Dark Plutocracy: Kanun of Man

What do plutocrats want? They want a lot of the problems the socio-economy is experiencing today. In other words, we are getting what plutocracy wants. In the conventional view of hell, beings down there inflict suffering. Forever.

Plutocracy wants the starvation of the People’s economic activity, prospects and condition. That allows to increase the gap between the haves and have-nots, which is the plutocracy’s raison d’être, and ultimate value.

Hence the obsession fabricated by the Main Stream Media against deficits. In truth, the deficits are directly related to the plutocracy being not taxed enough.

Hence also the insistence by the MSM that the People has no skills (thus, presumably the unworthy People ought to be starved in all ways, including access to public education, so that, somehow, it would be enticed out of laziness to develop skills…).

Even The Ottomans Could Not Rule Those Mountains

Even The Ottomans Could Not Rule Those Mountains

Workers ought to be punished. Otherwise they would demonstrate that merit can be rewarded. But in a plutocracy, money, power and success come to those who don’t deserve it. It’s the basic moral principle of this inversion of all values.

Paul Krugman deplores that “the belief that America suffers from a severe “skills gap” is one of those things that everyone important knows must be true, because everyone they know says it’s true. It’s a prime example of a zombie idea — an idea that should have been killed by evidence, but refuses to die… by blaming workers for their own plight, the skills myth shifts attention away from the spectacle of soaring profits and bonuses even as employment and wages stagnate. Of course, that may be another reason corporate executives like the myth so much.

So we need to kill this zombie, if we can, and stop making excuses for an economy that punishes workers. …”

Krugman is generous: he believes the zombie idea lives on, just from mental inertia and from peer pressure. My explanation above is much more sinister: many nefarious ideas live on, but not by accident. Instead they live on, mainly because they inflict pain and subjugation.

Where does this cruelty come from? Well, for millions of years, the greatest enemy of man was man, and this environmental fact had plenty of time to become psychobiological.

This can be observed in the mountains of Northern Albania, where the Kanun of Leke rules. The Kanun killed more than 10,000 people since the end of the Albanian dictatorship. The highlanders of the northern Albanian mountains recognize no other law. It was transcribed in the fourteenth century by a Roman Catholic priest (in spite of the Ottoman trying to turn everybody Muslim). The code regulates a variety of subjects, including blood vengeance (a young eye for a young eye, etc.).

Even today, many Albanian regard the Kanun of Leke as the supreme law of the land. The Kanun primes honor over life. The strength of the Kanun, found all over in First Nations, reveals the nature of human psychobiology. Civilization learned to turn around all this psychobiology, with sophisticated laws, engineered to manipulate knowledge efficiently.

Our present plutocratic organization may look far from what has been going for so long in Northern Albania, but it’s not.

A way around? Let citizens suggest their own laws, by forcing to national referendum any proposed initiative that muster four million signatures (say in the USA; this is the proportion used in Switzerland: 100,000 signatures for 8 million).

That would prevent the plutocrats and their oligarchic servants to make laws that, primarily, serve themselves. An example? Chinese President Xi’s family has maybe a billion dollars in overseas property (and hundreds of millions in luxurious residences in Hong Kong alone).

Patrice Aymé

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13 Responses to “Dark Plutocracy: Kanun of Man”

  1. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Free people should not grovel at the feet of millionaires and billionaires. It is the responsibility of a government of free people not to idolize the wealthy but to tax them heavily.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Death is the only limit that the Dark Side of man knows. It’s raison d’etre, indeed, is death, no less. Absent the taxation, the taxation of power, in particular money, those who have the most feel entitled to ever more. Why? Because it creates a value, death. A value that, otherwise, would be unnatural.


  2. gmax Says:

    Today New York Times science section celebrates SPITE. Care to comment? I am sure you like that! Spite, that is.


  3. Benign Says:

    The dynamics are compolex. It is possible the meek will inherit the earth. One hopes.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      What will happen, none can tell. However, further, much more complex understanding of the forces in presence can be achieved, this is what this site is about; making the facts talk, as new logic.


  4. Benign Says:

    The Italians…


  5. TomAlex Says:

    There is actually a very sound reasoning behind Kanun law. It was understood of course long before, but in mainstream politics (at least to my knowledge) it appears to have first been articulated by Ariel Sharon: “Our blood is expensive.”, that is “if you make me bleed 1 gallon, you’ll bleed 10 gallons”. And it is a very effective deterrent, in fact the only effective deterrent the real world has known. The moral issue is the first step that implies “I will not make you bleed FIRST”. The main disticntion between forces of good and evil is exactly this step.
    Now with regard to plutocracy, while there may be some people who made it there by straight means, and who should be respected, the key to rising is being ruthless. It’s not the competent that rise, but the ones basically ruthless enough to slash wages and fire people who are competent so they can get a bonus. Needless to say this breeds the seeds of desctuction of the goose that laid the golden eggs, but they do not care: They wil be set for life by then.
    To be able to get away with that they need to silence voices, hence control the media and also politicans and the laws. So you get an impoverished population taught to direct their frustration at those who after having demonstrated again and again their competence and work get to earn a decent living, say 30-50K/year and not the CEO and gang with earning in excess of millions/year.
    Citizens suggesting their own laws is clearly the answer; however, democracy only works for educated, intelligent enough people who have free access to information. And this is the key IMHO to putting a stop to these gangs.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Tom Alex: I agree about the Kanun, and that’s why it was discovered before the mountains of Albania knew civilization (which got started in the Middle Earth and other more hospitable places first).

      However, civilization found a way around, by working on the concept “FIRST”. If “FIRST” is carefully enough arranged, adverse circumstances do not develop.

      At this point, Israel had extracted an agreement with the Palestinians that they would not connive internationally, but negotiate through Israel direct (the Palestinians just violated that, Israel says, so the fourth prisoners’ release was suspended).

      I also agree with your analysis of the rise of the rich, being ruthless” Bill Gates feels that up well. But notice he had a fifth column: his mother was on the IBM board, and that explains why IBM did not react when Bill fled with the cheese (the naïve interpret this as Bill being a genius, but he was just a rat with cheese when his cat mother prevented other rats to catch up).

      Full blown plutocracy is what we are having, resting on cronyism. For example, Elon Musk would not be on the map, but for government support. In December 2008, he was broke. Then the Obama Lord noticed Musk was a good looking tall white boy, perfect to pose with for the media. So pose with him he did. And forked over the billions and juicy contracts, and subsidies. So now, six years later, Elon Musk is worth seven billion dollars and more or less (depends if TV is around) married to a British actress with a generous bosom, to tell the lying tale like in Ayn Rand of the titan of creativity.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      People argue direct democracy works only with an educated population. True, but it also creates the need for the later.
      Hence direct democracy is a chicken & egg problem, the fruit of an evolutionary process. We need to get it started, so that we can evolve.


  6. Mr Me Says:

    Hi Patrice,
    I find it incredibly sad to realize that the ‘corporate’ Plutocracy of todays workd, by nature, doesn’t center the power in the hands of individuals who could potentially make morally conscious choices. Corporations, as an entity that itself involves so many individuals, tend almost entirely to make the ‘wrong’ moral choice when given the opportunity. The sad part about that to me…is not that corporations or anyone involved in the decisions of that corporation are inherently ‘evil’…they aren’t…rather due to the human and economical dynamics involved, no one can really afford (or in fact be permitted) to make the ‘not evil’ decisions without impacting a ‘bottom line’ somewhere, at least in the short term.
    Thus corporations as entire entities can assuredly not help but be irresponsible morally, at least in as much as being irresponsible morally affords the human decision making elements of the corporation the luxury of abstracting themselves from that thinking as well, considering whats right or wrong only in terms of the corporation ‘and’ in terms of ‘short term’ good. For example; It’s common sense that any natural resource (even replenishable ones) will be exausted at some point. Fossil fuels will eventually, if they have not already, reach peak point and surpass it…yet I think we can guarantee Oil companies will continue to squeeze everything possible from the earth in order to increase ROI (return of investment) to the fullest. From a money standpoint, this is entirely sensible…no one wants to be the guy to suggest an early (to their minds) retreat from fossil fuels, even though it would be in everyones best interest (including the oil companies) in the long run to do otherwise. The problem isn’t just convincing the corporate machine that it will be financially smart to do the morally right thing,….it’s just as much convincing the human elements that the benefit will come sooner than later (i.e., I’m not backing an initiative that won’t promise ROI until 10 years past my retirement…I’ll never make it till then…)

    Just terribly sad that economics tends to create this power vacuum for individuals who can now effectively longer affect morally correct changes…and instead transfers it to entities, albeit comprised of indivuals yes, however, together they in fact have ‘less’ power. There is always someone or something these people are looking over their shoulders to watch out for, making the courage needed to step up and make the scary (but right) suggestions nearly inattainable…and those who manage to do so…are often just voted out of the board room :-(.

    Terribly sad….


    • Mr Me Says:

      Ugh…I was really hoping for an ‘edit’ post button…Ack.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Welcome to the comments, Mr. Me… Now you ought to be automatically approved. Yes, it’s too bad WordPress does not have an “edit” button. Also one needs to be inside WordPress to “like”, etc. (that’s my excuse for not been “liked” very much…

      I think the word “corporate”, typically associated to Mussolini’s fascism, is not anymore a qualificative of what we have. Corporations, aka guilds, hanses, unions, were powerful in the Middle Ages… Or even under Hitler (!). However now unions don’t count much anymore.

      Sheer plutocracy hates and despise corporations, even that of the imperial storm troopers. “Star Wars” is increasingly the model of what we dubiously enjoy…


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