Imperial Justice Wins


Morality is not just about being righteous, and feeling good about oneself. Morality, especially in a civilization, is also about long term survival. What happened to the Xi Xia is a good example. The high moral ground should be the first to be held in war.

Thus if a tribe wants to survive, it helps to be more moral than the opposition. Morality does not guarantee survival, but it helps to insure it. The extermination of the Xi Xia civilization, the greatest Buddhist empire which ever was, by the Mongols, is a case in point. They had made an enemy who looked insignificant… until he came back, at the head of the best army of the times.

Minorities ruling vast empires have existed before. The Mongol empire extended from Croatia to Iran, India and South China. Yet, the Mongol army was composed of only twenty tumens of 10,000 cavaliers each (they recruited many helpers, and defectors, local, or not, though, fighting the Song, the southern Chinese with Iraqi gunners, and into Europe with Chinese rocketmen corps). Superbly efficient military ethics made it like clockwork. Yes, even morality can help an army directly.

Genghis Khan, like Muhammad before him, taught his followers that they should keep all their energy to fight others, rather than to kill each other.

Xi Xia Could Not Fly Away From Mongols

Yet, morality is not sufficient to rule. And morality is not just about posing. First, morality is about being smart, as instructed by history.

We don’t have the money to feed the hungry, whine the silly ones, and they propose to cut fundamental research about life or the universe. For the silly ones, understanding the universe is a deeply felt tragedy. After all, it goes against their grain.

The truth, though, is that hunger has to do with war. And war is something that needs to be understood, because war has always been the ultimate arbiter of the fate of civilizations.

Under Stalin’s USSR, one hundred million adult Russians ruled over half a billion people, then 20% of humanity.

The greatest Buddhist polity, ever, was an empire, the Western Xia, the Xi Xia, south of Mongolia.

Bad Location For Weakness

Bad Location For Weakness

Xi Xia got the bad idea to enslave a young Genghis Khan. Xi Xia was eradicated, just as the Buddhist empire that covered most of India earlier, was eradicated. Thereafter, Buddhism lost influence.

Repeating word for word dictator Putin’s lies is no way to understand war, or history. But it’s a good way to let plutocracy, led by a brute, triumph, and bury civilization.

The average wealth of 110 million adult Russians in 2013 was $11,000. However the median wealth was $870. Thus, if wealth was equally distributed in Russia, the average Russian would be 12 times richer. But don’t worry, oh silly ones who love Putin because he is a strong master of weakness: revolution in Russia won’t happen tomorrow. 110 Russian billionaires, Putin’s Pretorian guard from hell, detain 35% of Russia’s wealth.

The first time that I heard that giving food to people as if they were pigeons was more important than learning to think better, I was a child and men were landing on the Moon. A family of austere European people, oozing with contempt, informed me that my moral system was completely skewed. Instead of watching the lunar surface, mesmerized, I should have empathy about feeding the poor, and spite for those who had preoccupations that went beyond filling the plates.

However, I was from Africa. And what I gathered on that deprived continent, was that understanding is the most important food there is. Food and peace come from understanding, not the other way around. And understanding is one: what we learn from nature bring us models that carry to humanity, as humanity, and its world, are of and within, nature.

If one wants to fight malnutrition in Africa, one had to understand the world, first.  Those European people who denied that struck me, not just as posers, but as hypocrites on the side of exploitation, whether they knew it, or not (BTW, BHL falls directly under that critique, as I explained in the past!).

I knew well that people were not starving from lack of food, but from lack of organization to provide them with food.

In the following decades, it turned out that starvation and war ravaged Africa. It was certainly from empires, the wrong sort of empires.

The empires of plutocrats and local kinglets and warlords. For example the philosopher BHL ravaged the primary forests of Africa, and made lots of money, power and influence for himself, with the complicity of the French presidents. He was one of many. The crimes of those associated to Coltan, Rwanda and some high tech companies in the USA were much greater: more than 6 million died in the ensuing war.

At this point, the potential world agricultural food production is enough for about 12 billion people. However, subsidies are given for agriculture in the richest countries: that is a sneaky form of exploitation, as it makes the less developed parts of the world dependent upon the agribusiness of the richest, by killing local food production (and thus, in the long run, killing by starvation the local population).

Advanced countries agricultural subsidies are a form of war and exploitation of the most disadvantaged (and also a war against the biosphere, as they typically involve unsustainable methods).

This also means that, wherever there are starving people it’s from war. As observed. Thus, putting a bag of rice on one’s shoulder is not optimal: it’s an irrelevance, and an hypocrisy.

What’s needed is an empire, an empire of justice, not an empire of more rice. Justice brings rice, rice does not bring justice.

Imperial Fail: What’s Left Of Xia

Imperial Fail: What’s Left Of Xia

This has been understood to some (small) extent: the International Criminal Court has judged exclusively (so far) African leaders.

One needs much more understanding in how the human mind works.

Fortunately, Hitler, and his cortege of plutocrats was seen before. Now that Putin and his cortege of plutocrats is in plain sight, there may be enough understanding to not repeat the same mistakes about how to treat the collective madness.

All the more as, and I explained this thoroughly, see my: “Reverse Yalta, Free Ukraine!”, the present madness is a direct continuation of one started more than 100 years ago. The study systems of thoughts can exhibit astounding continuity, from the Kaiser, to Czar Putin.

Indeed fascist imperialist Prussian Plutos were best friends with Lenin and Stalin. After the latter were ferried by the former in a special train from Switzerland (always neutral except in the matter of making money) to Russia, the latter promptly made peace, offering to the Kaiser Eastern Europe. The alliance between Stalinists and Hitlerists became official in August 1939, in a vain attempt to dissuade the French Republic to launch a world war. But that alliance had been going on, all along, as the USSR allowed renascent German fascism to turn around the safeguards the Versailles Treaty had set against massive German re-militarization.

Psychologically, we have the same set-up as usual: the plutocrats in Moscow, with their giant bank accounts in Londongrad, feel they have the Western democracies by the throat, same as their ancestors in the 1930s, when they called Berlin home.

Confronted to force serving evil, only a greater and smarter force can win. For once, Obama has been acting near to perfection. Putin did not attack this week, as he wants to look benign before the United Nations General Assembly vote tomorrow. But make no mistake: his generals are telling him time works against him, and the rest of Ukraine is for him to take.

As I explained in 1938?, Hitler moved against Austria before a free vote could be held. After conquering Austria, and Crimea, Hitler, and Putin, were able to organize referenda with exactly 97%, for their dictatorships.

Ukraine is to vote May 25. Putin’s tanks will attack before that, except if he gets persuaded something horrendous lays in his future, should he do so. Can the West look sufficiently scary? That is the question.

War primes everything. War makes history. That, Putin, former head of the Russian Gestapo (KGB, FSB) knows all too well.

Patrice Aymé

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19 Responses to “Imperial Justice Wins”

  1. gmax Says:

    Nobody will be able to say that you did not rise to the occasion of fighting the tyrant Putin


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    PA: “Only an empire of justice can defeat an empire of evil. Thus if we want to win, we will have to be more moral.”
    Evelyne Le Formal likes this…

    Chris Snuggs Napoleon was defeated not by an empire but by an alliance. We do NOT NEED empires. More than that, empires are usually VERY NASTY. We CERTAINLY do not want – and have NEVER been given the chance to vote for – a European Empire.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Chris: So you will get Putin’s empire instead. Enjoy. Because you are right: you don’t need to vote for empire. If you don’t build it, others will build it over you.


  3. red Says:

    thank god, the big brother USA is there huh ? 🙂 just trying to imagine the world without “US empire”. Or How putin or other ‘non democratic’ actor countries would have evolved. Your empire idea seems analogous to US history, how it evolved. But alas, empires have weaknesses, pests (plutocrats, financial overlords, etc).

    If you advocate ‘understanding’/knowledge/wisdom , force or war can only go so far.

    Better than war/imperial-justice, i would say religion (indoctrination) or some similar system that pervades sheeples daily lives, is a better force.

    science is the modern version of yesteryear’s “religion”/indoctrination system. Its succeeding, but has lot of obstacles. Among old religions, Buddhism (the old, plain one without all mumbo jumbo) is the closest to logic/science.

    The only sustainable solution is sheeple becoming more aware/mature/understanding. Empire, imperial justice or war is a coin toss. Often prone to bad actors or pests.

    you need a field, not a particle. The kind of field that all sheeples mind unconsciously, intuitively base-off of. This field is there, if you look at evolution of human consciousness. We just need to strengthen it, and science is doing its part. A “good empire” can help, but i doubt its as effective as a proper indoctrination (like religions,or may be 21st century religions based on science) .


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Mostly agreed, Red. With two caveats:

      1) empire has to do with law, and its application, justice. So it does not really compete with religion, or science, because, where it really matters, for the imperium, it REPLACES religion, or science.

      2) science is just certain truth, it has existed since before the monkey came down from the tree. (Whatever arrogant physicists believe.)


      • red Says:

        law and justice will be on more stronger footing if we have a strong foundation, in the first place.

        I am saying empire cant be the absolute, enforcing solution. Humans are sheep, only upto a certain level. Their brains need more stronger force. (the one that pervades their every living moment – society, family, individual mind/soul level too). Empire wont do that. Only some belief system (indoctrination of some kind) – in 21st century it can be based on “certain truths” (science).

        Imagine putin being born in a society that even a non-educated person would intuitively identify ‘dark side’ what he is currently doing, and you dont/wont need empire(s) to enforce. We are not there yet, until then “good” empires may help. But the way plutocrats and financial overlords (even in todays digital, supposedly free world) rule by proxy countries like US, it leaves not much hope.

        I am saying we can do better. (than counting on some “empire system”).

        At the minimum, we need something that penetrates every thinking/living moment of every sheeple. It used to be “10 commandments”, “guilt” , “hell” in olden days. But now, it can be something more mature, evolved. This is needed, as you cant count on all humans to be intelligent. I would say 70% sheeple (slaves in every sense), 30% thinkers. MSM mass propaganda. And humans until age 30, dont have mental capacity to think stably. World illiteracy doesn’t help either. Only indoctrination will work. I would vote for buddhism ( strip out all god stuff from it ). It strikes at the mind, like no other (as Buddha smartly focuses only on “mind disturbances” aka suffering). If logically followed through, it makes evident ‘dark side’ is bad for “self”. Almost as vividly as hand touching fire. Then, it wont make “logical” sense for a mature human to even consider (let alone doing) ‘dark side’. As clear as day and night. No empire or convincing needed. Putin would feel (and look to the society) like an idiot. Currently he has ~70% approval rating amongst russians 🙂 With a proper system, that would < 5% (assuming 5% degenerate, psychos in any population sampling, even an ideal one). Problem solves itself.

        An empire without such a human-level-foundation is of no use…worse, it can be dangerous as it creates absolute power that can potentially be misused. (eg: last ~15 yrs of US meddling globally, probably more). Exhibit A: bush. Exhibit B: current POTUS (eg: drones, enough said.).


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Imperium is just what transforms law into order.

          The fanatically anti-empire Chris Snuggs (who is no excited youth but a senior educator) fails to understand that point. There will be empire. If it’s not the endlessly macro-democratic and micro-dictatorial EU, it will be the savage, greedy, crazed Putin, drunk on power for his personal enjoyment. There is no alternative.

          By refusing to have an empire of the People, we got an empire of crazed, self glorifying plutocrats. Putin is its armed, dangerous messenger.</strong

          A good empire has to start with good laws. It's amusing, & telling that the arm of the weak EU turns out, in its hour of need, to be the USA.


  4. Dominique Deux Says:

    Chris need not hide under his bed with his UKIP card. There is no European Empire in the making, alas. The EU is no defense alliance, and Putin must be laughing himself silly over Ukraine’s toothless EU partnership. An Ukraine NATO membership would be quite another matter, as it would leave Western armies no choice but to intervene against further aggression. Which is why that membership is not even mentioned as a bargaining chip. Tough-talking Obama will see to it.

    Now we all are, all of us, cheeseburger-munching surrender monkeys.

    How does it feel to be Vox clamantis in deserto?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well. I agree about Chris. My joke left unanswered so far is that, should Scotland leave, the UKIP would become the EIP (which sounds like the yelp of a dog that has been kicked in the arse). Scotland will probably not leave, soon, yet, the UKIP is actually a EIP.

      I do not feel like a vox clamanti in deserto, at least with Obama: considering that they were all all in love with Putin, up to a few months ago, the administration has gone a long way. I am baffled that no one saw Putin coming, it was totally 100% clear since his invasion of Georgia.

      Or, for a more exhaustive list of anti-Putin attacks:
      Right now the only thing to do is to arm Ukraine as efficiently and discreetly as possible, to show Putin he is going to get a hot war. It also means militarizing for guerilla warfare the so called “Neo-Nazis”.

      On the left, in the USA, the so called self described “progressives”, the screaming against all those who are not pro-Putin reminds me of the collaboration of the French Communist Party with Stalin in 1938-1940, just way worse.

      The expression “surrender monkeys” comes short. It’s more like “Putin adoring monkeys”. Absolutely disgusting. The funny thing is that there was absolutely no such opposition against the invasion of Iraq, or against plutocrats. The hysterical opposition is just against those who do not adore Putin.

      Just as if one says nuclear energy is a solution, even, unfortunately the one and only solution, one gets screaming in ones face. Never mind that, according to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION:

      Patrice Ayme ‏@Tyranosopher
      Seven (7) million (!) people killed by air pollution from fossil fuel in 2012. Number killed by nuclear energy? Zero.

      What’s happening is that much of the “progressive” press is planted by Plutos.


  5. MassPathFinder Says:

    Dear Patrice, I’m coming back … When I read your reply, that make me remember a sentence from Nietzshe, that I read when I was younger (thank’s Jim Morrison !) : j’ai voulu les éclairer, mais le soleil de ma sagesse leur a brulé les yeux, à ces chauves-souris (or something like that…)
    And to continue with him, a other sentence come to me when I see your discussion (like with Dieter) : parmi vous, je suis comme l’huile parmi l’eau : j’ai toujours « le dessus ».
    For me, the most impressive sentence I remember is : je ne veux pas être un philosophe, je veux être en philosophe. I try to always keep this reflexion “alive”.


  6. Benign Says:

    Patrice, being a recent visitor and entertained by your imaginative flights as well as careful historical research, a couple of questions:

    Re: Pluto To your knowledge, are the Western elites into overt Satanism as often alleged? What about all the Masonic symbolism in D.C., Paris et al (see the incredible research of and his long YouTube video which is mind-blowing). Or are you making a metaphorical assertion about rich people, what big money and its power does to people (hardens their hearts, makes them less empathic)?

    What is your best idea for overthrowing the international plutocracy, something I’ve been railing against for years? Especially, how do you reintroduce democracy to America after Citizens United and given the rule of money within the Beltway?



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Taxes are the best way to destroy plutocracy. It’s not easy: Louis XVI tried for 20 years to get the 2%, the aristocrats, to pay tax. He lost his head in the effort. In the USA, right now, plutos pay politicians, for all to see, a supplementary difficulty.

      The Satanic stuff is both metaphorical and then practical, and finally, indeed neurohormonal. Even my frienemy Jesus was loud and clear on the subject. I do believe that absolute powers corrupt minds absolutely, and infuses them with the Dark Side. I don’t know much about the Masons. It was/is an attempt to make a more philosophical, enlightened structure within plutocracy. It never went as far as a good revolution.

      The situation in the USA is difficult. In France, politicians fear the street… And France is on the verge of explosion (as usual). In the USA, politicians have the full complicity of an extremely violent “justice”, I mean “law and order” system.

      I know a lawyer who, as a student, demonstrated against the Vietnam War. She was duly arrested, symbolically in front of the White House. Just for taking part in a forbidden gathering. No charges, in the long run. But that was never forgiven by the establishment. She was viewed as “unethical” by various bars, and had to flee the USA. She has been a lawyer in Europe (UK, Germany) for most of her career. Just for an action that would make the French law and order shrug.

      So what’s needed in the USA is a revolution, but it’s hard for me to see it come from the top. Lots of the people around Obama were nominated by the powers that be.

      The problem is that people in the USA have not suffered yet as they did, say, in Ukraine. They are not ready to die for a fairer society, because the USA is rich. See fracking (tried in Poland, does not work).


  7. TomAlex Says:

    The problem with empires is that they often get arrogant. Their arrogance strengthens and/or even creates an opposing force. In this case NATO gave Putin every pretext to do what he did:
    Helsinki 1974 was signed by all and speaks of borders being sacrosanct. Now let’s look at what has happened:
    -In Yugoslavia’s and especially Kossovo’s case, you set the bar so high at Rambuillet that no yugoslav could accept. Hence the bombings. Now bombing a country-and especially infrastructure and ‘collateral damage’ without even bothering to declare war is, by all mesures, an act of terror, not that different from AlQueda.[The civillians fried by NATO bombs or AlQueda suicide attacks probably cann’t tell the difference. Even if you think you’re after a dangerous criminal, shooting him in a crowded street and killing civillians instead would be prosecuted in most western countries]. Anyway, with Kossovo, you break border inviolability.
    -Then S.Ossetia and Georgia go to war. The West, which was all for Kossovo gaining independence, because such was the will of the people there, is absolutely against that in S.Ossetia. Crimea is another repeat of S.Ossetia. You have a dumm government/nongovernment in Ukraine giving Putin every pretext and an equally unintelligent West appearing to deny Crimeans (and quite possibly also other parts of Ukraine) the same right they gave Kossovars.
    -Furthermore, you have the Cyprus precedent: For 43 years, the West has basically asked for concession after concession from the victim(and even openly accuse the victim when they do not vote according to Turkey’s wishes). Why can Turkey invade, grab a 40% of a country on behalf of an 18% of its population and colonize it and Russia cannot do the same? Maybe 50 years down the road Russia will offer the big concession, after having grabbed and colonized half of Ukraine to form a confederation with equal rights.

    The moral of the story: No love for Putin here, but the West had it coming(VERY unfortunately for Ukrainians). For way too long international law and simple honesty has been used as it suited them . And unless people wake up, maybe next stop is major western cities or even neighborhoods becoming say islamic and demanding special rights or even some form of independence.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Tom Alex! Glad to see you! I agree that arrogance, and overstretch, in people and empires, is a bad thing. Like dirt on a baby, but I do not throw the later and the bath.

      You say: no Yugoslav would accept, etc. Well Yugoslavia was a fantasy that did not precede much, nor really survive Tito (Bless His Soul). A minority of aggressive, imperialistic and militaristic Serb-like (Serboid?) creatures insisted to make post-Yugoslavia into a sort of Serbian empire. That was unjust. It was opposed by UN mandated force, and that force was, first, and that’s all what matters, first, the tipping point, exerted, regretfully, by the FRENCH REPUBLIC.

      As France and Serbia were the closest of allies in WWI, and war was won that way, the decision to strike the Serbian military was heavy for the French military, and was preceded by elaborate ultimata. So France went to war. French counter-battery fire was devastating, and saved Sarajevo. French jets bombed, and were shot down. The USA, and NATO were dragged into the war later. Years later.

      So complaints about the allegedly anti-Serbian war in ex-Yugoslavia ought to be addressed to France. But these complaints are non-existent, because sane Serbs know very well that the French are not anti-Serb, for the good reason that they are not.

      Now Kosovo is an independent country, and talks have started because some more valleys want to join in in Southern Serbia.

      Neither Serbia nor Kosovo are ideal places. The obvious plan is to get both in the EU ASAP, and quit the frontier nightmare, according to the Franco-German model. But it will help to reinforce the European Imperium (democratic legitimacy).

      The identification Putin makes of his crime in Crimea and the independence of Kosovo, is, at best, a demonstration of his complete idiocy.

      Borders are NOT inviolable. It’s perfectly legal, under UN law, to create new countries through new borders: see Singapore, East Timor and South Sudan… Without counting most of the UN (about 160 countries were created ex-nihilo since 1950; the UN initially, in 1944, had only the core SDN countries, plus the USA).
      More later…

      When Moscow extended, initially, using the Dark Side, it was just. Now it’s extended, but not just. Crimea is just about covering up a crime (Tatars!) with another crime.


  8. TomAlex Says:

    Hi Patrice,
    “Crimea is just about covering up a crime (Tatars!) with another crime.” is exactly the point. What’s the point of complaining so loudly about a crime when one has accepted, encourgaged or even instigated many others?
    As for Yugoslavia I agree if we add that the karadzic and Mladic or Milosevic were not alone and on the other side you also had islamic law proponent Izbegovic and “thank Gof my wife is neither serb, nor jewish” Tudzman. Why would a serb who lived happily in Sarajevo or Zagreb in Yugoslavia want to live under islamic law or as a second-class citizen?

    But anyway, the 1974(not 1950 or 1960) Helsinki agreement basically said “the borders are as they were then”. Maybe it should be amended, but I find it hard to understand why people in Kossovo have the right to self-determination and people in S.Ossetia or Crimea do not. To strech this argument even further, if say N.Jersey gets an islamic majority, and decide to leave the US, that would also fall in the same category. If somebody supports one and not the other, there is a credibility issue, which of course anyone with an interest to do so can exploit.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am no friend of Islam as Constitution. See my pitiless:
      I can understand the anger against Sharia proponents, and approve it. However, the situation in Yugoslavia was precipitated with Milosevic war against Slovenia (which he lost quickly). That was Christian against Christian, republicans against a dictator… And that set-up a general war mood.

      The analogy between the 20% of Georgia Putin annexed, and the Crimea he stole, and independent countries (Kosovo, Bosnia, etc.) is proof of the idiocy of Putin, let’s try to not forget that.

      I have lived (been raised) in essentially Muslim countries that were secular republics, and it was 100% OK, Islam was no more insufferable than Christianism in France. I agree about war to preserve secular republics. But the war starts with the constitution of the laws.

      People in New Jersey or everywhere in the West should DESTROY, MAUL & ERADICATE any attempt to make ELEMENTS of the Sharia part of the Constitution.


  9. Superior Civilization Needs Superior Weapons (Collapse Series 1) | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] up to 90% eradication of the population. When the Mongols of Genghis Khan finally defeated the Western Xia empire, they killed 100% of the population, leaving only sands behind. When the Muslims invaded Spain, […]


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