French God No Surrogate For Rights

French Prime Minister Valls just declared that surrogate motherhood (in French: GPA, “Gestation Pour Autrui”) is to be condemned so vigorously that the world ought to draw legislation against it. Greedy banksters are OK, and welcome in the French (or American) government, but those criminally pregnant women ought to be outlawed, and these innocent children ought to have no rights.

Who needs Marine Le Pen, when France has already worse?

Why is pregnancy criminal? Because surrogate motherhood, during which a woman brings to term somebody’s else child is “intolerable commercialization of human beings and merchantization of women’s bodies” (“merchandisation”).

Is the PM saying that there is such a thing as tolerable commercialization and merchantization of human bodies? Bad-breaking work is tolerable, but carrying someone’s else child, a crime? And these children are criminals under punishment for their existence, without having ever been convicted in a court of law?

Some will pontificate that PM Valls had to say that, because 500,000 Christianoid fanatics of the hateful persuasion, having learned nothing since the massacre of Saint Bartholomew, were going to demonstrate.

The cause of the fury of these half-wits? The European Court of Human Rights has condemned France for not recognizing the relationship parents and children, if surrogacy was involved.

How does that differ from recognizing as non-human people of color? Same idea, no? The way they were born!

So, forced by European Justice, France will recognize those relationships… But only those, and will keep on with its criminal behavior denying other human rights. France will affect to consider that even those children whose parents the European Court forced France to recognize, will have no right to nationality, or to inheritance, etc.

This atrocious French behavior relative to some children is a warning to those who affect to believe that the European Union has no merit. For years, the European Union judicial system forced Great Britain to recognize it was violating human rights in Northern Ireland, and finally the UK relented (so, lo and behold, peace came). Now it’s France and its God-enraged fanatics, which violate human rights.

Prior to the European decision, the French government had recognized the parents-child relationship in the case of the USA alone (that means, not with, say, Ukraine).

This fanaticism of Catholics given free rein, of course, undermines the struggle against Jihadism. Indeed, if the craziness of Catholic extremists has to be respected, why not that of Muslim extremists?

The fundamental reasoning of the Catholics is that, if a couple wants children, but cannot get any without surrogacy, it’s evidence that God did not want it. God, in Arabic, that’s Allah. So, in other words, surrogacy contradicts Allah.

Same story if a couple of lesbians want a child.

That reasoning about Allah is itself contradictory, in a meta way. Indeed, if God is almighty, that is, all-mighty, He (it’s never a “She”) has obviously created surrogacy. So, by denying surrogacy, one denies God’s work to God.

Moreover, by the same token, if the fanatics consider that any human technology is the work of Satan, and an effort to undermine Allah, then the fanatics should refuse all medical treatment, modern transportation, starting with using the wheel, etc. They should study this more carefully, and act accordingly.

However, chimpanzees, and even baboons, use technology: the ways of God are impenetrable.

In Japan in the Nineteenth Century, Emperor Meiji insisted on dramatic modernization. Some of the Samurai class resisted, and Meiji used massive bloody force to effect the change. He had to: Japan had to modernize if it wanted to survive. As I always say, survival is the primary moral imperative, and all what the concept of morality boils down to.

France, to some extent, and all of Europe, even the entire planet, is engaged in a similar situation: inappropriate morals have to be swept away, to be replaced by the fresh, new, and more sustainable.

Sometimes a clash of forces is all it takes. This is the sense of the bombing campaign against the so-called “Caliphate” in Mesopotamia (but it will not be complete if it cannot come to agreeable terms with progressive Sunis).

This is what both Thatcher and Reagan did to implement their long lasting counter-revolutions, and the triumph of greed: Thatcher broke the miners, Reagan put the air controllers in chains. Both destroyed the unions thus.

Great force has always to be used against great difficulties. It could be pure mental force (as intellectual Jihadists would point out). Still, one has to start somewhere. One may as well start with a cause that goes with progress.

Clearly, denying the right for some adults to have a child, if they are prevented to do so, for, say, medical reasons, is a human right violation.

Tolerating the right to violate other people’s rights  is all it takes to go down the road of infamy. The Catholics insist that they have it. They are an easier nut to break than hard core Wahhabists, so they should be done first, as a warm-up.

It is pretty pathetic to see that today’s France is on the wrong side of human rights in an Union she was long the main conceptual motor of.

Now this is no surprise: the better human rights are enforced in a nation, the higher its mental, hence economic, performance. Thus the economic weakening of France (blatant in comparison to the, in many-ways-comparable Switzerland) is entangled with increasing violation of the spirit of human rights there. I am sure that many a Jihadist will feel just that way. And correctly, however perversely, so.

Patrice Ayme’

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11 Responses to “French God No Surrogate For Rights”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    Pregnancy criminal? Then presumably those who hold this view concede they started life in crime, because I know of nobody who did not come from a pregnancy.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, more exactly, surrogate pregnancy is criminal in France, by the French, for the French. I abbreviated this perfidiously as “pregnancy criminal”. One could accuse me of being short on the ethical side, but, in matter of morality, it matters who starts what when and how much.

      The French regime has also considered, ILLEGALLY, to view as criminal surrogacy in other countries.

      As it is, the French state has been submitting, ILLEGALLY, and ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALLY, innocent children to cruel and unusual punishments. Among many other things, depriving them of their citizenships. Sometimes I believe they have been caged, and separated from their parents. OK, they won’t call it “caged”, that’s reserved to Jihadist organizations, and Qaddafi’s regime.

      This all reflects a sort of Vichization of the present regime. Now, of course, that’s unfair to Vichy. Once launched, the severity of Vichy was imposed by the Nazis, to a great extent. So Vichy had an excuse. An ironclad, superman excuse. Whereas the Marine Valls regime is imposed by the cowardice, stupidity, arrogance, and viciousness of Valls, Hollande and company.

      I really draw a line of infamy at regimes which punish children. But that’s clearly what Valls-Hollande regime has become today. And we have the proof.

      So they can brandish the National Front, or the Jihadists. Even the Jihadists don’t punish children, at least directly (although they do through an education biased towards primitivism).


  2. gmax Says:

    Yeap the mightier the minds used to be, the greater the fall! France is falling, yet does not have the excuse that Athens had, to be invaded by Macedonians like Aristotle, Philippe, Alexander, Antipater, Craterus. This Valls is worse than Petain in a sense. I feel like Chris Snuggs


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, down with French politicos! Long live Chris! Yes, this is beyond disappointing, as I said to Ian.


    • dominique deux Says:

      You are utterly right. France is mired in engineered confusion about ethics (including economics) and the so-called left cannot identify rightist fanaticism when it bites its ass, preferring instead to surrender to all and sundry – Merkel, MEDEF, fundies… and it is a completely French-made situation, I am sorry to confess. Linguistic isolation is taking its toll; French media and “intellectuals” (ha!) are running in closed circuit, accumulating sludge, Alzheimer-like, and disgorging toxic muck.

      I am especially disgusted by those PC idiots who keep mouthing platitudes about the “merchandization of the human body”. When they really mean, anything which does not conform to their religious views of sex and reproduction, but nothing else. The merchandization of human hands, muscles, backsides, and brains, aka slavery and/or corporate exploitation, is not on their tinfoil radars, as Patrice observed. Supermarket till operators are welcome to stand for hours on end for an insulting pittance, but God forbid that people rent their unmentionable parts for pleasure or procreation. Puritanism and hypocrisy hand in hand, as usual.

      The self-styled Motherland of Human Rights lagged behind mercantile Britain in outlawing slavery, abolishing the death penalty, allowing women the free use of their bodies, and recognizing gay rights. The one and only time it did not lag behind was when it joined Britain in its fight for free trade in the Opium Wars (but its own motivation was to spread Catholicism). Now it is waging more rearguard actions against 21st Century reproductive rights (and life-end rights), and when it eventually joins civilization, it will crow about its goodness.

      And this from a proud Frenchman, mind you.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Dominique: Once again, I agree with all you say. The linguistic battle was lost, with the world war of 1756-1763. The French are fortunate, though, because English, the old Anglo-Normand, is actually a French language. It’s just not the French spoken in Paris. it’s not one the three Celtic languages, and it’s not Chinese.

        I have met many French intellectuals, including philosophers, who, unbelievably, have asked me to translate my activities in French. Really weird, as French and English have more than 80% words in common. Even words like “Mother”, Mutter in Deutsch, come from the PIE root “Mether”… Which the Latin “Mater”, and the French “mere”. It’s all like that, and thus all the same. Much German is deformed English (or the other way around, more exactly).

        OK, my family has asked me, on a tone that does not suffer negotiation, to fix breakfast…. More later.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Yes, it’s all the more striking as, for example for homosexual rights, and women rights, or slavery, France was initially centuries ahead. So a lot of this right wing turn is recent (meaning after Napoleon came to power).


  3. gmax Says:

    On second thoughts, Valls is a sexist, greed obsessed pig. Yes, PIG.

    Your critique has been way too mild. I expect from you an apology and a correction into something more atuned to your usual ferocity


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, I got an earful from a professional American lady who wishes to remain anonymous, along the same lines. I understood right away what she was saying, because I share her point of view. I will indeed write a correction before my next blast against Aristotle (it hs much in common with)…


  4. Chris Snuggs Says:

    He should sort out the mess his own country is in and let the world decide for itself what it “should” do.


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