House Of Force, Not Health

Different countries manage their different houses in different ways. A century ago, the Prussian military, imbued by the philosophy of Bismarck, had a free rein over Germany, a fascist country, with a face saving, but impotent Reichstag.

Bismarck thought that force was… more economical. He has followers, to this day, worldwide.

USA: Into Force, Not Health. Health Spending Inflation, France Red, USA Blue.

USA: Into Force, Not Health. Health Spending Inflation, France Red, USA Blue.

This graph from the USA Federal Reserve, shows that, at least in health care, plutocracy has been doing increasingly better in the USA.

So Bismarck (author of universal health care in Germany in 1860!), from his very successes, instilled contempt for an economy not axed on force, in several generations of Germans.

However, a counterattack by the French army, east of Paris, the battle of the Marne, in early September 1914, should have put that theory to rest. But Putin did not get the news, or, maybe, finally, with his collapsing economy, it dawned on the Kremlin’s madman that now was not the time to wake up the animal spirits of an EU-USA contraption, with an economy worth around 33 times more than Russia’s.

Another one that did not get the news is American muscle. Being all muscle, and no brains, goes only that far.

As David Sanger says: WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency has never said what it was seeking when it invaded the computers of Petrobras, Brazil’s huge national oil company, but angry Brazilians have guesses: the company’s troves of data on Brazil’s offshore oil reserves, or perhaps its plans for allocating licenses for exploration to foreign companies.

Nor has the N.S.A. said what it intended when it got deep into the computer systems of China Telecom, one of the largest providers of mobile phone and Internet services in Chinese cities…

Then there is Joaquín Almunia, the antitrust commissioner of the European Commission. He runs no company, but has punished many, including Microsoft and Intel, and just reached a tentative accord with Google that will greatly change how it operates in Europe.

American officials say, off the record, that while the N.S.A. does not spy on Airbus and give the results to Boeing, it is free to spy on European or Asian trade negotiators and use the results to help American trade officials — and, by extension, the American industries and workers they are trying to bolster.

Speaking of the spying China does in the USA, Jack Goldsmith, a Harvard law professor who served in the Justice Department under the George W. Bush administration, wrote on the Lawfare blog on Tuesday that it “sounds a lot like the kind of cybersnooping on firms that the United States does.”

All of this to say, the USA does not spend as much brainpower on health care. From the New York Times, May 19:

“Charting the number of deaths from diseases that could have been prevented if the patient had access to appropriate health care, called the “amenable mortality” rate, shows that the United States is far behind European nations.”

Treating these diseases — like heart disease, diabetes, infections, pneumonia and treatable cancers — improves greatly the quality of life, and survival.

“Nearly 20 years ago, the United States was closer to the middle of the pack, but other countries, like Ireland and South Korea, sharply improved their rates by 2007, according to the most recent data available from the Organization for Economic Research and Development. The rate of improvement in the United States was 14 percent, the lowest of all countries surveyed.

… Seven countries improved their rates to pass the United States, which is now on par with countries like Chile and Portugal.

Deaths from heart disease and other circulatory diseases represent about half of all amenable mortality. The rate in the United States is similar to the rate in South Korea, and far higher than the rate in France.”

Actually the death rate from all amenable diseases in the USA is more than twice that of France. And the gap was growing until recently. It’s not just that the same health care, from birth (more than twice more deadly in the USA), to MRIs is many times more expensive in the USA.

In the USA, when one tends to get pneumonia (as I do), it’s hard to get antibiotics. But all and any American fowl, chicken, cattle and pigs get them everyday, as “growth factors”. In other words, in the past, there was slavery, but now even pigs are treated better.

Is plutocracy unchained amenable to progress? Sure: if we were slaves, we would get antibiotics as growth factors. Our own greed for freedom has lowered our health prospects.

In related news, the new and future Boeing 777X is getting nine billion dollars in government subsidies (mostly as tax breaks; see the link with the very American publication Aviation Week). By comparison, Airbus gets none. Yes, contrarily to legend, none.

Different ways, different houses…

Patrice Aymé

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6 Responses to “House Of Force, Not Health”

  1. Ken Says:

    I wish you were more balanced in your articles, That is NATO and nearly all are about resources and millions dead so we in the west can keep driving cars and live is the burbs. google Russian history and in all of it they have not made war on as many countries as NATO has in just the last 60 years..We need THEIR energy. We will take it steal it by any means.Without the cheap energy our money is like playing a game of Monopoly in a cold room. that room keeps getting colder but the guys with hotels say it’s alright I have lots of money. The problem is. It just keeps getting colder and throwing monopoly money at the heater doesn’t work because we have wasted our energy playing monopoly and now the ones with hotels do not want change. It is ALL about energy without it the west is dead and we have wasted our own oil and are importers, How very foolish that is.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Ken! Have to run right now, so no time to answer your comment. Wikipedia is often extremely biased: sexism used to be atrocious there: mention a great woman, and sexists would erase her right away.

      You talk American, but Europeans don’t live like that. The new mayor of Paris, a woman, wants to limit speed of cars in the capital to 19 miles per hour.

      Russia, or rather the Kremlin, controls 17 million square kilometers, Putin said he wanted to make it 22 MILLION sq km. That would be more than twice the USA including Alaska.

      We don’t need their energy. Putin just decided to send nearly half of it to China.

      “Russia”, as it is, does not exist. All what exists is PUTINMANIA.
      Anyway more much later.

      The technology exists for the EU and USA to do mostly on their own. The USA could easily run on solar only. With existing tech.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ken: Very interesting link. As the Grand Priest of what I call the exploitative mentality and its plutocratic aura, I will make sure to use it some more in the future.
      Yet, I know all these wars already.
      It’s a pleasure to have a reminder.
      However, I think that exploitative mood started in the 16 C with the West Country Men, as I have explained many times.

      If France had held onto North America, there would be dozens of millions of “Native” Americans around. Would that be a good thing?


  2. Dominique Deux Says:

    Slaves would be given antibiotics only if their diet was strictly veggie, since meat consumption, with its antibiotics content, produces resistance to antibiotics and inefficiency thereof.
    Thus there is a rationale for feeding slaves with a daily rice bowl, with some nuoc-mam sauce for amino acids.
    Antibiotic treatment then would be an option. An option, mind you. Like, an incentive.
    Do not think this has escaped plutocrats. They just are patient.


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