The West: Hong Kong In Reverse?

In Hong Kong, students are demonstrating. Beijing plutocrats are throwing at them what they can: professional politicians, popular singers, and professional gangsters from the renowned triads.

This is what happens when you educate your youths too well: they get ideas, and contest the rule of the alpha male, in this case the omnipotent president Xi (who claims an official right to rig elections by choosing the three candidates to lead Hong Kong; in the West, the process is the same, but behind closed doors).

Cynics will sneer that this was the whole idea about degenerating the educational system in the West since the (world) disturbances of 1968 (which topped in the USA, France, and Prague). Precisely to avoid what is happening in Hong-Kong now.

How come the left in the West is a right? The answer is obvious: “democracy” is just a sham.

Let’s nevertheless waste a few minutes to describe the right that calls itself a left…. Now that France has a so called “socialist” government which governs on the right of the official French right, this burning question comes back to the fore, six years after Obama sold himself, body and soul, to the greediest financial sector in the history of civilization.

In the last 20 years, the self-described “left” came to power in the USA (twice: Clinton, Obama; moreover Reagan had to govern with a Congress controlled by democrats), in Germany (Schroeder, and now an union government of CDU and SPD), in Britain (a decade of Blair, Brown). France is the extreme of that: she enjoyed decades of “socialist” rule (Mitterrand, Jospin, Hollande).

The result is everywhere the same: plutocracy has kept encroaching (as depicted in Piketty’s “capital). There is even worse: the educational systems have collapsed, all over the West.

Indeed, in 1900, the West had, by far the best educational systems in the World. Now the results are eloquent. They are established by PISA, a subdivision of the OECD (the Organisation De Co-operation Economique et Development, in its original French; it was founded, and is based, in Paris).

France, Britain and the USA completely fail their new generations. Refined tests on problem solving show that the youngsters of these nations are three years late in their mental development on Asian students.

Apparently, the mental retardation has set quite a while ago, because present date politicians do not understand the problem. It’s simple, though: these countries made a huge effort in national education a century ago. Not so much anymore.

To get a good education in 1950, one went to public school. Now one goes to private school. The quality of education is just as abysmal, studies suggest. But the networking is everything

Valls is a theoretician of greed: he can’t imagine anything else as a human motivation. At least that’s what he said as much about GPA.

It’s a bit like Lenin’s apology of dictatorship. Lenin could not imagine a more effective government than dictatorship.

Valls is not pecuniary greedy, or let’s say he can wait, as the greed for power is even more direct than the one for money. My tolerance exhausted itself after he made Macron economy minister. Macron’s career is a short resume’ of the genetics of the cancer that infects the West most: a know-nothing, made into a top finance inspector who teaches the world’s most notorious bank how to evade taxes and financially conspire, thus putting himself into orbit for highest rule.

The Romans had the Cursus Honorum, we now have the Cursus Damnarum. In the Cursus Honorum, would-be politicians, after a top education, became first top officers in the Roman army. And then, only then, would go back to politics.

Because Rome had strict term limits, politics was spread among the many. For example a Consul had full power for just a month, and then, after his one year term, could not be re-elected for another year.

Here, of course I am talking of the full Roman Republic, not the diseased system which agonized for centuries after Augustus came to power. Conventional historians prefer to talk about the latter, because they are the Gibbons of the plutocratic system we have the dubious honor to enjoy.

How could the so-called left not be a right?

It’s all about how politicians are selected. First, they are most greedy. They are all about the Will To Power.

Second, if not 100% greedy, they are somewhat deranged: they really believe that, with their puny minds, and extravagantly modest propositions, in these most alarming circumstances, they will really make a difference.

Third, they give themselves what scientific psychologists, the ethologists, call “moral license”. That’s the idea that, if one has made what one perceives as a good deal, or has the right to trample others, somewhat.

Indeed, the leaders of the West now, in their collective, have rights not really different from that of the omni-president Xi and his colleagues. It is for example against the law in France to insult one of the goons of the government. The powers that the top politicians in the USA have, are awesome.

And forget about checks and balances, as the presidency of W. Bush demonstrated! The entire USA was committed to a war crime course in 2003 with as much ease as Nazi Germany in 1933.

And please don’t tell me that’s ancient history. The present war against ISIS/ISIL/ “Caliphate”/Daech springs directly from this. The essence of the power of that organization is that the tribes that the USA struck against in 2003 are now sitting on their hands at best (when they are not outright helping the Islamist insurgents).

This entire political system of the West rests on greed and delusion. It’s a system of thoughts and moods, where greed, sugar-coated with the appearance of altruism, rules.

Blossoming plutocracy is a consequence. And the more it goes, the more education, reflection and civilization, degenerate.

The type of remedy needed can be observed in the streets of Hong-Kong.

It is easy for the Hong-Kong protesters: they want what the West already has. In the West what is needed has to be invented. Looking around (Switzerland), or learning history (fully Republican Rome, Athens), will help the imagination.

The real problem is that there is no progressive guidance. A proof is my struggle in philosophical circles right now to impose the correct view on Aristotle. Aristotle was first and foremost, the greatest architect of plutocracy ever. That’s how, and why, he got to be viewed as the greatest philosopher ever.

Everybody drank the poisonous cool-aid, ever since.

Something similar is happening now, live: Krugman’s position of Quantitative Easing (giving money to the largest, most powerful banks) is (still) viewed as highly progressive… And so apparently, is austerity.

And where is the money found to fund all this austerity? Some of it is found all the way into the bone. Fundamental education (That’s now called the “Common Core” in the USA), and fundamental research.

Obama is urging schools to teach the Common Core, and that’s good. (It’s even better that it costs him nothing, as the Federal Education budget is just 1%. Always this 1% thing.)

Maybe, if he had been taught the Common Core, Prime Minister Valls would be able to logically determine he stands on the right of the National Front’s Marine Le Pen, in several dimensions.

Maybe, if he had been taught the Common Core, Obama would fund fundamental research: unbelievably, he has been cutting into the bone there… Just when everything is becoming possible, the leadership of the West is trying to make the impossible possible, by closing the future to progress.

Patrice Ayme’

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13 Responses to “The West: Hong Kong In Reverse?”

  1. gmax Says:

    Well, well, well, it is full steam backwards in so many ways, that it is hard to keep track. That Obambi is cutting fundamental research is not surprising: after all, he is just a lawyer, does not know how the world ticks. A hard rain is gonna fall


  2. dominique deux Says:

    My contrarian streak is stymied; everything you say is on spot. I still cherish my fantasy that part of the treasonous left is really tacking against the wind, but that’s only me.

    What is missing is an indictment of the so-called “true Left”, an exceedingly effective and conscious auxiliary of the true right.

    Maybe another day!

    The education nightmare is a complex issue. Governments as such – including those on the right – are less at fault than the education establishment itself. It has emulated, in its own ramshackle way, the cancerous development of finance: an explosion in bulk, a drying up of usefulness, a sense of purpose restricted to its own existence. Throwing funds and manpower at it in its current state stems from good intentions, the kind Hell is paved with, the equivalent of QE.

    When (not if) the West finds itself a breeding pool of illiterate, expendable laborers (at one bowl of rice a day) for Eastern corporate dragons, it will be a situation entirely of its making.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed to all, especially the education establishment. Yet governments can do much. It’s Cameron’s right wing lunacy government which decided to make CODING mandatory, starting at age 5, effective now, all over the UK, no exception. And Germany is making a determined effort that is bearing fruit.
      Even Obama took decisive action in 2009 about the “Common Core” in math and reading (it’s being implemented this year in California; the “science” one is still being elaborated).

      The “true left” French (or American: Chomsky?) style is not worth commenting on. Yet, on the banking system, Melanchon and his colleague Marine Le Pen have achieved better understanding than Hollande, Sarko, and unsurprisingly Macron. And actually all pundits and their leaders, here, or there… With the exception of the FT’s Martin Wolf, who seems to have switched to the position which I call governmentalism.


      • dominique deux Says:

        Er, what’s CODING?

        And could you post links to Martin Wolf’s Path to Damascus?


        • gmax Says:

          CODING is also known as programming. Geeks prefer coding.


          • dominique deux Says:

            Teaching coding at age five? does this hopeless fop realize it means that at age ten these children will be obsolete? I understand he’s building a slave workforce, but it will be worth nothing on the market!


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            That was my first reaction, weeks ago. However my (just) 5 year old daughter collided in the meantime with the French school system (= play and socialize until the cows come home). And I talked with some Geek people, CS professors, and reflected.
            “Coding” teaches much more than directly marketable skills. It teaches logic, de-bugging ( id est, mistakes can be fixed), etc. So it’s actually a smarter move than having them prepare apple juice, and play in the courtyard.
            My daughter has been preparing cake for more than 2 years, I think school ought to teach her the hard stuff, such as 31 = 3 x 10 + 1 (something that leaves French educators unimpressed).

            Massachusetts, with by far the best results in education, has started a coding at age 4 program with very positive results.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I want to get the MW book, what I have read so far sounds just exactly like what I proposed more than 6 years ago.


          • dominique deux Says:

            I stand corrected re coding – hope the variety being taught is tailored for those needs rather than for current commercial use.

            I once learned Fortran and taught myself Basic, and indeed the exercise was useful to me even though it has no practical applications now. But the “inverse Polish notation” used at the time on upper-end calculators always struck me as counterintuitive.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I never learned any sort of coding, but I envision myself as a logician (a fanatic type of one, as I reject infinity). My spouse, though, is a top expert (taught it in top universities as chair of CS…), Said spouse says coding does not come naturally, and some college students have enormous difficulties with it (even though the major in it!).


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT Friedman’s “Running On Empty”]

    The representative oligarchy we have is not really what the Athenians would have called “democracy”. Why can’t we do like the Swiss, and vote every three months on all proposed new laws?


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Krugman Blog]

    Krugman wrote: “Public construction spending as a share of GDP, along with the 10-year real interest rate: a brief uptick, then a plunge. This is hugely dysfunctional policy.”

    Dysfunctional for you, and We the People. Perfectly functional for those who want all the capital, and work, for themselves. The plutocrats.


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Krugman NYT Editorial,Oct 8. Censored by NYT censors]

    Not just this, but lots of the future, would-be deficit is caused by ageing of the population. And anti-ageing treatments (all sorts of stem cells, Growth Factor 11, Oxytocin, etc.), and fancy medical treatments presenting real progress, are on the horizon.

    All together, ultimately, they should reduce the cost of ageing to society, while extending the work capability of society. Hence the medical and social security deficits ought to not scale as dramatically as expected… Perhaps just the opposite: no more ageing, no more structural deficit (supposing there is any to start with…).

    Ah, yes, reducing “tax inversions”, and tricks like Google routing its profits through Ireland and then countries that have zero corporate taxes, would also help (Apple too, use the same tricks, with Amazon, GE, MSFT, etc.)


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