Putin: Viciously Incoherent

Like Hitler, Putin is obsessed by invading countries for their oil. Says the New York Times:

“Putin acquired not just the Crimean landmass but also a maritime zone more than three times its size with the rights to underwater resources potentially worth trillions of dollars.

Russia portrayed the takeover as reclamation of its rightful territory, drawing no attention to the oil and gas rush that had recently been heating up in the Black Sea. But the move also extended Russia’s maritime boundaries, quietly giving Russia dominion over vast oil and gas reserves while dealing a crippling blow to Ukraine’s hopes for energy independence.”

Putin: Got black Mind, Wants Black Gold, Black Sea

Putin: Got black Mind, Wants Black Gold, Black Sea

During a royal tour of Canada Prince Charles expressed a commonplace opinion in private to  Marienne Ferguson, 78, Jewish daughter of Poles who fled the Nazis and lost relatives during the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis.

She had spoken to the prince about her family and how she ended up in Canada.

He responded “something to the effect of, ‘It is not unlike what is now happening in Russia, what Putin is doing,’ ” she said, although she could not “exactly remember” the phrase he had used in referring to the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin.

“The prince then said, ‘And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.’ ” She then said, according to The Daily Mail.

The Russian embassy in London demanded an explanation.

Here it is:

There is plenty of evidence that the latest Russian elections where rigged. Even at least one of Putin’s closest advisers admitted the results made no sense in places where Putin got more votes than registered voters (don’t ask me for a link: I saw the adviser said this on TV in English).

The annexation of Crimea is unique in history. Never had an annexation proceeded so fast. Even if one admits its independence vote, Crimea was independent just a few hours.

Also that vote was rigged: the absolute numbers initially announced in favor of independence were several times those discreetly admitted later (the participation rate was halved, and it was admitted many voted against independence, not just 3%; none of the numbers of the moment are worth reporting, as they are whatever Putin decides at that particular moment).

The incoherent declarations of the Russian dictator, when he is not hunting down who he denounces as homosexuals, anti-Christians and other degenerates, keep on piling up.

Putin said to the British press that the comparison between him and Hitler was “unacceptable” and “not royal behavior. I think he understands that himself.”

For Royal, or Czarist behavior, consider Putin. “If the main bonus Russia gets is to sit in the room and listen to what other people are saying, then that is not a role Russia can agree to,” Putin said. “We always take into account the interests of our partners … but there are some lines that cannot be crossed, and Ukraine and Crimea were that line…”

By “partners“, Putin does not mean his  partners in crime (but he thinks of them). He means the leaders of the West, who, used to close their eyes with various plutocrats, extended this to the Kremlin’s own version of Satan.

“Where is the guarantee that, after the forceful change of power, Ukraine will not tomorrow end up in NATO?” Putin told senior representatives of major international news agencies, including The Associated Press. (All this, after the Russian Strong Man claimed he would respect the Ukrainian election!)

“We hear only one answer, as if on a record: Every nation has a right to determine on its own the security system in which it wants to live, and that doesn’t concern you.”

Well, indeed, that’s how the United Nations and International Law work. Time for you to learn something, dictator!

Either Putin is viciously incoherent, or he does not know what elections are about, or both.

Criminals find handy to be incoherent: that prevent those who oppose them to make sense.

Others compared Putin’s annexation of to Hitler’s annexation of Austria. Hillary Clinton said, in public: “If this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did in the ‘30s.”

I have detailed the scenario with Austria. Putin was forced to veer from it, by the ferocity and unanimity of reprobation of his actions. Whereas, in the 1930s, the French Republic, until 1939, was the only state opposing Hitler. Later on that year, the USA imposed sanctions on Britain and France for declaring war to Hitler.

Instead, these time, all the representative democracies, even Switzerland, have been united in telling Putin that he was a mad man (what else did Merkel mean when she declared, in public, that Putin was in another world?) In the United Nations, more than 100 countries condemned Putin’s invasion cum annexation.

Prince Charles is expected to meet Mr. Putin early next month at D-Day commemorations in France. Hopefully, he can teach him some history.

Patrice Aymé

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9 Responses to “Putin: Viciously Incoherent”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, “The Borowitz Report.”

    In response to the international uproar created when he reportedly compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler, His Royal Highness Prince Charles today issued the following letter of apology to the Russian people.

    My dear Russians,

    Yesterday, it was reported that I compared your President Putin to Hitler. If by making this comment I have in some way offended you, I am deeply sorry. Adolf Hitler was one of the horrible villains in world history, and comparing President Putin to him was uncalled for.

    What I should have said, and what I say to you now, is that this Putin chap can be a bit Hitlery at times.

    Let’s take, for example, his penchant for taking territory that doesn’t belong to him and then adding it to his country and so forth. Would you call that behavior Hitlery or not Hitlery? From where I sit, it’s more like something Hitler would do than something he wouldn’t do, and so the verdict must be, yes, the chap is being rather Hitlery when he does that.

    And, while we’re on the subject, what about Putin’s use of tanks? Also very Hitlery. Again, let me be clear: I am not calling him Hitler—but if you think you can use tanks and not come off a tad bit Hitlery, you’re not right in the head.

    Since I made my remarks, some British politicians have suggested that I abdicate my position as Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne. In other words, they believe that I do not have the right to free speech. If memory serves, back in the nineteen-thirties another chap went around trying to punish people for speaking their minds. I’m not going to name names, but if the shoe fits…

    Yours truly,

    H.R.H. Prince Charles


  2. Ken Says:

    Russia still has oil natural gas and coal (the west does not)it has not yet wasted it all on private car ownership. It also has natural gas which it has not wasted. Our lifestyles are killing us.and there is no escape from it if we do not admit that we have a problem.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It’s not too clear what Russia has. Much of it is in the extreme north. The USA is now becoming the number producer in oil and gas. But agreed about the killing. California could go all clean electric (instead its now streaked with fuel trains, 2 miles long with fracked oil inside…).


  3. Ken Says:

    Maybe all we need is more batshit crazy royals leading the world into a deeper hole than we are already in.Sure that will work..inbreeding is good right? cousin of France runs Brit who is the cousin of the king of Denmark who is the cousin of the chancellor of Germany. and so on and so on.we have a failed system now.
    Now we have to live with the problems that presents.


  4. james nightingale Says:

    The one thing I cannot understand is why no one seems to have seen this coming! American interference in Ukraine was unacceptable since the EU were trying help ,why did they get involved, it is obvious USA wants to be the world controller; they throw their toys out of the pram if they cannot get their way. Remember USA witch hunts after WW2 and Granada hmm who calling who???
    No matter who is right or wrong force it not the answer. When is right to destroy another country’s sovereignty???? We will never all agree on what is right but respect is the most important issue!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi James, and welcome! I do agree that the USA tires the world with attempt at control. Initially, though, the Ukraine problem was strictly intra-European. But Putin was completely crazy, and the Europeans were weak. My advice to Obama: step in. He did. And well (although NeoCon Nuland overstepped the bounds; I had an essay to complain about her: “Fuck Europe!”). Now Putin got his oil and gas, he is digesting. I rest my case.


  5. Sladjana Josic Says:

    About Crimea. I think that solution between Russia and the USA will be reached. Russia will accept the fact that Kosovo is an independent state and the USA will do the same with Crimea. And again Serbia will be a loser.
    Ex members of the EU parliament-Alessandra Mussolini and Roberto Fiore.
    Sladjana Josic


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Sladjana: Russia is just an imperial bully greedy for oil and gas, anxious to control ever more oil, gas, and land than any other country. It ought not to have been that much between the USA and Russia, than the EU and Russia. Making it the former is to give in to the USA imperialism.


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