When A Child Fights Evil Well

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the 2014 peace prize on Friday to Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India. Excellent. The teenage Pakistani known around the world for fighting sexist terror, and an Indian veteran of campaigns to save from slave labor  “tens of millions of children” were celebrated jointly.

A sober moment: only three countries or so do not recognize the right of children NOT to work (be it only so that they can concentrate on studying). The USA is one of them. One of the violators of this UN law. Obama, who can’t close Gitmo, a prison where people are held unlawfully, and force-fed as if they were geese, did not even have the force to evoke that gross violation, in the six years he spent being honored as a great leader.

Hey, otherwise the agriculture of the USA would not be as profitable!

Have You As Much Courage? As Much Brains? That's What The World Needs.

Have You As Much Courage? As Much Brains? That’s What The World Needs.

This 2014 Peace Nobel is obviously a good award. Not a half silly one as the BLUE LED award in physics (why did the inventor(s) of the green LED not get the Nobel, and even earlier, those who invented the RED LED? Oh, because the Nobel clowns don’t give more than three awards? Do you have any other superstitions to impose on us, Nobel guys, to educate us further in the irrational?)

Ms. Yousafzai, 17, the youngest recipient of the prize since it was created in 1901, got a bullet in the head, courtesy of the Islamist terrorist known as Taliban, for advocating secular schooling, rather the medieval superstitious stupidities they read in the Qur’an and the like.

To announce her award, she was taken out of a chemistry class, in Birmingham, where she was treated for her grave injuries and stayed, ever since. (There are probably Taliban foaming at the mouth in gleeful anticipation of pumping her with more bullets.)

The committee’s chairman said: “The Nobel Committee regards it as an important point for a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism…”

This is wishful thinking: troops from Pakistan and India exchanged artillery and machine-gun fire across their disputed Himalayan border in the last few days. The last duel killed 11 Pakistani and eight Indian villagers.

“Children must go to school and not be financially exploited,” Chair Jagland pursued. “It is a prerequisite for peaceful global development that the rights of children and young people be respected. In conflict-ridden areas in particular, the violation of children leads to the continuation of violence from generation to generation.”

That’s the problem of the Islamists: as women are maintained in a state of oppressive violence, subjugation, stupidity, torpor, and ignorance, they bestow these qualities to their children. That’s why the Muslim empires have been down and out for at least eight centuries (occupied by Franks, Mongols, ruled by Turks, liberated by the French, British… and now invaded by the Jews, in a supreme irony, considering the anti-Jewish character of the Islamists’ most sacred texts. All of this humiliation and degeneracy submitted constantly under indigenous plutocratic overlords.)

Malala has much more intelligence and courage than the many pseudo-intellectuals in the West who have imposed the wrong mood (“Islam is peace”) by sheer greediness (Political Correctness sells!), cowardice, and blatant ignorant stupidity. Some variants of Islam are peace (say West African Islam, circa 1950). But the Qur’an is not. Consider the (extreme, astounding) Violence In Holy Qur’an.

Patrice Ayme’

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14 Responses to “When A Child Fights Evil Well”

  1. gmax Says:

    Yeap, revealing it is that a child fights the big fight, when the Western leaders are hypocritically singing the praises of Islam. Maybe all they want is war? Flattering Islam bcs it brings war?


  2. dominique deux Says:

    … and when Islam is house-trained, as the Church more or less was, you’ll find that the real culprit, in the Indian sub-continent, is the millenaries-old atrocious mistreatment of women under variants of purdah and suttee. Islam abolished the latter and failed to abolish the former, allowing traditionalist creeps to claim its approval. Now traditionalist creeps are creeping across the Islamic world with the purdah in tow, including its portable, Western-focused variant, the niqab-jilbab-burqa.

    This certainly makes current Islam an accomplice and foe to be defeated, but let’s not forget the roots of the evil.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I wrote a comment, and lost it to a “watchdog violation” (computer froze and restarted). The difference between Islam and India is that nobody (outside a few tens of millions of primitives inside India) is claiming old fashion India is to be respected. Instead it’s “haram”.

      Those systems of extreme exploitations of women, slaves, or “castes” are aspects of plutocratization, the oligarchic rule boosted by the Dark Side (Pluto). They are all the same problem, but revering Islam is a meta structure which makes the situation impossible. I have more coming on that today, by striking the root, Christianity and its demons. OK, I leave it at that for now, lest I crash again…


    • johsh Says:

      before islam showed up in india, women were treated equally to men. Indians worshiped women as goddesses, more than you can count. Talk about respect! Else where, god is still referred to as “he”.

      western sheeple can only dream of a culture as mature as ancient India (vedic). Unfortunately, I doubt we will ever see that kind of cultural maturity. Karma is as Karma does.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Hi Josh, and thanks for the spectacular point of view! So no dowry, no burning alive with the old wealthy husband’s corpse?


        • johsh Says:

          “the mood” of ancient Indian culture doesn’t reflect the kind of immaturity and bigotry you show. Only that culture could have produced someone like buddha. Or advaita. The whole concepts of dharma, karma. I wonder if modern human cultures will ever ingrain those ideas (aka “the mood” you conceptualized in recent articles) of dharma ever.

          Modern india is broke, just like west. Look around, see if there is any hint or traces of cultural practices, that would lead to birthing of any worthwhile leaders. Clueless is what it is.

          Dowry was practiced, in different forms, all over. The way you characterize sati, shows how much unread you are. Both these were not from vedic india. read up first, please.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I am always happy when people find I am an immature racist unread force. I wrote a comment, but WordPress had a malfunction (or was it Dharma, or Karma?). Fortunately I saved it and will put it in a separate comment.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    @ Joshsh:
    Sparta, for all to see, it NOT have dowry. I mentioned that in my attacks against Aristotle (which made philosophers scream). The Germans had no dowry either. Not all people, far from it, had women as property. The Amazons (east of the Germans all the way to Mongolia) did not treat women as property either.

    Hmmm… So I am an immature bigot for alluding to Sati? Is there some sort of pain you have that I am missing? Here is what Wikipedia says, in the link you yourself provided:

    “Sati (Devanagari: सती, the feminine of sat “true”; also named suttee)[3] refers to a funeral ritual within some Asian communities in which a recently widowed woman immolates herself, typically on the husband’s funeral pyre.

    Mention of the practice can be dated back to 4th century BCE. While evidence of practice only appears from the 5th – 9th centuries CE. Practice is considered to have been originated within the warrior aristocracy on the Indian subcontinent, gradually gaining in popularity from the 10th century CE to other groups and becoming generally sanctioned/recommended by the doctrines around the 12th century CE. With the military expansions outside of Indian subcontinent, the practice has been attested to have been practiced in a number of localities in Southeast Asia, such as at Indonesia.

    The practice was outlawed by the British Raj in 1829 within their own territories in India (the collected statistics from their own regions suggesting an estimated of 500–600 instances of sati per year), followed up by laws in the same directions by the authorities in the princely states of India in the ensuing decades, with a general ban for the whole of India issued by Queen Victoria in 1861. In Nepal, sati was not banned until 1920. The Indian Sati Prevention Act from 1987 further criminalizing any type of aiding, abetting, and even the glorifying of sati practice.”

    Missing the old ways?
    Now you say Sati is not from Vedic India. Yet Vedic India appeared in 15 C BCE, so before Sati, no? Plus you mention Buddha (6C BCE). Did he complain about Sati?

    Dharma is catch-all term (although it ended up on the India flag as a wheel, just to endear the now 150 million Muslims there). Some specialists use no less than 20 different concepts to translate it…

    And the Varna (classes, or castes) system is inconveniently found in the Purusha Sukta, allegedly from the late Vedic period (although John Muir, probably hanging from a Sierra tree, begged to differ…)


  4. johsh Says:

    you manage to be hilarious (biased ) and amusing (clueless) at the same time.

    you seem to be a history buff of some kind, but unfortunately most of your views are heavily biased and filled with confusion.

    do know what buddha was saying ? putting buddha and sati in same sentence is ignorance.

    sati was originated in some warrior caste (“group of people”, “sects”, see , varna is everywhere, including sparta) supposedly around 400BC (just about the time vedic period was ending). It was not a common practice until 10th century CE (buddha dead 400BC i doubt he ever heard of the word `sati`). The worst kind of ‘varna’, slavery, is of the west.

    ignorance is bad enough, add stubborn/bias, bigotry to it. we now have a potent mix.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You said: “The way you characterize sati http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sati_(practice) , shows how much unread you are. Both these were not from vedic india. read up first, please.”
      Indeed, Sati appeared at the same time as Buddha, not the Vedas. Shall we call it Buddhic India (so you won’t say I called it “Buddhist”?)
      Does that mean they are related?

      When you say the worst type of varna is in the West, you exhibit the limits of your knowledge. If a lower than varna type would sit in a higher caste seat, they would be made to sit in a red hot seat, in some variants. If an untouchable touched a Brahmin or another higher caste, their offending limb would be cut off, and cauterized with a red-hot iron.
      From Wikipedia:
      Mutilation of body parts is a remnant of the ancient Hindu punishment. It was used when an offender caused injuries to the victim. Mutilation was seen most typically as a punishment in cases of theft, robbery, and adultery as a way of making the criminal an example to the public because the mutilated body was a horrifying sight. Typically, whatever limb was used by the person of the lower caste to hurt a man of a higher caste would be cut off. Mutilation was also used to deter the offender from repeating the crime. Therefore by cutting off the limb that was used to commit a crime, for example, stealing cows belonging to a Brahmin resulted in the offender losing half his feet, the offender would physically be unable to commit such crimes again. Lastly, there were eight main places of mutilation: the organ, the belly, the tongue, the two hands, the two feet, the eye, the nose and the two ears.[2]:163–164


      This still goes on:


      Please be informed that I knew that there were Hindu fanatics in denial, just as there are Muslim fanatics in denial… And they have behaviors in common (mistreating women, and those not from the higher caste; initially there were very few Muslim warriors, in the lands they had just conquered, and they treated the people poorly; however everybody can join Islam, and be treated more or less normally in succeeding generations, differently from India’s higher castes…)


      • johsh Says:

        you are a french fanatic, often blinded by it in your views.

        those limbs getting cut off were not as prevalent a phenomenon as slavery of the west. This is what happens when you read history books by western authors of indian culture/history. Heavily biased, often do not know what the real meanings of some of the words they try to interpret or translate. And they focus on the dramatic, rare-not-so-prevalent stuff. Dont learn anything/focus on good stuff. Bigotry at its worst. Its beyond clueless.

        The west starting from greece out, were running around like bunch of Neanderthals until greece gave them a clue around/ starting 1000BC. greece got its clue from the east. The west even needed religions coming from israel, (talk about clueless). And most of the good parts of western/middle-east-religions were heavility influcenced by indian at that time (india -> egypt/greece -> middle-east -> west). I know its hard to swallow.

        Like i said, modern india is broke..starting with the pest islam invaders. The whole caste thing became untouchbles in later part of indian history…its not vedic/ancient india.

        Anyway, my whole point was that “the mood” of society is heavily dependent of the culture. The vedic/ancient culture treated women equally, even worshipped, and one that heavily obsessed with concepts like dharma/karma (infact, all religions that came out of india over last ~3000BC – current, are heavily influenced by these concepts).

        i am no hindu fanatic…let me say F hindus to prove it 🙂 …only defender of “good mood”s (dharma) of cultures anywhere/everywhere.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The mood, in the Imperium Francorum, was to outlaw slavery (of the empire’s citizens) in 655 CE, under ex-slave Queen Bathilde (later removed from ultimate authority by a sort of coup; her son succeeded her, and she went on endowing monasteries with books).

          Hysteria about Western slavery can be directed to the king of Portugal and his associate the Pope, and then to the Americans and Napoleon. On that ground alone Napoleon ought to be removed from the French capital, and sent to Corsica, or, better, Haiti.

          But it was definitively against the law to have slaves in Europe, as the American Secession delegation headed by Ben Franklin found out in Louis XVI’s Paris.

          Glad to see you are no Hindu fanatic.

          I have argued on this site in the past with Muslim fanatics, and at least one Nazi, plus a couple of paid Putinists (even worse, because that’s live madness).


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    […] It sure looks like it: I approve strongly of three Nobels in a row. Amazing. On Friday, the Nobel was attributed to a French writer who worries a lot about Nazism, Modiano. Then there was the anti-sexist, anti-Islamist Peace Prize to Malala. […]


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