Mistral Blows Hard

The Mistral is a mighty wind that blows across Provence after an Atlantic storm passes by. It’s also the name of large, state of the art, aircraft carriers, full of fancy electronics, four of which France is selling to Russia. The first  contract delivery is in October 2014. Thus an interesting debate, touching on many issues (and the usual French bashing rising its ugly snout).

Mistral With Mistral Blowing On Toulon Area

Mistral With Mistral Blowing On Toulon Area

In 2008, Putin invaded Georgia, south of the Caucasus range. G.W. Bush sent some military personnel of the USA to Tbilisi, under humanitarian guise, in the hope that would incite Russian tanks to not invade the Georgian capital. Sarkozy, a man in many ways similar to Putin, sent himself, and talked Putin out of invading more of Georgia. Out of all this came the sale of four Mistral aircraft carriers from France to Russia.

The 200 meters long Mistral is a new class of “command and projection” ships. They allow to land troops and equipment.

(By contrast, the super carriers are increasingly vulnerable to countermeasures such as ever faster missiles and dormant submarine systems, while losing utility.)

Russian Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, explained that, had he just one Mistral ship, “Russia would have won its war against Georgia in 40 minutes instead of 26 hours”.


The relationship between Putin and plutocrats, Western or not, is a tangled web. And it is, to a great extent, causative. This is reminiscent of the situation with Hitler in the 1930s. Then, it was not handled best: the Nazis could have been dispatched, if the Anglo-American leadership had accepted the explicit offer from German generals, to offer a united front.

Instead, the Anglo-American hidden leadership, truly made of plutocrats who saw in the Nazis a market of potential slaves and fellow devils, betrayed the German generals. In the end, the French Republic was left to do the dirty work, and deliberately attacked Hitler in September 1939.

One has to see history as the history of systems of thought. Systems of thought fight, and interfere.

The events of the 1930s, such as the hostility of Roosevelt to Paris right from 1934, and the British-Nazi “Naval” treaty of 1935 (it had a secret protocol encouraging Nazi aggression in the East, according to the doctrine of Keynes), only encouraged the Nazis to become ever more extreme.

Because, the more extreme the Nazis got, the more pleased Anglo-American plutocrats were: crisis meant opportunity.

A culminating point of all this happened when Hitler gave the monopoly of computing to the American IBM. General Motors and Ford were all over Germany, building millions of trucks and other vehicles for the Nazi military. USA companies brought much of what made the Reich great, from oil to all sorts of secret processes (such as synfuels).


There are lots of parallels, in slow motion, between Putin’s “Big Country” and Hitler “Big Reich”. One of them, the war against homosexuality (especially as many top Nazis were homosexual).

Says The Economist: “Officials in Paris suggest that the only circumstances in which France might reconsider delivery would be an agreement with its allies to move to deeper “third-stage” sanctions, in such sectors as energy, finance and defence. But, say the French, this would have to include equally tough measures by, for instance, Britain against Russian assets in London. “There is an enormous amount of French ill-will towards the way the British are seen as having lived off the fat of Russia’s oligarchs,” says François Heisbourg, of the Foundation for Strategic Research. “The French will resist any idea that they take a unilateral hit. 

The French government will take a final decision in October, when the first vessel is ready for delivery, says Jean-Yves Le Drian, the defence minister. America may disapprove, but there is little domestic pressure to cancel the order, despite the Ukraine crisis. Mr Hollande has not withdrawn his invitation to Russia’s Vladimir Putin to come to the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Normandy landings in June.”

To focus on the republic founded around human rights as Russia’s prime collaborator is outright anti-French. Sarkozy (Peace Not Be Upon Him) was the only one who really went out of his way (literally) to stop Putin in Georgia. If nobody takes a stand, evil will keep on rolling.

A Reuters article was even more anti-French, suggesting France was “still trying to deliver 2 warships to Russia”. Is the USA “still trying to go to the International Space Station?” American astronauts come and go to space, thanks to Russia.

The Reuters article was typical of the sort of Kremlin-Wall Street-Washington fascist propaganda that stinks to high heavens.

There is a big difference between delivering goods that have been paid for, like the Mistral ships, and engaging in new business.

The ones with the highest stakes with Russia are the City of London and its world-wide empire of plutocrats and, secondarily, Germany (see Schroder, ex-Chancellor, rich from Putin, and who just celebrated Putin’s birthday, and damn Ukraine).

An argument can be made that the plutocratic Putinocrats ought to be threatened enough to modify their behavior, that would be the best. They are getting increasingly angry.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, one of the plutocrats slapped by sanctions from the EU and USA, announced that the country would consider ending its participation in the space-station program in 2020; would prohibit the US military’s use of a rocket motor that powers the Atlas V, one of two launch workhorses for defense and intelligence satellites; and would close down global-positioning-satellite monitoring stations in Russia unless it was allowed to build comparable monitoring stations in the US for its own usage.


I would suggest to quit with French bashing. But that’s like suggesting not to have the plutocracy in command. The dependency of the USA upon Russia for space could have been avoided by using French Ariane V rockets. Ariane V has been human rated for a very long time, and executed more than 50 perfect launches in a row.

This is a telling detail: the USA prefers to collaborate with the Russian dictatorship, even for such a strategic subject as accessing space, rather than with the French republic. Being anti-French is the first perfume American plutocracy wants to wear.


And what of Putin in all this? Well, the aim is to modify his behavior. Ukraine richest plutocrat, Rinat Akhmetov, just turned against the Russian dictator, rejecting separatism, and telling his 280,000 employees in Eastern Ukraine that they would probably lose their jobs under Putin.

Russia has made the very best weapons, ever since the Nazis attacked the USSR and found to their dismay that the robust and cheap to make T34 tank was better than the German models. A few months later the coldest General Winter in 50 years, struck. It was so cold that Nazi planes could not fly, and  the Nazi offensive in the suburbs of Moscow turned to rout.

However, outside of weapons, and fossil fuels, Russian industry is not much: Russian GDP is smaller than Italy, with two and a half times the population. It’s pretty obvious that Russia, which can’t help itself, cannot help its neighbors. Whereas the European Union can, in the long run, help considerably Ukraine economically (just look at Poland, long more or less the same polity as, and entangled with, Ukraine; Poland, thanks to the EU, is doing great economically; it can even afford to build nuclear latest technology nuclear power plants).

The Russian economy is not much, because the all-plutocratic economy does not work as well as the mixed demo-plutocratic model. We know this, ever since the Roman Republic degenerated into the fascist imperial plutocracy “Augustus” created (I wrote “Augustus” because that’s supposed to mean the “Augmenter”; instead “Augustus” led Rome to long term ruin, just as Putin is doing to Russia).


So what of Putin? Well, to treat him, one needs to make him go through a course of behavioral therapy.  So invite him to D Day, give him his toys… As long as he modifies his behavior in the right direction.

And do not forget this: the French pilots were inside their planes, ready to take off to take out Assad. It’s Washington’s last minute loss of nerves that showed to the entire planet, that Assad could get away with mass murder, just to pursue his miserable personal domination.

That deplorable groveling of London and the USA, that miserable refusal to do what needed to be done, persuaded Putin that he could do whatever he wished, and Obama would go play golf with the uneducated, greedy simpletons he uses as friends. The sort of people Putin knows how to handle (as Putin speaks several languages, and has worked in non Russian speaking countries, he is far from totally uneducated. Mis-educated is more like it, hence the need, and possibility, for behavioral treatment).

If Putin Wants His Mistrals, He Will Have To Behave

If Putin Wants His Mistrals, He Will Have To Behave

Thus when Fabius (foreign minister and ex-PM) declared on May 13th, that France would take firmness lessons from nobody: “the rule with contracts is that contracts which have been signed are honoured,” he was correct.

In Mariupol, the region’s second-largest city and the site recently of a bloody confrontation, thousands of unarmed steelworkers, following their employer’s advice, took control of the city from the separatists on Thursday. The Putinist militants melted away.  Similar throngs of miners and metalworkers fanned out in more than five cities, including the largest, Donetsk.


The assessment that Putin did not have correct danger assessment came within the KGB, from his own superior officer, when he got started there.

Putin retired as a colonel from the KGB in 1991. He rose in Saint Petersburg, with the explicit objective, of putting the KGB in power. He boasted later of that, once he became president of Russia, in an official discourse (to the ex-KGB).  In 1998, Putin was appointed head of the Federal Security, the FSB, the replacement of the former KGB, as well as head of Yeltsin’s Security Council.

200,000 were killed in the second Chechen war, 20% of the population, a war which Putin apparently orchestrated. The Western leaders decided to conveniently ignore this.

The annexation of Crimea is, prima fascies, a violation of International Law, and an act of war, and even, a WAR CRIME (it is a war crime to make a war to steal a country, in particular, to steal territory).

We have to teach Putin (and other plutocrats), the law, or its spirit. It starts with respecting it. So, if he behaves, give Putin his ships. The Russian generals are fretting that they won’t get the latest command and combat softwares the ships are supposed to come with. The ships would be dumbed down. Really? I wonder why…

Patrice Aymé

P/S: After writing the preceding I learned that the Pentagon has several contracts with the Russian military-industrial complex, including one to buy 66 Russian combat helicopters Mi-33… for more than a billion dollars.

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19 Responses to “Mistral Blows Hard”

  1. Ian Miller Says:

    What a lot of points. First, I think it unfair to blame Augustus for the fall of the Roman empire. Augustus at least stopped the near endless civil wars and brought in prosperity. What he failed to do was to build in a replacement system of governance.

    One could also argue it was the greed of the Allies at Versailles that set Hitler going. Had Germany not been in such a disastrous economic situation in the 1920s, he would never have been in a position to wage war.

    I think we would still be better off to trade with Russia. It is true that Russia badly needs to build a domestic economy, and Medvedev tried to get that going but failed, possibly because of Putin, but I think more likely because of deeper vested interests. In my view, most of Russia’s problems were exacerbated and made near insoluble in the short term by Yeltsin, who created all the oligarchs, who in turn stripped the country and made life thoroughly miserable for the average Russian. Putin has at least brought a reasonable lifestyle back to the average Russian.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Augustus I do not blame for the fall of the Republic, but for the erection and institutionalization, of the fascist plutocracy. In all this, the empire was rather a spectator.

      Augustus stopped the civil war, by winning it. He was also atrocious: see the fate of Caesarion. He indeed did not provide for finding as bad a heir-bastard as himself.

      The greed of the “Allies” is a myth invented by Pluto Keynes, and jumped on by the Nazis. I have written extensively on this. Extract coming.

      Yeltsin was advised by American plutocrats and plutophiles.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Just an example
      Extract from:https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2013/11/23/

      “Lord Keynes was just not an idiot, in many ways, he was also a Nazi. A Nazi incubator. a mother hen for Nazism. No wonder he wanted people to fill up holes at the bottom of coal mines; he was inspirational for Nazism.

      Krugman is a strange case: on one hand, he is violently and haughtily condemning those who call him, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin Jews, as they originally are, although he admits he is badly estranged from his roots.

      On the other hand, Krugman exhibits wild enthusiasm and total devotion to Lord Keynes. Lord Keynes was a rabid partisan of murderous, German fascism, and regretted loudly and extensively that the Versailles treaty had freed enslaved nations subjugated by Prussia and Vienna. Keynes, as early as 1919, wrote down the entire system of thought the Nazis would run away with. Then he published it, as “The Economic Consequences of Peace” and that piece of trashy Nazi propaganda became the Bible of pseudo-progressives plutocratic sycophants throughout the Anglo-Saxon world. Including presumably, that of Krugman as he is all things Keynes, night and day.

      To this day, Keynes’ TECP is the source of much anti-French hatred and contempt in the Anglo-Saxon world (something Krugman deplores, another of his charming contradictions). Most cultivated Americans have been brain washed, by a time honored Nazi tradition, to deplore “Versailles” as the cause of everything bad. Those Americans ought to have to line up, and be spanked vigorously by Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Romanians, Serbs and assorted others. French judges could assert when USA buns are rosy enough.”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ian: Reasonable life style? The Russian economy is in a recession, although oil and gas at their peaks… Imagine, if there was a world recession and oil and gas would tumble down..


  2. Mihail Radu Says:

    Patrick, you’re an idiot; by calling Putin an idiot you labeled yourself. Secondly one of the great outputs of democracy (bad in this instance) is that any dilettante can have an opinion. a smarter oakie would understand that carriers are offensive elements, and so far Russia has shown none of these habits. Unlike the French that lately showed their cock in the wind attacking Libya saying: we are the descendents of Napoleon, which he was a nut case, Russia protects its own interests… Plutocrats? How about the US ones holding 95% of US wealth on an economy 5 times bigger that Russia?
    You’re all hypocrites


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Not too coherent a comment. Hopefully some lack of mastery of English is the main cause of this incoherence.
      What makes Putin idiotic, at first sight, is that, short of winning a world war, it’s impossible to find a scenario under which Russia comes ahead from Putin’s policies, short of extreme weakness on the part of democracies.

      Extreme weakness of the will and animal spirits on the part of democracies was exactly what Hitler claimed was a fact. This wishful thinking ended when 45 French divisions tried to break trough the “West Wall” in September 1939.

      Putin and his henchmen explicitly claimed the “West” was degenerate. So maybe doing the same computation. That’s idiotic.

      Could Putin not be as idiotic as he looks, from the Russian point of view?
      Sure. And I suggest(ed) it. Putin, being a criminal, could end up in La Hague, judged for various crimes, including war crimes. He knows this, so he doubles up, computing that he will die like Stalin, with everybody afraid of him, cuddly in his bed.

      Instead of dying in a prison cell in La Hague, as Milankovitch, the Balkan dictator, did.

      In any case, Putin’s followers, except for those who profit directly of Putin dictatorship, are idiots.


  3. Kevin Berger Says:

    Re Putin’s followers, Mark Ames, of the late eXile, has this to say :
    FWIW, Ames’ take on the Ukrainian crisis certainly isn’t the same as yours, but on the other hand, he certainly is no Putin groupie.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      This is an excellent article, reflecting well some of what I have been trying to say. I sped read it, but will come back to it. Thanks Kevin!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I read the article a bit more carefully. I do not disagree with much of it. Except that Putin is just Nixon. I have listened to Putin carefully. He definitively suggested to gain territory, repeatedly.

      Inasmuch as I hate Nixon (though he created the EPA), I did not hear him suggesting to conquer countries. Carpet bombing Vietnamese civilians at Xmass was enough.

      Now the suggestion of Ames that the protests were funded by the USA, Glen Greewald, Pierre O whatever, etc. IMPLICITLY AS MAIN AGENTS, is beyond strange.

      Indeed, this is all very ridiculous. The protests started when Putin yanked the EU-Ukraine association agreement, in November 2013, in the last few days of something negotiated for 20 years. So PUTIN was the main author of the protests. Does that mean Putin is an agent provocateur financed by the USA?


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    This is all very strange. The protests started when Putin yanked the EU-Ukraine association agreement. Does that mean Putin is an agent provocateur financed by the USA?


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:



    Putin didnt ‘yank’ anything. Yanukovych was not even ‘pro-Russia’. He decided to go with Russia because it was obviously a better choice since the Euro and the dollar is failing. Come to find out, it was a bad choice to go with EU because Ukrainian maidan are fascists and Nazi’s.

    The ‘revolt’ started when John McCain/Nuland and the NGO saw that the only way they could win in Ukraine was to start a bloody revolution after Yanukovych opted to join Russia.


    Joe Bidens son secured a position with Ukrainian gas.


    So did John Kerry’s former SR campaign adviser.


    Monsanto has also moved in with GMO foods.


    • MadJewessWoman Says:

      @MadJewessWoman @Tyranosopher

      The Euro is failing????

      Relative to what? It has never been so high relative to the dollar, which is the world’s number one reserve currency (number 2 being the Euro).

      On the other hand, the Ruble is in rubble, not to say trouble. It went down 20% after Putin’s invasion of a member of the United Nations.

      “Yanukovitch “opted to join Russia”? As president of another country, would not that be high treason?

      If you think that’s news that Monsanto moved in with GMOs, I can roll out Bill Gates for you (he is tight with Monsanto).

      Interesting what you say about Biden and Kerry, but considering your statements about the Euro and the Dollar…. Maybe you should read my site more carefully. You would learn that Russia’s economy is smaller than Italy’s.

      Ukrainian Maidan people are standard protesters. Repeating like a parrot what Putin’s propagandists say makes you sound like someone who is paid to do so.


  6. victor whisky Says:

    @Tyranosopher What is strange is the 5 billion dollars madam “f*ck the EU” Nuldand of the US state department bordello said she had invested in Ukraine. I’m sure it was not used for the benefit of poor Ukrainians. What is strange is the same madam passing out cookies on the Maidan and the orchestrated presence of pro West politicians all over the Maidan while not one Russian Politician was there, including the likes of warhawk McCain and the despicable former leader of Geogia, Shakashvelli, who started a war on the command of the American Dart Vader Dick Cheney. Also strange are the snipers used to shoot both sides, the police and the protesters as the US funded violent protest was not getting the desired response, that of the police shooting the demonstrators as it would have happened in the US had protesters torched government buildings and attacked police. The police here shoot people for far less of an offense.

    Strange is that Yanukovich tolerated the violent protests and later agreed to all the demands including early elections to maintain peace. But of course had early elections taken place, neither of madame Nuland’s hand picked US puppets would even garner 5% of the vote as they are the most unpopular politicians in Ukraine and madame Nuland certainly knew this, hence the paid snipers and the assault of the extreme Right Sector nationalists resulting in a coup. Even stranger, madame Nunland who funded and engineered this illegal coup is Judaic, George Soros the globalist financier who funded (invested) in this coup is Judaic, Ukrainian Jews on a Maidan blog appealed to Jews all over the world to support this coup and prop up the Kiev Junta. So you have all these Jewish people supporting and funding the very people they despise, the supposedly virulently antisemetic Ukrainian Right Sector Nationalists who were used as the muscle in this coup. Where it not for their violence, the coup would not have succeeded as it was not a popular coup as we now see. And here’s the strangest part, Sasha Biley a bully right sector leader who intimidated and forced parliamentarians loyal to Yanukovich to resign under duress and threat of violence, made an interview on TV where he claimed the illegitimate Kiev junta, whom he helped put in power, will assassinate him or capture him and turn him over to Putin to do it for them. The next day Sasha Biley was assassinated in a police shoot out ordered by someone in the Kiev junta. Looks like the Kiev junta once in, decided to get rid of the devils who helped them get in there. The most likely probability is that Sasha Biley must have know something about the true identity and who hired the snipers on the Maidan and may have threatened to spill the beans.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      @victor whisky @Tyranosopher

      There was no coup in Ukraine: the process was constitutional. You should read about stuff.

      Now you are telling me that a Jewish conspiracy paid for (Putin described) Nazis?

      You repeat your Kremlin’s master code words (“junta”). A “junta” is not elected by a Parliament.

      European justice is slow, but it will untangle who fired on the Maidan.

      Just as it is bearing now on Kosovars who committed atrocities in Kosovo.

      Meanwhile the cheating in past elections in Russia is more important.


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:



  8. Victor Whisky Says:

    victor whisky
    @Tyranosopher @victor whiskyYou do not seem to know what a junta is. First of all, what happened on the Maidan would never be tolerated in DC and you know that full well. We have imprisoned an Occupy Wall Street protester when she reacted from a policemen gropping her breast and she elbowed him on the chin. The Berkut stood by while molotov cocktails were thrown at them, trucks rammed them and the protesters torched government buildings, a Maidan type protest in DC would be put down in a hearth beat and the police would not shy from using live rounds, that is a certain fact.

    The DC police killed a confused women who did not stop her car and you think they would stand by and watch people torching and occupying official government buildings.

    All elected parliamentarians who were loyal to Yanukovich were forced to resign under the threat of bodily harm or death. The same was done to all TV station and many reporters. That is totally unconstitutional, it would not be tolerated or upheld as legitimate in DC and you well know it. I would like to see the Klu Klux Klan storm congress and force those representatives (liberals) they don’t like to resign under the threat of bodily harm or death. The rest of the congress would not put up with it and I doubt and one single armed Klansman would get anywhere near the congressmen before being shot to death. The fact that the rest of the Rada did not protest this unconstitutional ouster of parliamentarians makes them accessory to the coup, as they have ignored the constitutionality of ousting others out of office by force, therefore they are not legitimate as well. For you to claim the process was constitutional is utter fantasy.

    The entire process is US backed, CIA instigated and a template of what has been done year after year in other countries under the false pretense of “Pro Democracy”. The US is and has been in bed with worse regimes. Go read “Murder in Samarkand” By Greg Murray a former English diplomat to Uzbekistan. The brutally repressive and corrupt Karimov regime was given grade A approval on civil rights and democracy, an utter fallacy, because the dictator there allowed US military bases in his country to funnel military supplies in Afghanistan.

    As for European Justice, you must be the most naive kid on the block. If the Hague was a legitimate world court and truly concerned about crimes against humanity, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Tony Blair would be standing on the dock for belligerent and unprovoked attacks on Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria, countries that have done absolutely nothing to the US or the UK, attacks that have resulted in the deaths of over 1 million innocent men, women and children not to mention the deaths of more than 5,000 young military men and women.

    The imminent civil war in Ukraine engineered by madame “f*ck the EU” Nuland is nothing more than a second front against the Russians, has nothing to do with the concern of Ukrainians as the US is supporting much worse repressive and corrupt regimes than that of Yanukovich. Russia is the only country that stands in its way and therefore the US and Israelis are working in unison to create a civil war in Ukraine. Yes, the fact that Jews support the extreme Right Sector in Ukraine is strange but not irrational as they are using them as a tool to achieve a means and will soon dispense of them. I am not saying this a Jewish incited event, however, it may well be a Zionist supported event. Historically they have had no compunction to resort to any means to achieve their ends. That being strange in itself since they proclaim to be devoutly religious and their religion forbids harm to others.

    If you want to see how we use people for our benefit and then dispense of them, there are many examples in our dirty closet. One is the Spanish American war where Philippino guerillas helped the US army fight the Spaniards. Once the Spaniards gave up, the leader of the Philippino guerillas wanted to proclaim independence and lead the new country. Not so fast said the US and turned on the very guerrilas that helped them fight the Spaniards, the American Philippines War, wiping them all out and killing hundreds of thousands of their civilians supporters. In recent history we have the Mong hill people in Vietnam who we armed and funded and then left them behind to be slaughtered by the North Vietnamese. We armed and funded the Kurds to harass Saddam Hussein to get him to comply. Once he complied, we stopped arming the Kurds and Saddam was left free to slaughter them. By the way, the gas used to kill Kurdish civilians was sold to Saddam by the US.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      @victor whisky @Tyranosopher

      I do not contest that the regime is more brutal, fascist and relentless in the USA. I know the events in the USA you talk about and share your interpretation and indignation. But that’s completely besides the point. It’s not because repression is extremely ferocious in the USA that simply ferocious repression in Ukraine ought to be tolerated.

      About the International Criminal Court: the USA is NOT in it. That makes the prosecution of Bush and company impossible, except if some state in it makes a formal complaint.

      However, Bush has been told not to travel to (many) European countries, lest he be arrested for war crimes. He had to cancel a trip to Switzerland.

      Persuading me that there are fascists out there, and they kill is easy to do, as I was the object of an IED from Euro fascists (but not in Ukraine). You can go to my sites, and read things from 10 years ago, to discover that, in some ways I’m more left than any critter out there.

      What I do contest is that the USA engineered a “coup” in Ukraine. If I had been in Ukraine, I would have gone on the Maidan. Nothing would have happened if Putin had kept quiet. Thus the conclusion that he was paid by Nuland, except he is much much much richer than her, so it makes no sense.

      Or maybe Putin was a CIA plant from way back?

      This being said, I am not naïve, and the protesters are not either. What has to be done right now is a succession of revolutions, all over the place. Not just Ukraine. The EU, the USA.

      But claiming Nuland engineered them does not help (I have an entire essay against Nuland on my site, written long ago; I vomit her kind). Nuland is trying to head it the way she likes, but that’s besides the point. It’s like saying there are scorpions I the bark, so we shall never sit.


  9. qlineorientalist Says:

    @victor whisky @TyranosopherOf course, there isn’t a shred of evidence the Israelis are at all interested in supporting the Maidan movement. In fact, the Israelis have been trying to cozy up to Putin, and refused to protest Putin’s crackdown in the UN. http://www.jpost.com/International/US-surprised-Israel-did-support-UN-vote-on-Ukraines-territorial-integrity-348564

    You have to start with facts, not speculation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      At best, the people above start with indignation, then speculation. Cognition does not get the recognition it deserves. Confusing indignation and speculation with revolution is an old demolition, friendly to abomination.


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