Macron, Bankster, Executioner

Humanity is facing its greatest crisis, ever. Clearly the situation of the biosphere is the most dangerous in 65 million years. And what do we do? We put in charge of everything individuals such as Mr. Hollande, an obvious half-wit with a vicious sense of contradiction (his ex-mistress revealed that “socialist” Hollande calls the poor “Sans-Dents”: “No-Teeth”).

Krugman wrote in the “Fall Of France”: “At this point, Europe is doing worse than it did at a comparable stage of the Great Depression. And even more bad news may lie ahead, as Europe shows every sign of sliding into a Japanese-style deflationary trap.” That has long been clear, as I pointed out in GREATER DEPRESSION, more than three years ago.

Hollande: Bankster To Lead France

Hollande: Bankster To Lead France

Krugman: “[Hollande] was elected on a promise to turn away from the austerity policies… Since the intellectual justification for these policies was weak and would soon collapse, he could have led a bloc of nations demanding a change of course. But it was not to be. Once in office, Mr. Hollande promptly folded…

Let it not be said, however, that he is entirely spineless. Earlier this week, he took decisive action… Mr. Hollande’s force was focused on purging members of his government daring to question his subservience… you need to understand two things. First, Europe, as a whole, is in deep trouble. Second, however, within that overall pattern of disaster, France’s performance is much better than you would guess from news reports. France isn’t Greece; it isn’t even Italy. But it is letting itself be bullied as if it were a basket case…”

(Actually French employment rate in the prime slice from 25 to 55 years of age is better than the USA’s!)

Hollande nominated an entire team of half-wits to lead France; several of whom apparently hoped that, being at the top of the state would put them above any suspicion, and allow them to engage in massive tax evasion.

The latest of these low lives was Trade Secretary only nine days before it came to light he did not declare his income for years. Not to worry: he is back to Member of Parliament again, where he will be presumably able to make discourses attacking those in the Middle Class who complain about confiscatory taxes, as he used to.

Hollande’s fate is reminiscent of Obama’s. Here are two presidents elected to enact real change profiting We The People. Yet, they soon surrounded themselves with people from the other side, the side of very high finance. Then they surrender to the reality they had themselves created.

In both cases, it has been a triumph of the bankers. In both cases individuals who worked in, and for banks, became pillars of the administrations. And not just any banks. The major banks, those entrusted by society to create massive credit, that is money, to support the economy.

Instead those giant banks spend all their muscles engaging of a casino of their own making, in which they make money off each other and a secretive universe of hedge funds and so called “Dark Pools” (more than half the world’s money).

Hollande just nominated Mr. Macron, 36 year old, Economy Minister. Macron is a graduate of ENA who worked as a Finance Inspector, before being employed by the Rothschild Bank for four years. Presumably Macron was using his know-how of the Finance Inspectorate to tell Rothschild how to avoid taxes and prosper. Macron made a huge fortune.

Rothschild had already pulled this trick over a twenty year period in the 1960s and 1970s, when another of its equally ignorant creatures, Pompidou, came to lead France as PM and then President.

The Daily Beast, in a burp of propaganda: …”[Macron] got rich on his wits. He is, by all accounts, brilliant; a dashing, urbane go-getter who exudes charm. A sharp intellectual. A prodigy. He is even a prize-winning classical pianist. The guy’s a winner… Nicknamed “the Mozart of Finance,” Macron spent short but extremely lucrative years as an investment banker at Rothschild Group. His key role in shepherding Nestlé’s $12-billion purchase of Pfizer’s infant-nutrition unit is said to have set Macron up financially for years to come.… ”

Key role? Let me laugh. One of the main reason for acquisitions right and left is so-called inversion, in other words, tax evasion. Sharp wits? No doubt it’s smart to be a crook, when being a creep puts the world at one’s feet.

This all begs the question: how extensive is corruption in the democracies? When all the leaders are bankrolled so extensively by the most powerful, most perverse financial system ever created, is it surprising that the leaders’ decisions favor private banking?

And how come that banks, those daily beasts, have acquired that much power?

Lest Americans congratulate themselves about such things not happening in the USA, let them know that what is going on in the USA is even worse. In the USA many of the tax avoidance schemes which are unlawful in France, are perfectly legal.

In all and any cases, the conclusion is the same: the definition of plutocrats is that they do not pay taxes.

This is exactly what happened with the French Ancient Regime aristocracy. Now top public servants (that is top politicians) are on the take from said plutocrats.

Even the educational system has been thoroughly tweaked: no instruction is ever given revealing the role bankers and plutocrats (most of them US plutocrats) played in the rise, one should even say the creation of Nazism and even World War One.

What remedy is there now? Why not try democracy? Real democracy, not the representative oligarchy we have, which insults us by calling itself democracy.

Direct democracy works in Switzerland (where banks have been reined in better than anywhere else, contrarily to repute). It could be tried in other countries. It is too bad that a call to direct democracy has not been made the main axis of the Scottish Independence referendum.

But it is not too late for more local entities to shake the slavery to extreme finance.

A last hilarious note about Macron. When “Macron” was named finance dictator of France, I could not believe it. Macro, in French “Macron”, was one of Tiberius sidekicks. Macron, a Roman prodigy similar to the French Macron, organized emperor Tiberius’ passing, and nominated Caligula. According to Tacitus and Suetonius, Tiberius was in no hurry to depart this world, and Macron, in the end, smothered the old Princeps below blankets and pillows.

But do not expect any of the French intelligentsia to react to this amusing historical connection: France used to be a place of high esprit and culture, but now it’s fading fast (with the USA) in the PISA OCDE classification of 65 countries. (Latest results: PISA 2012.)

In both the case of France and the USA, it was found that the elites themselves (the top fifth) are sinking fast in their ability to hold a rational discourse in math, science and reading. The differences are not small: Chinese students were found to be three years ahead of their somewhat lamentable Franco-American colleagues.

Moral, and then mental degeneracy has proven a strong force, throughout history. The Greco-Roman empire went down that way. So did the Jin and Song dynasties, let alone the Baghdad Caliphate.

So long live the prodigiously immoral Macron, fit for a brainless age, Caligula should be around the corner.

Patrice Ayme’

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19 Responses to “Macron, Bankster, Executioner”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    “What George Orwell studied, 1984, flows from escapism. Escapism enables Big Brother. Making the leader into god is what the sheep does.”

    Chris Snuggs: No leader should ever be allowed to “lead” for more than 5 years, no matter how good. Perpetual regimes almost always become corrupt, with disastrous consequences. Putin for a start is well past his sell-by date and increasingly convinced of his own infallibility as his country rots.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Chris, indeed. Yet, although there are some term limits in the USA in many places, the oligarchs have found ways around. For example in Obama government there are what some people in Silicon Valley call the “hidden government”.

      Arch Neo-Conservative Nuland is an example. Unelected, nominated, married to a fanatic Neo-Conservative historian. The whole complex around Summers, Rubin and other ex-employees of Goldman-Sachs, pretty much in power for 25 years, is another example.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:


  2. Dominique Deux Says:

    I share your contempt of France’s current policy, of course. It its own way, France fails Europe and the world as much as Germany does.

    Yet I do not quite share your analysis. Hollande is portrayed in the right-wing media (meaning, 99% of the media) as a spineless half-wit; he is neither, and this cover may hurt his self-esteem but it is very useful in enabling him to trudge on. I’m not even sure he is hurt; there is a French saying, “to be taken for a moron by imbeciles is a refined pleasure”. Remember he grabbed control of a notoriously savage and unmanageable bunch, the French Socialist party, where insiders know him for a ruthless “killer”, including an abrasive wit. Herding cats or pushing a wheelbarrow full of live frogs gives a faint idea of the achievement

    You like to call up reminiscences of Greek and Roman precedent, while reflecting that Western so-called elites do not have the necessary culture to profit from it any more. Their model is not the Acropolis or the Forum, but Beotia, as taught in Harvard, HEC or ENA. I like to draw similarly relevant wisdom from modern archetypes as created, or rather, reflected from the subconscious global perception, by mass media and especially Hollywood.

    IMHO Hollande, to be fully appreciated, needs to be seen as either Darth Vador – the promising, idealistic white knight who went over to the Dark Side with all of his talents, an evil achiever and enforcer, yet may still have a spark of the Light Side waiting to come back to life – or Senator Palpatine, the scheming politico turned super-villain Emperor, who never had anything but the Dark him. It makes no difference which of the two. Hopes of seeing him revert to the Light Side may be alive in despairing segments of the population, but they are unfounded.

    Thus the situation is much more serious in France, and therefore in Europe, than you might think. Do not confuse him with your corrupt, nonexistent puppet, Obama.

    On the despicable Macron – he fits in so well with the traditional French villains, Ganelon, Cauchon, Besson, that it is a (bad) joke. Even his eyes are shifty (Besson-like). But I applaud the rare political blunder Hollande made in appointing him.

    A word of caution – the quip about the toothless must be taken with a large pinch of salt. First, his former lover cannot be relied upon for honesty; second, Hollande’s wit, as I said, is savage and cynical, but that’s his wit. I can portray him saying such a thing – the poor have no teeth – as an illustration of the need to protect them. Thus I’d rather judge him on his economical and political achievements. Which are much more damning.

    PS please don’t react to the “Cauchon” cage-rattling! I have my own kind of unkind wit.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the long and refined comment, Dominique. I agree with you that this is all in the realm of possibility. But Hollande as a Sith Lord is real far out.

      Hollande can talk, he is a talk machine (I met with him). He sure does not need notes. However, the most important of what he says is strategically wrong. All the French I have talked to around Silicon Valley, and he met with, agree with that assessment.

      The truth, between the lines, is that he is more leaning towards finance than real science and technology… and, even more dismally, entrepreneurship.

      That’s why he selected a whole panoply of crooks, and now banksters, to lead. He left the SV tech crowd completely unimpressed (he did not make ONE practical suggestion to improve high tech start-ups in France, or Europe… Although he has the Swiss example below his nose… And used it to congratulate himself for the tax evasion he prevents there… Cahuzac???

      Hollande came to power, mostly because DSK self-destroyed (maybe DSK wanted to self destroy…). I see lots of parallels between Obama and Hollande. Obama was more idealistic in the beginning, but the Harvard-plutocratic (and probably CIA) Big Brother style machine detected him as an excellent candidate early on (before he got to Harvard Law, as his parents were certainly at least well known to the CIA, considering their functions).

      Obama was certainly seduced by the Dark Side… In particular the Jabba the Hut like Summers; and now it’s winters… ;-(

      I was reading Montaigne the other day (very critically). I sneered a lot at his evocations of “our good king Saint Louis“… Even congratulating him for his anti-“Tartars” (aka Mongols) racism. That was when the Franks of the Levant had allied with the Mongols, first destroying Baghdad (I disapprove the total destruction, but the Christians had good reason to be enraged), and then capturing Damascus. The racism of Saint Louis stopped the complete eradication of Islam in the Levant. Instead, rejected, the Mongols turned to Islam.

      Rejecting the Mongols was as silly, or, more exactly, self-destructive, as the later move of rejecting our good and legitimate king Henry VI… for Agnes Sorel’s Charles VII…

      I would cogently propose that Jehanne d’Arc was actually a Sith Princess. Could she be burned again in a future Star War episode?

      On a more serious note, I have a blast ready against De Beauvoir, an ex-heroine of mine… Same problem as J D’…


      • Dominique Deux Says:

        “Jehanne d’Arc was actually a Sith Princess”

        But Sith always go in pairs.

        Hmmm… Gilles de Rais, aka Bluebeard?

        And which was the teacher?


        • gmax Says:

          This Patrice has adressed many times: the Queen of Four Kingdoms, including Arago and Naples, pulled the strings. It was a wat between her and Paris-London


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hollande did not deny the “Sans-Dents” affirmation of his abominable and thoroughly despicable ex-lover. Apparently, then, he used it with more than her. Not that this should scare me very much, indeed, as I want to devour Jehanne D’Arc retrospectively (as a good Crusader).

      Moreover, the very way Hollande said he commiserated for the poor reminded me of Bill Clinton or all those who cash on the misery of the world: completely insincere, as you said. He does not want to guess that the problem goes well beyond the poor… because, as you said, he belongs to the exploiters, and Macron is his Prophet.


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, your anonymity drives me crazy at times, but you know that. However, just as frequently, I see the wisdom of your policy. Today’s essay reinforces the latter.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Paul. Indeed. Fame, celebritism, self-promotion support the oligarchic system. That’s why they are pushed on us by Big Brother and his “leaders”. Celebritism celebrates the fundamental principle of the few who rule. My point is that finding what thoughts, principles and moods should guide us, ought be all about ideas, and nothing else.


  4. Dominique Deux Says:

    What you say about Hollande leaning more towards finance than entrepreneurs is enlightening. That he should choose to woo French business leaders by appointing an investment banker is telling in that light. He obviously does not realize that – beyond the small circle of ultra-rich French plutos – the average business owner/operator sees her banker with well deserved dread and hatred.

    There is a confusion in the mind of French political leaders, possibly born from the French language. We have two expressions – “capitaine d’industrie” and “chevalier d’industrie”. They sound very much the same. But a “chevalier d’industrie” is a two-bit crook, whereas a “capitaine d’industrie” is a successful robber baron. Obviously, both coalesce into the current role model for the clueless “enterprise-friendly” French left. This not a new issue; Mitterrand, a shrewd and astute political animal, fell madly in love with Bernard Tapie, whom he saw as the epitome of the young, dashing entrepreneur. Tapie was, of course, a crook – and did time.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Mitterand was also in love with the “Milliardaire Rouge”, the guy down in the south west, who had giant agribusinesses, and exclusive contracts to feed the Soviets (because Ukraine, known to be a bread basket since Ancient Greek colonies traded there, had been massacred by Stalin and his goons).

      I was completely unaware of the notion of “chevalier d’industrie”, although I know well chevalier de la legion d’horreur… I guess, I should not make fun, as my grand mother went there, at the legion d’honneur, as pupil of the nation, after her dad, a captain, died in combat in 1916 against the fascist Boches.

      Hollande’s lack of understanding of, or any sense even of empathy for entrepreneurship is typical of ENA. Actually, one may wonder why we need “National” and “Administration”. Le fait qu’Hollande se doive de retourner a l’ecole, ne serait-ce que pour ameliorer son Anglo-Normand, par contre, n’est pas contestable.

      In any case, that Hollande is guided by banksters is plain for all to see. As you say, it’s excellent. Even Sarko sarcophagi did not sink that low, and he was lower than shark shit.

      Long Live Independent Scotland!


      • Dominique Deux Says:

        With the cogent comment,

        “Ne surtout pas confondre un chevalier d’industrie et un capitaine d’industrie. C’est le second, le chef de grande entreprise (qui n’est pas forcément un grand chef d’entreprise).”

        French was the preferred language of diplomacy…


      • Lovell Says:

        “Long Live Independent Scotland!”

        Without bothering to establish their own currency and banking system, distinct and separate from mother Britain, they will never truly be independent.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Indeed. I have an essay coming on this, I was delayed publishing it by Internet problems. Salmon and all are going upstream, they will jump that cataract when they come to it. The Pound itself is a provisional currency, that’s what the Londoners signed on, way back, or are they erratic people of dishonor, mental incoherence and base aspirations?


  5. gmax Says:

    I am ready to bet you agree with some of Macron’s ideas, notwithstanding your well justified wider critiques. Does not he want to do away with the 35 hour work week?


    • Dominique Deux Says:

      Aw come on.

      Why do you think the right never even tried to get rid of that measure? They had the majority to do so for tens of years.

      They knew it would have no impact whatsoever on overall performance, while keeping it provided the right with a convenient whipping boy for its own dismal record.

      Problem is that propaganda can be lethal to those weak minds who believe it even as they spew it. Case in point, Macron, who shot himself very nicely in the foot over a non-issue. Nice start boy, do go on.


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Polémique autour de Laurence Boone, l’ex-chef économiste pour l’Europe de Bank of America Merrill Lynch, n’est pas close.

    She is a Member of the Council of Economic Advisers to the French Prime Minister and of the “Cercle des Economistes”, the French think tank, and also an Associate Professor at Science Po. She lectures at the ENSAE and Ecole Normale Superieure and also lectured at the Ecole Polytechnique.

    Une autre polémique à cause de l’actuel directeur de l’Agence des participations de l’État (APE), David Azéma, vers le même établissement Merrill-Lynch, pour en devenir le directeur général pour la France!

    All rotten and rotting, together!


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