Biosphere Destruction. Not Just “Climate Change”

Psychological Change Needed

“Climate Change” is an ambiguous notion. It does not reflect reality. It neither respect the reality of what is happening nor the reality of what it is going to mean for common people.

The expression “climate change” is too close to positive emotions. Indeed, who does not want “change”? Or, for that matter, a “change of climate”?It’s the wrong emotional semantics.

Biosphere destruction is more like it. So let people evoke that, biosphere destruction, rather than the misleading euphemism “climate change”.

Warming Wave Hitting Alaska. Muir @ Glacier Bay

Warming Wave Hitting Alaska. Muir @ Glacier Bay

[1941 picture on the left, a more recent one on the right. ]

The truth about “climate change”? It’s not just about the climate and it’s beyond a change of clothing.

The  two pictures of the glacier above reminded me of an adventure I had in Alaska recently. I wanted to show my toddler the most accessible glacier in Alaska, at the neck between the Kenai peninsula and Alaska proper. I had been there in the past: one could drive nearly to the massive glacier, which was resting like a giant beast in a valley. I drove, and drove. Reached a parking. No more road. Clear blue water. Up on the mountains, several glaciers, in full retreat, could be seen. The famous glacier had completely disappeared.

In “Disintegrating Antarctica”, I did not mention the latest on Greenland. Several research teams announced that there are at least 100 deep hidden fjords penetrating Greenland. Many extends more than 100 kilometers.

That means melting in Greenland is going to go faster than expected in all previous models.

The average length, and undersea depth of glacier tongues were found much greater than previously estimated. A paper in Nature Geoscience reports that 107 marine-terminating glaciers are underlain by fjords extending on average 67 kilometers (42 miles) inland below sea level, a number 300 percent greater than previous assessments.

The excellent Paul Handover of “Learning  From Dogs” wonders upon “the nature of delusions”. He notices that people are less afraid of “climate change” in the English speaking countries.

One of the reason is the tremendous propaganda. I read recently a long article about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD) in New Scientist. This main feature article was written by an eminent pundit, long editor of the science journal “Nature”, and other prestigious English speaking media (I am a subscriber to both NS and Nature).

He mentioned terrible OCD such as serial killing, or Winston Churchill (and others) feeling like jumping from high places to their deaths. He also said science showed people’s mad inclinations fit the “mania of their ages“.

The most recent instance of a mania the respected editor rolled out as inducing a flurry of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, worldwide ? Worrying about “Climate Change“. A mania of our age, he insisted. Presumably affecting yours truly, Barack Obama, Europe, the United Nations, and more than 97% of climate scientists.

I made a quick search, and found very long articles from the same character vaunting the merits of natural gas extraction, already 15 years ago, in… Nature. When one knows the influence and prestige of Nature, no wonder nothing of sufficient significance is made about “Biosphere Destruction”. I will leave to the imagination how the gentleman gets financed.

Another reason for doubting that biosphere destruction will affect negatively English speaking countries, is that, under the leadership of ravenous lords, the exploitative mentality, accompanied by whole sale destruction, as needed, as proven very profitable to the population of said countries. It’s natural to expect that this exploitative mentality will keep on bearing fruit.

Against giant money, the voices of the many are like those of mice.

Patrice Aymé

Note: Apparently a powerful El Nino, comparable to the largest one ever seen in 1997-98, is gathering steam in the Pacific.

Buoys show that an enormous blob of abnormally warm water, up to half a kilometer thick, is migrating eastward. This is the preferred warming mechanism for the planet, as it transfers great heat from the western Pacific to the much colder eastern Pacific. During maximum warming, the historical record seems to show continuous El Ninos.

Thus the probability seems around 2/3 that atmospheric heat records will be beaten next year (accompanied with floods, droughts, and other dynamic effects).


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12 Responses to “Biosphere Destruction. Not Just “Climate Change””

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Appreciate the mention, Patrice.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The least I can do, be it only considering your efforts on behalf of the biosphere.
      BTW, I corrected several typos, and filled in important details… Thx for the “like”.


  2. gmax Says:

    “Climate Change” is certainly a mousy sentence.


  3. John Rogers Says:


    Here’s an interesting development. Some of the giant money (in the form of Farmers Insurance) sees what’s happening (i.e. being ignored) and is concerned about their business.

    “Farmers Insurance filed class action lawsuit last month against nearly 200 communities in the Chicago area for failing to prepare for flooding. The suits argue towns should have known climate change would produce more flooding.”


    • gmax Says:

      Yes the climate disaster out there is hitting all over. Awesome in California. Desalination plants going up all over.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting, thanks John. The free market at its best.
      The first prediction about global warming is more flooding (from greater water carrying capacity of warm air, and thus more when it rains it pours).
      As GMax said, California is building, discreetly, 17 desalination plants. Because, paradoxically, drought goes with flooding (as desert dwellers know well).


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Learning From Dogs.]

    BTW, Paul, you quote, for example in:
    the excellent British ecologist journalist Monbiot a lot, and rightly so. I learned since I wrote my anti-Ridley essay of Sunday, that Monbiot has fought against Ridley for years. They had exchanges in the media.

    The plutocratic system (misleadingly described as “capitalism”), is led by plenty of very smart people who are like lions, after their own interest, and that is, to eat the 99.9% out there. Ridley is exemplary that way. He, and his kind, dominates the mental system in the English speaking countries, thus, the world.


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Sci Am, May 22, in answer to an editorial claiming coal was going to be made safe.]

    Lying by omission and red herrings is still lying. Fossil fuels kill seven million a year according to WHO. All example of CCS are very special cases of re-injections in fossil fuel beds, thus not replicable.
    Total number of CCS existing and/or to come on line in next ten years is no more than a dozen, when hundreds of thousands would be needed.


  6. Paul Handover Says:

    Paul Handover
    Probably nothing new here for you but a compelling description, none the less.


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