Slavery: Black, White, Plutocratic

A French woman was condemned to nine months in jail, for insinuating that Taubira, a politician, was from the same family as a hairy relative of an apparently less intellectual nature. In France, when one insults the leaders, one goes to jail. That’s the law. A recent law, too, that did not exist four centuries ago.

And yet, as Galileo whispered, after been condemned for claiming that the Earth rotated: “she rotates”. But, in present day France, judges judge reality, they did not learn from their Papal forebears. Want some more reality? Here is the famous painting “Convoi De Femmes Captives

Africa: Steel, Slaves & Guns Before Europeans Came

Africa: Steel, Slaves & Guns Before Europeans Came

“Homo” and “Pan” (Chimpanzee) are of the same “family”, in the scientific sense. Both are “Hominidae”. French judges are blinded by the “politically correct”, rather than by science.

Because of the prominence of politically correct thought, rather than factually correct thought, the French unemployment rate is about twice what it is in Germany, Great Britain, and the USA. I probably just gravely insulted the “ministres”, and should be put in jail.

Dominique Deux, an esteemed commenter on this site said that:

“Calling Ms Le Pen an ape would be well beyond good taste, but nobody ever used that excuse to enslave her forebears. Calling Ms Taubira an ape is being an accessory after the fact to a monstrous crime. Jokes and insults have a rap sheet, and that one has a very heavy rap sheet. Hence the need to strike – hard.”

There are two issues here: a) The theory that alleged descendants ought to be punished for crimes alleged ancestors may have committed, centuries ago.

b) The facts of slavery: who committed the crime, and why, etc..

I will treat only the second issue here, as I treat many issues: with relentless truth, throwing away all caution to the wolves of commonality.

Ms Le Pen has probably slaves among her forebears. Does that give her a right to strike –hard?

Indeed, before the Franks under Queen Bathilde, an ex-slave, outlawed the slave trade within the Imperium Francorum (Empire of the Franks) in 655 CE, slavery was ubiquitous. Some of the largest slave owners were bishops.

Africans were enslaved for three reasons:

a) The occupying Muslims taught the Portuguese plutocrats that slavery worked harmoniously.

b) The king of Portugal asked the Pope for the right to reciprocate. (Portugal had never been part of the Imperium Francorum.)

c) The Pope wrote a “Bull” to that effect.

However, with all other “races” and the rest of Europe, slavery stayed unlawful. It was tolerated in the colonies, because the reach of the law there was tenuous (initially; then traditions were created).

That re-introduction of slavery has nothing to do with the facts Africans were deemed to be apes. The proximal cause of the reintroduction of slavery was the usual suspect, Christianity. Claiming that slavery arose from the theory of evolution is an argument that even the opponents of Lamarck and Darwin did not use.

That men and apes are basically the same is obvious to all, but French judges. Carthaginians captured what they called “hairy women”, with a strong fighting disposition, south of Mount Cameron. From their descriptions, it’s clear those were female gorillas. That identification to “women” was a stroke of genius, as we know now that gorillas are indeed hominids. Just like Taubira.

From: “Hominidae: chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, humans:

Until recently, most classifications included only humans in this family; other apes were put in the family Pongidae (from which the gibbons were sometimes separated as the Hylobatidae). The evidence linking humans to gorillas and chimps has grown dramatically in the past two decades, especially with increased use of molecular techniques. It now appears that chimps, gorillas, and humans form a clade of closely related species; orangutans are slightly less close phylogenetically, and gibbons are a more distant branch. Here we follow a classification reflecting those relationships. Chimps, gorillas, humans, and orangutans make up the family Hominidae; gibbons are separated as the closely related Hylobatidae. Thus constituted, the Hominidae includes 4 genera and 5 species. Its nonhuman members are restricted to equatorial Africa, Sumatra and Borneo. Hominid fossils date to the Miocene and are known from Africa and Asia.”

Some view Taubira as a victim because she has a brownish skin. Does that mean it’s politically correct to view all the brownish ones as slaves?

Who transported the Black slaves? Some Arabs and Europeans traders working on behalf of white, or whitish plutocrats. Where did they purchase their slaves? In Black Africa. Who captured the slaves? Black Africans, or Peuls, or raiding Moroccans or Arabs.

But mostly Black Africans. A dozen black African empire thrived on the slave trade. It’s black power, black plutocratic power, which enabled the slave trade. By, say, 1800 CE, except for the extreme tip of South Africa, and Zanzibar (Arabs) Black Africa was, still, completely unconquered.

Why? European military force could not make a dent on Africa. Africans had steel, and they made arrowheads, and even firearms with it. Besides, Europeans died like flies from African diseases.

Purchasing blacks from blacks, does not make the whites using slaves any less criminal. But it spreads further the question of criminality. It stops making slavery a disease confined to one particular race.

Stopping the Black African slave trade and related human rights abuses was actually used as reason for the European conquest of Africa in the second half of the Nineteenth Century.

How was that achieved? In Senegal, 5,000 Tirailleurs Senegalais were led by ten French officers. Yet, in 1900, a third of the population of Senegambia was still enslaved. The French administration brought that down to zero soon (yet, it’s climbing back up because of Quranic schools recently).

So let’s not cry too much about the black person, tortured by the white demons. It’s demeaning to all, including reality.

Let’s stay weary, instead, of those with demonic practice. And a first demonic practice, is to pose as a victim, and use this to engage in physical violence. Especially when, like Taubira, one is, instead, an overlord, as a profession (Taubira enacted the famous Taubira law in 2001). Someone so divine that, should you brandish a banana when she comes around, you go to jail. Big time. And, yes, putting people in jail is physically violent.

All societies had slavery, in the past. It was better than mass execution. Both were necessary, from ecological balance. Complain to god, or thank technology, for the (momentary?) improvement. But don’t accuse today’s people, of crimes they did not commit, because of the color of the skin of their ancestors. Amen.

Patrice Ayme’

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6 Responses to “Slavery: Black, White, Plutocratic”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Chris Snuggs

    ‘This is a wake-up call for Europe,’ warns Obama, as US President calls Malaysian plane disaster an ‘outrage of unspeakable proportions’

    I suppose the 100,000 people killed in Syria don’t count for Obama as an ‘outrage of unspeakable proportions’. Thousands of those were in GAS attacks, formerly described by Oblather as “a red line”. I suppose if thery’re Arabs, it’s OK. Besides, they are fighting each other. Except that the vast majority of victims are not fighting anyone; just cowering in cellars hoping for an end to it all, and also to fascism.

    As for “wake-up call”, Europeans are so profoundly asleep that it will take an earthquake on their doorstep to wake them up. Russian tanks arriving in Berlin might do it.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Syria: We are up to 170,000 killed, officially, according to the UN. Millions displaced. The inaction in Syria led directly to the invasion of Ukraine. So Obama can indeed blame himself, and so can Londongrad.

      This being said, talking to the average American to intervene anywhere is about as popular as telling the French that Taubira, a pure rage of the politically correct, is just an hominid. The amusing part is that those same Americans were all gung ho, can do, let’s get them, about Iraq in 2003.


  2. gmax Says:

    Methinks weird rancor surfaced after Patrice’s bold demolition of racial correctness. It’s sort of weird to see racisl correctness defended on this blog, considering she did tremendous attacks against Obama and Bush, etc., paying no heed to the sheeple and its pig headed stuborness for admiring great men with small minds. Maybe some have French fetishism?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear GMax: That such a clear cut case: one does not embastille someone because the sovereign has been mimicked as a monkey.
      Once the fool of Francois I of France, facing him and Charles Quint, king of Spain and Holly Roman emperor, addressed them: “Je suis en face des deux plus grand imbeciles connus…”
      [I am facing the two greatest imbeciles known in the world…]

      That was five centuries ago.

      Now if one says this to this little sh.. of Valls, the French PM, one goes to jail. And idiots on the pseudo left applaud….

      And what was Emmanuel Valls, the hero of political correctness, doing today, that great man? He was sitting in a car in the Alps, following the Tour De France.

      A baboon and his toys. Enjoy, while it lasts.


  3. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Patrice Ayme: “By 1800 CE, after the peak of slave trading, except for the extreme tip of South Africa, Black Africa was still completely unconquered by Europe.”

    Chris Snuggs: It means that slavery had NOTHING to do with race, but with oppression of the weak by the strong. Mugabe has treated blacks FAR worse than the whites treated them.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes. Notice it’s demeaning to tell Africans that white Europeans used to come in, grab them and enslave them, as if they were defenseless big children. I have seen Africans train with traditional bows and arrows, and I can tell you that those were very lethal and efficient weapons. You and me are talking reality, and that has nothing to do with political correctness.

      I have seen people born recently, saying that they were the first generation in Africa born free (meaning that, under the Afrique Occidentale Francaise they were prisonners). Yet, they were from Cote D’Ivoire, which was free of war under the French administration. War there has killed thousands recently, and terrorized everybody. Presumably, they are free to kill people as they wish.

      And in the AOF, Africans, or Europeans, could have brandished a banana peel, and nothing would have happened. In present day France, the politically corrected have decided that brandishing a banana peel, if colors of the participants are just so, “white on black”, will send you to jail. The most astounding thing is that most present day French do not find this an intrusion on private life, and gloat that it is, as GMax said, “racially correct”… Because the “blacks” have monstrously suffered…. presumably in French hospitals of the AOF, getting cured from elephantiasis.


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