czechoslovakia, a Slavic nation with its own language, just delivered from a long German oppressive occupation by the Versailles Treaty of 1919, was determined to fight. Its protector was mighty France.

However, France had three problems, in this order: Washington, London, and Berlin. (See note)

The first error of democracy in 1938: the USA was collaborating with Hitler rather than with France and Britain. (See note on USA duplicity) OK, with its racial oppression of people of color, the USA was not a fully representative democracy, and many of its racist leaders could only be sympathetic to the racist Nazis (in particular, the U.S. Army was segregated and “inter-racial” marriages outlawed in many states).

In any case, in 1938, officially in the interest of peace, the British Kingdom and the French Republic persuaded the Czechs NOT to defend themselves against Hitler. Big mistake. When France was invaded in May 1940, half of the Wehrmacht’s tanks were Czech (they had been seized by the Nazis, or produced meanwhile, in Czechoslovakia).

First lesson: A successful invasion makes the invader stronger. Hitler became ever stronger by invading ever more. In such a case, the earlier the war, the better. At this point some in Russia still doubt Putin’s wisdom. The more Putin invades without firing a shot, the more devotees he will have.

Let’s not tell the Ukrainians NOT to defend themselves violently from the Kremlin’s maniacal dwarf.

Maniacal? Putin’s main idea is that the disappearance of “the USSR was the Twentieth Century greatest tragedy”.  (Even Hitler did not dare say something that stupid, such as the disappearance of the Second Reich was the Twentieth Century greatest tragedy.)

Hitler’s argument for the annexation of the Sudeten was that there were three million Sudeten German in Czechoslovakia, and they wanted to live in Fatherland Germany (OK, he used “Vaterland”). Never mind that there was no free media in Germany to present another discourse.

His true reason was that Hitler wanted to invade all of Czechoslovakia, and re-establish Germany as the master of Eastern Europe.

Putin’s argument is that there are two millions in Crimea, and they want to live within Mother Russia. Never mind that there is no free media in Russia, or that this will-to-Russia is actually fundamentally racist.

Putin’s true reason is that Putin wants to invade all of Ukraine (the detailed preparations for the annexation are known).

Second Lesson: When a dictator’s has tipped into the Dark Side, expect the worst. That’s the wise thing to do. Putting one’s head in the sand to protect one’s neck is naïve.

Hitler was superficially correct, about the Sudeten: the Germans there were really German, they happened to be living where the natural, mountainous border of Czechoslovakia was.

Putin is obviously wrong: 40% of Crimea is made of people who fear Putin and his kind. 12% of Crimea is made of Tatars who sneaked back, as survivors of Stalin’s genocide on 1944. They do not have tender memories of their assassins.

The Czechs had excellent fortifications. They could have defended themselves at a cost higher than the Nazis could have paid.  (See Note on fortifications.)

The Czechs fortifications were nearly as good as the French Maginot line. That was breached nowhere (and caused huge losses to the Mussolini’s fascists army in the Alps.)

The British were understandably afraid to confront Hitler in 1938: they had only a few divisions, and no modern air force. In appearance, the French were ready militarily, but did not look forward another world war, after getting several millions killed or mutilated in the First World War. (See military and strategic notes).

There was a military problem: what was the French army exactly supposed to do if Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia? The French army faced the “West Wall” (= Siegfried Line). Thanks to their enemies in Washington and London, the French had been prevented to establish their military frontier on the Rhine in 1919.

In 1944-45, the Allies, with a combat-experienced, five million men army, facing no more than 50 small German divisions, would take 6 months to break through the Siegfried line, although the democracies had air supremacy, and much more of everything than the Nazis (who were reduced to diluting their explosives, and make their mines to wound rather than kill).

So the 45 French divisions that squeezed in a very small front in September 1939 could not make a decisive attack.

Similarly, it has been said that it would be folly to oppose Putin militarily. The same was said when Hitler invaded the Rhineland, or Spain, in 1936.

The French Prime Minister had no illusion in 1938. As he stepped from his plane, he was applauded for having preserved peace at the Munich Conference. He muttered: ”Les pauvres, s’ils savaient.” (“Poor little ones, if they only knew.”)

What the French PM knew was that Hitler had crossed a psychological Rubicon, a tipping point signaling the collapse into the Dark Side. Hitler had changed to a different neurohormonal regime, where dominance is exerted in a lethal way. Hitler had decided that the Franco-British could not do a thing, and were unwilling to impose their will. (Hitler knew also that his allies in the USA would insure on-going collaboration with the corporations of the USA.)

Similarly, Putin has decided that Obama is weak. Certainly someone who needs a teleprompter to speak is no strong in his head. It is as if he advertises that he is a puppet, reading what his masters wrote

Certainly Putin noticed this. And who are Obama’s masters? Plutocrats, the very people Putin barks orders to. Thus, in this dog eats dog hierarchy, Putin is top dog, Putin noticed.

Hitler went through the same exact logic… Except he failed to notice that the power of the American plutocrats who had made him, and enticed him, rested on a nation-continent, the USA, the power and nastiness of which he grotesquely underestimated.

Similarly, Putin even more grotesquely underestimate the power of the USA and the European Union, combined.

On March 22, 1939, Hitler annexed much of Lithuania. The Germanoid mobs were hysterical with nationalistic bigotry. The West was tolerant of this madness… Not realizing for a moment that it meant the minorities therein would be hated with as much folly.  True, German speaking people were in a majority, but they had clearly sunk into the deepest evil.

On February 22, 1938, PM Chamberlain had admitted to the British Parliament: ”We must not give false hopes to small states by promising them the protection of Society of Nations (SDN, ancestor to the UN undermined by the USA) because we know nothing of the sort can be done.”

After annexing part of Lithuania, 1939, Hitler crossed a new step in his neurocognitive degeneracy. He said in a discourse, on March 23: “We don’t want to hurt anybody, but it was necessary to put an end to the suffering that the world imposed on the Germans in the last twenty years… From now on the Germans from Memel are part of the Reich… Even if the rest of the world does not like it.”

The glory and might of Hitler was at its apogee. The world trembled in front of Nazi Germany. All of Hitler’s annexations had happened without a shot fired. Was not Hitler a genius? A liberator? Who could deny his love of the Vaterland?

Six years later to the day, one German out of ten was already dead. Millions more would die. Entire German cities had been wiped out. Territories that had been German for 7 centuries were lost forever. Nazi Germany had become synonymous to infamy.

Same story, potentially, now.

A difference, though: we know history, and are keen not to repeat the same mass neurohormonal disaster in the same way. The time to stop the vengeful Russian mind-set is now.

Hyper nationalistic Russians are explaining the degeneracy of their homeland (a place with no free press) by twenty years of Russian suffering imposed by the world, invented just the same as the twenty years of German suffering that Hitler had invented by 1938.

Retrospectively, the Franco-British plea to the Czechs to accede to Hitler’s demand has been seen as an enormous mistake. “Munich” for years was the butt of jokes. It is time to remember this.

What could have stopped Hitler? His generals told us: only the knowledge, among his most serious supporters, that a catastrophic war was in Germany’s future, if Germany kept the same leadership.

What is the solution that this allows us to draw with Putin? Putin heads a coterie of plutocrats, many of whom will pay a heavy price if the West goes to war.

Those who support Putin have to understand that the West will go to war if Putin stays in power. And the time is now. Not in a month or two, after Putin has annexed more territory.

Let’s not forget that the hyper nationalistic drive in Crimea, just as in annexed German majority areas in the 1930s is oriented against minorities. Then non-German, now non-Russian. Basically Russians want to kill Tatars, same as in 1944.

Human rights, and civilization need a credible military threat. A threat that the people who support Putin believe. A threat that their world will die. As simple as that.

That should start with sanctions that hurt… the West. The USA ought to immediately lift their embargo on gas and oil to the Europe Union, and the Europeans should turn off all the trade to Putin. For starters. Also discrete but efficient military equipment ought to be sent to the Ukrainian army.

As it is obvious that, if undeterred, Putin will invade the rest of Ukraine just as his mentors Stalin and Hitler used to annex, invade and deport. Putin, just like Hitler, will lose when shooting starts.

Patrice Aymé


1)      USA duplicity note: in 1938, France and Britain alone confronted Hitler, Japan, Italy, and Stalin knowing full well that, as in World War One, in 1914-1917, the USA were keener to exploit the situation for its own profit, to start with. A proof of duplicity: Roosevelt replaced the anti-Nazi ambassador, Dodd, by a pro-Nazi.

2)      Note on fortifications: In 1940, the Nazi army, going through Luxembourg, hit the French fortifications at their thinnest, thanks to intelligence provided by the Prince of Wales; however, the Nazis suffered huge losses crossing the Meuse, had to use suicidal charges, and nearly gave up.

3)      Military Note-unpreparedness of Britain: Britain had no army, and no air force; it was rushing flat out to build itself a modern air force, but it won’t be ready for another two years; same for some armor.

4)      Strategic note: The enormous sacrifice of 1914-1918 had saved France and the French Republic. However France had not recovered the natural borders of France on the Rhine, which had grievous military consequences, both in 1914 and 1940. Even worse: Anglo-American interference had lined up on the side of re-nascent German fascism after 1918, entangled with Wall Street and USA corporations. Hence the lack of enthusiasm of the French to die for the same racket.

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26 Responses to “1938?”

  1. Dominique Deux Says:

    Certainly the mighty threat of the Red Army has lost much of its shine. On strictly military terms, Europe (meaning France and the UK) might stand up to the bear.

    But Putin still has Russia’s two guardian angels: winter and retreating space, along with the Russian population’s superannuated but very real nationalism (ah, the Rodina! Try and mention la patrie to the French). Nobody is ready to follow on Napoleon and Von Paulus’ tracks.

    To keep a military intervention strictly limited to roasting the bear’s extended paw in Ukraine would be the best course… but as you know such “limited” conflict soon gains a life of its own, like a prairie fire from some idiot’s barbecue.

    In all cases count the US out as usual.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: My point was that, in 1938, clearly, the USA was on the side of the aggressor. At this point, the equivalent ecological niche would be taken China (although China, so far, has been much less pro-Putin than the USA was pro-Hitler in 1938).

      Right now, clearly, the USA is on the side of France and Britain (after the couac from the unreconstructed neo-Con “Nuland” (not her true name), which I protested against in: https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/fuck-europe/).

      Once again, one can hold the position that the USA BETRAYED France, Britain and democracy in general in 1914-1917, and 1933-1941. But, now, Obama has been perfect… Except for calling back the strike against Assad… and that chickening-out in Syria persuaded Putin that he could gat away with anything.

      However, today, not by coincidence, US Navy Seals seized a North Korean super tanker, at the request of Libya and Cyprus. A way for Obama to show he will use force.

      This being said, the sanctions announced today by the EU are going to prevent the fascists in the Kremlin to sleep, because they will be laughing too hard.

      Putin has started the war. The question is: what will make him capitulate?
      Certainly not laughter.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Both Napoleon (1812) and the Nazis (1941) got exceptionally severe winters. Napoleon’s army got typhus to start with, and Nap himself, perhaps sick, was napping with indifferent generalship. The Nazis got handicapped by Hitler’s lack of strategic sense. It’s not just that Von Paulus wanted to break out, early on, when he could, and was prevented to do so.

      In 1941, Hitler’s attack on Greece delayed the invasion of the USSR by 6 weeks, and cost Hitler his paratroops. There was no dominant strategic reason to invade Greece. Then when the invasion proceeded, Hitler dispersed his smaller army across a giant front, instead of just stabbing towards Moscow, as Guderian (the boss and founder of German panzer) wanted to.

      In 1943, the best Nazi effort at Kursk failed. However, unbeknownst to the Nazis, the breaking of their secret codes by the Brits fed Russian intelligence.

      In 1812, the Czar was allied to Britain (it’s actually why Napoleon thought he had to attack). After 1941, the USSR got huge support from Britain and the USA.

      However, in the Crimean war of the 1850s (which had started with France about who controlled… Jerusalem), France and Britain won.

      Morality: What happened before does not have to happen again.
      In an all-out war with the West, Putin would lose.


  2. gmax Says:

    Yeap, it is tough for democracies to wake up to the fact that Putin only understands force. Same as 1938, or 1914.
    If the sleeping beauty of democracy takes as long as it did then, this ain’t going to go well. Funny how Syria played the role of Spain in 1936, and the invasion of Georgia was like the Rhineland, etc


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, GMax. Today Putin was literally seen smiling smugly in public. Euro-American sanctions make him feel good, like the lion is happy from the feeble tremor of the dying prey. Meanwhile, trains are unloading tanks within 20 kilometers of the Ukrainian border, and local Ukrainian peasants are anxious (seen live on French TV).


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Nathan Daniel Curry insisted that I answer the fascist racist idiots on his facebook wall who love holocauster Putin, while having been careful to NOT read my essay. Let me oblige by calling homicidal maniacs homocidal maniacs.]

    Sladjana reads nothing, but has a self described, “very negative attitude about politics”, while she says it’s too simple to blame the mass murdering (!) no less (!) Putin [Putin killed more than 50,000 in Chechnya alone].

    “LO” (?) repeats Putin maniacal, inversion of values propaganda, something Hitler used to practice (the Neo-Nazis are in the Kremlin, not Kiev; proof: Internet sites taken down in Russia, like Kasparov’s , and journalists barred from some areas).

    One cannot say anything to intellectual fascists like that: they have a pre-formed opinion, strong and aggressive, and are blind, through powerful anti-ideas, to anything different, as if they were mussels clinging to rocks, and that’s about all the intelligence they have.

    Sean and Marcus are just ignorant, and happy that way. Facts should not intrude. I am myself much more critical about the USA than they could be, because they are just parrots. I have found plenty of very damaging facts about the USA outside of the MSM.

    However, here is the truth:

    The Kremlin want to kill Tartars, that’s why it invaded Crimea. 2 centuries ago. The job is not finished. All those who approve of Putin, approve of the holocaust Stalin perpetrated on Crimea’s Tartars in 1944. In other words, they are the Nazis. And I despise them as much as I despise the Nazis.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    To Marcus, an Internet Putin propagandist: 1) That NATO put missile defense around Russia is a lie. 2) Assad is a mass murderer for personal gain, he killed more than 150,000 already, starting with children, chronologically speaking 3) Deposition of the president in Ukraine was fully constitutional, and from president own party. You are a liar.


  5. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    Why we are living in another 1938:


    Amazing how Gorbachev has given way to Putin. The largest country on Earth with the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons on Earth is now run by a narcissistic dictator…who is on a power trip rampage to reclaim whole countries.

    As with Hitler, if he is allowed to get away with what he is doing…the consequences of no action are likely to be far more dire than we currently realise.


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Andrew Faure Sorry, I meant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkZY0tAIuPk

    What Would Hitler Do – a Valdimir Putin design

    Vladimir Putin has designed this season’s must have accessory for rogue leaders, oppressors and dictators worldwide! The WHAT WOULD HITLER DO bracelet. Get it while you can!


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Marcus is just a liar, in the sense that what he said is demonstrably false.

    “Calling a liar a liar IS good manners. Having a liar accusing honest people of “bad manners” makes sense: after all, what is he going to do? Expose the truth? The truth, is that he lied!

    He said: “Look at it like this:
    1) For years NATO have been surrounding Russia with their new missile defense system.”

    That’s a 100% lie! Or then he is a 100% idiot. (Or both!) I am not experiencing fatigue, quite the opposite. It’s not mature to use total lies. It’s very mature to call liars liars. And extremely immature to respect such people, and fall into that trap of extending respect to their lies.


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:



  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Well written. The main reason for the war, in 1914, as in 2014, is not an accident, though, but a will. I have on my site (part of) the document of December 11, 1912, when the Kaiser and his accomplices (the four top generals; the two admirals tried to stall for time) decided to make a world war within two years.

    Putin, clearly, having decided that “the destruction of the USSR is the greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century”, as he put it, has decided that killing the USSR was worse than killing 70 million people (as WWII did). Does that mean he is ready to kill 70 millions to resurrect the USSR?

    War is, fist of all, a mental process. A tipping point into the Dark Side. Hitler went through this degenerative process in 1938, with a succession of bloodless annexations (and attacking the Jews in November of that year with Kristalnacht).

    Only a show of force demonstrating to Putin that Putin risks to lose everything, will convince Putin’s supporters to drop him. Otherwise, too little, too late will only encourage him. For the exact parallels between now and 1938:


  10. Lovell Says:

    The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner. How frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity – in all this vastness – there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. – Carl Sagan


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Excellent quote from our beloved Carl, Lovell!
      Newton said, when he had become less arrogant in later years, that he “could see that far because he stood on the shoulders of giants” (in earlier versions, when he was much younger, he was himself giant… That was before he had to emphasize that he did not discover the gravitational law, but a Frenchman did it).

      Newton was standing on the shoulders of giant ideas.

      When there are too many people, there is only one solution left: extermination. And if, simulataneously, there is not enough food…

      Giant, and better ideas did not impose themselves because they were the most loving, but because they were the most devastating, for the enemy.

      Today Putin made a huge discourse to the Duma. He said the West had crossed a “red line in Crimea”.

      Putin is in a dynamic of increasing force. He can be stopped with relatively little force, right now. Tomorrow, and his fascist system, he will still be stopped, hopefully, but with much more force.

      Otherwise political fascism, and intellectual fascism, would win. It would be marathon in reverse. Notice that the Athenians (and other Greeks, but not Sparta), made a stand at Marathon. Our stand against raw fascism is still to come, hopefully.

      So Carl was right, on the shoulders of systems of ideas, that armies of good people, died for.


  11. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT]
    The methods used by Putin are exactly those of Hitler in 1938. In excruciating details. True, after killing 50,000 people in Chechnya, Putin was slow and careful, but now he has crossed a psychological tipping point, into the Dark Side. For the details:


  12. Paul Pieter Kruijmer Says:

    You tweeted: “75 million soldiers were drafted during the First World War. Just because of one man plotting, dictator William, grandson of queen Victoria.”

    Paul Pieter Kruijmer likes this, yet don’t know if it is true. But guesses yes. Chamberlain was also responsable for WW2 at a certain extend.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chamberlain did not plot WWII. Although the origin of the leaks from the Brit leadership to Hitler are not known, at least by me.Patrice Ayme For the Kaiser’s plot read my:
      Plot Against France 1912-2013

      Krugman just wrote an editorial “The Plot Against France”. The plutocrats and their servants hate the democracy France represents. They would rather dismantle the welfare state, the way it’s done i…


  13. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, as usual you write with a certain chilling authority. I hope you are wrong but deep in my heart is a foreboding that you are correct.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Paul: thanks for reading! ;-).

      “Chilling authority”? Hmmm… I like that. I hope I am listened to!

      One has to understand that Putin knows a bit what Hitler did, and, better, what Stalin did. I can see this in the way he and his agents behave. So he is trying to avoid the excesses that brought a shoot-out with France and Britain, while trying to achieve the same objectives, but in enough of a more subtle way so as to win the war.

      After all, Stalin got half of Western Europe, just by being on the good side of the dying FDR (and thus Churchill, who was trying to seduce FDR…) and his (evil) advisers.

      Listening to hearts, making them talk, deepens wisdom. Hearts can be wrong, but, to educate us, emotions have to be allowed to debate logic. Ignoring that strategy was one of the mistakes of yesterday’s wisdom.


  14. Imperial Justice Wins | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] I explained in 1938?, Hitler moved against Austria before a free vote could be held. After conquering Austria, and […]


  15. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT, April 7, 2014.]

    Putin follows Hitler’s book: he does not want to allow the free elections on May 25th. This is exactly what Hitler did with Austria in 1938: Hitler evacuated the legal government of Austria to prevent the free referendum in Spring 1938

    Then, using various terror techniques, Hitler organized his own annexation referendum, that he won at 97% (the exact same percentage as in Crimea, not doubt a blink of Putin to Nazi history).

    In 1954, the Allied powers determined that Hitler and his henchmen had contrived the entire coup-occupation-annexation-referendum, and decided that Austria, far from collaborating, had been a victim of Nazism.

    Putin hopes that he can follow the same strategy, and somehow, win where Hitler lost. However, Hitler conducted his three annexations of 1938, without a single person killed. Whereas the people killed by Putin’s henchmen are now well above 100.


  16. Dmitry Mikheyev Says:

    Patrice, for many years I have been collecting the best thoughts from readers.
    It turned out that (without remembering youir name) I have collected many of yours. Some of them:
    with Jesus coming back soon to destroy everything, who needed schools?) The whole Afghan Obama adventure is so childish, so stupid, naive, ill informed,
    The USA is turning, slowly but surely, in a society the whole planet should be ashamed of.
    American exceptionalism, like the old German exceptionalism, is turning into a warning, something radioactive, polluted, where civilization is going in reverse, per the grace of God. A place where only the most primitive violence can express itself, because the soul has lost its voice, if not its mind.
    There is one plutocratic party, or rather one plutocratic god, and it has two faces. One “democratic”, the other republican, Too many years playing up the irrational side has led to poor schools… And many others.

    I agreed with many of them, until that is I read your commentaries on Putin, Russia, Nazi… I thought that only totally ignorent morons could compare Putin to Hitler… I was wrong — you are neither moron or ignorant. How could you be so fundamentally wrong about him and his policy that you even turn into war-monger? I still have to find solution to this cognitive dissonance. But one thing is already clear: you don’t grast some very important aspects of the proverbial Russian “soul” — why they fignt so hard when humiliated and so on. Or perhaps youy think they are so stuped to be totally indoctrinated without “free press”? In our Internet age, when 18 million of them travel abroud and have excess to western media? How arrogant and stupid of you! I think it is deeply seated hatred that devaluates all the good reasoning you have. Dmitry Mikheyev, Moscow, Russia,


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Dmitry, welcome, and thanks for the long, thoughtful, complimentary and challenging comment.

      Let me first make the following clear: I am not anti-Russian, quite the opposite. The same holds for Germany: I am pro-German, and that is why I have attacked German racist fascism, murderously anti-Semitic for at least 5 centuries (and maybe before Alexander Nevski).

      Ideally, I would have Europe extending from the Azores to Alaska. I would be happy with Russia as a member of the European Union. All Russians I have met struck me as advanced cultural types. I used even to read Soviet books (in translation, of course), from Lenin to astrophysics (where Russians invented many things Americans claimed later, such as cosmic inflation; the successful thermonuclear device, the tokamak, is named from a Russian abbreviation and was invented by Sakharov (Stalin’s own H bomb genius).

      But my extreme dislike for Putin has appeared several years ago. I used to like him first. Anyway I will answer this more thoroughly in a short essay I will try to post today, and your further remarks and, or, objections will be more than welcome.


  17. Letter From Moscow | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] I got a letter from Moscow accusing me of “deep seated hatred for the Russian soul” (it’s found in the comments of “1938?”). […]


  18. Bill Jung Says:

    How anyone can compare Putin to either Hitler or Stalin is beyond me!

    Yet in 1942, when it was determined that Reinhard Heydrich had to be assassinated NOT ONE Czech or Slovak in the Homeland came forth to do the job. The brits had to find some Czechs in Britain to do the job. it has been suggested that the Czechs didn’t mind too much living under Heydrich,.

    You should also mention that Stalin and Hitler were best buddies in partition Poland, or did you forget that part of the story?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You just said that specially trained Czech commandos were found. Heydrich was not easy to kill. He fired back, and died from infection from his NON directly lethal wounds.

      That you say the Czechs did not mind living under Heydrich is one of the most colossal absurdities ever to adorn these pages. I suppose you also believe Ukrainians do not mind living under Putin’s boot, either!


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