Philosophers Are Offenders

Offending All, From French Haters, To Christ Adulators:

So SCNF, the French National Railways, will pay American lawyers 60 million Dollars, because French railways were used to transport people against their will during World War Two. That has got to mean the French living today are culprit of something, and should pay American greedsters (mostly based in New York City, as usual).

In other American news, sheep, condemned for having kept the Nazis warm in World War Two, agreed to compensate Jewish rackets with 60 million sheep skins.

As Wikipedia puts it: Nearly 1,700 SNCF railway workers were killed or deported for resisting Nazi orders.[9][10] 150 Résistance-Fer agents were shot for their acts of resistance, 500 of them were deported. Half of those deported died in concentration camps.[11]German occupying forces in France also requisitioned SNCF to transport nearly 77,000 Jews and other Holocaust victims to Nazi extermination camps.[12][13] These deportations have been the subject of historical controversy…”

Holocaust Train Loading. Contemplate the Many Armed German Nazis.

Holocaust Train Loading. Contemplate the Many Armed German Nazis.

American Holocaust connoisseurs are a funny sort. They are all indignant about messy details, generally about the French, so that, being so busy in an irrelevant manner, they can forget the big picture.

While the French Republic declared war to Hitler in 1939 (long time coming), the USA, as a society and polity, supported Hitler’s regime. Without that American support the Nazi regime would have collapsed in a matter of weeks (the topmost German generals said). That ambiguous, but crucial, American support is exactly why the Nazis thought they had a chance to win against France and Britain.

How come none of this is of any interest to American Jews? Too hot to handle? But I can assure you that when France declared war to Hitler in 1939, Hitler was much hotter to handle.

Had the USA supported the Jews, few of them would have died. But, because the USA did not support the Jews, the Nazis interpreted this lack of support of the Jews as an expression of support of Nazi policies. Very strong American anti-Judaism, and financing by Jew haters (such as Henry Ford, who gave $50,000 personally to Hitler, each year, a considerable sum at the time, among other things), certainly allowed Nazism to get to power (Browning was sending Nazis weapons using the American owned Hamburg-Amerika Line, Schacht held the German financial system, and was a pawn of JP Morgan, the GM CEO was fanatically pro-Nazi, etc., etc.).

Worse: the USA propaganda machine, and its government suppressed the reality of the Jewish Holocaust. The Polish government in exile announced, as early as fall 1941, that 700,000 Jews had already been assassinated by the Nazis, in Poland alone.

Although the BBC, New York Times and the Boston Globe reported the news (anticipated, and then confirmed by the French government in exile), the government of the USA ignored them. That was deliberate: the breaking of Nazi and SS codes by British Intelligence and the Office of Strategic Studies of the USA revealed, by summer 1941, dozens of mass assassinations of Jews and Communists.

There are two sorts of collaborations: active, and passive. The USA, in 1939, 1940, and 1941 practiced both. (Later, astoundingly, the collaboration was pursued, but under a thick veil of censorship and secrecy, the case of IBM being the most famous. Moreover the indifference to the fate of the Jews stayed official American policy, down to the bitter end, 1945)

So why don’t American Jews sue the American government for, say, 6,000 billion dollars?

It is not that the SNCF had a choice: the French Republic had been defeated on the battlefield in 1940. Hundreds of thousands of French soldiers and civilians had been killed (scaling up to millions relative to the present population of the USA, as France had only 40 million people then, and the USA has 320 million, now).

Wikipedia again: Following the 1940 Armistice and until August 1944, SNCF was requisitioned for the transport of German armed forces and armaments. The invading German troops were responsible for the destruction of nearly 350 French railway bridges and tunnels. According to differing estimates, SNCF surrendered between 125,000-213,000 wagons and 1,000-2,000 locomotives.[4][5]

France’s railway infrastructure and rolling stocks were a target for the French Resistance aimed at disrupting and fighting the German occupying forces.[6][7] This allowed SNCF employees to perform many acts of resistance,[8]

By refusing to see the big picture, American Jews are engaging in the sort of behavior which enabled Nazism: primary French bashing. (As Jews probably did not read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, this Nazi Bible starts with pages of French bashing; having disposed of this fundamental enemy, only then does Hitler attack Orthodox Jews and their show-off clothing.)


Another strange day of censorships. Thursday the New York Times censored one of my comments, “With Democrats Like that, Who Needs Republicans?”, but allowed another. That is really the truth they don’t want to be known: there has been Republican leadership all along, under the supposedly “Democratic” administration.

Then the administrator of a philosophical site informed me that “I decided not to publish your latest comment (below). It is unduly harsh and offensive, and I say this as an atheist. If you wish to rephrase your historical points more neutrally, I’ll be happy to let through a new version.”

I thus joined the long procession of philosophers condemned for offending god(s). I replied (in part):

“You have indeed quite a few religious enthusiasts among your commenters, so I understand your quandary.

I would gladly remove chunks of reality to let the comment go through, but at this point I really don’t see where to start (that is, which chunks to remove to qualify for atheism light… hmm, publication).

I am also preparing a blunter, more robust, and more detailed version for my own site, and I don’t have infinite amounts of time. I concentrate mostly on the extermination of the Cathars, down to the last “Perfect”, and the last book.

To avoid too much of a shock to Christians, in this next essay of mine, I will NOT expose the deliberate mass cannibalism (on children!) of some of the Crusades. Not this time.

This, by the way, is very well documented by direct eyewitnesses (Joinville, etc.).

If Christians have been horrific, that’s their business. If we cannot expose it, that’s our complicity.

I don’t know if god(s) exist, or not, so I will not bother to define myself as an atheist. But I do know some elements of incontrovertible historical reality. As we explore reality further, it is not surprising that it will be found more harsh and offensive than Sade or Nietzsche have found it. Philosophers are offenders.

Telling me I am harsher and more offensive than Sade, or Nietzsche, simply means that I fulfilled a qualification for my job.

Let me mull over all of this. Maybe I could remove considering that Jesus possibly wanted to rub his buns on the cross?”

Yes, it’s all very obscene. But what is more obscene than Jesus’ cross?

Saint Dominic and Calvin burning alive non-believers, close and personal?

New wisdom, if really new, will always roll-over old wisdom: Literally, physically, brains have to be re-arranged. That’s a lot of work, and even pain. A crucifixion of the soul, or, at least, of neuronal networks. It’s easier to censor to re-hash the old philosophies, shun the new ones, and identify new wisdom to the incredible hulk, unlikely and repulsive. Easier, but not wiser.

And what of the silly payments to so-called “survivors”? My family saved more than 100 Jews, to great fright, stress and effort, then barely survived an enraged Gestapo’s wrath, and pursuit. My family did not get a dime. Not to say that I am complaining about the trials, and lawsuits in the name of “Holocaust Survivors”: they force people to look at the past in a more critical way, and one step that way, is better than none at all. Besides, my family qualifies as “Holocaust Survivor” (saving more than 100 Jews definitively qualified a family for the death chambers).

But the SNCF culprit of operating trains with a gun pointing at its head? Give me a break! Primitive anti-French racism. The proof? The French haters forgot to sue the Deutsche Bundesbahn (the new name of the Nazi Deutsche Reichsbahn, which deported tens of millions of People). The U.S. Congress sues the French for Nazism, not the Nazis!

The Holocaust Rail Justice Act mentions by name the French, but not the Germans: to create the mood that Nazism was a French invention? If you ask the average American endowed with a bit of education, she will tell you Nazism was caused by “Versailles“, a French city. Nazism is all about France: did not Keynes say so?

In a supreme effrontery, the legislation of the USA even accused the SNCF to have deported French resistance fighters. Never mind that some of the French train conductors accused by the USA were certainly themselves in the Resistance.

“Only” 77,000 Jews were deported from France and assassinated by the Nazis, most of those were stateless refugees (stuck in France, because the USA refused to admit them!) So most French Jews escaped assassination, thanks to a lot of heroic resistance acts; by comparison, nearly all Dutch Jews were assassinated.

The Nazis also deported and assassinated hundreds of thousands of French citizens, and now American politicians have drafted legislation to punish the French for letting the Nazis kill…the French.

What for? Maybe to find a scapegoat for the Nazi temporary victory of 1940. After all, Hitler’s prime collaborator was the USA itself (even more than Stalin). Hence the vital interest of the powers that be, to divert attention, by accusing an innocent third party, and victim, France.

Time for a Holocaust Truth Act.

Patrice Ayme’

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5 Responses to “Philosophers Are Offenders”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Just don’t pay it. What are they going to do, invade?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Patrice Ayme It’s a settlement. Americans are like little children: they will stop breathing, and turn all blue in the face, if they don’t get their candy. So the French gives them their candy.

      Otherwise the Americans will have a justification to exclude anything French having to do with railways, from any sort of contract in the USA. You see, the French do not pay individual board members hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for 3 hours of work. Yet, the latter activity is central to the American way of plutocracy. Thus, excluding the French is of the essence, it’s a question of saving USA style plutocracy.

      BTW, all European companies are excluded, BY LAW, from all government contracts in the USA, be they Federal, State, or Cities. The reciprocal is not true. For example the British government has various arrangement with Google (which Osborne now wants to tax, like a vulgar bookstore).


  2. dominique deux Says:

    Of course a true court would find the suit frivolous and duly fine its authors.

    Just joking.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You are not exactly funny! ;-)! People are getting exasperated. More exactly, the American low lives are getting exasperated. Last night we were caught in a violent demonstration in a West Coast city, complete with masked demonstrators, guys sitting in front of the car, vandalized stores, and of course tear gas and rubber bullets flying. Felt home in other words… No more of this American stiff upper lip, we love-to-be-trampled-on-all-day, so we can trample on people in turn, some day. Fortunately the car on the left finally U turned, and we escaped in one piece. The local freeway had been blocked by demonstrators.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Scientia Salon, January 10, 2015.]

    Loving wisdom, I was too busy pondering the events in Paris, and writing massively about them, in the widest imaginable context, to contribute my pinch of salt. Labnut may consider:

    I am going to “like” Massimo’s new directive above. Actually I would also like to drag out some of those who are respected in official philosophy and bring them to SS. Out of their deep academia bushes and thickets. Let them come out of the closet. I hope Massimo plan b) works. Yet, I doubt it will: academia is all about one’s livelihood, and that’s achieved with respectability.

    A real philosopher will have her, or his, philosophy completely independent of both of her, or his job, and of the wish to respectability. Real philosophers always have, and always will. This is exactly why Spinoza refused academic positions. He preferred to die of glass dust from polishing lenses.

    Methinks that my old punching ball Socrates made the point most saliently more than 2,400 years ago, when he attacked “Sophists”, those who were paid to think appropriate thoughts. All right, some will point out that it’s Plato, not Socrates, who brandished Akademos, so I am being anachronistic.

    At least, we now know that the likes of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Boetius, Montaigne, Pascal, Descartes, Fermat, Leibnitz, Kepler, Copernicus, Tycho, Sade, Adam Smith, Darwin, Goethe, or even Nietzsche (who was a retired academic after his first book), Darwin, Mendel, Freud, Hubble, Wittgenstein (building cabins in the Norwegian woods? Assuredly not that academic?), De Beauvoir, Sartre, Camus, Nizan, and their ilk, do not qualify for Scientia Salon. Was Heidegger an academic? (He was banned from teaching after 1945.) Was Arendt an academic? Are the good people at CERN academics? (Or physicist Matt Strassler, who resigned his academic position, but is a full time research physicist?)

    This is reassuring: we cannot fear to criticize in the comments some unrecognized, towering genius.

    Speaking of Academy, Feynman resigned from said institution. Why? “All they worry about is pushing their tribe over some other tribe”… Or words to this effect.

    I approve many aspects of the comments and critiques above, especially those of Coel. But let him notice Matt Strassler’ s “Of Particular Significance” has barely written anything in the last 6 months. What Massimo is trying to do is a lot of work, especially when he ponders whether I have been using the word “soul” appropriately… 😉

    And let me make a confession: I cringed from the low quality of several essays in the last few months. However, even some of those brought me to think. An advice to Massimo: “Pauca, Sed Matura”… has to be considered a bit more.

    Not everybody can publish around 1,000 words of high quality thinking a day (as one blogger I know all too well, does).

    Wisdom is not paid. Localizing wisdom through payments made in its name, is assuredly not wise… Except if, indeed, one wants to ferret out those creatures in hiding. So let me “like” Massimo’s post.


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