Don’t Monkey Around French Tyrants

Philosophy is nothing if not explicit. Plato represents Socrates in various debates with various characters. Politics is practical philosophy. And what is the fundamental philosophy of the genus Homo? Curiosity, associated with imperial inquisitiveness, and abrasive intelligence.

In turn the later have brought human supremacy, and a subsequent optimization of the pursuit of happiness (imposed by the USA Constitution, aping Aristotle).

The superiority of the present civilization is a direct consequence from the preceding, this imperial spirituality, and it rests on free speech (First Amendment of the USA Constitution).

No free speech means that tyranny is free to rule. It is pretty clear that the so called “representative democracy” is a form of tyranny. So it would make sense that free speech would be curtailed by tyrants, as doing so will encourage tyranny.


Don't Ape Me. Publish This In France, Go To Jail

Don’t Ape Me. Publish This In France, Go To Jail

[Logically challenged French judges, seeing this, apparently deduced that Taubira used to be the ape on the left, and condemn this inner revelation, as somebody’s else racism; the logic of fools knows no bounds.]

In France, “justice” condemns sexual mutilation of girls… if one of the politically correct color,  (Contrarily to Britain, where it is tolerated as “multiculturalism). Yet the punishments have been light. Not so for calling attention to Taubira’s “family” (in the scientific sense, see below).

Some will say I exaggerate, and calling Hollande Le Grotesque and his ilk “tyrants” show an inordinate lack of measure unbecoming a philosopher. However, I know history. In France the tyrant Napoleon is front and center: he has his special resting place below the magnificent gold dome of the Invalides (erected by the Tyrant Louis XIV). I recommend to extract him, and throw the debris down the Rhine, the rough center of his exactions.

Napoleon and Louis XIV were disasters for Europe, killing millions, making million more fleeing for their lives, all the way to Capetown and the New Paltz (New York state). But don’t tell that to the average French practicing their idolatry.

On December 27, 1594, Jean Chastel attacked the king Henri IV, wounding his lip. Chastel, 19 year old, of good bourgeois birth, was drawn and quartered within two days. However, a few month later, Jean Boucher, Cure’ de Saint Benoit, doctor at the Sorbonne, and rector of the University of Paris, published an “Apologie” of the would-be assassin, where he commanded his act, and invited another attempt on the king’s life.

Freedom of speech in France was thus greater, in some ways, back in the Sixteenth Century. And the tyrants, less tyrannical. A really paradoxical observation.

In a country such as France, right now, a few guys without much intelligence, but all the levers of power, are taking a succession of idiotic decisions, and they do this by behaving as if they were great princesses and princes of the Middle Ages, endowed with an aura of sanctity. The truth? Well, it’s in their genes. Apes (or more exactly Hominids, see below) are just glorified baboons.

The Eighteenth Century biologist Buffon thought baboons were too obscene to describe faithfully.

Such is the inheritance, not to say the truth, that French politicians  want to hide the most.

A woman was condemned to nine months in jail in France for the preceding picture and attending commentary.

The woman is an extreme right blonde bimbo, not really my cup of tea: at least once, an extreme right commando tried to kill me, with an Improvised Explosive Device, so I cannot be accused of having a right wing bias! But that’s beside my point, which is free speech, and even more so, free thought.

If someone says something idiotic, it ought to be condemned verbally (and I have advocated Truth as the fourth branch of government). But only tyrants send people to jail for suggestions of a non criminal nature. I fail to see what is criminal about suggesting that an ape such as me, is, actually, an ape. Now, of course, hard core Islamists and Catholics, Calvin, or Saint Louis, would believe that’s a crime. Apparently French judges also go ape about the concept.

One thing about the picture above, that will escape no doubt escape idiots, at first sight. This is a juxtaposition of pictures. One shows a young gorilla at 18 months. The other picture shows the French “Guard Of The Seals”, the Justice Minister (equivalent to Holder), a woman called Taubira, native of French Guyanna.

Let’s cut the crap: she is basically the one who decides to send people to jail, or not, as in Russia.

The seal she guards is apparently most importantly is that of imbecility. She could not hide a large monkey grin after the verdict was announced.

And what was the deed that was punished? The fact that French judges, and the French government decided to build a logic between the two pictures. They actually made an implication, deducing that the picture on the left was supposed to represent Taubira at 18 months.

In other words, those fools are the ones who admitted publicly that, when they see an 18 month old gorilla, they think about Taubira, now. In other words, they are admitting publicly that they are themselves racist scums, and biologically confused. So they send somebody else to jail, in their frustration.

We know what happened to free speech in Putin’s Russia: if women gather in a cathedral to sing a prayer to the Virgin Mary to rid Russia of Putin, they are condemned to jail (for racist insults against the church, basically).

What’s the problem with Putin? The West. Putin is aping what he sees being done in the West.

Or is it the other way around? Systems of thought are obdurate, and have a life of their own. What we see above is that the ferocity of the states is augmenting: USA goons are spying all over, and lurk within your computers. Mr. Xi will send you to jail if you invoke certain events that never happened in a certain place. Now France is showing clear signs of losing its mind.

Complete with censoring comedians (without any judicial decisions). The problem there is that the censoring Prime Minister is then supposed to steer the country just so… After demonstrating he is an obviously tyrannical little fool.

Systems of thought have a life of their own, for the worst, but also for the best.

After the Barbarians fought Rome for a millennium, they sort of won. And what did they do? They aped Rome. The principle of the Republic had won them over.

The Barbarians (Ostrogoths in Italia, Burgonds and Wisigoths in Gallia, etc.) reactivated much of the Republican ideals after say 500 CE, as the “Christian Republic” (from historical ignorance, and bias, the idea of Christian Republic is often attributed to Calvin, Locke, Rousseau; in truth it was partly enacted by the time of the Church Founding Fathers, by 400 CE… And led to a mess, because the political correctness that characterized Christianism, by groveling to the strong, was incapable of effective governance).

Systems of ideas have to be cultivated, educated, and, sometimes, destroyed.

Representative democracy has to be destroyed as an ideal.

Think Taubira. Who is Taubira? A primate. An ape actually. An ape dictating to seventy million people.

Yes, learn this, French judges: you are primates, not creatures of Allah. Or maybe you are creatures of Allah, but that’s a concept that exist only in your minds, and the books you read; it has no factual support. We apes, evolving smartly, over the last ten million years, pulled away from chimpanzees, not by denying what we were, apes, but by embracing it, understanding it and thinking about what it implied.

Denial may work when one has terminal cancer. But, otherwise, it’s hopeless. Maybe French authorities have cancer? A cancer of the mind?

If Taubira can’t stand that judges deduce it has been implied that she maybe just a primate, she should see the appropriate shrink. (Apparently the entire political class in France, we are told, approves of the judges’ Putin like diktat: so maybe they should all see shrinks? And reject Allah? Or then migrate to Turkey, by the feet of the Islamist Erdogan?)

Spiting people because of their origins is condemnable. Spiting condemnable ideas, though, is the essence of morality. Spiting science, such as the scientific discovery that the genus Homo is a type of ape, is extremely condemnable. So I condemn French “judges” for emulating Galileo’s judges.
Amusingly, I have been somewhat in error above. Political correctness has gained scientific semantics. So, instead of calling everybody “ape” from chimpanzees and gorillas to man, now everybody is called “Hominidae” (Hominids). Here it is:

Chimpanzee: Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Order: Primates, Family: Hominidae, Subfamily: Homininae, Tribe: Panini, Genus: Pan.

Here is Taubira, a “man”. Order: Primates, Family: Hominidae, Tribe: Hominini, Subtribe: Hominina, Genus: Homo.

Meanwhile the French People would be well advised to search for a new form of government more appropriate to the modern world, and the increasing democracy we all dearly need.

One does not have to look very far for inspiration: the Confoederatio Helvetica next door, an independent, and central part of the Franks’ Francia, is enjoying a much more direct form of democracy.

High time for Revolution.

Patrice Ayme’

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33 Responses to “Don’t Monkey Around French Tyrants”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    So it is not allowed in France to insult a monkey?


  2. Evelyne Le Formal Says:

    Mutiler une petite fille en lui coupant le clitoris avec une lame de rasoir et sans l’endormir coute moins cher : 3 mois de prison avec sursis et reconduite au pays et au frais du gouvernement (donc nous) de la matrone qui a sévi avec l’accord et la complicité de la famille !!

    [TRANSLATION: Cutting the clitoris of a little girl without anesthesia in France is punished by 3 month SUSPENDED jail sentence.]


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Beaucoup, beaucoup moins cher: la peine de 9 mois, pour avoir ose’ insinuer, peu etre, que Taubira ne ressemble pas seulement a un singe, mais en descend, n’est pas avec sursis. C’est vraiment, non seulement la fin de la liberte’ d’expression, mais du racisme, niveau Nazis.

      [Translation: punishment for the picture on this site in France is 9 months rotting in a jail… That is more severe than what Louis XVI visited on its enemies. It’s racism… against freedom, and thought, and science.]


  3. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Chris Snuggs Je proteste. C’est une insulte massive aux singes, qui ne font pas de mal à personne, sont hônnetes, ne sont pas gourmands, ne se saoulent pas pour écraser avec leur voiture des innocents, n’amènent pas leurs pays vers la banqueroute et ne polluent pas la planète. Les singes ont des droits, non? Les comparer à une personne de l’élite politique, c’est le comble ….!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed. Cutting organs without anesthesia is OK, in France, as long as one is of the correct color. However severely punished are expressions «passibles d’une interpellation pour injure à un ministre en exercice».

      Why do these ministers in exercise hate monkeys so much? Why so much racism against apes? See my essay in detail: science has ESTABLISHED, that Taubira and the charming hairy little one are of the same “FAMILY”, hominidae. Question: why is science so poorly taught in French schools that French judges have strictly not aware of Taubira’s FAMILY?


  4. Paul Handover Says:

    I read a deeper malaise in your essay, Patrice, and that is the failure of ‘representative’ democracy in country after country around the world. In fact, it’s inspiring me to write a post over on LfD about the possibilities for truly democratic government.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Please go ahead, Paul, and keep me informed! ;-)!
      And you are completely right.
      Representative democracy is actually oligarchic representation.
      Athenians had 80,000 citizens, and 80,000 legislators. France has about 1,000 times more citizens, and one half of a thousandth (1/2,000) fewer legislators. That makes the French democratic index half of a million times less than the Athenians!


  5. Benign Says:

    It could all be the madness that precedes war.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am amazed that France did not explode yet. This avalanche of racist political correctness is fueling Marine Le Pen’s national front. Those in power do this, because they really believe she could never make it. Another demonstration of their idiocy. Globally, tyrannical governments have been much encouraged by, say, the Invasion of Iraq in 2003: if Bush could away with this, why not me, whines Putin, sincerely mystified.
      It’s a system of mood, that, indeed, precedes war.


  6. gmax Says:

    A tyrant is a tyrant. Doesn’t matter if he/she is elected. Leaders, all over, democratically elected or not, are, indeed tyrants.


  7. Dominique Deux Says:

    Radical disagreement. You’ll have to make do with Chris’ gloating approval.

    Free speech is never an absolute ideal. Many kinds of speech have been deemed against the law, some for good, some for bad reasons. Discussing those reasons is OK, but saying they never exist is ideological folly and foolishness.

    France has declared, through its elected legislators, decades ago, that racial insult, the call to hateful violence, and the negation of (or praise of) well proven crimes against humanity went beyond protected free speech. And I completely agree but, in agreement or not, this is the law, not “political correctness”. The State, exercising its lawful mandate.

    The above poster does not make a comparison between Ms Taubira and an ape: it states she is one. Need I remind you that, when Biblical excuses failed the erudite Southern Gentlemen of the slavery states, their heirs turned to half-understood evolution, claiming that the (N-word) was only half-human, more ape than man in fact? Calling Ms Le Pen an ape would be well beyond good taste, but nobody ever used that excuse to enslave her forebears. Calling Ms Taubira an ape is being an accessory after the fact to a monstrous crime. Jokes and insults have a rap sheet, and that one has a very heavy rap sheet. Hence the need to strike – hard.

    You also may realize that being tried in absentia always guarantees the harshest sentence on the book. The lowbrow thug is entitled to a new judgment as soon as she turns herself in. I personally regret it.

    Maybe some of the other comments will help you realize the kind of scum you’re welcoming aboard.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: First of all, I reject the moral authority of “elected legislators”, although I agree they have guns, and, as dangerous fools armed with guns, they have to be taken seriously.

      “racial insult, the call to hateful violence, and the negation of (or praise of) well proven crimes against humanity went beyond protected free speech.”

      I agree with that. However, when violent, tyrannical judges deduce they found a document seriously demonstrating that Taubira used to be very hairy when she was younger, that’s not racism, it’s ridiculous.

      “in agreement or not, this is the law, not “political correctness”. The State, exercising its lawful mandate.”
      Indeed, when Nazis make the law, it’s the law, whether we like it or not. Them and their goons, man the guns. (I know this personally right now, because, and I am not going to provide details, I find myself “sans papier”, a testimony to the dictatorship.)

      Black Africans were enslaved for three reasons: a) The Muslims taught the Portuguese slavery.
      b) The king of Portugal asked the Pope the right to reciprocate.
      c) The Pope wrote a “bulle” to that effect.

      It has nothing to do with the fact humans and apes are from the same… family (and may perhaps even breed together). That theory was so controversial in the 19C, Lamarck got mistreated, really badly, by the resurgent right wing regime after 1815, which, like Vichy, wrote plenty of laws (some still effective), that I thoroughly despise.

      Taubira is from Guyana. I, like Dieudonne’, am partly from Africa.

      Voltaire exaggerated when he said he disagreed to death with others, and would defend to death their right of expression. However, I mostly agree.

      The funny thing is, as these outrageous tyranny keeps on unfolding, it guarantees the rule of Ms Le Pen, and then everybody will explain very different things.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am not “welcoming her abroad”. I saw and heard her on TV. She is an idiot. Or, more exactly, she says completely idiotic things.

      As I said, scums like that tried to assassinate me before (I have become very careful in recent years, as a result).

      However, although I agree with the reforms Taubira pushed for, and I would have gone much further (assisted procreation and GSA for all), I saw her gloating on TV the other day after the astounding, Ancient Regime style sentence was announced. Frankly, considering how poorly a country such as France is managed, and how dictatorial these scums are, I do not hesitate to defy the law that way. A scum is a scum. Does not matter if he, or she, is gloating in the 18C or the 21C. Or whether they claim to represent the People, or God, or both, and all the laws they can make.

      I have lived in Africa my entire childhood. I have seen baboons gloat, and it was funny. But it’s not when I cannot insult them back, and they replied with injurious violence. France is in a very bad way.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “nobody ever used that excuse to enslave her forebears. Calling Ms Taubira an ape is being an accessory after the fact to a monstrous crime. Jokes and insults have a rap sheet, and that one has a very heavy rap sheet. Hence the need to strike – hard.”

      This is going to be answered. I am familiar with that reasoning. It was held, a lot, and very hard, by various leaders, in the 1930s.


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Cela ne plaira pas du tout aux singes d’apprendre qu’ils partagent plus de 90% de DNA avec homo sapiens!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chris: Please stop comparing Taubira Queen of Universe with bacteria, or French “judge” will strike you with 900 years hard labor in Cayenne! Especially if you are white, which you are, and then you get 9,000 years, because your ancestors has caged monkeys before.

      In more serious news… Chris: 90%, indeed, c’est deja les bacteries. Les singes, c’est plus de 99%. C’est la meme FAMILLE que Taubira! Les juges francois n’en savent rien, vu qu’ils sont alles a l’ecole francaise, ou on n’etudie que le politiquement correct. D’ou la justice simiesque…
      Stop with your racist bacteria talk, will you? That’s an insult against “ministre”. It’s safer to insult the Pope.

      Taubira has no bacteria, it’s against the law to insinuate anything else.



  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Putin, as I said in my latest essay (on French “judges”) is more a consequence, than a cause. He certainly did not build most of the plutocratic system that devours the biosphere, the greatest crime, ever.


  10. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    Disappointing that you would compare Dominique – the only mature view in the discussion – with ‘leaders in 1930’s’, as usual… And the only gloating I see is yours over bacteria jokes, which are microscopic in their empathy. But since your genius is lost on your blog as you state in your last tweet, maybe the future will be wise enough for your bashing. The fact that one day you are an anarchist (see above) and the next the preserver of Frankish/Roman militant civilization while bashing your home in US is just a mess. A mess on a mission perhaps, but heading nowhere.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Andrew: I appreciate Dominique a lot, and did not compare him with “leaders in the 1930s”. I compared a particular type of reasoning, violence by the way of alleged victimhood, to the main line of the 1930s. I also object to justify violence against people because something their forebears supposedly would have done.

      Although I compared some acts of Merkel (“Merkler”) to Hitler’s, at some particular nasty turn of the Wall Street driven Greek crisis, I do not believe any of today’s Germans have anything to do with Nazism. Quite the opposite. Yet, it’s exactly what Taubira is alleging, on a much greater scale, as she goes back ten generations, and condemn entire races, whereas only a few plutocrats were involved.

      “The genius wasted on the blog” thing was not from me but from Nathan Curry, I reproduced it in moment of weakness not realizing it would cause offense.. Funny you call me “white and privileged”, I was reading a biography of Rousseau today, and indeed, speak about “privileged”. Rousseau was deified later as a revolutionary, although he could be viewed as a scum (mistreating children).

      I was also thinking that rare are those that reached a high thought impact and were not, indeed, privileged. Camus is one counter-example.

      Justifying violence with victimhood is the oldest trick in the book of mayhem. No need to confine oneself to the 1930s.
      Adolf Hitler practiced that art constantly: “This people will be horribly and barbarically mistreated and Germans have been evidence of this fate for twenty years.” (Sept 19, 1939). Taubira, the subject at hand, has been a top French politician for more than 20 years. Speak about privileged. Insulting her is even against the law.

      Being for direct democracy is not being an anarchist. I have said, many times, that, in first strategy, the West ought to emulate the Swiss way. That’s going somewhere.

      “Bashing my home in the US”? “Bashing the .01%” yes, but I believe they bash my home, and not just in the US. In Senegal, fishes had disappeared in the bowels of Korean ships while mysteriously the son of the president became a billionaire. People were going starving. The contracts were broken, after a change of president, and the fishes are back.

      What political correctness is serving is feel good solutions, but they don’t address the mess out there. Meanwhile, those who think a picture of a baby hominid next to another hominid, an adult woman, deserve nine months in jail, get my contempt. Let them be tired.


  11. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    … also tired is your African claim, and baboon comparisons. You’re white, privileged and educated. ’nuff said.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Comparing men to baboons (Cynocephales) is a higher level of cynicism I reached when I gave myself an African name depicting that species. Taubira’s insults to my origins and reality are hard to take… ;-(…


    • gmax Says:

      Wow. Patrice is EDUCATED. EDUCATED, can you believe that? White too? Shoot her on sight, she is messing up with our pea brains


  12. Integrity and democracy. | Learning from Dogs Says:

    […] following me reading a recent essay over on Patrice Ayme’s blog.  It was his (her?) post of the 17th July in which was written, “Representative democracy has to be destroyed as an ideal.” and […]


  13. wen.e.scott Says:

    Athens is a terrible example of democracy, direct or otherwise. As Alex Jones says, above, ‘… a large number of people in Athens had no rights, the slaves….’ That large number was a clear majority in Athens, about 80% of the adult population, not just slaves, but women and peasants. The reality is that Athens was a rentier society, much as we have seen happen in many Western nations today, owing its long economic success in part to free labour by women, peasants, bonded servants, and slaves, and allowing the remaining ‘citizens’ to enjoy their direct democracy, a government created by and for themselves.

    Perhaps we should consider the flaws of the Athenian example when examining the profound and complex failure of modern democracy. Your idea of direct voting on issues comes closer to the ancient consensus form of governing practiced by some Native North American Tribes.

    As to Patrice Ayme’s blog linked above, I am not sure what s/he is talking about. The genetic lesson falls flat when considering the long tradition of associating apes and other animals with people as a way to justify a denial of civic privilege and human rights. I don’t know the incident or law s/he refers, but the meaning of the picture is very clear by the captions, ‘At 18 Months’, and ‘Now’, beneath the photos of an infant ape and the woman.

    IMHO, there is no such thing as freedom of speech without responsibility and ownership, i.e., accountability, otherwise it too, can become yet another mask for tyranny. (For example, the endless ads during elections providing deliberate misdirection, misinformation and lies about opposing candidates, and no information about platforms and issues, reducing the act of voting to a popularity contest. Another example is climate deniers.)

    As an interesting aside, we should look at the creative definitions of ‘majority’ as used in elections. Majority used to mean 66 ⅔ % of a quorum, today in the USA, it can mean as little as 50+ % of the popular vote as decided by the electoral college, and here in Canada, our sitting government claims majority with less than 40% of the popular vote, thanks to a multi-party system and arm’s length representation by number of seats per party in parliament.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wen: You did not read my essay carefully. No, the meaning is not “very clear”. You seem to engage in specieism: apes are despicable, we are ashamed to be associated to them. Some philosophers (Singer) have written books to show that was unwise.

      Paul respects dogs as a source of wisdom, me, same with apes, even more so. I actually learned in Africa to learn from apes, and even, from baboons. I even chose an African name of such a primate as my nickname, when I was ten year old.

      Now I find out that, if one associates, in any sense humans and other hominids, thoroughly idiotic French judges view this as worthy of nine months in detention. By comparison, sexual mutilators of girls got only suspended sentences. The explanation offered is that the color, thus tribal link of the participants: do they belong to the victim tribe, or the dominant tribe? Do they belong to the elected people of yesteryear, or the one long abused? Etc.

      That’s not justice, and it’s not wise.


      Discriminating against people on basis of their origins is not, and ought not, to be tolerated.

      Playing favorite to Jews and “Blacks” as the present French government is doing, at least in the aspect of lip service, threatens an explosion of not so favored minorities.

      One of the commenters on my site, Dominique Deux, who feels that calling African “apes” or something like that led to slavery was not correct, as I show in the following essay:

      But not just that: Dominique had called Marine Le Pen, months before, a “shrew”. I would prefer to be called an “ape” rather than a “shrew”. When I asked French people with a legal background if French judges had gone ape, I got really weird answers: the perpetrator had been a member of the National Front (not anymore, she was expelled), Taubira was “black”.

      On the subject of Athens. The presentation of Athens as made of rentiers is not correct. Rentiers are not supposed to work, Athenians worked hard. Athens fell to Antipater, a senior general of Alexander’s father… Who may have assassinated Alexander (this, or he died of a mysterious disease).

      Oligarchy is the rule of the few. That’s what we have: ruled by a few thousand representatives, judges, plutocrats, and their servants. Democracy is the rule of the People.

      So Paul is right. But it’s not the democracy that is in question. It’s the oligarchic principle.


  14. Paul Handover Says:

    I freely admit my poor knowledge of the truth of the Athenian process
    Paul Handover


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Athenians voted directly on issues, after debating them with an equal right of speech. Depending upon the importance of the issue, the number of votes to get it passed varied.


  15. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Scientia Salon, July 28, 2014.]

    By coincidence last weeks I wrote three successive essays just about aspects of this “political correctness”.

    What motivated me is that a woman was condemned to nine months in jail for publishing a picture of a baby ape next to that of the French Justice minister. Those nine months were not a suspended sentence.

    Some of my commenters said that was very right because the offender was white, and the offended non-white. Said offender had suggested free distribution of property (land, houses) to all those of part African ancestry (on the ground some of their ancestors were enslaved… Yet everybody had slaves among their ancestors).

    If we limit debate, we limit intelligence, and return to the apes. Good luck with the biosphere in crisis.


  16. Hating Dylan Charged In France | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] […]


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