Google’s Page: Profits Are Saintly

When Pluto rises its ugly snout, it says whatever to gain even more power. Being grotesque becomes an instrument of domination.

Why is that? Reason is the greatest enemy of plutocracy. So reason has to be humiliated. As more of those who hate reason see reason been viciously, and successfully attacked, they join into the aggression.

After Putin told us that he got permission to invade Ukraine, but did not use it yet, the Google CEO, Larry Page, is coming up with an outrageously grotesque idea of his own. Please excuse him for his more modest proposal: he does not order around nuclear forces.

So Mr. Page informs us that for-profit corporations are intrinsically charitable when they profit from us.

Plutocrats are full of tricks.

Number one top priority of plutocrats is to praise themselves. Now our ignorance has been dispelled, and we learn that, when plutocrats profit, it’s by charity. Such outrages have become religion in the past.

Thus Constantine, the Roman emperor, having invented Catholicism (that is “universalism”) modestly observed that he was the “Thirteenth Apostle”. Hence Orthodox Christians cautiously celebrate him as a saint (do they also celebrate his recipe for live steamed wife?) Maybe it would be careful to make Putin into a saint, too?

Another plutocrats’ trick is to praise each other, as the greatest friends of man there ever were (that’s what “Phil-anthrope” means). Plutocrats from the USA are big on that one these days. Buffet said the Gates were geniuses, and he would give all his money to them. Meanwhile Bill Gates, thanks to all his charity, no doubt, became again the richest man in the world. The entanglement of the Gates Foundation with for profit corporations killing all bees and butterflies, such as Monsanto has born fruit.

Writes New York Magazine:  “Earlier this week, billionaire Google CEO Larry Page made a strange admission about how he defines philanthropy. In front of a TED audience, while being interviewed by Charlie Rose, Page confirmed what he’d said before – that upon his death, rather than giving his fortune to a nonprofit organization or bequeathing it to his heirs, he would prefer to give it to Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Musk, Page believes, is the kind of visionary whose ideas will do untold amounts of good for the world, and who could make better use of a gigantic money infusion than a standard charity.

“That’s a company, and that’s philanthropical,” Page said, according to Wired. He also apparently urged audience members to give their money to corporations rather than nonprofits.

This idea – that corporations make better vehicles for humanitarian change than nonprofit organizations – didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s related to philanthrocapitalism, the concept that has taken over the charitable giving world in the last decade, and which counts among its fans billionaires like Bill Gates, Pierre Omidyar, and Michael Bloomberg.”

It’s hilarious that Mr. Page uses as an object of desire, an example to behold, Elon Musk, a typical crony capitalist, who got billions of dollars from taxpayers, to set-up his for profit companies (both Tesla and Space X are on the dole).

Oh, in case Page is not knowledgeable enough to have noticed: Musk invented nothing big, such as optical pumping. Musk is just a user of other people’s breakthrough. Musk is to invention what musk is to a deer: it smells.

Optical pumping was discovered in theory by Einstein around 1921, and, in practice by Alfred Kastler at the Ecole Normale Superieure Kassel-Brossel lab, Paris, in 1953. That made masers and lasers possible.

Now that’s real genius. Now, that’s what create entire new possibilities for humanity, and, in particular, jobs.

The fact that people as gross and ignorant as Mr. Page have so much power because they have paid so little tax, proportionally, for so long, is just plain spooky. Hence, just as Putin, a fellow plutocrat, they feel more emboldened than ever, and want to hammer that in with the most grotesque ideas.

It is high time for free people to break that vicious circle of arrogance and oppression by the few, and worst.

Patrice Aymé

(Notes: I was told by a Silicon Valley insider that Tesla was rising production of the all-electric $80,000 Model S to 1,000 a week. And that Tesla was thinking of opening a factory in the EU. That’s a very good thing. Teslas are produced in the Bay Area, and the air ought to become more breathable, there are several in my neigborhood. However, all that I wrote above stands.

Thanks to Andy Outis from New York Magazine quoted above for alerting me to Mr. Page’s ludicrous confusion between profits and charity. The article has some other good, but rather obvious arguments I did not bother repeating, such as that a for-profit corporation fiduciary duty is profit, not charity.)

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21 Responses to “Google’s Page: Profits Are Saintly”

  1. gmax Says:

    Page is on Putin’s page … Profits are saintly, and the more you grab, the more of a saint you are, just like Constantine


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Yes, I came across that Page story a few days ago. It’s incredulous. Speaking of corporations, do drop into Learning from Dogs tomorrow and watch the TED talk by Charmian Gooch!

    Funny old world!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Paul” Always a pleasure to visit Learning From Dogs, as you have more of a gentle sense of humor than I do (an euphemism). For non gentle stuff, see my answer to “red”. BTW, I studied & taught at Stanford long ago, kept bitter sweet memories. But, the more I distantiate myself from all this, the more erroneous I see this all is. Too much mix between money and thinking does not make thinking good.


  3. red Says:

    Looks like page doesn’t think of philanthropy the same way. He sees(believes) how google as a company is helping “humanity”. And he sees how inefficient majority of non-profit companies are. Google helped more humans (indirectly, probably unmeasurable,eg: google scholar, non-profit companies benefit too). The productivity increases are tremendous with some of these.

    if we have 1 $ to donate, whats the smart way (for “love of humanity”, not profit) to split it : 1. traditional non-profit philanthropy 2. for-profit tech advancement company that could push humans 20yrs ahead (in productivity, and all kinds of advancements). Lets not ignore exponential benifits forward.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Red: It’s difficult to explain to ignorant people that Silicon Valley, including Stanford, never invented anything really important.

      Let me repeat slowly, and it’s just one example: no laser, no Silicon Valley. No optical pumping, no laser. No government paid long and deep term research in France, no optical pumping.

      Basically the rich idiots at Google (and behind Google) have found ways of getting richer which profit humanity, some of them. But they are still idiots. For proof of that point: Musk’s rocket tech has been, so far, most primitive (in spite of tremendous NASA help), it’s just tech the Nazis made work with the V2.

      It’s not fusion propulsion (financed by NASA, not Musk). NASA has very little money for useful stuff, bcs so much money goes to Musk and the like (or yikes).

      Page does even know what humanity is, he can’t even think of loving it in a way different from what vultures think.


      • red Says:

        what are you saying PA, that unless you invest via government there cant be significant inventions ? Companies like google dont invest in pure R&D i agree with you, they are after short-term gains/plans. It doesn’t mean they are of no use. You need a balance like everything else.

        Everybody plays their role. Government has its role, and google its. That optical pumping would have gone no where if it was not picked up , used, invented upon, by all the actors that came after. Most of those actors are not government BTW.

        government or just pure R&D is not good at spreading (capitalizing) it to all humanity. You need corporations or some established processes to take the next steps. I dont think france took those “next steps”.

        Why am I not hearing about france and its companies much in todays global industry. Did google as a company help more humans or france LOL.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The government was the first user of lasers, to make integrated circuits for the military. Transistors were developed by the French state railways for fast signaling for fast trains (January 1949… Although Shockley and company claimed the invention and got the Nobel for it, that was clear thievery: mass production started in France within 2 weeks of the “discovery” in the USA…)

          Universities need to support the deepest research. They can do that, in practice, only if government supported.

          Think whatever you want about France. France was first on the transistor, the integrated circuits, the PC, and the Internet (Minitel)… or even facebook like network. However France is a much smaller market than what the USA companies have access to. Same when Hollywood steals French movies.

          It’s a vicious circle: the French have got to be more innovative, just to survive. You know little about France because Wall Street is scared out of its wits by France. So France is presented all the time as the biggest LOL of all LOLs. The survival of American plutocracy depends upon it.
          Nobody will tell you that, when you look at a plane flying above the USA chances are, it has Franco-American engines. LOL. And don’t ask me who dismantled American nukes (hint: not the USA). LOL.

          Oh, and by the way, making France as the LOL of all LOLs is not just sheer racism, and gross naivety, but also goose stepping into oblivion.


          • red Says:

            well lets just agree to disagree : philanthropy, “love of humanity”, can be done by focusing on companies that deliver productivity increasing tech or tools that reach to maximum number of humans on earth in short term – very effectively by corporations (with right model).

            They dont discriminate (as the only agenda they have is to “capture the market”), where as the non-profits or even governments of specific countries (say france) have lot of agendas, politics, plutocrats, several other factors influencing their “next steps”.

            who do you think will reach out to more humans in africa, in shorter time, : GOOG (tesla, name any scientific/tech company) -or- some non-profit or government with their agenda(several) baggage ?

            “love of humanity” can be done in several ways, lets not pigeonhole ourselves.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Answered separately. What would help Africa is GOOD empire (see my latest essay).


  4. Alexi Helligar Says:

    PA: “Reason is the greatest enemy of plutocracy. So reason has to be humiliated, viciously, successfully attacked, & the more plutocrats join in.”

    Alexi Helligar: Lucifer (Light) is characterized as Satan (the wise snake in the garden) when he questions absolute power. He is cast out of the “heaven” that Pluto has fashioned for those who obey blindly.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      By the way, Alexi, if you have a good reference about all that mythology… Funny that there is no famous book called “the Devil: diabolical strands of thought in history and mythology”… restricting the treaty to the basement of Western (Indo-Egypto-European) civilization, of course (as other civilizations, if any, have not really entered history as Sarkozy would say…. ).


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    From today’s Naked Capitalism:

    “You have to give credit where credit is due. Technology leaders like acting on a grand scale, and that apparently includes when they engage in criminal conspiracies. As a price-fixing case against the some of the America’s most celebrated companies moves forward, the estimate of the number of employees victimized has grown ten-fold, to nearly one million.

    By way of background: the Obama Administration looked to have gotten a spine infusion in pursuing an anti-trust case against Silicon Valley’s elite for conspiring to lower wages of tech rank and file workers. The Department of Justice’s charges hold up pointed to slam-dunk criminal violations. Recall that an early 1990s price rigging investigation involving lysine and citric acid at ADM led to $100 million in fines and jail time for top executives, including the vice chairman, who was also the heir apparent, and criminal fines from other corporate co-conspirators. But this being Team Obama, the tech big boys are getting off on the cheap, with the DoJ content to have them swear that they won’t engage in this sort of bad behavior again.”

    Read the full story here:

    Interesting times!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul: Thank you very much for that extract! Very interesting! I am myself in full contact with Silicon Valley for decades. I know there has been massive organized crime there since the 1990s. Even the WSJ mentioned it then, but the Clinton-Bush administration did nothing. I was somewhat victimized myself (after meeting some of the most famous actors, those who created Google, LATER).


  6. Alexi Helligar Says:

    I have found the the book of Genesis says it all. A very powerful mythology that is hugely misunderstood. The God described in Genesis is basically the combination of Zeus and Pluto.

    The best analysis I have found so far has been done by myself


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I can see that, Alexi, and that’s why I asked, and I am most grateful. I did observations here and there myself, starting with Babylon. There is a need for a book. Because the mythology is full of real or potential or forgotten, ready to come back, psychological avenues of all demonic ways.


  7. Chris Snuggs Says:

    There is no proof whatsoever that would stand up in court that ANY “God” exists or ever has existed. Both the Old and New Testaments are merely imaginative literature written by people with an obsession about “the meaning of life”, the quest for which in the supernatural is an endeavour of the most stupefying futility. They would have spent their lives better looking after the suffering in their societies, which is what elephants do, the latter being infinitely more admirable than self-obsessed (and extremely destructive) Homo Sapiens.


    • Alexi Helligar Says:

      The obsession with what does and does not exist, like the obsession with beliefs above actions is a disease of mind.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Alexi: You obsessively believe in action, however our minds are diseased. Chris: No GODS! Oh GODS! What am I going to do now? Am I all alone? Who is going to roast my enemies alive? Do I have to do it myself? How could I? ;-(


  8. Alexi Helligar Says:

    What Mr. Snuggs fails to realize is that the religious mind has been hugely successful. But the religious mind, like the empirical mind is an imbalance and like any imbalance it can get to the point that it stops being helpful and becomes destructive. It takes a keen awareness to know when to switch gears and not grind the mechanism in the process.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chris, Alexi: Religion and belief, properly, that is, widely, defined are ubiquitous. We could not do without. Variants of Christianism or Islamism, if properly executed, that is, without violating the Religion of Man, are fine with me.


  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Red: I do not disagree that for profit activities can be friendly to man. Otherwise, they could not profit, absent slavery.
    But that’s an incidental activity.

    Page is claiming that the ultimate philanthropy is to make profits. He goes further. He choses a notorious crony capitalist (Musk) as a template.

    This, implicitly, means that Google itself, with its government connection (Sandberg, NSA, etc.) is crony capitalist. This all looks more to me as a will-to-enslavement than a will to genuine philanthropy.


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